Weather Codes for Bangladesh

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Bangladesh. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aaartali BGXX3037
Aamkandi BGXX3038
Abdul Khana BGXX8581
Abdulgani Maliat BGXX8582
Abdullabad BGXX8583
Abdullahpur BGXX3039
Abdullahpur BGXX8584
Abdullapur BGXX3040
Abdullapur BGXX8585
Abhaynil BGXX0148
Abhaypara BGXX3041
Abhirampur BGXX3042
Abhirkhil BGXX3043
Abidhara BGXX8587
Abidpur BGXX3044
Abirnagar BGXX3045
Abirpara BGXX3046
Abpasa BGXX8588
Abu Said BGXX8589
Abu Torab Bazar BGXX3047
Abubakarpur BGXX0149
Abupur BGXX0150
Abura BGXX8590
Aburkandi BGXX3048
Aburkhil BGXX3049
Abutorabnagar BGXX3050
Acchurpara BGXX3051
Achalchhila BGXX3052
Acharbania BGXX3053
Achargaon BGXX8591
Acharjyapur BGXX8592
Achhabhaya BGXX8594
Achhadnagar BGXX3054
Achhim Patuli BGXX8596
Achintapur BGXX8597
Achmita BGXX8598
Achra BGXX8599
Achura BGXX8600
Adaba Chak BGXX8601
Adabai BGXX8602
Adabaria BGXX0151
Adakhola BGXX0152
Adam Manirabad BGXX8603
Adampur BGXX3055
Adampur BGXX8604
Adampur BGXX0153
Adar Char BGXX3056
Adarshagram BGXX8606
Adasan BGXX8607
Adda BGXX3057
Adgatia BGXX8608
Adhara BGXX3058
Adhara BGXX8609
Adhepasa BGXX8610
Adhkhala BGXX8611
Adhpakhia BGXX8612
Adhun BGXX0154
Adhunagar BGXX3059
Adhuria BGXX8613
Adhurpara BGXX3060
Adiabad BGXX8614
Adiarchar BGXX0015
Adilpur BGXX3061
Adityapasa BGXX8615
Adityapur BGXX8616
Adla BGXX8617
Adoar BGXX3062
Adpur BGXX8618
Adra BGXX3063
Adsa BGXX3065
Adyamulla Para BGXX3066
Afalkati BGXX0155
Afra BGXX8619
Afsarkhil BGXX3067
Afzalnagar BGXX3068
Ag Dhalla BGXX8620
Ag Kalia BGXX8621
Ag Markenda BGXX8622
Ag Roail BGXX8623
Ag Simulia BGXX8624
Ag- Jethail BGXX8625
Aga Thakurpara BGXX0156
Aganagar BGXX3069
Agaralyachara BGXX3070
Agarpara BGXX8626
Agarpatta BGXX8627
Agarpur BGXX8628
Agharbari BGXX0157
Agia BGXX8629
Agjana BGXX8630
Agla BGXX8631
Aglan Palpara BGXX3071
Agmari BGXX8632
Agnati BGXX8633
Agpalanda BGXX8634
Agrabad BGXX3072
Agrail BGXX8635
Aguandi BGXX8636
Aguankhil BGXX3073
Agunda BGXX8637
Agunpur BGXX8638
Ahadipur BGXX8641
Ahala BGXX3074
Ahammadpur BGXX0158
Ahladinagar BGXX3076
Ahladipur BGXX8642
Ahmaddera BGXX3078
Ahmadnagar BGXX8643
Ahmadpur BGXX3079
Ahmedkati BGXX0159
Ahulia BGXX8645
Ahuti Bhatra BGXX0160
Ahutia BGXX8646
Aiampara BGXX0161
Aich Noadda BGXX8647
Aicha BGXX0162
Aichapara BGXX8648
Aichar Char BGXX3080
Aichhapara BGXX3081
Aihar BGXX0163
Aijhara BGXX8649
Aikdia BGXX8650
Aikhan BGXX3082
Aila BGXX8651
Ailar Para BGXX3083
Ailbahar BGXX8652
Ailkundi BGXX8653
Ailmara BGXX3084
Ailsardi BGXX8654
Aima Debipur BGXX8655
Ainapur BGXX8656
Aingiri BGXX3085
Ainpur BGXX3086
Ainpur BGXX8657
Ainta BGXX8658
Airaba BGXX8659
Airmangal BGXX3087
Airmara BGXX8660
Airmarir Char BGXX8661
Aisaf BGXX8662
Aitha Pukuria BGXX0164
Aithadi BGXX3088
Aithar BGXX8663
Aitpara BGXX3089
Aiyanagar BGXX3090
Ajabpur BGXX3091
Ajagara BGXX3092
Ajakhai BGXX3093
Ajalbera BGXX8664
Ajalia BGXX8665
Ajgara BGXX8666
Ajkitala BGXX8667
Ajodhya BGXX0165
Ajodhya Bazar BGXX3094
Ajugitala BGXX8668
Akain BGXX8669
Akalia BGXX3095
Akaliabari BGXX8670
Akalmegh BGXX8671
Akanagar BGXX8672
Akania BGXX3096
Akania Nasirpur BGXX3097
Akartama BGXX3098
Akasi BGXX8673
Akater Char BGXX8674
Akbar Alipara BGXX3099
Akbar Hat BGXX3100
Akbar Khita BGXX8675
Akbarkhila BGXX8676
Akbarnagar BGXX8677
Akchail BGXX8678
Akhalia BGXX8679
Akhari BGXX3101
Akharjani BGXX8680
Akharpara BGXX0166
Akhasri BGXX8681
Akhaura BGXX3102
Akhibaria BGXX0167
Akhra Sal BGXX8682
Akhrail BGXX8683
Akhrapara BGXX8684
Akiadal BGXX8685
Akiara BGXX3103
Akilpara BGXX3104
Akilpur BGXX3105
Akirampara BGXX3106
Akkelpur BGXX8687
Akketpur BGXX0168
Akran BGXX8688
Aksa BGXX8689
Akta BGXX8690
Akua BGXX8691
Akubpur BGXX3107
Akur Takur BGXX8692
Akusar BGXX3108
Alabaksapur BGXX8693
Aladipur BGXX8694
Alahari BGXX8695
Alaka BGXX3109
Alakdia BGXX8696
Alal Diabari BGXX8697
Alali BGXX8698
Alalpur BGXX8699
Alamdanga BGXX8700
Alamdi BGXX8701
Alamnagar BGXX3110
Alamnagar BGXX8702
Alampur BGXX3111
Alampur BGXX8703
Alampur BGXX0169
Alamsri BGXX8704
Alangidanga BGXX8705
Alapara BGXX3112
Alapdi BGXX8706
Alayarpur BGXX3113
Aldi BGXX8708
Alekhar Char BGXX3114
Alfadanga BGXX8709
Algapara BGXX3115
Algi BGXX8710
Algi BGXX0170
Algi BGXX3116
Algi Mukundi BGXX3117
Algi-Tafalbaria BGXX0171
Algir Char BGXX8711
Algir Char BGXX3118
Ali Akbardeil BGXX3119
Ali Akbari BGXX8712
Ali Fakirdeil BGXX3120
Ali Hashimpur BGXX3121
Ali Rayer Char BGXX8713
Aliabad BGXX3122
Aliasghona BGXX3123
Aligadi BGXX8715
Aliganj BGXX0172
Aliganj BGXX8716
Aligaon BGXX0173
Alihargati BGXX8717
Alikamora BGXX3124
Alikhali BGXX3125
Alimabad BGXX8718
Alinagar BGXX8719
Alinagar Chak BGXX8720
Alinagar Diara BGXX8721
Alinapara BGXX8722
Alingpara BGXX3127
Alinia BGXX3128
Alipara BGXX3129
Alipur BGXX8723
Alipur BGXX3130
Alipura BGXX8724
Alipura BGXX3131
Alirbandar BGXX0175
Alirgaon BGXX3132
Alirpara BGXX8725
Alirtek BGXX8726
Aliswar BGXX3133
Alkapan BGXX3134
Alkara BGXX3135
Allababad BGXX3136
Alladir Algi BGXX8727
Allai BGXX3137
Allgaon BGXX0176
Allipur BGXX8728
Almar Ghat BGXX3138
Aloakandi BGXX8729
Alokbali BGXX8730
Alokdia BGXX0177
Alokdia BGXX8731
Alokedia BGXX3139
Altakuri BGXX8732
Alua Chandipur BGXX3140
Alumura BGXX3141
Amabasyakhali BGXX3142
Amaia BGXX8733
Amair BGXX8734
Amalia BGXX8735
Amanatpur BGXX3143
Amangansa BGXX3144
Amani Lakshmipur BGXX3145
Amanullah BGXX3146
Amanullahpur BGXX3147
Amanullapur BGXX3148
Amarbunia BGXX0178
Amardi BGXX8736
Amarkhali BGXX0179
Amarpur BGXX8737
Amarpur BGXX3149
Amati BGXX8738
Amati Sibpur BGXX8739
Amatia BGXX8740
Amaturer Tenk BGXX8741
Ambala BGXX8742
Ambanagar BGXX3150
Ambaria BGXX8743
Ambaria BGXX0180
Ambarpur BGXX8744
Ambikapur BGXX0181
Amchari BGXX3151
Amchhimair BGXX8745
Amdakua BGXX8746
Amdala BGXX8747
Amdanga BGXX8748
Amdi BGXX8749
Amgachhiabari BGXX8750
Amghail BGXX8751
Amghata BGXX8752
Amgram BGXX8753
Amiahapara BGXX3152
Amian Dangri BGXX8754
Amilais BGXX3153
Aminabad BGXX0182
Aminpur BGXX0183
Aminpur BGXX8755
Amirabad BGXX8756
Amirabad BGXX0184
Amirabad BGXX3154
Amirabari BGXX8757
Amirpur BGXX3155
Amiyapur BGXX3156
Amjakhali BGXX3157
Amjani BGXX8758
Amkhola BGXX8759
Amkhola BGXX0185
Amkholapara BGXX0186
Amla Para BGXX8760
Amlaba BGXX8761
Amlabo BGXX8762
Amlaki BGXX3158
Amlakitala BGXX0187
Amlatali BGXX8763
Amli Keshabpur BGXX8764
Amlibaria BGXX0188
Amragachhaia BGXX0189
Amragachhia BGXX0190
Amraid BGXX8765
Amrajuri BGXX0191
Amrapur BGXX8766
Amrapur Dhulandi BGXX8767
Amratala BGXX0192
Amratala BGXX8768
Amratali BGXX3159
Amrita BGXX8769
Amsola BGXX8771
Amta BGXX8772
Amtail BGXX8773
Amtala BGXX0193
Amtala BGXX8775
Amtala Digar BGXX8776
Amtali BGXX3160
Amtali BGXX0194
Amtali Kali Hat BGXX3161
Amtalipara BGXX0195
Amtoli BGXX3162
Amua BGXX0196
Amua Kanda BGXX8778
Amuakandi BGXX3163
Amudabad BGXX8779
Amuddiaghata BGXX3164
Amudpur BGXX8780
Amujan BGXX3165
Amurdi BGXX8781
Amuria BGXX8782
Amuroad BGXX3166
Amusia BGXX3167
Anailakhola BGXX8783
Anailkota BGXX3168
Anakhanda BGXX8784
Analbunia BGXX0197
Analia BGXX0198
Anandakati BGXX0199
Anandanagar BGXX8785
Anandanpur BGXX3169
Anandapur BGXX8786
Anandapur BGXX3170
Anander Bazar BGXX3171
Anandi BGXX8787
Anandipur BGXX3172
Anantabari BGXX8788
Anantamuchha BGXX8789
Anantapara BGXX0200
Anantapur BGXX3173
Anantapur BGXX8790
Anantasar BGXX8791
Anarabad BGXX8792
Anarasia BGXX0201
Anarigap BGXX8793
Anayatnagar BGXX3175
Anda BGXX8794
Andar Char BGXX8795
Andarmanik BGXX3176
Andarul BGXX8796
Andhar Manik BGXX8797
Andhariapara BGXX8798
Andharkota BGXX8799
Andharman BGXX8800
Andharmanik BGXX3177
Andharmanik BGXX8801
Andharmanik BGXX0203
Andharpara BGXX8802
Andibari BGXX8803
Andirpar BGXX3178
Andud BGXX0204
Andulia BGXX8804
Angargara BGXX8805
Angari BGXX8806
Angarjora BGXX8807
Angarpara BGXX0206
Angarpara BGXX8808
Angarpara BGXX3179
Angatia BGXX8809
Angerpara BGXX0207
Angiadi BGXX8810
Angkuchapara BGXX0208
Angla BGXX3180
Angulkata BGXX0209
Angutia BGXX8811
Anharupara BGXX3181
Anipara BGXX0210
Anjaba BGXX8812
Anjadhat BGXX3182
Anjaira BGXX0211
Anmanighona BGXX3183
Anoar Khila BGXX8813
Anoarkhali BGXX8814
Anor Jailsha BGXX0212
Anowara BGXX3184
Anuakhola BGXX3185
Anuha BGXX8815
Anuhadi BGXX8816
Anul BGXX8817
Anurag BGXX0213
Anwara BGXX3186
Anwarpur BGXX3187
Anyaypur BGXX8818
Aodhata BGXX3188
Aolahat BGXX8819
Aolat BGXX8820
Aolatail BGXX8821
Aoliapur BGXX8822
Aona BGXX8823
Aorail BGXX3189
Aoulpara BGXX8824
Apar BGXX8825
Aparkati BGXX8826
Apashi BGXX8827
Apdirpar BGXX0214
Aphulsi BGXX3190
Aqanagar BGXX3191
Ara BGXX8828
Arabari BGXX8829
Arabaria BGXX8830
Arachandi BGXX8831
Arachari BGXX3192
Arachari para BGXX3193
Aradhipara BGXX8832
Arai BGXX3194
Araibari BGXX3195
Araibaria BGXX8833
Araibeki BGXX0215
Araidron BGXX0216
Araihazar BGXX8834
Araipara BGXX8835
Araisidha BGXX3196
Araisprasad BGXX8836
Araiura BGXX3197
Araiura BGXX8837
Arakajapara BGXX3198
Arakul BGXX8838
Aral BGXX8839
Arali BGXX8840
Aralia BGXX3199
Aralia BGXX8841
Aralia BGXX0217
Aralia Chandpur BGXX0218
