Weather Codes for Belgium

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Belgium. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

A Chinecha BEXX6140
A Clapette BEXX6141
A Faihay BEXX6142
A Massehottee BEXX6143
Aaigem BEXX1040
Aalbeke BEXX1041
Aalbroek BEXX1042
Aalst BEXX0034
Aalter BEXX0035
Aalterbei BEXX1045
Aalterburg BEXX1046
Aan de Bunders BEXX1048
Aan de Vrenen BEXX1049
Aan de Wolfsberg BEXX1050
Aard BEXX1052
Aardappelhoek BEXX1054
Aardenweg BEXX1055
Aars Houw BEXX1056
Aarschot BEXX0036
Aarsele BEXX1057
Aart BEXX1058
Aartrijke BEXX1059
Aartselaar BEXX0037
Abee BEXX6146
Abeelbroekstraat BEXX1060
Abeelhoek BEXX1061
Abeiche BEXX6147
Abele BEXX1062
Abime BEXX6148
Abolens BEXX6149
Abtsul BEXX1063
Achel BEXX1064
Achene BEXX6150
Achenfosse BEXX6151
Achet BEXX6152
Achouffe BEXX6153
Achtel BEXX1065
Achtendries BEXX1066
Achter den Berg BEXX1069
Achter Olen BEXX1067
Achter Weert BEXX1068
Achterbist BEXX1071
Achterbos BEXX1072
Achterbroek BEXX1073
Achterheide BEXX1074
Achterhoek BEXX1076
Achterlee BEXX1077
Achterrot BEXX1078
Achterste Hostie BEXX1079
Acosse BEXX6154
Acoz BEXX6155
Acremont BEXX6156
Adegem BEXX1080
Adesberg BEXX6157
Adijk BEXX1081
Adinkerke BEXX1082
Adseux BEXX6158
Affligem BEXX1083
Afnay BEXX6159
Afsnee BEXX1084
Afst BEXX6160
Agimont BEXX6161
Aheree BEXX6162
Ahin BEXX6163
Aiby BEXX6164
Aineffe BEXX6165
Ainieres BEXX6166
Aische-en-Refail BEXX6167
Aiseau BEXX0038
Aiseau-Presles BEXX6168
Aisemont BEXX6169
Aisne BEXX6170
Aisomont BEXX6171
Aix-sur-Cloix BEXX6172
Akkerhoek BEXX1085
Akkerhoofd BEXX1086
Akkerstraat BEXX1087
Akkerveke BEXX1088
Akselwal BEXX1089
Akspoel BEXX1090
Al Beyoule BEXX6173
Al Gloriette BEXX6174
Al Hesse BEXX6175
Alden Eik BEXX1091
Aldenhof BEXX1092
Aldringen BEXX6177
Alfelaar BEXX1093
Alfersteg BEXX6178
Alhez BEXX6179
Alhoumont BEXX6180
Alken BEXX0039
Allain BEXX6181
Alle BEXX6182
Alleur BEXX6183
Allierseheide BEXX1094
Allmuten BEXX6184
Almache BEXX6185
Alnoir BEXX6186
Alsberg BEXX1095
Alsemberg BEXX1096
Alsput BEXX1097
Alster BEXX6187
Alt Hattlich BEXX6188
Altembroek BEXX1098
Altiaux BEXX6189
Altiere BEXX6190
Alvaux BEXX6191
Alveaux BEXX6192
Alveringem BEXX0040
Alzemont BEXX6193
Am Kreuz BEXX6194
Am Stein BEXX6195
Amas BEXX6196
Amay BEXX0041
Amberloup BEXX6197
Ambleve BEXX0042
Ambly BEXX6199
Ambresin BEXX6200
Ambresinaux BEXX6201
Amelscheid BEXX6202
Amelsdorp BEXX1099
Amercoeur BEXX6203
Amerika BEXX1100
Amermont BEXX6204
Amersveld BEXX1101
Amon Delbroucq BEXX6205
Amonines BEXX6206
Amougies BEXX6207
Ampsin BEXX6208
Amry BEXX6209
Ancien Vivier BEXX6210
Andenelle BEXX6212
Andenne BEXX0043
Anderenbroek BEXX1102
Anderlecht BEXX0001
Anderlues BEXX0044
Andler BEXX6213
Andoumont BEXX6214
Andoy BEXX6215
Andricourt BEXX6216
Andrifosse BEXX6217
Andrimont BEXX6218
Angleur BEXX6219
Angousart BEXX6220
Angre BEXX6221
Angreau BEXX6222
Anhee BEXX0045
Anixhe BEXX6223
Anlier BEXX6224
Anloy BEXX6225
Annecroix BEXX6226
Annekenshoek BEXX1103
Ans BEXX0002
Ansart BEXX6228
Anseremme BEXX6229
Anseroeul BEXX6230
Ansuelle BEXX6231
Anthee BEXX6232
Antheit BEXX6233
Anthisnes BEXX0540
Antiemont BEXX6234
Antoing BEXX0046
Anton BEXX6235
Antwerp BEXX0003
Antwerpen BEXX0539
Anvaing BEXX6236
Anway BEXX6237
Anzegem BEXX0047
Apostelhuizen BEXX1104
Appelblok BEXX1105
Appelboom BEXX1106
Appelhoek BEXX1107
Appels BEXX1108
Appels Veir BEXX1109
Appelveld BEXX1111
Aquinot BEXX6238
Araan BEXX1112
Arabie BEXX6239
Arbespine BEXX6240
Arbre BEXX6241
Arbre a Limont BEXX6244
Arbrefontaine BEXX6245
Arc-Ainieres BEXX6246
Archennes BEXX6247
Ardenelle BEXX6248
Ardennes BEXX6249
Ardevoor BEXX6250
Ardooie BEXX0048
Arendonk BEXX0049
Arendonksenhoek BEXX1113
Argenteau BEXX6251
Arimont BEXX6252
Arisdonk BEXX1114
Arlon BEXX0050
Arloncourt BEXX6253
Arme Klei BEXX1115
Arme Leut BEXX1116
Armoede BEXX1117
Arnelle BEXX6254
Arquennes BEXX6255
Arsimont BEXX6256
Artoishoek BEXX1118
Arton BEXX6257
Arville BEXX6258
As BEXX0051
Asbeek BEXX1119
Asberg BEXX1120
Asbroek BEXX1121
Ascstraat BEXX1122
Ashoop BEXX1123
Aspelare BEXX1124
Asper BEXX1125
Aspergem BEXX1126
Aspot BEXX1127
Asquempont BEXX6259
Asquillies BEXX6260
Asse BEXX0052
Asse BEXX6261
Asse ter Heide BEXX1128
Assebroek BEXX1129
Asselkouter BEXX1130
Assels BEXX1131
Assenede BEXX0053
Assenois BEXX6262
Assent BEXX1132
Assesse BEXX0054
Astene BEXX1133
Astenet BEXX6263
Atembeek BEXX1134
Ath BEXX0055
Athis BEXX6264
Athus BEXX6265
Atrin BEXX6266
Attenhoven BEXX1135
Attenrode BEXX1136
Attert BEXX0538
Attre BEXX6267
Atzerath BEXX6268
Au Beulet BEXX6269
Au Blanc Pignon BEXX6270
Au Boland BEXX6271
Au Caillou BEXX6272
Au Chabet BEXX6273
Au Chenay BEXX6274
Au Cheny du Mont BEXX6275
Au Cheval Dot BEXX6276
Au Coucou BEXX6277
Au Ferrage BEXX6279
Au Gris Han BEXX6280
Au Gros Chene BEXX6281
Au Hestre BEXX6282
Au Minire BEXX6283
Au Pape BEXX6284
Au Pont BEXX6285
Au Rolay BEXX6286
Au Thier BEXX6287
Au Trou Sauvage BEXX6289
Au Voyez BEXX6290
Aubange BEXX0056
Aubechies BEXX6293
Aubecq BEXX6294
Aubel BEXX0537
Aublain BEXX6295
Aubroek BEXX1137
Auby BEXX6296
Audenarde BEXX1138
Auderghem BEXX0956
Audion BEXX6297
Audregnies BEXX6298
Audrimont BEXX6299
Auel BEXX6300
Auf Beescht BEXX6301
Auf Berg BEXX6302
Auf der Wolsch BEXX6303
Auffe BEXX6304
Auguenne BEXX6305
Aulnois BEXX6306
Aulnois Marliere BEXX6307
Aulnoit BEXX6308
Aurheide BEXX1139
Aurodenberg BEXX1140
Austruweel BEXX1141
Autelbas BEXX6309
Autelhaut BEXX6310
Autre-Eglise BEXX6311
Autreppe BEXX6312
Auvelais BEXX6313
Aux Aibriquets BEXX6314
Aux Alloises BEXX6315
Aux Bruyeres BEXX6316
Aux Communes BEXX6317
Aux Croix BEXX6318
Aux Deux Hetres BEXX6319
Aux Fagnes BEXX6320
Aux Fontaines BEXX6321
Aux Forges BEXX6322
Aux Fourchons BEXX6323
Aux Granges BEXX6324
Aux Houx BEXX6326
Aux Sept Chemins BEXX6327
Aux Tachenires BEXX6328
Aux Tournants BEXX6329
Aux Trois Saules BEXX6330
Aux Zabrees BEXX1142
Aux Zazefagnes BEXX6331
Ave-et-Auffe BEXX6332
Avekapelle BEXX1143
Avelgem BEXX0057
Avennes BEXX6333
Averbode BEXX1144
Averbodeheide BEXX1145
Averechten BEXX1146
Avermaat BEXX1147
Aveschoot BEXX1148
Avin BEXX6335
Avister BEXX6336
Avoortsbrug BEXX1149
Awagne BEXX6337
Awans BEXX0058
Awenne BEXX6339
Awirs BEXX6340
Aye BEXX6341
Ayeneux BEXX6342
Aywaille BEXX0004
Azebois BEXX6343
Azette BEXX6344
Azy BEXX6345
Baaigem BEXX1150
Baal BEXX1151
Baalberg BEXX1152
Baalheide BEXX1153
Baandries BEXX1154
Baardegem BEXX1155
Baarle BEXX1156
Baarle-Hertog BEXX0536
Baarleveld BEXX1157
Baarstraat BEXX1158
Baasrode BEXX1159
Baassels BEXX1160
Babbelaar BEXX1161
Babelom BEXX1162
Bac du Prince BEXX6346
Bacara BEXX6347
Bachte BEXX1163
Baclain BEXX6348
Baconfoy BEXX6349
Baconveau BEXX6350
Baddebroek BEXX1165
Badon BEXX6351
Baegnee BEXX6352
Baelen BEXX0535
Bagimont BEXX6353
Baileu BEXX6354
Baileux BEXX6355
Bailievre BEXX6356
Baillamont BEXX6357
Bailleul BEXX6358
Bailli BEXX6359
Baillonville BEXX6360
Baimont BEXX6361
Baisieux BEXX6362
Baisy-Thy BEXX6363
Bajenrieux BEXX6364
Bakel BEXX1166
Bakenbos BEXX6365
Bakergem BEXX1167
Balatre BEXX6366
Balderij BEXX1168
Balegem BEXX1169
Balei BEXX1170
Balen BEXX0059
Balgerhoek BEXX1171
Balkenbrug BEXX1172
Balkestraat BEXX1173
Ballaar BEXX1174
Balleweier BEXX1175
Balmoral BEXX6367
Baltenshoek BEXX1176
Baltert BEXX6368
Bambois BEXX6369
Bambrik BEXX1177
Bambrugge BEXX1178
Ban de Laviot BEXX6371
Banbuche BEXX6372
Bande BEXX6373
Banet Sarts BEXX6374
Baneu BEXX6375
Banneux BEXX6376
Banoyard BEXX6377
Bansbroek BEXX1179
Bansions BEXX6378
Banterlez BEXX6379
Baranzy BEXX6380
Baraque BEXX6381
Baraque Dumont BEXX6382
Baraque Dupont BEXX6383
Baraque Grember BEXX6384
Barbencon BEXX6386
Barberie BEXX6387
Barbinfosse BEXX6388
Barbotte BEXX6389
Barcene BEXX6390
Barchon BEXX6391
Barenberg BEXX1180
Barges BEXX6392
Barisoeul BEXX6393
Barnich BEXX6394
Baronheid BEXX6395
Baronsheide BEXX1181
Baronville BEXX6396
Barouche BEXX6397
Barry BEXX6401
Barsdamhoek BEXX1182
Barse BEXX6402
Barsenalle BEXX6403
Barsy BEXX6404
Barvaux BEXX6405
Barvaux-Condroz BEXX6406
Barvoetsenhoek BEXX1183
Barzin BEXX6407
Bas Bois BEXX6408
Bas Bonlez BEXX6409
Bas Coron BEXX6410
Bas Corot BEXX6411
Bas du Village BEXX6420
Bas Forest BEXX6412
Bas Laveu BEXX6413
Bas Masville BEXX6414
Bas Preau BEXX6415
Bas Ransbeek BEXX6416
Bas Rejet BEXX6417
Bas Slins BEXX6418
Bas Vinave BEXX6419
Bas-Oha BEXX6421
Bas-Sart BEXX6422
Bas-Warneton BEXX6423
Basbeek BEXX1184
BasCoron BEXX6424
Bascoup BEXX6425
Basecles BEXX6426
Basse Arche BEXX6427
Basse Awirs BEXX6428
Basse Bruyere BEXX6429
Basse Chenetre BEXX6430
Basse Fauquez BEXX6431
Basse Flandre BEXX1185
Basse Gage BEXX6432
Basse Hermalle BEXX6433
Basse Heuval BEXX6434
Basse Houssiere BEXX6435
Basse Lasne BEXX0060
Basse Noucelle BEXX6436
Basse Rue BEXX6438
Basse Tribomont BEXX6439
Basse Wanchie BEXX6440
Basse Wavre BEXX6441
Basse-Bodeux BEXX6442
Basse-Plaine BEXX6443
Bassee BEXX6444
Basseilles BEXX6445
Bassenge BEXX0061
Bassevelde BEXX1186
Bassije BEXX1187
Bassilly BEXX6446
Bassines BEXX6447
Bastelaar BEXX1188
Bastogne BEXX0062
Batria BEXX6448
Batsheers BEXX1189
Battefer BEXX6449
Battel BEXX1190
Battenbroek BEXX1191
Battice BEXX6450
Battincourt BEXX6451
Bauche BEXX6452
Baudelo BEXX1192
Baudemont BEXX6453
Baudeset BEXX6454
Baudour BEXX6455
Baudoux BEXX6456
Baudrihaye BEXX6457
Bauffe BEXX6458
Baugnez BEXX6459
Baugnies BEXX6460
Baulers BEXX6461
Baume BEXX6462
Baureux BEXX6463
Bautenshoek BEXX1193
Bautershoven BEXX1194
Bauwenskouter BEXX1195
Bavegem BEXX1196
Bavegemberg BEXX1197
Bavegemknok BEXX1198
Baverijk BEXX1199
Bavikhove BEXX1200
Baya BEXX6464
Bazel BEXX1201
Beau Chene BEXX6465
Beau Plateau BEXX6466
Beau Repaire BEXX6467
Beau Voisinage BEXX1202
Beaufaulx BEXX6468
Beaufaux BEXX6469
Beaufays BEXX6470
Beaulette BEXX6471
Beaulieu BEXX6472
Beauloup BEXX6473
Beaumont BEXX0063
Beauraing BEXX0064
Beauregard BEXX6475
Beaurieu BEXX6476
Beaurieux BEXX6477
Beausaint BEXX6478
Beausoir BEXX6480
Beauvechain BEXX0026
Beauvoorde BEXX1203
Beauwelz BEXX6481
Bebange BEXX6482
Becco BEXX6483
Beche BEXX6484
Bechem BEXX1204
Beclers BEXX6485
Becquereau BEXX6486
Beek BEXX1205
Beekhoek BEXX1206
Beekhoven BEXX1207
Beekkant BEXX0957
Beekkant BEXX1208
Beekmolen BEXX1209
Beekstraat BEXX1210
Beeltjens BEXX1211
Beemdkant BEXX1212
Beemont BEXX6487
Beer BEXX1213
Beerdonk BEXX1214
Beerendonk BEXX1215
Beerhof BEXX1216
Beerlegem BEXX1217
Beernem BEXX0065
Beerse BEXX0066
Beersel BEXX0067
Beerst BEXX1218
Beerst Bloot BEXX1219
Beerstenhoek BEXX1220
Beert BEXX1221
Beervelde BEXX1222
Beerzel BEXX1223
Beez BEXX6488
Beffe BEXX6489
Befve BEXX6490
Begaarden Berg BEXX1224
Begeveld BEXX1225
Begijne Weide BEXX1226
Begijneheide BEXX1227
Begijnenborre BEXX1228
Begijnendijk BEXX0068
Begijnestraat BEXX1229
Begijnhof BEXX1230
Beguinage BEXX6491
Beheme BEXX6492
Beho BEXX6493
Beigem BEXX1232
Beignee BEXX6494
Beirendries BEXX1233
Beisberg BEXX1234
Beiselhoven BEXX1235
Beisem BEXX1236
Beitem BEXX1237
Beke BEXX1238
Bekegem BEXX1239
Bekenhol BEXX1240
Bekkeneinde BEXX1241
Bekkerzeel BEXX1242
Bekkevoort BEXX0069
Bekmeers BEXX1243
Bel BEXX1244
Bel Air BEXX6495
Belair BEXX6496
Beleschecken BEXX6497
Belgiek BEXX1245
Belgrade BEXX6498
Belhez BEXX6499
Belhutte BEXX1246
Bellaire BEXX6500
Belle BEXX6501
Belle Croix BEXX6502
Belle Eau BEXX6503
Belle Fontaine BEXX6504
Belle Haie BEXX6505
Belle Tete BEXX6506
Belle Vue BEXX6507
Belle-Maison BEXX6508
Bellecourt BEXX6509
Bellefontaine BEXX6510
Bellegem BEXX1247
Bellegrade BEXX6511
Bellem BEXX1248
Belleva BEXX6512
Bellevaux BEXX6513
Bellevue BEXX6515
Bellingen BEXX1249
Belloi BEXX6516
Belmont BEXX6517
Beloeil BEXX0070
Belsele BEXX1250
Belselehoek BEXX1251
Belva BEXX6519
Belval BEXX6520
Belvaux BEXX6521
Belvedere BEXX6522
Belven BEXX6523
Belzele BEXX1252
Bemel BEXX0958
Ben-Ahin BEXX6524
Benauvanne BEXX6525
Bende BEXX6526
Beneck BEXX6527
Beneden Kessel BEXX1253
Benedenheide BEXX1254
Benonchamp BEXX6528
Bensberg BEXX1255
Bentille BEXX1256
Beolette BEXX6529
Beoli BEXX6530
Berbroek BEXX1257
Berceau BEXX6531
Berchem BEXX1258
Bercheux BEXX6532
Berenbroek BEXX1259
Berendrecht BEXX1260
Berendries BEXX1261
Berenheide BEXX1262
Berentrode BEXX1263
Berg BEXX6533
Berg BEXX1264
Berg op Zoom BEXX1265
Berg-Bos BEXX1266
Bergbroek BEXX1267
Bergeinde BEXX1268
Bergen BEXX1269
Bergen Einde BEXX1270
Bergen-Einde BEXX1271
Bergenbroek BEXX1272
Bergendries BEXX1273
Bergere BEXX6534
Bergerven BEXX1274
Bergeval BEXX6535
Bergheide BEXX1275
Berghoek BEXX1276
Bergilers BEXX6536
Bergmolens BEXX1277
Bergom BEXX1278
Bergscheid BEXX6537
Bergse Hoeven BEXX1279
Bergstraat BEXX1280
Bergvijver BEXX1281
Bergwijk BEXX1282
Beringen BEXX0071
Beringen Mijnen BEXX1284
Berismenil BEXX6538
Berkedonk Ven BEXX1285
Berken BEXX1286
Berkenbos BEXX1287
Berkenen BEXX1288
Berkenhaag BEXX1289
Berkven BEXX1290
Berlaar BEXX0072
Berlare BEXX0073
Berleur BEXX6539
Berlieren BEXX6540
Berlingen BEXX1291
Berlion BEXX6541
Berlotte BEXX6542
Berloz BEXX0534
Bernalmont BEXX6543
Berneau BEXX6544
Bernimont BEXX6545
Bernissart BEXX0074
Bernistap BEXX6546
Bernister BEXX6547
Bernt BEXX1292
Bernum BEXX1293
Bertem BEXX0075
Berteneinde BEXX1294
Berterath BEXX6549
Berthaumont BEXX6550
Bertinchamps BEXX6551
Bertincroix BEXX6552
Bertogne BEXX0533
Bertree BEXX6553
Bertrix BEXX0076
Berwinne BEXX6554
Berzee BEXX6555
Bescheedweg BEXX1295
Beselare BEXX1296
Besinne BEXX6556
Besmer BEXX1297
Besonrieux BEXX6557
Betekom BEXX1298
Beth BEXX6558
Bethania BEXX1299
Bethleem BEXX6559
Bethomee BEXX6560
Bethomont BEXX6561
Bethoveld BEXX1300
Betissart BEXX6562
Bettendries BEXX1301
Bettenhoek BEXX1302
Bettincourt BEXX6563
Betzer BEXX6564
Beulk BEXX1303
Beurre BEXX6565
Beurs BEXX1304
Beurt BEXX1305
Beusdaal BEXX6566
Beustereinde BEXX1306
Beuzet BEXX6567
Bevegem BEXX1307
Bevel BEXX1308
Bever BEXX0077
Beverbeek BEXX1310
Beverbeekseheide BEXX1311
Beverce BEXX6568
Bevere BEXX1313
Beveren BEXX0078
Beverlaak BEXX1315
Beverlo BEXX1316
Beversluis BEXX1317
Beverst BEXX1318
Beverzak BEXX1319
Bevingen BEXX1320
Bewesterpoort BEXX1321
Beyne-Heusay BEXX0079
Biamont BEXX6569
Bichoit BEXX6570
Bichouree BEXX6571
Biderie BEXX6572
Biegter Weerd BEXX1322
Bieheide BEXX1323
Bien BEXX1324
