Weather Codes for Belarus

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Belarus. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abakumy BOXX2474
Abalishki BOXX5091
Abidavichy BOXX8570
Abraimovka BOXX8571
Abramovichi BOXX0300
Abramovka BOXX2476
Abramovo BOXX0301
Abrova BOXX0302
Abyarowshchyna BOXX0303
Achukevichi BOXX5094
Adakhovshchina BOXX0304
Adamenka BOXX8572
Adamovichi BOXX5095
Adamovka BOXX2477
Adamovo BOXX0306
Adamovo BOXX5096
Adamovshchyzna BOXX5097
Adasi BOXX2478
Adryzhyn BOXX0307
Adverniki BOXX5100
Afanasovka BOXX2479
Agatovo BOXX5101
Ageyevka BOXX8573
Ageyevo BOXX8574
Agula BOXX8575
Aharevichy BOXX0308
Aharodniki BOXX0309
Ahdemyer BOXX0310
Akachi BOXX5102
Akanovichi BOXX5103
Akhonava BOXX5104
Akhova BOXX0311
Akhrimovtsy BOXX5105
Akriony BOXX2481
Aksenovka BOXX8579
Akshynka BOXX2482
Aktsyabr BOXX2483
Aktsyabr BOXX0312
Aktsyabrova BOXX2484
Aktsyabrski BOXX2485
Akulinka BOXX2486
Akulintsy BOXX8580
Ala BOXX8581
Albertyn BOXX5107
Alekhnovichi BOXX5108
Aleksandrina BOXX5109
Aleksandriya BOXX5110
Aleksandriya BOXX8582
Aleksandrov BOXX8583
Aleksandrov BOXX2489
Aleksandrovichi BOXX8584
Aleksandrovichi BOXX5111
Aleksandrovka BOXX8585
Aleksandrovka BOXX5112
Aleksandrovka BOXX0320
Aleksandrovka BOXX2490
Aleksandrovo BOXX5113
Aleksandrovo BOXX8588
Alekseyevichi BOXX0321
Alekseyevka BOXX2491
Alekseyevka BOXX8589
Alekseyki BOXX0322
Alekshishki BOXX5115
Aleksichi BOXX2492
Aleksichi BOXX5116
Ales BOXX2493
Alesenkovo BOXX8590
Aleshnya BOXX2494
Aleyniki BOXX8591
Alyaksandrawka BOXX2495
Alyaksyeyewka BOXX2496
Alyuty BOXX8592
Ambilevtsy BOXX5117
Ambrazhilevichi BOXX5118
Ambrozhishki BOXX5119
Amelino BOXX5121
Amerika BOXX8593
Aminovichi BOXX8594
Amkhinichi BOXX8595
Amolyany BOXX5122
Amur BOXX8598
Amur BOXX0028
Ananichi BOXX5123
Ananichi BOXX8600
Anatski BOXX5124
Andekolovo BOXX8602
Andrany BOXX8603
Andreyevichy BOXX5125
Andreyevka BOXX8604
Andreyevka BOXX2499
Andreyevskiy BOXX8605
Andreyevtsy BOXX5126
Andreykishki BOXX5127
Andriyanovka BOXX0324
Andronovo BOXX0325
Andruga BOXX4595
Andrushi BOXX5128
Andrushki BOXX5129
Andrusovshchina BOXX5130
Andryukhi BOXX8606
Andryushevtsy BOXX5131
Anisimovichi BOXX0326
Aniskavichy BOXX0327
Ankudy BOXX5132
Annospasskaya BOXX0328
Annovka BOXX2500
Anosovichi BOXX2501
Antonawka BOXX8609
Antonawka BOXX2502
Antonevo BOXX5133
Antonishki BOXX5134
Antonov BOXX2503
Antonova Buda BOXX8610
Antonovka BOXX2504
Antonovka BOXX8611
Antonovka BOXX5135
Antonovo BOXX0329
Antonovo BOXX5136
Antonovshchina BOXX5137
Antony BOXX5138
Antony BOXX0330
Antosino BOXX5139
Antushi BOXX2506
Anyutino BOXX8612
Anzhadava BOXX5140
Apalino-Basino BOXX5141
Apelyanovichi BOXX0332
Apolino BOXX5142
Apollonovka BOXX2507
Appalonovka BOXX8613
Apushiny BOXX5143
Arabniki BOXX0334
Arabovshchina BOXX0335
Aranchytsy BOXX0336
Arava BOXX8614
Ardashy BOXX5144
Arekhava BOXX0337
Arekhawka BOXX8615
Arekhawski BOXX0338
Arkadiya BOXX0339
Artekhov BOXX8616
Artemovka BOXX8617
Artuki BOXX2509
Artychanka BOXX0340
Artyukhi BOXX8618
Artyukhovka BOXX8619
Artyukhovskiye BOXX2510
Artyushi BOXX5145
Asany BOXX5146
Asarevichy BOXX2511
Asatniki BOXX5147
Asavyets BOXX2512
Asavyets BOXX8620
Asawtsy BOXX0341
Aseredok BOXX8621
Ashmyany BOXX5148
Asinawka BOXX8622
Asipovichy BOXX0201
Aslavenyaty BOXX5150
Asmolovichi BOXX8623
Asnyezhytsy BOXX0342
Asoshniki BOXX0343
Astashishki BOXX5151
Astashkavichy BOXX2513
Astramechava BOXX0344
Astravy BOXX2514
Astravyets BOXX5152
Astrazhanka BOXX2515
Astreni BOXX8624
Astromichy BOXX0345
Astryna BOXX0202
Atirki BOXX2516
Atok BOXX4596
Atolin BOXX0346
Atroshkovichi BOXX8626
Atsminava BOXX5153
Avangard BOXX2517
Avdeyevichi BOXX5155
Aveny BOXX5156
Avgustovo BOXX8627
Avkhimki BOXX8628
Avraamovka BOXX8629
Avsimovichi BOXX8630
Avtukhovka BOXX8631
Awsyanka BOXX8632
Aytsvily BOXX5157
Ayutsavichy BOXX5158
Azanchevka BOXX8633
Azarichi BOXX8634
Azarovka BOXX8635
Azarychy BOXX2518
Azdamichy BOXX0347
Azdzyelina BOXX2519
Azertsy BOXX8636
Azhinavichy BOXX5160
Azhubali BOXX5161
Azhugery BOXX5162
Azhuroysti BOXX5164
Azyarany BOXX2520
Azyaty BOXX0348
Azyershchyna BOXX2521
Azyory BOXX5165
Baba BOXX2045
Babchino BOXX8637
Babchyn BOXX2522
Babichi BOXX5166
Babichi BOXX2523
Babichi BOXX0349
Babichy BOXX2524
Babinets BOXX0350
Babinichi BOXX5167
Babinka BOXX8638
Babinki BOXX8639
Babino BOXX5168
Babino Pervoye BOXX8640
Babino Vtoroye BOXX8641
Babirova BOXX8642
Babki BOXX4597
Babonevka BOXX5169
Babovichy BOXX2525
Babranyaty BOXX2526
Babrovichy BOXX0351
Babrovichy BOXX2527
Babruysk BOXX8643
Babunichy BOXX2528
Baby BOXX4598
Bachki BOXX8644
Badiny BOXX0352
Bagny BOXX0353
Bagon BOXX5171
Bagraitsa BOXX4599
Bagrimovichi BOXX2529
Bagushowka BOXX5172
Bahdanavichy BOXX2530
Bahdanawka BOXX0354
Bakanovo BOXX8645
Bakhani BOXX8647
Bakhanskiye BOXX8648
Bakhany BOXX8649
Bakhmoty BOXX5173
Bakhotets BOXX8650
Baki BOXX5174
Bakov BOXX8651
Bakova Sloboda BOXX8652
Bakshty BOXX5175
Bakunovichi BOXX8653
Bakuny BOXX2531
Bakuny BOXX5176
Bakuny BOXX0355
Balaba BOXX2533
Balabanovichi BOXX0356
Balandichi BOXX0357
Balashevichi BOXX8654
Balashevka BOXX2534
Balazhevichi BOXX2535
Baleshin BOXX8655
Bali BOXX5177
Balichy BOXX5178
Balinenta BOXX5179
Balotnya BOXX2536
Baloty BOXX0358
Balsuny BOXX2537
Balvanishki BOXX5181
Balymshchina BOXX5182
Banevka BOXX8658
Banifatsevo BOXX5183
Barak BOXX8659
Baranava BOXX5184
Baranavichy BOXX5185
Baranavichy BOXX0029
Barani BOXX5186
Baraniy Rog BOXX2538
Baranki BOXX0359
Baranov Lesok BOXX4600
Baranovichi BOXX8660
Baranovichi BOXX5187
Baranovici BOXX0020
Baranovka BOXX2539
Barantsy BOXX5188
Barantsy BOXX2540
Barantsy BOXX0360
Barantsy BOXX8662
Barantsy Vtoryye BOXX8663
Barany BOXX0361
Baratino BOXX0362
Baratino BOXX8664
Baratynskiy Mokh BOXX4601
Baraviki BOXX2541
Baraviki BOXX0363
Baravitsa BOXX8665
Baravoye BOXX0077
Barbarichi BOXX5189
Barbarovo BOXX8666
Barbarow BOXX2542
Barbary BOXX2543
Barchitsy BOXX8667
Bardichi BOXX8668
Bardily BOXX8669
Bardino BOXX2544
Barishino BOXX5190
Bariskovichi BOXX8670
Barkalabava BOXX8671
Barki Pyershyya BOXX8672
Barmuty BOXX0364
Barodzichy BOXX5191
Barok BOXX8673
Barovo BOXX5192
Barshchevo BOXX0365
Barshchowka BOXX2545
Barsuki BOXX0030
Barsuki BOXX2546
Barsuki BOXX8675
Barsukova BOXX0366
Barsukovka BOXX8676
Bartashi BOXX5193
Barteshishki BOXX5194
Bartniki BOXX0367
Bartolomeyevka BOXX2547
Baruny BOXX5195
Barvichi BOXX5196
Barysavichy BOXX8677
Barysaw BOXX0031
Barysawshchyna BOXX2548
Baryshevka BOXX8678
Bashary BOXX8679
Bashitsa BOXX2549
Bashkirovka BOXX8680
Bashtan BOXX2550
Basin BOXX8681
Basin BOXX5197
Bastenovichi BOXX8682
Bastuny BOXX5198
Bastychi BOXX0368
Basya BOXX8683
Batareya BOXX0370
Batayevo BOXX8684
Batchy BOXX0371
Batrak BOXX8685
Batsevichy BOXX8686
Batsvinawka BOXX8687
Batuki BOXX5199
Bauki BOXX5200
Bawsyevichy BOXX8689
Bayanovo BOXX8690
Bayarsk BOXX5201
Bayary BOXX5202
Bayby BOXX5203
Baydaki BOXX2552
Bayevka BOXX8691
Baykany BOXX5204
Bayki BOXX5205
Bayki BOXX0372
Baylyuki BOXX8692
Bayrashi BOXX5206
Bazary BOXX5207
Bazyli BOXX5208
Bechanskaya Buda BOXX2553
Bechi BOXX2554
Begene Male BOXX5209
Begeni BOXX5210
Begoml BOXX0068
Bekeshevka BOXX0373
Beki BOXX2555
Bekyany BOXX5211
Belanovichi BOXX2557
Belanovo BOXX8697
Belavichi BOXX5215
Belavka BOXX8698
Belaya BOXX0376
Belaya BOXX2558
Belaya BOXX8699
Belaya BOXX5216
Belaya Soroka BOXX2559
Belaya Voda BOXX5217
Belaye Balota BOXX2560
Belenok BOXX0377
Beleny BOXX2562
Belev BOXX2563
Belevichi BOXX8700
Belevo BOXX5219
Belevskoye BOXX2046
Belevtsy BOXX5220
Belichany BOXX5221
Belin BOXX0378
Belinka BOXX8701
Belinok BOXX0379
Belishcheno BOXX8702
Belitsa BOXX2564
Belivitsa BOXX8703
Belka BOXX2565
Belki BOXX4602
Beloboloto BOXX5222
Belogruda BOXX5223
Belogusha BOXX0380
Belolesskoye BOXX2568
Belolozy BOXX5224
Belousovshchina BOXX0381
Beloye BOXX2570
Beloye BOXX5225
Belozerovtsy BOXX5226
Belundzi BOXX5227
Beluzhishki BOXX5228
Belyaki BOXX2571
Belyaki BOXX5229
Belyakovshchina BOXX5230
Belyany BOXX5231
Belyavshchina BOXX8705
Belyavshchina BOXX5232
Belynets BOXX8706
Belynichi BOXX0070
Belyuntsy BOXX5233
Belyuny BOXX5234
Belyy Bereg BOXX2572
Belyy Bereg BOXX5235
Belyy Dvorik BOXX5236
Belyy Kolodets BOXX2573
Belyy Lesok BOXX0382
Belyy Log BOXX8708
Belyy Mokh BOXX8709
Belyy Pereyezd BOXX2574
Belyye Lugi BOXX5237
Benevichi BOXX5239
Beneyki BOXX5240
Benin BOXX5241
Benitskovshcina BOXX5242
Benkevichi BOXX5243
Benyany BOXX5244
Benyuny BOXX5245
Benzovshchina BOXX5246
Berdashi BOXX5247
Berdiki BOXX5248
Berdovichi BOXX5249
Berdovka BOXX5250
Berduny BOXX0383
Berdychi BOXX0384
Berdyzh BOXX2575
Bereg BOXX2576
Beregovoy BOXX5251
Beregovtsy BOXX5252
Berendishki BOXX5253
Beresnevka BOXX2578
Beresnevka BOXX8710
Berestechko BOXX2579
Berestovets BOXX2580
Berestovichany BOXX5254
Berestovitsa BOXX5255
Berestovitskiy BOXX5256
Berestovka BOXX2581
Beresty BOXX0386
Beretishki BOXX5257
Bereva BOXX2582
Bereza BOXX8711
Bereza BOXX0387
Bereza BOXX2583
Berezetnya BOXX8712
Berezhany BOXX5258
Berezhistoye BOXX8713
Berezhki BOXX5259
Berezhki BOXX8714
Berezhtsy BOXX2584
Berezina BOXX2585
Berezina BOXX8715
Berezino BOXX0071
Berezka BOXX8717
Berezki BOXX0388
Berezki BOXX2586
Berezlyany BOXX0389
Berezna BOXX0390
Berezna BOXX5260
Bereznik BOXX8068
Bereznyaki BOXX5262
Bereznyaki BOXX2587
Bereznyaki BOXX0392
Berezovets BOXX5264
Berezovichi BOXX8719
Berezovka BOXX0393
Berezovka BOXX5265
Berezovka BOXX8720
Berezovka BOXX2589
Berezovtse Velke BOXX5266
Berezovyy Gay BOXX2591
Berezovyy Mostik BOXX5268
Bereztsy BOXX0394
Berezuga BOXX8721
Berezuyki BOXX8722
Berezy BOXX5269
Bergeli BOXX5270
Berkov BOXX2592
Berkozy BOXX0395
Berlash BOXX2593
Bernatovshchina BOXX5271
Berniki BOXX5272
Bernuti BOXX5273
Bervena BOXX2594
Bervenovka BOXX2595
Berventsy BOXX5274
Bervy BOXX8724
Berzhelaty BOXX5275
Besedki BOXX2596
Besedskiy Prudok BOXX8726
Besedy BOXX2597
Beshanki BOXX5276
Beskakovo BOXX8727
Beskovka BOXX8728
Betyuny BOXX5277
Beygi BOXX5278
Bezbozhnik BOXX2598
Bezdany BOXX5279
Bezgachevo BOXX8730
Bezhemtsy BOXX5280
Bezkhlebichi BOXX0396
Bezvodichi BOXX8731
Bezvodnaya BOXX5281
Bezvodniki BOXX5282
Bibiki BOXX2599
Bibiki BOXX5283
Bibki BOXX5284
Bibkovshchina BOXX8732
Bienkowce BOXX0397
Bilantsy BOXX5287
Bili BOXX5288
Bircha BOXX8734
Biryuli BOXX8735
Biryulichi BOXX5289
Birzhini BOXX5290
Biskupka BOXX8736
Biskuptsy BOXX5291
Bitevtsy BOXX5292
Bitonyaty BOXX5293
Bitsevichi BOXX5294
Biyutishki BOXX5295
Bizherevichi BOXX0398
Blagovka BOXX8738
Blahavichy BOXX8739
Blazhki BOXX0399
Blazhki BOXX8740
Blazhki BOXX2601
Bliung BOXX8741
Bliznaya BOXX0400
Bliznetsy BOXX2602
Blotkovshchina BOXX5296
Bludemlya BOXX8743
Blyudnitsa BOXX2603
Blyuvinichi BOXX0401
Blyuyev BOXX2604
Bobinka BOXX0402
Bobinsk BOXX5297
Bobki BOXX0403
Boblovo BOXX5298
Bobnov BOXX2605
Bobovishche BOXX0404
Bobovka BOXX8745
Bobovka BOXX2606
Bobra BOXX5299
Bobrik BOXX2608
Bobriki BOXX5300
Bobrovichi BOXX8746
Bobrovichi BOXX5301
Bobrovka BOXX8747
Bobrovniki BOXX5302
Bobrovnya BOXX5303
Bobrovo BOXX8748
Bobrovskiy BOXX2609
Bobrovtsy BOXX0405
Bobruyki BOXX2610
Bobruysr BOXX0022
Bobry BOXX5304
Bobry BOXX2611
Bobry BOXX0406
Bobryk BOXX0407
Bobyli BOXX5305
Bocheshniki BOXX5306
Boderyy BOXX2612
Bodivoly BOXX5307
Bodryy BOXX2613
Bogachi BOXX0408
Bogdan BOXX2614
Bogdanishki BOXX5309
Bogdanovka BOXX8750
Bogdanovka BOXX5310
Bogdanovka BOXX2615
Bogdanovtsy BOXX5311
Bogdany BOXX0409
Bogdi BOXX5312
Bogdyuki BOXX5313
Bogdyuki BOXX0410
Bogomolovka BOXX2616
Bogudenka BOXX5314
Bogunovka BOXX8751
Bogushchi BOXX2617
Bogushevo BOXX0411
Bogushevsk BOXX0073
Bogushi BOXX2618
Bogushi BOXX0412
Bogushi BOXX5315
Bogushovka BOXX8752
Boguslavitsa BOXX2619
Boguslavka BOXX8753
Boguslavka BOXX0413
Boguslovovo BOXX5316
Bogutichi BOXX2620
Bokinichi BOXX0414
Bokotovka BOXX8754
Bokshishki BOXX5317
Bolbecheno BOXX8792
Bolby BOXX5353
Boldui BOXX2630
Bolgary BOXX0429
Bolin BOXX8793
Bolonovka BOXX8796
Bolotniki BOXX5354
Boloto Velikoye BOXX4604
Bolotse-Klintsy BOXX5355
Boltichi BOXX0430
Boltichi BOXX5356
Boltovo BOXX2631
Boltup BOXX5357
Bolty BOXX5358
Bolvanovka BOXX8797
Bondari BOXX5359
Bondarikha BOXX4605
Boni BOXX8798
Bor BOXX2632
Bor BOXX5360
Bor BOXX0431
Bor-Dubenetskiy BOXX0432
Bor-Lipy BOXX0433
Boratin BOXX5361
Borchanki BOXX2633
Bordevka BOXX0434
Bordinichi BOXX8800
Borets BOXX2634
Boreyki BOXX8801
Borichev BOXX2635
Borichevichi BOXX0435
Borisiki BOXX0436
Boriskovichi BOXX2636
Borisov BOXX0001
Borisovka BOXX8802
Borisovka BOXX0437
Borisovka BOXX5362
Borisovo BOXX0438
Borisovshchina BOXX8803
Borisy BOXX0439
Borkavichy BOXX0076
Borkhov BOXX2637
Borki BOXX8804
Borki BOXX5363
Borki BOXX2638
Borki BOXX0440
Bornyavets BOXX0441
Borodenki BOXX8805
Borodichi BOXX0442
Borodki BOXX8806
Borodyny BOXX5364
Borok BOXX8807
Borok BOXX2639
Borovaya BOXX8813
Borovaya BOXX2640
Borovaya BOXX0443
Borovaya Buda BOXX2641
Borovaya Glinka BOXX2642
Boroviki BOXX0444
Boroviki BOXX2643
Boroviki BOXX5365
Borovishche BOXX8814
Borovitsa BOXX2644
Borovka BOXX8815
Borovki BOXX8816
Borovo BOXX5366
Borovoye Lyado BOXX2645
Borovtsy BOXX0445
Borovukha BOXX2646
Borovyye BOXX5367
Borshchevka BOXX8817
Borshchevka BOXX2647
Borshchevo BOXX8818
Borshchi BOXX0446
Borti BOXX5368
Bortniki BOXX5369
Bortnovichi BOXX0447
Bortny BOXX8819
Bortyaki BOXX5370
Boruki BOXX5371
Borusk BOXX2648
Borutishki BOXX5372
Borzdily BOXX0448
Boshnya BOXX0449
Bosyach BOXX0450
Botovo BOXX0451
Botskovichi BOXX5373
Botvinovo BOXX2649
Botyany BOXX5374
Boubli BOXX5375
Bovgorka BOXX2650
Bovshevets BOXX8821
Bovshevo BOXX8822
Bowki BOXX8823
Boyanov BOXX2651
Boyarki BOXX5376
Boyarshchina BOXX8824
Boyarskaya BOXX5377
Boyary BOXX5378
Boyary BOXX0452
Boyary BOXX8825
Boydaty BOXX5383
Boyets BOXX2652
Boyevoy BOXX2653
Boykevichi BOXX5384
Bozhki BOXX0453
Bozok BOXX8826
Brady BOXX0454
Bradzyatsin BOXX0455
Bragi BOXX8827
Bragi BOXX5385
Brahin BOXX0034
Brakova Sloboda BOXX8828
Brakovo BOXX5386
Brakovo BOXX8829
Brakovshchina BOXX8830
Branislaw BOXX2654
Brantovtsy BOXX0456
Brantsy BOXX5387
Brashevichy BOXX0457
Braslaw BOXX0080
Bratskaya BOXX2655
Bratskiy BOXX2656
Bratstvo BOXX2657
Bratylovo BOXX0458
Brest BOXX0023
Bretyanka BOXX5389
Brichitsy BOXX5390
Briksichi BOXX0459