Aramganj BGXX0219
Arankhola BGXX8842
Aranyapasa BGXX8843
Aranyapur BGXX3200
Arapara BGXX8844
Aratankanpara BGXX8845
Aratappur BGXX0220
Arazbegi BGXX0221
Arazi Barkhadia BGXX8846
Arazi Baultali BGXX0223
Arazi Durgapur BGXX0224
Arazi Gariana BGXX8847
Arazi Gerakhali BGXX0225
Arazi Gobindapur BGXX0226
Arazi Kalikapur BGXX0227
Arazi Musuria BGXX0228
Arazi Narayanpur BGXX8848
Arazi Nol Doani BGXX0229
Arazi Paikhati BGXX8849
Arazi Pom BGXX8850
Arazi Rajgan BGXX0230
Arazi Rudrabana BGXX8851
Arazi Srinagar BGXX8853
Arazi Tagarbanda BGXX8854
Arazinagar BGXX3201
Archail BGXX8855
Arejbagi BGXX0231
Argaria BGXX8856
Arguna BGXX0232
Ariaba BGXX8857
Ariadaha BGXX8858
Arial BGXX8859
Ariara BGXX8860
Arifpur BGXX3202
Arigaon BGXX8861
Arijpur BGXX8862
Arijpur BGXX3203
Ariol BGXX3204
Arita BGXX8863
Arjjun Kachhra BGXX8864
Arjjun Nalai BGXX8865
Arjjuna BGXX8866
Arjjundi BGXX8867
Arjun Char BGXX8868
Arjun Khila BGXX8869
Arjundaha BGXX8870
Arjuntala BGXX3205
Arkain BGXX3206
Armahal BGXX8872
Arpangashia BGXX0233
Arpara BGXX8873
Arpara Gariadaha BGXX8874
Arpari BGXX8875
Arra BGXX8876
Arra Kumed BGXX8877
Arua BGXX8878
Arua Kansur BGXX8879
Aruail BGXX3207
Aruajangalia BGXX8880
Aruakandi BGXX8881
Aruarkhil BGXX3208
Aruarpar BGXX8882
Aruli BGXX3209
Asabat BGXX8883
Asadati BGXX8884
Asadnagar BGXX8885
Asadnagar BGXX3210
Asalatkhanpara BGXX0234
Asali Santoshpur BGXX0235
Asanpur BGXX8886
Asanpur BGXX3211
Asanpur Bilkaila BGXX8887
Asanura BGXX8888
Asapat BGXX8889
Asapur BGXX3212
Asapur BGXX8890
Asara BGXX3213
Asarkot BGXX3214
Asata BGXX3215
Asataka BGXX8891
Asatia BGXX8892
Asatkuari BGXX3216
Asaypur BGXX8893
Asgarkati BGXX0236
Asgarua BGXX8894
Ashadpur BGXX3217
Ashaparia BGXX0237
Ashara BGXX3218
Asharampur BGXX8895
Asharia Char BGXX8896
Asharkota BGXX3219
Ashera BGXX3220
Ashkar BGXX0238
Ashkarkhil BGXX3221
Ashne Kanda BGXX8897
Ashrabdi BGXX3222
Ashrafdi BGXX8898
Ashrafpur BGXX3223
Ashta BGXX3224
Ashtabarga BGXX8899
Ashtadhar BGXX8900
Ashtadona BGXX8902
Ashtagharia BGXX8903
Ashtani BGXX8904
Ashtapaika BGXX8905
Ashtodona BGXX3225
Ashtogram BGXX3226
Ashuganj BGXX3227
Ashuli BGXX0239
Ashwadia BGXX3228
Asi Panchkahania BGXX8906
Asia BGXX3229
Asiakata BGXX3230
Asiar BGXX0240
Asighar BGXX0241
Asikathi BGXX3231
Askamta BGXX3232
Askarabad BGXX3233
Aslampur BGXX0242
Asli Narottampur BGXX8907
Asma BGXX8908
Asmandi BGXX8909
Asoar BGXX0243
Asokati BGXX0244
Asrabbad BGXX3234
Asrabpur BGXX3235
Asrabpur BGXX8910
Asrafpur BGXX3236
Assambasti BGXX3237
Astadona BGXX8911
Astail BGXX8912
Astakati BGXX0245
Asujia BGXX8913
Asuran BGXX8915
Asurhat BGXX8916
Asutia BGXX8917
Aswadia BGXX3238
Aswatthatala BGXX3239
Aswinpur BGXX3240
At Ani BGXX3241
At Hazar BGXX0246
Atabari BGXX8918
Atabdi BGXX8919
Atadar BGXX8920
Atadi BGXX8921
Atadi Khas BGXX8922
Atak BGXX0247
Atak BGXX8923
Atakara BGXX3242
Atakati BGXX0248
Atakhali BGXX0249
Atakhara BGXX3243
Atalia BGXX8924
Atar Chatra BGXX3244
Atarkhali BGXX0250
Atartupa BGXX8925
Atashkhali BGXX0251
Atasia BGXX8926
Atasipara BGXX8927
Atbari Alamdi BGXX8928
Atchail BGXX3245
Atdapunia BGXX8929
Aterpara BGXX8930
Atgati BGXX0252
Athaldia BGXX8931
Athanagar BGXX8932
Athara Baria BGXX8933
Athara Gachhia BGXX0253
Athara Kahania BGXX8934
Atharabari BGXX8935
Atharachura BGXX8936
Atharadana BGXX8937
Atharagachhia BGXX0254
Atharapota BGXX8938
Athiatali BGXX3246
Ati BGXX8939
Ati Chandgaon BGXX8940
Atia BGXX8941
Atia Ulain BGXX8942
Atiakhola BGXX3247
Atiara BGXX3248
Atigaon BGXX8943
Atigram BGXX8944
Atikhalipara BGXX3249
Atiknagar BGXX3250
Atimaitan BGXX8945
Atipara BGXX0255
Atipara BGXX8946
Atipara BGXX3251
Atira BGXX8947
Atiswar BGXX3252
Atiti BGXX3253
Atkapara BGXX8948
Atkuchi BGXX8949
Atlaba BGXX8950
Atlapur BGXX8951
Atlaspur BGXX8952
Atlora BGXX8953
Atmarampur BGXX8954
Atosal BGXX8955
Atpara BGXX8956
Atpasa BGXX8957
Atua Jangal BGXX8958
Atura BGXX0016
Aturi BGXX8959
Atusur BGXX8960
Auchhpara BGXX8961
Aukapur BGXX8962
Aukhira BGXX0256
Aukpara BGXX8963
Aulajor BGXX8964
Auliapara BGXX8965
Auliapur BGXX0257
Aulir Char BGXX8966
Aultia Golabhita BGXX8967
Aungchowaipara BGXX3254
Aungehanyopara BGXX3255
Aunghbhainpara BGXX3256
Aungjaphrupara BGXX3257
Aungkeojaipara BGXX3258
Aunglapara BGXX3259
Aungpara BGXX3260
Aungphrupara BGXX3261
Aungphupara BGXX3262
Aungthurpara BGXX3263
Aura BGXX0258
Aurabania BGXX0259
Aurjug BGXX8968
Ausherhat BGXX8969
Ausnara BGXX8970
Autargati BGXX8971
Autbag BGXX3264
Autbaria BGXX8972
Autdar BGXX8973
Autpara BGXX8974
Autsahi BGXX8975
Auuner Char BGXX8976
Ayanapur BGXX8977
Ayanatali BGXX8978
Ayerpur BGXX8979
Ayeshabag BGXX0260
Ayla BGXX0261
Ayla Patakata BGXX0262
Ayma BGXX3266
Aynabaz BGXX0263
Ayubnagar BGXX8980
Ayubpur BGXX3267
Azam Colony BGXX3268
Azampur BGXX8981
Azibpur BGXX8982
Azimnagar BGXX3269
Azimnagar BGXX8983
Azimpur BGXX0264
Azimpur BGXX8984
Azimpur BGXX3270
Azimuddinpara BGXX0265
Azitullapara BGXX8985
Azizfazilpur BGXX3272
Aziznagar BGXX3273
Azizpur BGXX3274
Azmatpur BGXX8986
Azugara BGXX8987
Baaikandi BGXX8988
Baaikhola BGXX8989
Baalgaon BGXX3275
Babarkhana BGXX0266
Babel BGXX0267
Babrakput BGXX8991
Babtiara BGXX3276
Babuchara BGXX3277
Babuganj BGXX0268
Babultala BGXX8992
Babunagar BGXX3278
Babupur BGXX8993
Babupur BGXX3279
Baburail BGXX8994
Bachaia BGXX3280
Bachairgaon BGXX3281
Bachamara BGXX8996
Bachhar BGXX0269
Bachhur Algi BGXX8997
Badair BGXX3282
Badalkati BGXX0270
Badalkot BGXX3283
Badalpara BGXX0271
Badalpura BGXX3284
Badang BGXX3285
Badanikhali BGXX0272
Badardi BGXX8998
Badarganj BGXX0017
Badarkhali BGXX3286
Badarkhali BGXX0273
Badarmokam BGXX3287
Badarpasa BGXX8999
Badarpur BGXX3288
Badarpur BGXX9000
Badarpur BGXX0274
Badartala BGXX0275
Badda BGXX9001
Badda BGXX3289
Bade BGXX9002
Bade Atharabari BGXX9003
Bade Bartali BGXX9004
Bade Bashia BGXX9005
Bade Behali BGXX9006
Bade Bhugolhat BGXX9007
Bade Binna BGXX9008
Bade Chandi BGXX9009
Bade Dhanta BGXX9010
Bade Dharam BGXX9011
Bade Dhulir Char BGXX9012
Bade Gangair BGXX9013
Bade Gaoail BGXX9014
Bade Kalameswar BGXX9015
Bade Kalmohana BGXX9016
Bade Kalpa BGXX9017
Bade Kariail BGXX9018
Bade Kathal BGXX9019
Bade Kendua BGXX9020
Bade Khaga BGXX9021
Bade Majhira BGXX9022
Bade Pabaijan BGXX9023
Bade Palasana BGXX9024
Bade Putika BGXX9025
Bade Ramesbari BGXX9026
Bade Sailchapara BGXX9027
Bade Srirampur BGXX9028
Bade Tegharia BGXX9030
Badhuthakurani BGXX0276
Badhyapara BGXX0277
Badia BGXX3290
Badiadangi BGXX9031
Badiajan BGXX9032
Badihati BGXX9033
Badillapara BGXX3291
Badiulla BGXX0278
Badiyazzamapur BGXX3292
Badla BGXX9034
Badlakur BGXX9035
Badlipur BGXX0280
Badnatali BGXX3293
Badnikati BGXX0281
Badra BGXX9036
Badrabari BGXX9037
Badua BGXX0282
Baduar Char BGXX9038
Baduara BGXX3294
Baduban BGXX3295
Baduli BGXX3296
Badura BGXX0283
Badura New Char BGXX0284
Badurgachha BGXX0285
Baduri BGXX0286
Baduria BGXX3297
Badurpur BGXX0287
Badurtala BGXX0288
Badurtali BGXX0289
Badusa BGXX9039
Baera Bhaluka BGXX9040
Bag Baniajuri BGXX9041
Bag Benidas BGXX9042
Bag Chand Khan BGXX9043
Bag Duariakandi BGXX9044
Bag Mahisha BGXX9045
Bag Nayanagar BGXX9046
Bag Nazirpur BGXX9047
Bag Noadda BGXX9048
Baga BGXX0290
Baga BGXX9049
Baga Rakhalia BGXX3298
Bagabili BGXX3299
Bagachari BGXX3300
Bagadana BGXX3301
Bagadi BGXX9050
Bagadi Noapara BGXX9051
Bagadubi BGXX3302
Bagadubi BGXX9052
Bagaigram BGXX3303
Bagail BGXX9053
Bagair BGXX3304
Bagaiya BGXX0018
Bagajan BGXX9054
Bagajuri BGXX9055
Bagan BGXX3305
Bagaon BGXX3306
Bagaputa BGXX9056
Bagar Cha BGXX9057
Bagar Char BGXX9058
Bagat BGXX9059
Bagbari BGXX9060
Bagber BGXX9061
Bagchar BGXX9063
Bagdahar BGXX3307
Bagdanga BGXX9064
Bagdha BGXX0291
Bagdhania BGXX9065
Bagdi BGXX9066
Bagdia BGXX3308
Bagdia BGXX9067
Bagdia BGXX0292
Bagduli BGXX9068
Bager Char BGXX9069
Bageswar BGXX9070
Bageswari BGXX0293
Bagh Muhamad Ali BGXX9071
Baghaba BGXX9072
Baghachara BGXX3309
Baghachari BGXX3310
Baghadaria BGXX9073
Baghadaria Dak BGXX9074
Baghadi BGXX3311
Baghadia BGXX9075
Baghadoba BGXX9076
Baghaia Rampur BGXX3312
Baghaiakandi BGXX9077
Baghair BGXX9078
Baghal Chari BGXX3313
Baghalerpara BGXX9079
Baghalpur BGXX9080
Baghan BGXX9081
Baghanagar BGXX9082
Baghar BGXX0294
Bagharan BGXX9083
Baghari BGXX0295
Bagharia BGXX9084
Baghasur BGXX9085
Baghata BGXX9086
Baghber BGXX9087
Baghcharimukh BGXX3314
Baghdandi BGXX3315
Baghdi BGXX9088
Baghechari BGXX3316
Baghedhara BGXX9089
Baghendia BGXX9090
Bagher Char BGXX9091
Baghergaon BGXX9092
Bagherhat BGXX0019
Bagherhat BGXX9093
Baghhata BGXX9094
Baghia BGXX0296
Baghia BGXX9095
Baghil BGXX9096
Baghkarapara BGXX3317
Baghkhali BGXX3318
Baghkhlpara BGXX3319
Baghmara BGXX9097
Baghmara BGXX0297
Baghmara BGXX3320
Baghpara BGXX9099
Baghra BGXX9100
Baghrail BGXX9101
Baghrua BGXX9102
Baghuli BGXX9103
Baghuri BGXX9104
Baghutia BGXX9105
Bagia BGXX9106
Bagilara BGXX3321
Bagir Char BGXX0298
Bagirpara BGXX9107
Bagiser Par BGXX0299
Bagjan BGXX9108
Bagjhapa BGXX9109
Bagjhara BGXX9110
Bagjuri BGXX9111
Bagjurkandi BGXX9112
Bagkatari BGXX9113
Bagmara BGXX3322
Bagmara BGXX9114