Bien du Censier BEXX6573
Bienonsart BEXX6575
Bierbeek BEXX0080
Biercamp BEXX6576
Biercee BEXX6577
Bierges BEXX6578
Bierghes BEXX6579
Bierlee BEXX6580
Bierleux BEXX6581
Biernimont BEXX6582
Bierset BEXX6583
Biert le Roi BEXX6585
Bierwart BEXX6586
Biesbrughoek BEXX1325
Biesem BEXX1326
Biesestraat BEXX1327
Biesgat BEXX1328
Biesme BEXX6587
Biesmeree BEXX6589
Biessemstraat BEXX1329
Biest BEXX1330
Biestenberg BEXX1331
Biesthoek BEXX1332
Bietrin Creux BEXX6590
Bievre BEXX0532
Biez BEXX6591
Biezendries BEXX1333
Biezenhuiskens BEXX1334
Bihain BEXX6592
Bijstirstraat BEXX1335
Bijvoorde BEXX1336
Bikschote BEXX1337
Bilkbos BEXX1338
Billegem BEXX1339
Billik BEXX1340
Bilot BEXX6593
Bilstain BEXX6594
Bilzen BEXX0081
Binche BEXX0082
Binderveld BEXX1341
Bingelberg Flog BEXX6595
Binkom BEXX1342
Binneheide BEXX1343
Binneneinde BEXX1344
Binster BEXX6596
Biomont BEXX6597
Bioul BEXX6598
Biourge BEXX6599
Birel BEXX6600
Birk BEXX1345
Birken BEXX6601
Biron BEXX6602
Birven BEXX6603
Bisschophoek BEXX1346
Bissegem BEXX1347
Bist BEXX1348
Bisweg BEXX6604
Bitremont BEXX6605
Bizencourt BEXX6606
Bizory BEXX6607
Blaasberg BEXX1349
Blaasveld BEXX1350
Blaimont BEXX6608
Blairon BEXX6609
Blakenberg BEXX1351
Blakkeveld BEXX1352
Blanc Scourche BEXX6610
Blanche-Fontaine BEXX6611
Blandain BEXX6612
Blanden BEXX1353
Blankaart BEXX1354
Blankelaar BEXX1355
Blankenberge BEXX0083
Blanmont BEXX6613
Blaregem BEXX1356
Blaregnies BEXX6614
Blaton BEXX6615
Blaugies BEXX6616
Blauwberg BEXX1357
Blauwe Sluis BEXX1358
Blauwenhoek BEXX1359
Blauwenstaak BEXX1360
Blauwhof BEXX1361
Blauwput BEXX1362
Blegny BEXX0084
Bleharies BEXX6617
Blehen BEXX6618
Bleid BEXX6619
Bleken BEXX1363
Blekenberg BEXX1364
Bleker BEXX1365
Blekerij BEXX1366
Blekkemberg BEXX1367
Blekkersvijver BEXX1368
Blekkom BEXX1369
Blekte BEXX1370
Bleret BEXX6620
Bleu Rieu BEXX6621
Bleuken BEXX1371
Bleurhu BEXX6622
Blicquy BEXX6623
Blier BEXX6624
Blijdenhoek BEXX1372
Blijkeer BEXX1373
Blijstraat BEXX1374
Blikken BEXX1375
Bliksehoeven BEXX1376
Blindef BEXX6625
Blinkenberg BEXX1377
Blocquemont BEXX6626
Blocry BEXX6627
Bloed Putteken BEXX1378
Bloemendaal BEXX1379
Bloempot BEXX1380
Bloemse Hoeven BEXX1381
Bloer BEXX1382
Blokhuis BEXX1383
Blokken BEXX1384
Blokt BEXX1385
Bloquia BEXX6628
Bocarme BEXX6629
Bocholt BEXX0085
Bocht BEXX1386
Bodaimont BEXX6630
Bodange BEXX6631
Bodegnee BEXX6632
Bodrissart BEXX6633
Boechout BEXX0086
Boekel BEXX1387
Boekenberg BEXX1388
Boekendries BEXX1389
Boekent BEXX1390
Boekhout BEXX1391
Boekhoute BEXX1392
Boekhoutestraat BEXX1393
Boekmolen BEXX1394
Boekouter BEXX1395
Boekt BEXX1396
Boelare Meers BEXX1397
Boelehoel BEXX1398
Boelhe BEXX6634
Boembeke BEXX1399
Boendael BEXX0960
Boeregem BEXX1400
Boeregemstraat BEXX1401
Boerenhoek BEXX1402
Boerenhol BEXX1403
Boerenleger BEXX1404
Boesberg BEXX1405
Boeshoven BEXX1406
Boeslinter BEXX1407
Boette BEXX6635
Boeur BEXX6636
Boezinge BEXX1408
Boezingebrug BEXX1409
Boffereth BEXX6637
Bogaarden BEXX1410
Bogaart BEXX1411
Bogaartsheide BEXX1412
Bohan BEXX6638
Bohemen BEXX1413
Bohissaux BEXX6639
Boignee BEXX6640
Boignenberg BEXX1414
Boing BEXX6641
Boirs BEXX6642
Bois BEXX6643
Bois Bourdon BEXX6644
Bois Cahu BEXX6645
Bois de Breux BEXX6653
Bois de Chin BEXX6654
Bois de Goesnes BEXX6655
Bois de Lens BEXX6656
Bois de Mont BEXX6657
Bois de Nauwe BEXX6658
Bois de Nivelles BEXX6659
Bois de Ville BEXX6661
Bois de Villers BEXX6662
Bois des Maitres BEXX6663
Bois du Foyau BEXX6664
Bois du Luc BEXX6665
Bois Fichaux BEXX1415
Bois Hellin BEXX6646
Bois Jacquet BEXX1416
Bois Robert BEXX6647
Bois-de-Lessines BEXX6668
Bois-de-Villers BEXX6669
Bois-et-Borsu BEXX6670
Boisbolle BEXX6671
Boissac BEXX6672
Boisselles BEXX6673
Bojaban BEXX6674
Bokkenberg BEXX1418
Bokkendries BEXX1419
Boksbergheide BEXX1420
Bokselaar BEXX1421
Boksheide BEXX1422
Bokstale BEXX1423
Bokstraat BEXX1424
Bolder BEXX1425
Bolderberg BEXX1426
Bolignies BEXX6675
Bolinne BEXX6676
Bolk BEXX1427
Bollaarshoek BEXX1428
Bolland BEXX6677
Bollebeek BEXX1429
Bollenberg BEXX1430
Bollisen BEXX1431
Bollo BEXX1432
Bolsee BEXX6678
Bomal BEXX6679
Bombaye BEXX6680
Bomen BEXX1433
Bomeree BEXX6681
Bomerstraat BEXX1434
Bomken BEXX6682
Bommelhoek BEXX1435
Bommels BEXX1436
Bommer BEXX1437
Bommershoven BEXX1438
Bommeteau BEXX6683
Bon Air BEXX6684
Bon Conseil BEXX6685
Bon Vouloir BEXX6686
Bon-Secours BEXX6687
Bonance BEXX6688
Boncelles BEXX6689
Boneffe BEXX6690
Bongard BEXX6691
Bonheiden BEXX0087
Bonifayt BEXX6692
Boninne BEXX6693
Bonlez BEXX6694
Bonne Femme BEXX6695
Bonne Fontaine BEXX6696
Bonne Haie BEXX6697
Bonnert BEXX6698
Bonnerue BEXX6699
Bonnet BEXX6700
Bonneville BEXX6701
Bonsin BEXX6702
Bontegem BEXX1439
Bonten Os BEXX1440
Bontestraat BEXX1441
Bonteveld BEXX1442
Bontinkstraat BEXX1443
Bonvoisin BEXX6703
Boogscheut BEXX1444
Booien BEXX1445
Booienhoven BEXX1446
Booigem BEXX1447
Booischot BEXX1448
Booitshoeke BEXX1449
Bookmolen BEXX1450
Bookmolenstraat BEXX1451
Boom BEXX0088
Boomlaar BEXX1452
Boonhoek BEXX1453
Boonmerkt BEXX1454
Boonstraat BEXX1455
Boonwijk BEXX1456
Boonwit BEXX1457
Boorsem BEXX1458
Boortmeerbeek BEXX0089
Booze BEXX6704
Borchtlombeek BEXX1459
Borgeinde BEXX1460
Borgerhout BEXX1461
Borgeuce BEXX6705
Borglever BEXX1462
Borgloon BEXX0090
Borgoumont BEXX6706
Borgt BEXX1463
Borgt Driesen BEXX1464
Borlez BEXX6707
Borlo BEXX1465
Borloberg BEXX1466
Borlon BEXX6708
Bormenville BEXX6709
Bormte BEXX1467
Born BEXX6710
Bornem BEXX0091
Bornendries BEXX1468
Bornival BEXX6711
Borrekent BEXX1469
Borsbeek BEXX0092
Borsbeke BEXX1470
Borset BEXX6712
Borsu BEXX6713
Borze BEXX1471
Borzee BEXX6714
Bos BEXX1472
Bos Heide BEXX1473
Bosbeek BEXX1474
Bosdorp BEXX1475
Boseind BEXX1476
Boseinde BEXX1477
Bosheide BEXX1478
Boshellen Heide BEXX1479
Boshellerheide BEXX1480
Boshoek BEXX1481
Boshoven BEXX1482
Boskant BEXX1483
Bosmolen BEXX1484
Bosmolens BEXX1485
Bosquet BEXX6715
Bosquetville BEXX6716
Bosse BEXX1486
Bossen BEXX1487
Bossenare BEXX1488
Bossiere BEXX6717
Bosson BEXX6718
Bosstraat BEXX1489
Bosstraat BEXX6719
Bossuit BEXX1490
Bost BEXX1491
Bosveld BEXX1492
Bosvoorde BEXX0961
Boswegel BEXX1493
Boswijkstraat BEXX1494
Botassart BEXX6721
Boterberg BEXX1495
Boterdaal BEXX1496
Boterhoek BEXX1497
Boterlaar BEXX1498
Botermelkstraat BEXX1499
Boterstraat BEXX1500
Botestraat BEXX1501
Bothey BEXX6722
Botselaar BEXX6723
Bottelare BEXX1502
Botz BEXX6724
Boucats BEXX6725
Boucau BEXX6726
Bouchaille BEXX6727
Bouchaimont BEXX6728
Bouchegnette BEXX6729
Boudenghien BEXX6730
Bouderets BEXX6731
Bouffioulx BEXX6732
Bouge BEXX6733
Bougnies BEXX6734
Bougnimont BEXX6735
Bouillenne BEXX6736
Bouillon BEXX0093
Boulboulle BEXX6737
Bouleng BEXX6738
Bouly BEXX6739
Bouny BEXX6740
Bourang BEXX6741
Bourcy BEXX6742
Bourdon BEXX6743
Bourg BEXX6744
Bourgage BEXX6745
Bourgambraix BEXX6746
Bourgeois BEXX6747
Bourgeon BEXX6748
Bourgogne BEXX6749
Bourgondiehoek BEXX1504
Bourjeusel BEXX6750
Bourleau BEXX6751
Bourlers BEXX6752
Bourliquet BEXX6753
Bourlon BEXX6754
Bourlotte BEXX6755
Bournoufay BEXX6756
Bourseigne-Neuve BEXX6757
Boussemont BEXX6759
Boussire BEXX6760
Boussoit BEXX6761
Boussu BEXX0094
Boussu Bois BEXX6762
Boussu-en-Fagne BEXX6763
Boustaine BEXX6765
Bousval BEXX6766
Boutersem BEXX0095
Boutikel BEXX1505
Bouton Rouge BEXX6768
Boutonville BEXX6769
Bouvelo BEXX1507
Bouvignies BEXX6771
Bouvy BEXX6772
Bouwel BEXX1508
Bouwhoeve BEXX1509
Bouxhmont BEXX6773
Bouy BEXX6774
Bovekerke BEXX1510
Bovelingen BEXX1511
Boven den Ruid BEXX1513
Boven Kwartier BEXX1512
Bovenberg BEXX1514
Bovenheide BEXX1515
Bovenhoek BEXX1516
Bovenistier BEXX6775
Bovenwezet BEXX1517
Bovesse BEXX6776
Bovestraat BEXX1518
Bovigny BEXX6777
Bra BEXX6778
Braambeierhoek BEXX1519
Braamdonk BEXX1520
Brach Kopf BEXX6779
Bracht BEXX6780
Bracht BEXX1521
Bracquegnies BEXX6781
Braffe BEXX6782
Braibant BEXX6783
Braidise BEXX6784
Braine-le-Comte BEXX0098
Braives BEXX0099
Brakum BEXX1522
Branchon BEXX6785
Brand BEXX1523
Brand BEXX6786
Brandehaag BEXX6787
Brandemanstraat BEXX1524
Brandheide BEXX1525
Brandhoek BEXX1526
Brandstraat BEXX1527
Brans BEXX1528
Braques BEXX6788
Bras BEXX6789
Bras-Haut BEXX6790
Brasel BEXX1529
Brasmenil BEXX6791
Brasschaat BEXX0100
Brassines BEXX6792
Braunlauf BEXX6793
Bray BEXX6794
Brecht BEXX0101
Brede Rijt BEXX1530
Bredeheide BEXX1531
Bredene BEXX0102
Bredene-aan-Zee BEXX1532
Bredensteger BEXX1533
Bredestraat BEXX1534
Bree BEXX0103
Bree Eik BEXX1535
Bree Ven BEXX1536
Breed Bijl BEXX1537
Breedbroek BEXX1538
Breedhout BEXX1539
Breedveld BEXX1540
Breem BEXX1541
Breemeers BEXX1542
Breendonk BEXX1543
Breestraat BEXX1544
Breestraten BEXX1545
Breikelen BEXX1546
Breissem BEXX1547
Breitfeld BEXX6795
Brelaar BEXX1548
Brelaarheide BEXX1549
Brempt BEXX1550
Bremstraat BEXX1551
Bremt BEXX1552
Breskens BEXX1553
Bresse BEXX6796
Bressoux BEXX6797
Bret BEXX1554
Bretheide BEXX1555
Breucq BEXX6798
Breutheide BEXX1556
Breuvanne BEXX6799
Breuze BEXX6800
Briahan BEXX6801
Briansart BEXX6802
Bridelette BEXX6803
Briegden BEXX1557
Briel BEXX1558
Brielen BEXX1559
Briffoeil BEXX6804
Brigaude BEXX6805
Bril BEXX1560
Briquemont BEXX6806
Briqueterie BEXX6807
Briscol BEXX6808
Brisee BEXX6809
Brisy BEXX6810
Brivioule BEXX6811
Brochepierre BEXX6813
Brocsous BEXX6814
Brocuy BEXX6815
Broechem BEXX1561
Broek BEXX1562
Broek BEXX0962
Broekberg BEXX1563
Broeke BEXX1564
Broekelken BEXX1565
Broekem BEXX1566
Broeken BEXX1567
Broekenhoek BEXX1568
Broekhoven BEXX1569
Broekhuizen BEXX1570
Broekkant BEXX1571
Broekmeers BEXX1572
Broekom BEXX1573
Broeksheuvel BEXX1574
Broekstraat BEXX1575
Broekzijde BEXX1576
Broeseind BEXX1577
Brombais BEXX6816
Broodhoek BEXX1578
Brooiseinde BEXX1579
Brouck BEXX6817
Brouere BEXX6818
Broux BEXX6819
Bru BEXX6820
Brucargo BEXX1580
Bruenne BEXX6821
Brugelette BEXX0104
Brugge BEXX0105
Bruggeneind BEXX1581
Bruggenhoek BEXX1582
Bruggewijk BEXX1583
Brugsken BEXX1584
Brugstraat BEXX1585
Bruille BEXX6822
Bruinbeek BEXX1586
Bruinekruis BEXX1587
Bruinenbaard BEXX1588
Bruineput BEXX1589
Bruinleegte BEXX1590
Bruinsbroek BEXX1591
Bruisbeke BEXX1592
Brukom BEXX1593
Brukskens BEXX1594
Brul BEXX1595
Brule BEXX6823
Brulee Haie BEXX6824
Bruliau BEXX6825
Brulle BEXX6826
Bruly BEXX6827
Bruly-de-Pesche BEXX6828
Brumagne BEXX6829
Brume BEXX6830
Brun Culot BEXX6831
Brunayet BEXX6832
Brunehault BEXX0106
Brunfaut BEXX6833
Brussegem BEXX1596
Brusselbaan BEXX1598
Brussels BEXX0005
Brustem BEXX1600
Bruul BEXX1601
Bruulbergen BEXX1602
Bruwaan BEXX1603
Brux BEXX6834
Bruyelle BEXX6835
Bruyere BEXX6836
Bruyere du Sart BEXX6842
Bruyere Landuyt BEXX6837
Bruyere Madame BEXX6838
Bruyere Polvee BEXX6839
Bruyeres BEXX6843
Brye BEXX6845
Buchel BEXX6846
Buchelbusch BEXX6847
Buck BEXX6848
Bucq BEXX6849
Buda BEXX1604
Budingen BEXX1605
Bue BEXX6850
Bufat BEXX6851
Buggenhout BEXX0107
Buiblok BEXX1606
Buikberg BEXX1607
Buis BEXX6852
Buisegem BEXX1608
Buisestraat BEXX1609
Buissen BEXX1610
Buissenal BEXX6853
Buisseret BEXX6854
Buissiere BEXX6855
Buisson BEXX6856
Buissonville BEXX6857
Buissot BEXX6858
Buitenland BEXX1611
Buitenste Einde BEXX1612
Buizingen BEXX1613
Buken BEXX1614
Bukenberg BEXX1615
Bukten BEXX1616
Bullange BEXX0108
Bullen Gestel BEXX1617
Bulskamp BEXX1618
Bulsom BEXX1619
Bultehoek BEXX1620
Bulteneer BEXX6859
Bultia BEXX6860
Bundermolen BEXX1621
Bunders BEXX1622
Bunderstraat BEXX1623
Bunsbeek BEXX1624
Bunt BEXX1625
Burcht BEXX1626
Burdinne BEXX0531
Bure BEXX6861
Buresse BEXX6862
Buret BEXX6863
Burg BEXX1627
Burg BEXX6864
Burg-Reuland BEXX6865
Burgerhout BEXX1628
Burgmolen BEXX1629
Burhaimont BEXX6866
Burkel BEXX1630
Burnenville BEXX6867
Burnon BEXX6868
Burnontige BEXX6869
Burst BEXX1631
Burtonville BEXX6870
Bury BEXX6871
Bus BEXX1632
Buscaille BEXX6872
Busch BEXX6873
Busch Brand BEXX6874
Busseboom BEXX1633
Bussegem BEXX1634
Busselkens BEXX1635
Bussemeersen BEXX6875
Bustiau BEXX6876
Butay BEXX6877
Butgenbach BEXX0109
Butor BEXX6878
Butsel BEXX1636
Butswerve BEXX1637
Buvange BEXX6879
Buvingen BEXX1638
Buvrinnes BEXX6880
Buzenol BEXX6881
Buzet BEXX6882
Buzin BEXX6883
Cabendes BEXX6884
Cabij BEXX1639
Cabu BEXX6885
Cacqhus BEXX6886
Cahot BEXX6887
Caillois BEXX6888
Cala BEXX6890
Calevoet BEXX0963
Calhuyere BEXX6891
Callenelle BEXX6892
Calonne BEXX6893
Calvaire BEXX6894
Calvenne BEXX1640
Cambron-Casteau BEXX6895
Camp BEXX6897
Canada BEXX1641
Canard BEXX6898
Candries BEXX6899
Canger BEXX6900
Canivet BEXX6901
Canteleux BEXX6902
Cantines BEXX6903
Capon BEXX6904
Caraute BEXX6905
Cargovil BEXX1642
Carlsbourg BEXX6906
Carmois BEXX6907
Carnieres BEXX6908
Carnois BEXX6909
Carnoy BEXX6910
Carre BEXX6911
Casmatrie BEXX6912
Casteau BEXX6913
Castillon BEXX6914
Catillon BEXX6915
Caturiaux BEXX6916
Cauderlo BEXX6917
Caumont BEXX6918
Cauwenberg BEXX1643
Cavrinnes BEXX6919
Cawette BEXX6920
Celie BEXX1644
Celles BEXX0110
Celli BEXX6922
Cendron BEXX6923
Cens BEXX6924
Censes Severin BEXX6925
Centrale Hut BEXX1645
Centri BEXX6926
Cerexhe-Heuseux BEXX6927
Cerfontaine BEXX0530
Cerivaux BEXX6928
Cernaut BEXX6929
Ceroux-Mousty BEXX6930
Cetturu BEXX6931
Chabotais BEXX6932
Chabreliez BEXX6933
Chabry BEXX6934
Chabut BEXX6935
Chaffours BEXX6936
Chaineux BEXX6937
Chairiere BEXX6938
Chalet BEXX6939
Chaleux BEXX6940
Challes BEXX6941
Chamborgneau BEXX6942
Champ Benoit BEXX6943
Champ Blandais BEXX6944
Champ de Mai BEXX6947
Champ de Rance BEXX6948
Champ de Tir BEXX6949
Champ de Wooz BEXX6950
Champ du Bois BEXX6954
Champ du Marais BEXX6957
Champ Laurent BEXX6945
Champ Martin BEXX6946
Champagne BEXX6958
Champale BEXX6959
Champia BEXX6960
Champiomont BEXX6961
Champion BEXX6962
Champles BEXX6963
Champlon BEXX6964
Champlon Famenne BEXX6965
Champs BEXX6966
Champs Chenets BEXX6967
Chanly BEXX6970
Channy BEXX6971
Chantemelle BEXX6973
Chantier BEXX6974
Chantraine BEXX6975
Chanxhe BEXX6976
Chaos BEXX6977
Chapelle BEXX1646
Chapelle BEXX6978
Chapelle-a-Oie BEXX6982
Chapois BEXX6984
Chapon-Seraing BEXX6985
Charbonnage BEXX6986
Charleroi BEXX0006
Charly des Bois BEXX6987
Charneu BEXX6988
Charneuse BEXX6989
Charneux BEXX6990
Charnoy BEXX6991
Chassart BEXX6992
Chasse Royale BEXX6993
Chassepierre BEXX6994
Chastre BEXX6995
Chastres BEXX6996
Chat BEXX6997