Brilev BOXX2658
Brilevka BOXX8832
Brilevo BOXX2659
Brilevo BOXX0460
Brindenyata BOXX5391
Brinevo BOXX2660
Brod BOXX2661
Brod BOXX8833
Brod Zheltyy BOXX4606
Brodche BOXX0461
Brodishche BOXX8834
Brodishche BOXX5392
Brodki BOXX2662
Brodnitsa BOXX8835
Brodok BOXX0463
Brodok BOXX8836
Brodtsy BOXX2663
Brody BOXX2664
Brody BOXX0464
Brody BOXX8837
Brody-Yurkovichi BOXX5393
Bronnaya Hara BOXX0465
Bronnaye BOXX2665
Bronnitsa BOXX2666
Bronnoye BOXX2667
Bronosovo BOXX5395
Brosovinka BOXX8838
Brosty BOXX5396
Brovsk BOXX5397
Brozha BOXX0082
Brozhka BOXX8839
Brud BOXX5398
Brukovitsa BOXX0466
Brus BOXX8840
Bruski BOXX8841
Brusok BOXX4607
Brusovo BOXX2669
Brusy BOXX8842
Bruyevka BOXX8843
Bruzgi BOXX5399
Bryansk BOXX8844
Brylevka BOXX8845
Bryli BOXX8846
Brynyow BOXX2670
Brytsalavichy BOXX8847
Bryukhanishki BOXX5400
Bubnovka BOXX2671
Bubny BOXX5401
Buchevlyanka BOXX0470
Buda BOXX8848
Buda BOXX2672
Buda-Kashalyova BOXX2673
Buda-Koshelevo BOXX0083
Buda-Petritskaya BOXX2677
Buda-Safiyewka BOXX2678
Budatin BOXX2679
Budcha BOXX0471
Budchin BOXX2680
Budenovka BOXX8849
Budilka BOXX2681
Budino BOXX8850
Budishche BOXX2682
Budishche BOXX8851
Budishche BOXX5402
Budka BOXX2684
Budka-Shibenka BOXX2685
Budki BOXX0472
Budki BOXX2686
Budnevo BOXX8852
Budniki BOXX5403
Budniki BOXX8853
Budnitskiy BOXX8854
Budnyye BOXX5404
Budochka BOXX8855
Budovlya BOXX8857
Budovlya BOXX5405
Budovnik BOXX2687
Budrany BOXX5406
Budrevichi BOXX5407
Budrovtsy BOXX5408
Budy BOXX0473
Budynki BOXX0474
Budzyonawka BOXX5409
Buglai BOXX8859
Buglayevo BOXX8860
Bugrimovka BOXX2688
Bugry BOXX2689
Buk BOXX2690
Bukalov BOXX2691
Bukcha BOXX2692
Bukhavichy BOXX0475
Bukhlichy BOXX0476
Bukhovka BOXX8862
Bukino BOXX8863
Bukshtava BOXX5410
Bula BOXX0477
Bulanyy BOXX8864
Bulavki BOXX2693
Bulets BOXX2694
Bulgary BOXX8865
Bulino BOXX8866
Bulkov BOXX2695
Bulkowo BOXX0478
Bulyzhitsy BOXX8867
Bumazhkovo BOXX2696
Bunyany BOXX5411
Burdevichi BOXX5412
Burduki BOXX5413
Burdykovshchina BOXX0479
Burki BOXX2698
Burlak BOXX2699
Burmaki BOXX0480
Burnevka BOXX8869
Burnevo BOXX5414
Burnosy BOXX5415
Burnyy BOXX2700
Burosovo BOXX8870
Burovshchina BOXX8871
Burtichi BOXX5416
Burtishki BOXX5417
Busa BOXX0481
Bushatin BOXX2701
Bushevka BOXX2702
Bushki BOXX5418
Bushlyaki BOXX8872
Bushmichi BOXX0482
Bushnevo BOXX5419
Bushnyaki BOXX0483
Bushovka BOXX8873
Busni BOXX0484
Busyazh BOXX0485
Butily BOXX5420
Butoka BOXX8874
Butrimovka BOXX8875
Butromeyevka BOXX8876
Butvilovichi BOXX5421
Buyaki BOXX5422
Buyaki BOXX0487
Buyanishki BOXX5423
Buyantsy BOXX5424
Buykavichy BOXX2703
Buyki BOXX5425
Buynavichy BOXX2704
Buynevichi BOXX0488
Buynichy BOXX8877
Buyvichi BOXX5426
Buzuny BOXX0489
Byalavichy BOXX0490
Byale Yezero BOXX0491
Byalkowshchyna BOXX5427
Byalolese BOXX0492
Byalyayewka BOXX2705
Byalynichy BOXX8878
Byalynkavichy BOXX8879
Byalyova BOXX0493
Byalyow BOXX2706
Byarnady BOXX0494
Byaroza BOXX0495
Byarozavichy BOXX0496
Byarozawka BOXX8880
Byarozawka BOXX2707
Byarozki BOXX8881
Byarozki BOXX2708
Byasyedavichy BOXX8882
Byazuyevichy BOXX8883
Byazuyew BOXX2709
Bych BOXX0497
Byelaazyorsk BOXX0498
Byelahurna BOXX5430
Byelavusha BOXX0499
Byelavyezhski BOXX0500
Byelaya Dubrova BOXX8885
Byelitsa BOXX5431
Byelitsk BOXX2710
Byenyakoni BOXX5432
Byerazhna BOXX5433
Byerazhnoye BOXX0501
Byerazino BOXX0035
Byeraznyaki BOXX2711
Byeraztsy BOXX0502
Byershty BOXX5434
Byezdzyezh BOXX0503
Bykhaw BOXX8887
Bykhov BOXX0085
Byki BOXX0504
Byki BOXX2713
Bykovets BOXX4609
Bykovichi BOXX8888
Bykovichi BOXX5435
Bykovka BOXX5436
Bylinskiye BOXX5438
Bynovo BOXX8889
Byorda BOXX8890
Bystraya BOXX8891
Bystrik BOXX8892
Bystritsa BOXX8893
Bystritsa BOXX5439
Bystrytsa BOXX0505
Byten BOXX0086
Bytkovshchina BOXX0506
Bzhegi BOXX5440
Bzhozuvka BOXX5441
Chabakhi BOXX0508
Chabatovichy BOXX2715
Chachersk BOXX0089
Chachevichy BOXX8894
Chakhets BOXX0510
Chalyushchavichy BOXX2716
Chamlya BOXX0511
Chamyarysy BOXX2717
Chapayevka BOXX2719
Chapayevo BOXX2720
Chapayevo BOXX8895
Chapayevskiy BOXX2721
Chaplevshchina BOXX5443
Chapli BOXX5444
Chaplichi BOXX5445
Chaplin BOXX2722
Chapurkino BOXX8896
Chapyalinka BOXX8897
Charatsyanka BOXX2723
Chareya BOXX0090
Charnaruchcha BOXX8898
Charnawchytsy BOXX0512
Charny-Ruchay BOXX5446
Charnyany BOXX0513
Charnyawka BOXX8899
Charot BOXX2724
Charotyanka BOXX4610
Chashniki BOXX8900
Chashniki BOXX0087
Chausy BOXX0088
Chavusy BOXX8901
Checherovka BOXX8902
Chegliki BOXX5447
Chekhi BOXX5448
Chekhi BOXX2725
Chekhovtsy BOXX5450
Chelishchevichi BOXX0514
Chelnovka BOXX2049
Chemely BOXX0515
Chemeri BOXX0516
Chemeri Pervyye BOXX0517
Chemeri Vtoryye BOXX0518
Chemerin BOXX0519
Chemernoye BOXX2726
Chemernoye BOXX8903
Chemernya BOXX2727
Chemery BOXX5451
Chemkov BOXX2728
Chenevichi BOXX5452
Chepchin BOXX2729
Chepelevo BOXX5453
Chepeli BOXX0521
Chepleyevka BOXX8905
Cherchenovka BOXX8906
Cherchenoye BOXX8907
Cherchiki BOXX5454
Cherebasovo BOXX0522
Cherebomir BOXX8908
Cheremushki BOXX5455
Cheremushki BOXX8909
Cherenki BOXX8910
Cherepovka BOXX2730
Cherepy BOXX8911
Chereshlya BOXX5457
Cherety BOXX2731
Cheretyanka BOXX2732
Cherevach BOXX8912
Cherevachitsy BOXX0523
Cherevki BOXX5458
Cherikov BOXX0091
Cherjomushki BOXX8913
Cherkasy BOXX5459
Cherkesy BOXX5460
Cherlenka BOXX5461
Cherlona BOXX5462
Chernaki BOXX0524
Chernaki-Malyye BOXX0525
Chernaya Luzha BOXX5463
Chernaya Sosna BOXX8914
Chernaya Virnya BOXX2733
Cherneli BOXX5464
Chernev BOXX2734
Chernevichi BOXX5465
Chernevo BOXX0526
Cherneyevichi BOXX0527
Cherneyki BOXX2735
Cherni BOXX0528
Chernichi BOXX2736
Chernichnoye BOXX0529
Chernilovo BOXX8915
Chernin BOXX2737
Chernin BOXX8916
Chernishki BOXX5466
Chernitsa BOXX5467
Chernitsa BOXX8917
Chernogryaz BOXX8919
Chernorechka BOXX8922
Chernotskoye BOXX2738
Chernousy BOXX8923
Chernovo Pervoye BOXX0530
Chernovo Vtoroye BOXX0531
Chernovshchina BOXX2739
Chernozemovka BOXX8924
Chernukha BOXX5468
Chernushka BOXX5469
Chernya BOXX8925
Chernyaki BOXX5470
Chernyakovka BOXX8926
Chernyakovo BOXX0532
Chernyatin BOXX2740
Chernyaty BOXX5471
Chernyavka BOXX0092
Chernyavka BOXX5472
Chernyavka BOXX2742
Chernyavtsy BOXX8927
Chernyewka BOXX8928
Chernyshi BOXX8929
Chernyshin BOXX8930
Chernyy Bor BOXX5473
Chernyy Lug BOXX5474
Chernyye Brody BOXX2744
Chernyye Ozera BOXX2051
Chersk BOXX0533
Chertezh BOXX2746
Chertok BOXX5475
Cherven BOXX0093
Chervonaya Niva BOXX8931
Chervonoarmeyets BOXX8932
Chervonoye Selo BOXX5476
Chervonyy BOXX8933
Chervonyy Ostrov BOXX8934
Cherykaw BOXX8936
Cheshchevlyany BOXX5477
Chesheyki BOXX5478
Chetvernya BOXX2749
Chetyrki BOXX5479
Chichinovshchina BOXX5480
Chigiri BOXX8937
Chigrinovka BOXX8938
Chikalovichi BOXX2750
Chikovka BOXX8939
Chileyevo BOXX0534
Chirchino BOXX8940
Chirkantsy BOXX5481
Chirkov BOXX8941
Chirvony Sad BOXX8942
Chirvonyy Bor BOXX2751
Chirvonyy Borets BOXX2752
Chirvonyy Ostrov BOXX2753
Chistaya Luzha BOXX2754
Chistiki BOXX8943
Chistyye Luzhi BOXX2755
Chitovyye BOXX8944
Chiyane BOXX2756
Chizhevichi BOXX0535
Chizhevshchizna BOXX0536
Chizhevsk BOXX5482
Chizhi BOXX8945
Chizhovshchina BOXX5483
Chizhuny BOXX5484
Chkalovo BOXX2758
Chonki BOXX2759
Chornaye BOXX2760
Chorny Bor BOXX8946
Chudin BOXX0094
Chudovshchina BOXX5485
Chudyany BOXX8949
Chudzin BOXX0537
Chukhava BOXX0538
Chukhny BOXX5486
Churai BOXX5487
Churilovo BOXX8950
Churki BOXX5488
Chvirki BOXX0539
Chvyri BOXX0540
Chyerni BOXX0541
Chyhirynka BOXX8951
Chykili BOXX8952
Chyrkavichy BOXX2761
Chyrvonaya Buda BOXX8953
Chyrvonaya Zorka BOXX2764
Chyrvonaye BOXX2765
Chyrvony Byerah BOXX2766
Dabrahoshcha BOXX2767
Dabraslawka BOXX0543
Dabravolya BOXX5489
Dabuchyn BOXX0545
Dabuzha BOXX8956
Dacha BOXX8957
Dachnoye BOXX8958
Dachnyy BOXX8959
Dakhlovo BOXX0546
Dakudava BOXX5490
Dalekiye BOXX8964
Dalekiye BOXX5491
Dalenshchina BOXX8965
Damachava BOXX0548
Damamyerychy BOXX8966
Damanava BOXX0549
Damanavichy BOXX2768
Damashevichy BOXX0550
Damashytsy BOXX0551
Dambrovo BOXX5492
Damovtsy BOXX5493
Danilavichy BOXX5494
Danilawtsy BOXX5495
Danileyevka BOXX4612
Danilki BOXX5496
Danilov Most BOXX8968
Danilovka BOXX2770
Danilovka BOXX8969
Danilovsk BOXX8970
Danilyevichy BOXX2771
Dantsy BOXX5497
Danyushevo BOXX5498
Darahanava BOXX8971
Darahaya BOXX8972
Darani BOXX5499
Dareni BOXX5500
Darevo-Chizh BOXX0552
Darguzhi BOXX0553
Darlivoye BOXX8973
Dary Pervyye BOXX8974
Dashevichi BOXX0554
Dashkavichy BOXX5501
Dashkawka BOXX8975
Dashkovka BOXX8976
Dashkovtsy BOXX5502
Dastoyeva BOXX0555
Daukshishki BOXX5503
David-Gorodok BOXX0095
Davnaryshki BOXX5504
Davtyuny BOXX5505
Davyd-Haradok BOXX0556
Davydavichy BOXX8977
Davydawka BOXX2772
Davydovichi BOXX2773
Dawhalyessye BOXX2774
Dawhyerdzishki BOXX5506
Dawlyady BOXX2775
Daylidki BOXX5507
Daylidy BOXX5508
Daynopole BOXX5509
Daynova BOXX5510
Daynova Pervaya BOXX5511
Daynova Vtoraya BOXX5512
Daynovka BOXX5513
Debesi BOXX5514
Dedki BOXX8978
Dedlovo BOXX2776
Dednovo BOXX8979
Dednoye BOXX2777
Dednya BOXX8980
Dedov Kurgan BOXX2778
Dedovichi BOXX0558
Dedovka BOXX0559
Dedovka Malaya BOXX0560
Dedovo BOXX8981
Deduki BOXX5515
Degisi BOXX5516
Degtyary BOXX5517
Dekalovichi BOXX5518
Dekoly BOXX0561
Demenka BOXX8982
Demenka BOXX2779
Demeyevka BOXX2780
Demidkovo BOXX5519
Demidovichi BOXX5520
Demidovka BOXX2781
Demidy BOXX2782
Demino BOXX2783
Demyachintsy BOXX0562
Demyanichi BOXX0563
Demyanovtsy BOXX5521
Dendelishki BOXX5523
Deniskovichi BOXX2784
Denisovichi BOXX2785
Denovishki BOXX5524
Deraki BOXX5525
Derazhnya BOXX2786
Derbichi BOXX2787
Derbin BOXX2788
Derbinki BOXX2789
Derevishche BOXX2790
Derevnaya BOXX0564
Derevtsy BOXX8984
Dergili BOXX5526
Derkachi BOXX5527
Dernovaya BOXX8985
Dertniki BOXX5528
Dertnitsa BOXX5529
Dervany BOXX5530
Derveli BOXX5531
Derzhinovo BOXX5532
Deshevichi BOXX5533
Deshkovichi BOXX5534
Deshkovtsy BOXX5535
Deshkovtsy-Grud BOXX5536
Desnakita BOXX8986
Desyatiny BOXX8987
Detki BOXX5537
Detkovichi BOXX8988
Detomlya BOXX5538
Devchin BOXX8989
Devergi BOXX5539
Devoshitsy BOXX8990
Devyatki BOXX0565
Devyatki BOXX5540
Devyatkovtsy BOXX5541
Devyatovka BOXX5542
Dikalovka BOXX2791
Dikiy Nikor BOXX2052
Dikovo BOXX2792
Dikushki BOXX5543
Dimamerki BOXX2793
Dinevichi BOXX5544
Dirmuny BOXX5545
Disna BOXX0096
Ditovetchina BOXX0566
Ditriki BOXX5546
Divnovo BOXX8991
Dmitriyevka BOXX2794
Dmitrovtsy BOXX5547
Dnepr BOXX8994
Dneprik BOXX2795
Dneprovets BOXX2796
Dneprovskiy BOXX2797
Dobasna BOXX8995
Dobovichi BOXX5548
Dobraya BOXX8996
Dobraya Nadezhda BOXX2798
Dobraya Volya BOXX0567
Dobraye BOXX8997
Dobreyka BOXX8998
Dobrich BOXX2799
Dobrilovichi BOXX8999
Dobrinevo BOXX0568
Dobrinskiy BOXX2801
Dobritsa BOXX9000
Dobrogoshcha BOXX2802
Dobrosnevichi BOXX9001
Dobrosovo BOXX0570
Dobrotino BOXX9002
Dobrovlyany BOXX5550
Dobrovolets BOXX2804
Dobroye BOXX0571
Dobrush BOXX0002
Dobryanka BOXX9003
Dobryy Bor BOXX0572
Dobryy Dub BOXX9004
Dobryy Ostrov BOXX2807
Dobryy Rog BOXX2808
Dobuzha BOXX2809
Dogi BOXX5551
Dokhny BOXX5552
Dokshytsy BOXX0036
Dolbenki BOXX5553
Dolbnevichi BOXX5554
Dolbnevo BOXX0573
Dolbtsy BOXX2810
Dolgaya BOXX9005
Dolgaya BOXX0574
Dolgaya BOXX5555
Dolgaya Dubrava BOXX9006
Dolgaya Dubrova BOXX2811
Dolgaya Gryadka BOXX2053
Dolginovo BOXX0100
Dolginovo BOXX5556
Dolgiy BOXX2054
Dolgiy BOXX2812
Dolgiy Borok BOXX5557
Dolgiy Grud BOXX2055
Dolgiy Klin BOXX9008
Dolgiy Les BOXX9009
Dolgiy Log BOXX9010
Dolgiy Mokh BOXX9011
Dolgiy Ostrov BOXX4613
Dolgopolichi BOXX5559
Dolgovskoye BOXX2813
Dolgoye BOXX9012
Dolgoye BOXX0575
Dolina BOXX2814
Dolina BOXX5560
Dolinyany BOXX5561
Dolki BOXX0576
Dolmatovshchina BOXX5562
Dolzhanka BOXX9013
Dom Internat BOXX2815
Domanovo BOXX9014
Domany BOXX9015
Domashi BOXX0577
Dombrovka BOXX0578
Domeyki BOXX5563
Dominishki BOXX5564
Domouvka BOXX5565
Domutsevtsy BOXX5566
Donevichi BOXX5567
Dordishki BOXX5568
Dorhishki BOXX5571
Dorki BOXX9016
Dorki BOXX2816
Doroglyany BOXX5572
Dorogobushka BOXX5573
Dorogovo BOXX5574
Doroshevichi BOXX5575
Doroshevichi BOXX2818
Doroshi BOXX5576
Dorozhkovichi BOXX9018
Dorzha BOXX5577
Dorzha-Slobodka BOXX5578
Dorzhi BOXX5579
Dorzhy BOXX5580
Dosova Seliba BOXX9019
Dosovichi BOXX9020
Dostizheniye BOXX9021
Dotsishki BOXX5581
Dovbenki BOXX5582
Dovgerdishki BOXX5583
Dovgyalishki BOXX5584
Dovgyalovichi BOXX5585
Dovgyalovshchina BOXX5586
Dovklevshchina BOXX5587
Dovkni BOXX5588
Dovlyudovshchina BOXX5589
Dovshkany BOXX5590
Dovsk BOXX0101
Dowbizna BOXX0579
Dowhavichy BOXX9022
Downary BOXX5591
Dowsk BOXX2819
Doylidki BOXX5592
Doynichevo BOXX9024
Doynyaki BOXX0580
Drabovichi BOXX5593
Drachkovo BOXX9025
Dragomilovo BOXX9026
Dragunsk BOXX2820
Draguti BOXX5594
Drahichany BOXX5595
Drahichyn BOXX0581
Drahlowce BOXX5596
Draki BOXX5597
Drani BOXX9029
Dranukha BOXX9030
Drapava BOXX5598
Drapovtsy BOXX5599
Dravneli BOXX5600
Drazhnya BOXX2821
Drazhnya BOXX9031
Drebsk BOXX0582
Drechany BOXX5601
Dreki BOXX0583
Dremlevo BOXX0584
Dreveniki BOXX5602
Drissa BOXX0104
Drobinshchina BOXX9032
Drobishuny BOXX5603
Droboty BOXX0585
Drobovka BOXX9033
Drobyshi BOXX5604
Drochava BOXX0586
Drochilovo BOXX5605
Drokovka BOXX9034
Drozdovka BOXX9035
Drozdovo BOXX5606
Drozdy BOXX9036
Drozdy BOXX2823
Druchany BOXX9037
Druskeniki BOXX5607
Drut BOXX0105
Druya BOXX0106
Druzhba BOXX9039
Druzhba BOXX2824
Druzhbichi BOXX2825
Druzhki BOXX9040
Druzhnaya BOXX5609
Druzhnaya BOXX9041
Druzhnyy BOXX2826
Druzhnyy BOXX0589
Druzhylavichy BOXX0590
Dryaglevka BOXX9042
Drybin BOXX0103
Drychyn BOXX9043
Dubasnik BOXX9044
Dubasno BOXX9045
Dubatovka BOXX5610
Dubawtsy BOXX5611
Dubay BOXX0591
Dubchany BOXX5612
Dubeli BOXX5613
Dubenskiye BOXX9046
Dubetskoye BOXX2827
Dubeyets BOXX9047
Dubeykovo BOXX9048
Dubichi BOXX5614
Dubichno BOXX0592
Dubinka BOXX9049
Dubinka BOXX5615
Dubinka Pervaya BOXX9050
Dubinka Vtoraya BOXX9051
Dubino BOXX2828
Dubinskiye BOXX0593
Dubintsy BOXX5616
Dubiny BOXX0594
Dubishche BOXX0595
Dubitovo BOXX0596
Dubitsa BOXX0597
Dubki BOXX0598
Dubki BOXX5617
Dublin BOXX2829
Dublyany BOXX5618
Dubna BOXX5619
Dubnavichy BOXX0599
Dubniki BOXX5620
Dubnitsa BOXX5621
Dubnitskoye BOXX2830
Dubno BOXX9052
Dubnyaki BOXX2831
Dubnyaki BOXX9053
Dubnyaki BOXX0600
Dubok BOXX2832
Duborovshchina BOXX5623
Dubovaya BOXX0602
Dubovaya Gryada BOXX2833
Dubovets BOXX2834
Duboviki BOXX4614
Dubovitsa BOXX2835
