Weather Codes for Bhutan

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Bhutan. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Alla BTXX0012
Ama BTXX0013
Atsho Chhubar BTXX0161
Autsho BTXX0060
Bachap BTXX0014
Balfai BTXX0061
Bali BTXX0118
Barshong BTXX0162
Beteni BTXX0015
Bhangbarai BTXX0016
Bhangtar BTXX0062
Bhurgaon BTXX0119
Bioka BTXX0120
Bitana BTXX0121
Bumtang Tang BTXX0122
Buri Chu BTXX0017
Byakar Dzong BTXX0123
Byaradingka BTXX0163
Chalaika BTXX0018
Chamarchi BTXX0164
Changra BTXX0125
Chapchha BTXX0165
Chemaito BTXX0126
Chendebi BTXX0003
Chilo BTXX0019
Chungkar BTXX0063
Chuyul BTXX0166
Daga BTXX0020
Dagapela BTXX0021
Daifam BTXX0064
Dam BTXX0022
Dametsi BTXX0065
Damphu BTXX0023
Damthang BTXX0167
Daphu BTXX0168
Dawakha BTXX0024
Denchukha BTXX0169
Dewangiri BTXX0066
Dhaje BTXX0025
Dhur BTXX0127
Diptsang BTXX0067
Dogsar BTXX0068
Domka BTXX0069
Donkar BTXX0070
Doring BTXX0170
Dorokha BTXX0171
Doronagaon BTXX0026
Dotanang BTXX0172
Drugyel Dzong BTXX0173
Dungna BTXX0174
Dzongsa Dzong BTXX0175
Galechugaon BTXX0128
Gangtey Gonpa BTXX0027
Gasa BTXX0028
Gasila BTXX0029
Getta Dzong BTXX0004
Geylegphug BTXX0129
Ghunkarah BTXX0071
Giala BTXX0030
Gnimthenla BTXX0031
Gongchuandgaon BTXX0130
Gonphu BTXX0131
Gyepozhing BTXX0072
Gyetsa BTXX0132
Ha BTXX0176
Haracha BTXX0005
Hingtsa BTXX0006
Hlari BTXX0177
Jakar BTXX0133
Kagha BTXX0134
Kamganka BTXX0032
Kanglung BTXX0073
Kangpar BTXX0074
Kechungka BTXX0178
Kencho BTXX0179
Kengkhar BTXX0075
Khar BTXX0076
Khenpa Dzong BTXX0077
Khitokha BTXX0180
Kisona BTXX0033
Kungtar BTXX0078
Kurjey BTXX0135
Lamedada BTXX0034
Lamidangra BTXX0035
Lamti BTXX0136
Lao BTXX0079
Laya BTXX0036
Lhedang BTXX0137
Lhuentse BTXX0080
Lingshi BTXX0181
Lobeysa BTXX0037
Lobnig BTXX0182
Louri BTXX0081
Lunana BTXX0038
Lung Chen BTXX0039
Manikyangsa BTXX0040
Maogaon BTXX0138
Mochhu BTXX0183
Momai Thang BTXX0041
Mongar BTXX0082
Monka BTXX0083
Nab Chote BTXX0139
Naitola BTXX0084
Naktsang BTXX0184
Namtir BTXX0140
Nangnang BTXX0141
Naspe BTXX0142
Nepaltargaon BTXX0007
Netap BTXX0008
Ngalangkang BTXX0085
Niche Kalikhola BTXX0042
Nimgong BTXX0143
Ningsang La BTXX0086
Pachu BTXX0185
Pajo BTXX0043
Panbang BTXX0144
Pangkha BTXX0145
Paro BTXX0001
Paro Dzong BTXX0010
Pele La BTXX0044
Pemagatshel BTXX0087
Phisugaon BTXX0146
Phuentsholing BTXX0186
Phuntsholing BTXX0187
Pieksao BTXX0147
Pimi BTXX0088
Pinsoperi BTXX0045
Punakha BTXX0046
Radi BTXX0089
Rading BTXX0090
Raga BTXX0188
Rajrukh BTXX0011
Rapley BTXX0189
Rife BTXX0047
Ritang BTXX0048
Rungzyung BTXX0091
Saidu BTXX0092
Sakteng BTXX0093
Samdrup Choling BTXX0148
Samtengang BTXX0049
Samtse BTXX0190
Sana BTXX0094
Sanchi BTXX0149
Sangbay BTXX0191
Sangkari BTXX0192
Sarpang BTXX0150
Sasoka BTXX0151
Sassi BTXX0095
Sawang BTXX0096
Sawaphu BTXX0050
Sengor BTXX0097
Shabling BTXX0098
Shali BTXX0099
Shapang BTXX0100
Shari BTXX0193
Sharithang BTXX0194
Shegaria BTXX0051
Shemgang BTXX0152
Shingbe BTXX0101
Shingkarap BTXX0195
Shiuji BTXX0196
Shodug BTXX0197
Shongar Dzong BTXX0102
Shuri BTXX0153
Sibsu BTXX0198
Singye Dzong BTXX0103
Suchha BTXX0199
Sufali BTXX0154
Tala BTXX0200
Tamjee BTXX0052
Tamji BTXX0053
Tangsebi BTXX0155
Taripe BTXX0104
Tashi Chho Dzong BTXX0201
Tashtanje BTXX0105
Tendu BTXX0202
Thebong BTXX0106
Thimphu BTXX0002
Thrimshing BTXX0107
Thumgaon BTXX0054
Tima BTXX0203
Tobrang BTXX0108
Tongla Kenga BTXX0109
Tormoshangsa BTXX0110
Tosumani BTXX0111
Trashi Yangtse BTXX0112
Trashigang BTXX0113
Trongsa BTXX0156
Tsangka BTXX0157
Tse Kang BTXX0114
Tseshinang BTXX0055
Tshalunang BTXX0204
Tsimasham BTXX0205
Tsirang BTXX0056
Tungka La BTXX0115
Ura BTXX0158
Usak BTXX0057
Wamrong BTXX0116
Wangchukling BTXX0159
Wangdue Phodrang BTXX0058
Yalang BTXX0117
Yuwak BTXX0059
Zarafi BTXX0160