Weather Codes for Barbados

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Barbados. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Airy Hill BBXX0447
Alexandra BBXX0382
Allen View BBXX0424
Alleynedale BBXX0281
Allmans BBXX0383
Apes Hill BBXX0250
Appleby BBXX0251
Applewhaites BBXX0425
Arch Hall BBXX0252
Archers BBXX0283
Arthurs Seat BBXX0334
Ashbury BBXX0129
Ashton Hall BBXX0384
Atlantic Shores BBXX0005
Babbs BBXX0284
Bagatelle BBXX0335
Bairds BBXX0130
Bakers BBXX0253
Bank Hall BBXX0336
Bannatyne BBXX0006
Bathsheba BBXX0002
Baxters BBXX0448
Bayfield BBXX0183
Bayleys BBXX0184
Bayville BBXX0337
Bel Air BBXX0185
Belair BBXX0131
Belle BBXX0338
Belleplaine BBXX0107
Belmont BBXX0339
Benab BBXX0449
Bennetts BBXX0426
Benny Hall BBXX0385
Benthams BBXX0285
Bentleys BBXX0186
Bibbys Lane BBXX0340
Bishops BBXX0286
Bissex BBXX0450
Black Rock BBXX0341
Blackmans BBXX0451
Blacksage Alley BBXX0287
Blades BBXX0187
Blades Hill BBXX0188
Bloomsbury BBXX0452
Blowers BBXX0254
Blue Waters BBXX0007
Boarded Hall BBXX0008
Bonwell BBXX0453
Boscobelle BBXX0386
Bourbon BBXX0288
Bowmanston BBXX0477
Branchbury BBXX0454
Brereton BBXX0189
Bridgefield BBXX0132
Bridgetown BBXX0001
Briggs BBXX0009
Brighton BBXX0010
Brighton BBXX0342
Brittons Hill BBXX0343
Brome Field BBXX0289
Bruce Vale BBXX0109
Buckden House BBXX0455
Bulkely Factory BBXX0133
Bushy Park BBXX0190
Callendar BBXX0011
Campaign Castle BBXX0012
Cane Vale BBXX0013
Cane Wood BBXX0134
Canefield BBXX0427
Carlton BBXX0255
Carrington BBXX0428
Carter BBXX0478
Castle BBXX0387
Castle Grant BBXX0456
Cattlewash BBXX0457
Cave Hill BBXX0290
Cave Hill BBXX0344
Chance Hall BBXX0291
Chancery Lane BBXX0014
Chapman BBXX0429
Charnocks BBXX0015
Cheapside BBXX0345
Checker Hall BBXX0292
Cherry Grove BBXX0479
Chimborazo BBXX0458
Christie BBXX0430
Church Hill BBXX0293
Church View BBXX0480
Church Village BBXX0192
Clapham BBXX0016
Cleland BBXX0110
Clermont BBXX0346
Cliff BBXX0193
Cliff Cottage BBXX0481
Clifton Hall BBXX0482
Clifton Hill BBXX0431
Cluffs BBXX0294
Coach Hill BBXX0483
Coconut Hall BBXX0295
Codrington BBXX0347
Coffee Gully BBXX0459
Coles Cave BBXX0432
Coles Pasture BBXX0194
College Savannah BBXX0195
Colleton BBXX0485
Colleton BBXX0388
Collins BBXX0389
Congo Road BBXX0196
Connell Town BBXX0296
Constant BBXX0135
Content BBXX0297
Cottage BBXX0136
Cottage BBXX0390
Cottage Vale BBXX0197
Cove BBXX0298
Coverly BBXX0017
Crab Hill BBXX0299
Dash Valley BBXX0018
Date Tree Hill BBXX0391
Deacons BBXX0348
Diamond Corner BBXX0392
Diamond Valley BBXX0198
Dover BBXX0019
Drax Hall BBXX0137
Drax Hall Hope BBXX0138
Drax Hall Jump BBXX0139
Drax Hill Green BBXX0140
Draxhall Woods BBXX0141
Dukes BBXX0433
Dunscombe BBXX0434
Durants BBXX0020
Durham BBXX0300
Ealing Grove BBXX0021
Ealing Park BBXX0022
East Lynne BBXX0142
Eastbourne BBXX0199
Easy Hall BBXX0460
Ebenezer BBXX0200
Ebworth BBXX0393
Eden Lodge BBXX0349
Edey BBXX0023
Edge Hill BBXX0350
Edgecumbe BBXX0201
Elizabeth Park BBXX0024
Ellerton BBXX0143
Ellesmere BBXX0144
Ellis Castle BBXX0394
Endeavour BBXX0435
Enterprise BBXX0025
Exchange BBXX0145
Fair View BBXX0146
Fairfield BBXX0301
Fairfield BBXX0351
Fairview BBXX0026
Fairy Valley BBXX0027
Farm Road BBXX0395
Farmers BBXX0436
Fisher Pond BBXX0147
Fitts BBXX0352
Fitts Village BBXX0257