Dubovka BOXX5624
Dubovka BOXX0603
Dubovka BOXX9054
Dubovo BOXX0604
Dubovoye BOXX9055
Dubovoye BOXX0605
Dubovskiy BOXX9056
Dubovy Loh BOXX2836
Dubovyy Log BOXX9057
Dubovyy Ugol BOXX9058
Dubrava BOXX2837
Dubrava BOXX9059
Dubrava BOXX0606
Dubravtsy BOXX0607
Dubrawka BOXX9060
Dubrawka BOXX0037
Dubrawka BOXX2838
Dubrolevo BOXX9061
Dubrolezh BOXX2839
Dubrova BOXX5625
Dubrova BOXX0608
Dubrova BOXX2840
Dubrova BOXX9062
Dubrovino BOXX2841
Dubrovitsa BOXX5626
Dubrovitsa BOXX2842
Dubrovitsa BOXX9063
Dubrovka BOXX9064
Dubrovka BOXX2843
Dubrovka BOXX5627
Dubrovka Pervaya BOXX9065
Dubrovka Vtoraya BOXX9066
Dubrovki BOXX0609
Dubrovki BOXX2844
Dubrovlyany BOXX5628
Dubrovniki BOXX5629
Dubrovno BOXX0610
Dubrovnoye BOXX2845
Dubrovo BOXX5630
Dubrovo BOXX4615
Dubrovshchina BOXX2846
Dubrovskiy BOXX9068
Dubrovskiye BOXX9069
Dubrowna BOXX0108
Dubrownya BOXX5631
Dubtsy BOXX9070
Duby BOXX0611
Dubyenyets BOXX0612
Duda BOXX5632
Dudaki BOXX9071
Dudakovichy BOXX9072
Dudarevka BOXX9073
Dudarevo BOXX2847
Dudary BOXX5633
Dudchitsy BOXX9074
Dudichi BOXX5634
Dudichi BOXX0613
Dudki BOXX5635
Dudy BOXX5636
Dudzichy BOXX2849
Dukeli BOXX5637
Dukhanovka BOXX2850
Dukhovlyany BOXX5638
Dukora BOXX0109
Dukoyni BOXX5639
Dukrovo BOXX5640
Dulebna BOXX9075
Dulevshchina BOXX5641
Dulyawtsy BOXX5642
Dumanovshchina BOXX9076
Dunay BOXX5643
Dunay BOXX2851
Dunayk BOXX9077
Dunayok BOXX9078
Duravichy BOXX2852
Dushilovka BOXX9079
Dushkovtsy BOXX0614
Duyanovka BOXX2853
Duzhawka BOXX9081
Duzheye Pole BOXX5644
Duzhki BOXX9082
Dvarets BOXX2854
Dvarets BOXX0615
Dvartsy BOXX0616
Dvesnitsa BOXX2855
Dvizhki BOXX2856
Dvor-Glusha BOXX9083
Dvor-Novoselki BOXX5646
Dvorchane BOXX5647
Dvorchany BOXX5648
Dvorets BOXX0617
Dvorets BOXX2857
Dvorets BOXX9085
Dvoretskaya Buda BOXX9086
Dvorishche BOXX9087
Dvorishche BOXX2859
Dvorishche BOXX5649
Dvorishche BOXX0618
Dvorok BOXX5651
Dvorovaya BOXX9088
Dvorovyy BOXX9089
Dvortse Male BOXX0619
Dvortsy BOXX5652
Dvoryshcha BOXX2860
Dvoryshcha BOXX5653
Dvorzhishche BOXX5654
Dvoychak BOXX9090
Dyadichi BOXX5655
Dyagelets BOXX0620
Dyagli BOXX0621
Dyakovtsy BOXX5656
Dyalino BOXX5657
Dyamonty BOXX5658
Dyatlik BOXX2861
Dyatlovichi BOXX0622
Dyatlovichi BOXX5659
Dyatlovka BOXX2862
Dyatlovshchina BOXX2863
Dyatly BOXX0623
Dykhnovichi BOXX5661
Dymniki BOXX0624
Dymovo BOXX9091
Dymsk BOXX0625
Dyurany BOXX5662
Dzegenevo BOXX5663
Dzerzhinsk BOXX0003
Dzerzhinskiy BOXX9092
Dzerzhinskiy BOXX2864
Dzitva BOXX5664
Dzivin BOXX0626
Dzmiseviche BOXX5665
Dzmitravichy BOXX0627
Dzyahavichy BOXX9093
Dzyakavichy BOXX2865
Dzyalyatsichy BOXX5666
Dzyamidavichy BOXX9094
Dzyamidaw BOXX2866
Dzyamidawshchyna BOXX0628
Dzyanisava BOXX5667
Dzyaniskavichy BOXX0629
Dzyarazhychy BOXX2867
Dzyarechyn BOXX5668
Dzyarzhynsk BOXX0038
Dzyarzhynsk BOXX2868
Dzyatlava BOXX5669
Dzyatlavichy BOXX0630
Dzyedawka BOXX2869
Dzyemyakhi BOXX2870
Dzyeravyanchytsa BOXX5670
Dzyerawnaya BOXX0631
Dzyerawnaya BOXX5671
Dzyetkavichy BOXX0632
Dzyevyatki BOXX0633
Dzyevyatni BOXX5672
Dzyornavichy BOXX2871
Eastern Europe BOXX2872
Ekonomiya BOXX5673
Erd BOXX2873
Eyhyerdy BOXX5674
Eyminovtsy BOXX5675
Eysmonty BOXX5676
Eytuny BOXX5677
Fabrichnyy BOXX5678
Fabrychny BOXX5679
Fakel BOXX2874
Falevichi BOXX2875
Fanipol BOXX0039
Farnyy Konets BOXX5681
Fashchawka BOXX9096
Fashchevka BOXX2876
Fastavichy BOXX2877
Faustinovo BOXX0634
Fedorovka BOXX9097
Fedorovka BOXX2878
Fedotova Buda BOXX9098
Fedotovka BOXX9099
Feliksovo BOXX5682
Feradki BOXX5683
Ferma BOXX9100
Filatava BOXX9101
Filatovka BOXX2879
Filevichi BOXX5684
Filipany BOXX5685
Filippovichi BOXX2880
Filippovichi BOXX0635
Filippovo BOXX9102
Filippovtsy BOXX5686
Filonovtsy BOXX5687
Fizinki BOXX2881
Flerovo BOXX0637
Folivarki BOXX5688
Folyush BOXX5689
Fomino BOXX9103
Fortuny BOXX9104
Forty BOXX5690
Foyna BOXX9105
Frankovo BOXX5691
Frantishkany BOXX5693
Frantishkovo BOXX5694
Frolovka BOXX9106
Fruktovyy BOXX0639
Frunze BOXX9107
Fundaminka BOXX2882
Furmany BOXX0640
Fyadory BOXX0641
Fyedzyuki BOXX0642
Gabrileyevka BOXX2883
Gabrovka BOXX2884
Gadichevo BOXX2885
Gadiluny BOXX5696
Gagali BOXX2886
Gagarino BOXX5697
Galachevo BOXX0643
Galczuny BOXX5698
Galenovo BOXX5699
Galevka BOXX0644
Galeyevka BOXX9110
Galeyevka BOXX2887
Galichskaya Myza BOXX9111
Galik BOXX0645
Galimshchina BOXX5700
Galiny BOXX5701
Galishchino BOXX9112
Galki BOXX2888
Galkovichi BOXX9113
Galkovichi BOXX5702
Galo BOXX2057
Galogury BOXX5703
Galovo Boloto BOXX5704
Galoye BOXX2889
Galoye BOXX9114
Galubitsa BOXX2890
Galunovichi BOXX5705
Galuza BOXX9115
Galuzy BOXX9116
Galy BOXX2891
Galya BOXX2058
Galynovka BOXX9117
Gamarnya BOXX9118
Gamarnya BOXX2892
Gamza BOXX2893
Gamzichi BOXX5706
Ganaratovo BOXX9119
Gandiki BOXX0647
Ganevo BOXX5707
Gannovka BOXX9120
Ganosovtsy BOXX5708
Ganovshchina BOXX5709
Gantsevichi BOXX5710
Gantsevichi BOXX0113
Gantsevichi BOXX9121
Gantsy BOXX0649
Garavishki BOXX5711
Garbavichy BOXX2894
Gari BOXX9123
Garlinshchina BOXX5712
Garmovichi BOXX2895
Garokhavishchy BOXX2896
Gartsev BOXX9124
Gartynkovo BOXX5713
Garun BOXX9125
Garusty BOXX4616
Gashchin BOXX0650
Gasperolino BOXX5714
Gast BOXX5715
Gastilovtsy BOXX5716
Gatishche BOXX9126
Gatnaya Sloboda BOXX9127
Gatok BOXX2897
Gatskevich BOXX9128
Gatskoye BOXX2898
Gatuvka BOXX5717
Gavdevichi BOXX5719
Gavinovichi BOXX0651
Gaviya BOXX5720
Gavli BOXX2899
Gavrilovka BOXX9129
Gay BOXX2900
Gay BOXX9130
Gaydamachka BOXX0652
Gaydamovichi BOXX9131
Gaydukovka BOXX2901
Gayek BOXX2902
Gayevskiy BOXX9132
Gayevtsy BOXX5721
Gaygoly BOXX5722
Gaykovka BOXX9133
Gaykovka BOXX0653
Gaykovshchina BOXX5723
Gaynin BOXX0654
Gayninets BOXX0655
Gaytyunishki BOXX5724
Gazhin BOXX2903
Gelin BOXX2904
Geluti BOXX5725
Gelyuny BOXX5726
Genyushi BOXX5727
Geranimovka BOXX9134
Gerasimovshchina BOXX9135
Gerbelevichi BOXX5728
Gerdevtsy BOXX5729
Gerdushki BOXX5730
Germanishki BOXX5731
Germany BOXX0656
Gerniki BOXX5732
Geroy BOXX2905
Gershony BOXX0657
Gerutevo BOXX5733
Gerveniki BOXX5734
Gervyaty BOXX5735
Geystuny BOXX5736
Gezgaly BOXX5737
Gibaly BOXX9136
Gibki BOXX2906
Gibulichy BOXX5738
Gichitsy BOXX0658
Gimbotovka BOXX9137
Gimbuty BOXX5740
Gineli BOXX5741
Ginevichev Grud BOXX2907
Ginevtsy BOXX5742
Ginkishki BOXX5743
Ginovichi BOXX5744
Gintsevichi BOXX0659
Girdevka BOXX5745
Girdovka BOXX5746
Girevtsy BOXX9138
Gireyevichi BOXX9139
Girgilyany BOXX5747
Girichi BOXX5748
Girov BOXX2908
Girovichi BOXX5749
Girovo BOXX0661
Girsk BOXX0662
Gitovichi BOXX0663
Gladkovo BOXX9140
Gladyshi BOXX0664
Glazki BOXX2909
Glazovshchina BOXX9141
Glebova Rudnya BOXX9142
Glebovichi BOXX5750
Glebovtsy BOXX5751
Glednevichi BOXX5752
Glinchino BOXX9146
Glinichi BOXX5753
Glinishche BOXX0665
Glinitskiy BOXX9148
Glinka BOXX2910
Glinna BOXX0666
Glinnaya BOXX0667
Glinnitsa BOXX2911
Glinno BOXX5754
Glinsk BOXX2912
Glinyanki BOXX0668
Glinyany BOXX5755
Glubokiy BOXX9149
Glubokiy Brod BOXX9150
Glubokiy Kut BOXX0669
Glubokiy Log BOXX9151
Glubokoye BOXX0114
Glubokoye BOXX9152
Glubokoye BOXX0670
Glukhaya Seliba BOXX9153
Glukhovichi BOXX2913
Glukhovka BOXX2914
Glukhoy Mokh BOXX4617
Glupiki BOXX9154
Glusha BOXX9155
Glushets BOXX0671
Glushets BOXX9156
Glushets BOXX2915
Glushitsa BOXX5756
Glushitsa BOXX2916
Glushki BOXX5758
Glushnevo BOXX9157
Glushnevo BOXX5759
Glushni BOXX5760
Glusk BOXX0115
Glyadeni BOXX0672
Glybokovichi BOXX9158
Glybov BOXX9159
Glybovka BOXX2917
Gnevenshchina BOXX5761
Gnezdenka BOXX2918
Gnezdilovo BOXX0040
Gnezdin BOXX9160
Gnezdishche BOXX2059
Gnilaya Dubrova BOXX2919
Gnilets BOXX0673
Gnilitsa BOXX9161
Gnilitsa BOXX5762
Gnoinskiye BOXX5763
Gnoyevo BOXX2920
Gnoynoye BOXX0674
Gnoynoye BOXX2921
Goduni BOXX2922
Goduny BOXX5764
Gogolev BOXX2923
Golachevka BOXX9164
Goldishki BOXX5769
Golenchitsy BOXX0675
Goleni Pervyye BOXX9165
Goleni Vtoryye BOXX9166
Golenki BOXX9167
Golevichi BOXX0676
Golevtsy BOXX5770
Goli BOXX5771
Golitsy BOXX0677
Golobudy BOXX5772
Goloburdy BOXX9168
Golochevka BOXX9169
Golochevo BOXX9170
Golodnoye BOXX2925
Gololobovka BOXX9171
Goloshino BOXX9172
Golosovichi BOXX5773
Golovachi BOXX0678
Golovachi BOXX2926
Golovchin BOXX0117
Golovchitsy BOXX9173
Golovchitsy BOXX0679
Golovenchitsy BOXX5774
Golovenchitsy BOXX9174
Golovichi BOXX9175
Golovintsy BOXX2927
Golovitskiye BOXX0680
Golovli BOXX5775
Golovnichi BOXX5776
Golovnintsy BOXX0681
Golubovka BOXX9176
Golubovka BOXX2928
Golya BOXX0682
Golyany BOXX5778
Golynets BOXX9177
Golynets Pervyy BOXX9178
Golynets Vtoroy BOXX9179
Golynka BOXX0683
Golynka BOXX5780
Golysheno BOXX9181
Golyshevka BOXX2929
Golyshki BOXX5781
Gomel BOXX0004
Goncharov Podel BOXX2931
Goncharovka BOXX9182
Gonchary BOXX0684
Gonchary BOXX5783
Gonorata BOXX5785
Gontovlya BOXX9183
Gora BOXX2932
Gora BOXX9184
Gorantsy BOXX5786
Gorany BOXX9185
Goravitsa BOXX0685
Gorbachevka BOXX2933
Gorbachi BOXX0686
Gorbachi BOXX5787
Gorbatka BOXX9187
Gorbatovichi BOXX5788
Gorbatovshchina BOXX9188
Gorbovichi BOXX9189
Gorbovichskiy BOXX9190
Gorbovo BOXX0687
Gordeyevtsy BOXX5789
Gordiyevtsy BOXX5790
Gordovo BOXX9191
Gorduny BOXX2934
Gorelki BOXX0688
Gorenka BOXX9192
Goretskovshchina BOXX5791
Gorevichi BOXX5792
Gorezna BOXX9193
Goridenyaty BOXX5793
Goritsa BOXX0689
Goritskiy Mokh BOXX4618
Goritsy BOXX0690
Gorivoda BOXX2935
Gorizdrichi BOXX0691
Gorka BOXX9194
Gorka BOXX2936
Gorkavshchina BOXX5794
Gorki BOXX2937
Gorki BOXX0692
Gorki BOXX0119
Gorlovo BOXX9196
Gorna BOXX9197
Gornaya BOXX2938
Gornaya Ruta BOXX5796
Gornaya Ulitsa BOXX9198
Gornety BOXX5797
Gorni BOXX5798
Gornitsa BOXX5799
Gornovka BOXX2939
Gornovo BOXX0693
Gornoye BOXX9199
Gornoye Pole BOXX4619
Gorny BOXX5800
Gornya BOXX9200
Gorodchino BOXX9201
Gorodets BOXX9204
Gorodets BOXX0694
Gorodetsk BOXX9205
Gorodetskiye BOXX2940
Gorodeya BOXX0120
Gorodeychiki BOXX0695
Gorodishche BOXX2941
Gorodishche BOXX0121
Gorodishche BOXX9206
Gorodki BOXX5802
Gorodniki BOXX5803
Gorodno BOXX0122
Gorodnya BOXX9207
Gorodnyany BOXX0699
Gorodnyy BOXX9208
Gorodok BOXX0700
Gorodok BOXX0123
Gorodok BOXX9209
Gorodok BOXX2942
Gorodok-Ozero BOXX9210
Gorodovka BOXX2943
Gorodshchina BOXX9211
Gorodyanka BOXX9212
Gorokhovishche BOXX0701
Gorokhovka BOXX9213
Gorokhovo BOXX2944
Goroshki BOXX5804
Goroshkov BOXX2945
Gorovakha BOXX2946
Gorovata BOXX0704
Gorovatka BOXX9214
Gorovyye BOXX5805
Gorozha BOXX9215
Gorshavichi BOXX5806
Gorshkovo BOXX9216
Gory BOXX0705
Goryachki BOXX5807
Goshch-Chernyy BOXX9217
Goshcha BOXX0706
Goshchevo BOXX0707
Goshevo BOXX0708
Goslavshchina BOXX0709
Goslev BOXX9218
Gostilovichi BOXX0710
Gostov BOXX2948
Gotevichi BOXX5808
Gotovets BOXX9219
Govchevo BOXX5809
Govoraki BOXX9220
Goyenka BOXX9221
Goykov BOXX9222
Goza BOXX5810
Gozha BOXX0124
Grabli BOXX5811
Grabniki BOXX2950
Grabniki BOXX5812
Grabolovo BOXX9223
Grabov BOXX2951
Grabovets BOXX0711
Grabovo BOXX5813
Grabovo BOXX2952
Grabovo BOXX9224
Grabovo Pervaya BOXX5814
Grabovo Vtoraya BOXX5815
Grabovtsy BOXX0712
Grabsk BOXX2953
Grada BOXX2954
Gradovshchizna BOXX5816
Grakovka BOXX9225
Gramoki BOXX9226
Granovka BOXX2955
Grayno BOXX5817
Grebenevo BOXX2957
Grebenevskiy BOXX9227
Grebeni BOXX5818
Grechikhi BOXX0713
Grechikhino BOXX2958
Grechukhi BOXX2959
Gremyacha BOXX0714
Gremyachiy Mokh BOXX2960
Gretskiy BOXX2961
Gribachi BOXX9228
Gribany BOXX9229
Gribino BOXX9230
Gribniki BOXX2962
Gribova Sloboda BOXX9231
Gribovets BOXX9232
Gribovshchina BOXX5819
Gribovshchina BOXX0715
Gribovtsy BOXX5820
Griby BOXX9233
Gridni BOXX2963
Grigi Dolovyye BOXX5821
Grigi Gorovyye BOXX5822
Grinevichi BOXX0716
Grinevichi BOXX5823
Grinevka BOXX9234
Grinevka BOXX5824
Grinki BOXX5825
Grinkovshchina BOXX5826
Grintsy BOXX5827
Grishanovo BOXX9235
Grishi BOXX2965
Grishin BOXX9236
Grishkoyti BOXX5828
Gritsevichi BOXX0717
Gritsevichi BOXX5829
Gritskevichi BOXX5830
Gritski BOXX5831
Griva BOXX2061
Griva BOXX2966
Grivda BOXX0718
Grivets BOXX9237
Grivki BOXX5832
Grivki BOXX9238
Grivkovichi BOXX0719
Grobovo BOXX2062
Grodi BOXX5833
Grodno BOXX0016
Grodzyanets BOXX0126
Grokhov BOXX2967
Grom BOXX2968
Gromki BOXX5834
Gromkiy BOXX2969
Gromoboy BOXX9239
Gromoda BOXX9240
Gromovichi BOXX5835
Gromyki BOXX2970
Groni BOXX9241
Groza BOXX2971
Groznyy BOXX9242
Grozy BOXX9243
Grubyantsy BOXX5836
Grudichino BOXX9244
Grudinovka BOXX9245
Grudopole BOXX0720
Grudoviki BOXX0721
Grudskoye BOXX2972
Grudy BOXX0722
Grushchany BOXX5837
Grushechka BOXX2973
Grushentsy BOXX5838
Grushevka BOXX5839
Grushevka BOXX0723
Grushevnik BOXX5840
Grushevo BOXX9246
Grushka BOXX0724
Grushnoye BOXX2975
Grusk BOXX0725
Gruzdovshchina BOXX5841
Gruzkoye BOXX4621
Gryada BOXX0726
Gryada BOXX2976
Gryadki BOXX9247
Gryazivets BOXX9248
Gryunevskiy BOXX9249
Gubanovo BOXX9250
Gubchitsy BOXX5842
Gubeyki BOXX5843
Gubichi BOXX5844
Gubin BOXX9251
Gubinka BOXX5845
Gubinshchina BOXX9252
Guborevichi BOXX2978
Gudali BOXX5846
Gudeli BOXX5847
Gudeniki BOXX5848
Gudenyata BOXX5849
Gudinishki BOXX5850
Gudishki BOXX5851
Gudogay BOXX5852
Gudok BOXX2979
Gukovo BOXX0729
Gulevichi BOXX0730
Gulevichi BOXX2980
Guli BOXX0731
Gulichi BOXX0732
Gulidovka BOXX9254
Guly BOXX9255
Gumbachi BOXX5853
Gumenniki BOXX5854
Gumnishche BOXX9256
Gumnishche BOXX5855
Gumnishche BOXX0733
Gumnishchi BOXX5856
Gumnitskoye BOXX9257
Gurchiny BOXX5857
Gureli BOXX5858
Gurinevka BOXX9258
Guriny BOXX2982
Guriny BOXX5859
Gurka BOXX0734
Gurki BOXX0735
Gurkova Niva BOXX9259
Gurshchizna BOXX5860
Gury BOXX5861
Guryny BOXX0736
Gusak BOXX0737
Gusarovka BOXX2983
Gusentsy BOXX0738
Gushchino BOXX9261
Gushchitsy BOXX5862
Gushi BOXX5863
Guslishche BOXX9262
Guslyanka BOXX9263
Guta BOXX2984
Guta BOXX9264
Guta BOXX5864
Guta BOXX0739
Guta Mikhalin BOXX0740
Gutishche BOXX2985
Gutishki BOXX5865
Gutka BOXX9265
Gutka BOXX4623
Gutorovshchina BOXX9266
Gutski BOXX0741
Guzni BOXX5867
Gvaltovnik BOXX9267
Gvozdikyany BOXX5868
Hadylyova BOXX9268
Hadzilavichy BOXX2986
Halasyatsina BOXX0744
Halavachy BOXX5870
Halavichpolye BOXX5871
Halichy BOXX9269
Halowchyn BOXX9270
Halowchytsy BOXX2987
Halowki BOXX2988
Haluby BOXX5872
Halyany BOXX0746
Halyova BOXX0747
Hamonawka BOXX9271
Hanchanski BOXX9272
Hanchary BOXX0748
Hanchary BOXX5873
Hantsavichy BOXX0749
Haradnaya BOXX0750
Haradok BOXX9273
Haradzishcha BOXX5874
Haradzishcha BOXX9274
Haradzishcha BOXX0751
Haradzyechna BOXX0752