Bagmara BGXX0300
Bagnibari BGXX9115
Bagra BGXX0301
Bagra BGXX9116
Bagra BGXX3323
Bagsair BGXX3324
Bagsatra BGXX9117
Bagua BGXX9118
Baguan BGXX9119
Bagun Narchi BGXX9120
Bagunbari BGXX9121
Bagundha BGXX9122
Bagunta BGXX9123
Bagur BGXX3325
Bagura BGXX3326
Bagura BGXX0302
Bagyapara BGXX3327
Baha Daroga Hat BGXX3328
Bahaddar Hat BGXX3329
Bahadia BGXX9124
Bahadurkhola BGXX3330
Bahadurnagar BGXX9125
Bahadurpur BGXX3331
Bahadurpur BGXX9126
Bahadurpur BGXX0303
Bahadursadi BGXX9127
Bahalakunda BGXX9128
Bahalali BGXX3332
Bahalatali BGXX9129
Bahalbaria BGXX9130
Bahalgachhia BGXX0305
Bahaltali BGXX3333
Baham BGXX9131
Bahandar Gaon BGXX3334
Bahar Char BGXX0306
Bahar Jamati BGXX9132
Bahar Sadhukhali BGXX9133
Baharampur BGXX0307
Baharampur BGXX9134
Baharchara BGXX3335
Bahardi BGXX9135
Bahari BGXX3336
Baharkandi BGXX9137
Baharkati BGXX0308
Baharkona BGXX9138
Baharpur BGXX3337
Baharpur BGXX9139
Bahattari BGXX9140
Bahela BGXX9141
Bahenga BGXX9142
Baher Bajail BGXX9143
Baher Char BGXX3338
Baher Char BGXX9144
Baher Char BGXX0309
Baher Khalshad BGXX3339
Baher Madra BGXX9146
Baherakandi BGXX9147
Baherakhola BGXX0310
Baherandi BGXX9148
Baheratail BGXX9149
Baheratali BGXX9150
Baherdia BGXX0311
Baherghata BGXX9151
Baherkhola BGXX9152
Baherkuchi BGXX9153
Bahernagar BGXX9154
Bahigram BGXX3340
Bahir Banail BGXX9155
Bahir Chandrapur BGXX9156
Bahir Char BGXX3341
Bahir Char BGXX9157
Bahir Char BGXX0312
Bahir Char Kaita BGXX9158
Bahir Dhulgram BGXX9159
Bahir Gazalia BGXX0314
Bahir Kalmina BGXX3342
Bahir Kusia BGXX9160
Bahira Paranpur BGXX9161
Bahirbhag BGXX9162
Bahirdi BGXX9163
Bahirdia BGXX9164
Bahirghat BGXX0315
Bahirkhola BGXX3343
Bahirnagar BGXX9165
Bahishakhali BGXX3344
Bahlari BGXX9166
Bahra BGXX9167
Bahugram BGXX9168
Bahuja BGXX9169
Bahuli BGXX3345
Bahuli BGXX9170
Bahuria BGXX9171
Baiara BGXX3346
Baichail BGXX9172
Baichandi BGXX0316
Baichatali BGXX3347
Baichhara BGXX3348
Baidarapur BGXX0317
Baiddapara BGXX3349
Baidgaon BGXX9173
Baidhar Gona BGXX3350
Baidyabari BGXX9174
Baidyagaon BGXX3351
Baidyanathpur BGXX3352
Baidyapara BGXX9175
Baidyapara BGXX0318
Baidyapara BGXX3353
Baidyapasa BGXX0319
Baidyer Bazar BGXX3354
Baidyer Char BGXX3355
Baidyer Kandi BGXX9176
Baigarpara BGXX9177
Baijkata BGXX0320
Baijsita BGXX9178
Baijuri BGXX9179
Baika BGXX9180
Baikarhat BGXX9181
Baiker BGXX9182
Baikhola BGXX3356
Baikunthapur BGXX9183
Baikunthapur BGXX3357
Baila BGXX9184
Baila Bil BGXX9185
Bailaba BGXX9186
Bailabunia BGXX0321
Bailachari BGXX3358
Bailain BGXX9187
Bailar BGXX9188
Bailat BGXX9189
Bailchara BGXX3359
Bailchari BGXX3360
Baildia BGXX9190
Bailgaon BGXX3361
Bailghar BGXX3362
Bailiatali BGXX0322
Bailjuri BGXX9191
Bailtala BGXX9192
Bailtali BGXX3363
Baimail BGXX9193
Baimakanda BGXX9194
Bain Khara BGXX9195
Bainbunia BGXX0323
Bainchatia BGXX3364
Bainchatki BGXX0324
Bainja BGXX9196
Bainjan BGXX9197
Bainjuri BGXX3365
Bainna BGXX9198
Baintala BGXX0325
Baiosar BGXX9199
Baipail BGXX9200
Baira BGXX9201
Baira Alinagar BGXX3366
Bairag BGXX3367
Bairagia BGXX0326
Bairagibari BGXX9202
Bairagipara BGXX3368
Bairagir Char BGXX9203
Bairampur BGXX0327
Bairan BGXX9204
Bairati BGXX9205
Bairaura BGXX9206
Bairbunia BGXX0328
Bairkati BGXX0329
Bairpara BGXX9207
Bais Sindur BGXX3369
Baisakanda BGXX9208
Baisakhai BGXX9209
Baisamabpur BGXX9210
Baisari BGXX0330
Baisari BGXX3370
Baisdhar BGXX9211
Baishnabnagar BGXX9212
Baishpara BGXX3371
Baishtabak BGXX0331
Baishtabdia BGXX9213
Baiskahania BGXX9214
Baiskail BGXX9215
Baisrasi BGXX9216
Baisya Batta BGXX9217
Baitara BGXX9218
Baitarani BGXX3372
Baithamari BGXX9219
Baitkamari BGXX9220
Baitta BGXX9221
Bajalia BGXX3373
Bajanpara BGXX9222
Bajara BGXX9223
Bajasan BGXX9224
Baje Amjani BGXX9225
Baje Amli BGXX9226
Baje Bakhar BGXX3374
Baje Barenga BGXX9227
Baje Bishara BGXX3375
Baje Dhanuka BGXX9228
Baje Dudhkura BGXX9229
Baje Mankum BGXX9230
Baje Patdha BGXX9231
Baje Phukura BGXX9232
Bajehora BGXX3376
Bajetula BGXX3377
Bajinabanda BGXX9233
Bajita BGXX0332
Bajitpur BGXX0020
Bajitpur BGXX0333
Bajnaba BGXX9235
Bajnagur BGXX0334
Bajrajogini BGXX9237
Bajri BGXX9238
Bajrusar BGXX9239
Bajunia BGXX9240
Bak Char BGXX9241
Bak Ohar BGXX9242
Bakai BGXX0335
Bakai Ichhakuri BGXX9243
Bakail BGXX3379
Bakal BGXX0336
Bakalia Char BGXX3380
Bakaljhora BGXX9245
Bakarganj BGXX0337
Bakarkanda BGXX9246
Bakarkati BGXX0338
Bakarkona BGXX9247
Bakarpur BGXX3381
Bakasar BGXX3382
Bakchar BGXX9248
Bakchari BGXX3383
Bakcharimukh BGXX3385
Bakhai BGXX9249
Bakhaia BGXX3386
Bakhain BGXX3387
Bakharia BGXX3388
Bakharnagar BGXX9251
Bakharnagar BGXX3389
Bakharpara BGXX3390
Bakharpur BGXX9252
Bakhlapara BGXX0339
Bakhrabad BGXX3391
Bakhripara BGXX9254
Bakhshi Char BGXX0340
Bakhtarpur BGXX9255
Bakhunda BGXX9256
Bakioharapara BGXX3393
Bakla BGXX0341
Bakla Taterkati BGXX0342
Baklikanda BGXX9257
Bakpur BGXX9258
Bakra BGXX3394
Bakrikandi BGXX3395
Baksabari BGXX9259
Baksampatti BGXX9260
Bakshabar BGXX9261
Bakshganj BGXX3396
Bakshinganj BGXX9262
Bakshir Ghari BGXX0344
Bakshmohammed BGXX3397
Baksi BGXX9263
Baksimail BGXX3398
Baksimul BGXX9264
Baksir Chandpur BGXX9265
Baksir Tek BGXX9266
Bakta BGXX9267
Baktarpur BGXX3399
Bakulbaria BGXX0345
Bakultala BGXX0346
Bakultali BGXX0347
Bakunda BGXX0021
Bal Tabak BGXX0348
Bala Bhadradi BGXX9269
Bala Kamaldaha BGXX3400
Balachandradi BGXX9270
Baladkura BGXX9271
Baladkuria BGXX3401
Balagaonpara BGXX3402
Balai BGXX9272
Balai Nagua BGXX9273
Balaibunia BGXX0349
Balaikati BGXX0350
Balair Char BGXX9274
Balairkandi BGXX3403
Balaitari BGXX0351
Balajuri BGXX9275
Balakandi BGXX0022
Balakari BGXX9276
Balakdia BGXX0352
Balakhal BGXX3404
Balakhana BGXX9277
Balakona BGXX9278
Balali BGXX9279
Balam Char Kandi BGXX0353
Balara BGXX3405
Balara BGXX9280
Balarampatti BGXX9281
Balarampur BGXX3406
Balarampur BGXX9282
Balardi BGXX9283
Balasar BGXX3407
Balasimul BGXX9284
Balaspur BGXX3408
Balaspur BGXX9285
Balbari BGXX9286
Baldha BGXX9287
Baldhara BGXX9288
Baldhi BGXX9289
Baldi BGXX9290
Baldiapara BGXX9291
Baldibari BGXX3409
Baler Chak BGXX9292
Balerchhat BGXX9293
Bali BGXX9294
Bali Harina BGXX9295
Balia BGXX3410
Balia BGXX9296
Balia BGXX0354
Balia Baidyanath BGXX9297
Balia Chak BGXX9298
Balia Chandi BGXX9299
Balia Dighirpar BGXX9300
Baliabari BGXX9301
Baliachara BGXX3411
Baliachora BGXX9302
Baliadangi BGXX9303
Baliadhar BGXX3412
Baliadi BGXX9304
Baliaghop BGXX9305
Baliahura BGXX3413
Baliakanda BGXX9306
Baliakandi BGXX0355
Baliakandi BGXX9307
Baliakandi BGXX3414
Baliakhora BGXX9308
Balian BGXX9309
Baliapara BGXX9310
Baliar BGXX9311
Baliara BGXX9312
Baliardi BGXX9313
Baliardron BGXX3415
Baliarpur BGXX9314
Baliarpur BGXX3416
Baliatali BGXX0356
Baliatali BGXX3417
Baliatali BGXX9315
Baliati BGXX9316
Balibari BGXX3418
Balichanda BGXX9317
Balichatia BGXX3419
Balidarun BGXX9318
Balidia BGXX9319
Balidia Rasunia BGXX9320
Baligaon BGXX3420
Baligaon BGXX9321
Balighona BGXX0357
Baligram BGXX0358
Balihata BGXX9322
Balijana BGXX9323
Balijora BGXX9324
Balijuri BGXX9325
Balijuri Jaypur BGXX9326
Balikapara BGXX3421
Balikhan BGXX9327
Balikhura BGXX0359
Balikuri BGXX9328
Balipadua BGXX3422
Balipara BGXX9329
Balipara BGXX0360
Balipara BGXX3423
Balitha BGXX9330
Balla BGXX9331
Balla BGXX3424
Ballabh BGXX0361
Ballabhdi BGXX9332
Ballabhpur BGXX0362
Ballabhpur BGXX9333
Ballabhpur BGXX3425
Ballabpur BGXX9334
Balladaha BGXX9335
Ballar Char BGXX3426
Ballarchar BGXX3427
Ballarpara BGXX9336
Balnarayan BGXX9337
Balsata BGXX9338
Balsi BGXX9339
Balsid BGXX3428
Balu Char BGXX9340
Balu Dakshinpara BGXX9341
Balu Dhitpur BGXX9342
Balu Khanda BGXX9343
Balua BGXX3429
Baluakandi BGXX9344
Baluakhali BGXX9345
Baluapara BGXX9346
Baluchakuli BGXX9347
Baluchar BGXX3430
Baluchar BGXX9348
Baluchara BGXX9349
Baludhum BGXX3431
Baludhum BGXX9350
Balughat BGXX9351
Balughata BGXX9352
Balughota BGXX9353
Balugram BGXX9354
Baluha BGXX9355
Balujuri BGXX9356
Balukandi BGXX3432
Balukhali BGXX3433
Balumari BGXX3434
Balumura BGXX3435
Balupura BGXX9357
Balurchar BGXX0363
Balurghat BGXX9358
Balurgram BGXX9359
Balusair BGXX9360
Baluthupa BGXX3436
Balya BGXX9361
Balyadi BGXX3437
Bamahikati BGXX0364
Bamai BGXX3438
Bamail BGXX9362
Baman Adhora BGXX9363
Bamanbarara BGXX9364
Bamanda BGXX3439
Bamandahar BGXX9365
Bamandanga BGXX9366
Bamandi BGXX9367
Bamaner Char BGXX9369
Bamaner Karuna BGXX0365
Bamangaon BGXX9370
Bamangati BGXX9371
Bamanikati BGXX0366
Bamanipur BGXX9372
Bamanjat BGXX9373
Bamankati BGXX0367
Bamankhali BGXX9374
Bamankhan BGXX0368
Bamankhila BGXX9375
Bamankhola BGXX9376
Bamanmoha BGXX9377
Bamar Taimidong BGXX3440
Bamatia BGXX3441
Bamer Chengipara BGXX3442
Bamila Bhatbari BGXX9378
Bamna BGXX0369
Bamna BGXX9379
Bamni BGXX3444
Bamni Chhamni BGXX9380
Bamni Kona BGXX9381
Bamnia BGXX3445
Bamnikati BGXX0370
Bamnikhola BGXX3446
Bamnipur BGXX9382
Bamnisar BGXX3447
Bamrail BGXX0371
Bamu BGXX3448
Bamuahati BGXX9383
Bamuni Kona BGXX9384
Ban Bhabail BGXX9385
Ban Palasia BGXX9386
Banabaria BGXX3449
Banagram BGXX9387
Banagram BGXX3450
Banagram Chak BGXX9388