Flat Rock BBXX0148
Flatfield BBXX0302
Folkestone Park BBXX0258
Fortescue BBXX0202
Foster Hall BBXX0149
Foster Hall BBXX0486
Fosters BBXX0303
Foul Bay BBXX0203
Four Cross Roads BBXX0487
Four Roads BBXX0204
Four Winds BBXX0259
Free Hill BBXX0150
Free Hill BBXX0304
French BBXX0396
Frere Pilgrim BBXX0029
Friendship BBXX0305
Frizers BBXX0461
Fruitful Hill BBXX0462
Fustic BBXX0397
Gall Hill BBXX0030
Garrison BBXX0354
Garrison BBXX0031
Gays BBXX0398
Gemswick BBXX0032
Gibbons BBXX0033
Gibbons Boggs BBXX0034
Gibbs BBXX0399
Glebe Land BBXX0488
Golden Grove BBXX0205
Golden Ridge BBXX0151
Good Intene BBXX0152
Goodland BBXX0035
Graeme Hall BBXX0036
Grape Hall BBXX0306
Graveyard BBXX0400
Grazettes BBXX0355
Green Garden BBXX0037
Green Hill BBXX0356
Greenidge BBXX0307
Greenland BBXX0111
Greens BBXX0489
Greenwich BBXX0260
Gregg Farm BBXX0112
Guinea BBXX0206
Haggatt Hall BBXX0038
Half Acre BBXX0308
Halton BBXX0207
Hannays BBXX0309
Hannays BBXX0039
Hannays Tenantry BBXX0040
Harris BBXX0310
Harrismith BBXX0208
Harrisons BBXX0311
Harrow BBXX0209
Hastings BBXX0041
Haymans Factory BBXX0401
Haynesville BBXX0357
Heddings BBXX0210
Henley BBXX0490
Henrys BBXX0358
Heywoods BBXX0402
Highgate BBXX0042
Highland BBXX0211
Hillaby BBXX0113
Hillcrest BBXX0463
Holders BBXX0261
Holetown BBXX0262
Hope BBXX0312
Hopeland BBXX0212
Hopewell BBXX0043
Hopewell BBXX0437
Hothersal BBXX0491
Howells BBXX0360
Hoytes BBXX0361
Hoytes BBXX0464
Husbands BBXX0313
Husbands BBXX0362
Inch Marlowe BBXX0044
Indian Ground BBXX0403
Industry Hall BBXX0213
Jackmans BBXX0363
Jackson BBXX0364
Jamestown Park BBXX0263
Jemmotts BBXX0314
Jericho BBXX0153
Jezreel BBXX0214
Joes River BBXX0465
Jordans BBXX0154
Josey Hill BBXX0315
Kelzer Hill BBXX0045
Kendal BBXX0492
Kendal Factory BBXX0493
Kendal Hill BBXX0046
Kent BBXX0047
Kingsland BBXX0048
Kirtons BBXX0215
Lakes BBXX0114
Lamberts BBXX0316
Lancaster BBXX0264
Lascelles BBXX0265
Lazaretto BBXX0365
Lead Vale BBXX0049
Lears BBXX0155
Lemon Arbour BBXX0156
Less Beholden BBXX0466
Lion BBXX0157
Litchfield BBXX0404
Little Battaleys BBXX0405
Locust Hall BBXX0158
Lodge Road BBXX0050
Lower Birneys BBXX0051
Lower Carlton BBXX0266
Lower Estate BBXX0159
Lower Greys BBXX0052
Lowland BBXX0317
Lowland BBXX0053
Lowthers BBXX0054
Lucas Street BBXX0216
Luke Hill BBXX0406
Malvern BBXX0467
Mangrove BBXX0115
Mangrove BBXX0217
Mapp Hill BBXX0055
Marchfield BBXX0218
Marine Gardens BBXX0056
Market Hill BBXX0160
Marley Vale BBXX0219
Martins Bay BBXX0494
Massiah Street BBXX0495
Maxwell BBXX0057
Maxwell Coast BBXX0058
Maxwell Hill BBXX0059
Maycock BBXX0318
Maynards BBXX0407
Melverton BBXX0161
Melvin Hill BBXX0468
Merricks BBXX0220
Molyneux BBXX0267
Montrose BBXX0060
Moonshine Hall BBXX0162
Moore Hill BBXX0116
Moores BBXX0496
Morgan Lewis BBXX0117
Mount BBXX0163
Mount Brevitor BBXX0409
Mount Friendship BBXX0366
Mount Gay BBXX0319
Mount Pleasant BBXX0221
Mount Pleasant BBXX0320
Mount Royer BBXX0321
Mount Standfast BBXX0268
Mount Stepney BBXX0118
Mount View BBXX0322
Mount Wilton BBXX0439
Mullins BBXX0269
Navy Gardens BBXX0061
Neils BBXX0164
Nesfield BBXX0323
New Orleans BBXX0367
Newbury BBXX0165
Newcastle BBXX0497
Newton Terrace BBXX0062
Ocean City BBXX0222
Oistins BBXX0063
Old Post Office BBXX0166
Oldbury BBXX0223
Orange Hill BBXX0440