Haradzyechna BOXX5875
Haradzyets BOXX9275
Haradzyets BOXX0753
Haradzyets BOXX2989
Haradzyetskaya BOXX9276
Harbakha BOXX0754
Harbatsevichy BOXX9277
Harbavichy BOXX9278
Harnastayevichy BOXX5876
Harochychy BOXX2990
Harokhawka BOXX9279
Havyady BOXX9280
Hawrylyenka BOXX9281
Hawtsi BOXX5877
Hayshyn BOXX9282
Hirki BOXX5878
Hirmantawtsy BOXX0756
Hiry BOXX5879
Hizhenka BOXX9283
Hizhnya BOXX9284
Hlazawka BOXX2993
Hlinishcha BOXX2994
Hlinka BOXX0757
Hlinnaya Slabada BOXX2995
Hlowsyevichy BOXX5880
Hlukhi BOXX9285
Hlusha BOXX9286
Hlushkavichy BOXX2996
Hlusk BOXX9287
Hlyadavichy BOXX5881
Hlybaw BOXX2997
Hlybochytsa BOXX2998
Hlybotskaye BOXX2999
Hnyesichy BOXX5882
Hnyewchytsy BOXX0758
Hnyezna BOXX5883
Holce BOXX0759
Holdava BOXX5884
Honcha BOXX9288
Horad Kobryn BOXX0760
Horad Krychaw BOXX9289
Horad Luninyets BOXX0168
Horad Pinsk BOXX0761
Horad Rechytsa BOXX0048
Horad Zhodzina BOXX0299
Horka BOXX5885
Horki BOXX9290
Horsk BOXX0762
Hory BOXX9291
Hrabava BOXX3002
Hrabaw BOXX3003
Hrabawka BOXX3004
Hrabyani BOXX3005
Hrabyanyowski BOXX3006
Hrada BOXX3007
Hrandzichy BOXX5886
Hrawzhyshki BOXX5887
Hrodna BOXX5888
Hrodzi BOXX5889
Hronava BOXX9292
Hrudzinawka BOXX9293
Hrushava BOXX0764
Hrychynavichy BOXX3008
Hrynki Druhiya BOXX5890
Hrynki Pyershyya BOXX5891
Hrytski BOXX5892
Hubichy BOXX3009
Hubyernya BOXX0765
Hudahay BOXX5893
Hudy BOXX5894
Hudzyevichy BOXX5895
Husarka BOXX9294
Hutava BOXX0766
Hutka BOXX0767
Hvoznitsa BOXX0768
Hyeranyony BOXX5897
Hyermanishki BOXX5898
Iglitsa BOXX9295
Ignatkovtsy BOXX5899
Ignatovichi BOXX5900
Ignatovka BOXX9296
Ignatovo BOXX5901
Ignatovskiy BOXX9297
Ignatsovka BOXX9298
Ignatsovo BOXX5902
Igovka BOXX3011
Ilosk BOXX0769
Imeni Dmitrova BOXX3014
Imeni Kalinina BOXX3015
Imeni Kuybysheva BOXX3016
Imeni Lenina BOXX3017
Imeni Stalina BOXX9302
Imenin BOXX0770
Imyanin BOXX0771
Indichi BOXX0772
Indrubka BOXX5904
Indura BOXX5905
Internatsional BOXX3020
Invalidskiy BOXX9303
Iodchiki BOXX0773
Iodichi BOXX5907
Ioni BOXX5908
Iony BOXX9304
Iosifovo Boloto BOXX3021
Iotkishki BOXX5909
Iovichi BOXX3022
Ippolitovka BOXX3023
Irditsa BOXX9305
Irinovka BOXX3025
Irtishchevo BOXX9306
Isakova Buda BOXX9307
Isakovichi BOXX3026
Isayevichi BOXX5910
Ishchelno BOXX5911
Ishchelnyany BOXX5912
Iskra BOXX3027
Iskra BOXX9309
Ismanovka BOXX9310
Istobki BOXX3028
Istoki BOXX5913
Istopki BOXX3029
Istopki BOXX9311
Ivacha BOXX8074
Ivakhnovichi BOXX0775
Ivaki BOXX3030
Ivanava BOXX0127
Ivanawka BOXX9312
Ivandar BOXX9313
Ivaniki BOXX0776
Ivanishchavichy BOXX9314
Ivanishche BOXX3033
Ivanishchevichi BOXX3034
Ivanisovka BOXX0777
Ivanki BOXX5914
Ivanki BOXX3035
Ivankovichi BOXX0778
Ivankovshchina BOXX3036
Ivanov Dvorets BOXX9315
Ivanova Sloboda BOXX9316
Ivanovichi BOXX9317
Ivanovka BOXX3037
Ivanovka BOXX9318
Ivanovo BOXX9319
Ivanovsk BOXX9320
Ivanovskiy BOXX9321
Ivanovtsy BOXX5915
Ivashkova BOXX4624
Ivashkovichi BOXX3039
Ivashkovtsy BOXX5917
Ivatsevichy BOXX0779
Ivezyanka BOXX5919
Ivyanyets BOXX0128
Ivye BOXX0129
Iwkina BOXX9322
Iwnaya BOXX5920
Iwye BOXX5921
Izabelin BOXX0780
Izabelino BOXX5922
Izabyelin BOXX5923
Izbitsy BOXX0781
Izbuzhar BOXX9323
Izhery BOXX9324
Izin BOXX0782
Izobelina BOXX9325
Izobishche BOXX9326
Izyumovo BOXX9327
Izyuory BOXX3042
Jakientany BOXX5924
Kabaki BOXX5925
Kabaki BOXX0783
Kabanovka BOXX3043
Kabina Gora BOXX9328
Kabushkino BOXX0784
Kabuzi BOXX5926
Kabyolki BOXX0785
Kachan BOXX3044
Kachany BOXX5927
Kachay Boloto BOXX3045
Kachichi BOXX5928
Kachki BOXX5929
Kachurino BOXX9329
Kadino BOXX9330
Kadishki BOXX5930
Kadolby BOXX5931
Kadychitsy BOXX0786
Kadysh BOXX5932
Kakoyskiy BOXX9331
Kalasha BOXX9332
Kalatsichy BOXX9333
Kalavuravichy BOXX0787
Kalbasina BOXX5935
Kaldycheva BOXX0788
Kalechitsy BOXX5936
Kaleniki BOXX5937
Kalenkovskiy BOXX9334
Kalety BOXX5938
Kalichonka BOXX9335
Kalily BOXX0789
Kalinichi BOXX3046
Kalinin BOXX9336
Kalinin BOXX3047
Kalinina BOXX9337
Kalinino BOXX3048
Kalinino BOXX9338
Kalininskiy BOXX3049
Kalinka BOXX9340
Kalinkavichy BOXX0041
Kalinnitsa BOXX9341
Kalinovaya BOXX3050
Kalinovaya BOXX9342
Kalinovka BOXX5939
Kalinovka BOXX3051
Kalinovnik BOXX3052
Kalinovskaya BOXX5940
Kalinovyy Bor BOXX9344
Kalodnaye BOXX0790
Kalodzyetskaya BOXX9345
Kalyena BOXX0791
Kalyenkavichy BOXX0792
Kalyuga BOXX9346
Kalyuga BOXX0793
Kalyukhi BOXX0794
Kalyutin BOXX9347
Kamarnitskaya BOXX9348
Kamarovichy BOXX3053
Kamarowka BOXX0795
Kamaryn BOXX3054
Kamenchane BOXX5941
Kamenets BOXX0132
Kamenista BOXX5942
Kamenistoye BOXX5943
Kamenitsa BOXX9350
Kamenitsa BOXX0796
Kamenitsa BOXX5944
Kamenka BOXX3056
Kamenka BOXX5945
Kamenka BOXX0798
Kamenne BOXX0799
Kamenshchina BOXX9352
Kamenskaya Gorka BOXX9353
Kamerovo BOXX9354
Kamunar BOXX3058
Kamyanyets BOXX0800
Kamyanyuki BOXX0801
Kamyenichy BOXX9355
Kamyenka BOXX5948
Kamyenka BOXX3059
Kamyenny Loh BOXX5949
Kamyennyya Lavy BOXX9356
Kamylin BOXX3060
Kanava BOXX9357
Kanava BOXX3061
Kanavka BOXX9358
Kanavy BOXX3062
Kanchary BOXX9359
Kanevka BOXX3063
Kanichev BOXX3064
Kanichy BOXX9360
Kantynovo BOXX0803
Kanvyelishki BOXX5950
Kanyukhi BOXX5951
Kapachy BOXX9361
Kapachy BOXX5952
Kapani BOXX0804
Kaparawka BOXX3065
Kapashchevo BOXX5953
Kapatkyevichy BOXX3066
Kapeinaya BOXX9362
Kaplanovka BOXX9363
Kaplanovtse BOXX5954
Kapli BOXX0805
Kaplichskiy Dvor BOXX3067
Kaplichy BOXX3068
Kaporenka BOXX3069
Kapsany BOXX3070
Kaptsevichy BOXX3071
Kaptsyowka BOXX5955
Kapustino BOXX9364
Kapusty BOXX5956
Karabitovka BOXX5957
Karachevshchina BOXX5958
Karali BOXX9365
Karalin BOXX3072
Karalin BOXX5959
Karani BOXX3073
Karany BOXX9366
Karanyowka BOXX3074
Karashevo BOXX5960
Karasi BOXX9367
Karasi BOXX0806
Karatyshki BOXX9368
Karavai BOXX5961
Karavatsichy BOXX3075
Karbatovka BOXX9369
Karchova BOXX0807
Kardan BOXX9370
Kareby BOXX9371
Karelaya Sloboda BOXX9372
Karelichy BOXX0150
Karevichi BOXX5962
Karkovshchina BOXX9373
Karlovichi BOXX0808
Karlovka BOXX3077
Karlovshchina BOXX5963
Karlovshchizna BOXX5964
Karma BOXX9374
Karma BOXX3078
Karmanovka BOXX9375
Karnalin BOXX3079
Karnilovka BOXX9376
Karnitsa BOXX9377
Karnolinka BOXX5965
Karobchytsy BOXX5966
Karolin BOXX0809
Karolin BOXX3080
Karolin BOXX5967
Karotkavichy BOXX3081
Karowchyna BOXX9378
Karpanovtsy BOXX5968
Karpawka BOXX3083
Karpeshi BOXX0810
Karpeychiki BOXX5969
Karpeyki BOXX5970
Karpin BOXX0811
Karpisonovka BOXX9379
Karpovichi BOXX3085
Karpovichi BOXX9380
Karpovichi BOXX5971
Karpovka BOXX9381
Karpovskiy BOXX9382
Karpovtsy BOXX5972
Kartimovshchina BOXX5973
Kartynichi BOXX3087
Kartyshi BOXX9383
Karvelishki BOXX5974
Karytnaye BOXX9384
Karytnitsa BOXX9385
Kashali BOXX5975
Kashalyova BOXX3088
Kashalyova BOXX5976
Kashanovka BOXX9387
Kashany BOXX9388
Kashara BOXX3089
Kashentsy BOXX5977
Kashin BOXX9389
Kashubintsy BOXX5978
Kasilovtsy BOXX5979
Kasperka BOXX9390
Kastechizna BOXX5980
Kastrovichy BOXX5981
Kastrychnik BOXX9391
Kastsyani BOXX5982
Kastsyukovichy BOXX0042
Kastsyukowka BOXX3091
Kastsyushkavichy BOXX9392
Katchyno BOXX5983
Katenovichi BOXX5984
Katera BOXX0813
Katichev BOXX3092
Katin Khutor BOXX3093
Katka BOXX9393
Katlowka BOXX5985
Katminovtsy BOXX0814
Katolyshi BOXX5986
Katsi BOXX0815
Katski BOXX0816
Katvino BOXX9394
Kavali BOXX0817
Kavali BOXX9395
Kavkaz BOXX3094
Kavkeli BOXX5987
Kavyaza BOXX9396
Kavychitsy BOXX9397
Kavyerdzyaki BOXX0818
Kawpaki BOXX5988
Kayenevtsy BOXX5989
Kayshovka BOXX5990
Kazaki BOXX5991
Kazakovka BOXX9398
Kazakovtsy BOXX5992
Kazanovka BOXX3096
Kazanovshchina BOXX5993
Kazansk BOXX3097
Kazarezy BOXX5994
Kazary BOXX5995
Kazatskiy BOXX3098
Kazazayevka BOXX3100
Kazemirovo BOXX0819
Kazhamyakina BOXX9399
Kazhan-Haradok BOXX0820
Kazimirovka BOXX9400
Kazimirovka BOXX5997
Kazimirovka BOXX3101
Kazimirovo BOXX0821
Kazimirovo BOXX3102
Kazimirovo BOXX9401
Kazlovichy BOXX0822
Kazlowka BOXX3106
Kazlowshchyna BOXX5998
Kazulichy BOXX9402
Kazusevka BOXX9403
Kazyaluzhzha BOXX3107
Kazyellye BOXX9404
Keleytsy BOXX5999
Keli BOXX3109
Keloyti BOXX6000
Kemeli BOXX6001
Kemeyshi BOXX6002
Kemyany BOXX6003
Kenti BOXX6004
Kerbedi BOXX6005
Kernyany BOXX6006
Kerploshina BOXX6007
Kerveli BOXX6008
Kevly BOXX6009
Kevry BOXX6010
Kezhduny BOXX6011
Khabovichy BOXX0823
Khaby BOXX0824
Khachinka BOXX9405
Khadaki BOXX0825
Khadechin BOXX9406
Khadziloni BOXX6012
Khadzyevichy BOXX6013
Khalapovka BOXX3111
Khalmy BOXX9408
Khalochcha BOXX3112
Khalopyenichy BOXX0135
Khamichichi BOXX9409
Khamichy BOXX9410
Khamovshchina BOXX6014
Khanchitsy BOXX6015
Khanevichi BOXX6016
Khanyavichy BOXX6017
Kharashki BOXX6018
Kharava BOXX0828
Kharitony BOXX0829
Kharlapovichi BOXX9412
Kharomsk BOXX0830
Kharomtsy BOXX3113
Kharoshawka BOXX3114
Kharsy BOXX0831
Khartsitsa BOXX6019
Khasevka BOXX9413
Khatishin BOXX4626
Khatki BOXX9415
Khatki BOXX3115
Khatovnya BOXX3116
Khatsislaw BOXX0832
Khatucha BOXX3117
Khatyni BOXX3118
Khatynichy BOXX0833
Khatyzhin BOXX9419
Khavsty BOXX6021
Khidry BOXX0834
Khilets BOXX9421
Khilevichi BOXX6022
Khilimonovtsy BOXX6023
Khilyaki BOXX6024
Khimnitsa BOXX9422
Khimnoye BOXX9423
Khimy BOXX3121
Khitevshchina BOXX0835
Khizhki BOXX3122
Khizov BOXX3123
Khizy BOXX3124
Khlevishche BOXX0836
Khlevno BOXX3125
Khlistovichi BOXX6025
Khlupin BOXX3126
Khlusy BOXX3128
Khlyaby BOXX0837
Khlyshchevo BOXX9425
Khlyupichi BOXX6026
Khmeleva BOXX0839
Khmelevka BOXX0840
Khmeli BOXX0841
Khmelinets BOXX3130
Khmelino BOXX3131
Khmelishche BOXX0842
Khmelisko BOXX6028
Khmelyany BOXX6029
Khobnaye BOXX3132
Khodaki BOXX6030
Khodaravichy BOXX9426
Khodaraw BOXX9427
Khodarawka BOXX9428
Khodarawtsy BOXX6031
Khodasavichy BOXX3134
Khodasy BOXX9429
Khodeli BOXX6032
Khodevlyany BOXX6033
Khodnevo BOXX9430
Khodobushchino BOXX8075
Khodorki BOXX0843
Khodorovka BOXX9431
Khodosy BOXX0844
Khodutichi BOXX9434
Khodynichi BOXX0845
Khodynshchina BOXX4627
Khodyuki BOXX6035
Khokhlovo BOXX6036
Kholdeyevka BOXX9435
Kholechino BOXX6037
Kholmenka BOXX9436
Kholmichi BOXX0846
Kholmy BOXX9437
Kholmy BOXX3135
Kholmyech BOXX0134
Kholoblin BOXX9438
Kholodniki BOXX3136
Kholodnya BOXX9439
Kholopenichi BOXX9440
Kholstava BOXX6038
Kholstava BOXX9441
Khomenki BOXX3137
Khomenki BOXX9442
Khomichevo BOXX0848
Khomichi BOXX3138
Khomichi BOXX0849
Khomichi BOXX6039
Khomichi BOXX9443
Khomichitsy BOXX0850
Khomichki BOXX3139
Khomiki BOXX6040
Khominka BOXX3140
Khominka BOXX9444
Khomno BOXX0851
Khomsk BOXX0852
Khomutiny BOXX0853
Khomuty BOXX6041
Khonovo BOXX9446
Khorobrovichi BOXX6042
Khoronevo BOXX9447
Khoroshcha BOXX0854
Khoroshevichi BOXX6043
Khoroshevka BOXX3141
Khoroshevo BOXX6044
Khorosheye BOXX9448
Khoroshki BOXX9449
Khoroshovka BOXX9450
Khorositsa BOXX6045
Khorsk BOXX0855
Khoruzhantsy BOXX6046
Khoruzhevo BOXX6047
Khoruzhevtsy BOXX6048
Khotetovo BOXX9451
Khotetskoye BOXX3142
Khotilki BOXX6050
Khotilovichi BOXX9452
Khotilovochi BOXX6051
Khotimcha BOXX9453
Khotimka BOXX9454
Khotimsk BOXX9455
Khotinovo BOXX0857
Khotovizh BOXX9456
Khotsimsk BOXX9457
Khotyazh BOXX0858
Khotynichi BOXX0136
Khovanshchina BOXX6052
Khowkhla BOXX3143
Khoyna BOXX0859
Khoyniki BOXX0137
Khoyniki BOXX0860
Khrabryy BOXX3144
Khrakovichi BOXX3145
Khralishchevo BOXX9458
Khrapelevo BOXX9459
Khrapenevo BOXX6053
Khrapkovo BOXX3146
Khrapy BOXX9460
Khrelevo BOXX9461
Khrishchanovichi BOXX0862
Khrissy BOXX0863
Khristetskiy Bor BOXX3147
Khristibolovichi BOXX0864
Khrisy BOXX0865
Khroly BOXX6055
Khruli BOXX6056
Khrushchenovichi BOXX6057
Khrushchevka BOXX3148
Khrustovo BOXX6058
Khudlin BOXX0866
Khusnoye BOXX3149
Khutar BOXX3150
Khutor BOXX9462
Khutor BOXX3151
Khutor Baban BOXX3152
Khutor Babichi BOXX3153
Khutor Domanovo BOXX9463
Khutor Gremyache BOXX0867
Khutor Konopelli BOXX3154
Khutor Kureni BOXX3156
Khutor Les BOXX3157
Khutor Prokhozha BOXX3158
Khutor Sergeyev BOXX3159
Khutor Vyshovnya BOXX3162
Khutor Yasinovo BOXX3163
Khutora Borki BOXX3164
Khutora Motykaly BOXX0868
Khutoryanka BOXX3168
Khvalevichi BOXX0869
Khvalovo BOXX0870
Khvalovo Vtoroye BOXX0871
Khvastavichy BOXX9464
Khvatovka BOXX9465
Khvaynitsa BOXX9466
Khvedevichi BOXX6059
Khvedkovichi BOXX0872
Khvetsevichi BOXX6060
Khvinyavichy BOXX6061
Khvorosno BOXX0873
Khvorostyany BOXX9467
Khvoshchevka BOXX3169
Khvoshchi BOXX9468
Khvoshchovka BOXX9469
Khvoyanovka BOXX0874
Khvoyensk BOXX3170
Khvoyka BOXX2065
Khvoyka BOXX3171
Khvoynaye BOXX3173
Khvoynik BOXX3174
Khvoyniki BOXX0875
Khvoyniki BOXX3175
Khvoynya BOXX3176
Khvoynyany BOXX6062
Kiby BOXX6063
Kinovka BOXX9470
Kipyacha BOXX9471
Kirava BOXX3177
Kiraw BOXX3178
Kirawsk BOXX9472
Kirawskaye BOXX9473
Kireli BOXX6064
Kiritovka BOXX3179
Kirkory BOXX9474
Kirov BOXX3180
Kirova BOXX9475
Kirovka BOXX3181
Kirovo BOXX3182
Kirovskiy BOXX9476
Kirpichevshchina BOXX6065
Kiselevichi BOXX9478
Kiselevka BOXX9479
Kiselevo BOXX6066
Kiseli BOXX0876
Kiseli BOXX6067
Kiseli BOXX9481
Kishchytsy BOXX9482
Kislyye BOXX6068
Kisteni BOXX9485
Kistsyani BOXX3183
Kisyalyova Buda BOXX9486
Kisyalyowtsy BOXX0877
Kitsin BOXX3184
Kivachyna BOXX0878
Kivantsy BOXX6069
Kivatichi BOXX0879
Kizhby BOXX6070
Kladniki BOXX6071
Klanishki BOXX6072
Klav BOXX9487
Klayshi BOXX6073
Klednevichi BOXX9488
Klei BOXX6074
Klementynovo BOXX0880
Klennoye BOXX0882
Klenok BOXX3185
Klenovitsa BOXX3186
Klenovka BOXX6075
Kleny BOXX6076
Klepachi BOXX0883
Klepachi BOXX6077
Klepchanyy Most BOXX9489
Kleshchevka BOXX9490
Kleshchi BOXX0884
Kleshnyaki BOXX6078
Kletishche BOXX3187
Kletisk BOXX6079
Kletkeniki BOXX6080
Kletki BOXX9491
Kletnoye BOXX0885
Kletnoye BOXX9492
Kletyshche BOXX0886
Klevki BOXX6081
Kleyevichi BOXX9493
Klichaw BOXX0043
Klidenyaty BOXX6082
Klim BOXX6083
Klimantsy BOXX6084
Klimatichi BOXX9495
Klimavichy BOXX0142
Klimawka BOXX3188
Klimentinovo BOXX0887
Klimovichi BOXX9496
Klimovichi BOXX6085
Klimovka BOXX3189
Klimovshchina BOXX6086
Klimovskiy BOXX3190
Klin BOXX9497
Klin BOXX0888
Klinchany BOXX6087
Klinovka BOXX9498
Klinovskiy BOXX9499
Klinsk BOXX3191
Kliny BOXX9500
Klipachi BOXX6088
Klishevichi BOXX6089
Klivy BOXX3192
Klochki BOXX6090
Klompiki BOXX0889
Klyapin BOXX3193
Klyapinichi BOXX9501
Klyasin BOXX9502
Klyasov BOXX3195
Klyastsitsy BOXX0143
Klyatnaya BOXX0890
Klyavitsa BOXX6091
Klyepachy BOXX0891
Klyetnaye BOXX9503
Klyetsk BOXX0138
Klyeyniki BOXX0892
Klyshki BOXX6092
Klyuch BOXX9504
Klyuchevoy BOXX3196
Klyuchi BOXX3197
Klyuchniki BOXX6093