Banai BGXX0372
Banail BGXX9390
Banajora BGXX0373
Banakhola BGXX9391
Banamali BGXX3451
Banamali Char BGXX3452
Banamalidia BGXX9392
Banamalikati BGXX0374
Banamalipur BGXX9393
Banar Haola BGXX9395
Banaras BGXX3453
Banarerpar BGXX9396
Banari BGXX9397
Banaria BGXX3454
Banaripara BGXX0375
Banarkatapara BGXX3455
Banarupa BGXX3456
Banasram BGXX9398
Banasua BGXX3457
Banatipara BGXX0376
Banbangla BGXX9399
Banbari BGXX9400
Banbaria BGXX9401
Banbhag BGXX9402
Banchari BGXX3458
Banchhanagar BGXX3459
Banchpar BGXX3460
Band Mahisha BGXX9403
Banda Angaria BGXX9404
Banda Bahir Char BGXX3461
Banda Baruz BGXX9405
Banda Chithalia BGXX9406
Banda Dogharia BGXX9407
Banda Dulali BGXX3462
Banda Gajaria BGXX9409
Banda Goalia BGXX9410
Banda Gomara BGXX9411
Banda Jalsosh BGXX9412
Banda Kalibari BGXX9413
Banda Palasia BGXX9414
Banda Paleha BGXX9415
Banda Rapur BGXX3463
Banda Rouha BGXX9416
Banda Sonakura BGXX9417
Bandabanikil BGXX3464
Bandadhara BGXX9418
Bandaghorjan BGXX9419
Bandail BGXX9420
Bandakhola BGXX9421
Bandakona BGXX9422
Bandan BGXX9423
Bandapasa BGXX9424
Bandar BGXX3465
Bandar BGXX9425
Bandar Barabari BGXX9426
Bandar Sankarpur BGXX9427
Bandara BGXX9428
Bandarban BGXX3466
Bandardia BGXX9429
Bandargachhia BGXX0377
Bandasitalpur BGXX9430
Bandhabari BGXX9431
Bandhulat BGXX9432
Bandhuli BGXX9433
Bandi BGXX9434
Bandobhatpara BGXX9436
Bandu Sikdarpara BGXX3467
Bandua Daulatpur BGXX3468
Banduldia BGXX9437
Banduri BGXX9438
Baneswarbari BGXX9439
Baneswardi BGXX9440
Banga Damdama BGXX9441
Banga Khan BGXX3469
Bangakata BGXX3470
Bangala BGXX9442
Bangalgachh BGXX9443
Bangalgaon BGXX9444
Bangalhalia BGXX3471
Bangalhaola BGXX9445
Bangali BGXX9446
Bangalinagar BGXX9447
Bangalkandi BGXX9448
Bangalpara BGXX3472
Bangalpara BGXX9449
Bangan BGXX9450
Bangaon BGXX3473
Bangaon BGXX9451
Bangaon BGXX0098
Bangar Char BGXX9452
Bangeswardi BGXX9453
Bangiaish BGXX3474
Bangila BGXX0378
Bangipara BGXX3475
Bangla BGXX9454
Bangla Bazar BGXX3476
Bangla Daspara BGXX9455
Bangla Kanda BGXX9456
Bangla Satpara BGXX9457
Banglabazar BGXX9458
Banglat BGXX9459
Bangodda BGXX3477
Bangora BGXX9460
Bangori BGXX3478
Bangpur BGXX9461
Bangram BGXX9462
Bangshal BGXX9463
Bangura BGXX9464
Bangurihati BGXX9465
Bangyapara BGXX3479
Bani Pakuria BGXX9466
Bania Chang BGXX3480
Baniabari BGXX9467
Baniachang BGXX0023
Baniacho BGXX3481
Baniadhala BGXX9468
Baniadi BGXX9469
Baniagaon BGXX9470
Baniagati BGXX9471
Baniail BGXX9472
Baniajan BGXX9473
Baniajuri BGXX9474
Baniakaji BGXX9475
Baniakanda BGXX9476
Baniakandi BGXX3482
Baniakata BGXX3483
Baniapara BGXX3485
Baniapara BGXX9477
Baniar Char BGXX9478
Baniara BGXX9479
Baniari BGXX9480
Baniaria BGXX9481
Baniasuri BGXX0379
Banibaha BGXX9482
Banigram BGXX3486
Banihala BGXX9483
Banikanta Khisa BGXX9484
Banikerpara BGXX9485
Banikhila BGXX9486
Banimarddan BGXX0380
Baninathpur BGXX9487
Banipur BGXX3487
Banira BGXX9489
Banjamiraghona BGXX3488
Banjan BGXX9490
Banjana BGXX9491
Bankaij BGXX9492
Bankakura BGXX9493
Bankara BGXX3489
Bankati BGXX0381
Bankhaira BGXX9494
Bankhairtala BGXX9495
Bankhari BGXX9496
Bankhuri BGXX9497
Bankipur BGXX3490
Bankipur BGXX9498
Bankira BGXX0382
Bankkhali BGXX3491
Bankot BGXX3492
Bankur BGXX9499
Bankura BGXX9500
Bankuri BGXX9501
Banmail BGXX0383
Banna BGXX0384
Bannagara BGXX9502
Bannakhola BGXX9503
Bannal BGXX9504
Banpathalia BGXX9505
Banrapara BGXX9506
Bansa BGXX3493
Bansari BGXX9507
Bansati BGXX9508
Bansbania BGXX0386
Bansbari BGXX9509
Bansbaria BGXX3494
Bansbaria BGXX0387
Bansbunia BGXX0389
Banschara BGXX9510
Bansdia BGXX9511
Bansemanta BGXX9512
Bansgari BGXX9513
Bansgari BGXX0390
Bansghar BGXX3495
Bansghari BGXX9514
Bansgram BGXX9515
Banshbaria BGXX3496
Banshgari BGXX3497
Banshirdia BGXX9516
Banshkait BGXX3498
Bansida BGXX9517
Bansinagar BGXX9518
Bansipur BGXX9519
Banskhala BGXX3499
Banskhali BGXX3500
Banskopa BGXX9520
Banskota BGXX9521
Bansmangal BGXX3501
Banspur BGXX3502
Banstala BGXX9522
Banstali BGXX3503
Banstali BGXX9523
Bansuti BGXX9524
Bantkhila BGXX9525
Banubazar BGXX3504
Banura BGXX9526
Banyachara BGXX3505
Banyahati BGXX9527
Banyaprasad BGXX9528
Banyatail BGXX9529
Baoibadha BGXX9530
Baoidahar BGXX9531
Baoikhola BGXX9532
Baokhanda BGXX9533
Baokpalia BGXX9534
Baola BGXX9535
Baola Kanda BGXX9536
Baon Binna BGXX9537
Baor Kumarjani BGXX9538
Baorabari BGXX9540
Baothar BGXX9541
Bapitara BGXX9542
Bapta BGXX0391
Bapta BGXX9543
Baputara BGXX9544
Bar Parua BGXX9545
Bara BGXX9546
Bara BGXX0392
Bara Ahmadpur BGXX3506
Bara Ajildi BGXX9547
Bara Alamdi BGXX9548
Bara Alampur BGXX3507
Bara Alipur BGXX3508
Bara Alir Char BGXX3509
Bara Amarpur BGXX9549
Bara Amdia BGXX9550
Bara Amkhola BGXX0393
Bara Ani BGXX3510
Bara Anulia BGXX9551
Bara Apudanga BGXX9552
Bara Asrafpur BGXX9553
Bara Asulia BGXX9554
Bara Baghia BGXX9555
Bara Bagi BGXX0394
Bara Bahara BGXX9556
Bara Baheratala BGXX9557
Bara Bahirbhag BGXX9558
Bara Bahra BGXX9559
Bara Baikhir BGXX9560
Bara Baishdia BGXX0395
Bara Bajupara BGXX9561
Bara Baksanagar BGXX9562
Bara Balapur BGXX9564
Bara Baliabhpur BGXX3511
Bara Baliatali BGXX0396
Bara Balimehar BGXX9565
Bara Bangala BGXX9567
Bara Bangalpara BGXX9568
Bara Banglat BGXX9569
Bara Bangora BGXX3512
Bara Banka BGXX9570
Bara Banya BGXX9571
Bara Baraigaon BGXX9572
Bara Barail BGXX9573
Bara Baraipara BGXX9574
Bara Barara BGXX9575
Bara Bardesi BGXX9576
Bara Baria BGXX9577
Bara Bariail BGXX9578
Bara Barigram BGXX9579
Bara Barilya BGXX9580
Bara Barta BGXX9581
Bara Barundi BGXX9582
Bara Basail BGXX0397
Bara Basalia BGXX9583
Bara Basta BGXX9584
Bara Batia BGXX9585
Bara Baurtala BGXX3513
Bara Bejgaon BGXX9586
Bara Beraid BGXX9587
Bara Betham BGXX9588
Bara Bhabanipur BGXX9589
Bara Bhakhra BGXX9590
Bara Bhakla BGXX9591
Bara Bhangbari BGXX9592
Bara Bhatral BGXX9593
Bara Bhawanipur BGXX3514
Bara Bhuam BGXX9595
Bara Bigha BGXX0398
Bara Bijuri BGXX9597
Bara Bil BGXX9598
Bara Bil Nalai BGXX9599
Bara Bila BGXX9600
Bara Bilarpar BGXX9601
Bara Binodpur BGXX9602
Bara Boali BGXX9603
Bara Brahmanpara BGXX9604
Bara Chala BGXX0024
Bara Chandrail BGXX9606
Bara Chaona BGXX9607
Bara Chapa BGXX9608
Bara Char BGXX3515
Bara Char Kajal BGXX0399
Bara Char Kalia BGXX3516
Bara Char Samaia BGXX0402
Bara Charigaon BGXX3517
Bara Chaubaria BGXX9613
Bara Chaulakati BGXX0403
Bara Chhaygaon BGXX9614
Bara Chhilagai BGXX9615
Bara Chhilania BGXX3518
Bara Dalimia BGXX0405
Bara Damrasul BGXX9616
Bara Danguri BGXX9617
Bara Darjiapara BGXX3519
Bara Daudrokhi BGXX9618
Bara Daulatpur BGXX3520
Bara Dautia BGXX9619
Bara Deobhog BGXX9620
Bara Deora BGXX9621
Bara Dhanuka BGXX9622
Bara Dharmapur BGXX3521
Bara Dhulandi BGXX9623
Bara Dhusia BGXX3522
Bara Dighalia BGXX9624
Bara Doani BGXX0406
Bara Dolapara BGXX3523
Bara Dulali BGXX0407
Bara Dulukhanda BGXX9625
Bara Dumaria BGXX9626
Bara Durgapur BGXX3524
Bara Ekrasi BGXX9627
Bara Eksarapara BGXX0408
Bara Fulkuchi BGXX9628
Bara Gabua BGXX0409
Bara Galua BGXX0410
Bara Gaon BGXX9629
Bara Garia BGXX9630
Bara Gaurichanna BGXX0411
Bara Gawa BGXX9631
Bara Gazipur BGXX3525
Bara Ghagutia BGXX3526
Bara Ghikamala BGXX9632
Bara Ghosta BGXX9633
Bara Gopaldi BGXX0412
Bara Gopaldi BGXX9635
Bara Gopalpur BGXX9636
Bara Gopinathpur BGXX9637
Bara Gosaindia BGXX9638
Bara Hamidpur BGXX0413
Bara Hangina BGXX3527
Bara Hanrikanda BGXX9639
Bara Hapania BGXX9640
Bara Hargila BGXX3528
Bara Harina BGXX3529
Bara Haripur BGXX3530
Bara Harji BGXX0414
Bara Hatia BGXX3531
Bara Hatkora BGXX9641
Bara Hijli BGXX9642
Bara Husainpur BGXX3532
Bara Ichhapur BGXX9643
Bara Ilaspur BGXX9644
Bara Jadabpur BGXX3533
Bara Jadabpur BGXX0415
Bara Jafarkandi BGXX9645
Bara Jafarpur BGXX9646
Bara Jalia BGXX0416
Bara Janchari BGXX3534
Bara Jangal BGXX9647
Bara Jaynagar BGXX9648
Bara Joka BGXX9649
Bara Kachlai BGXX3535
Bara Kachna BGXX9650
Bara Kaika BGXX9651
Bara Kailati BGXX9652
Bara Kakar BGXX9653
Bara Kakbajkhil BGXX9654
Bara Kalampur BGXX9655
Bara Kaliganga BGXX9656
Bara Kalihar BGXX9657
Bara Kalinagar BGXX9658
Bara Kalkalia BGXX9659
Bara Kanda BGXX9660
Bara Kandi BGXX9661
Bara Karai BGXX3536
Bara Kasba BGXX0418
Bara Kathaldia BGXX9662
Bara Kathalia BGXX0419
Bara Katigram BGXX9663
Bara Kauniakandi BGXX9664
Bara Kewar BGXX9665
Bara Khamar Char BGXX9666
Bara Kokranda BGXX9670
Bara Krishnadi BGXX9671
Bara Krishnapur BGXX9673
Bara Kuradia BGXX3538
Bara Kurikahania BGXX9674
Bara Kushtia BGXX9675
Bara Kusiara BGXX9676
Bara Labangola BGXX0420
Bara Laharia BGXX9677
Bara Lakshmipur BGXX3539
Bara Machhaua BGXX0421
Bara Madhabpur BGXX9678
Bara Magbazar BGXX9679
Bara Mahaddipur BGXX3540
Bara Maheskhali BGXX3541
Bara Maishadi BGXX9680
Bara Majher Char BGXX9681
Bara Makamia BGXX0423
Bara Mallika BGXX9683
Bara Manika BGXX0424
Bara Manikdi BGXX9684
Bara Manohardi BGXX9685
Bara Manoharia BGXX9686
Bara Mausa BGXX9687
Bara Medhar BGXX9688
Bara Mehar BGXX9689
Bara Mirzapur BGXX9690
Bara Mokamia BGXX0425
Bara Muhammadpur BGXX3542
Bara Mulna BGXX9691
Bara Muraripur BGXX9692
Bara Nabagram BGXX9693
Bara Nandura BGXX9694
Bara Naopara BGXX9695