Chateau le Duc BEXX7000
Chateau Neuf BEXX6998
Chateau Renaud BEXX6999
Chateaumont BEXX7001
Chatelet BEXX0113
Chatelineau BEXX7002
Chatillon BEXX7003
Chaubrire BEXX7004
Chaudeville BEXX7005
Chaudfontaine BEXX0114
Chaumont BEXX7006
Chaumont-Gistoux BEXX0115
Chauquenee BEXX7007
Chaurnaille BEXX7008
Chaussee BEXX7009
Chauveheid BEXX7012
Chavanne BEXX7013
Chavee BEXX7014
Chechy BEXX7015
Chemin Vert BEXX7017
Chene BEXX7018
Chene a Han BEXX7019
Chene al Pierre BEXX7020
Cheneau BEXX7021
Chenee BEXX7022
Chenemont BEXX7023
Chenet BEXX7024
Cheneumont BEXX7025
Cheneux BEXX7026
Cheniat BEXX7027
Chenne Lisse BEXX7028
Chenogne BEXX7029
Chenois BEXX7030
Chenoy BEXX7031
Chensee BEXX7032
Chenu BEXX7033
Cheoux BEXX7034
Cherain BEXX7035
Cheratte BEXX7036
Cherau BEXX7037
Chercq BEXX7038
Cherhal BEXX7039
Chertal BEXX7040
Chesle BEXX7041
Cheslez BEXX7042
Chession BEXX7043
Chestion BEXX7044
Cheval de Bois BEXX7045
Chevauchoir BEXX7046
Chevaudos BEXX7047
Chevemont BEXX7048
Chevenia BEXX7049
Chevesnes BEXX7050
Chevetogne BEXX7051
Chevofosse BEXX7052
Chevron BEXX7053
Chevrouheid BEXX7054
Chevroumont BEXX7055
Chievres BEXX0033
Chifontaine BEXX7056
Chimay BEXX0116
Chimonti BEXX7057
Chiny BEXX0529
Chiversoux BEXX7058
Choassnaye BEXX7059
Chodes BEXX7060
Chokier BEXX7061
Choque BEXX7062
Chorlet BEXX7063
Choupere BEXX7064
Choviompre BEXX7065
Cielle BEXX7066
Ciergnon BEXX7067
Cierreux BEXX7068
Ciney BEXX0117
Cinquant BEXX7069
Cintrijn BEXX1647
Ciplet BEXX7070
Ciply BEXX7071
Cite Cockerill BEXX1648
Clabecq BEXX7072
Clachoire BEXX1649
Claire Fontaine BEXX7073
Claire Haie BEXX7074
Clairefontaine BEXX7075
Claminforge BEXX7076
Claquedent BEXX7077
Clarisse BEXX7078
Clavia BEXX7079
Clavier BEXX0528
Cleal BEXX7080
Clef BEXX7081
Clefay BEXX7082
Clemenshoek BEXX1650
Clerheid BEXX7083
Clermaie BEXX7084
Clermont BEXX7085
Clicotia BEXX7087
Clipet BEXX7088
Clisore BEXX7089
Clochimont BEXX7090
Cloitre BEXX7091
Clouse BEXX7092
Cobru BEXX7093
Cocambre BEXX7094
Cochamp BEXX7095
Cochleval BEXX7096
Cockaifagne BEXX7097
Cocqueray BEXX7098
Cocquereaumont BEXX7099
Cocriamont BEXX7100
Cocrou Biez BEXX7101
Codron BEXX1651
Coeurq BEXX7102
Coeuvins BEXX7103
Cognebeau BEXX7104
Cognelee BEXX7105
Coignelet BEXX7106
Coin de Suzin BEXX7107
Coin du Haut BEXX7108
Cointe BEXX7109
Colfontaine BEXX0118
Colinet BEXX7110
Collas BEXX7111
Colmst BEXX1652
Colombus BEXX1653
Colrin BEXX7112
Colroy BEXX7113
Comblain-au-Pont BEXX0119
Comblain-Fairon BEXX7114
Comblain-la-Tour BEXX7115
Comblinay BEXX7116
Comchez BEXX7117
Commanster BEXX7118
Commijn BEXX1654
Commogne BEXX7119
Commont BEXX7120
Commune BEXX7121
Communes BEXX7122
Comogne BEXX7123
Compogne BEXX7124
Comte BEXX7125
Conjoux BEXX7126
Conneux BEXX7127
Constantin BEXX7128
Consy BEXX7129
Contranhez BEXX7130
Contrepre BEXX7131
Copon BEXX7132
Coquaimont BEXX7134
Coquenwet BEXX7135
Coquiane BEXX7136
Coquinette BEXX7137
Coraimont BEXX7138
Corbais BEXX7139
Corbeau BEXX7140
Corbion BEXX7141
Corby BEXX7142
Cordes BEXX7143
Corenne BEXX7144
Coret BEXX7145
Coreux BEXX7146
Coreux Gilmister BEXX7147
Corinhez BEXX7148
Corioule BEXX7149
Cornelle BEXX7151
Cornemont BEXX7152
Cornesse BEXX7153
Cornet BEXX7154
Cornimont BEXX7155
Coro BEXX7156
Coron BEXX7157
Coron du bois BEXX7162
Coron du Marais BEXX7161
Coronmeuse BEXX7163
Corriaux BEXX7164
Corroy BEXX7165
Corroy-le-Grand BEXX7167
Corsal BEXX7168
Corswarem BEXX7169
Cortenbroek BEXX7170
Cortil BEXX7171
Cortil-Noirmont BEXX7172
Cortil-Wodon BEXX7173
Cosenberg BEXX7174
Cote Champion BEXX7175
Cote Lambot BEXX7176
Cottaprez BEXX7178
Coucou BEXX1655
Coucou BEXX7179
Coucoumont BEXX7180
Couillet BEXX7181
Couplet BEXX7182
Cour BEXX7183
Cour-sur-Heure BEXX7185
Courcelles BEXX0120
Courriere BEXX7186
Court Tournant BEXX7189
Courtil BEXX7190
Courtil Gras BEXX7191
Courtil-Piette BEXX7192
Courvite BEXX7193
Cousteumont BEXX7194
Coutelle BEXX7195
Couthuin BEXX7196
Coutisse BEXX7197
Couvin BEXX0122
Couvreux BEXX7200
Cowa BEXX7201
Cowan BEXX7202
Craasbeek BEXX1656
Crahiat BEXX7203
Cramion Fay BEXX7204
Cras-Avernas BEXX7205
Crawhez BEXX7206
Crehen BEXX7207
Crenwick BEXX7208
Creppe BEXX7209
Crevecoeur BEXX7211
Crimont BEXX7212
Criptia BEXX7213
Crisnee BEXX0123
Croiseau BEXX7214
Croisette BEXX7216
Croisissart BEXX7217
Croisseau BEXX7218
Croix BEXX7219
Croix Berck BEXX7220
Croix de Pierre BEXX7228
Croix Fanzel BEXX7221
Croix Gloriette BEXX7222
Croix Meurice BEXX7223
Croix Michel BEXX7224
Croix Norbert BEXX7225
Croix Remy BEXX7226
Croix Saint-Jean BEXX7227
Croix-de-Pierre BEXX7231
Croly BEXX7233
Crombach BEXX7234
Crombrue BEXX7235
Cronchamps BEXX7236
Cronfestu BEXX7237
Croquy BEXX7238
Crossee BEXX7239
Crotteux BEXX7240
Croukray BEXX7241
Crupet BEXX7243
Cuesmes BEXX7244
Cugnon BEXX7245
Cul de Balleux BEXX7246
Cul du Four BEXX7247
Cul-des-Sarts BEXX7249
Culo BEXX1657
Culot BEXX7250
Culot du Bois BEXX7252
Culot-du-Bois BEXX7253
Cuquegnies BEXX7254
Cureghem BEXX0964
Curfox BEXX7255
Custinne BEXX7256
Daal BEXX1662
Daalgrimbie BEXX1663
Daalheide BEXX1664
Daalmen BEXX1665
Daaluikhoven BEXX1666
Daalwezet BEXX1667
Daasdonk BEXX1668
Dachelenberg BEXX1669
Dadizele BEXX1670
Dadizelehoek BEXX1671
Dagsterre BEXX1672
Dailly BEXX7257
Daknam BEXX1673
Dal BEXX1674
Dalhem BEXX0124
Dalle BEXX7258
Damerie BEXX7259
Damme BEXX0125
Dampicourt BEXX7260
Dampremy BEXX7261
Damre BEXX7262
Damseinde BEXX1675
Damsheide BEXX1676
Danegem BEXX1677
Dankaartseke BEXX1678
Dansonspenne BEXX7263
Dargis BEXX7264
Darion BEXX7265
Dasselt BEXX1679
Dassenaarde BEXX1680
Daublain BEXX7266
Daumont BEXX7267
Daussois BEXX7268
Daussoulx BEXX7269
Dauwstraat BEXX1681
Dave BEXX7270
Daverdisse BEXX0527
Davilia BEXX7271
De Akker BEXX1682
De Akkers BEXX1683
De Arend BEXX1684
De Baas BEXX1685
De Bank BEXX1686
De Barreel BEXX1687
De Beer BEXX1688
De Beindekens BEXX1689
De Beis BEXX1690
De Bek BEXX1691
De Berg BEXX1692
De Beunt BEXX1693
De Bijl BEXX1694
De Bist BEXX1695
De Bleuken BEXX1696
De Brabander BEXX1697
De Brand BEXX1698
De Broekagie BEXX1699
De Broeken BEXX1700
De Brug BEXX1701
De Bruloos BEXX1702
De Brultjens BEXX1703
De Daad BEXX1704
De Dale BEXX1705
De Donk BEXX1706
De Draaiboom BEXX1707
De Drie Linden BEXX1708
De Eersels BEXX1709
De Fles BEXX1710
De Geertbladeren BEXX1711
De Grote Barreel BEXX1712
De Haan BEXX0126
De Hagendoren BEXX1714
De Hand BEXX1715
De Hees BEXX1716
De Hei BEXX1717
De Heide BEXX1718
De Heidsie BEXX1719
De Hek BEXX1720
De Hel BEXX1721
De Hoesten BEXX1722
De Hoeve BEXX1723
De Hoeven BEXX1724
De Honderd BEXX1725
De Houw BEXX1726
De Huiskens BEXX1727
De Hulst BEXX1728
De Hutte BEXX1729
De Kasteeltjes BEXX1730
De Kat BEXX1731
De Katte BEXX1732
De Keet BEXX1733
De Keijorum BEXX1734
De Kempen BEXX1735
De Kippen BEXX1736
De Klampen BEXX1737
De Klijpe BEXX1739
De Klijte BEXX1740
De Klinge BEXX1741
De Kluis BEXX1742
De Knip BEXX1743
De Knok BEXX1744
De Kolonien BEXX1745
De Kroon BEXX1746
De Kwakkel BEXX1747
De Leeuw BEXX1748
De Legehaar BEXX1749
De Leuken BEXX1750
De Lieve Dochter BEXX1751
De Lindeman BEXX1752
De Lint BEXX1753
De Lo BEXX1754
De Maat BEXX1755
De Maten BEXX1756
De Meiboom BEXX1757
De Meir BEXX1758
De Meren BEXX1759
De Merkt BEXX1760
De Meunink BEXX1761
De Middelhorst BEXX1762
De Moeren BEXX1763
De Most BEXX1764
De Mosvinne BEXX1765
De Mot BEXX1766
De Nachtegaal BEXX1767
De Neringen BEXX1768
De Nieuwe Koop BEXX1769
De Nuchten BEXX1770
De Paling BEXX1771
De Panne BEXX0127
De Parre BEXX1772
De Pauw BEXX1773
De Pieting BEXX1774
De Pinte BEXX0128
De Plaats BEXX1775
De Plain BEXX1776
De Planck BEXX1777
De Plas BEXX1778
De Plein BEXX1779
De Pleine BEXX1780
De Ploeg BEXX1781
De Polka BEXX1782
De Populieren BEXX1783
De Preekboom BEXX1784
De Putten BEXX1785
De Raaf BEXX1786
De Raap BEXX1787
De Reit BEXX1788
De Rester Heide BEXX1789
De Riet BEXX1790
De Rietbos BEXX1791
De Roos BEXX1792
De Roshaag BEXX1793
De Roten BEXX1794
De Ruiter BEXX1795
De Schommen BEXX1796
De Staart BEXX1797
De Stee BEXX1798
De Steenbakkerij BEXX1799
De Steenhoeven BEXX1800
De Stommen BEXX1801
De Straat BEXX1802
De Stroolput BEXX1803
De Stukken BEXX1804
De Tempels BEXX1805
De Tomme BEXX7272
De Trompe BEXX1806
De Valen BEXX1807
De Vennen BEXX1808
De Veren BEXX1809
De Vier Bunders BEXX1810
De Vijvers BEXX1811
De Vinke BEXX1812
De Vloet BEXX1813
De Voort BEXX1814
De Voshoek BEXX1815
De Vrede BEXX1816
De Vrunten BEXX1817
De Waleweiden BEXX1818
De Wallen BEXX1819
De Warande BEXX1820
De Warre BEXX1821
De Wateringen BEXX1822
De Waterval BEXX1823
De Wilde BEXX1824
De Wolf BEXX1825
De Wolfsgaten BEXX1826
De Wolfsheuvel BEXX1827
De Zavelbemden BEXX1828
De Zeepanne BEXX1829
De Zolken BEXX1830
Debboutshoek BEXX1831
Deerlijk BEXX0129
Defliere BEXX7273
Deftinge BEXX1832
Deheide BEXX1833
Deidenberg BEXX7274
Deiffelt BEXX7275
Deigne BEXX7276
Deinze BEXX0130
Dekpriem BEXX1834
Delbart BEXX7277
Delle BEXX1835
Delpre BEXX7278
Delval BEXX7279
Demer BEXX1836
Demerbroek BEXX1837
Deminche BEXX7280
Den Aap BEXX1838
Den Bastiaan BEXX1839
Den Bellemond BEXX1840
Den Berg BEXX1841
Den Boecht BEXX1842
Den Bouw BEXX1843
Den Brand BEXX1844
Den Daal BEXX1845
Den Doorn BEXX1846
Den Dries BEXX1847
Den Duivel BEXX1848
Den Euster BEXX1850
Den Hauw BEXX1851
Den Heesdijk BEXX1852
Den Heikant BEXX1853
Den Heuvel BEXX1854
Den Hoek BEXX1855
Den Hooie BEXX1856
Den Hoorn BEXX1857
Den Hout BEXX1858
Den Houw BEXX1859
Den Hukker BEXX1860
Den Hul BEXX1861
Den Hulst BEXX1862
Den Koekoek BEXX1863
Den Lommelaar BEXX1864
Den Meer BEXX1865
Den Molenberg BEXX1866
Den Oever BEXX1867
Den Otter BEXX1868
Den Plas BEXX1869
Den Plat Weier BEXX1870
Den Populier BEXX1871
Den Rechtenkant BEXX1872
Den Teut BEXX1873
Den Veind BEXX1874
Denderbelle BEXX1875
Denderdreef BEXX1876
Denderhoutem BEXX1877
Denderleeuw BEXX0131
Dendermonde BEXX0007
Denderwindeke BEXX1878
Denee BEXX7281
Dennewinkel BEXX1879
Dentergem BEXX0132
Dergneau BEXX7282
Dernier Patard BEXX7283
Dernier Pre BEXX7284
Derrevoetshoek BEXX1880
Derriere Arville BEXX7285
Derriere Houmont BEXX7287
Derriere la Haye BEXX7290
Derriere Spai BEXX7288
Derriere Wester BEXX7289
Desnie BEXX7294
Dessel BEXX0133
Desselgem BEXX1881
Dessus Chamon BEXX7295
Dessus le Coine BEXX7297
Destelberg BEXX1882
Destelbergen BEXX0134
Desteldonk BEXX1883
Destelheide BEXX1884
Deulin BEXX7298
Deurle BEXX1885
Deurne BEXX1886
Deuseld BEXX1887
Deux Rys BEXX7299
Devant la Het BEXX7302
Devant le Pont BEXX7303
Devant les Bois BEXX7306
Devant Luchy BEXX7300
Devant Staneux BEXX7301
Devant-Hedree BEXX7307
Devant-le-Bois BEXX7308
Devantave BEXX7309
Dhuy BEXX7310
Diarbois BEXX7311
Diedonken BEXX1888
Diegem BEXX1889
Diepenbeek BEXX0135
Diepenbeke BEXX1890
Diepenbroek BEXX1891
Diepenpoel BEXX1892
Dieperbroek BEXX1893
Diepert BEXX7312
Dierain Patard BEXX7313
Diest BEXX0032
Diets-Heur BEXX1894
Dieu de Pitie BEXX7314
Dieu le Garde BEXX7315
Dieupart BEXX7316
Differt BEXX7317
Dijk BEXX1895
Dikke Eik BEXX1896
Dikkebus BEXX1897
Dikkele BEXX1898
Dikkelvenne BEXX1899
Diksmeire BEXX1900
Diksmuide BEXX0136
Diksmuidsepoort BEXX1901
Dilbeek BEXX0137
Dilsen BEXX1902
Dilsen-Stokkem BEXX1903
Dime BEXX7318
Dinant BEXX0138
Dinez BEXX7319
Dion BEXX7320
Dion-le-Mont BEXX7322
Dion-le-Val BEXX7323
Dion-Valmont BEXX7321
Dison BEXX0139
Dochamps BEXX7324
Dode Manhoek BEXX1904
Doel BEXX1905
Doelen BEXX1906
Doffen BEXX1907
Dohan BEXX7325
Doiceau BEXX7326
Doische BEXX0140
Dokken BEXX1908
Dolembreux BEXX7327
Dolhain BEXX7328
Dolmen BEXX7329
Doment BEXX1909
Domherenhuis BEXX1910
Dommartin BEXX7330
Donceel BEXX0141
Donderij BEXX1911
Dongelberg BEXX7331
Donk BEXX1913
Donkerput BEXX1914
Donkerstraat BEXX1915
Donnerkaul BEXX7332
Donstiennes BEXX7333
Donveau BEXX7334
Doodbroek BEXX1916
Doodhoek BEXX1917
Doomkerke BEXX1918
Doorn BEXX1919
Doornboom BEXX1920
Doornhoek BEXX1921
Doornlaar BEXX1922
Doorntje BEXX1923
Doornzele BEXX1924
Doorselaar BEXX1925
Doortstraat BEXX1926
Doregem BEXX1927
Doren BEXX1928
Dorenberg BEXX1929
Dorent BEXX1930
Dorinne BEXX7335
Dormaal BEXX1931
Dorne BEXX1932
Dornerheide BEXX1933
Dorp BEXX1934
Dorperbroek BEXX1935
Dorperheide BEXX1936
Dorpheide BEXX1937
Dorsel BEXX1938
Dottignies BEXX1939
Dour BEXX0142
Dourbes BEXX7336
Douvrain BEXX7337
Draaibank BEXX1940
Draaibrug BEXX1941
Dranouter BEXX1942
Drappendries BEXX1943
Dreef BEXX1944
Drehance BEXX7338
Dreihutten BEXX7339
Drengel BEXX1945
Dreyborn BEXX7340
Dreye BEXX7341
Drie Egypten BEXX1946
Drie Eiken BEXX1947
Drie Fonteinen BEXX1948
Drie Grachten BEXX1949
Drie Huizen BEXX1950
Drie Koningen BEXX1951
Drie Linden BEXX1952
Drie Masten BEXX1953
Drie Pikkels BEXX1954
Drie Schouwen BEXX1955
Driedijk BEXX1956
Driegaaien BEXX1957
Driegoten BEXX1958
Driehoek BEXX1959
Driehoven BEXX1960
Driekoningen BEXX1961
Drielinden BEXX1962
Dries BEXX1963
Dries te Latem BEXX1964
Dries te Makegem BEXX1965
Driesch BEXX7342
Driesele BEXX1966
Drieslinter BEXX1967
Driesstraat BEXX1968
Driestegehucht BEXX1969
Driestenbroek BEXX1970
Drieweg BEXX1971
Driewege BEXX1972
Drijhoek BEXX1973
Drijhoeven BEXX1974
Drinkeling BEXX1975
Droeshout BEXX1976
Drogenboom BEXX1977
Drogenbos BEXX0143
Drogenbroodhoek BEXX1978
Drogenhof BEXX1979
Drogentap BEXX1980
Drolenval BEXX7343
Drongen BEXX1981
Dronkaard BEXX1982
Drossart BEXX7344
Drubant BEXX7345
Druimeren BEXX1983
Druquet BEXX7346
Du Pre BEXX7347
Dubbeek BEXX1984
Dubbelhof BEXX1985
Ducquegnies BEXX7348
Duddegem BEXX1986
Dudzele BEXX1987
Duffel BEXX0144
Duffelsenhoek BEXX1988
Duikeldam BEXX1989
Duinberg BEXX1990
Duinbergen BEXX1991
Duine BEXX1992
Duinhoek BEXX1993
Duisbeke BEXX1994
Duisburg BEXX1995
Duitschool BEXX1996
Duitsenbroek BEXX1997
Duivelsberg BEXX1998
Duivelsbos BEXX1999
Duivelshoek BEXX2000
Duivestraat BEXX2001
Dujacquier BEXX7349
Dumberg BEXX2002
Dungel BEXX2003
Duras BEXX2004
Durbuy BEXX0145
Duret BEXX7350
Durler BEXX7351
Durmen BEXX2005
Durnal BEXX7352
Dutsel BEXX2006
Duwelz BEXX7353
Dworp BEXX2007
Eau Rouge BEXX7354
Eben BEXX7355
Eben-Emael BEXX7356
Ebly BEXX7357
Ecacheries BEXX7358
Echelpoel BEXX2008
Echerennes BEXX7360
Eclaye BEXX7361
Ede BEXX2009
Edegem BEXX0147
Edegem-west BEXX2010
Edegemveld BEXX2011
Edelare BEXX2012