Klyukovichi BOXX6094
Klyukovtsy BOXX6095
Klyushchany BOXX6096
Kmitsyanka BOXX6097
Knistushki BOXX6098
Knubovo BOXX0893
Knurovka BOXX3198
Knyazevichi BOXX6099
Knyazevka BOXX9505
Knyazheskiy Rog BOXX4629
Knyazhevodtsy BOXX6101
Knyazhinka BOXX3202
Knyazhitsy BOXX9506
Knyazhytsy BOXX9507
Knyazishchevo BOXX9508
Knyshevichy BOXX3203
Knyshi BOXX9509
Kobrawtsy BOXX6102
Kobrin BOXX0027
Kobylichi BOXX9510
Kobylichi BOXX3204
Kobylnik BOXX0145
Kobylovka BOXX0894
Kobylyanka BOXX9511
Kochanovichi BOXX0895
Kochany BOXX6104
Kochyshcha BOXX0146
Kodetskoye BOXX2066
Kodevtsy BOXX6105
Kodi BOXX6106
Kokhanovo BOXX0896
Kokhonov BOXX9512
Kokhonovka BOXX9513
Kokoritsa BOXX0897
Kokoshchitsy BOXX6107
Kokotovo BOXX3205
Kokotovo BOXX9514
Kokoysk BOXX9515
Kolbasichi BOXX3207
Kolbaski BOXX6110
Kolbik BOXX3208
Kolbiki BOXX0898
Kolbovichi BOXX0899
Kolbovka BOXX3209
Kolbovo BOXX9518
Kolby BOXX0900
Koledizno BOXX0901
Kolesishche BOXX9519
Kolesishche BOXX6111
Kolesniki BOXX6112
Kolesyanka BOXX9520
Kolki BOXX0902
Kolki BOXX6113
Kolki BOXX3210
Kollegov BOXX3211
Kolmaskovshchina BOXX6114
Kolochin BOXX3212
Koloda BOXX9522
Koloda BOXX2067
Kolodetskiy BOXX9523
Kolodeyevichi BOXX0903
Kolodezski BOXX9524
Kolodino BOXX9525
Kolodlivo BOXX9526
Kolodtso BOXX0904
Kolonaya BOXX6116
Koloniya BOXX0905
Koloniya Plyanta BOXX0907
Kolonsk BOXX0908
Kolontai BOXX6117
Kolos BOXX3214
Kolosovka BOXX9527
Kolosovo BOXX3215
Kolosovo BOXX6118
Kolosovshchina BOXX9528
Koloss BOXX9529
Kolosy BOXX6119
Kolosy BOXX3216
Kolota BOXX3217
Kolotily BOXX9530
Kolotin BOXX3218
Kolotovino BOXX9531
Kolotovka BOXX3219
Kolozuby BOXX0909
Kolpaki BOXX0910
Kolpenitsa BOXX0911
Kolpeya BOXX6120
Kolpinskiye BOXX6121
Koltovo BOXX9532
Kolubeli BOXX0912
Kolyadichi BOXX0913
Kolyadichi BOXX6122
Kolyady BOXX0914
Kolyban BOXX0147
Kolybovka BOXX3221
Kolyudy BOXX3222
Komanov BOXX3223
Komarichi BOXX9533
Komarino BOXX9534
Komarniki BOXX0915
Komarovichi BOXX6123
Komarovichi BOXX9535
Komarovka BOXX9536
Komarovshchina BOXX0916
Komintern BOXX9537
Komintern BOXX3224
Komissarovo BOXX6124
Komlevichi BOXX6125
Komlishchi BOXX0917
Kommuna BOXX3225
Kommunar BOXX3226
Komotovo BOXX6126
Komsyenichy BOXX9540
Komzetovka BOXX3228
Konchany BOXX9541
Konchany BOXX6127
Konchytsy BOXX0919
Kondaki BOXX6128
Kondratovsk BOXX9542
Kondraty BOXX6129
Konets BOXX2068
Konevichi BOXX6130
Konevo Lyado BOXX9543
Konkavichy BOXX3229
Konna BOXX6131
Konokhovka BOXX9544
Kononovichi BOXX9545
Kononovka BOXX9546
Kononovshchina BOXX3230
Konoplisk BOXX0920
Konoplitsy BOXX3232
Konotop BOXX3233
Konotop BOXX0921
Konotopy BOXX0922
Konovalovo BOXX3234
Konstantinovka BOXX9548
Konstantinovka BOXX6132
Konstantov BOXX9549
Kontakuzovka BOXX3235
Kontorovichi BOXX3236
Kontsevichi BOXX6133
Kontsy BOXX9550
Kontsyki BOXX0923
Konyavtsy BOXX6134
Konyukhi BOXX0924
Konyukhi BOXX6135
Konyukhi BOXX9551
Konyukhovo Pole BOXX4631
Konyushany BOXX6136
Kopachevka BOXX9552
Kopachi BOXX6137
Kopani BOXX9553
Kopani BOXX0925
Kopaniki BOXX6138
Kopanka BOXX3238
Kopcha BOXX9554
Kopeyna BOXX9555
Koptey BOXX0926
Kopti BOXX6139
Koptsevichi BOXX3239
Koptsevichi BOXX6140
Koptsyewka BOXX9556
Kopyl BOXX0148
Kopyly BOXX0927
Kopys BOXX0149
Kopysitsa BOXX9557
Korablishche BOXX3240
Koralevo BOXX8076
Koraliny BOXX6141
Korannaya BOXX0928
Korbanovo BOXX9558
Korchemka BOXX3241
Korchemka BOXX9559
Korchev BOXX3242
Korchevakha BOXX3243
Korchevatka BOXX3244
Korchiki BOXX6142
Kordiki BOXX6143
Kordy BOXX0929
Korendy BOXX6144
Korenevichi BOXX6145
Korenevka BOXX3245
Korenevshchina BOXX0930
Koreni BOXX6146
Koreni BOXX0931
Korenyaty BOXX6147
Korevichi BOXX6148
Korgovdy BOXX6149
Koritsa Pervaya BOXX6150
Koritsa Vtoraya BOXX6151
Korkenyata BOXX6152
Korkutyany BOXX6153
Korma BOXX9562
Korma BOXX0151
Korma-Dolgaya BOXX9563
Korma-Payki BOXX9564
Kormuzh BOXX0932
Kornilki BOXX6155
Korobchino BOXX9565
Korobka BOXX3247
Korobki BOXX6156
Korobovshchina BOXX9566
Koroby BOXX6157
Korochin BOXX0934
Korolev-Ostrov BOXX6158
Korolevka BOXX9567
Koroli BOXX6159
Korolin BOXX0935
Korolino BOXX6160
Koromka BOXX9568
Korostovo BOXX6161
Korotichi BOXX0937
Korotkiye BOXX9569
Korovatichi BOXX0152
Korovcheno BOXX9570
Korovyak BOXX9571
Korsaki BOXX6162
Korshaki BOXX6163
Korshenyata BOXX6164
Korshuki BOXX9572
Korshunishki BOXX6165
Korsyne BOXX0939
Korveli BOXX6166
Korytnitsa BOXX6167
Korzeyevo BOXX9573
Korzhevka BOXX3253
Korzuny BOXX9574
Kosachevka BOXX9576
Kosakovka BOXX3254
Kosari BOXX9577
Kosarichi BOXX9578
Kosava BOXX0940
Koselyanskiy BOXX3257
Kosetov BOXX3258
Koshary BOXX4632
Koshcheniki BOXX0941
Koshchichi BOXX3259
Koshelev BOXX9580
Koshelevka BOXX9581
Koshelevo BOXX0942
Koshelevskiy BOXX9582
Koshevichi BOXX3260
Koshevichi BOXX0943
Koshevoye BOXX3261
Koshilovo BOXX0944
Koshitsy BOXX6168
Koshkaly BOXX6169
Koshlovichi BOXX6170
Koshovniki BOXX6171
Kosichi BOXX6172
Kosichi BOXX9583
Kosichi-Malyye BOXX0945
Kosicze Wielkie BOXX0946
Kosilovichi BOXX0947
Kosily BOXX6173
Kosino BOXX6174
Kosinshchina BOXX0948
Kosishche BOXX3262
Kositskaya BOXX3263
Kosmynichi BOXX9584
Kosovo BOXX6175
Kosovshchina BOXX6176
Kostari BOXX0949
Kostenevo BOXX6177
Kosteshev BOXX3264
Kostevichi BOXX6178
Kosti BOXX6179
Kostinka BOXX9585
Kostjvkovici BOXX0019
Kostrichi BOXX9586
Kostrishche BOXX3265
Kostritsy BOXX9588
Kostruv BOXX0950
Kostyagovka BOXX9589
Kostychi BOXX0951
Kostyuki BOXX0952
Kostyuki BOXX6180
Kostyukovichi BOXX3266
Kostyukovichi BOXX9590
Kostyukovka BOXX3267
Kostyushkovo BOXX9591
Kotashi BOXX0953
Kotelevo BOXX9592
Kotelinchitsa BOXX0956
Kotelki BOXX0957
Kotlovitsa BOXX3268
Kotlovo BOXX6182
Kotlyarskoye BOXX2069
Kotovichi BOXX6183
Kotra BOXX0958
Kotra BOXX6184
Kotsny BOXX9593
Koty BOXX0959
Koty BOXX9594
Koty BOXX6185
Kotyly BOXX0960
Koupry BOXX6186
Kovaka BOXX3269
Kovalev BOXX3271
Kovalev Rog BOXX3272
Kovalevka BOXX3273
Kovalevka BOXX6188
Kovalevo BOXX3274
Kovalevshchina BOXX6189
Kovali BOXX6190
Kovali BOXX3275
Kovali BOXX0961
Kovalichi BOXX6191
Kovaliki BOXX6192
Kovaliki BOXX0962
Kovantsy BOXX6193
Kovarika BOXX6194
Kovchiki BOXX6195
Kovgary BOXX9597
Kovnyany BOXX6196
Kovnyatin BOXX0963
Kovpita BOXX9598
Kovrin BOXX9599
Kovrizheno BOXX9600
Kovshary BOXX6197
Kovshi BOXX0964
Kovshovo BOXX9601
Kovshovo BOXX6198
Kovyzhev BOXX3277
Kowbcha BOXX9602
Koyatenyata BOXX6199
Koymino BOXX9603
Kozaki BOXX0965
Kozakov BOXX3280
Kozakovo BOXX9604
Kozarovshchyzna BOXX6200
Kozary BOXX4633
Koze Penno BOXX6201
Kozel BOXX9606
Kozel BOXX3281
Kozeluzhtsy BOXX3282
Kozentsy BOXX6202
Kozenyaty BOXX6203
Kozerogi BOXX3283
Kozevichi BOXX6204
Kozeykovtse BOXX6206
Kozhanovichi BOXX3284
Kozhevo BOXX6207
Kozhukh BOXX0966
Kozhukhovtsy BOXX6208
Kozhushki BOXX3285
Kozichi BOXX6209
Koziki BOXX0967
Kozintsy BOXX6210
Kozishche BOXX0968
Koziy Brod BOXX0969
Koziy Rog BOXX3286
Kozlovichi BOXX9609
Kozlovichi BOXX0970
Kozlovichi BOXX6211
Kozlovka BOXX9610
Kozlovshchina BOXX6212
Kozly BOXX9611
Kozly BOXX3287
Kozly BOXX0971
Kozly BOXX6213
Kozlyakevichi BOXX0972
Kozlyany BOXX6214
Kozorezy BOXX6215
Kozyarniki BOXX6216
Kozyenki BOXX3288
Kraglevichi BOXX0973
Kragli Malyye BOXX6218
Krai BOXX0974
Krakawka BOXX6219
Kramyanitsa BOXX6220
Krapiva BOXX9612
Krapivka BOXX9613
Krapivnitsa BOXX6221
Krapivnya BOXX3289
Krasavichi BOXX9614
Krasevichi BOXX0975
Krasilovka BOXX3290
Krasin BOXX3291
Krasivyy BOXX9615
Krasiyevka BOXX0976
Krasiyevo BOXX0977
Kraski BOXX6222
Kraskovo BOXX9616
Krasna BOXX6223
Krasnapollye BOXX0157
Krasnawka BOXX3292
Krasnaya BOXX9617
Krasnaya BOXX6225
Krasnaya Buda BOXX3293
Krasnaya Dolina BOXX3294
Krasnaya Dubrova BOXX9619
Krasnaya Dubrova BOXX3295
Krasnaya Gora BOXX9620
Krasnaya Gora BOXX3296
Krasnaya Gorka BOXX3297
Krasnaya Gorka BOXX9621
Krasnaya Korchma BOXX4635
Krasnaya Niva BOXX3299
Krasnaya Polyana BOXX3302
Krasnaya Polyana BOXX9622
Krasnaya Ryminka BOXX9623
Krasnaya Sloboda BOXX3303
Krasnaya Sloboda BOXX9624
Krasnaya Sloboda BOXX0155
Krasnaya Vetka BOXX3304
Krasnaya Vetka BOXX9625
Krasnaya Volya BOXX0978
Krasnaya Zarya BOXX9626
Krasnaya Zarya BOXX3305
Krasnaya Znamya BOXX3306
Krasnaya Zvezda BOXX9628
Krasnaya Zvezda BOXX3307
Krasnaye BOXX3308
Krasnaye BOXX6226
Krasnaye BOXX9629
Krasnik BOXX9630
Krasnitsa BOXX3309
Krasnitsa BOXX9631
Krasnoarmeyets BOXX9634
Krasnobudskiy BOXX3311
Krasnogorka BOXX3312
Krasnogorsk BOXX3313
Krasnoleski BOXX0979
Krasnomoskovskiy BOXX9636
Krasnoozerskaya BOXX6227
Krasnovka BOXX3316
Krasnovtsy BOXX6228
Krasnoyarsk BOXX9639
Krasnoye BOXX0980
Krasnoye BOXX6229
Krasnoye BOXX9640
Krasnoye BOXX3317
Krasnoye Ozero BOXX3318
Krasnoye Pole BOXX3319
Krasnoye Znamya BOXX9641
Krasnoye Znamya BOXX3321
Krasnozvezdnyy BOXX9642
Krasnyy BOXX3323
Krasnyy Ales BOXX3324
Krasnyy Bereg BOXX9644
Krasnyy Bereg BOXX3325
Krasnyy Berezhok BOXX9645
Krasnyy Bor BOXX6230
Krasnyy Bor BOXX9646
Krasnyy Bor BOXX3327
Krasnyy Brod BOXX9647
Krasnyy Grud BOXX6231
Krasnyy Kurgan BOXX3329
Krasnyy Kurgan BOXX9648
Krasnyy Les BOXX9649
Krasnyy Log BOXX3330
Krasnyy Log BOXX9650
Krasnyy Luch BOXX9651
Krasnyy Luch BOXX3331
Krasnyy Luzhok BOXX3332
Krasnyy Mayak BOXX9652
Krasnyy Most BOXX3334
Krasnyy Ogorod BOXX9653
Krasnyy Orel BOXX3336
Krasnyy Osovets BOXX9655
Krasnyy Partizan BOXX3338
Krasnyy Poselok BOXX3339
Krasnyy Rog BOXX3341
Krasnyy Ruchey BOXX9657
Krasnyy Sad BOXX9658
Krasnyy Svet BOXX3342
Krasnyy Ugol BOXX3343
Krasnyy Voskhod BOXX9659
Krasnyye BOXX4638
Krasochki BOXX6232
Krasovo BOXX0981
Krasowshchyna BOXX6233
Krasuli BOXX6234
Krasulina BOXX9661
Krasynichi BOXX0982
Kravtsevichi BOXX6235
Kravtsov BOXX9662
Kravtsovka BOXX3344
Kravtsovo BOXX3345
Kray BOXX9663
Krayniy BOXX9664
Kraynovichi BOXX0983
Kregli BOXX0984
Kremeshovo BOXX6236
Kremnevka BOXX9665
Kremno BOXX0985
Kremnoye BOXX3346
Kremok BOXX9666
Kremushevka BOXX6237
Kremyanitsa BOXX6238
Kremyanka BOXX9667
Krepochi BOXX0986
Kresly BOXX6239
Kreslyane BOXX6240
Kresovka BOXX9668
Krestinovo BOXX0987
Krestovskiy BOXX9669
Kreva BOXX6241
Kreyvantsy BOXX6242
Krichev Vtoroy BOXX9670
Krichevatka BOXX9671
Krichevets BOXX9672
Krichevskiy BOXX9673
Krichniki BOXX6243
Krinichka BOXX9674
Krinichno BOXX6244
Krinichnyy BOXX3348
Krinitsa BOXX3349
Kriulino BOXX9676
Krivaya BOXX9677
Krivaya Niva BOXX9678
Krivcha BOXX3351
Krivelitsk BOXX9680
Krivichi BOXX6245
Krivichi BOXX0988
Krivin BOXX3352
Krivitsa BOXX0989
Krivka BOXX3353
Krivlyany BOXX6246
Krivlyany BOXX0990
Krivobloty BOXX0991
Krivokonna BOXX6247
Krivonogovo BOXX6248
Krivonosovtsy BOXX6249
Krivonosy BOXX6250
Krivoy Kryuk BOXX9681
Krivoye Selo BOXX0992
Krivsk BOXX6251
Krivtsy BOXX9682
Krivulichi BOXX6253
Krivulya BOXX6254
Krivyach BOXX0993
Krizhalevshchina BOXX6255
Krizhevatoye BOXX2072
Kroshyn BOXX0994
Krotki BOXX9683
Krotov BOXX3354
Krotovo BOXX0995
Krucha BOXX9684
Krug-Rudka BOXX3356
Krugi BOXX9685
Krugi BOXX3357
Kruglaya Niva BOXX9686
Kruglik BOXX6257
Krugliki BOXX6258
Krugliki BOXX0997
Kruglitsa BOXX9687
Kruglitsa BOXX0998
Kruglonovo BOXX9688
Kruglovina BOXX4639
Krugloye BOXX9689
Kruglyanka BOXX6259
Kruglyany BOXX6260
Kruglyy BOXX9690
Krugovets BOXX3358
Krugovka BOXX3359
Kruhlaye BOXX9691
Krukavichy BOXX3361
Kruki BOXX3362
Kruni BOXX6261
Krupa BOXX1000
Krupava BOXX6262
Krupeyki BOXX3363
Krupichi BOXX9692
Krupka BOXX3364
Krupli BOXX6263
Kruplya BOXX3365
Kruplyany BOXX1001
Krupnya BOXX9693
Krupovo BOXX6264
Krushin BOXX1002
Krushinka BOXX9694
Krushino BOXX6265
Krushniki BOXX3366
Krutaya BOXX9695
Krutaya Gora BOXX9696
Krutorog BOXX9697
Krutovtsy BOXX1003
Krutoy Log BOXX9698
Krutoy Rov BOXX9699
Krutoy Ruchey BOXX9700
Krutoye BOXX3367
Krutsilavichy BOXX6266
Kruzhki BOXX9701
Kruzhok BOXX3368
Krychaw BOXX9702
Krygloye BOXX0159
Krylov BOXX3369
Krynichny BOXX3370
Krynitsa BOXX6267
Krynitsa BOXX1004
Krynka BOXX9703
Krynki BOXX3371
Krynki BOXX6268
Krynki BOXX1005
Kryshichi BOXX3372
Kryshilovichi BOXX1006
Kryshilovshchina BOXX6269
Krystynovo BOXX6270
Krytyshyn BOXX1007
Kryuki BOXX9704
Kryukovshchina BOXX9705
Kryvoshyn BOXX1008
Krywchytsy BOXX1009
Krywlyany BOXX1010
Krywsk BOXX3373
Kryzhiki BOXX1011
Kryzhovka BOXX6271
Ksaverovo BOXX9706
Ksenzovshchina BOXX9707
Kublichy BOXX0160
Kublik BOXX1012
Kuborka BOXX6274
Kubrakovka BOXX9708
Kucharino BOXX9709
Kuchin BOXX3374
Kuchin BOXX9710
Kuchinsk BOXX3375
Kuchkovshchina BOXX9711
Kuderki BOXX6275
Kudeyshi BOXX6276
Kudishki BOXX6277
Kudlachev BOXX9712
Kudovichi BOXX6278
Kudrichi BOXX6279
Kudrichi BOXX1013
Kudrichskiye BOXX9713
Kukenishki BOXX6280
Kukhari BOXX6281
Kukini BOXX6282
Kukli BOXX6283
Kuklichi BOXX3376
Kuklichy BOXX6284
Kukolki BOXX6285
Kukovo BOXX1015
Kukshinovo BOXX9714
Kukuti BOXX6286
Kukuyevka BOXX9715
Kulaga BOXX9718
Kulaki BOXX6291
Kulakovik BOXX3379
Kulakovka BOXX9719
Kulakovshchina BOXX6292
Kulazhin BOXX3380
Kulegayevka BOXX9720
Kuleni BOXX1016
Kuleshi BOXX6293
Kuleshi BOXX1017
Kuleshovka BOXX9721
Kuleshovka BOXX3381
Kuleshovo BOXX3382
Kulevichi BOXX6294
Kulevtse BOXX6296
Kulevtsy BOXX6297
Kuli BOXX6298
Kuliki BOXX1018
Kuliki BOXX6299
Kulikovo BOXX9724
Kulishki BOXX6300
Kulyaki BOXX1019
Kulyany BOXX1020
Kumplyany BOXX6301
Kunakhovichi BOXX1021
Kunava BOXX6302
Kunei BOXX6303
Kunevichi BOXX6304
Kunichno BOXX6305
Kunikhi BOXX1022
Kunishche BOXX3383
Kuntorovka BOXX3384
Kuntsevshchina BOXX6306
Kuntsy BOXX9725
Kupely BOXX9726
Kupichy BOXX1023
Kupisk BOXX6307
Kuplenka BOXX9727
Kuplin BOXX1024
Kuplin Staryy BOXX1025
Kuplya BOXX6308
Kupovshchina BOXX1026
Kupovtsy BOXX1027
Kupreyevka BOXX3385
Kuprovichi BOXX6309
Kupry BOXX6310
Kupyatichi BOXX1028
Kurachenkov BOXX3386
Kuraki BOXX3387
Kurakovshchina BOXX3388
Kuranyets BOXX0161
Kurbaki BOXX9728
Kurchevtsy BOXX6311
Kurchi BOXX6312
Kurgan BOXX9729
Kurgan BOXX3389
Kurgan BOXX6313
Kurganitsa BOXX3391
Kurganovka BOXX9731
Kurgany BOXX3392
Kurgany BOXX8077
Kurgany BOXX9732
Kurilovtsy BOXX6314
Kurin BOXX3394
Kurki BOXX6315
Kurkovshchina BOXX9733
Kurmanava BOXX9734
Kurnitsa-Malaya BOXX1029
Kurnitski BOXX6316
Kurovichi BOXX6317
Kurovoye BOXX3395
Kurovshchina BOXX1030
Kurpeshi BOXX6318
Kurpi BOXX6319
Kurpichi BOXX1031
Kurpiki BOXX6320
Kurshynavichy BOXX1032
Kurtasy BOXX9735
Kurylavichy BOXX6321
Kurytsichy BOXX3396
Kusentsy BOXX6322
Kushlevo BOXX6323
Kushli BOXX1033
Kushlyany BOXX6324
Kushnery BOXX1034