Bara Narayanpur BGXX9696
Bara Newazpur BGXX3543
Bara Nilakhi BGXX9697
Bara Nilua BGXX9698
Bara Nurpur BGXX9699
Bara Oalia BGXX9700
Bara Pagla BGXX9701
Bara Paichhail BGXX9702
Bara Paika BGXX0426
Bara Paika BGXX3544
Bara Paila BGXX9703
Bara Paragaon BGXX9704
Bara Parulia BGXX9705
Bara Pata BGXX0427
Bara Patar Char BGXX0428
Bara Pauldia BGXX9706
Bara Pokta BGXX9707
Bara Puiautha BGXX0429
Bara Pukuria BGXX3545
Bara Putia BGXX3546
Bara Rajapur BGXX3547
Bara Ramkantapur BGXX9710
Bara Ramnathpur BGXX9711
Bara Rampur BGXX9712
Bara Rangamatia BGXX9713
Bara Rasidpur BGXX3548
Bara Rathura BGXX9714
Bara Ruhi BGXX9715
Bara Sadardia BGXX9716
Bara Sadipur BGXX9717
Bara Salghar BGXX3549
Bara Sansabad BGXX9718
Bara Satgaon BGXX9719
Bara Satpar BGXX9720
Bara Saula BGXX0430
Bara Saurandi BGXX9721
Bara Sayek BGXX9722
Bara Shaitta BGXX9723
Bara Shatali BGXX3550
Bara Shikaritola BGXX9724
Bara Sibar Char BGXX0431
Bara Sibrambari BGXX9725
Bara Sidhalkura BGXX9726
Bara Sonai BGXX9727
Bara Sonamukhi BGXX9728
Bara Sripur BGXX9729
Bara Sundar BGXX3551
Bara Sundwip BGXX9730
Bara Taleswar BGXX0432
Bara Tarail BGXX9731
Bara Tarakandi BGXX9732
Bara Tasulla BGXX9733
Bara Tengra BGXX0433
Bara Thakurkandi BGXX9734
Bara Thali BGXX3552
Bara Tilak BGXX9735
Bara Uthah BGXX3553
Bara Uthan BGXX3554
Baraba BGXX9736
Barabaju Deupur BGXX9737
Barabakia BGXX3555
Barabakpur BGXX0434
Barabarera BGXX3556
Barabari BGXX9738
Barabaria BGXX9739
Barabasat BGXX9740
Barabazar BGXX0435
Barabhag BGXX9741
Barabil BGXX3557
Barabilpara BGXX3558
Barabkunda BGXX3559
Barabkunda Bara BGXX3560
Barabola BGXX9742
Baradail BGXX3561
Baradal BGXX0436
Baradam BGXX3562
Baradam BGXX9743
Baradhar BGXX9744
Baradi BGXX9745
Baradia BGXX9746
Baragachhi BGXX9747
Baragaon BGXX3564
Baraghar BGXX9750
Baragharia BGXX3565
Baragharia BGXX9751
Baragharia BGXX0437
Baraghariapara BGXX3566
Baraghona BGXX3567
Baraghop BGXX3568
Baragram BGXX9752
Barahanuddin BGXX0025
Barahar BGXX9753
Barahar BGXX0438
Barahara BGXX9754
Baraharpara BGXX0439
Barahatua BGXX3569
Barahi BGXX9755
Barahi Diara BGXX9756
Barahigobinda BGXX3570
Barahinagar BGXX3571
Barahipur BGXX0440
Barahipur BGXX3572
Barahit BGXX9757
Barai BGXX9758
Barai Algi BGXX9759
Barai Bhadera BGXX9760
Barai Kandi BGXX9761
Barai Kura BGXX9762
Barai Pukharia BGXX9763
Barai Tair BGXX9764
Barai Tatiar BGXX9765
Baraia BGXX3573
Baraiakur BGXX3574
Baraiakuri BGXX3575
Baraiara BGXX3576
Baraiara BGXX0441
Baraibari BGXX9766
Baraibhog BGXX9767
Baraichara BGXX9768
Baraichari BGXX3577
Baraichira BGXX9769
Baraid BGXX9770
Baraigaon BGXX3578
Baraigaon BGXX9771
Baraigati BGXX0442
Baraihat BGXX9772
Baraihati BGXX9773
Baraijangal BGXX9774
Baraikanda BGXX9775
Baraikandi BGXX3579
Baraikandi BGXX9776
Baraikandi BGXX0443
Baraikaran BGXX0444
Baraikhola BGXX9778
Baraikora BGXX3580
Barail BGXX3581
Barail BGXX9779
Baraipara BGXX9780
Baraipara BGXX3582
Baraipur BGXX9782
Baraipur BGXX3583
Barair BGXX3584
Baraitala BGXX0445
Baraitali BGXX3585
Baraiura BGXX9784
Baraiyadhala BGXX3586
Barajali BGXX3587
Barajcharipara BGXX3588
Barajona BGXX9785
Barajora BGXX9786
Barakahania BGXX9787
Barakair BGXX9788
Barakanda BGXX9789
Barakapan BGXX9790
Barakau BGXX9791
Barakhain BGXX3589
Barakheri BGXX3590
Barakhola BGXX3591
Barakholapara BGXX3592
Barakotha BGXX0446
Barakul BGXX3593
Barakura BGXX9792
Barakutia BGXX0447
Baral BGXX3594
Baral BGXX9793
Baralgaon BGXX9794
Barali BGXX3595
Baralia BGXX9795
Baralia BGXX3596
Baralkuchi BGXX9796
Baralpara BGXX3597
Baralu Paragaon BGXX9797
Baram BGXX9798
Barama BGXX9799
Barama BGXX3598
Baramaisa BGXX9800
Baramari BGXX9801
Baramasia BGXX3599
Barami BGXX9802
Barampur BGXX3600
Baranagar BGXX9803
Baranal BGXX9804
Barangail BGXX9805
Barangakhola BGXX9806
Barankula BGXX9807
Barap Bhita BGXX9808
Barapaika BGXX0448
Barapara BGXX9809
Barapara BGXX0449
Barapara BGXX3601
Barar Char BGXX9810
Barar Char BGXX3602
Barasar BGXX3603
Barasat BGXX3604
Barasur BGXX9811
Barat BGXX3605
Baratail BGXX9812
Baratala BGXX9813
Barataluk Golara BGXX9814
Barathali BGXX3606
Barati BGXX9815
Baratia BGXX9816
Baratiabari BGXX9817
Baratopa BGXX9818
Baratula BGXX3607
Baratupa BGXX3608
Baraya BGXX9819
Barbakpur BGXX9820
Barbania BGXX3609
Barbil Sofaria BGXX3610
Barchhana BGXX3611
Bardail BGXX9821
Bardam BGXX3612
Barddhaman Kandi BGXX9822
Bardeil BGXX3613
Bardesi BGXX9823
Bardhanpara BGXX9824
Barduara BGXX3614
Barenda BGXX9825
Barepara BGXX3615
Barera BGXX3616
Barera BGXX9826
Baresware BGXX3617
Bargaon BGXX9827
Bargi BGXX3618
Bargonbhunia BGXX3619
Barguna BGXX0450
Barha BGXX9828
Barhatta BGXX9829
Barhuadi BGXX9830
Bari BGXX9831
Bari Gandharba BGXX9832
Bari Ghagri BGXX9833
Bari Majlis BGXX9834
Bari Rabhubhanga BGXX9835
Bari Shyamkumar BGXX9837
Bari Sriram BGXX9838
Baria BGXX0451
Baria BGXX9839
Baria BGXX3620
Bariadi BGXX9840
Bariaghona BGXX3621
Bariais BGXX3622
Bariajani BGXX9841
Bariakhali BGXX3623
Bariali BGXX9842
Bariali BGXX0452
Bariapara BGXX3624
Baribari BGXX9843
Barichapur BGXX9844
Baridhara BGXX9845
Barigati BGXX9846
Barigram BGXX9847
Barihaji BGXX9848
Barihati BGXX9849
Barikabad BGXX9850
Barilgaon BGXX9851
Barilla BGXX9852
Barilya BGXX9853
Barimura BGXX3625
Baripakur BGXX9854
Baripara BGXX3626
Barisal BGXX0001
Barishaba BGXX9855
Barisur BGXX9856
Barjapur BGXX9857
Barkal BGXX3627
Barkamta BGXX3628
Barkhadia BGXX9858
Barkhandi BGXX9859
Barkhapan BGXX9860
Barkhar Char BGXX9861
Barkhipara BGXX9862
Barki BGXX9863
Barkot BGXX9864
Barkuas BGXX9865
Barkura BGXX9866
Barla BGXX9867
Barlloghona BGXX3629
Barma BGXX9868
Barmacharimukh BGXX3630
Barmaipara BGXX9869
Barmma BGXX9870
Barnakhola BGXX9871
Barni BGXX9872
Barni Chandbari BGXX9873
Barni Kesari BGXX9874
Baroari BGXX9875
Baroigaon BGXX3631
Barotia BGXX9876
Barpa BGXX9877
Barpaisa BGXX0453
Barpara BGXX3632
Barsankhola BGXX3633
Barshagati BGXX9878
Barsikura BGXX9879
Barta BGXX0454
Bartabil BGXX9880
Bartali BGXX3634
Bartali BGXX9881
Bartha BGXX9882
Bartha Napara BGXX3635
Barthalipara BGXX3636
Barthi BGXX0455
Barttakona BGXX9883
Barttargati BGXX9884
Bartul BGXX9885
Bartul Tek BGXX9886
Barua BGXX9887
Baruai BGXX9888
Baruakhali BGXX9889
Baruamari BGXX9890
Baruapara BGXX3637
Barudia BGXX9891
Barugram BGXX9892
Baruha BGXX9893
Baruhar BGXX0456
Baruhati BGXX9894
Barui Chatal BGXX3638
Baruia BGXX0457
Baruigram BGXX9895
Baruipara BGXX9896
Baruka BGXX9897
Barulia BGXX3639
Barulia BGXX9898
Barun BGXX9899
Baruna BGXX9900
Barunakanda BGXX9901
Barunapot BGXX9902
Barundi BGXX9903
Barundi Bil BGXX9904
Barura BGXX3641
Baruri BGXX9905
Baruria BGXX9906
Barurkandi BGXX3642
Barwa BGXX9907
Barwamari BGXX9908
Basabari BGXX3643
Basaboo BGXX9909
Basai BGXX9910
Basaid BGXX9911
Basailbhog BGXX9913
Basair BGXX9914
Basakair BGXX9915
Basamsi BGXX9916
Basan BGXX9917
Basanda BGXX0458
Basanta BGXX3644
Basantamandal BGXX9918
Basantapara BGXX3645
Basantapur BGXX9919
Basantapur BGXX3646
Basanterbag BGXX3647
Basar Char BGXX9920
Basara BGXX3648
Basaratnagar BGXX3649
Basardia BGXX9921
Basat BGXX9922
Basati BGXX9923
Basati Kandarpa BGXX9924
Basaura BGXX9925
Basdi BGXX9926
Bashira BGXX9927
Bashratnagar BGXX3650
Bashtia BGXX9928
Basia BGXX9929
Basiarati BGXX9930
Basigaon BGXX9931
Basihati Digar BGXX9932
Basikpur BGXX3651
Basinara BGXX9933
Baskhonda BGXX9934
Basna BGXX9935
Basniahati BGXX9936
Baspur Ramdia BGXX9937
Basrailjari BGXX3652
Basta BGXX9938
Bastail BGXX9939
Bastal BGXX9940
Bastia BGXX9941
Basua Kabirpur BGXX9943
Basuakhola BGXX9944
Basubhanda BGXX9945
Basudeb Chap BGXX9946
Basudebbari BGXX9947
Basudebkol BGXX9948
Basudebpara BGXX0459
Basudebpasa BGXX0460
Basudebpur BGXX9949
Basuduhita BGXX3653
Basugaon BGXX9950
Basuki BGXX0461
Basulia BGXX9951
Basulir Kandi BGXX9952
Basunda BGXX9953
Basundardi BGXX9954
Basupara BGXX3654
Basupara BGXX9955
Basupatti BGXX0462
Basur Alga BGXX9956
Basur Char BGXX3655
Basura BGXX9957
Basura BGXX3656
Basuri BGXX9958
Basuria BGXX9959
Basutia BGXX9960
Bat Tala BGXX9961
Batabania BGXX3657
Batabaria BGXX3658
Bataghashi BGXX3659
Batagram BGXX3660
Bataibunia BGXX0463
Bataijuri BGXX9962
Batail BGXX9963
Bataimuri BGXX9964
Bataiya BGXX3661
Batajar BGXX0464
Batajor BGXX0465
Batajuri BGXX3662
Batakandi BGXX3663
Batakhali BGXX3664
Batali BGXX9965
Batamara BGXX0466
Batan Khali BGXX0467
Batbania BGXX3665
Batbari BGXX9966
Bater Char BGXX9967
Bateswar BGXX9968
Bathanban BGXX0468
Bathanda BGXX9969
Bathi BGXX9970
Bathua BGXX0469
Bathua BGXX3666
Bathuadi BGXX9971
Bathuapard BGXX3667
Bathuar BGXX9972
Bathuli BGXX9973
Bathundia BGXX9974
Batia BGXX9976
Batiahoro BGXX0470
Batialpur BGXX3668
Batikamari BGXX9977
Batikura BGXX9978
Batipara BGXX0471
Batisa BGXX3669
Batkajal BGXX0472
Batkuchi BGXX9979
Batra Bhatpara BGXX9980
Batra Jaori BGXX9981
Batrajur BGXX9982
Batrakandi BGXX9983
Batta BGXX9984
Battabuka BGXX9985
Battajur BGXX9986
Battala BGXX9987
Battali BGXX0027
Battali BGXX9988
Battari BGXX3671
Batua BGXX3672
Batush BGXX3673
Batyapara BGXX3674
Bauchail BGXX3675
Baugandha BGXX9989
Baukati BGXX0473
