Weather Codes for Belize

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Belize. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aguacate BHXX0383
Aguacate Camp BHXX0170
Alabama BHXX0348
Alabama Wharf BHXX0349
Alta Vista BHXX0350
Ambergris Caye BHXX0104
America BHXX0105
Andersons Camp BHXX0280
Arabato Camp BHXX0171
Arenal BHXX0172
August BHXX0006
Augustine BHXX0173
Aventura BHXX0106
Bacalar Chico BHXX0107
Backlanding BHXX0282
Bakers BHXX0051
Baking Pot BHXX0174
Baldy Beacon BHXX0175
Baldy Sibun BHXX0176
Banana Bank BHXX0177
Barranco BHXX0384
Barton Ramie BHXX0178
Basil Jones BHXX0109
Beattie Pen BHXX0385
Belize City BHXX0001
Belmopan BHXX0002
Benque Ceiba BHXX0179
Benque Viejo BHXX0110
Big Creek BHXX0351
Big Eddy BHXX0181
Big Fall BHXX0386
Big Falls BHXX0053
Biscayne BHXX0054
Black Man Eddy BHXX0182
Black Rock BHXX0183
Blackburn Ridge BHXX0055
Blancaneau BHXX0184
Blossom Bank BHXX0284
Blue Hole Camp BHXX0185
Blumenfeld BHXX0286
Bob Eiley BHXX0056
Bocotora BHXX0057
Bomba BHXX0058
Branch Mouth BHXX0186
Buena Vista BHXX0187
Buena Vista BHXX0111
Burnham Hall BHXX0287
Burnt Ground BHXX0288
Burrell Boom BHXX0059
Butcher Burns BHXX0060
Cabbage Ridge BHXX0061
Cabro BHXX0388
Calcutta BHXX0112
Caledonia BHXX0113
Calera Camp BHXX0389
Callar Creek BHXX0190
Camelote BHXX0191
Campa Pita BHXX0114
Campamento Union BHXX0390
Canal Bank BHXX0289
Carmelita BHXX0192
Carmelita BHXX0290
Carolina BHXX0115
Casemero Palma BHXX0009
Cashew Tree BHXX0291
Castile BHXX0193
Cattle Landing BHXX0391
Caves Branch BHXX0194
Caye Caulker BHXX0062
Cebada Camp BHXX0195
Cedar Bank BHXX0063
Cedar Crossing BHXX0292
Central BHXX0392
Central Bank BHXX0010
Central Edwards BHXX0393
Chacan Chac Mol BHXX0116
Chan Bank BHXX0117
Chan Chen BHXX0118
Chan Limon BHXX0293
Chan Pine Ridge BHXX0294
Chan Pond BHXX0295
Chan Quebrada BHXX0394
Chan Sapote BHXX0119
Chapayal BHXX0196
Chial BHXX0197
Chicago BHXX0064
Chorro BHXX0198
Chun Bank BHXX0395
Chunch BHXX0120
Chunox BHXX0121
Churchyard BHXX0011
Cockscomb Basin BHXX0352
Cocos BHXX0122
Cocos BHXX0296
Cohune Ridge BHXX0199
Concepcion BHXX0123
Conejo BHXX0396
Consejo BHXX0124
Cool Shade BHXX0200
Coquericot BHXX0201
Corozal BHXX0003
Corozal BHXX0297
Corozal District BHXX0125
Corozalito BHXX0065
Corozalito BHXX0013
Corozalito BHXX0126
Corozon BHXX0397
Cotton Tree BHXX0202
Cotton Tree Bank BHXX0203
Cowboy Camp BHXX0204
Cowhead Creek BHXX0066
Cowpen BHXX0298
Cowpen BHXX0354
Cowpen BHXX0127
Crique Jute BHXX0398
Crique Sarco BHXX0399
Cristo Rey BHXX0205
Cristo Rey BHXX0299
Crooked Tree BHXX0067
Cubetas BHXX0207
Dancing Pool BHXX0355
Dangriga BHXX0004
Davis Bank BHXX0068
Dolores BHXX0400
Douglas BHXX0015
Drill Camp BHXX0208
Driving Camp BHXX0300
Dry Creek Bank BHXX0209