Edemolen BEXX2013
Edewalle BEXX2014
Ediksveld BEXX2015
Eedtwijk BEXX2016
Eekhoek BEXX2017
Eekhout BEXX2018
Eekhoutdries BEXX2019
Eeklo BEXX0148
Eeksken BEXX2020
Eekstraat BEXX2021
Eekt BEXX2022
Eel BEXX2023
Eelvelde BEXX2024
Eenbeek Einde BEXX2025
Eenhoorn BEXX2026
Eentveld BEXX2027
Eerdegem BEXX2028
Eernegem BEXX2029
Eerselingen BEXX2030
Eerstestraat BEXX2031
Eesstraat BEXX2032
Eesvelde BEXX2033
Eethoek BEXX2034
Eetsvelde BEXX2035
Eetvelde BEXX2036
Eeuwhoek BEXX2037
Egelplas BEXX2038
Egem BEXX2039
Egemkapel BEXX2040
Egenen BEXX2041
Egenhoven BEXX2042
Eggersberg BEXX2043
Eggerseel BEXX2044
Eggetingen BEXX2045
Eghezee BEXX0149
Egoven BEXX2047
Egypten BEXX2048
Ehein BEXX7362
Eibei BEXX2049
Eibertingen BEXX7363
Eichem BEXX2050
Eienbroek BEXX2051
Eigen BEXX2052
Eigenbilzen BEXX2053
Eigendommen BEXX2054
Eigenlo BEXX2055
Eigenstraat BEXX2056
Eik BEXX2057
Eikant BEXX2058
Eikelbos BEXX2059
Eikelenberg BEXX2060
Eiken BEXX2061
Eikenberg BEXX2062
Eikenen BEXX2063
Eikevliet BEXX2064
Eikhoek BEXX2065
Eikot BEXX2066
Eiksken BEXX2067
Eiland BEXX2068
Eiliboshoek BEXX2069
Eimerscheid BEXX7364
Einde BEXX2070
Eindeken BEXX2071
Eindhout BEXX2072
Eindhoutham BEXX2073
Eindhoven BEXX2074
Eindmeer BEXX2075
Eindsdijk BEXX2076
Eine BEXX2077
Einhoven BEXX2078
Eirtbrugge BEXX2079
Eisden BEXX2080
Eisingen BEXX2081
Eizeringen BEXX2082
Eke BEXX2083
Ekelbeek BEXX2084
Ekelendries BEXX2085
Ekelenhoek BEXX2086
Ekenmolen BEXX2087
Ekent BEXX2088
Ekeren BEXX2089
Ekestraat BEXX2090
Ekkelberg BEXX2091
Eksaarde BEXX2092
Eksel BEXX2093
Ekspoel BEXX2094
Ekstergoor BEXX2095
Eksterken BEXX2096
Eksterlaar BEXX2097
El Hena BEXX7365
Elbeek BEXX2098
Elderberg BEXX2099
Elegem BEXX2100
Elen BEXX2101
Elene BEXX2102
Elewijt BEXX2103
Eliksem BEXX2104
Elingen BEXX2105
Elle BEXX2106
Ellemelle BEXX7366
Elleve BEXX2107
Ellezelles BEXX0150
Ellicht BEXX2108
Ellikom BEXX2109
Elmotte BEXX7369
Elouges BEXX7370
Els Brug BEXX2110
Elsegem BEXX2111
Elsemheide BEXX2112
Elsenborn BEXX0030
Elsendamme BEXX2113
Elshout BEXX2114
Elsleuken BEXX2115
Elsleukenweide BEXX2116
Elslo BEXX2117
Elst BEXX2118
Elstreken BEXX2119
Elsum BEXX2120
Elvaux BEXX7371
Elverdinge BEXX2121
Elversele BEXX2122
Elzenhoek BEXX2123
Elzenwal BEXX2124
Elzestraat BEXX2125
Embeke BEXX2126
Emblem BEXX2127
Emblinne BEXX7372
Embourg BEXX7373
Emcomont BEXX7374
Emelgem BEXX2128
Emeville BEXX7375
Emines BEXX7376
Emnuez BEXX7377
Emptinnal BEXX7378
Emptinne BEXX7379
En Haut BEXX7380
En Sterre BEXX7381
Ename BEXX2129
Ene BEXX2130
Enenboom BEXX2131
Enfer BEXX7382
Engel BEXX2132
Engeland BEXX0965
Engelbeek BEXX2133
Engelhoek BEXX2134
Engelmanshoven BEXX2135
Enghien BEXX0151
Engis BEXX0152
Engreux BEXX7383
Engsbergs BEXX2136
Enhet BEXX7384
Enines BEXX7385
Ennal BEXX7386
Ensegotte BEXX7387
Ensival BEXX7388
Enstegen BEXX2137
Envoz BEXX7390
Epelaar Heide BEXX2138
Epinette BEXX7391
Epinois BEXX7392
Epioux BEXX7393
Eppegem BEXX2139
Eprave BEXX7394
Equipee BEXX7395
Erbaut BEXX7396
Erbisoeul BEXX7397
Ere BEXX7398
Ereffe BEXX7399
Erembodegem BEXX2140
Erezee BEXX0526
Erkegem BEXX2141
Erlinchamps BEXX7400
Ermite BEXX7402
Ernage BEXX7403
Erneuville BEXX7404
Ernonheid BEXX7405
Erondegem BEXX2142
Erpe BEXX2143
Erpekom BEXX2144
Erpent BEXX7406
Erpigny BEXX7407
Erpion BEXX7408
Erps-Kwerps BEXX2145
Erquelinnes BEXX0153
Erquennes BEXX7409
Erria BEXX7410
Ertborringen BEXX2146
Ertbrand BEXX2147
Ertbrug BEXX2148
Ertbrugge BEXX2149
Ertbrugstraat BEXX2150
Ertbuur BEXX2151
Ertbuurhoek BEXX2152
Ertsenrijk BEXX2153
Ertvelde BEXX2154
Erwetegem BEXX2155
Es BEXX2156
Escalette BEXX7411
Escanaffles BEXX7412
Esen BEXX2157
Esneux BEXX0154
Espain BEXX7413
Espeler BEXX7414
Espenhoek BEXX2158
Espinette BEXX2159
Esplechin BEXX7415
Esquelmes BEXX7416
Esquenne BEXX7417
Esquinterie BEXX7418
Essen BEXX0155
Essenbeek BEXX2160
Essene BEXX2161
Essene Winkel BEXX2162
Esser BEXX2163
Estafflers BEXX7419
Estaimbourg BEXX7420
Estaimpuis BEXX0156
Estinee BEXX7421
Estinnes-au-Mont BEXX7422
Estinnes-au-Val BEXX0157
Estree BEXX7423
Etalle BEXX0158
Etbos BEXX2164
Ethe BEXX7425
Etikhove BEXX2165
Ettelboom BEXX2166
Ettelgem BEXX2167
Etterbeek BEXX0966
Ettinge BEXX2168
Eugies BEXX7426
Eupen BEXX0159
Euverenbos BEXX2169
Evangelieboom BEXX2170
Eve BEXX7427
Evegnee BEXX7428
Evegnee-Tignee BEXX7429
Evelette BEXX7430
Everbeek BEXX2171
Everberg BEXX2172
Evere BEXX0967
Evergem BEXX0160
Eversel BEXX2174
Everslaar BEXX2175
Everveld BEXX2176
Eveux BEXX7431
Evregnies BEXX2177
Evrehailles BEXX7432
Exbomont BEXX7433
Eynatten BEXX7434
Ezaart BEXX2178
Ezemaal BEXX2179
Ezendries BEXX2180
Fagne Esset BEXX7435
Fagnolle BEXX7436
Fagnoul BEXX7437
Fagnoulle BEXX7438
Fagny BEXX7439
Failon BEXX7440
Faimes BEXX7441
Faintiau BEXX7442
Fairoul BEXX7443
Falaen BEXX7444
Falemprise BEXX7445
Falhez BEXX7446
Falhy BEXX7447
Falisolle BEXX7448
Falize BEXX7449
Fallais BEXX7450
Fallimont BEXX7451
Falmagne BEXX7452
Falmignoul BEXX7453
Faluzeau BEXX7454
Famenne BEXX7455
Familleureux BEXX7456
Fanson BEXX7458
Fantignie BEXX7459
Fanzel BEXX7460
Farciennes BEXX0161
Farinette BEXX7461
Farneur BEXX7462
Farnieres BEXX7463
Fasol BEXX7464
Faubourg BEXX7465
Faubourg BEXX2181
Faubourg de Mons BEXX7472
Fauchisse BEXX7476
Fauchy BEXX7477
Faulx-Les Tombes BEXX7478
Fauquez BEXX7479
Fauroeulx BEXX7480
Fauvenal BEXX7481
Fauvillers BEXX0525
Faux BEXX7482
Fauxmaillaux BEXX7483
Favarcq BEXX7484
Favarge BEXX7485
Favauge BEXX7486
Fawes BEXX7487
Fawtay BEXX7488
Fayat BEXX7489
Faymonville BEXX7490
Fays BEXX7491
Fays-Famenne BEXX7492
Fays-les-Veneurs BEXX7493
Faysgeai BEXX7494
Fayt BEXX7495
Fayt-le-Franc BEXX7496
Fayt-lez-Manage BEXX7497
Fecher BEXX7498
Fechereux BEXX7499
Feckelsborn BEXX7500
Feineind BEXX2182
Feite BEXX2183
Felenne BEXX7501
Feluy BEXX7502
Feneur BEXX7503
Fenffe BEXX7504
Ferage BEXX7505
Ferlibray BEXX7506
Fermont BEXX7507
Fernelmont BEXX7508
Ferriere BEXX7509
Ferrieres BEXX0162
Feschaux BEXX7511
Festingue BEXX2184
Fetinne BEXX7512
Fevie BEXX7513
Fexhe-Slins BEXX7514
Figotterie BEXX7515
Filee BEXX7516
Filly BEXX7517
Filot BEXX7518
Fin Fourneau BEXX7519
Fineuse BEXX7520
Finnevaux BEXX7521
Fintele BEXX2185
Fisenne BEXX7522
Fize BEXX7523
Fize-Fontaine BEXX7524
Fize-le-Marsal BEXX7525
Flagothier BEXX7526
Flament BEXX7527
Flamierge BEXX7528
Flamizoulle BEXX7529
Flatry BEXX7530
Flavion BEXX7531
Flawinne BEXX7532
Flechere BEXX7533
Flemalle BEXX7534
Flemalle-Grande BEXX7535
Flemalle-Haute BEXX0164
Flenu BEXX7536
Flere BEXX7537
Fleron BEXX0165
Fleurifoy BEXX7538
Fleurus BEXX0166
Fleussu BEXX7539
Flierendries BEXX2186
Flinchaux BEXX7540
Flobecq BEXX0524
Flohaye BEXX7541
Flohimont BEXX7542
Flone BEXX7543
Florbecq BEXX7544
Floreal BEXX0968
Floree BEXX7545
Floreffe BEXX0167
Florennes BEXX0025
Florent BEXX7546
Florenville BEXX0168
Floret BEXX7547
Floriffoux BEXX7548
Florival BEXX7549
Florivaux BEXX7550
Florka BEXX7551
Florze BEXX7552
Flostoy BEXX7553
Foaranoi BEXX7554
Focagne BEXX7555
Focant BEXX7556
Fodai BEXX7557
Fodiaux BEXX7558
Foeksenberg BEXX2187
Folx-les-Caves BEXX7559
Foncourt BEXX7560
Fond de Bataille BEXX7568
Fond de Bende BEXX7569
Fond de Biaury BEXX7570
Fond de Cone BEXX7571
Fond de Gesves BEXX7572
Fond de Heurne BEXX2188
Fond de Lesve BEXX7573
Fond de Malonne BEXX7574
Fond de Morva BEXX7575
Fond de Pique BEXX7577
Fond de Scrupiat BEXX7578
Fond des Harengs BEXX7581
Fond des Malades BEXX7582
Fond des Tailles BEXX7583
Fond des Vaux BEXX7584
Fond des Veaux BEXX7585
Fond Donnaux BEXX7561
Fond du Bosquet BEXX7586
Fond du Pere Pie BEXX7587
Fond Gordien BEXX7562
Fond Guerin BEXX7563
Fond la Mathiote BEXX7588
Fond Martin BEXX7564
Fond Saint-Roch BEXX7565
Fond Secheval BEXX7566
Fond Vandenbosch BEXX7567
Fonds de Lavois BEXX7590
Fonds de Lustin BEXX7591
Fonds des Eaux BEXX7592
Fonds Gaillards BEXX7589
Fontaine BEXX7593
Fontaine de Spa BEXX7596
Fontaine Haute BEXX7594
Fontaine-Valmont BEXX7597
Fontein BEXX2189
Fonteintje BEXX2190
Fontenaille BEXX7599
Fontenel BEXX7600
Fontenelle BEXX7601
Fonteni BEXX7602
Fontenoille BEXX7603
Fontenoy BEXX7604
Fonteny BEXX7605
Fontery BEXX7606
Fontin BEXX7607
Fooz BEXX7608
Foquelet BEXX7609
Forest BEXX0969
Forest BEXX7611
Foret BEXX7612
Forge Jean Petit BEXX7613
Forge-Philippe BEXX7615
Forges BEXX7616
Forriere BEXX7617
Forrieres BEXX7618
Forseilles BEXX7621
Fort BEXX2191
Fort la Haine BEXX7623
Fort Leroy BEXX7622
Fortem BEXX2192
Fortjen BEXX2193
Fortuin BEXX2194
Forville BEXX7624
Forzeau BEXX7625
Forzee BEXX7626
Fosse BEXX7627
Fosse des Loups BEXX7630
Fosse Marchand BEXX7628
Fosse Soret BEXX7629
Fosses-la-Ville BEXX0169
Fosset BEXX7631
Fossey BEXX7632
Fostaille BEXX7633
Fostree BEXX7634
Fosty BEXX7635
Foucaumont BEXX7636
Fouches BEXX7637
Fouleng BEXX7638
Foulerie BEXX7639
Foulie BEXX7640
Four a Verre BEXX7641
Fourbechies BEXX7642
Fourche BEXX7643
Fourcroix BEXX7644
Fourire BEXX7645
Fourmatot BEXX7646
Fourneau BEXX7647
Fourquepire BEXX7650
Foxemaat BEXX2195
Foxhalle BEXX7651
Foy BEXX7652
Foy-Notre-Dame BEXX7653
Foyr BEXX7654
Fragnee BEXX7655
Frahan BEXX7656
Fraineux BEXX7657
Frainou BEXX7658
Fraipont BEXX7659
Fraire BEXX7660
Fraiture BEXX7662
Frameries BEXX0170
Framont BEXX7663
Franbisier BEXX7664
Franc-Waret BEXX7665
Francesse BEXX7666
Francheville BEXX7667
Franchimont BEXX7668
Francorchamps BEXX7669
Francqnee BEXX7670
Francquaart BEXX2196
Frandeux BEXX7671
Franiere BEXX7672
Frankenbos BEXX2197
Frankrijk BEXX2198
Frankrijkstraat BEXX2199
Fransberg BEXX2200
Frasies BEXX7673
Frasnes BEXX7674
Frassem BEXX7677
Fratin BEXX7678
Frayere BEXX7679
Freche Try BEXX7680
Freineux BEXX7681
Freloux BEXX7682
Frene BEXX7683
Frenes BEXX7684
Frenet BEXX7685
Frenois BEXX7686
Frenoit BEXX7687
Frera BEXX7688
Fresch Hazel BEXX7689
Freux BEXX7690
Freux la Rue BEXX7693
Freux Menil BEXX7691
Freux Suzerain BEXX7692
Freylange BEXX7694
Freyr BEXX7695
Frezenberg BEXX2201
Frinbuis BEXX7696
Frisee BEXX7697
Froid Lieu BEXX7698
Froid Manteau BEXX7699
Froidbermont BEXX7700
Froidchapelle BEXX0522
Froide Bise BEXX7701
Froide Fontaine BEXX7702
Froidfontaine BEXX7703
Froidheid BEXX7704
Froidmanteau BEXX7705
Froidmont BEXX7706
Froidthier BEXX7707
Froidville BEXX7708
Fromiee BEXX7709
Fronville BEXX7710
Froyennes BEXX7711
Fruithout BEXX2202
Frumhy BEXX7712
Fter BEXX7713
Fumal BEXX7714
Fumy BEXX7715
Furfooz BEXX7716
Furnaux BEXX7717
Futvoie BEXX7718
Gaasbeek BEXX0521
Gadin BEXX7719
Gages BEXX7720
Gaichel BEXX7721
Gaillemarde BEXX7722
Galbergen BEXX2203
Galg BEXX2204
Galgeheide BEXX2205
Galgen Kouter BEXX2206
Galgenberg BEXX2207
Galgendries BEXX2208
Galgestraat BEXX2209
Galgevoort BEXX2210
Galhausen BEXX7724
Gallaix BEXX7725
Gallifort BEXX2211
Galmaarden BEXX0172
Galopen BEXX2212
Gammel BEXX2213
Gangelberg BEXX2214
Ganshoren BEXX0970
Gansmanstraat BEXX2215
Ganspoel BEXX2216
Ganzendries BEXX2217
Ganzenhoek BEXX2218
Gapaardhoek BEXX2219
Gapenberg BEXX2220
Garceau BEXX7726
Garde-Dieu BEXX2221
Gastenhoek BEXX2222
Gasthuis Heide BEXX2223
Gasthuishoeven BEXX2224
Gastuche BEXX7727
Gatpolder BEXX2225
Gaudy BEXX7728
Gauquier BEXX7729
Gaver BEXX2226
Gavere BEXX0173
Gaverken BEXX2227
Gaverland BEXX2228
Gavers BEXX2229
Gavre BEXX2230
Gay BEXX7731
Gazelle BEXX7732
Gdoumont BEXX7733
Gebergte BEXX2231
Gedinne BEXX0520
Geel BEXX0174
Geelberg BEXX2232
Geelroede BEXX2233
Geeneinde BEXX2234
Geenemeer BEXX2235
Geenhout BEXX2236
Geenrode BEXX2237
Geenstraat BEXX2238
Geer BEXX0519
Geerdegemveld BEXX2239
Geest BEXX2240
Geestbeek BEXX2241
Geestveld BEXX2242
Geetbets BEXX0175
Geetsvondel BEXX2243
Gehucht BEXX2244
Geinsteinde BEXX2245
Geisbour BEXX7735
Geisteren BEXX2246
Geistingen BEXX2247
Geite BEXX2248
Geitenberg BEXX2249
Gel BEXX2250
Gelategem BEXX2251
Gelbergen BEXX2252
Gelbressee BEXX7736
Geldershorsten BEXX2253
Geleitsbeek BEXX0971
Gelembeke BEXX2254
Gelendel BEXX2255
Gelieren BEXX2256
Gelinden BEXX2257
Gelivaux BEXX7737
Gellik BEXX2258
Gelliker Heide BEXX2259
Gelrode BEXX2260
Geluveld BEXX2261
Geluwe BEXX2262
Gembes BEXX7738
Gembloux BEXX0176
Gemechenne BEXX7739
Gemeenhof BEXX2263
Gemehret BEXX7740
Gemeinde BEXX7741
Gemeldorp BEXX2264
Gemelingen BEXX2265
Gemenedijk BEXX2266
Gemenemeers BEXX2267
Gemeneveld BEXX2268
Gemmenich BEXX7742
Genappe BEXX0177
Gendron BEXX7743
Gene Zeverdonk BEXX2269
Geneberg BEXX2270
Genebroek BEXX2271
Geneiken BEXX2272
Geneinde BEXX2273
Genelaar BEXX2274
Genenbemd BEXX2275
Genenbos BEXX2276
Genendijk BEXX2277
Genepas BEXX2278
Genergen BEXX7744
Genes BEXX7745
Genestier BEXX7746
Genestriaux BEXX7747
Geneut BEXX2279
Genimont BEXX7748
Genistreux BEXX7749
Genk BEXX0178
Genkerhei BEXX2280
Genleau BEXX7750
Genly BEXX7751
Gennehaye BEXX7752
Gennep BEXX2281
Gennevaux BEXX7753
Gennevinne BEXX2282
Genoelselderen BEXX2283
Gensterbloem BEXX7754
Gent BEXX0008
Gentbos BEXX2284
Gentbrugge BEXX2285
Gentinnes BEXX7755
Gentissart BEXX7756
Gentstraat BEXX2286
Genval BEXX7757
Geraardsbergen BEXX0179
Gerard Fontaine BEXX7758
Gerardsbroich BEXX7759
Gerdingen BEXX2287
Gerhagen BEXX2288
Gerhees BEXX2289
Gerheide BEXX2290
Gerheiden BEXX2291
Gerheze BEXX2292
Gerhoeven BEXX2293
Gerimont BEXX7760
Gerin BEXX7761
Gerinkstraat BEXX2294
Geripont BEXX7762
Gerkenberg BEXX2295
Gerlimpont BEXX7763
Germe au Champ BEXX7764
Germeer BEXX2296
Gernechamps BEXX7765
Geromont BEXX7766
Gerompont BEXX7767
Geron BEXX7768
Geronstere BEXX7769
Gerouville BEXX7770
Gerpinnes BEXX0180
Gersie BEXX7771
Gervoort BEXX2297
Gestel BEXX2298
Gestru BEXX7772
Gesves BEXX0181
Geurnenhoek BEXX2299
Geussesmis BEXX2300
Geuzenbos BEXX2301
Geuzenhoek BEXX2302
Gevaarts BEXX2303
Gevimont BEXX7773
Gewaai BEXX2304
Gezule BEXX2305
Ghellerie BEXX7774
Ghislage BEXX7775
Ghislenghien BEXX7776
Ghlin BEXX7777
Ghoy BEXX7778
Ghyssegnies BEXX7779
Gibecq BEXX7780
Gibraltar BEXX7781
Gielisheide BEXX2306
Gierle BEXX2307
Gifromont BEXX7782
Gijmel BEXX2308
Gijmelberg BEXX2309
Gijverinkhove BEXX2310
Gijzegem BEXX2311
Gijzelbrechtegem BEXX2312
Gijzenzele BEXX2313
Gille Savoie BEXX7783
Gilly BEXX7784
Gilseinde BEXX2314
Gimnee BEXX7785
Ginderbuiten BEXX2315
Ginderover BEXX2316
Gindron BEXX7786
Gingelom BEXX0182
Gingembre BEXX7787
Ginhoven BEXX2317
Ginintreau BEXX7788
Ginste BEXX2318