Orange Hill BBXX0410
Oughtersons BBXX0224
Oxford BBXX0411
Oxnards BBXX0368
Packers BBXX0064
Padmore BBXX0225
Palmers BBXX0226
Paragon BBXX0065
Parish Land BBXX0066
Pegwell BBXX0067
Pickerings BBXX0324
Pie Corner BBXX0325
Pilgrim Place BBXX0068
Pilgrim Road BBXX0069
Pinelands BBXX0070
Plumtree BBXX0441
Pool BBXX0498
Poreys Spring BBXX0442
Porters BBXX0270
Portland BBXX0412
Prerogative BBXX0167
Prior Park BBXX0370
Prospect BBXX0119
Prospect BBXX0371
Proutes BBXX0168
Providence BBXX0071
Redland BBXX0469
Redmans BBXX0372
Reeds Hill BBXX0373
Regency Park BBXX0072
Rendezvous BBXX0073
Retreat BBXX0326
Retreat BBXX0413
Rices BBXX0227
River BBXX0228
Roach BBXX0170
Robinsons BBXX0229
Rock Dundo BBXX0271
Rock Hall BBXX0414
Rock Hall BBXX0443
Rockfield BBXX0327
Rockley BBXX0074
Rose Hill BBXX0415
Rouen BBXX0375
Round Rock BBXX0075
Rowans BBXX0171
Ruby BBXX0230
Saint Andrews BBXX0120
Saint Davids BBXX0076
Saint Elizabeths BBXX0470
Saint Judes BBXX0172
Saint Lawrence BBXX0077
Saint Margarets BBXX0499
Saint Marks BBXX0231
Saint Martins BBXX0232
Saint Mathias BBXX0079
Saint Nicholas BBXX0416
Salmond BBXX0328
Salters BBXX0173
Sam Lords Castle BBXX0233
Sandford BBXX0234
Sandy Lane BBXX0272
Sargeant BBXX0080
Sayes Court BBXX0081
Scarborough BBXX0082
Sealy Hall BBXX0500
Sealy Hill BBXX0235
Searles BBXX0083
Seaview BBXX0084
Seaview BBXX0329
Sedge Pond BBXX0121
Sheraton Park BBXX0085
Sherbourne BBXX0501
Shop Hill BBXX0376
Shorey BBXX0122
Silver Hill BBXX0086
Silver Sands BBXX0087
Sion Hill BBXX0088
Sion Hill BBXX0274
Six Cross Roads BBXX0236
Six Mens BBXX0417
Skeenes Hill BBXX0089
Small Hope BBXX0502
Small Town BBXX0503
South District BBXX0090
Speightstown BBXX0004
Spencers BBXX0237
Spring Hall BBXX0330
Spring Head BBXX0123
Springfield BBXX0471
St. Patricks BBXX0091
Station Hill BBXX0377
Stepney BBXX0174
Stewart Hill BBXX0238
Stroude Land BBXX0239
Sturges BBXX0472
Sugar Hill BBXX0473
Summervale BBXX0240
Sunbury BBXX0241
Sunset Crest BBXX0275
Supers BBXX0242
Surinam BBXX0474
Sutherland Road BBXX0418
Swanns BBXX0124
Sweet Bottom BBXX0175
Tent Bay BBXX0504
The Baltic BBXX0419
The Crane BBXX0243
The Garden BBXX0276
The Glebe BBXX0176
The Risk BBXX0420
The Whim BBXX0421
Thicket BBXX0244
Thornbury Hill BBXX0092
Todds BBXX0505
Top Rock BBXX0093
Trents BBXX0331
Trents BBXX0277
Turners Hall BBXX0125
Turnpike BBXX0177
Two Mile Hill BBXX0094
Union BBXX0178
Union Hall BBXX0245
Upper Carlton BBXX0278
Upper Parks BBXX0475
Upper Salmonds BBXX0332
Valley BBXX0179
Vaucluse Factory BBXX0444
Vauxhall BBXX0095
Venture BBXX0506
Verdun BBXX0507
Vineyard BBXX0246
Wakefield BBXX0508
Walkers Terrace BBXX0180
Walkes Spring BBXX0445
Walronds BBXX0096
Wanstead BBXX0378
Warleigh BBXX0422
Warners BBXX0097
Warrens BBXX0379
Waterford BBXX0380
Watts Village BBXX0098
Waverley Cot BBXX0181
Welch Town BBXX0510
Welch Town BBXX0126
Welches BBXX0099
Welchman Hall BBXX0446
Welchtown BBXX0127
Well Road BBXX0333
Wellhouse BBXX0247
Westmoreland BBXX0279
Weston BBXX0280
Weymouth BBXX0381
White Hall BBXX0423
White Hill BBXX0476
Whitehaven BBXX0248
Wilcox BBXX0100
Wildey BBXX0101
Wilson Hill BBXX0182
Windsor BBXX0102
Windy Hill BBXX0128
Windy Ridge BBXX0511
Woodbourne BBXX0103
Workhall BBXX0249
Worthing BBXX0104
Wotton BBXX0105
Yorkshire BBXX0106