Duck Run BHXX0210
Duffy Bank BHXX0211
Edenthal BHXX0302
Egypt BHXX0070
El Brazo BHXX0303
El Remate BHXX0128
Esperanza BHXX0401
Esperanza BHXX0304
Esperanza BHXX0212
Esperanza Camp BHXX0402
Estero BHXX0129
Estrella BHXX0130
Ferguson Bank BHXX0071
Fermin Reyes BHXX0213
Flour Camp BHXX0214
Flowers Bank BHXX0072
Forest Home BHXX0403
Fork Camp BHXX0215
Fort George BHXX0073
Freetown Sibun BHXX0074
Gales Point BHXX0075
Gallon Jug BHXX0305
Georgetown BHXX0356
Georgeville BHXX0216
Gnadenfeld BHXX0306
Gnadenthal BHXX0307
Gongora BHXX0308
Good Living Camp BHXX0217
Grace Bank BHXX0076
Gracy Rock Bank BHXX0077
Graham Creek BHXX0404
Guacamallo BHXX0218
Guinea Grass BHXX0309
Hattieville BHXX0078
Hellgate BHXX0406
High Sand BHXX0358
Hill Bank BHXX0131
Hill Bank BHXX0017
Honey Camp BHXX0310
Hopital BHXX0407
Hopkins BHXX0359
Independence BHXX0360
Indian Church BHXX0311
Isabella BHXX0079
Jacinto Landing BHXX0408
Jalacte BHXX0409
Jimmy Cut BHXX0410
Joe Wagner Boom BHXX0080
Joventud BHXX0411
Kaway Camp BHXX0220
Kendal BHXX0361
La Democracia BHXX0081
La Flor Camp BHXX0221
Ladyville BHXX0082
Lagarto BHXX0312
Lagarto Bank BHXX0018
Lagoona BHXX0412
Laguna BHXX0132
Lemonal BHXX0083
Libertad BHXX0133
Lime Walk BHXX0084
Listowel BHXX0222
Little Belize BHXX0134
Locust Bank BHXX0019
London BHXX0313
Long Bridge BHXX0223
Los Altos BHXX0224
Los Lirios Camp BHXX0225
Louisville BHXX0020
Lucky Strike BHXX0087
Macaw Bank BHXX0226
Machaca BHXX0414
Machaca Camp BHXX0415
Mai Gate BHXX0227
Mammee Camp BHXX0314
Mango Creek BHXX0362
Maskall BHXX0021
May Pen BHXX0088
Maya Beach BHXX0363
Maya Mopan BHXX0364
Medina Bank BHXX0416
Meditation BHXX0228
Melvins Banks BHXX0022
Middle Bank BHXX0366
Middlesex BHXX0023
Millionario BHXX0229
Monkey Fall BHXX0230
Monkey River BHXX0024
More Force BHXX0089
More Tomorrow BHXX0231
Mount Hope BHXX0232
Mountain Cow BHXX0025
Mullins River BHXX0367
Nafreda BHXX0419
Nago Bank BHXX0091
Narrows Landing BHXX0315
Nasario Perez BHXX0420
Negroman BHXX0233
Neuendorf BHXX0316
Neustadt BHXX0317
Never Delay BHXX0234
New Haven BHXX0421
New Home BHXX0368
New Home BHXX0318
New Town BHXX0369
Nimu Punit BHXX0422
Norland BHXX0235
Ontario Village BHXX0236
Orange Walk BHXX0319
Orange Walk BHXX0026
Otoxha Village BHXX0423
Palmar Camp BHXX0027
Panama BHXX0238
Paraiso BHXX0135
Pascua Camp BHXX0320
Patchchacan BHXX0136
Perry Bank BHXX0370
Pescado Camp BHXX0239
Pettville BHXX0321
Piebra BHXX0424
Piedregal BHXX0322
Plant Sucker BHXX0241
Pomona BHXX0372
Privassion Camp BHXX0242
Progresso BHXX0137
Providencien BHXX0243
Puchituk Camp BHXX0244
Pucte BHXX0138
Puebla Nueva BHXX0139
Pueblo Nuevo BHXX0140
Pueblo Viejo BHXX0425
Punta Gorda BHXX0426
Quarry Hill BHXX0373
Quatro Leguas BHXX0323
Ramonal BHXX0324
Ramonal BHXX0245