Kusochek BOXX3397
Kustarnyy BOXX3399
Kustovichi BOXX1035
Kustovitsa BOXX3400
Kustovka BOXX9736
Kustovnitsa BOXX3401
Kustychi BOXX1036
Kutin BOXX9737
Kutishki BOXX6327
Kutnevichi BOXX1038
Kutniki BOXX6328
Kutnya BOXX9738
Kutovshchina BOXX1039
Kutsavichy BOXX6329
Kutseyki BOXX6330
Kutskuny BOXX6331
Kutsyy Les BOXX6332
Kuty BOXX9739
Kuty BOXX6333
Kuty BOXX3402
Kuveki BOXX6334
Kuzevichi BOXX1040
Kuzhelichin BOXX1041
Kuzhi BOXX6337
Kuzhinets BOXX6338
Kuzmenki BOXX6339
Kuznetskiy BOXX9743
Kuzovino BOXX9744
Kvachi BOXX6340
Kvartyany BOXX9745
Kvasovka BOXX6341
Kvasovshchina BOXX1042
Kvasowka BOXX6342
Kvasyevichy BOXX1043
Kvatary BOXX6343
Kvoshch BOXX3406
Kvyatkovtsy BOXX6344
Kyemyelishki BOXX6345
Labanawka BOXX9746
Labkovichy BOXX9747
Labno-Ogorodniki BOXX6348
Labuzy BOXX1044
Ladorozhe BOXX1045
Ladyga BOXX6350
Ladyzhin BOXX3407
Ladyzhino BOXX9748
Ladzyeniki BOXX6351
Lagodovka BOXX9749
Lagodovo BOXX9750
Lagody BOXX6352
Lagvoshchi BOXX3408
Lahishyn BOXX0162
Lakhovka BOXX1046
Lakhva BOXX9751
Lakhva BOXX1047
Laktyshy BOXX1048
Lamavichy BOXX3409
Lambava BOXX9752
Lamy BOXX9753
Lanevichi BOXX6353
Lanitsa BOXX3410
Lanka BOXX4642
Lanpeki BOXX3411
Lanskaya BOXX1049
Lantsevichi BOXX6354
Lapatsichy BOXX9755
Lapatsin BOXX1050
Lapatsina BOXX3412
Lapenevtsy BOXX6355
Lapeni BOXX9756
Lapenki BOXX6356
Lapetskiye Gory BOXX2074
Lapichi BOXX3413
Lapichy BOXX9757
Lapkovitsa BOXX9758
Lapoty BOXX6357
Lapsha BOXX9759
Larishchevo BOXX3414
Lariyanovo BOXX9760
Laryshskaya BOXX9761
Lasha BOXX6358
Lashevichi BOXX6359
Lashevichi BOXX1051
Lasitsk BOXX1052
Laska BOXX3415
Lasosna BOXX6360
Lasovichi BOXX6361
Lastovki BOXX1053
Lastrygino BOXX9762
Latanovka BOXX9763
Latkoloniya BOXX9764
Latovichi BOXX6362
Latroshcha BOXX9765
Latveli BOXX6363
Latyshchina BOXX9766
Latyshi BOXX6364
Lautki BOXX9767
Lavno BOXX6365
Lavrinovichi BOXX6366
Lavrinovichi BOXX1054
Lavrovskiy BOXX9768
Lavry BOXX6367
Lavryshevo BOXX6368
Lavskiye BOXX6369
Lavstyki BOXX3416
Lavtsuny BOXX6370
Lavy BOXX3417
Lavy BOXX1055
Laykovshchina BOXX6371
Laykovshchizna BOXX6372
Lazarevichi BOXX9770
Lazarevka BOXX3418
Lazarevo BOXX3419
Lazarishki BOXX6373
Lazduny Druhiya BOXX6374
Laznishche BOXX3420
Lazovitsa BOXX9771
Lazovtsy BOXX6376
Lebeda BOXX6377
Lebedev BOXX3421
Lebedevka BOXX3422
Lebedevka BOXX9772
Lebedi BOXX6378
Lebedka BOXX6379
Lebezhany BOXX1056
Ledeshnya BOXX9773
Ledetenyata BOXX6380
Ledets BOXX3423
Lediny BOXX6381
Legaty BOXX1057
Legavtsy BOXX6382
Lekerta BOXX9774
Lelikovo BOXX1058
Lelyantsy BOXX6383
Lelyushevtsy BOXX6384
Lelyushi BOXX6385
Lemeshi BOXX6386
Lemniki BOXX6387
Lenevka BOXX9775
Lenina BOXX3424
Lenina BOXX9776
Lenindar BOXX3425
Leninets BOXX9777
Leninets BOXX3426
Lenino BOXX9778
Lenino BOXX3427
Leninsk BOXX9779
Leninsk BOXX3428
Leninskiy BOXX9780
Leninskiy BOXX3429
Lenkovshchina BOXX6388
Lenovskoye BOXX2075
Lentishki BOXX6389
Leonovichi BOXX6390
Leonovka BOXX9782
Leoshki BOXX1059
Lepel BOXX0013
Lepesy Malyye BOXX1060
Leshanka BOXX1061
Leshcha BOXX9783
Leshchanka BOXX6391
Leshchenka BOXX9784
Leshchenyaty BOXX6392
Leshchevino BOXX9786
Leshchevnik BOXX9787
Leshchinets BOXX3432
Leshchinskiye BOXX9788
Leshinovo BOXX6393
Leshnitsa BOXX1062
Leshno BOXX6394
Leshnya BOXX3433
Leshnya BOXX1063
Lesino BOXX1064
Lesishche BOXX9789
Leski BOXX1065
Leski BOXX9790
Leski BOXX3434
Leski BOXX6395
Leskovka BOXX9791
Leskovo BOXX1066
Lesnaya BOXX6396
Lesnevichi BOXX6397
Lesniki BOXX6398
Lesnitsa BOXX6399
Lesnoy BOXX1068
Lesnoye BOXX3435
Lesnyaki BOXX6400
Lesnyye BOXX9792
Lesok BOXX3436
Lesok BOXX1069
Lesovaya Buda BOXX3437
Lesovoy BOXX9793
Lesuny Pervyye BOXX3438
Leteshin BOXX3439
Letovishche BOXX3440
Levady BOXX3441
Levanovo BOXX9794
Levashi BOXX6401
Levashi BOXX3442
Levki BOXX1070
Levkovichi BOXX9795
Levkovshchina BOXX9796
Levyye Mosty BOXX6402
Leybin Ostrov BOXX4644
Leychitsy BOXX9797
Leygoboli BOXX6403
Leyki BOXX6404
Leylubka BOXX6405
Lezhayka BOXX1071
Lezhitkovichi BOXX1072
Lezhnevichi BOXX6406
Lezhnevka BOXX9798
Leznevichi BOXX6407
Libiya BOXX1074
Lichinka BOXX9799
Lichitsy BOXX6408
Lichosielce BOXX1075
Lida BOXX0017
Lidimo BOXX1076
Lidino BOXX9800
Lidyany BOXX6409
Likhachevo BOXX9801
Likhachi BOXX1077
Likhachy BOXX6410
Likhinichi BOXX9802
Likhinichi BOXX6411
Likhovnya BOXX4645
Likovka BOXX6413
Linevochka BOXX1079
Lingi BOXX6414
Linki BOXX6415
Linov BOXX3443
Linova Pyershaye BOXX1080
Linovo Vtoroye BOXX1081
Lipa BOXX9803
Lipa BOXX3444
Lipaki BOXX9804
Lipava BOXX1082
Lipava BOXX3445
Lipawka BOXX9805
Lipets BOXX9806
Lipichanka BOXX6416
Lipichi BOXX2076
Lipichino BOXX6417
Lipinichy BOXX3446
Lipinki BOXX1083
Lipki BOXX9807
Lipki BOXX4646
Lipki BOXX6418
Lipkuntsy BOXX6419
Liplyany BOXX3447
Liplyowka BOXX1084
Lipna BOXX1085
Lipnik BOXX9808
Lipniki BOXX1086
Lipniki BOXX6420
Lipniki BOXX3448
Lipnishki BOXX6421
Lipnitsa BOXX9809
Lipnyaki BOXX9810
Lipnyaki BOXX3449
Lipov BOXX3450
Lipovitsa BOXX9811
Lipovka BOXX6422
Lipovka BOXX9812
Lipovo BOXX1087
Lipsk BOXX9813
Lisany BOXX9815
Lisava BOXX3451
Lishchitsy BOXX6423
Lishki BOXX6424
Lisichitsy BOXX1089
Lisichnik BOXX9816
Lisiy Log BOXX3452
Liski BOXX1090
Liski BOXX3453
Lisnoye BOXX3455
Lisovchitsy BOXX1091
Lisoviichi BOXX1092
Lisovka BOXX9817
Listvennik BOXX4647
Listvin BOXX3456
Listyanki BOXX1093
Lisyatichi BOXX1094
Litarovshchina BOXX6425
Litavortsy BOXX6426
Litovka BOXX1095
Litovka BOXX6427
Litovsk BOXX9819
Litovsk BOXX1096
Litsvinavichy BOXX3457
Litva BOXX1097
Litva BOXX6428
Litvinki BOXX1098
Litvinki BOXX6429
Litvinovichi BOXX9820
Litvinovichi BOXX3458
Litvinovo BOXX9821
Litviny BOXX1099
Litvitsa BOXX6430
Litvyany BOXX6431
Lizheyki BOXX6432
Lobachi BOXX6433
Lobanovshchin BOXX9822
Lobcha BOXX1100
Lobcha BOXX9823
Lobki BOXX3459
Lobozovka BOXX6434
Lobsk BOXX3460
Lobyrevka BOXX3461
Lobzha BOXX9824
Lobzovo BOXX6435
Lochin BOXX9825
Lodino BOXX1101
Lognovichi BOXX6436
Logovino BOXX9826
Logoysk BOXX0166
Loguny BOXX3462
Logviny BOXX6437
Lokachi BOXX6438
Lokhnitsa BOXX3463
Lokhozva BOXX1102
Lokti BOXX9827
Loktyany BOXX6439
Lokuti BOXX9828
Lokutiyevshchina BOXX6440
Lomachi BOXX3464
Lomashi BOXX6441
Lomy BOXX9829
Lomysh BOXX3465
Lopatichi BOXX6442
Lopatino BOXX9830
Lopatishki BOXX6443
Lopatovichi BOXX9831
Lopatyche BOXX1103
Lopotse BOXX6444
Lopovichi BOXX9832
Lopukhovo BOXX6445
Lopushno BOXX6446
Losevka BOXX6447
Losevka BOXX9833
Losevtsy BOXX6448
Losha BOXX6449
Loshaki BOXX6450
Loshany BOXX6451
Loshchinets BOXX3466
Losi BOXX9834
Losi BOXX6452
Losichi BOXX1104
Losinka BOXX9835
Losintsy BOXX1105
Lososin BOXX1106
Losyeva BOXX6453
Lotevka BOXX6454
Lotva BOXX9836
Lotvichi BOXX1107
Lovchitsy BOXX6455
Lovets BOXX9837
Lovkeniki BOXX6456
Lovtsy BOXX6457
Loybishki BOXX6458
Loyew BOXX3467
Loyki BOXX1108
Loyki BOXX6459
Loytevshchina BOXX6460
Loyti BOXX6461
Loza BOXX9838
Lozichi BOXX1109
Lozitsa BOXX1110
Lozki BOXX6462
Lozki BOXX3468
Lozov BOXX3469
Lozovitsa BOXX3470
Lozovka BOXX9839
Lozovka BOXX6463
Lozovka BOXX1111
Lozovoye BOXX9840
Lozovtsy BOXX1112
Lozovyye BOXX6464
Lozy BOXX1113
Lozy BOXX6465
Lozyany BOXX6466
Lubenets BOXX6467
Lubeniki BOXX3471
Lubnishche BOXX9841
Lubnoye BOXX3472
Lubnya BOXX3473
Lubyanka BOXX6468
Lubyanka BOXX3474
Lubyanka BOXX9842
Lubyany BOXX9843
Luch BOXX9844
Luch BOXX3476
Luchezhevichi BOXX3477
Luchiny BOXX9845
Luchitsa BOXX1114
Luchitsy BOXX9846
Luchki BOXX6469
Luchki BOXX9847
Luchki BOXX1115
Luchyn BOXX3478
Luchytsy BOXX3479
Ludchitsa BOXX9848
Ludchytsy BOXX9849
Ludichi BOXX6470
Ludy BOXX6471
Luginichi BOXX3480
Lugomovichi BOXX6472
Lugovaya BOXX1116
Lugovaya BOXX6473
Lugovaya Virnya BOXX3481
Lugovoy BOXX9850
Luhi BOXX1117
Luka BOXX9851
Luka BOXX1118
Lukashino BOXX6474
Lukava BOXX1119
Lukavitsa BOXX6475
Lukavtsy BOXX3484
Luki BOXX6476
Luki BOXX1120
Luki BOXX3485
Luki BOXX9852
Lukinichi BOXX9853
Lukomir BOXX1121
Lukonitsa BOXX6477
Lukoshin BOXX6478
Lukoye BOXX1122
Lukshany BOXX6479
Lumna BOXX1123
Lunacharsk BOXX3487
Lunacharskiy BOXX3488
Lunin BOXX1124
Lunna BOXX6480
Lupachi BOXX6481
Lupiny BOXX6482
Lupolovo BOXX9855
Lushchevinka BOXX9856
Lushchiki BOXX6483
Lushchiki BOXX1125
Luskaly BOXX1126
Lustishki BOXX6484
Lutishche BOXX9857
Lutki BOXX1127
Lutno BOXX9858
Lutsetskoye BOXX1129
Lutsevichi BOXX1130
Lutskawlyany BOXX6485
Lutski BOXX3490
Lutskovlyany BOXX6486
Luty BOXX9859
Luzha BOXX6487
Luzhanets BOXX9860
Luzhishche BOXX6488
Luzhki BOXX9861
Luzhki BOXX0169
Luzhki BOXX1131
Luzhki BOXX6489
Luzhki Pervyye BOXX9862
Luzhki Vtoryye BOXX9863
Luzhok BOXX9864
Luzhok BOXX3491
Lyada BOXX6490
Lyadki BOXX6491
Lyado BOXX3492
Lyadovichi BOXX1132
Lyadsk BOXX6492
Lyadtsy BOXX3493
Lyady BOXX3494
Lyadzyets BOXX1133
Lyakhavichy BOXX1134
Lyakhawtsy BOXX1135
Lyakhchitsy BOXX1136
Lyakhi BOXX9866
Lyakhi BOXX1137
Lyakhova Gryada BOXX9867
Lyakhovets BOXX3495
Lyakhovichi BOXX6493
Lyakhovichi BOXX3496
Lyakhovichi BOXX1138
Lyakhovka BOXX9868
Lyakhovshchina BOXX1139
Lyakhovshchina BOXX9869
Lyakhovtsy BOXX3497
Lyamnitsa BOXX9870
Lyapyoshki BOXX6496
Lyashchanka BOXX6497
Lyaskavichy BOXX1140
Lyaskavichy BOXX3498
Lyaskovichi BOXX1141
Lyasnaya BOXX9871
Lyasnaya BOXX1142
Lyasoty BOXX1143
Lyasovets BOXX1144
Lyasyets BOXX3499
Lyatki BOXX6498
Lyatsevichi BOXX6499
Lyatskiye BOXX1145
Lyatsyahi BOXX9872
Lyayki BOXX6500
Lyazhenka BOXX9873
Lychkawtsy BOXX6501
Lychkovtse BOXX1146
Lychkovtsy BOXX6502
Lychniki BOXX6503
Lychytse BOXX6504
Lyebyadzyanka BOXX9874
Lyebyadzyowka BOXX3500
Lyebyedzyeva BOXX9875
Lyelyuki BOXX6505
Lyemyashevichy BOXX1147
Lyenin BOXX3502
Lyenina BOXX9876
Lyenina BOXX3503
Lyeninski BOXX1148
Lykinka BOXX9877
Lykovichi BOXX6506
Lykovo BOXX9878
Lyloytsi BOXX6507
Lynkishki BOXX6508
Lynovka BOXX9880
Lyntup BOXX6509
Lyntupy BOXX0012
Lyozna BOXX0165
Lysaya Gora BOXX6510
Lysaya Gora BOXX9881
Lysaya Gorka BOXX9882
Lyshcha BOXX1149
Lyshchiki BOXX1150
Lyski BOXX6511
Lyskovshchina BOXX9883
Lyskuv BOXX1151
Lysovka BOXX9884
Lysovka BOXX3504
Lysukha BOXX1152
Lytkovka BOXX9885
Lyubachin BOXX1153
Lyuban BOXX0172
Lyubanichi BOXX6512
Lyubanskiy BOXX3506
Lyubany BOXX9886
Lyubarty BOXX6513
Lyubary BOXX6514
Lyubashava BOXX1155
Lyubashki BOXX1156
Lyubavino BOXX9887
Lyubcha BOXX0173
Lyubenskiy BOXX3508
Lyubeyki BOXX1158
Lyubichi BOXX9888
Lyubimoye BOXX3509
Lyubinichi BOXX9889
Lyubinovo BOXX9890
Lyubishche BOXX9891
Lyubishchytsy BOXX1159
Lyubitsa BOXX3510
Lyubizh BOXX9892
Lyublin BOXX9893
Lyubno BOXX6515
Lyubolya BOXX3511
Lyubonichy BOXX0174
Lyubovichi BOXX3513
Lyubovin BOXX3514
Lyubuzh BOXX9894
Lyubyanka BOXX9895
Lyuchichi BOXX4649
Lyudgardovka BOXX3515
Lyudimy BOXX6516
Lyudinovichi BOXX1161
Lyudkov BOXX9896
Lyudkovo BOXX9897
Lyudvikovshchina BOXX6517
Lyudvin BOXX3516
Lyudvinov BOXX3517
Lyudvinovka BOXX3518
Lyudvinovo BOXX6518
Lyudvinovo BOXX1162
Lyudzyanyevichy BOXX3519
Lyugovshchina BOXX6519
Lyukno BOXX6520
Lyulevo BOXX9899
Lyushcha BOXX1163
Lyushev BOXX3520
Lyushnevo BOXX1164
Lyusina BOXX1165
Lyuta BOXX1166
Lyutkova BOXX3521
Lyutnya BOXX9900
Lyutrovka BOXX9902
Lyutsina BOXX9903
Lyutyy Bor BOXX1167
Machulina BOXX6521
Machulishche BOXX1169
Machulishche BOXX3522
Machulki BOXX9904
Mackowce BOXX6522
Madeyki BOXX6523
Madora BOXX3523
Magdalin BOXX1170
Magentsy BOXX6524
Maguny BOXX6525
Mahilyow BOXX0175
Makanavichy BOXX3524
Makarava BOXX1171
Makarawtsy BOXX6526
Makarentsy BOXX9905
Makarovichi BOXX9906
Makarovka BOXX9907
Makary BOXX6527
Makarychy BOXX3525
Makashi BOXX1172
Makawye BOXX3526
Makeyevshchina BOXX1173
Makhaly BOXX6528
Makhava BOXX9908
Makhnavichy BOXX3527
Makhovaya BOXX3528
Makhro BOXX0181
Makovichi BOXX9910
Makovishchi BOXX1175
Makovka BOXX9911
Makovnya BOXX9912
Makovo BOXX1176
Makovshchina BOXX6529
Makrany BOXX9913
Makrany BOXX0182
Makrusinka BOXX9914
Maksimovka BOXX9915
Makuti BOXX6530
Makyeyevichy BOXX9916
Maladusha BOXX3532
Malakhovichi BOXX6532
Malakhovtsy BOXX1179
Malaki BOXX6533
Malaryta BOXX1180
Malashki BOXX3533
Malashkovichi BOXX9919
Malashkovichi BOXX3534
Malaya Arava BOXX9922
Malaya Bloshnaya BOXX1181
Malaya Borovka BOXX9923
Malaya Demenka BOXX3535
Malaya Gorozha BOXX9924
Malaya Grava BOXX9925
Malaya Izva BOXX6536
Malaya Kalinovka BOXX9926
Malaya Kamenka BOXX9927
Malaya Kaplitsa BOXX6537
Malaya Kolonaya BOXX6538
Malaya Korolevka BOXX9928
Malaya Krapivnya BOXX9929
Malaya Lapenitsa BOXX6539
Malaya Lotva BOXX1183
Malaya Lotva BOXX9931
Malaya Medvyadka BOXX6540
Malaya Mukhovka BOXX9933
Malaya Obrina BOXX6541
Malaya Plotnitsa BOXX1184
Malaya Rakovitsa BOXX1185
Malaya Ryminka BOXX9935
Malaya Semenovka BOXX9936
Malaya Stracha BOXX6545
Malaya Volokhva BOXX1186
Malaya Volya BOXX6546
Malaya Zhabinka BOXX1188
Malaya Zhernovka BOXX6547
Malaya Zimnitsa BOXX9938
Malaya Zyatitsa BOXX9939
Malazhyn BOXX3538
Malenik BOXX3539
Maleshev BOXX3540
Malevichi BOXX6548
Malevo BOXX9940
Maleykovo BOXX9941
Mali BOXX6549
Malimony BOXX3541
Malina BOXX9943
Malinavaya BOXX6550
Malinawka BOXX3542
Malinawka BOXX9944
Malinawka BOXX1189
Malinki BOXX3543
Malinnik BOXX9945
Malinniki BOXX6551
Malinniki BOXX9946
Malinovka BOXX1190
Malinovka BOXX9947
Malinovka BOXX3544
Malinovo BOXX9948
Malinovoye BOXX9949
Malishev BOXX3545
Malkovo BOXX9950
Malorita BOXX0176
Maloye Bushkovo BOXX9951
Maloye Chernoye BOXX9952
Maloye Demidkovo BOXX6553
Maloye Khotetovo BOXX9953
Maloye Malkovo BOXX3546
Maloye Osovo BOXX6555
Maloye Patskovo BOXX9954
Maloye Rozdymle BOXX2078
Maloye Selo BOXX6556
Maloye Ulanovo BOXX9956
Maloye Zarechcha BOXX9959
Malunovka BOXX9960
Maly Kudzin BOXX9961
Malyatsichy BOXX9962
Malyatychi BOXX6558
Malyavichi BOXX6559
Malyech BOXX1192
Malyevichy BOXX3547
Malyeykawshchyna BOXX6560
Malyeyki BOXX3549
Malyn BOXX3550
Malynichi BOXX3551
Malynishki BOXX6561
Malyshchina BOXX6562
Malyshevichi BOXX6563
Malyshi BOXX1193
Malyuki BOXX6565
Malyukovtsy BOXX6566
Malyushino BOXX9963
Malyushychy BOXX6567
Malyy Bokov BOXX3552
Malyy Kholozhin BOXX1194
Malyy Krasnik BOXX1195
Malyy Mezhnik BOXX9965
Malyy Mikhaylov BOXX9966
Malyy Osov BOXX9967
Malyy Osovets BOXX9968
Malyy Rudets BOXX1197
Malyy Trilesin BOXX9970
Malyya Awtsyuki BOXX3553
Malyya Lazitsy BOXX9972
Malyya Nyamki BOXX3554
Malyya Slavyeni BOXX9973
Malyya Zvody BOXX1198
Malyye Barsuki BOXX3555
Malyye Belevichi BOXX9975
Malyye Borki BOXX9976