Gistel BEXX0183
Gistoux BEXX7789
Gits BEXX2319
Gitsberg BEXX2320
Gives BEXX7790
Givroulle BEXX7791
Givry BEXX7792
Glabais BEXX7793
Glabbeek BEXX2321
Glacenee BEXX7794
Glain BEXX7795
Glaireuse BEXX7796
Glatigny BEXX7797
Glaumont BEXX7798
Gleixhe BEXX7799
Glimes BEXX7800
Glomont BEXX7801
Glons BEXX7802
Gobard BEXX7803
Gobbelsrode BEXX2322
Gobertange BEXX7804
Goberwelz BEXX7805
Gochelaar BEXX2323
Gochenee BEXX7806
Godard BEXX7807
Godaroquet BEXX7808
Godarville BEXX7809
Godene BEXX7810
Godinne BEXX7811
Godinval BEXX7812
Godschalk BEXX2324
Godsheide BEXX2325
Godshuis BEXX7813
Godveerdegem BEXX2326
Goe BEXX7814
Goedeinde BEXX2327
Goedinge BEXX2328
Goeferdinge BEXX2329
Goeren BEXX2330
Goeslaar BEXX2331
Goesnes BEXX7816
Goetsenhoven BEXX2332
Goeze BEXX2333
Goffontaine BEXX7817
Gofontaine BEXX7818
Gogard BEXX7819
Gognie BEXX7820
Gohissart BEXX7821
Golzinne BEXX7822
Gomery BEXX7823
Gomezee BEXX7824
Gompel BEXX2334
Gomze BEXX7825
Gomze-Andoumont BEXX7826
Gondregnies BEXX7827
Gonoy BEXX7828
Gonrieux BEXX7829
Gontrode BEXX2335
Gooik BEXX0185
Goolder BEXX2336
Goor BEXX2337
Goorbeek BEXX2338
Goorbergen BEXX2339
Gooreind BEXX2340
Gooreinde BEXX2341
Goorheide BEXX2342
Goorkant BEXX2343
Goorken BEXX2344
Goorkens BEXX2345
Goorstraat BEXX2346
Goorveld BEXX2347
Goos Einde BEXX2348
Goot BEXX2349
Gootveld BEXX2350
Goreheide BEXX2351
Goreux BEXX7830
Gorhez BEXX7831
Gorimont BEXX7832
Goronne BEXX7833
Gorrier BEXX7834
Gors BEXX2352
Gors-Opleeuw BEXX2353
Gorsem BEXX2354
Gospinal BEXX7835
Gosselies BEXX7836
Gotegem BEXX2355
Gotem BEXX2356
Goteringen BEXX2357
Gottechain BEXX7837
Gottem BEXX2358
Gottignies BEXX7838
Goudberg BEXX2359
Gouden Hand BEXX2360
Gouden Leeuw BEXX2361
Goudiniere BEXX7839
Goudveerdegem BEXX2362
Gougnies BEXX7840
Goumenpont BEXX7841
Gourdinne BEXX7842
Gourgues BEXX7843
Goutroux BEXX7844
Gouvy BEXX0518
Gouy-lez-Pieton BEXX7845
Goyet BEXX7846
Gozee BEXX7847
Gozin BEXX7848
Grace-Berleur BEXX7849
Grace-Hollogne BEXX7850
Gracht BEXX2363
Graesbeck BEXX7851
Graide BEXX7852
Grammene BEXX2364
Gramptinne BEXX7853
Grand BEXX2365
Grand Aaz BEXX7854
Grand Baquet BEXX7855
Grand Berceau BEXX7856
Grand Berleur BEXX7857
Grand Bermont BEXX7858
Grand Bois BEXX7859
Grand Breucq BEXX7860
Grand Bru BEXX7861
Grand Camp BEXX7862
Grand Coo BEXX7864
Grand Corty BEXX7865
Grand Faye BEXX7866
Grand Gotta BEXX7867
Grand Hameau BEXX7868
Grand Haubreux BEXX7869
Grand Heid BEXX7870
Grand Hez BEXX7871
Grand Houdron BEXX7872
Grand Hubeaumel BEXX7873
Grand Lys BEXX7874
Grand Marais BEXX7875
Grand Mont BEXX7876
Grand Plaquay BEXX7877
Grand Pre BEXX7878
Grand Rejet BEXX7879
Grand Sart BEXX7880
Grand Trieu BEXX7881
Grand Trixhe BEXX7882
Grand Vivier BEXX7883
Grand-Axhe BEXX7886
Grand-Hallet BEXX7887
Grand-Halleux BEXX7888
Grand-Leez BEXX7889
Grand-Manil BEXX7890
Grand-Rechain BEXX7891
Grand-Reng BEXX7892
Grandbais BEXX7894
Grandchamp BEXX7895
Grandcourt BEXX7896
Grande Bruyere BEXX7897
Grande Croix BEXX7898
Grande Eneille BEXX7899
Grande Erhope BEXX7900
Grande Fonderie BEXX7901
Grande Fontaine BEXX7902
Grande Frume BEXX7903
Grande Hoursinne BEXX7904
Grande Mormont BEXX7905
Grande Rosiere BEXX7906
Grande Strument BEXX7907
Grande Thierache BEXX7908
Grande-Masure BEXX7909
Grande-Trissogne BEXX7910
Grandes Tombales BEXX7911
Grandglise BEXX7912
Grandhan BEXX7913
Grandmenil BEXX7914
Grandmetz BEXX7915
Grandriaux BEXX7916
Grandrieu BEXX7917
Grandrue BEXX7918
Grandry BEXX7919
Grands Pres BEXX7920
Grands Sarts BEXX7921
Grands-Trieux BEXX7922
Grandville BEXX7923
Grandvoir BEXX7924
Grandzee BEXX7925
Grange BEXX7926
Gransvelde BEXX2366
Grany BEXX7928
Grapfontaine BEXX7929
Grasheide BEXX2367
Graskamp BEXX2368
Gratiere BEXX7930
Gratte-Pierre BEXX7931
Graty BEXX7932
Grauwensteen BEXX2369
Graux BEXX7933
Gravelinne BEXX7934
Grazen BEXX2370
Grees BEXX2371
Gremberg BEXX2372
Grembergen BEXX2373
Gremelange BEXX7935
Gremelslo BEXX2374
Grendel BEXX7936
Grendelbaan BEXX2375
Grenfaux BEXX7937
Gretry BEXX7938
Greuneries BEXX7939
Grez-Doiceau BEXX0186
Gribelle BEXX7940
Griben BEXX7941
Gribomont BEXX7942
Griete BEXX2376
Grietjensgalge BEXX2377
Grifaumont BEXX7943
Grijkoort BEXX2378
Grijspaardmolen BEXX2379
Grimbergen BEXX0187
Grimbiemont BEXX7944
Grimde BEXX2380
Grimminge BEXX2381
Grimonster BEXX7945
Grimonty BEXX7946
Grinchamps BEXX7947
Gringertz BEXX7948
Grinvet BEXX7949
Grippelotte BEXX7950
Grivegnee BEXX7951
Grobbendonk BEXX0188
Groendaal BEXX2382
Groendal BEXX2383
Groene Delle BEXX2384
Groenenbriel BEXX2386
Groenenbroek BEXX2387
Groenendaal BEXX2388
Groenendijk BEXX2389
Groenendries BEXX2390
Groenenhoek BEXX2391
Groenenschild BEXX2392
Groenenspriet BEXX2393
Groenheuvel BEXX2394
Groenhoeve BEXX2395
Groenlaren BEXX2396
Groenplein BEXX2397
Groenstraat BEXX2398
Groeselenberg BEXX0972
Grogeries BEXX7952
Grogneau BEXX7953
Gronenschild BEXX7954
Gronie BEXX2399
Groot Eisterle BEXX2400
Groot Goor BEXX2401
Groot Kievithof BEXX0952
Groot Kluis BEXX2402
Groot Makelsveld BEXX2403
Groot Neerven BEXX2404
Groot Overlaar BEXX2405
Groot Rees BEXX2406
Groot Schoor BEXX2408
Groot Stichelen BEXX2409
Groot Veerle BEXX2410
Groot Veure BEXX2411
Groot Zand BEXX2412
Groot-Bijgaarden BEXX2413
Groot-Gelmen BEXX2414
Groot-Loon BEXX2415
Grootbeersel BEXX2416
Grootheide BEXX2417
Groothulle BEXX2418
Grootijssel BEXX2419
Grootlo BEXX2420
Gros Chene BEXX7955
Gros Tienne BEXX7957
Gros-Fays BEXX7958
Grosage BEXX7959
Grosconfin BEXX7960
Grosse Haie BEXX7961
Grosse Have BEXX7962
Grosse Haye BEXX7963
Grosse Jenesse BEXX7964
Grote Bergen BEXX2421
Grote Heide BEXX2422
Grote Hostart BEXX2423
Grote Hut BEXX2424
Grote Kievit BEXX2425
Grote Marijve BEXX2426
Grote Meersen BEXX2427
Grote Molenhoek BEXX2428
Grote Roost BEXX2429
Grote Vond BEXX2430
Grote Wal BEXX2431
Grote-Brogel BEXX2432
Grote-Spouwen BEXX2433
Groteheide BEXX2434
Groten Brand BEXX2435
Groten Buisemont BEXX2436
Groten Dries BEXX2437
Groten Haak BEXX2438
Groten Haardinge BEXX2439
Grotenberg BEXX2440
Grotenberge BEXX2441
Grotendries BEXX2442
Grotenkeer BEXX2443
Groumette BEXX7965
Groynne BEXX7966
Grufflingen BEXX7967
Gruitrode BEXX2444
Grune BEXX7968
Grune Hohe BEXX7969
Grupchy BEXX7970
Grupont BEXX7971
Gucht BEXX2445
Guchte BEXX2446
Guddegem BEXX2447
Guefleniere BEXX7972
Guelff BEXX7973
Guerlange BEXX7974
Guermignies BEXX7975
Gueronde BEXX7976
Gueuzaine BEXX7977
Guignies BEXX7978
Guigoven BEXX2448
Guinaumont BEXX7979
Guirsch BEXX7980
Gulde Delle BEXX2449
Gullegem BEXX2450
Gulpen BEXX7981
Gulpenmeule BEXX7982
Gussenhoven BEXX2451
Gutschoven BEXX2452
Guvelingen BEXX2453
Haacht BEXX0189
Haag BEXX2454
Haaghoek BEXX2455
Haaghoethoek BEXX2456
Haagsmaal BEXX2457
Haaienhoek BEXX2458
Haaiershoek BEXX2459
Haaltert BEXX0190
Haandekot BEXX2460
Haanhoek BEXX2461
Haanhout BEXX2462
Haantje BEXX2463
Haantjesberg BEXX2464
Haantjeshoek BEXX2465
Haanven BEXX2466
Haart BEXX2467
Haas BEXX2468
Haasdonk BEXX2469
Haaselbeekstraat BEXX2470
Haasrode BEXX2471
Haaszakhoek BEXX2472
Habaru BEXX7983
Habay BEXX7984
Habay-la-Neuve BEXX7985
Habay-la-Vieille BEXX0191
Habeloch BEXX7986
Habergy BEXX7987
Habiemont BEXX7988
Habinee BEXX7989
Hacboister BEXX7990
Haccourt BEXX7991
Hache BEXX7992
Hachy BEXX7993
Hacquegnies BEXX7994
Hadschot BEXX2473
Haelen BEXX7995
Hagaard BEXX2474
Hagbenden BEXX7996
Hagebroek BEXX2475
Hagebrug BEXX2476
Hagelboom BEXX2477
Hagelstein BEXX7997
Hagenbroek BEXX2478
Hagendoren BEXX2479
Hahnheister BEXX7998
Haid BEXX7999
Haie Curie BEXX8000
Haie de Marloie BEXX8003
Haie de Pourceau BEXX8004
Haie de Rovy BEXX8005
Haie des Loups BEXX8006
Haie des Pauvres BEXX8007
Haie des Saules BEXX8008
Haie du Postia BEXX8010
Haie du Pouhon BEXX8011
Haie du Roeulx BEXX8012
Haie Jacquette BEXX8001
Haie Mayet BEXX8002
Haies BEXX8013
Haies-de-Macon BEXX8015
Haillemont BEXX8016
Haillot BEXX8017
Haine-Saint-Paul BEXX8018
Hainin BEXX8020
Hairiamont BEXX8021
Haisette BEXX8022
Hakendover BEXX2480
Haksberg BEXX2481
Hal BEXX2482
Halanzy BEXX8023
Halbosa BEXX8024
Halbosart BEXX8025
Halconreux BEXX8026
Halen BEXX0192
Halenfeld BEXX8027
Halensbroek BEXX2483
Halet BEXX8028
Halewijn BEXX2484
Half BEXX2485
Halfbunder BEXX2486
Halfgalg BEXX2487
Halheide BEXX2488
Halinsart BEXX8029
Hallaar BEXX2489
Hallaardaard BEXX2490
Halle BEXX0009
Hallebast BEXX2493
Hallembaye BEXX8030
Hallet BEXX8031
Halleux BEXX8032
Halloy BEXX8033
Halma BEXX8034
Halmaal BEXX2494
Halonreux BEXX8035
Halsberg Rots BEXX2495
Halsenhoek BEXX2496
Haltinne BEXX8036
Halve Barreel BEXX2497
Halvedreef BEXX2498
Halvenweg BEXX2499
Ham BEXX8037
Ham BEXX2500
Ham-sur-Heure BEXX8038
Ham-sur-Sambre BEXX8040
Hamal BEXX2501
Hamayde BEXX8041
Hambos BEXX2502
Hambraine BEXX8042
Hameau BEXX8043
Hameau du Bois BEXX8045
Hameau du Diable BEXX8046
Hameau du Jardin BEXX8048
Hameau du Patard BEXX8049
Hamel BEXX2503
Hamen BEXX2504
Hamer BEXX2505
Hamerdijk BEXX2506
Hamerenne BEXX8051
Hamhoek BEXX2507
Hamipre BEXX8052
Hamme BEXX0193
Hamme-Mille BEXX8053
Hammeveer BEXX2509
Hamoir BEXX0194
Hamois BEXX0195
Hamont BEXX2510
Hamont-Achel BEXX2511
Hamoul BEXX8054
Hampteau BEXX8055
Hamrinne BEXX8056
Hamsehoeven BEXX2512
Hamveld BEXX2513
Han BEXX8057
Han-du-Han BEXX8058
Han-sur-Lesse BEXX8059
Hanaarden BEXX2514
Hand Kerselare BEXX2515
Handelaar BEXX2516
Handeuwez BEXX8060
Handzame BEXX2517
Haneffe BEXX8061
Hanegoor BEXX2518
Hanenberg BEXX2519
Hanewijk BEXX2520
Hanieveau BEXX8062
Hanneche BEXX8063
Hannekenshoek BEXX2521
Hanneton BEXX8064
Hannonsart BEXX8065
Hannut BEXX0196
Hanogrune BEXX8066
Hanonet BEXX8067
Hanret BEXX8068
Hansbeke BEXX2522
Hansbekeveer BEXX2523
Hansbrug BEXX2524
Hansez BEXX8069
Hanssevelde BEXX2525
Hanswijkenhoek BEXX2526
Hantes-Wiheries BEXX8070
Hanzinelle BEXX8071
Hanzinne BEXX8072
Happeau BEXX8073
Happerbos BEXX8074
Harchies BEXX8075
Hardemont BEXX8076
Hardempont BEXX8077
Hardigny BEXX8078
Hardimont BEXX8079
Hardinfosse BEXX8080
Hardret BEXX8081
Harduemont BEXX8082
Harelbeke BEXX0197
Haren BEXX2527
Harendijk BEXX2528
Hareng BEXX8083
Harent BEXX2529
Harfontaine BEXX8084
Hargimont BEXX8085
Haringe BEXX2530
Harinsart BEXX8086
Harivaux BEXX8087
Harling BEXX2531
Harlue BEXX8088
Harmansart BEXX8089
Harmignies BEXX8090
Harnoncourt BEXX8091
Harre BEXX8092
Harsin BEXX8093
Hartenge BEXX8094
Harveng BEXX8095
Harze BEXX8096
Hasal BEXX8097
Hasenell BEXX8098
Hasenvenn BEXX8099
Haspershoven BEXX2532
Hasselbach BEXX8100
Hasselbroek BEXX2533
Hasselhoek BEXX2534
Hasselshoeven BEXX2535
Hasselstraat BEXX2536
Hasselt BEXX0198
Hasseltveld BEXX2538
Hassonville BEXX8101
Hastelaar BEXX2539
Hastiere BEXX8102
Hastiere-Lavaux BEXX0199
Hastroit BEXX8104
Haterbeek BEXX2540
Hatoufat BEXX8105
Hatrival BEXX8106
Hattain BEXX8107
Haubroek Bemden BEXX2541
Haudion BEXX8108
Haulchin BEXX8109
Haule BEXX8110
Haureux BEXX2542
Hauset BEXX8111
Haussart BEXX8112
Hausta BEXX8113
Hauster BEXX8114
Haut BEXX8115
Haut Aulnoy BEXX8116
Haut Beaumal BEXX8117
Haut Bois BEXX8118
Haut Braucq BEXX8119
Haut Chemin BEXX8120
Haut Corot BEXX8121
Haut Doux BEXX8122
Haut Hameau BEXX8123
Haut Judas BEXX2543
Haut Laveu BEXX8124
Haut Marais BEXX8125
Haut Mont BEXX8126
Haut Ransbeek BEXX8127
Haut Rejet BEXX8128
Haut Sart BEXX8129
Haut Trieux BEXX8130
Haut Vent BEXX8131
Haut-Fays BEXX8132
Haut-Ittre BEXX8133
Haut-le-Wastia BEXX8134
Haute BEXX2544
Haute Arche BEXX8135
Haute Bise BEXX8136
Haute Bodeux BEXX8137
Haute Bruyere BEXX8138
Haute Flone BEXX8139
Haute Folie BEXX8140
Haute Fontaine BEXX8141
Haute Franchise BEXX8142
Haute Grange BEXX8143
Haute Heuval BEXX8144
Haute Houssiere BEXX8145
Haute Masure BEXX8146
Haute Masville BEXX8147
Haute Nimelette BEXX8148
Haute Noucelle BEXX8149
Haute Pre BEXX8150
Haute Rue BEXX8151
Haute Saive BEXX8152
Haute Sarte BEXX8153
Haute Tribomont BEXX8154
Haute Valise BEXX8155
Hauterue BEXX8156
Hautrage BEXX8157
Hautregard BEXX8158
Hauts Marais BEXX8159
Hauts Sarts BEXX8160
Hauts Tiennes BEXX8161
Hauwald BEXX8162
Hauwijk BEXX2545
Hauwstraat BEXX2546
Hauzeur BEXX8163
Havay BEXX8164
Havelange BEXX0517
Haven BEXX2547
Havenne BEXX8166
Haversin BEXX8167
Haverzee BEXX2548
Havinnes BEXX8168
Havissart BEXX8169
Havre BEXX8170
Havrenne BEXX8171
Havron BEXX8172
Hayen BEXX8173
Hayettes BEXX8174
Hazebergen BEXX2549
Hazegras BEXX2550
Hazeille BEXX8175
Hazelarenhoek BEXX2551
Hazelbeek BEXX2552
Hazenberg BEXX2553
Hazendonk BEXX2554
Hazendries BEXX2555
Hazenhout BEXX2556
Hazennest BEXX2557
Hazewind BEXX2558
Hazewindeken BEXX2559
Hazy BEXX8176
He de Lonay BEXX8177
Hebbe BEXX2560
Hebret BEXX8178
Hebronval BEXX8179
Hecht BEXX2561
Hechtel BEXX2562
Hechtel-Eksel BEXX2563
Heckbous BEXX8180
Hecken BEXX8181
Hedenge BEXX8182
Hedomont BEXX8183
Hedree BEXX8184
Heed BEXX2564
Heek BEXX2565
Heer BEXX8185
Heerle BEXX2566
Heernisse BEXX2567
Heers BEXX0200
Heerstraat BEXX2568
Hees BEXX2569
Heesakker BEXX2570
Heesdonk BEXX2571
Heesten BEXX2572
Heestert BEXX2573
Heesveld BEXX2574
Heet BEXX2575
Heffen BEXX2576
Hegge BEXX2577
Heggen BEXX8186
Heibaart BEXX2578
Heiberg BEXX2579
Heibergen BEXX2580
Heibloem BEXX2581
Heiblok BEXX2582
Heibraek BEXX2583
Heid de Spa BEXX8187
Heidam BEXX2584
Heide BEXX2585
Heidekant BEXX2587
Heideken BEXX2588
Heidela BEXX8188
Heidelberg BEXX2589
Heidelo BEXX2590
Heidenbroek BEXX2591
Heiderveld BEXX2592
Heie BEXX2593
Heieinde BEXX2594
Heiende BEXX2595
Heigne BEXX8189
Heihoek BEXX2596
Heihuizen BEXX2597
Heikant BEXX2598
Heike BEXX2599
Heiken BEXX2600
Heikens BEXX2601
Heikruis BEXX2602
Heilaar BEXX2603
Heimolen BEXX2605
Heindonk BEXX2606
Heine BEXX2607
Heinsch BEXX8190
Heinsdale BEXX2608
Heinstert BEXX8191
Heiplas BEXX2609
Heirbrug BEXX2610
Heirenhoek BEXX2611
Heirstraat BEXX2612
Heirweg BEXX2613
Heisbroek BEXX2614
Heisel BEXX0974
Heissehuizen BEXX2615
Heisselt BEXX2616
Heissiehoek BEXX2617
Heist BEXX2618
Heiste BEXX2619
Heistraat BEXX2620
Heiveld BEXX2621
Heivoort BEXX2622
Heiwik BEXX2623
Heizijde BEXX2624
Hekelgem BEXX2625
Hekhoek BEXX2626
Hekke BEXX2627
Hekkestraat BEXX2628
Heks BEXX2629
Heksken BEXX2630
Hel BEXX2631
Helchteren BEXX0202
Heldergem BEXX2632
Helecine BEXX8192
Helen-Bos BEXX2633
Helkijn BEXX2634
Helle BEXX2635
Hellebecq BEXX8193
Hellebeekberg BEXX2636