Baukuri BGXX9990
Baulai BGXX9991
Baulam BGXX9992
Baulasar BGXX0474
Baulgram BGXX9993
Baulikanda BGXX9994
Baulkanda BGXX0475
Baultali BGXX0476
Bauna BGXX9996
Bauni BGXX9997
Baunia BGXX9998
Bauphal BGXX0477
Baura BGXX3676
Baurgati BGXX9999
Bauria BGXX0478
Bauria Chariana BGXX0479
Baurkhara BGXX3677
Bausia BGXX0480
Bauthakurani BGXX0481
Bawanipur BGXX3678
Bayek BGXX3679
Bayelakhal BGXX0482
Bayer BGXX3680
Baynagar BGXX3681
Baza Samarta BGXX0483
Bazarghona BGXX0484
Bazarghond BGXX0485
Bazarkhali BGXX0486
Bazarkhola BGXX3682
Bazarpara BGXX3683
Bazemohal BGXX0487
Bazepti BGXX3684
Bazesandwip BGXX0488
Bazitkhan BGXX0489
Bazra BGXX3685
Beaconsfield BGXX3686
Bebaz BGXX0490
Bebaziakhali BGXX0491
Bedhuria BGXX0492
Bedowpara BGXX3687
Bedpur BGXX3688
Begam Char BGXX3689
Begamganj BGXX3690
Begampur BGXX3691
Begumganj BGXX3692
Behala BGXX0493
Behanhatta BGXX3693
Beharipur BGXX3694
Beingapara BGXX3695
Bejahar BGXX0494
Bejimara BGXX3696
Bejora BGXX3697
Bejra BGXX0495
Bekhyongpara BGXX3698
Beki BGXX3699
Bekisatpara BGXX3700
Belaichari BGXX3701
Belbhoj BGXX3702
Belchatipara BGXX3703
Belchura BGXX3704
Belgaon BGXX3705
Belghar BGXX3706
Belora BGXX3707
Beloti BGXX3708
Belua BGXX0496
Beluh BGXX0497
Bema BGXX0498
Bemaadam BGXX3709
Benabipara BGXX3710
Bengdeba BGXX3711
Beolain BGXX3712
Beoparipara BGXX3713
Beparir Char BGXX3714
Berakhola BGXX3715
Berkati BGXX0499
Berki BGXX3716
Berlkhain BGXX3717
Bermahal BGXX0500
Berpasa BGXX0501
Besuara BGXX3718
Betadl BGXX0502
Betagaon BGXX3719
Betagi BGXX3720
Betagi BGXX0504
Betar Hat BGXX3721
Betbania BGXX3722
Betbunia BGXX0506
Betchari BGXX3723
Betgarbila BGXX0507
Beth BGXX0508
Bethur BGXX3724
Betiapara BGXX3725
Betipara BGXX0509
Betkatapara BGXX0510
Betloch BGXX0511
Betmor BGXX0512
Betmora BGXX0513
Betra BGXX0514
Bettala BGXX3726
Betua BGXX3727
Betuabag BGXX3728
Beukhir BGXX0515
Bezgati BGXX0516
Bhababhadri BGXX3729
Bhabagram BGXX3730
Bhabakpara BGXX3731
Bhabanip BGXX3732
Bhabanipur BGXX0517
Bhaber Char BGXX3733
Bhaberkhola BGXX3734
Bhadadia BGXX3735
Bhadai Char BGXX0518
Bhadipara BGXX3736
Bhadorkata BGXX3737
Bhadrapara BGXX0519
Bhagalpur BGXX3738
Bhagepara BGXX3739
Bhagirathpur BGXX0520
Bhagurapara BGXX3740
Bhaijora BGXX0521
Bhairabpasa BGXX0522
Bhaiser Kot BGXX3741
Bhaiskhola BGXX3742
Bhaitsali BGXX0523
Bhaiyarkhil BGXX3743
Bhajapara BGXX3744
Bhajna BGXX0524
Bhajna Jaur BGXX0525
Bhajna Kismat BGXX0526
Bhajnakhal BGXX3745
Bhajra BGXX3746
Bhakarda BGXX3747
Bhalakot BGXX3748
Bhalukapara BGXX3749
Bhalukiapara BGXX3750
Bhanara BGXX0528
Bhandaria BGXX0529
Bhandarikati BGXX0530
Bhandarjuri BGXX3751
Bhangadeura BGXX0531
Bhangamura BGXX3753
Bhangamurapara BGXX3754
Bhanganagar BGXX3755
Bhangapara BGXX3756
Bhangar Char BGXX3757
Bhangar Mona BGXX0532
Bhangara BGXX0533
Bhangarpar BGXX3758
Bhangergaon BGXX3759
Bhani BGXX3760
Bhanti BGXX3761
Bhanurpar BGXX3762
Bhaor BGXX3763
Bhaorpara BGXX3764
Bharampur BGXX3765
Bharamuhari BGXX3766
Bharamunari BGXX3767
Bharangar Char BGXX3768
Bharanpara BGXX3769
Bhararua BGXX3770
Bharatpur BGXX3771
Bharella BGXX3772
Bharikati BGXX0534
Bharikota BGXX3773
Bharjyatali BGXX3774
Bharpasa BGXX0535
Bharsakati BGXX0536
Bharua BGXX3775
Bharuakhali BGXX3776
Bharul BGXX3777
Bhasan Char BGXX3778
Bhasania BGXX3779
Bhaserab BGXX0537
Bhaskhola BGXX3781
Bhatarakanda BGXX0538
Bhater Char BGXX3782
Bhater Hrad BGXX3783
Bhatergaon BGXX3784
Bhateswar BGXX3785
Bhati Chinaia BGXX3786
Bhati Rasulpur BGXX3787
Bhatia BGXX0539
Bhatialpur BGXX3788
Bhatiari BGXX3789
Bhatiatata BGXX3790
Bhatibanda BGXX3791
Bhatikhain BGXX3792
Bhatirgaon BGXX3793
Bhatkati BGXX0540
Bhatkeshar BGXX3794
Bhatnikhola BGXX3795
Bhatora BGXX3796
Bhatpara BGXX3797
Bhatra BGXX3798
Bhatra BGXX0541
Bhatrasibpur BGXX3799
Bhatsala BGXX0542
Bhatsala Char BGXX0543
Bhatua BGXX3800
Bhaudhar BGXX0544
Bhaumahal BGXX0545
Bhawal BGXX3801
Bhawal Bari BGXX3802
Bhawaniganj BGXX3803
Bhawanijibanpur BGXX3804
Bhayala BGXX0546
Bhayang BGXX0547
Bhedbhedi BGXX3806
Bheduria BGXX0548
Bhejna BGXX0549
Bhelanagar BGXX3807
Bheranbaria BGXX0550
Bherunia BGXX3808
Bhijapara BGXX3809
Bhikakhali BGXX0551
Bhikampur BGXX0552
Bhimerpar BGXX0553
Bhimpur BGXX3810
Bhimruli BGXX0554
Bhinglabari BGXX3811
Bhingra BGXX3812
Bhingrol BGXX3813
Bhingulia BGXX3814
Bhitabaria BGXX0555
Bhiti Bishara BGXX3815
Bhiti Latardi BGXX3817
Bhitikalmina BGXX3819
Bhitikan BGXX3820
Bhoag BGXX3821
Bhoalia BGXX0556
Bhojer Katakhali BGXX0557
Bhojmahal BGXX0558
Bhojpur BGXX0559
Bhojupara BGXX3822
Bhola BGXX0028
Bholachang BGXX3823
Bholadighi BGXX3824
Bholaisinha Char BGXX0560
Bholakot BGXX3825
Bholar Mukh BGXX3826
Bholmara BGXX3827
Bhomariaghona BGXX3828
Bhomarkandi BGXX3829
Bhonaighona BGXX3830
Bhora BGXX0561
Bhora BGXX3831
Bhorasar BGXX3832
Bhoshna BGXX3833
Bhotal BGXX3834
Bhozpur BGXX3835
Bhuari BGXX3836
Bhubanghar BGXX3837
Bhuiara BGXX3838
Bhujpur BGXX3839
Bhulacha BGXX3840
Bhulaikandi BGXX0562
Bhulain BGXX3841
Bhupatipur BGXX3842
Bhurbanya BGXX3843
Bhurbhuria BGXX3844
Bhurbhurta BGXX3845
Bhurghata BGXX0563
Bhuria BGXX0564
Bhuschi BGXX3846
Bhuta Lakshmipur BGXX0565
Bhutail BGXX3847
Bhutardia BGXX0566
Bhutmara BGXX0567
Bhutua BGXX3848
Bhuyakandi BGXX0568
Bhuyan Kanda BGXX0569
Bibhishankati BGXX0570
Bibibila BGXX3849
Bibichini BGXX0571
Bibir Haola BGXX0572
Bibirkandi BGXX3850
Bichaindar BGXX3851
Bichandrapara BGXX3852
Bichhankhola BGXX3853
Bidgram BGXX3854
Bidyacharanbari BGXX3855
Bidyakot BGXX3856
Bidyanandapur BGXX0573
Bigha BGXX3857
Bihangal BGXX0574
Biharipur BGXX0575
Biharmandal BGXX3858
Bijaibag BGXX3859
Bijainagar BGXX3860
Bijaipur BGXX3861
Bijalipanjar BGXX3862
Bijaynagar BGXX3863
Bijaypremahar BGXX0576
Bijaypur BGXX3864
Bijoynagar BGXX3865
Bijoypur BGXX3866
Bijra BGXX3867
Bijukipara BGXX3868
Bikna BGXX0577
Bikpasa BGXX0578
Bikrampasa BGXX0579
Bikripara BGXX3869
Bil Kedarkhola BGXX3870
Bilallas BGXX0580
Bilbilas BGXX0581
Bilchari BGXX0029
Bilgabbari BGXX0582
Billabari BGXX0583
Billagram BGXX0584
Bilpur BGXX3871
Bimalergaon BGXX3872
Bina BGXX3873
Binaikati BGXX0585
Binajuri BGXX3874
Binam Katadia BGXX0586
Binamara BGXX3875
Binandiar Char BGXX3876
Binanihara BGXX3877
Binauti BGXX3878
Binaypur BGXX3879
Binaysiddhi BGXX0587
Bindapara BGXX3880
Bindughosh BGXX0588
Bingehongpara BGXX3881
Binnapara BGXX0589
Binod Dharmmapur BGXX3882
Binodpur BGXX3883
Bipinpur BGXX0590
Bipulashar BGXX3884
Birahimpur BGXX3885
Biramkandi BGXX3886
Birampur BGXX3887
Birangal BGXX0591
Birat BGXX0592
Birgani BGXX0030
Birgaon BGXX3888
Birkhal BGXX3889
Birkot BGXX3890
Birnarayan BGXX0593
Birnarayanpur BGXX3891
Birpasa BGXX0594
Birpasha BGXX0595
Birsena BGXX0596
Birtala BGXX3892
Biruria BGXX0597
Bisainkhan BGXX0598
Bisaraud BGXX0599
Bisarikati BGXX0600
Bisarkandi BGXX0602
Bishara BGXX3893
Bishkatali BGXX3894
Bishnaballabpur BGXX3895
Bishnudi BGXX3896
Bishnudia BGXX0603
Bishnumanipara BGXX3897
Bishnupur BGXX3898
Bishnurampur BGXX3899
Bisnurampur BGXX3900
Bisurban BGXX3901
Biswarambari BGXX3902
Biswaserpur BGXX0604
Bitara Durgapur BGXX3903
Biteswar BGXX3904
Bitman BGXX3905
Boalchara BGXX3906
Boalia BGXX0605
Boalkar BGXX0606
Boalkhali BGXX3908
Boalkhali Bazar BGXX3909
Bobarkandi BGXX3910
Bogachatar BGXX3911
Bogakhali BGXX3912
Bogakhalimukh BGXX3913
Bogra BGXX0009
Boilaldi BGXX3914
Boisikil BGXX3915
Bokhai BGXX3916
Boldia BGXX0607
Bolur Char BGXX3917
Bora Char BGXX3918
Borar Char BGXX3919
Bordarpara BGXX3920
Borga BGXX3921
Borkhal BGXX3922
Boro Char BGXX3923
Bosta BGXX3924
Botalbania BGXX0608
Botarkata BGXX3925
Bothia BGXX0609
Boultalipara BGXX0610
Bower House BGXX3926
Brahman Bazar BGXX0032
Brahman Chak BGXX3927
Brahman Char BGXX3929
Brahman Sakhua BGXX3930
Brahmanbaria BGXX3931
Brahmandia BGXX0611
Brahmangaon BGXX3932
Brahmangaon BGXX0612
Brahmanhata BGXX3933
Brahmanicho BGXX3934
Brahmanpara BGXX3935
Brahmapara BGXX3936
Brahmapur BGXX3937
Brikbhanupur BGXX3938
Brindabanpur BGXX3939
Buchapara BGXX3940
Budhair BGXX3941
Budhamajhirghona BGXX3942
Budhamanipara BGXX3943
Budhanda BGXX3944
Budhar BGXX0613
Budharpara BGXX3945
Budhupara BGXX3946
Budungchara BGXX3947
Budungpara BGXX3948
Bukabunia BGXX0614
Bulaka BGXX3949
Buliapara BGXX3950
Bulibara BGXX3951
Bungjapara BGXX3952
Bungtiang BGXX3953
Bura Mazumdar BGXX0615
Burghona BGXX3954
Burhanuddin BGXX0616
Burichang BGXX3955
Burighat BGXX3956
Burir Char BGXX0617
Burirchar BGXX0618
Burirkhal BGXX0619
Burmapuri BGXX3957
Burumchara BGXX3958
Byasdi BGXX3959
Byaserpara BGXX3960
Cannot Read BGXX3961
Chabagan BGXX3962
Chachar BGXX0620
Chadurkhil BGXX3963
Chagachar BGXX3964
Chaiaungpara BGXX3965
Chaillatali BGXX3966
Chainda BGXX3967
Chainphrupara BGXX3968
Chainpur BGXX3969
Chairkhali BGXX0621
Chairpara BGXX3970
Chait BGXX0622
Chaita BGXX0623
Chak Boitapalong BGXX3971
Chak Chariali BGXX3972
Chak Kena BGXX3973
Chak Muhammadpur BGXX3974
Chak Raypur BGXX3975
Chakamaiya BGXX0624
Chakbasta BGXX3976
Chakfirani BGXX3977
Chakka chara BGXX3978
Chakla BGXX3979
Chakma Tila BGXX3980
Chakman BGXX0625
Chakmarkul BGXX3981