Malyye Bortniki BOXX9977
Malyye Bovki BOXX9978
Malyye Dikovichi BOXX1200
Malyye Dovgyaly BOXX6572
Malyye Eysmonty BOXX6573
Malyye Karnyshi BOXX6574
Malyye Khodosy BOXX9981
Malyye Khutora BOXX9982
Malyye Lepi BOXX6578
Malyye Luki BOXX1204
Malyye Masushiny BOXX6580
Malyye Mikhalki BOXX6581
Malyye Motykaly BOXX1205
Malyye Muriny BOXX1206
Malyye Novosyady BOXX6582
Malyye Orly BOXX1207
Malyye Ozeranki BOXX6583
Malyye Ozerki BOXX6584
Malyye Pugachi BOXX6585
Malyye Reksti BOXX6587
Malyye Rogi BOXX3558
Malyye Semyuny BOXX6588
Malyye Shestaki BOXX6589
Malyye Slizhi BOXX9985
Malyye Sontaki BOXX6591
Malyye Strelki BOXX3561
Malyye Sviryanki BOXX6594
Malyye Tupoly BOXX6595
Malyye Vodovichi BOXX3562
Malyye Yakentany BOXX6598
Malyye Yatsyny BOXX6599
Manastyrok BOXX9989
Manchaki BOXX1212
Mancheli BOXX6601
Manchiki BOXX1213
Manchitsy BOXX6602
Manchitsy BOXX3565
Manevichi BOXX1214
Maneyev BOXX3566
Mantsevichi BOXX6603
Mantsy BOXX1215
Mantuny BOXX6604
Mantyuty BOXX1216
Manuily BOXX9990
Margele BOXX6606
Marina Gorka BOXX0177
Marinovo BOXX1219
Mariton BOXX3568
Markavichy BOXX3569
Markhlevsk BOXX3570
Markinyata BOXX6607
Markishi BOXX6608
Markovichi BOXX1220
Markovichi BOXX6609
Markovka BOXX9993
Markovshchina BOXX9994
Markovshchizna BOXX6610
Markovtsy BOXX6611
Markowskaye BOXX3571
Markuny BOXX6612
Markutsy BOXX6613
Marmovichi BOXX3572
Marokharava BOXX3573
Marozavichy BOXX3574
Mars BOXX3575
Martinovichi BOXX6615
Martinovka BOXX9996
Martinovo BOXX6616
Martinovtsy BOXX6617
Martsinovo BOXX1221
Martsuli BOXX6618
Martynovichi BOXX3576
Martynovka BOXX9997
Martynovka BOXX3577
Martynyuki BOXX1222
Marusino BOXX3579
Marvchanka BOXX6619
Marysevo BOXX6620
Masalyany BOXX6622
Masalyki BOXX9999
Masany BOXX3580
Masevichi BOXX1223
Mashtalery BOXX6623
Masi BOXX6624
Masilovichi BOXX6625
Maslikovtsy BOXX6626
Maslovshchina BOXX6627
Mastsishcha BOXX6628
Masty BOXX6629
Masyuny BOXX6630
Mateyevichi BOXX6631
Mateykovshchina BOXX6632
Matiyevka BOXX1224
Matrunki BOXX3582
Matseyevichi BOXX1225
Matsiyevichy BOXX1226
Matskany BOXX6633
Matskeli BOXX6634
Matskevichi BOXX3583
Matski BOXX6635
Matsvyeyewtsy BOXX6636
Matsy BOXX1227
Matsyulyany BOXX6637
Matyasy BOXX1228
Matyli BOXX6639
Matyuki BOXX6640
Matyuntsy BOXX6641
May BOXX3584
Mayaki BOXX6642
Maydan BOXX3585
Maysk BOXX1229
Mayskaye BOXX3586
Mayskiy BOXX3587
Maysyeyewka BOXX3588
Mazheykava BOXX6643
Mazheyki BOXX6644
Mazhuli BOXX6645
Mazichi BOXX1230
Mazonovo BOXX6646
Mazurki BOXX1231
Mazurovshchina BOXX6647
Mazury BOXX3589
Mazury BOXX1232
Medenevichi BOXX1233
Medkov BOXX3590
Medriki BOXX6648
Medukhov BOXX3591
Medukhovo BOXX6649
Medvedevo BOXX3593
Medveditsa BOXX3594
Medvednoye BOXX3595
Medvedov BOXX3596
Medvezhiy Log BOXX3598
Medyuny BOXX6650
Medziki BOXX6651
Mefedovichi BOXX1234
Mekhach BOXX3599
Mekhovshchina BOXX3600
Mekhovsk BOXX6652
Melekhi BOXX6657
Melekhi BOXX1236
Melekhovichi BOXX1237
Melenkovo BOXX1238
Meleshi BOXX6659
Meleshi BOXX1239
Melesnitsa BOXX1240
Melevichi BOXX6660
Melevshchina BOXX6661
Melovtsy BOXX6662
Melyakhovichi BOXX6663
Mendrikovshchina BOXX6665
Menevezh BOXX1241
Mergintsy BOXX6666
Merlishki BOXX6667
Mernitsa BOXX1242
Meshetniki BOXX6668
Meshkaly BOXX6669
Meshkuti BOXX6670
Meshtuny BOXX6671
Mesyatichi BOXX1243
Meyluny BOXX6672
Meyry BOXX6673
Mezhantsy BOXX6674
Mezhany BOXX6675
Mezhniki BOXX6676
Michurynskaya BOXX3601
Midyatly BOXX6677
Mielniki BOXX1244
Migay BOXX3602
Migdaly BOXX6678
Migovo BOXX6679
Miguli BOXX6680
Miguny BOXX6681
Mikalayewka BOXX3603
Mikashevichy BOXX1245
Mikhalevka BOXX3605
Mikhalin BOXX1246
Mikhalin Novy BOXX1247
Mikhalino BOXX6682
Mikhalinok BOXX1248
Mikhalishki BOXX6683
Mikhalki BOXX1249
Mikhalki BOXX3606
Mikhalkoni BOXX6684
Mikhalov BOXX3607
Mikhalyowka BOXX3608
Mikhaylovka BOXX6685
Mikhaylovka BOXX3609
Mikhaylovshchina BOXX6686
Mikhaylovsk BOXX3610
Mikhaylovskiy BOXX3611
Mikhaylovskoye BOXX3612
Mikhayly BOXX6687
Mikhnavichy BOXX3613
Mikhnevichi BOXX6688
Mikhnichi BOXX6689
Mikhnovichi BOXX1250
Mikhnovka BOXX3614
Mikhnovshchina BOXX1251
Mikhyedavichy BOXX3615
Mikitsk BOXX1252
Miklashevtsy BOXX6690
Miklashi BOXX6691
Mikli BOXX6692
Mikshevichi BOXX6693
Mikulevshchina BOXX6694
Mikulichi BOXX6695
Mikulichy BOXX3617
Mikulishki BOXX6696
Mikuty BOXX6697
Mikutyany BOXX6698
Mikyantsy BOXX6699
Mikyelyowshchyna BOXX6700
Milashavichy BOXX3618
Milavidy BOXX1253
Milayshuny BOXX6708
Milevichi BOXX6709
Milevtsy BOXX6710
Mileyki BOXX1254
Mileykovo BOXX6711
Milidovshchina BOXX6712
Milograd BOXX3619
Miloshevichi BOXX6713
Milovidnaya BOXX6715
Milushevo BOXX6716
Miluti BOXX6717
Milyevichy BOXX3620
Milyuntsy BOXX6718
Minaki BOXX6719
Minchuki BOXX6720
Mindyany BOXX6721
Minevichi BOXX1255
Minevichi BOXX6722
Minevshchina BOXX6723
Minichi BOXX1256
Minichi BOXX6724
Minki BOXX1257
Minki BOXX6725
Minkovichi BOXX1258
Minkovtsy BOXX6726
Minotovichi BOXX6727
Minoyty BOXX6728
Minsk BOXX0005
Minyanka BOXX1259
Minyutevka BOXX6729
Mir BOXX1260
Mir BOXX0179
Mirabeli BOXX3622
Miranka BOXX6730
Miratsichy BOXX6731
Mirawshchyna BOXX6732
Mirklishki BOXX6733
Mirnaya BOXX3623
Mirnaya BOXX6734
Mirnoye BOXX3624
Mirny BOXX1261
Mironenki BOXX3625
Mironim BOXX1262
Misevichi BOXX6735
Mishkany BOXX6736
Mishkeniki BOXX6737
Mishkuty BOXX6738
Mishukovichi BOXX6739
Mislyuki BOXX6740
Misovtsy BOXX1263
Misyavichy BOXX6741
Misyury BOXX6742
Mitroni BOXX6744
Mitsari BOXX6746
Mitskantsy BOXX6747
Mitskavichy BOXX1266
Mitskevichi BOXX6748
Mitski BOXX3626
Mitsury BOXX3627
Mityuny BOXX6749
Mizgiri BOXX6750
Mizherychy BOXX6751
Mizhevichi BOXX6752
Mizhevichy BOXX6753
Mizhevo BOXX6754
Mizhiderevo BOXX3628
Mizhlyessye BOXX1267
Mizulichi BOXX6755
Mlynishche BOXX4650
Mlynok BOXX1268
Mlynok BOXX3629
Mlyny BOXX1269
Mnikhi BOXX6756
Mnogoversh BOXX3630
Moczula BOXX1270
Mogilev BOXX0018
Mogilitsa BOXX1273
Mogilyany BOXX6758
Mogilyany BOXX1274
Mogylovtse BOXX1275
Moiseyevichi BOXX6759
Moiseyevichi BOXX3631
Moiseyevka BOXX3632
Mokh BOXX2081
Mokhov BOXX3633
Mokhovichi BOXX6761
Mokish BOXX3634
Moklishche BOXX3635
Mokraya Dubrava BOXX1276
Mokraye BOXX1277
Mokrets BOXX3636
Mokrets BOXX6762
Mokritsy BOXX6763
Mokrovo BOXX1278
Mokrovo BOXX6764
Moladava BOXX1279
Molchany BOXX3638
Moldovichi BOXX6767
Molduti BOXX6768
Molinsk BOXX3639
Molinyak BOXX6769
Molochki BOXX3640
Molochki BOXX6770
Molochki BOXX1280
Molodaya BOXX3641
Molodechno BOXX0184
Molodezhnyy BOXX6771
Molodovo BOXX6772
Molot BOXX3643
Molotkavichy BOXX1282
Molozhevo BOXX3644
Monkevichi BOXX6773
Monoseyevo BOXX1283
Montatishki BOXX6774
Montovty BOXX6775
Montyaki BOXX6776
Mordasy BOXX6777
Mordvin BOXX3645
Mordychy BOXX1284
Mormozhevo BOXX1285
Morochi BOXX6778
Morozovichi BOXX1286
Morozovichi BOXX6779
Morozovka BOXX3647
Morozy BOXX1287
Morshchinovichi BOXX1288
Mortkovo BOXX3648
Moryna BOXX6780
Mosevichi BOXX1289
Mosevichi BOXX6781
Moshchenka BOXX1290
Moshevichi BOXX6782
Moshkavichy BOXX1291
Moshny BOXX3649
Moskalevka BOXX3650
Moskalevtsy BOXX6784
Moskali BOXX6785
Moskali BOXX3651
Moskovshchina BOXX6786
Mostishche BOXX3652
Mostki BOXX6787
Mostki BOXX1292
Mostki BOXX3653
Mostok BOXX6788
Mostovlyane BOXX6789
Mostovlyany BOXX6790
Mostvilishki BOXX6791
Mosty Vtoryye BOXX6792
Mostyany BOXX6793
Mostyki BOXX1293
Motashi BOXX6794
Motcha BOXX6795
Moteshitsy BOXX6796
Motevchuki BOXX6797
Motevtsy BOXX6798
Motnevichi BOXX3654
Motol BOXX0185
Motorovka BOXX3655
Motsyevichy BOXX6799
Motylevka BOXX3656
Mozheyki BOXX6800
Mozheyki BOXX1295
Mozheykovshchina BOXX6801
Mozyr BOXX0026
Mshanki BOXX1297
Mstsibova BOXX6802
Mukhavets BOXX1298
Mukhlyadishki BOXX6803
Mukhovloki BOXX1299
Mukinichi BOXX6804
Mulyary BOXX6806
Muntsevichi BOXX6807
Murashki BOXX3658
Murava BOXX1300
Muravana BOXX6810
Muravchiy BOXX3659
Muravey BOXX3660
Muraveynitsa BOXX3661
Muriny BOXX6812
Murovanka BOXX6813
Murovo BOXX6814
Mushichi BOXX3662
Mutsizhar BOXX3663
Mutvitsa BOXX1301
Muzhily BOXX6815
Myadyushi BOXX6816
Myadzvinavichy BOXX6817
Myadzvyedzichy BOXX1302
Myadzyel BOXX0188
Myagovichi BOXX6818
Myakishi BOXX6819
Myalyeshkavichy BOXX3664
Myedna BOXX1303
Myerchytsy BOXX1304
Myerkulavichy BOXX3665
Myestkavichy BOXX1305
Mykshitsy BOXX1306
Mylevo BOXX6820
Myshanka BOXX3666
Myshitsy BOXX1308
Mysinshchina BOXX6821
Myslobozh BOXX1309
Myslov Rog BOXX3667
Myslovo BOXX6822
Myto BOXX6823
Naberezhnaya BOXX1310
Nach BOXX1311
Nacha BOXX6825
Nacha BOXX1312
Nadeykovichi BOXX3668
Nadezhda BOXX3669
Nadezhdino BOXX3670
Nadtochayevka BOXX3671
Nadvin BOXX3672
Nagornaya BOXX1314
Nagornaya BOXX4653
Nagorniki BOXX6826
Nagornoye BOXX3673
Nagornyye BOXX3674
Naguyevichi BOXX6827
Nakhaw BOXX3675
Nakhovskiy BOXX3676
Nakryshki BOXX6828
Nalezniki BOXX1315
Nalibaki BOXX6829
Nalibaki BOXX0189
Naliwki BOXX1316
Namestkovo BOXX2082
Nameyki BOXX6830
Namokrovo BOXX1317
Naobrid BOXX1318
Narbutovichi BOXX6831
Narbuty BOXX6832
Narchi BOXX6833
Narimanov BOXX3677
Narkovichi BOXX6835
Narkuny BOXX6836
Naroshy BOXX6837
Naroty BOXX6838
Narovshchizna BOXX3678
Narowlya BOXX3679
Nartsuki BOXX6839
Nartuny BOXX6840
Narushevtsy BOXX6841
Narutavichy BOXX1319
Nasavichy BOXX3680
Naskantsy BOXX6842
Nasovichy BOXX3681
Naspa BOXX3682
Natsevichi BOXX6843
Natskovichi BOXX6844
Natskovo BOXX6845
Naukhovichi BOXX3683
Naumishche BOXX2083
Naumov Ostrov BOXX3684
Naumovichi BOXX6846
Naumovtsy BOXX6847
Navahrudak BOXX6849
Navasady BOXX6850
Navaspask BOXX6851
Navasyolki BOXX1320
Navasyolki BOXX6852
Navasyolki BOXX3686
Naviki BOXX6854
Navilawka BOXX3687
Navinki BOXX3688
Navitskavichy BOXX1321
Navozy BOXX3689
Nayda BOXX3690
Nayferung BOXX3691
Nazdrachuny BOXX6855
Nebytov BOXX3692
Nebyty BOXX1322
Nechatuv BOXX1323
Nedoyka BOXX3693
Nedroshlya BOXX6856
Nefedki BOXX6857
Nefedy BOXX6858
Negnichi BOXX6859
Negrimovo BOXX6860
Nekhachevo BOXX1324
Nekholsty BOXX1325
Nekrashevichi BOXX6861
Nekrashevka BOXX3694
Nekrashi BOXX6862
Nekrashuntsy BOXX6863
Nekrashuny BOXX6864
Nekrasov BOXX3695
Nekrasovo BOXX3696
Neman BOXX6865
Nemerzha BOXX6866
Nemerzhanka BOXX6867
Nemeyshi BOXX6868
Nemkovichi BOXX6869
Nemkovichi BOXX1326
Nemnovo BOXX6870
Nenadovichi BOXX6871
Nepobedimyy BOXX3697
Nepomatsinovka BOXX1327
Neporozhnevtsy BOXX6872
Nerostovichi BOXX6873
Nerovka BOXX6874
Nerovy BOXX6875
Neshkrupa BOXX6876
Nesilovichi BOXX6877
Neslukha BOXX1328
Nesoyev Bor BOXX3698
Nestanishki BOXX6878
Nestanovichi BOXX3699
Nestenyaty BOXX6879
Nesterki BOXX1329
Nesterovichi BOXX6880
Nesterovka BOXX3700
Nestery BOXX1330
Nesvilo BOXX1331
Nesvizh BOXX0190
Netchin BOXX1332
Netechi BOXX6881
Netreba BOXX1333
Netsech BOXX6882
Nezhikhov BOXX3701
Neznanovo BOXX6883
Nichiporovka BOXX3702
Nidyany BOXX6884
Nikitichi BOXX1334
Nikolayevichi BOXX1336
Nikolayevka BOXX3704
Nikolayevo BOXX1337
Nikolayevo BOXX6885
Nikolayevshchina BOXX6886
Nikonovo BOXX3705
Nikonovtsy BOXX6887
Nikor BOXX1338
Nikrishki BOXX6888
Nikulinsk BOXX3706
Nisimkavichy BOXX3708
Niva BOXX3709
Niva BOXX1339
Nivishche BOXX1340
Nivishche BOXX3710
Nivishchi BOXX1341
Nivki BOXX3711
Nivki BOXX1342
Nivnoye BOXX3712
Nivy BOXX3713
Niwki BOXX3714
Niz BOXX6889
Nizhev BOXX3715
Nizhinovtsy BOXX6890
Nizhniy Mlynok BOXX3716
Nizhniye Zhary BOXX3718
Nizhnyaya Alba BOXX3719
Nizkiye BOXX1344
Nizovtsy BOXX6893
Nizyanki BOXX6894
Nizyany BOXX6895
Nogorodovichi BOXX6896
Norkovshchina BOXX3721
Norovshchina BOXX1345
Norshty BOXX6897
Nortsevichi BOXX6898
Noski BOXX1346
Nosovichi BOXX6899
Novaya Aleshnya BOXX3723
Novaya Belitsa BOXX3724
Novaya Berezina BOXX6902
Novaya Buda BOXX3726
Novaya Dubovaya BOXX6903
Novaya Dubrova BOXX3729
Novaya Greblya BOXX3730
Novaya Gusevitsa BOXX3731
Novaya Guta BOXX6904
Novaya Guta BOXX3732
Novaya Halynka BOXX6905
Novaya Huta BOXX3733
Novaya Kamenka BOXX3734
Novaya Korma BOXX3735
Novaya Koshara BOXX3736
Novaya Lutava BOXX3738
Novaya Mysh BOXX1347
Novaya Papina BOXX1348
Novaya Raytsa BOXX6908
Novaya Rozhanka BOXX6909
Novaya Ruda BOXX6910
Novaya Rudnya BOXX6911
Novaya Rudnya BOXX3742
Novaya Sloboda BOXX0046
Novaya Sloboda BOXX3743
Novaya Slobodka BOXX3744
Novaya Spusha BOXX6912
Novaya Strazha BOXX6913
Novaya Temra BOXX1350
Novaya Usha BOXX0192
Novaya Uza BOXX3745
Novaya Yolcha BOXX3747
Novaya Zhizhma BOXX6915
Novaye Palyessye BOXX3750
Noviki BOXX6916
Noviki BOXX3751
Noviki BOXX1351
Novinka BOXX1352
Novinka BOXX6917
Novinki BOXX6918
Novinki BOXX1353
Noviny BOXX3752
Noviny BOXX0193
Novitskiye BOXX6919
Noviyanka BOXX6922
Novo-Pokrovskiy BOXX3754
Novobelitsa BOXX3755
Novoberezhnoye BOXX1354
Novoderazhno BOXX6924
Novodruzheskiy BOXX3756
Novodvortsy BOXX6925
Novodvortsy BOXX1355
Novogrudok BOXX0194
Novoivanovka BOXX3757
Novokrasnoye BOXX3759
Novokuznechnaya BOXX3761
Novolenino BOXX3762
Novoluchki BOXX1357
Novomikhaylovka BOXX3763
Novoorlovichi BOXX6926
Novopokrovsk BOXX3765
Novopole BOXX6928
Novoprudy BOXX6929
Novosadki BOXX1358
Novosady BOXX6930
Novosady BOXX1359
Novoselki BOXX6932
Novoselki BOXX1360
Novoselki BOXX3767
Novoshevshchina BOXX6933
Novoshino BOXX6934
Novosvyatoye BOXX3768
Novosyady BOXX6935
Novosyulki BOXX1361
Novosyulki BOXX6937
Novovinogradov BOXX3769
Novoye BOXX1362
Novoye Romatovo BOXX1363
Novoye Selo BOXX6938
Novoye Vysokoye BOXX3770
Novoyelnya BOXX0195
Novy Barsuk BOXX3775
Novy Dvor BOXX1364
Novyy BOXX4654
Novyy BOXX1365
Novyy Bor BOXX1366
Novyy Bych BOXX3776
Novyy Dvor BOXX1367
Novyy Dvorets BOXX1368
Novyy Khutor BOXX3778
Novyy Krivsk BOXX3779
Novyy Krupets BOXX3780
Novyy Lyubavin BOXX3781
Novyy Malkov BOXX3782
Novyy Maydan BOXX3783
Novyy Mazalov BOXX3784
Novyy Mir BOXX3785
Novyy Mokrets BOXX3786
Novyy Nakhov BOXX3787
Novyy Poselok BOXX1369
Novyy Radin BOXX3790
Novyy Stepanov BOXX3791
Novyy Svet BOXX3793
Novyy Svet BOXX1370
Novyy Svet BOXX6940
Novyya Hramyki BOXX3795
Novyya Pyeski BOXX1372
Novyye Budy BOXX1374
Novyye Dvory BOXX1375
Novyye Gonchary BOXX6942
Novyye Grinki BOXX6943
Novyye Ivaki BOXX3799
Novyye Katsury BOXX3800
Novyye Klenki BOXX1376
Novyye Lagodki BOXX6945
Novyye Lugintsy BOXX3803
Novyye Luki BOXX3804
Novyye Luki BOXX1377
Novyye Lyadtsy BOXX3805
Novyye Lyady BOXX3806
Novyye Malynichi BOXX3807
Novyye Novoselki BOXX3808
Novyye Pechki BOXX3809
Novyye Podduby BOXX6946
Novyye Yakentany BOXX6949
Novyye Zavaleny BOXX3812
Nowosiele BOXX1380