Hellebrug BEXX2637
Hellegat BEXX2638
Hellestraat BEXX2639
Hellicht BEXX2640
Hellingen BEXX2641
Helmest BEXX8194
Helschot BEXX2642
Helsdries BEXX2643
Helsendries BEXX2644
Helshoven BEXX2645
Helstraat BEXX2646
Helverenberg BEXX2647
Hembise BEXX8195
Hemeldonk BEXX2648
Hemelrijk BEXX2649
Hemelseschoot BEXX2650
Hemelshoek BEXX2651
Hemelstraat BEXX2652
Hemelveerdegem BEXX2653
Hemiksem BEXX0203
Hemmen BEXX2654
Hemptinne BEXX8196
Hemroulle BEXX8198
Hendeken BEXX2655
Hendrieken BEXX2656
Hendrikstraat BEXX2657
Hendrikvoort BEXX2658
Henis BEXX2659
Henksbroekheide BEXX2660
Henne BEXX8199
Hennuyeres BEXX8200
Henri Chene BEXX8201
Henri-Chapelle BEXX8202
Henripont BEXX8203
Hensem BEXX2661
Hensies BEXX0204
Henumont BEXX8204
Heppen BEXX2662
Heppenbach BEXX8205
Heppenert BEXX2663
Heppignies BEXX8206
Hepscheid BEXX8207
Herbaimont BEXX8208
Herbais BEXX8209
Herbefays BEXX8210
Herbesthal BEXX8211
Herbet BEXX8212
Herbeumont BEXX8213
Herbiester BEXX8214
Herbois BEXX8215
Herbricht BEXX2664
Herbroek BEXX2665
Herbuchenne BEXX8216
Herchies BEXX8217
Herderen BEXX2666
Herdersem BEXX2667
Herdershoek BEXX2668
Herendaal BEXX2669
Herent BEXX0205
Herentals BEXX0206
Herenthout BEXX0207
Herfelingen BEXX2671
Hergenrath BEXX8218
Hergersberg BEXX8219
Herhet BEXX8220
Herhout BEXX2672
Herimetz BEXX8221
Herinnes BEXX8222
Heris BEXX2673
Herissart BEXX8223
Herisson BEXX8224
Herk BEXX2674
Herk-de-Stad BEXX0208
Herkenhoek BEXX2675
Herkenrode BEXX2676
Herkenrodeplaats BEXX2677
Herkerbroek BEXX2678
Herkkant BEXX2679
Herlaar BEXX2680
Herlaimont BEXX8225
Herleuvaux BEXX8226
Herlinval BEXX8227
Hermanne BEXX8230
Hermansheuvel BEXX2681
Hermee BEXX8231
Hermelgem BEXX2682
Herne BEXX0209
Hernof BEXX2683
Herock BEXX8233
Heron BEXX0516
Heropont BEXX8234
Herquegies BEXX8235
Herrebeken BEXX2684
Herrenberg BEXX8236
Herresbach BEXX8237
Herrival BEXX8238
Herseaux BEXX2685
Herseling BEXX2686
Herselt BEXX0210
Herstal BEXX0010
Herstappe BEXX0515
Hertain BEXX8239
Herten BEXX2687
Herthoek BEXX2688
Hertje BEXX2689
Hertsberge BEXX2690
Hertswegen BEXX2691
Herve BEXX0211
Hervert BEXX8240
Herzele BEXX0212
Herzogenhugel BEXX8241
Hesbie BEXX8242
Hespinte BEXX8243
Hessie BEXX2692
Hestreux BEXX8244
Hestroumont BEXX8245
Hestroy BEXX8246
Hestrulle BEXX8247
Het Aanwijs BEXX2693
Het Bergsken BEXX2694
Het Blak BEXX2695
Het Bosgat BEXX2696
Het Bunder BEXX2698
Het Einde BEXX2699
Het End BEXX2700
Het Fort BEXX2701
Het Geheul BEXX2702
Het Groot Veld BEXX2703
Het Haantjen BEXX2704
Het Heet BEXX2705
Het Heidjen BEXX2706
Het Heiken BEXX2707
Het Hoeksken BEXX2708
Het Huffelken BEXX2709
Het Kalf BEXX2710
Het Kamp BEXX2711
Het Kermisveldje BEXX2712
Het Klooster BEXX2713
Het Laar BEXX2714
Het Lemmeken BEXX2715
Het Lo BEXX2716
Het Oosteneind BEXX2717
Het Punt BEXX2718
Het Rolleken BEXX2719
Het Sas BEXX2720
Het Seesbroek BEXX2721
Het Spek BEXX2722
Het Spreet BEXX2723
Het Sprietjen BEXX2724
Het Steenbroek BEXX2725
Het Varenbroek BEXX2726
Het Veld BEXX2727
Het Veldeken BEXX2728
Het Ven BEXX2729
Het Venne BEXX2730
Het Vinne BEXX2731
Het Viswater BEXX2732
Het Vliet BEXX2733
Het Wik BEXX2734
Het Zand BEXX2735
Het Zoute BEXX2736
Het Zwin BEXX2737
Heuem BEXX8248
Heufkenstraat BEXX2738
Heukelgem BEXX2739
Heukelom BEXX2740
Heule BEXX2741
Heulebrug BEXX2742
Heuleken BEXX2743
Heulen BEXX8249
Heulendonk BEXX2744
Heultje BEXX2745
Heurbeek BEXX2746
Heure BEXX8250
Heure-le-Romain BEXX8251
Heurne BEXX2747
Heusay BEXX8252
Heusden BEXX0213
Heusden-Zolder BEXX2750
Heuseux BEXX8253
Heusiere BEXX8254
Heusy BEXX8255
Heuvel BEXX2751
Heuvelgem BEXX2752
Heuvelheide BEXX2753
Heuvelland BEXX2754
Heuven BEXX2755
Hever BEXX2756
Heverlee BEXX2757
Hevillers BEXX8256
Hevremont BEXX8257
Heyd BEXX8258
Heze BEXX2758
Heze BEXX8259
Hezemeerheide BEXX2759
Hezerheide BEXX2760
Hezewijk BEXX2761
Hierlot BEXX8260
Hietinne BEXX8261
Hijfte BEXX2762
Hilhoek BEXX2763
Hill BEXX8262
Hillare BEXX2764
Hille BEXX2765
Hillegem BEXX2766
Himans BEXX8263
Himbe BEXX8264
Himbeek BEXX2767
Himmerich BEXX8265
Hinaumetz BEXX8266
Hindel BEXX8267
Hinderhausen BEXX8268
Hingene BEXX2768
Hingeon BEXX8269
Hinter dem Ewemt BEXX8270
Hirtz BEXX8271
Hives BEXX8272
Hoboken BEXX0214
Hoboster BEXX8273
Hoc BEXX8274
Hochelbach BEXX8275
Hochit Champ BEXX8276
Hochkreuz BEXX8277
Hockai BEXX8278
Hockniez BEXX8279
Hodbomont BEXX8280
Hodeige BEXX8281
Hodimont BEXX8282
Hodister BEXX8283
Hodoumont BEXX8284
Hody BEXX8285
Hoebenschot BEXX2769
Hoef BEXX2770
Hoefijzer BEXX2771
Hoegaarden BEXX0215
Hoeigat BEXX2772
Hoeilaart BEXX0216
Hoek BEXX2773
Hoek ten Eiken BEXX2774
Hoeke BEXX2775
Hoekeinde BEXX2776
Hoekje BEXX2777
Hoeksken BEXX2778
Hoekstraat BEXX2780
Hoekven BEXX2781
Hoelbeek BEXX2782
Hoeleden BEXX2783
Hoenderveld BEXX2784
Hoenrik BEXX2785
Hoepertingen BEXX2786
Hoeselt BEXX0217
Hoesnaak BEXX2787
Hoetsel BEXX2788
Hoeule BEXX8286
Hoeve BEXX0975
Hoeve BEXX2789
Hoeven BEXX2790
Hoevenen BEXX2791
Hoevenzavel BEXX2792
Hoever Heide BEXX2793
Hoevereinde BEXX2794
Hoeverheide BEXX2795
Hoeveveld BEXX2796
Hoezenbroek BEXX2797
Hofdries BEXX2798
Hofheide BEXX2799
Hofkouter BEXX2800
Hofland BEXX8287
Hofstade BEXX2801
Hofstede BEXX2802
Hofstraat BEXX2803
Hoge BEXX2804
Hoge Avrij BEXX2805
Hoge Bergen BEXX2806
Hoge Bist BEXX2807
Hoge Dijken BEXX2808
Hoge Heide BEXX2809
Hoge Kaart BEXX2811
Hoge Lenen BEXX2812
Hoge Moere BEXX2813
Hoge Schuur BEXX2814
Hoge Seine BEXX2815
Hoge Vorst BEXX2816
Hoge Zwaanhaard BEXX2817
Hogeberg BEXX2818
Hogeheide BEXX2819
Hogen BEXX2820
Hogen Rielen BEXX2821
Hogen Rooi BEXX2822
Hogenakker BEXX2823
Hogenberg BEXX2824
Hogenblekker BEXX2825
Hogendries BEXX2826
Hogeneind BEXX2827
Hogenweg BEXX2828
Hogeveld BEXX2829
Hogewede BEXX2830
Hogeweg BEXX2831
Hoging BEXX2832
Hogne BEXX8288
Hognoul BEXX8289
Hohwattig BEXX8290
Hokelbeke BEXX2833
Hokselaar BEXX2834
Hoksem BEXX2835
Hol BEXX2836
Holand BEXX2837
Holbeek BEXX2838
Holderbeke BEXX2839
Hollain BEXX8291
Holland BEXX2840
Hollande BEXX8292
Hollandskamp BEXX2841
Hollange BEXX8293
Hollebeek BEXX2842
Hollebeekhoek BEXX2843
Hollebeekstraat BEXX2844
Hollebeekwijk BEXX2845
Hollebeke BEXX2846
Hollendries BEXX2847
Hollers BEXX8294
Hollevoorde BEXX2848
Holliguette BEXX8295
Hollogne BEXX8296
Holsbeek BEXX0218
Holsteen BEXX2849
Holven BEXX2850
Holzheim BEXX8299
Hombeek BEXX2851
Homberg BEXX2852
Hombourg BEXX8300
Hombroek BEXX2853
Hombroux BEXX8301
Hommelenberg BEXX2854
Hompelstraat BEXX2855
Hompre BEXX8302
Homzee BEXX8303
Hondelange BEXX8304
Hondele BEXX2856
Hondendries BEXX2857
Hondsbos BEXX2858
Hondseind BEXX2859
Hondseinde BEXX2860
Hondshoek BEXX2861
Hondsnest BEXX2862
Hondspoot BEXX2863
Hondstraat BEXX2864
Hondzocht BEXX2865
Honger BEXX2866
Honien Platz BEXX8305
Honnay BEXX8306
Honnevain BEXX8307
Honscheid BEXX8308
Honsem BEXX2867
Honsfeld BEXX8309
Honthem BEXX8310
Hontjens BEXX2868
Hontoir BEXX8311
Hontsum BEXX2869
Honvelez BEXX8312
Honville BEXX8313
Hony BEXX8314
Hoof BEXX8315
Hoog Beveren BEXX2870
Hoog Brug BEXX2871
Hoog Deurne BEXX8316
Hoog Heide BEXX2872
Hoog Kouter BEXX2873
Hoog Landeken BEXX2874
Hoog Tongel BEXX2875
Hoog Vijver BEXX2876
Hoog-Bavegem BEXX2877
Hoog-Darisdonk BEXX2878
Hoogberg BEXX2879
Hoogboeregem BEXX2880
Hoogboom BEXX2881
Hoogbos BEXX2882
Hoogbraak BEXX2883
Hoogbutsel BEXX2884
Hoogbuul BEXX2885
Hoogdonk BEXX2886
Hoogeind BEXX2887
Hoogeinde BEXX2888
Hoogheultje BEXX2889
Hooghoksent BEXX2890
Hoogkameren BEXX2891
Hoogkamerstraat BEXX2892
Hoogkouter BEXX2893
Hoogkwartier BEXX2894
Hoogland BEXX2895
Hooglatem BEXX2896
Hooglede BEXX0219
Hoogmolen BEXX2897
Hoogplaat BEXX2898
Hoogscharent BEXX2899
Hoogstade BEXX2900
Hoogstraat BEXX2901
Hoogstraatje BEXX2902
Hoogstraten BEXX0220
Hoogstrop BEXX2903
Hoogte BEXX2904
Hoogveld BEXX2905
Hoogwormen BEXX2906
Hooiberg BEXX2907
Hooidonk BEXX2908
Hooie BEXX2909
Hooiendonk BEXX2910
Hooilaar BEXX2911
Hooirt BEXX2912
Hooithoek BEXX2913
Hooiweg BEXX2914
Hooiwege BEXX2915
Hool BEXX2916
Hoolst BEXX2917
Hoolsterberg BEXX2918
Horendonk BEXX2919
Horensberg BEXX2920
Horenszee BEXX2921
Horimetz BEXX8317
Horing BEXX2922
Horion-Hozemont BEXX8318
Hork BEXX2923
Horle BEXX8319
Horlebecq BEXX8320
Hornay BEXX8321
Hornu BEXX8322
Horpmaal BEXX2924
Horrues BEXX8323
Horruette BEXX8324
Horst BEXX2925
Horzeleind BEXX2926
Hoscheit BEXX8325
Hosdent BEXX8326
Hosseuse BEXX8327
Hoste BEXX2927
Hotleut BEXX8328
Hotte BEXX8329
Hottee du Diable BEXX8330
Hottomont BEXX8331
Hotton BEXX8332
Hou BEXX8333
Houdemont BEXX8334
Houdeng-Aimeries BEXX8335
Houdeng-Goegnies BEXX8336
Houdremont BEXX8337
Houdrigny BEXX8338
Houdt BEXX2928
Houffalize BEXX0514
Hougnee BEXX8339
Houilly BEXX8340
Houise BEXX8341
Houlette BEXX8342
Houlteau BEXX8343
Houmart BEXX8344
Houmont BEXX8345
Houppe BEXX8346
Hour BEXX8347
Hour la Grande BEXX8348
Hour la Petite BEXX8349
Houraing BEXX8350
Hourchet BEXX8351
Hourdenge BEXX8352
Hourpes BEXX8353
Hourt BEXX8354
Housse BEXX8355
Houssiere BEXX8356
Hout si Plout BEXX8357
Houtain le Mont BEXX8358
Houtain-le-Val BEXX8360
Houtaing BEXX8361
Houtave BEXX2930
Houtbriel BEXX2931
Houte BEXX8362
Houte BEXX2932
Houtekruis BEXX2933
Houtem BEXX2934
Houtenkruis BEXX2935
Houteren Berg BEXX2936
Houterstraat BEXX2937
Houthalen BEXX0221
Houthalenberg BEXX2939
Houthem BEXX8363
Houthuizen BEXX2940
Houthulst BEXX0222
Houtmolen BEXX2941
Houtvenne BEXX2942
Houtvoort BEXX2943
Houvegne BEXX8364
Houwaart BEXX2944
Houwaartseberg BEXX2945
Houwerzele BEXX2946
Houx BEXX8365
Houyemont BEXX8366
Houyers BEXX8367
Houyet BEXX0513
Houyeux BEXX8368
Hove BEXX0223
Hovemont BEXX8369
Hoverraad BEXX2947
Hoverseinde BEXX2948
Hoves BEXX8370
Howardries BEXX8371
Hoyemont BEXX8372
Hoyoux BEXX8373
Hozemont BEXX8374
Hubaille BEXX8375
Hubermont BEXX8376
Hubinne BEXX8377
Huccorgne BEXX8378
Huilaart Molen BEXX2949
Huinhoven BEXX2950
Huisdonk BEXX2951
Huise BEXX2952
Huiskens BEXX2953
Huissegem BEXX2954
Huissignies BEXX8379
Huivelde BEXX2955
Huiwede BEXX2956
Huizeneinde BEXX2957
Huizingen BEXX2958
Hukkelberg BEXX2959
Hul BEXX2960
Hulans BEXX8380
Huldenberg BEXX0224
Huleux BEXX8381
Hulleken BEXX2961
Hullendries BEXX2962
Hulsbeek BEXX2963
Hulsbroek BEXX2964
Hulseinde BEXX2965
Hulsel BEXX2966
Hulsen BEXX2967
Hulshout BEXX0225
Hulshouteindeken BEXX2968
Hulsken BEXX2969
Hulsonniaux BEXX8382
Hulst BEXX2970
Hulste BEXX2971
Hulstjen BEXX2972
Hulsvelde BEXX2973
Hulzen BEXX2974
Humain BEXX8383
Humbeek BEXX8384
Humbeek BEXX2975
Humelgem BEXX2976
Humeree BEXX8385
Humont BEXX8386
Hun BEXX8387
Hunberg BEXX2977
Hundelgem BEXX2978
Hunningen BEXX8388
Hunsberg BEXX2979
Hunsel BEXX2980
Huombois BEXX8389
Huppaye BEXX8390
Huqueny BEXX8391
Hurdumont BEXX8392
Hurlugeai BEXX8393
Hurselhoek BEXX2981
Hussevelde BEXX2982
Hutsepot BEXX2983
Hutte BEXX8394
Hutte BEXX2984
Huttegem BEXX2985
Huy BEXX0226
Huyers BEXX8395
Hymiee BEXX8396
Hyon BEXX8397
Ichtegem BEXX0227
Iddergem BEXX2994
Idegem BEXX2995
Ieper BEXX0228
Ihy BEXX8398
IJsberg BEXX2986
IJshoute BEXX2987
IJshovedries BEXX2988
IJskelder BEXX2989
IJzer BEXX2990
IJzerdeurhoek BEXX2991
Ijzerenberg BEXX2996
IJzerhand BEXX2992
IJzerveld BEXX2993
Iksenheuvel BEXX2997
Ill BEXX2998
Im Mool BEXX8400
Imbrechies BEXX8401
Immer BEXX2999
Immerseel BEXX3000
Impde BEXX3001
Impe BEXX3002
Impegem BEXX3003
Inchebroux BEXX8402
Incourt BEXX0229
Ingaf BEXX3004
Ingelmunster BEXX0230
Ingooigem BEXX3005
Ingremez BEXX8403
Inkensven BEXX3006
Inkt BEXX3007
Ins es Mwinnis BEXX8404
Ins es Pres BEXX8405
Insebois BEXX8406
Insemont BEXX8407
Insepre BEXX8408
Insevaux BEXX8409
Inzefy BEXX8410
Ipenrooy BEXX3008
Ipsvoorde BEXX3009
Irchonwelz BEXX8411
Isieres BEXX8412
Isle le Pre BEXX8413
Isnes BEXX8414
Isschot BEXX3010
Issegem BEXX3011
Itegem BEXX3012
Itterbeek BEXX3013
Ittre BEXX0231
Iveldingen BEXX8415
Ivoz-Ramet BEXX8416
Ixelles BEXX0976
Izegem BEXX0232
Izel BEXX8417
Izenberge BEXX3014
Izier BEXX8418
Jabbeke BEXX0233
Jagerij BEXX3016
Jalhay BEXX0234
Jallet BEXX8419
Jamagne BEXX8420
Jambes BEXX8421
Jambjoul BEXX8422
Jamblinne BEXX8423
Jamiolle BEXX8424
Jamioulx BEXX8425
Jammelshoek BEXX3017
Jamodenne BEXX8426
Jamoigne BEXX8427
Jandrain BEXX8428
Jandrenouille BEXX8430
Jannee BEXX8431
Jauche BEXX8432
Jauche la Marne BEXX8433
Jauchelette BEXX8434
Jausselette BEXX8435
Java BEXX8436
Javingue BEXX8437
Jehanster BEXX8438
Jehay BEXX8439
Jehonheid BEXX8440
Jehonville BEXX8441
Jemappes BEXX8442
Jemelle BEXX8443
Jemeppe BEXX8444
Jemeree BEXX8447
Jeneffe BEXX8448
Jenneret BEXX8449
Jenneville BEXX8450
Jerusalem BEXX8451
Jesseren BEXX3018
Jet BEXX8452
Jette BEXX0977
Jeuk BEXX3019
Jevigne BEXX8453
Jevoumont BEXX8454
Jo BEXX3020
Jodenstraat BEXX3021
Jodenville BEXX8455
Jodion BEXX8456
Jodoigne BEXX0235
Joffen BEXX8458
Johoster BEXX8459
Joli Bois BEXX8460
Jolifaux BEXX8461
Jolimont BEXX8462
Jolivet BEXX8463
Jollain-Merlin BEXX8464
Jonckeu BEXX8465
Joncquiere BEXX8466
Joncquois BEXX8467
Joncret BEXX8468
Jonkershoven BEXX3022
Jose BEXX8469
Joubieval BEXX8470
Journal BEXX8471
Joustenbuchen BEXX8472
Julemont BEXX8473
Jumet BEXX8474
Jupille BEXX8475
Juprelle BEXX0236
Jurbise BEXX0237
Juseret BEXX8477
Juslenville BEXX8478
Juzaine BEXX8479
Kaaie BEXX3023
Kaaien BEXX3024
Kaalheide BEXX3025
Kaaskerke BEXX3026
Kaasstraat BEXX3027
Kabbeke BEXX3028
Kabernol BEXX3029
Kabuis BEXX3030
Kachtem BEXX3031
Kadijk BEXX3032
Kaggevinne BEXX3033
Kain BEXX8480
Kaiphas BEXX3034
Kakebeke BEXX3035
Kakelenberg BEXX3036
Kalberg BEXX3037
Kalenberg BEXX3038
Kaleshoek BEXX3039
Kalfort BEXX3040
Kalishoek BEXX3041
Kalken BEXX3042
Kalkhoven BEXX3043
Kalle BEXX3044
Kallebeek BEXX3045
Kallemansputte BEXX3046
Kallestraat BEXX3047
Kallo BEXX3048
Kalmthout BEXX0238
Kalmthoutse Hoek BEXX3049
Kalsijde BEXX3050
Kalteborn BEXX8481
Kalve BEXX3051
Kalvebrug BEXX3052
Kalverhaag BEXX0953
Kalverheide BEXX3053
Kalverstaart BEXX3054
Kalverstraat BEXX3055
Kamdries BEXX3056
Kamerijk BEXX3057
Kamerlo BEXX3058
Kamershoek BEXX3059
Kamert BEXX3060
Kamp Heide BEXX3061
Kampbergen BEXX3062
Kampelaar BEXX3063
Kampen BEXX3064
Kampenhout BEXX0239
Kamperstraat BEXX3065
Kamvenhoek BEXX3066
Kanakendries BEXX3067
Kanegem BEXX3068
Kannaardsheide BEXX3069
Kanne BEXX3070
Kantekrooi BEXX3071
Kanterhoek BEXX3072
Kapel BEXX3073