Chaknandi BGXX3982
Chakra BGXX3983
Chakrapata BGXX3984
Chakratala BGXX3985
Chaktoj BGXX0626
Chalabhanga BGXX0627
Chalachara BGXX3987
Chaladanga BGXX0628
Chalantali BGXX3988
Chalia BGXX3989
Chaliapara BGXX3990
Chalitabania BGXX0629
Chalitabunia BGXX0630
Chalitaburia BGXX0631
Chalitala BGXX0632
Chalitatala BGXX0633
Chalitatali BGXX3991
Challis Kahania BGXX0634
Chalphrupara BGXX3992
Chalyatali BGXX3993
Chambatali BGXX3994
Chambi BGXX3995
Champanager BGXX3996
Chamta BGXX0635
Chanamphrupara BGXX3997
Chanapasa Qiamas BGXX0636
Chanchra BGXX0637
Chand Kasimpur BGXX3998
Chand Nager Char BGXX3999
Chand Trisira BGXX0638
Chanda BGXX4000
Chanda Kahania BGXX4001
Chandal BGXX4002
Chandalipara BGXX4003
Chandanail BGXX4004
Chandanais BGXX4005
Chandanura BGXX4006
Chandapara BGXX0639
Chandarpara BGXX4007
Chanderbagh BGXX4008
Chandgaon BGXX4009
Chandgaon Mahata BGXX4010
Chandhuri Hat BGXX4011
Chandi Char BGXX4012
Chandiara BGXX4013
Chandikadevi BGXX4014
Chandina BGXX4015
Chandipasa BGXX4016
Chandipur BGXX4017
Chandipur BGXX0640
Chandipura BGXX0641
Chandkalmia BGXX4018
Chandkati BGXX0642
Chandkhali BGXX0643
Chandkhali BGXX4019
Chandla BGXX4020
Chandpal BGXX0644
Chandpara BGXX0645
Chandpur BGXX0646
Chandpur BGXX0033
Chandpura BGXX0647
Chandra BGXX0648
Chandra BGXX4023
Chandrabad BGXX0649
Chandraghona BGXX4025
Chandrahar BGXX0650
Chandrailer Char BGXX0651
Chandrakil BGXX4026
Chandrakumarpara BGXX4027
Chandranagar BGXX4028
Chandrapara BGXX4029
Chandrapara BGXX0652
Chandrapur BGXX4030
Chandrasekhardi BGXX4031
Chandrasuddi BGXX4032
Chandraykandi BGXX4033
Chandri Majhi BGXX0653
Chandsar BGXX4034
Chandukhali BGXX0654
Chandupara BGXX0655
Chandupara BGXX4035
Chandura BGXX4036
Changachara BGXX4037
Changaria BGXX0656
Changdong BGXX4038
Changini BGXX4039
Changirgaon BGXX4040
Changkhyongmukh BGXX4041
Changrachari BGXX4042
Chankhola BGXX4044
Chankhola Bil BGXX4045
Chanlakshmipara BGXX4046
Chanpatali BGXX4047
Chanralkhil BGXX4048
Chaolapara BGXX0657
Chaongpara BGXX4049
Chaopara BGXX4050
Chaora BGXX0658
Chaora Kalibari BGXX0659
Chaoripara BGXX4051
Chapachari BGXX4052
Chapachupa BGXX0660
Chapair BGXX4053
Chapapur BGXX4054
Chapatal BGXX4055
Chapatali BGXX4056
Chapatia BGXX4057
Chapila BGXX4058
Chapitala BGXX4059
Chapra BGXX4060
Chapri BGXX0661
Char Ababil BGXX4061
Char Abdani BGXX0662
Char Abdullah BGXX4062
Char Agasti BGXX0663
Char Aicha BGXX0664
Char Alexander BGXX4063
Char Algi BGXX0665
Char Algi BGXX4064
Char Alim BGXX0666
Char Alimabad BGXX0667
Char Amkhola BGXX0668
Char Amtali BGXX0669
Char Ar Kalmi BGXX0672
Char Arzai BGXX0673
Char Badarpur BGXX4065
Char Badda BGXX4066
Char Baga BGXX4067
Char Bagal BGXX4068
Char Bagala BGXX0674
Char Baghadi BGXX4069
Char Bahadurpur BGXX0675
Char Bakila BGXX4070
Char Bakrabad BGXX0676
Char Balamara BGXX4071
Char Balarampur BGXX0677
Char Baliatali BGXX0678
Char Bamni BGXX4072
Char Bangha BGXX4073
Char Banshi BGXX4074
Char Baraghona BGXX4075
Char Barali BGXX4076
Char Barama BGXX4077
Char Barua BGXX4078
Char Basanta BGXX4079
Char Bausia BGXX4080
Char Bayra BGXX0682
Char Bazarkhola BGXX4081
Char Bedama BGXX4082
Char Betaki BGXX4083
Char Bhairabi BGXX4084
Char Bhapendra BGXX0683
Char Bharipasa BGXX0684
Char Bholmara BGXX0686
Char Bhuta BGXX0687
Char Bhuta BGXX4085
Char Biswas BGXX0688
Char Blandi BGXX0689
Char Bostin BGXX0690
Char Bothia BGXX0691
Char Brown BGXX0692
Char Bukhainagar BGXX0693
Char Chairpara BGXX4086
Char Chamita BGXX4087
Char Chandia BGXX4088
Char Chandkati BGXX0694
Char Chandpur BGXX4089
Char Channa BGXX4090
Char Chapli BGXX0696
Char Chariani BGXX4091
Char Chartala BGXX4092
Char Chhayani BGXX4093
Char Dahali BGXX0699
Char Darbesh BGXX4094
Char Decree BGXX4095
Char Dhaleswar BGXX0700
Char Dhandhania BGXX0701
Char Dhulasher BGXX0702
Char Dhurang BGXX4096
Char Diakul BGXX0703
Char Diasur BGXX0704
Char Didarulla BGXX0705
Char Dighaldi BGXX4097
Char Dukria BGXX4098
Char Dumurtala BGXX0706
Char Durgapur BGXX0707
Char Elahi BGXX4099
Char Faizuddin BGXX0708
Char Fakira BGXX4100
Char Fakjra BGXX0709
Char Fakura BGXX4101
Char Falcon BGXX4102
Char Farid BGXX4103
Char Fasson BGXX0710
Char Fatepur BGXX0711
Char Gachhua BGXX0712
Char Gadhatali BGXX0713
Char Ganesh BGXX4104
Char Ganga BGXX0714
Char Gangapur BGXX0715
Char Gauripur BGXX4105
Char Gazi BGXX4106
Char Goal BGXX4107
Char Goalgaon BGXX4108
Char Goalia BGXX0716
Char Gonga BGXX0717
Char Gonsaipur BGXX4109
Char Gopalpur BGXX0718
Char Guabaria BGXX0719
Char Gyan BGXX0720
Char Haim BGXX4110
Char Hakdi BGXX4111
Char Haliakati BGXX0721
Char Halim BGXX0722
Char Hare BGXX0723
Char Haria BGXX0724
Char Haris BGXX0725
Char Hasnabad BGXX0726
Char Hazari BGXX4113
Char Hesamaddi BGXX0727
Char Hijla BGXX0728
Char Hogalpatai BGXX0729
Char Hogla BGXX0730
Char Hogla BGXX4114
Char Hudrakhali BGXX4115
Char Ilisha BGXX0731
Char Ilsa BGXX0732
Char Imamullah BGXX4116
Char Indrapasa BGXX0733
Char Ishwar BGXX4117
Char Jagabandhu BGXX4118
Char Jahapur BGXX0734
Char Jainkati BGXX0735
Char Jamuna BGXX0736
Char Jangalia BGXX0737
Char Jangalia BGXX4119
Char Jangla BGXX0738
Char Kachhabia BGXX0739
Char Kachhpia BGXX0740
Char Kader BGXX4120
Char Kakra BGXX4121
Char Kalachand BGXX0741
Char Kalakopa BGXX4122
Char Kalekhan BGXX0742
Char Kali BGXX0743
Char Kali BGXX4123
Char Kalidas BGXX4124
Char Kalidas BGXX0744
Char Kalipur BGXX4125
Char Kalkini BGXX4126
Char Kalmi BGXX0745
Char Kalyanpur BGXX4127
Char Kamalpur BGXX4128
Char Kanda BGXX0746
Char Kanthalia BGXX4129
Char Kaowria BGXX0747
Char Kapalbera BGXX0748
Char Kati BGXX0749
Char Kayna BGXX0750
Char Keutia BGXX0751
Char Khagar BGXX4130
Char Khagkata BGXX0752
Char Khajuria BGXX0753
Char Khalifa BGXX0754
Char Khanai BGXX4131
Char Khanain BGXX0755
Char Khandakar BGXX4132
Char Khidhurpur BGXX4133
Char Khizirpur BGXX4134
Char Khoaz BGXX4135
Char Kifaitnagar BGXX0756
Char King BGXX4136
Char Kolania BGXX0757
Char Koralmara BGXX0758
Char Krishnajai BGXX4137
Char Kumari BGXX4138
Char Kumaria BGXX4139
Char Kumaria BGXX0761
Char Kumira BGXX4140
Char Kuralia BGXX0762
Char Kusaria BGXX0763
Char Kutubnagar BGXX0764
Char Laithimara BGXX0765
Char Lakshima BGXX4141
Char Lakshmi BGXX0766
Char Lakshmi BGXX4142
Char Lakshmiganj BGXX4143
Char Lakshmipur BGXX4144
Char Lakshmipura BGXX0768
Char Lalpur BGXX4145
Char Lamchhi BGXX4146
Char Lata BGXX0769
Char Latardi BGXX4147
Char Lathimara BGXX0770
Char Latnimara BGXX0771
Char Lawrence BGXX4148
Char Leulin BGXX0772
Char Machhua BGXX4149
Char Madhab Rai BGXX0774
Char Madhuai BGXX4150
Char Maghua BGXX4151
Char Mahara BGXX4152
Char Mahesh BGXX4153
Char Mahiruddin BGXX0776
Char Mahisha BGXX0777
Char Mahishmari BGXX4154
Char Maisadi BGXX0778
Char Majlispur BGXX4155
Char Malanga BGXX0779
Char Malia BGXX0780
Char Mandal BGXX4156
Char Mandari BGXX4157
Char Manipur BGXX4158
Char Mantaz BGXX0781
Char Margaret BGXX0782
Char Mathura BGXX4160
Char Matki BGXX4161
Char Matua BGXX4162
Char Maya BGXX0783
Char Mayna BGXX0784
Char Measa BGXX4163
Char Medua BGXX0785
Char Memania BGXX0786
Char Mohana BGXX4165
Char Mollaji BGXX0787
Char Monai BGXX0788
Char Motahar BGXX0789
Char Muhammadpur BGXX4166
Char Mukundi BGXX4167
Char Munsi BGXX0790
Char Nalua BGXX0791
Char Nandanpur BGXX0792
Char Napang BGXX4168
Char Narayandi BGXX0793
Char Naya BGXX4169
Char Nazimuddin BGXX0794
Char Nazir BGXX0795
Char Nehalganj BGXX0796
Char Newton BGXX0797
Char Niamat BGXX4170
Char Nilakhi BGXX4171
Char Noabad BGXX0798
Char Nuruddin BGXX0799
Char Nurul Amin BGXX0800
Char Padma BGXX0801
Char Pagla BGXX4172
Char Paila BGXX0802
Char Pakshi BGXX4173
Char Pakshya BGXX0803
Char Palwan BGXX4174
Char Pata BGXX0804
Char Pata BGXX4175
Char Patanangla BGXX0805
Char Pathalia BGXX4176
Char Patharghata BGXX4177
Char Pattania BGXX0806
Char Payali BGXX4178
Char Payla BGXX0807
Char Poramukhi BGXX4179
Char Potka BGXX0808
Char Prasad BGXX0809
Char Pyarimohan BGXX0810
Char Raghab Ray BGXX4180
Char Rakha BGXX4181
Char Rames BGXX0811
Char Ramiz BGXX4182
Char Rampur BGXX4184
Char Ramzanpur BGXX0812
Char Rangamatia BGXX4185
Char Ratanpur BGXX0813
Char Ruhita BGXX4186
Char Sachilapur BGXX0814
Char Sadekpur BGXX0815
Char Sahabhikari BGXX4187
Char Sahapur BGXX4188
Char Sahebpur BGXX0816
Char Sai BGXX4189
Char Saimon BGXX0817
Char Sakhina BGXX0818
Char Saladi BGXX4190
Char Salimkati BGXX0819
Char Samaia BGXX0820
Char Samiruddin BGXX0822
Char Sangar BGXX0823
Char Santoshpur BGXX0824
Char Sapua BGXX4191
Char Sasibhusan BGXX0825
Char Satikhola BGXX0826
Char Sharat BGXX4192
Char Shibpur BGXX4193
Char Sholaghar BGXX0827
Char Sibpur BGXX0828
Char Sifali BGXX0829
Char Silandi BGXX4194
Char Silinda BGXX0830
Char Sinherkati BGXX0831
Char Sita BGXX4195
Char Sonarpur BGXX0832
Char Subhi BGXX0834
Char Suresh BGXX0835
Char Tabgi BGXX0836
Char Tafazzai BGXX0837
Char Taterkati BGXX0838
Char Thika BGXX4196
Char Titia BGXX0839
Char Udaykali BGXX0840
Char Udaypur BGXX0841
Char Ulanghuni BGXX0842
Char Uriya BGXX4197