Nozdraki BOXX6950
Nudichi BOXX3814
Nyahnyevichy BOXX6951
Nyamyerzha BOXX1381
Nyanevichi BOXX1382
Nyankuv BOXX6952
Nyatsyech BOXX6953
Nyavyeravichy BOXX6954
Nyazbodzichy BOXX6955
Nyehawka BOXX3815
Nyehlyubka BOXX3816
Nyesutychy BOXX6956
Nyoman BOXX6957
Nyowda BOXX6958
Obech BOXX1384
Obmanichi BOXX6960
Obmanka BOXX6961
Oborki BOXX1385
Oborki BOXX4655
Obrovo BOXX1386
Obrub BOXX6962
Obrub BOXX1387
Obukhovichi BOXX6964
Obukhovo BOXX6965
Obukhovshchina BOXX3817
Ocheso-Rudnya BOXX3818
Ochki BOXX1388
Odla BOXX6966
Odrinki BOXX3820
Odrynka BOXX1389
Odverna BOXX6968
Ogolichi BOXX3821
Ogorodniki BOXX6969
Ogorodniki BOXX1390
Ogorodniki BOXX3822
Ogorodnya BOXX3823
Ogovo BOXX1391
Ogryzki BOXX6970
Okhonyany BOXX6972
Okolitsa BOXX3825
Okolitsa BOXX6973
Okolitsa Dylevo BOXX6975
Okolitsa Khodosy BOXX1393
Okopy BOXX3826
Okra BOXX3827
Okuninovo BOXX6978
Ola BOXX3832
Olekhnovichi BOXX1403
Olekshitsa BOXX0196
Olekshitsy BOXX6987
Olenets BOXX6988
Olenishchevka BOXX6989
Olenkovtsy BOXX6990
Olenpinovo BOXX6991
Olesevichi BOXX1404
Oleshevichi BOXX6992
Oleshishki BOXX6993
Oleshkovtsy BOXX6994
Oleshonki BOXX6995
Oleskoye BOXX3833
Oleynikov BOXX3834
Olisevichi BOXX6996
Olishevichi BOXX1406
Olishkovtsy BOXX6997
Olizarov-Stav BOXX1407
Olizarovshchina BOXX1408
Olokhovo Boloto BOXX4656
Oltush BOXX1409
Olyany BOXX6998
Omelenets BOXX1410
Omelino BOXX1411
Omelokovshchina BOXX3836
Omnevichi BOXX6999
Omshary BOXX7000
Onitsevichi BOXX1412
Onushkovshchina BOXX7001
Opadyshche BOXX1413
Opaka BOXX1414
Opita BOXX7002
Oponovtsy BOXX7003
Opsa BOXX0197
Or BOXX1416
Orany BOXX7004
Ordevichi BOXX7005
Ordeya BOXX7006
Orekhovka BOXX7007
Orekhovka BOXX3837
Orel BOXX3838
Orepichi BOXX1417
Oreshnik BOXX3839
Orevichi BOXX3840
Orkhovo BOXX1418
Orkovichi BOXX7008
Orle BOXX1419
Orlensk BOXX3841
Orlenyata BOXX7009
Orli BOXX7010
Orlova BOXX1420
Orlova Gora BOXX7011
Orlovo BOXX7012
Orlya BOXX7013
Orlyanka BOXX1421
Orsa BOXX0015
Orsha BOXX0199
Oseka BOXX1422
Osetnitsa BOXX1423
Oshchep BOXX7014
Oshivki BOXX7015
Oshmyanets BOXX7016
Oshmyantsy BOXX7017
Oshmyany BOXX0200
Oshnarovichi BOXX7018
Osinishki BOXX7019
Osinnik BOXX3842
Osinniki BOXX3843
Osinniki BOXX1424
Osinovitsa BOXX3844
Osinovka BOXX7020
Osinovka BOXX3845
Osinskoye BOXX3846
Osinuvka BOXX7022
Osipany BOXX7023
Osipovka BOXX3847
Osipovtsy BOXX7024
Osmolovichi BOXX3848
Osmolovichi BOXX1426
Osmolovo BOXX7025
Osniki BOXX7026
Osnitsa BOXX1427
Osobino BOXX3849
Osobnyaki BOXX7027
Osobovichi BOXX1428
Osochniki BOXX7028
Osopnoye BOXX3850
Ososy BOXX1429
Osov BOXX3851
Osovaya BOXX1430
Osovets BOXX3852
Osovets BOXX1431
Osovetskaya Buda BOXX3853
Osovino BOXX3854
Osovlyane BOXX7029
Osovlyany BOXX1432
Osovnitsa BOXX1433
Osovo BOXX7030
Osovo BOXX3855
Osovok BOXX3856
Osovtsy BOXX3857
Osovtsy BOXX1434
Osovy BOXX3858
Osovyye BOXX7031
Osoye BOXX3859
Ospin BOXX3860
Ossova BOXX7032
Ostankovichi BOXX3861
Ostapkovshchina BOXX7033
Ostasha BOXX7034
Ostashin BOXX7035
Ostashino BOXX7036
Ostranka BOXX3862
Ostraya Korma BOXX3863
Ostreyki BOXX1435
Ostroglyady BOXX3864
Ostrolovka BOXX1436
Ostrov BOXX1437
Ostrov Volchiy BOXX2085
Ostrovchitsy BOXX3866
Ostrovchitsy BOXX7037
Ostrovichi BOXX1439
Ostrovki BOXX7038
Ostrovki BOXX3867
Ostrovlya BOXX7039
Ostrovna BOXX7040
Ostrovo BOXX7041
Ostrovo BOXX1441
Ostrovok BOXX1442
Ostrovok-Odin BOXX7042
Ostrovskiy BOXX7043
Ostrovtsy BOXX7044
Ostrovy BOXX3868
Ostruv BOXX1443
Ostruzheshche BOXX1444
Ostukhovo BOXX7045
Otchayannyy BOXX3869
Otchin BOXX1445
Otolchitsy BOXX1446
Otor BOXX3870
Otruby BOXX3871
Otskovannoye BOXX3872
Otverzhichi BOXX1447
Otyaty BOXX1448
Ovady BOXX1449
Ovechitsy BOXX7046
Ovsemiruv BOXX1450
Ovsto BOXX1451
Ovsyadovo BOXX7047
Ovsyannitsa BOXX7048
Owzichy BOXX1452
Oytsovo BOXX7049
Ozarichi BOXX1453
Ozdamicze BOXX1454
Ozdobichi BOXX7050
Ozemlya BOXX3873
Ozerany BOXX7051
Ozereda BOXX4658
Ozerets BOXX1455
Ozeretskaya BOXX1456
Ozerisko BOXX7052
Ozerki BOXX7053
Ozernitsa BOXX7054
Ozernitsa BOXX1457
Ozernyy BOXX3875
Ozero Timnitsa BOXX7055
Ozero Tushcha BOXX7056
Ozero-Poyma BOXX3876
Ozerskoye BOXX7057
Ozery BOXX0203
Ozhelishki BOXX7058
Ozhishki BOXX8080
Pachapava BOXX1458
Pachobuty BOXX7059
Padarosk BOXX7060
Padhallye BOXX3878
Padhornaya BOXX1459
Padkraichy BOXX1460
Padlabyennye BOXX7061
Padlipki BOXX7062
Padluzhzha BOXX1461
Padlyasyeyki BOXX1462
Padlyessye BOXX1463
Padstaryny BOXX1464
Padvoryshki BOXX7064
Padvyalikaye BOXX7065
Padyshche BOXX1465
Paharelka BOXX7066
Paharodna BOXX7067
Pahost-Zaharodsk BOXX1466
Pahranichnaya BOXX1467
Pahranichny BOXX7068
Pakalyubichy BOXX3879
Paklevo BOXX7069
Palanechka BOXX1468
Palashki BOXX7070
Palestina BOXX7071
Palinovka BOXX1469
Palom BOXX3883
Palonka BOXX1471
Palubniki BOXX7072
Palushi BOXX7073
Paluzhzha BOXX7074
Palyeski BOXX1472
Palyessye BOXX3885
Palystskishki BOXX7075
Panartsy BOXX7076
Panasovichi BOXX1473
Panasyuki BOXX1474
Panki BOXX1475
Pantsovtsy BOXX1476
Pantyukhi BOXX1477
Panyatsichy BOXX1478
Papanin BOXX3887
Paparatnaye BOXX3888
Papernya BOXX1479
Papirovtsy BOXX7077
Paplawtsy BOXX7078
Paporotnyy BOXX3889
Papyalyova BOXX1480
Papyernya BOXX7079
Parachany BOXX7080
Parakhonsk BOXX1481
Pare BOXX1482
Parechcha BOXX3890
Parfenovichi BOXX7082
Parkhimawtsy BOXX7083
Parkhuty BOXX7084
Parnya BOXX3892
Partizanovka BOXX7085
Partizanskaya BOXX3893
Partizanskaya BOXX7086
Partizany BOXX3894
Parubishki BOXX7087
Parychy BOXX3895
Paseka BOXX3896
Paseka BOXX7088
Paseka-Slobodka BOXX3897
Paseki BOXX7089
Paseki BOXX1483
Pasheli BOXX7090
Pashitsy BOXX7091
Pashki BOXX7092
Pashkishki BOXX7093
Pashkovichi BOXX7094
Pashkovtsy BOXX1484
Pashkuny BOXX7095
Pashuki BOXX1485
Pashuntsy BOXX7096
Pashutskaya Buda BOXX1486
Pasinichi BOXX7097
Pastavy BOXX0210
Pasutichi BOXX7098
Pasyelichy BOXX3898
Pasynki BOXX7099
Patapawka BOXX3899
Patriki BOXX1488
Patsavichy BOXX7100
Patsevichi BOXX7101
Patsevshchina BOXX7102
Patskov BOXX4659
Patsui BOXX7103
Patsuki BOXX7104
Patsy BOXX1489
Patsynichi BOXX1490
Paviloyti BOXX7105
Pavitstsye BOXX1491
Pavlikovo BOXX1492
Pavlinovo BOXX1493
Pavlovichi BOXX1494
Pavlovichi BOXX7106
Pavlovka BOXX3900
Pavlovo BOXX1495
Pavlovshchina BOXX7107
Pavlyukovshchina BOXX1496
Pavlyushki BOXX7108
Pawlava BOXX1497
Pawlava BOXX7109
Pchelka BOXX4660
Pechenka BOXX3902
Pechi BOXX3903
Pechishche BOXX1498
Pechki BOXX1499
Pechki BOXX4662
Pekari BOXX7110
Pekhterevo BOXX3904
Pelegrinda BOXX7111
Pelevtsy BOXX7112
Pelyasa BOXX7113
Pelyazhin BOXX7114
Pelyuntsy BOXX7115
Penchin BOXX1500
Penchin BOXX3906
Penchitsy BOXX7116
Penitsa BOXX3907
Pennoye BOXX3908
Pentenishki BOXX7117
Penyuga BOXX7118
Perebitaya Gora BOXX3909
Perebnovichi BOXX7119
Peredel BOXX1501
Peredelki BOXX4663
Peredovaya BOXX3911
Peredovets BOXX3912
Peredovik BOXX3913
Peredovoy BOXX3914
Peredreyka BOXX3915
Peregruzochnyy BOXX3916
Perekhod BOXX3917
Perekhody BOXX7120
Perekop BOXX7121
Perekop BOXX3918
Perelevka BOXX3919
Perelom BOXX7122
Perenosiny BOXX1506
Perenosy BOXX3920
Perepechitsa BOXX7123
Pererov BOXX3921
Pererov BOXX1507
Pererub BOXX1508
Peresadichi BOXX1509
Peresek BOXX1510
Pereseka BOXX3923
Peresetinets BOXX3924
Perespa BOXX1511
Peretok BOXX1512
Peretok BOXX3925
Peretoki BOXX7124
Perevalka BOXX1513
Perevise BOXX1515
Perevoloka BOXX1516
Perevoloki BOXX1517
Perevozniki BOXX7126
Perevozy BOXX7127
Perezhkivka BOXX3927
Perinovo BOXX1518
Perki BOXX1519
Perkovichi BOXX1520
Perkovshchina BOXX1521
Peronim BOXX7128
Perovoye BOXX1522
Perovtsy BOXX7129
Persyk BOXX1523
Pertets BOXX3928
Pertsy BOXX4664
Pertyshche BOXX1524
Pervaya Slobodka BOXX3929
Pervobatsunskiy BOXX3931
Pervokrichevskiy BOXX0158
Pervomay BOXX3932
Pervomaysk BOXX3933
Pervomaysk BOXX1525
Pervomayskaya BOXX7132
Pervomayskiy BOXX1526
Pervomayskiy BOXX3934
Pervoye Maya BOXX3935
Peschanaya BOXX3936
Peschaniki BOXX1527
Peschanka BOXX7133
Peschanka BOXX3938
Peschanka BOXX1528
Peschanoye BOXX4665
Peschany BOXX7134
Peschatka BOXX1529
Pesevichi BOXX7135
Peshki BOXX1530
Peshkovo BOXX1531
Peski BOXX7136
Peski BOXX3939
Peski BOXX1532
Peskovtsy BOXX7137
Pesli BOXX7138
Pesochnaya BOXX7139
Pesochnaya Buda BOXX3941
Pesok BOXX7140
Pesovo BOXX1533
Petrash BOXX3943
Petrashevtsy BOXX7145
Petrashi BOXX7146
Petrashishki BOXX7147
Petravichi BOXX3944
Petrevichi BOXX1536
Petrevichi BOXX7148
Petrikany BOXX7149
Petriki BOXX7150
Petrikov BOXX0204
Petritskoye BOXX3945
Petrolayev Zavod BOXX3946
Petroshulevichi BOXX7151
Petrov BOXX3947
Petrovichi BOXX7152
Petrovichi BOXX3948
Petrovichi BOXX1537
Petrovtsy BOXX7153
Petruki BOXX7154
Petruli BOXX7155
Petrulin BOXX7156
Petry BOXX7157
Petukhovka BOXX3949
Petukhovo BOXX7158
Petukhovshchina BOXX1538
Petyuki BOXX7159
Petyulevtsy BOXX7160
Petyuny BOXX7161
Pichuki BOXX7162
Pigasy BOXX1539
Pihanovichy BOXX1540
Pikelka BOXX7163
Pikulikha BOXX3950
Pilevsi BOXX7167
Pilimy BOXX7168
Pilipony BOXX3951
Pilki BOXX7169
Pilovnya BOXX7170
Pilyuki BOXX7171
Pinanishki BOXX7172
Pinkavichy BOXX1541
Pinsk BOXX0007
Pinskovichi BOXX7173
Pinyany BOXX1542
Pioner BOXX3952
Pirevichi BOXX3953
Pirevichy BOXX3954
Pirki BOXX3955
Pirshtuki BOXX1543
Pisaruki BOXX7174
Pishchevtsy BOXX7175
Pisklyuki BOXX7176
Piterovka BOXX3956
Pitskuny BOXX7177
Plashchiny BOXX1544
Plaskinskiy BOXX3957
Plaskinya BOXX3958
Plaskovtsy BOXX7178
Plastok BOXX3959
Plavskiye BOXX7179
Plavy BOXX7180
Plavy BOXX2086
Plebanishki BOXX7181
Plebanovtsy BOXX7182
Plebanskoye BOXX7183
Plebantsy BOXX1545
Plebantsy BOXX7184
Plekhati BOXX7185
Plekhovo BOXX7186
Plekhovo BOXX1546
Plesovichi BOXX3960
Plesy BOXX3962
Pletki BOXX7187
Pliki BOXX7188
Plisa Pervaya BOXX7189
Plisa Vtoraya BOXX7190
Plodovaya BOXX7191
Ploshchevo BOXX1547
Ploska BOXX1548
Ploskoye BOXX1550
Plotnitsa BOXX0207
Plotytsi BOXX1552
Pluzhiny BOXX7192
Plyakhovshchina BOXX1553
Plyanta BOXX7193
Plyanta BOXX1554
Plyanty BOXX7194
Plyasevichi BOXX7195
Plyeshchanitsy BOXX0206
Plyeshchytsy BOXX1556
Plyuskalovtsy BOXX7196
Pobalava BOXX3963
Pobeda BOXX1557
Pobeda BOXX3964
Pobeda BOXX7197
Pobednaya BOXX3966
Pobolevshchina BOXX7199
Poboli BOXX7200
Pochalovo BOXX1558
Pochebuty BOXX7202
Pochki BOXX3968
Pochta BOXX3969
Pochuyki BOXX7203
Podbela BOXX1560
Podbeloye BOXX7204
Podberezy BOXX7205
Podblotse BOXX7206
Podblotse BOXX1562
Podbogoniki BOXX7207
Podbolottsy BOXX7208
Podborany BOXX7210
Podbrodtsy BOXX3971
Podcherneyki BOXX7211
Podchistoye BOXX3973
Poddubno BOXX7212
Poddubno BOXX1569
Poddudy BOXX7213
Podeguti BOXX7214
Podely BOXX3975
Podeyki BOXX7215
Podgalishki BOXX7216
Podgay BOXX7217
Podgaynaya BOXX7218
Podgornaya BOXX7219
Podgrushany BOXX7220
Podi BOXX7221
Poditva BOXX7222
Podkhvoyevo BOXX3981
Podkomozhe BOXX1570
Podkonoplishche BOXX3982
Podkrinitsa BOXX1571
Podkryzhaki BOXX7224
Podlese BOXX1576
Podlipyany BOXX7228
Podlogi BOXX3984
Podluki BOXX3985
Podluzhnyy BOXX3987
Podlyadichi BOXX3988
Podmorochnoye BOXX1577
Podomsha BOXX1579
Podose BOXX1580
Podosovtsy BOXX1581
Podovzh BOXX3992
Podozbin BOXX3993
Podozerki BOXX7231
Podrechany BOXX1583
Podrechitskoye BOXX3995
Podrovnoye BOXX3996
Podsemenovka BOXX3997
Podstazhynki BOXX1584
Podvarantsy BOXX7233
Podvaryshki BOXX7234
Podvetka BOXX3998
Podvorantsy BOXX7235
Podygrushka BOXX4001
Pogiri BOXX7237
Pogonnoye BOXX4002
Pogontsy BOXX4003
Pogonya BOXX2092
Pogorany BOXX7239
Pogorelets BOXX7242
Pogorelets BOXX4005
Pogoreloye BOXX4006
Pogorje BOXX7243
Pogorzelszczyzna BOXX7244
Pogost BOXX4007
Pogrebets BOXX4667
Pogubyatichi BOXX1587
Pokri BOXX1588
Pokrovskiy BOXX4009
Pokrovskiye BOXX4010
Polansk BOXX1589
Polatsk BOXX0208
Polbereg BOXX7245
Polenichitsy BOXX1590
Poleniki BOXX7246
Polessk BOXX4013
Polesskiy BOXX1591
Polevka BOXX8082
Polezhach Gora BOXX4014
Poliki BOXX1593
Polipnitsa BOXX7247
Polkhovo BOXX1594
Polnica BOXX7248
Polonaya BOXX7249
Polonka BOXX7250
Polonka Malaya BOXX7251
Polonki BOXX7252
Poloshki BOXX7253
Polostevichi BOXX4015
Polotkovo BOXX7254
Polotnitsa BOXX7255
Polotnitsa BOXX4668
Polovki BOXX4016
Polovki BOXX7256
Poltoranovichi BOXX1596
Polubochki BOXX7257
Poludovshchina BOXX7258
Poludy BOXX7259
Poluyanki BOXX7260
Polyana BOXX4018
Polyanka BOXX4019
Polyanki BOXX7261
Polyanki BOXX4020
Polyanovka BOXX4021
Polyany BOXX7262
Polyatichi BOXX1597
Polymya BOXX7263
Ponara BOXX7265
Ponarka BOXX7266
Ponemontsy BOXX7267
Poniemen BOXX7269
Ponikarty BOXX7270
Ponikvy BOXX1598
Ponizhany BOXX7271
Ponizie BOXX7272
Popelevichi BOXX7274
Popelevo BOXX1600
Popelishche BOXX7275
Popishki BOXX7276
Popki BOXX4022
Popki BOXX7277
Popkovichi BOXX7278
Poplavo BOXX7279
Poplotsk BOXX7280
Popovka BOXX4023
Popovtsy BOXX4024
Popsuyevka BOXX4025
Porakiti BOXX7282
Porazava BOXX7283
Porechye BOXX0209
Porosli BOXX7286
Poroslishche BOXX4027
Poroslovo BOXX1601
Poroslyany BOXX1602
Porostsy BOXX1603
Poruchin BOXX1604
Posada BOXX7288
Poselishche BOXX7289
Poselok BOXX4028
Poselok Druzhba BOXX4029
Poselok Lugovoy BOXX4032
Poselok Mezhi BOXX4033
Poselok Mirnyy BOXX4034
Poselok Radeyevo BOXX4035
Poselok Rafalov BOXX4036
Poselok Slavinsk BOXX4038
Poselok Sokol BOXX4039
Posenichi BOXX1609
Posevlya BOXX4669
Poskubovka BOXX4043
Postavki BOXX7294
Postolovo BOXX1610
Postoly BOXX4044
Posudovo BOXX4045
Potapovichi BOXX1611
Potapy BOXX4046
Potashnya BOXX8083
Potashnya BOXX4047
Potelyuntsy BOXX7296
Potevichi BOXX7297
Potoka BOXX7298
Potsebory BOXX2095
Potulyanka BOXX7299
Poukhov BOXX4670
Povchin BOXX4048
Povdunya BOXX7300
Povilantsy BOXX7301
Povishni BOXX7302
Povoloka BOXX7303
Povorot BOXX4671
Povsaty BOXX7304
Povyazhi BOXX7305
Powkatsichy BOXX1612
Pozbortsy BOXX7307
Pozdnyaki BOXX7308
Pozenyata BOXX7309
Pozharishche BOXX8084
Pozharki BOXX4049
Pozharki BOXX7310
Pozheche BOXX1613
Pozhezhin BOXX1614
Pozhikhar BOXX4050
Pozhizhma BOXX7311
Prakopawka BOXX4051
Pranchikha BOXX4052
Pranyuty BOXX7312
Praskovshchina BOXX7313
Pratasy BOXX4053
Pratsuty BOXX7314
Pravda BOXX4054
Pravyye Masty BOXX7315
Prazdniki BOXX7316
Pretimo BOXX7317
Pribor BOXX4056
Priborovo BOXX1615
Prichalesnya BOXX4057
Pridatki BOXX1616
Pridneprovskiy BOXX4058
Pridolgoye BOXX7318
Pridybayly BOXX7319
Prigodichi BOXX7320
Prigorod Kolozha BOXX7321
Prigorodnaya BOXX4059
Prikhily BOXX7322
Prikladniki BOXX1617
Prilepovka BOXX4060
Priluki Malyye BOXX1619
Prinemanskaya BOXX7325
Priozernaya BOXX1620