Kapelhoek BEXX3074
Kapelle BEXX3075
Kapelle Meersen BEXX3076
Kapellehoek BEXX3077
Kapelleken BEXX3078
Kapellen BEXX8482
Kapellen BEXX0241
Kapellenberg BEXX3080
Kapellenbos BEXX3081
Kapellenhoek BEXX3082
Kapelleveld BEXX0978
Kapelleweiden BEXX3084
Kapelplaats BEXX3085
Kaphoek BEXX3086
Kapiteinstraat BEXX3087
Kapittel BEXX3088
Kappaart BEXX3089
Kappellenbos BEXX3090
Kappellendries BEXX3091
Kaprijke BEXX0242
Kaprijkstraat BEXX3092
Kardinaalshoek BEXX3093
Kareelveld BEXX3094
Karmhoek BEXX3095
Karrenhoek BEXX3096
Karrestraat BEXX3097
Kasseman BEXX3098
Kasteel BEXX3099
Kasteelheide BEXX3100
Kasteelhoek BEXX3101
Kastel BEXX3102
Kaster BEXX3103
Kasterlee BEXX0243
Katermeir BEXX3104
Katharinenplei BEXX8483
Kathoek BEXX3105
Katte Straat BEXX3106
Kattebeek BEXX3107
Kattebroek BEXX3108
Katteknok BEXX3109
Kattem BEXX3110
Kattenberg BEXX3111
Kattenbos BEXX3112
Kattenbroek BEXX3113
Kattenhoek BEXX3114
Katterijt BEXX3115
Kattestraat BEXX3116
Kattewegel BEXX3117
Kauborre BEXX3118
Kaudenberg BEXX3119
Kaudenjert BEXX3120
Kaulen BEXX8484
Kaulille BEXX3121
Kauteren BEXX3122
Kautertaverent BEXX3123
Kauwenberg BEXX3124
Kazand BEXX3125
Keelstraat BEXX3126
Keer BEXX3127
Keerbergen BEXX0244
Keerken BEXX3128
Keerselaar BEXX3129
Keeskorf BEXX3130
Keiberg BEXX3131
Keiberg BEXX8485
Keiem BEXX3132
Keirsmaker BEXX3133
Keiteldries BEXX3134
Keizerenberg BEXX3135
Keizerhoek BEXX3136
Keizershoek BEXX3137
Kelbergen BEXX3138
Keldergat BEXX3139
Kelegem BEXX3140
Kelfs BEXX3141
Kelle BEXX0979
Kemel BEXX3142
Kemerke BEXX3143
Kemexhe BEXX8486
Kemmeken BEXX3144
Kemmel BEXX3145
Kempenseheide BEXX3146
Kemphoek BEXX3147
Kemsekestraat BEXX3148
Kemzeke BEXX3149
Kenimont BEXX8487
Kepkensberg BEXX3150
Kere BEXX3151
Keringen BEXX3152
Kerkbrugge BEXX3153
Kerkdries BEXX3154
Kerkem BEXX3155
Kerkeneiken BEXX3156
Kerkeneinde BEXX3157
Kerkenlandhoek BEXX3158
Kerkepanne BEXX3159
Kerkestede BEXX3160
Kerkeveld BEXX3161
Kerkevinne BEXX3162
Kerkgate BEXX3163
Kerkhoek BEXX3164
Kerkhove BEXX3165
Kerkhoven BEXX3166
Kerkom BEXX3167
Kerksken BEXX3169
Kerkstraat BEXX3170
Kerkveld BEXX3171
Kermt BEXX3172
Kerniel BEXX3173
Kerrebroek BEXX3174
Kersbeek-Miskom BEXX3175
Kerselaar BEXX3176
Kerselaren Dries BEXX3177
Kerselarestraat BEXX3178
Kessel BEXX3179
Kessel-Lo BEXX3180
Kesselt BEXX3181
Kessenich BEXX3182
Kester BEXX3183
Kesterbeek BEXX3184
Kestergat BEXX3185
Ketelboetstraat BEXX3186
Ketelheide BEXX3187
Ketelhoek BEXX3188
Keten BEXX3189
Ketstraat BEXX3190
Kettenis BEXX8488
Kettermuit BEXX3191
Ketzingen BEXX3192
Keulendam BEXX3193
Keulenstraat BEXX3194
Keumiee BEXX8489
Keur BEXX3195
Keurebeek BEXX3196
Keurheide BEXX3197
Keustrijk BEXX8490
Keutelhoek BEXX3198
Keuze BEXX3199
Kezelberg BEXX3200
Kiekenhaag BEXX3201
Kiel BEXX3202
Kieldrecht BEXX3203
Kievermont BEXX3204
Kievit BEXX3205
Kiezegem BEXX3206
Kijfbossen BEXX3207
Kijkuit BEXX3208
Kijkuithoek BEXX3209
Kijs BEXX3210
Kimpelberg BEXX3211
Kin BEXX8491
Kinkempois BEXX8492
Kinrooi BEXX0245
Kinschot BEXX3212
Kipdorp BEXX3213
Kippe BEXX3214
Kippendonk BEXX3215
Klaarhaag BEXX3216
Klabouterie BEXX3217
Klaie BEXX3218
Klaphulle BEXX3219
Klaplaar BEXX3220
Klappelstraat BEXX3221
Klapperhoek BEXX3222
Klapscheut BEXX3223
Klapstraat BEXX3224
Klarenhoek BEXX3225
Klaverberg BEXX3226
Klaverken BEXX3227
Kleempoel BEXX3228
Kleemputten BEXX3229
Klei BEXX3230
Kleie BEXX3231
Kleije BEXX3232
Klein Bijgaarden BEXX3233
Klein Eikot BEXX3234
Klein Eisterle BEXX3235
Klein Frankrijk BEXX8493
Klein Frankrijk BEXX3236
Klein Gent BEXX3238
Klein Gestel BEXX3239
Klein Goor BEXX3240
Klein Gooreind BEXX3241
Klein Harelbeke BEXX3242
Klein Holland BEXX3244
Klein Hoogveld BEXX3245
Klein Jeuk BEXX3246
Klein Kempen BEXX3247
Klein Langerlo BEXX3248
Klein Looi BEXX3249
Klein Mechelen BEXX3250
Klein Melsen BEXX3251
Klein Moertje BEXX3252
Klein Overlaar BEXX3253
Klein Ravels BEXX3254
Klein Rees BEXX3255
Klein Ronse BEXX3256
Klein Sinaai BEXX3257
Klein Stichelen BEXX3258
Klein Tourcoing BEXX3259
Klein Veerle BEXX3260
Klein Veure BEXX3261
Klein Vorsen BEXX3262
Klein Vorst BEXX3263
Klein Waver BEXX3264
Klein Willebroek BEXX3265
Klein Zand BEXX3266
Klein Zelk BEXX3267
Klein Zillebeke BEXX3268
Klein-Gelmen BEXX3269
Klein-Mal BEXX3270
Klein-Membruggen BEXX3271
Klein-Tichelarij BEXX3272
Kleinbergen BEXX3273
Kleindijk BEXX8494
Kleine Bergen BEXX3274
Kleine Haart BEXX3275
Kleine Heide BEXX3276
Kleine Horendonk BEXX3277
Kleine Hut BEXX0980
Kleine Meil BEXX3278
Kleine Vond BEXX3279
Kleine Warme BEXX3280
Kleine-Brogel BEXX0028
Kleine-Spouwen BEXX3281
Kleineberg BEXX3282
Kleinedries BEXX3283
Kleineheide BEXX3284
Kleinelinde BEXX3285
Kleinen Haak BEXX3287
Kleinen Winkel BEXX3290
Kleinenberg BEXX3291
Kleinenbroek BEXX3292
Kleinendijk BEXX3293
Kleinendries BEXX3294
Kleinenhoek BEXX3295
Kleinhuisse BEXX3296
Kleinijssel BEXX3297
Kleinlaar BEXX3298
Kleistraat BEXX3299
Kleit BEXX3300
Kleitgat BEXX3301
Kleithoek BEXX3302
Klemheide BEXX3303
Klemhout BEXX3304
Klemskerke BEXX3305
Klephoek BEXX3306
Klepkouter BEXX3307
Klepmolen BEXX3308
Klerken BEXX3309
Klijte BEXX3310
Klijthoek BEXX3311
Klingels BEXX8495
Klinkaart BEXX3312
Klinkewal BEXX3313
Klissenhoek BEXX3314
Klitsberg BEXX3315
Kloddestraat BEXX3316
Kloefhoek BEXX3317
Klooster BEXX3318
Kloosterbemden BEXX3319
Kloosterbos BEXX3320
Kloosterheide BEXX3321
Kloosterhoek BEXX3322
Klosdikel BEXX8496
Klosei BEXX8497
Klosse BEXX3323
Klosterhof BEXX8498
Klotbroek BEXX3324
Klotkuilheide BEXX3325
Kluize BEXX3326
Kluizen BEXX3327
Knaptand BEXX3328
Knep BEXX8499
Knesselare BEXX0246
Knickovel BEXX8500
Knipscheer BEXX3329
Knok BEXX3330
Knokke BEXX3331
Knokke-Heist BEXX0247
Knokstraat BEXX3332
Knokt BEXX3333
Knolle Hoek BEXX3334
Knutsegem BEXX3335
Kobbegem BEXX3336
Koebrug BEXX3337
Koefering BEXX3338
Koeigat BEXX3339
Koeiken BEXX3340
Koeivijver BEXX0981
Koekelare BEXX0248
Koekelberg BEXX0982
Koekelberg BEXX3341
Koekhoven BEXX3342
Koekoek BEXX3343
Koekuit BEXX3344
Koekuithoek BEXX3345
Koelberg BEXX3346
Koeputten BEXX3347
Koersel BEXX3348
Koestaart BEXX3349
Koestraat BEXX3350
Koewacht BEXX3351
Koeweide BEXX3352
Kokeldries BEXX3353
Kokerij BEXX3354
Koksijde BEXX0021
Koksijde-Bad BEXX3355
Kokuit BEXX3356
Kolegem BEXX3357
Kolenberg BEXX3358
Koleneind BEXX3359
Kolis BEXX3360
Kolis Heide BEXX3361
Kollegiehoek BEXX3362
Kolliemolenhoek BEXX3363
Kolmans Heide BEXX3364
Kolmont BEXX3365
Kolputwijk BEXX3366
Kolveren BEXX3367
Komer BEXX3368
Komerenhoek BEXX3369
Kommerestraat BEXX3370
Kompen BEXX3371
Kompveld BEXX3372
Konijn BEXX3373
Konijne Pijpen BEXX3374
Konijnenbergen BEXX3375
Konijnsberg BEXX3376
Koningshooikt BEXX3377
Koningslo BEXX0983
Koninksem BEXX3378
Konkel BEXX3379
Kontich BEXX0249
Kontredam BEXX3380
Kooibrug BEXX3381
Kooige BEXX3382
Kooigem BEXX3383
Koolhof BEXX3384
Koolkerke BEXX3385
Koolskamp BEXX3386
Koolstraat BEXX3387
Koolveld BEXX3388
Koornbloem BEXX3389
Koppenberg BEXX3390
Koppendries BEXX3391
Koppernollehoek BEXX3392
Korbeek-Dijle BEXX3393
Korbeek-Lo BEXX3394
Kordaal BEXX3395
Kordewagenstraat BEXX3396
Koreele BEXX3397
Korentje BEXX8501
Korsendonk BEXX3398
Korspel BEXX3399
Korteboeken BEXX3400
Korteinen BEXX3401
Kortekeer BEXX3402
Kortemark BEXX0250
Kortenaken BEXX0251
Kortenberg BEXX0252
Kortenbos BEXX3403
Kortenhoek BEXX3404
Kortenkeer BEXX3405
Kortessem BEXX0253
Kortewelvaart BEXX3406
Kortewilde BEXX8502
Kortewilde BEXX3407
Kortijs BEXX3408
Kortrijk BEXX0254
Kortrijk-Dutsel BEXX3409
Kortsele BEXX3410
Kotem BEXX3411
Kottem BEXX3412
Koudekeuken BEXX3413
Koudenboom BEXX3414
Koudenheerd BEXX3415
Kousseboom BEXX3416
Kouter BEXX3417
Kouterstraat BEXX3418
Kouthof BEXX3419
Kozen BEXX3420
Kraai BEXX3421
Kraai Venne BEXX3422
Kraaiberg BEXX3423
Kraaienberg BEXX3424
Kraaienboshof BEXX3425
Kraaienbroek BEXX3426
Kraaigem BEXX3427
Kraainem BEXX0255
Kraak BEXX3428
Kraanschot BEXX3429
Krabbe BEXX3430
Krabbels BEXX3431
Krabbenberg BEXX3432
Krabbenhoek BEXX3433
Krabbos BEXX3434
Krabenijkdries BEXX3435
Kranenberg BEXX3436
Kranevenne BEXX3437
Krekelberg BEXX3438
Krekelenberg BEXX3439
Krekelmuit BEXX3440
Krenist BEXX3441
Kretenberg BEXX3442
Kretenborg BEXX3443
Kretenburg BEXX3444
Kreupel BEXX3445
Krevelhoek BEXX3446
Krewinkel BEXX8503
Krieckelberg BEXX8504
Kriekhoek BEXX3447
Kriephoek BEXX3448
Kriesberg BEXX3449
Krijt BEXX3450
Krijte BEXX3451
Krinkelt BEXX8505
Krokegem BEXX3452
Krombeke BEXX3453
Kromme Ham BEXX3454
Krommekeer BEXX3455
Krommendijk BEXX3456
Krommestraat BEXX3457
Krommeveldstraat BEXX3458
Kromphoutdries BEXX3459
Kromveld BEXX3460
Kronegem BEXX3461
Kronenhoek BEXX3462
Kroon BEXX3463
Kroonhoek BEXX3464
Kruibeke BEXX0256
Kruienberg BEXX3465
Kruikeven BEXX3466
Kruiningenbrug BEXX3467
Kruipendaarde BEXX3468
Kruipin BEXX3469
Kruipuit BEXX3470
Kruis BEXX3471
Kruisabeel BEXX3472
Kruisabele BEXX3473
Kruisbaan BEXX3474
Kruisberg BEXX3475
Kruisdoorn BEXX3476
Kruiseke BEXX3477
Kruisen BEXX3478
Kruisheide BEXX3479
Kruishoek BEXX3480
Kruishoutem BEXX0257
Kruishuis BEXX3481
Kruiskalsijde BEXX3482
Kruiske BEXX3483
Kruisken BEXX3484
Kruiskenstraat BEXX3485
Kruisstraat BEXX3486
Kruisweg BEXX3487
Kuil BEXX3488
Kuilen BEXX3489
Kuistershoek BEXX3490
Kuitenberg BEXX3491
Kukelberg BEXX3492
Kumtich BEXX3493
Kunsel BEXX3494
Kuringen BEXX3495
Kurtzenbourflass BEXX8506
Kutsegem BEXX3496
Kuttekoven BEXX3497
Kuurne BEXX0258
Kwaadestraat BEXX3498
Kwaadhoek BEXX3499
Kwaadmechelen BEXX3500
Kwaalijkzeg BEXX3501
Kwade Putten BEXX3502
Kwade Wegen BEXX3503
Kwadebrug BEXX3504
Kwaden Akkerhoek BEXX3505
Kwaden Houw BEXX3506
Kwadenhoek BEXX3507
Kwadenplas BEXX3508
Kwadestraat BEXX8507
Kwadestraat BEXX3509
Kwakenbeek BEXX3510
Kwakkelhoek BEXX3511
Kwalaak BEXX3512
Kwalestraat BEXX3513
Kwamol BEXX3514
Kwaremont BEXX3515
Kwatem BEXX3516
Kwatrecht BEXX3517
Kwenenbos BEXX3518
Kwikaart BEXX3519
La Bacotterie BEXX8537
La Baive BEXX8538
La Baraque BEXX8539
La Barriere BEXX8540
La Basse Hutte BEXX8541
La Batte BEXX8542
La Beguine BEXX8543
La Belle au Bois BEXX8544
La Beole BEXX8545
La Bigaude BEXX8546
La Blanche BEXX8547
La Blanche Nau BEXX8548
La Boiterie BEXX8550
La Borne BEXX8551
La Botte BEXX8552
La Bouhaye BEXX8553
La Bouquette BEXX8554
La Bourgogne BEXX8555
La Bourlotte BEXX8556
La Bouteille BEXX8557
La Bouverie BEXX8558
La Bouvree BEXX8559
La Boverie BEXX8560
La Bretagne BEXX8561
La Briqueterie BEXX8562
La Brire BEXX8563
La Brodde BEXX8564
La Brouck BEXX8565
La Brulotte BEXX8566
La Bruyere BEXX0259
La Cachette BEXX8568
La Calamine BEXX0260
La Caluyere BEXX8569
La Carne BEXX8570
La Carriere BEXX8571
La Cavee BEXX8572
La Chaire BEXX8573
La Champagne BEXX8574
La Chapelle BEXX8575
La Chatqueue BEXX8577
La Chaussee BEXX8578
La Clouse BEXX8579
La Colotterie BEXX8580
La Concession BEXX8581
La Converserie BEXX8582
La Cornette BEXX8583
La Cort BEXX8584
La Cote BEXX8585
La Courbe BEXX8586
La Courbette BEXX8587
La Coyaute BEXX8588
La Cragniere BEXX8589
La Croisette BEXX8590
La Croix BEXX8591
La Croix Andre BEXX8592
La Croix Rouge BEXX3522
La Crosse BEXX8593
La Croyere BEXX8594
La Damselle BEXX8595
La Dessous BEXX8596
La Dime BEXX8597
La Docherie BEXX8598
La Douve BEXX8599
La Dute BEXX8600
La Fagne BEXX8601
La Faisanderie BEXX8602
La Falise BEXX8603
La Falisse BEXX8604
La Fange BEXX8605
La Fange Botte BEXX8606
La Fange Louis BEXX8607
La Fayat BEXX8609
La Ferriere BEXX8610
La Ferte BEXX8612
La Flache BEXX8613
La Folie BEXX8615
La Follee BEXX8616
La Fontaine BEXX8617
La Forge BEXX8618
La Fortelle BEXX8620
La Fosse BEXX8621
La Foulerie BEXX8622
La Fourche BEXX8623
La Fourchinee BEXX8624
La Gade BEXX8625
La Gage BEXX8626
La Garde de Dieu BEXX8627
La Garenne BEXX8628
La Gatte BEXX8629
La Genette BEXX8630
La Gernelle BEXX8631
La Gilotrie BEXX8632
La Girgaine BEXX8633
La Glanerie BEXX8634
La Gleize BEXX8635
La Gloriette BEXX8636
La Gombe BEXX8637
La Gottale BEXX8638
La Gotte BEXX8639
La Grande Taille BEXX8641
La Grivarderie BEXX8642
La Grosse Haie BEXX8643
La Guelenne BEXX8644
La Guenette BEXX8645
La Hache BEXX8646
La Haie BEXX8647
La Haie du Loup BEXX8648
La Haillieule BEXX8649
La Haisette BEXX8650
La Hallette BEXX8651
La Hamaide BEXX8652
La Haute Cour BEXX8653
La Haute Rue BEXX8654
La Haye BEXX8655
La Hazelle BEXX8656
La Hestre BEXX8657
La Hestroule BEXX8658
La Heydt BEXX8659
La Hez BEXX8660
La Histet BEXX8661
La Houzee BEXX8662
La Hulpe BEXX0261
La Hurtrie BEXX8663
La Hutte BEXX8664
La Justice BEXX8665
La Laie BEXX8666
La Levee BEXX8667
La Livarde BEXX8668
La Loge BEXX8669
La Lonhienne BEXX8670
La Louviere BEXX0262
La Lu BEXX8672
La Maladrie BEXX8673
La Maljoyeuse BEXX8674
La Mallieue BEXX8675
La Marache BEXX8676
La Mazure BEXX8677
La Mine BEXX8678
La Minerie BEXX8679
La Miniere BEXX8680
La Misere BEXX8681
La Mohy BEXX8682
La Motte BEXX8683
La Mouline BEXX8684
La Muche BEXX8685
La Neuve Forge BEXX8686
La Neuville BEXX8687
La Pairelle BEXX8689
La Pellette BEXX8690
La Penne BEXX8691
La Pierre BEXX8692
La Place BEXX8693
La Plaine BEXX3523
La Planche BEXX8694
La Plante BEXX8695
La Platinerie BEXX8696
La Pologne BEXX8697
La Poya BEXX8698
La Prealle BEXX8699
La Prise BEXX8700
La Quersinelle BEXX8701
La Quewette BEXX8703
La Ramonerie BEXX8704
La Redoute BEXX8705
La Reid BEXX8706
La Reinette BEXX8707
La Rigonel BEXX8708
La Robinette BEXX8709
La Roche BEXX8710
La Roche Madoux BEXX8711
La Rochette BEXX8712
La Rock BEXX8713
La Ronchette BEXX8714
La Rosee BEXX3524
La Rosiere BEXX8715
La Sablonniere BEXX8716
La Saboterie BEXX8717
La Salle BEXX8718
La Salte BEXX8719
La Sarte BEXX8720
La Satte BEXX8721
La Saute BEXX8722
La Sauveniere BEXX8723
La Siberie BEXX8724
La Soisse BEXX8725
La Speche BEXX8726
La Spege BEXX8727
La Taie BEXX8728
La Tombe BEXX8729
La Tour BEXX8730
La Tourette BEXX8731
La Troque BEXX8732
La Tuerie BEXX8733
La Tuilerie BEXX8734
La Tuwer BEXX8735
La Vallee BEXX8736
La Vau BEXX8737
La Vaux BEXX8738
La Venne BEXX8739
La Verrerie BEXX8740
La Verte Louche BEXX8741
La Verte Place BEXX8742
La Ville BEXX8745
La Villette BEXX8746
La Vlamerie BEXX8747
La Waide BEXX8748
La Wardries BEXX8749
La Warte BEXX8750
La Xhavee BEXX8751
Laaffelt BEXX3525
Laaffelterberg BEXX3526