Ranchito BHXX0141
Rancho BHXX0028
Rancho Corozal BHXX0142
Rancho Dolores BHXX0093
Rancho Grande BHXX0029
Ranger Camp BHXX0427
Red Bank BHXX0374
Regalia BHXX0375
Reinland BHXX0325
Rejolla BHXX0326
Remate BHXX0143
Resumadero Camp BHXX0246
Retiro BHXX0247
Revenge BHXX0094
Rice Station BHXX0428
Rio Blanco BHXX0429
Rito Bonillo BHXX0430
Roaring Creek BHXX0248
Rock Dondo BHXX0249
Rockstone Pond BHXX0030
Rockville BHXX0031
Rosita BHXX0327
Round Hole BHXX0250
Round Hole Bank BHXX0251
Saint Thomas BHXX0252
Sale si Puede BHXX0376
Saltillo BHXX0144
San Andres BHXX0145
San Antonio BHXX0432
San Antonio BHXX0253
San Antonio BHXX0328
San Antonio BHXX0146
San Benito Poite BHXX0433
San Estevan BHXX0032
San Felipe BHXX0434
San Felipe BHXX0254
San Felipe BHXX0329
San Fernando BHXX0147
San Filipe BHXX0033
San Francisco BHXX0148
San Ignacio BHXX0255
San Joaquin BHXX0149
San Jose BHXX0435
San Jose BHXX0256
San Jose BHXX0330
San Jose Palmer BHXX0331
San Juan BHXX0332
San Juan Bank BHXX0150
San Lazaro BHXX0036
San Lorenzo BHXX0037
San Lucas BHXX0436
San Luis BHXX0333
San Luis BHXX0258
San Miguel BHXX0259
San Miguel BHXX0437
San Narciso BHXX0151
San Pablo BHXX0038
San Pastor Camp BHXX0260
San Pedro BHXX0438
San Pedro BHXX0152
San Pedro Town BHXX0153
San Roman BHXX0154
San Roman BHXX0334
San Victor BHXX0155
Sand Hill BHXX0096
Santa Anna BHXX0440
Santa Clara BHXX0156
Santa Cruz BHXX0157
Santa Cruz BHXX0441
Santa Elena BHXX0262
Santa Familia BHXX0263
Santa Rita BHXX0159
Santa Rosa BHXX0264
Santa Rosa BHXX0160
Santa Theresa BHXX0442
Santana BHXX0097
Sarawina BHXX0377
Sarteneja BHXX0161
Saturday Creek BHXX0265
Savannah Bank BHXX0266
Sayab Camp BHXX0267
Scotland BHXX0098
Shipstern BHXX0162
Shipyard BHXX0335
Sibun Camp BHXX0268
Sierra de Agua BHXX0039
Silk Grass BHXX0379
Silver Creek BHXX0443
Sittee BHXX0381
Soccoths BHXX0040
Solomon Camp BHXX0041
South View Point BHXX0269
Spanish Lookout BHXX0042
Spring BHXX0043
Spring Camp BHXX0336
Tacistal BHXX0165
Tacistal BHXX0337
Teakettle Bank BHXX0044
Teakettle Camp BHXX0045
Toro BHXX0271
Tower Hill BHXX0046
Trapiche BHXX0272
Tres Brazos BHXX0338
Tres Leguas BHXX0339
Trial Farm BHXX0341
Trinidad BHXX0342
Trio Camp BHXX0445
Tropical Park BHXX0099
Tu-Tu Camp BHXX0273
Turneffe Island BHXX0005
Union Camp BHXX0274
Unitedville BHXX0275
Vaca BHXX0276
Valentin Camp BHXX0277
Valley of Peace BHXX0278
Vaqueros BHXX0343
Villa Alfonso BHXX0166
Waha Leaf Camp BHXX0446
Wamil BHXX0344
Warrie Camp BHXX0345
Washing Tree BHXX0100
Water Bank BHXX0048
Watters Bank BHXX0101
White Hill BHXX0102
Willows Bank BHXX0103
Woman Pond BHXX0049
Xaibe BHXX0167
Xaxe Venic BHXX0346
Xcanha BHXX0347
Xcanluum BHXX0168
Xpicilha Village BHXX0447
Yalbac Camp BHXX0279
Yo Chen BHXX0169
Yo Creek BHXX0050