Laagstraat BEXX3527
Laak BEXX3528
Laakdal BEXX3529
Laar BEXX3530
Laarheide BEXX3531
Laarhoek BEXX3532
Laarne BEXX0263
Laarnehoek BEXX3533
Laatste Oortje BEXX3534
Laatstenstuiver BEXX3535
Labach BEXX8752
Labais BEXX8753
Labay BEXX8754
Labia BEXX8755
Labiettehoek BEXX3536
Lableau BEXX8756
Labliau BEXX8757
Laboureursheide BEXX3537
Labouxhe BEXX8758
Labroye BEXX8759
Labuissiere BEXX8760
Lachenen BEXX3538
Laclaireau BEXX8761
Lacroix BEXX8762
Lacuisine BEXX8763
Laeken BEXX0984
Laforet BEXX8764
Lafru BEXX8765
Lage Heide BEXX3539
Lage Kaart BEXX3540
Lage Moere BEXX3541
Lagen Rielen BEXX3542
Lagen Rooi BEXX3543
Lahage BEXX8766
Lahaie BEXX8767
Lahamaide BEXX8768
Lahe du Pouhon BEXX8769
Laherie BEXX8770
Lahez BEXX8771
Laiche BEXX8772
Laid Broly BEXX8773
Laid Buisson BEXX8774
Laid Burgniaux BEXX8775
Laid Loiseau BEXX8776
Laid Prangeleux BEXX8777
Laid Thier BEXX8778
Laid Trou BEXX8779
Laide Fontaine BEXX8780
Laisette BEXX8781
Lait Beurre BEXX8782
Laker Velden BEXX3544
Lakerberg BEXX3545
Laloux BEXX8783
Lamain BEXX8784
Lamalle BEXX8785
Lamay BEXX8786
Lambais BEXX8787
Lambaitienne BEXX8788
Lambermont BEXX8789
Lambiernoux BEXX8790
Lambroek BEXX3546
Lambusart BEXX8791
Lamine BEXX8792
Lammerenberg BEXX3547
Lamonriville BEXX8793
Lamont BEXX3548
Lamontzee BEXX8794
Lamormenil BEXX8795
Lamorteau BEXX8796
Lamourette BEXX8797
Lampernisse BEXX3549
Lampetten BEXX3550
Lanaken BEXX0264
Lanakerheide BEXX3551
Lanaye BEXX8798
Lanceaumont BEXX8799
Landat BEXX8800
Landdries BEXX3552
Landegem BEXX3553
Landele BEXX3554
Landelies BEXX8801
Landen BEXX0265
Landenne BEXX8802
Landmolen BEXX3555
Landsheertje BEXX3556
Landskouter BEXX3557
Landuit BEXX3558
Laneffe BEXX8803
Laneuville BEXX8804
Langdonken BEXX3559
Langdorp BEXX3560
Lange Bemden BEXX3561
Lange Elst BEXX3562
Lange Heide BEXX3563
Lange Ven Heide BEXX3564
Lange Wade BEXX3565
Langeboeken BEXX3566
Langedonk BEXX3567
Langelede BEXX3568
Langelinneput BEXX3569
Langemark BEXX3570
Langemunt BEXX3571
Langemunte BEXX3572
Langemunten BEXX3573
Langenakker BEXX3574
Langenberg BEXX3575
Langendam BEXX3576
Langenheuvel BEXX3577
Langenhoek BEXX3578
Langenlochung BEXX3579
Langerbrugge BEXX3580
Langerechte BEXX3581
Langerlo BEXX3582
Langerode BEXX3583
Langeroot BEXX3584
Langes BEXX8806
Langesthal BEXX8807
Langestraat BEXX3585
Langeveld BEXX0985
Langevelde BEXX3586
Langlir BEXX8808
Langschelpen BEXX3587
Langstraat BEXX3588
Langveld BEXX3589
Langveldstraat BEXX3590
Langven BEXX3591
Lanklaar BEXX3592
Lankom BEXX3593
Lannoy BEXX8809
Lanquesaint BEXX8810
Lansival BEXX8811
Lanterne BEXX8812
Lantin BEXX8813
Lantremange BEXX8814
Lanzerath BEXX8815
Laplaigne BEXX8816
Lapscheure BEXX3594
Larebeek BEXX3595
Laren BEXX3596
Larendries BEXX3597
Large Pied BEXX8817
Larmoulin BEXX8818
Larum BEXX3598
Larumseheide BEXX3599
Lascheid BEXX8819
Lasne BEXX8820
Lasnenville BEXX8822
Laspeche BEXX8823
Lassain BEXX8824
Lassence BEXX8825
Lassus BEXX8826
Lat BEXX3600
Laten BEXX3601
Lathuy BEXX8827
Latinne BEXX8828
Latour BEXX8829
Laugrenee BEXX8830
Launoy BEXX8831
Lausprelle BEXX8832
Lauw BEXX3602
Lauwe BEXX3603
Lauwershoek BEXX3604
Lava BEXX8833
Lavacherie BEXX8834
Laval BEXX8835
Lavalette BEXX8836
Lavallee BEXX8837
Lavaselle BEXX8838
Lavaux BEXX8839
Lavedelle BEXX8841
Laviot BEXX8842
Lavoir BEXX8843
Lawijn BEXX3605
Lazarijeberg BEXX3606
Lazarushoek BEXX3607
Le Banc BEXX8844
Le Batiment BEXX8845
Le Bele BEXX8846
Le Belloy BEXX8847
Le Berceau BEXX8848
Le Blanc-Sart BEXX8849
Le Bocage BEXX8850
Le Bosquet BEXX8851
Le Bourg BEXX8852
Le Bout la Haut BEXX8853
Le Brouta BEXX8854
Le Buc BEXX8855
Le But BEXX8856
Le Cahoti BEXX8857
Le Calais BEXX8858
Le Calvaire BEXX8859
Le Casan BEXX8860
Le Castieau BEXX8861
Le Cerisier BEXX8862
Le Chapitre BEXX8863
Le Charmois BEXX8864
Le Chat BEXX8865
Le Chay BEXX8866
Le Chene BEXX8867
Le Chenia BEXX8868
Le Chennis BEXX8869
Le Chete BEXX8870
Le Cloitre BEXX3608
Le Clypot BEXX8871
Le Combry BEXX8872
Le Comnien BEXX8873
Le Compas BEXX3609
Le Cornet BEXX8874
Le Cossart BEXX8875
Le Coucou BEXX8876
Le Coumagne BEXX8877
Le Courroux BEXX8878
Le Crinquet BEXX8879
Le Crouzet BEXX8880
Le Culot BEXX8881
Le Dauphin BEXX8882
Le Defeu BEXX8883
Le Docq BEXX8884
Le Dossay BEXX8885
Le Douaire BEXX8886
Le Doyen BEXX8887
Le Faubourg BEXX8888
Le Faweux BEXX8889
Le Fays BEXX8890
Le Fieffe BEXX8891
Le Fond BEXX8892
Le Fond de Chene BEXX8893
Le Fort BEXX8894
Le Foy BEXX8895
Le Frechisse BEXX8896
Le Frety BEXX8897
Le Gerny BEXX8898
Le Gheer BEXX8899
Le Glain BEXX8900
Le Goule BEXX8901
Le Grand Trieu BEXX8903
Le Grand Vivier BEXX8904
Le Gras BEXX8905
Le Gros Terne BEXX8906
Le Hally BEXX8908
Le Hameau BEXX8909
Le Happart BEXX8910
Le Haut Desivier BEXX8911
Le Herou BEXX8912
Le Hochet BEXX8913
Le Hocquet BEXX8914
Le Homba BEXX8915
Le Houisse BEXX8916
Le Hultai BEXX8917
Le Hututu BEXX8918
Le Jardin BEXX8919
Le Jardinet BEXX8920
Le Joncquois BEXX8921
Le Logis BEXX0986
Le Long Jour BEXX8922
Le Lustre BEXX8923
Le Maillet BEXX8924
Le Manil BEXX8925
Le Many BEXX8926
Le Maqua BEXX8927
Le Marais BEXX8928
Le Marchat BEXX8929
Le Marouset BEXX8930
Le Merdier BEXX8931
Le Mesnil BEXX8932
Le Mont BEXX8933
Le Noir Etang BEXX8934
Le Pachis BEXX8935
Le Panier BEXX8936
Le Paradis BEXX8937
Le Parc BEXX8938
Le Parque BEXX8939
Le Paturage BEXX8940
Le Pequet BEXX8941
Le Perou BEXX8942
Le Perroquet BEXX8943
Le Peruwez BEXX8944
Le Petit Crepin BEXX8945
Le Pierry BEXX8946
Le Piquet BEXX8947
Le Pirois BEXX8948
Le Planiat BEXX8949
Le Plit BEXX8950
Le Point du Jour BEXX8951
Le Pommeroeul BEXX8952
Le Pommerut BEXX8953
Le Ponchau BEXX8954
Le Pont BEXX8955
Le Poreau BEXX8956
Le Pre BEXX8957
Le Preau BEXX8959
Le Prieure BEXX8960
Le Pureau BEXX8961
Le Quesniau BEXX8962
Le Rabot BEXX8963
Le Renard BEXX8964
Le Rieu BEXX8965
Le Rivage BEXX8966
Le Rond Tienne BEXX8967
Le Roo BEXX8968
Le Rossignol BEXX8969
Le Rot BEXX8970
Le Rote BEXX8971
Le Roux BEXX8972
Le Rovreux BEXX8973
Le Ry BEXX8974
Le Sacrement BEXX8975
Le Sart BEXX8976
Le Sart Haguet BEXX8977
Le Sarty BEXX8978
Le Scottin BEXX8979
Le Soleil BEXX8980
Le Steukion BEXX8981
Le Stoc BEXX8982
Le Terme BEXX8983
Le Tilleul BEXX8984
Le Tombeau BEXX8985
Le Tombois BEXX8986
Le Tombu BEXX8987
Le Touquet BEXX8988
Le Traigneaux BEXX8989
Le Transoy BEXX8990
Le Trokay BEXX8991
Le Trou BEXX8992
Le Try Bouton BEXX8993
Le Vaillier BEXX8994
Le Val BEXX8995
Le Verat BEXX8996
Le Wate BEXX9000
Leaucourt BEXX9001
Lebbeke BEXX0266
Lebeke BEXX3610
Lebeuleux BEXX9002
Lechten BEXX3611
Lede BEXX0267
Ledeberg BEXX0268
Ledegem BEXX0269
Ledesevroente BEXX3614
Ledezijde BEXX3615
Ledigheid BEXX3616
Leebrug BEXX3617
Leefdaal BEXX3618
Leeg Broek BEXX3619
Leeg Kouter BEXX3620
Leegbracht BEXX3621
Leemhoutheide BEXX3622
Leemkuilen BEXX3623
Leemput BEXX3624
Leemputten BEXX3625
Leenhaag BEXX3626
Leenstraat BEXX3627
Leerbeek BEXX3628
Leernes BEXX9003
Leers-et-Fosteau BEXX9005
Leers-Nord BEXX9004
Leest BEXX3629
Leestje BEXX3630
Leestraat BEXX3631
Leeuwbrug BEXX3632
Leeuwergem BEXX3633
Leeuwerksheide BEXX3634
Leeuwken BEXX3635
Leffe BEXX9006
Leffinge BEXX3636
Lege Avrij BEXX3637
Lege Heuvels BEXX3638
Legestraat BEXX3639
Leglise BEXX0511
Legnai Thiere BEXX9007
Leharjostet BEXX9008
Leignon BEXX9009
Leihoek BEXX3640
Leikant BEXX3641
Leinstraat BEXX3642
Leischoot BEXX3643
Leiseinde BEXX3644
Leisele BEXX3645
Leke BEXX3646
Lekkerland BEXX3647
Lekkernaije BEXX9010
Lelle BEXX3648
Lembeek BEXX3649
Lembeke BEXX3650
Lemberge BEXX3651
Lemingsberg BEXX3652
Lemmeken BEXX3653
Lemmetrie BEXX9011
Lenclos BEXX9012
Lendelede BEXX0270
Lengeler BEXX9013
Lenne BEXX9014
Lennik BEXX3654
Lens BEXX0271
Lens-Saint-Remy BEXX9015
Lens-sur-Geer BEXX9017
Lente Akker BEXX3655
Lentse Heide BEXX3656
Leopoldsburg BEXX0272
Lepe BEXX3657
Lepelem BEXX3658
Lepelhoek BEXX3659
Lepelstraat BEXX3660
Lerinnes BEXX9018
Les Abannets BEXX9019
Les Agences BEXX9020
Les Aiwisses BEXX9021
Les Albronnes BEXX9022
Les Alloux BEXX9023
Les Aloux BEXX9024
Les Arches BEXX9025
Les Arsins BEXX9026
Les Assences BEXX9027
Les Auges BEXX9028
Les Aunais BEXX9029
Les Avins BEXX9030
Les Bailles BEXX9031
Les Baraques BEXX9032
Les Bas Courtils BEXX9033
Les Basses BEXX9034
Les Baty BEXX9035
Les Binches BEXX9038
Les Biolles BEXX9039
Les Bochets BEXX9040
Les Boignees BEXX9041
Les Bois BEXX9042
Les Bonniers BEXX9044
Les Bons Villers BEXX9045
Les Boscailles BEXX9046
Les Bouloirs BEXX9047
Les Bourdonnees BEXX9048
Les Bruyeres BEXX9049
Les Buissons BEXX9050
Les Bulles BEXX9051
Les Burdiaux BEXX9052
Les Burettes BEXX9053
Les Cahottes BEXX9054
Les Cailloux BEXX9055
Les Cavins BEXX9057
Les Chapons BEXX9058
Les Chaufours BEXX9059
Les Chemins BEXX9060
Les Chenets BEXX9061
Les Cinq Etoiles BEXX9064
Les Cinq Rocs BEXX9065
Les Cinquiemes BEXX9066
Les Cluseres BEXX9067
Les Communes BEXX9068
Les Comognes BEXX9069
Les Complets BEXX9070
Les Coriottes BEXX9071
Les Cours BEXX9072
Les Crenees BEXX9073
Les Croisettes BEXX9074
Les Croisiers BEXX9075
Les Croupets BEXX9076
Les Culees BEXX9077
Les Cullus BEXX9078
Les Culots BEXX9079
Les Deux-Acren BEXX9080
Les dix Bonniers BEXX9188
Les Eaumonts BEXX9081
Les Elmonts BEXX9082
Les Empires BEXX9083
Les Enclaves BEXX9084
Les Espeches BEXX9085
Les Etats BEXX9087
Les Fays BEXX9089
Les Flaches BEXX9090
Les Flachis BEXX9091
Les Flamandes BEXX9092
Les Floxhes BEXX9093
Les Fonds BEXX9094
Les Forges BEXX9095
Les Fortes Haies BEXX9097
Les Fosses BEXX9098
Les Garennes BEXX9100
Les Geronsarts BEXX9101
Les Gettages BEXX9102
Les Golettes BEXX9103
Les Gonhis BEXX9104
Les Gottes BEXX9105
Les Grands Pres BEXX9106
Les Haies BEXX9108
Les Haiettes BEXX9110
Les Hamendes BEXX9111
Les Hautes Voyes BEXX9113
Les Hayettes BEXX9115
Les Hayons BEXX9116
Les Heids BEXX9117
Les Herimonts BEXX9118
Les Journeux BEXX9119
Les Loches BEXX9120
Les Malades BEXX9121
Les Malheurs BEXX9122
Les Manettes BEXX9123
Les Maraches BEXX9124
Les Marais BEXX9125
Les Mauleux BEXX9126
Les Maurlires BEXX9127
Les Mestures BEXX9128
Les Monts BEXX9129
Les Mourettes BEXX9130
Les Neuf Maisons BEXX9131
Les Nobertins BEXX9132
Les Oies BEXX9133
Les Pachis BEXX9134
Les Parsonniers BEXX9135
Les Pietresses BEXX9136
Les Pipettes BEXX9137
Les Pires BEXX9138
Les Plenesses BEXX9139
Les Pommiers BEXX9140
Les Potalles BEXX9141
Les Quairelles BEXX9142
Les Quartiers BEXX9143
Les Quatre Bras BEXX9147
Les Quatre Sous BEXX9149
Les Quatre Vents BEXX9150
Les Queues BEXX9151
Les Quewettes BEXX9152
Les Reffes BEXX9153
Les Revoz BEXX9154
Les Riesses BEXX9155
Les Rivages BEXX9156
Les Roches BEXX9157
Les Rochettes BEXX9158
Les Ruelles BEXX9160
Les Sartis BEXX9161
Les Sarts BEXX9162
Les Sehans BEXX9163
Les Sept Fonds BEXX9164
Les Six Censes BEXX9165
Les Speches BEXX9166
Les Tailles BEXX9167
Les Taillettes BEXX9168
Les Thiers BEXX9169
Les Tombes BEXX9170
Les Trieux BEXX9172
Les Trixhes BEXX9173
Les Trois Bras BEXX9174
Les Trous BEXX9177
Les Vignes BEXX9178
Les Villez BEXX9179
Les Violettes BEXX9180
Les Voleurs BEXX9181
Les Waibes BEXX9182
Les Waides BEXX9183
Les Waleffes BEXX9184
Les Wareschaix BEXX9185
Les Wastennes BEXX9186
Les Wayhays BEXX9187
Lescheret BEXX9190
Lescolais BEXX9191
Lesdain BEXX9192
Lesse BEXX9193
Lessenbroeken BEXX3661
Lessines BEXX0273
Lessive BEXX9194
Lestape BEXX9195
Lesterny BEXX9196
Lestpolders BEXX3662
Lestree BEXX9197
Lesve BEXX9198
Leten BEXX3663
Lettelingen BEXX9199
Lettenburg BEXX3664
Lettendries BEXX3665
Letterbeek BEXX3666
Letterheide BEXX3667
Letterhoutem BEXX3668
Leu BEXX3669
Leug BEXX3670
Leugenberg BEXX3671
Leugenboom BEXX3672
Leugnies BEXX9200
Leukeneinde BEXX3673
Leumont BEXX9201
Leupegem BEXX3674
Leurshoek BEXX3675
Leut BEXX3676
Leutsberg BEXX3677
Leuven BEXX0274
Leuvenstraat BEXX3678
Leuze BEXX9202
Leval BEXX9203
Leval-Trahegnies BEXX9205
Lexhy BEXX9206
Leykaul BEXX9207
Lez Fontaines BEXX9208
Lhoneux BEXX9209
Lhonneux BEXX9210
Liberchies BEXX9211
Libersart BEXX9212
Libertange BEXX9213
Libin BEXX0510
Libin Haut BEXX9214
Libois BEXX9215
Libomont BEXX9216
Libramont BEXX9217
Lichtaart BEXX3679
Lichtelaar BEXX3680
Lichten BEXX3681
Lichtenberg BEXX3682
Lichtenhoek BEXX3683
Lichtervelde BEXX0275
Liebroek BEXX3685
Liedekerke BEXX0276
Lieferinge BEXX3686
Liefkenshoek BEXX3687
Liege BEXX0011
Lieneux BEXX9218
Lienne BEXX9219
Lier BEXX0277
Lierenhoek BEXX3688
Lierneux BEXX0509
Liernu BEXX9220
Liers BEXX9221
Liery BEXX9222
Liessel BEXX3689
Liesselseheide BEXX3690
Liester BEXX3691
Lieu Pire BEXX9223
Liezele BEXX3692
Ligne BEXX9224
Lignely BEXX9225
Lignette BEXX9226
Ligneuville BEXX9227
Ligney BEXX9228
Lignieres BEXX9229
Ligny BEXX9230
Liherain BEXX9231
Lijsdonk BEXX3693
Lijssenthoek BEXX3694
Lil BEXX3695
Lille BEXX0278
Lillo BEXX3696
Lilo BEXX3697
Limal BEXX9233
Limberg BEXX3698
Limbos BEXX3699
Limbourg BEXX0279
Limelette BEXX9234
Limerle BEXX9235
Limes BEXX9236
Limet BEXX9237
Limoges BEXX9238
Limont BEXX9239
Limsonry BEXX9240
Lince BEXX9241
Lincent BEXX0508
Linchet BEXX9242
Linde BEXX3700
Lindeken BEXX3701
Lindel BEXX3702
Linden BEXX3703
Lindenhoek BEXX3704
Lindestraat BEXX3705
Lindeveldeken BEXX3706
Linkebeek BEXX0280
Linkhout BEXX3708
Linsmeau BEXX9243
Lint BEXX0281
Linter BEXX3710
Linthout BEXX3711
Liotte BEXX9244
Lippelo BEXX3712
Lippenhove BEXX3713
Lipseinde BEXX3714
Lipseveld BEXX3715
Liroux BEXX9245
Lischert BEXX9246
Lisereu BEXX9247
Liseu BEXX9248
Lisogne BEXX9249
Lisp BEXX3716
Lissewege BEXX3717
Lissoir BEXX9250
List BEXX3718
Litzemaarheide BEXX3719
Livarchamps BEXX9251
Lives-sur-Meuse BEXX9252
Lixhe BEXX9253
Lize BEXX9254
Lo BEXX3720
Lobbes BEXX0282
Lobe BEXX3721
Lobergen BEXX3722
Lobos BEXX3723
Lobroek BEXX3724
Lobrug BEXX3725
Lochristi BEXX0283
Locht BEXX3726
Lochtenberg BEXX3727
Loddershoek BEXX3728
Lodelinsart BEXX9255
Lodomez BEXX9256
Loeiend BEXX3729
Loen BEXX9257
Loenhout BEXX3730
Loever BEXX3731
Logbierme BEXX9258
Loge Wactiaux BEXX9259
Lograaf BEXX3732
Lohere BEXX9260
Lohiepre BEXX9261
Lohirville BEXX9262
Lohoeksken BEXX3733
Loie BEXX9263
Loker BEXX3734
Lokeren BEXX0012
Lokkerdijsse BEXX3736
Lokry BEXX9264
Loksbergen BEXX3737
Lombardsijde BEXX3738
Lombardsijde-Bad BEXX3739
Lombise BEXX9265
Lommel BEXX0284