Char Uttampur BGXX0843
Charabania BGXX0844
Charadi BGXX0845
Charakgachhia BGXX0846
Charakkhali BGXX0848
Charakkhola BGXX4198
Charamaddi BGXX0849
Charamba BGXX4199
Charandip BGXX4200
Charandwip BGXX4201
Charapara BGXX4202
Chararkul BGXX4203
Charatbhanga BGXX4204
Charati BGXX4205
Charbakhar BGXX4206
Charbaria BGXX0850
Charerkola BGXX0852
Chargram BGXX0035
Charia BGXX4208
Chariani Diara BGXX4209
Charibaria BGXX4210
Charigaon BGXX0853
Charkanda BGXX0855
Charkhali BGXX0856
Charpara BGXX4211
Charpara BGXX0857
Charparbati BGXX4212
Chartala Bazar BGXX4213
Charukhan BGXX0858
Chasai BGXX4214
Chasapara BGXX4215
Chashi Char BGXX4216
Chata Araji BGXX0859
Chatalpar BGXX4217
Chatantar BGXX4218
Chatari BGXX4219
Chathaupara BGXX4221
Chathoaungpara BGXX4222
Chatiakhali BGXX0860
Chatkhali BGXX0861
Chatla BGXX0862
Chatmohar BGXX0036
Chatra BGXX0863
Chatrachara BGXX4223
Chatuai Aungpara BGXX4224
Chaturangakhola BGXX4225
Chauddaburia BGXX0864
Chauddadona BGXX4226
Chauddakani BGXX0865
Chaudharipara BGXX4227
Chaudhripara BGXX4228
Chaudhurichara BGXX4229
Chaudhury Ghat BGXX4231
Chaudhury para BGXX4232
Chaufaldandi BGXX4233
Chaugura BGXX4235
Chauha BGXX0867
Chaukati BGXX0869
Chaula BGXX0870
Chaulahar BGXX0871
Chaulakati BGXX0872
Chaulapara BGXX0873
Chaumuhani BGXX4236
Chaumukha BGXX4237
Chaupala BGXX0874
Chaura BGXX4238
Chaurachaipara BGXX4239
Chauranga BGXX4240
Chawdhuripara BGXX0875
Chechra BGXX4241
Chechri Rampur BGXX0876
Chechuria BGXX4242
Chegeiyachari BGXX4243
Chelikhola BGXX4244
Chem BGXX4245
Cheng Khal BGXX4246
Chengahata BGXX4247
Chengakandi BGXX4248
Chengar Char BGXX4249
Chengatia BGXX0877
Chenguria BGXX0878
Cheriara BGXX4250
Chetarfabari BGXX4251
Chhabullakandi BGXX4252
Chhagaldi BGXX0879
Chhagalnaiya BGXX4253
Chhagirakata BGXX4254
Chhagla BGXX0880
Chhailabania BGXX0881
Chhailabunia BGXX0882
Chhaliakandi BGXX4255
Chhallabania BGXX0883
Chhanbaria BGXX0884
Chhanbunia BGXX0885
Chhandandi BGXX4257
Chhangaon BGXX4258
Chhangram BGXX4259
Chhankhatapara BGXX4260
Chhankhola BGXX0886
Chhanua BGXX4261
Chhanuapara BGXX4262
Chharaitkandi BGXX4263
Chhararkul BGXX4264
Chhatadda BGXX4266
Chhatanpara BGXX0887
Chhatarpaia BGXX4267
Chhatarpetua BGXX4268
Chhatia BGXX0888
Chhatiani BGXX4269
Chhatianpara BGXX0889
Chhatrakanda BGXX0890
Chhatrapara BGXX4270
Chhattarua BGXX4271
Chhayagharia BGXX4272
Chhaychila BGXX4273
Chhaydona BGXX4274
Chhayfullakandi BGXX4275
Chhaygram BGXX0892
Chhaykat BGXX4276
Chhengar Char BGXX4277
Chhepara BGXX4278
Chhetiain BGXX4279
Chhibatali BGXX4280
Chhikatia BGXX4281
Chhiktipara BGXX4282
Chhilahari BGXX0893
Chhilania BGXX4283
Chhilaris BGXX0894
Chhipui BGXX4284
Chhiradia BGXX4285
Chhitka BGXX0895
Chhituokhali BGXX0896
Chhol Kamaldaha BGXX4287
Chhonauta BGXX0897
Chhonbunia BGXX0898
Chhopkhali BGXX0899
Chhota Alampur BGXX4288
Chhota Algi BGXX0900
Chhota Alipur BGXX4289
Chhota Alir Char BGXX4290
Chhota Araiha BGXX0901
Chhota Auliapur BGXX0902
Chhota Bagi BGXX0904
Chhota Baishdia BGXX0905
Chhota Baliatali BGXX0906
Chhota Bamu BGXX4293
Chhota Barera BGXX4294
Chhota Basail BGXX0907
Chhota Beola BGXX4295
Chhota Bhaijora BGXX0908
Chhota Bhatua BGXX4296
Chhota Bighai BGXX0909
Chhota Chandpur BGXX4298
Chhota Chhanua BGXX4300
Chhota Chhilania BGXX4301
Chhota Chioni BGXX4302
Chhota Dalima BGXX0914
Chhota Dhemsa BGXX4303
Chhota Dumuria BGXX0915
Chhota Durgapur BGXX4304
Chhota Gabua BGXX0916
Chhota Galua BGXX0917
Chhota Ghagutia BGXX4305
Chhota Gokarna BGXX4306
Chhota Gopalpur BGXX0919
Chhota Hamidpur BGXX0920
Chhota Hargila BGXX4307
Chhota Harina BGXX4308
Chhota Haripur BGXX4310
Chhota Harji BGXX0921
Chhota Hatia BGXX4311
Chhota Ichhapur BGXX4312
Chhota Jadabpur BGXX0922
Chhota Janchari BGXX4313
Chhota Kalmina BGXX4314
Chhota Kandapasa BGXX0924
Chhota Kathalia BGXX0925
Chhota Kuradia BGXX4315
Chhota Machhua BGXX0926
Chhota Magachari BGXX4317
Chhota Mahaphrun BGXX4318
Chhota Maheshpur BGXX4320
Chhota Nilganj BGXX0927
Chhota Pata BGXX0930
Chhota Pilakmukh BGXX4323
Chhota Pilakpara BGXX4324
Chhota Potania BGXX0933
Chhota Premahar BGXX0934
Chhota Puiautha BGXX0935
Chhota Putia BGXX4325
Chhota Rajapur BGXX0937
Chhota Rajapur BGXX4326
Chhota Salghar BGXX4327
Chhota Saliata BGXX4328
Chhota Saoratali BGXX4329
Chhota Saula BGXX0938
Chhota Saura BGXX0939
Chhota Solanda BGXX4330
Chhota Sonaimuri BGXX4331
Chhota Sundar BGXX4332
Chhota Taleswer BGXX0941
Chhota Tengra BGXX0942
Chhota Tula BGXX4333
Chhotna BGXX4334
Chhumbunia BGXX0944
Chhurarpara BGXX4335
Chhuri Cho BGXX4336
Chibbari BGXX4337
Chikan Dandi BGXX4338
Chikandandi BGXX4339
Chikdair BGXX4341
Chiknikandi BGXX0945
Chiknipara BGXX4342
Chila Chhonauta BGXX0946
Chilacho BGXX4343
Chiladi BGXX4344
Chiloopara BGXX4345
Chimati BGXX4346
Chinabunia BGXX0947
Chinaia Arazi BGXX4347
Chinamura BGXX4348
Chinaphrupara BGXX4349
Chingaria BGXX0948
Chingphrupara BGXX4350
Chingrakhali BGXX0949
Chinkhyong BGXX4351
Chinnga BGXX4352
Chintarpara BGXX4353
Chipui BGXX4354
Chira Battali BGXX4355
Chiradda BGXX4356
Chiraka Chandpur BGXX4357
Chirakhola BGXX0951
Chirayu BGXX4358
Chiringa BGXX4359
Chiringghata BGXX4360
Chisti Darga BGXX0952
Chitadda BGXX4361
Chitalia BGXX0953
Chithalia BGXX4362
Chitmaram BGXX4364
Chitna BGXX4365
Chitosi BGXX4366
Chitra BGXX0954
Chitri BGXX4368
Chittagong BGXX0002
Choca Para BGXX4369
Chohta Labangola BGXX0955
Chomta BGXX0956
Chongrachari BGXX4370
Chonta BGXX4371
Choradonia BGXX0957
Chori BGXX4372
Chotapara BGXX4373
Choto Monika BGXX0958
Chotta Kaijuri BGXX4374
Chouria BGXX0959
Chowdhuri Chara BGXX4375
Chowdhury Hat BGXX4376
Chowkatali BGXX4377
Chuadanga BGXX0038
Chularia BGXX4378
Chulash BGXX4379
Chumi BGXX4380
Chunakhali BGXX0960
Chunar Char BGXX4381
Chunar Char BGXX0961
Chunarughat BGXX4382
Chungapasha BGXX0962
Chungar Char BGXX0963
Chunnapara BGXX4384
Chuoria BGXX4385
Churamani BGXX4386
Chutia BGXX0964
Cninguria BGXX0965
Comilla BGXX0039
Companiganj BGXX4387
Cornel Hat BGXX4388
Coxs Bazar BGXX0040
Culi Cho BGXX4391
Dabaikhali BGXX4392
Dabakata BGXX4393
Dabamara BGXX4394
Dabar Betagi BGXX0966
Dabua BGXX4395
Daburia BGXX4396
Dacca BGXX0041
Dadhibhanga BGXX0967
Dadighona BGXX4397
Dadjiapara BGXX4398
Dadongapara BGXX4399
Dadpur BGXX0968
Dadpur BGXX4400
Daganbhuiya BGXX4401
Dagra Para BGXX4402
Dahar Sankar BGXX0969
Dahara BGXX0970
Daharpara BGXX4403
Daharpara BGXX0971
Dahasri BGXX4404
Dahela BGXX4405
Daiara BGXX4406
Daichora BGXX4407
Daihari BGXX0972
Daikamta BGXX4408
Dailpara BGXX4409
Dainahari BGXX4410
Daiyabaperpara BGXX4411
Dakatia Char BGXX4412
Dakatia Megara BGXX0973
Dakhin Alipur BGXX4414
Dakhin Baralia BGXX4416
Dakhin Bhurshi BGXX4417
Dakhin Charati BGXX4419
Dakhin Chaupalli BGXX4420
Dakhin Chechri BGXX0974
Dakhin Dhanyapur BGXX4421
Dakhin Dhurang BGXX4422
Dakhin Enayetpur BGXX4423
Dakhin Ichakhali BGXX4424
Dakhin Ichamati BGXX4425
Dakhin Jahanabad BGXX4426
Dakhin Jalaskara BGXX4427
Dakhin Joara BGXX4428
Dakhin Karimpur BGXX4431
Dakhin Kesua BGXX4432
Dakhin Khandakia BGXX4433
Dakhin Khat Chek BGXX4434
Dakhin Khursia BGXX4436
Dakhin Lalpur BGXX4437
Dakhin Paruapara BGXX4441
Dakhin Patenga BGXX4442
Dakhin Putibila BGXX4443
Dakhin Rajapur BGXX4444
Dakhin Samura BGXX4447
Dakhin Sarenga BGXX4448
Dakhin Sukchari BGXX4449
Dakhin Udalia BGXX4451
Dakhingaon BGXX4452
Dakshin Adampura BGXX0976
Dakshin Akhaura BGXX4453
Dakshin Bakalia BGXX4454
Dakshin Balia BGXX0977
Dakshin Balyadi BGXX4455
Dakshin Barera BGXX4457
Dakshin Barkamta BGXX4458
Dakshin Bijoypur BGXX0980
Dakshin Chal BGXX0981
Dakshin Chandsi BGXX0982
Dakshin Charail BGXX0996
Dakshin Charpara BGXX0997
Dakshin Chatra BGXX4462
Dakshin Daspara BGXX1000
Dakshin Deora BGXX4465
Dakshin Dhali BGXX1001
Dakshin Dhandoba BGXX1002
Dakshin Dhawa BGXX1003
Dakshin Dighaldi BGXX1004
Dakshin Diwanpur BGXX4466
Dakshin Dudharia BGXX1005
Dakshin Dumaria BGXX1006
Dakshin Durgapur BGXX4467
Dakshin Fatehpur BGXX4469
Dakshin Gaschi BGXX4470
Dakshin Gilabad BGXX1007
Dakshin Godanda BGXX1009
Dakshin Gyanpara BGXX1011
Dakshin Hajipur BGXX4473
Dakshin Hawla BGXX4475
Dakshin Jaldi BGXX4476
Dakshin Jhalam BGXX4477
Dakshin Karapur BGXX1016
Dakshin Kattali BGXX4478
Dakshin khan BGXX4494
Dakshin Kupdon BGXX1019
Dakshin Madarsa BGXX4480
Dakshin Madra BGXX1021
Dakshin Magura BGXX1022
Dakshin Mahara BGXX4482
Dakshin Maminpur BGXX1023
Dakshin Nabila BGXX4483
Dakshin Nadona BGXX4484
Dakshin Narangal BGXX1025
Dakshin Nayanpur BGXX4485
Dakshin Nowapara BGXX4486
Dakshin Patenga BGXX4488
Dakshin Ramsiddi BGXX1028
Dakshin Sadis BGXX1029
Dakshin Selimpur BGXX4491
Dakshin Shaula BGXX1030
Dakshin Sihipasa BGXX1031
Dakshin Tiakhali BGXX1035
Dakshin Titkata BGXX1036
Dakshinkati BGXX1038
Dakshinnagar BGXX4495
Dakshinpara BGXX4496
Dakshn Magura BGXX4497
Dakua BGXX1039
Dakurbania BGXX1040
Dakurkandi BGXX4498
Dalachora BGXX1041
Dalachura BGXX1042
Dalainagar BGXX4499
Dalalpur BGXX4500
Dalalpur BGXX1043
Dalbhanga BGXX1044
Dalbuganj BGXX1045
Dalilabad BGXX4501
Dalmagar Char BGXX4502
Dalmugur BGXX4503
Dalopara BGXX4504
Dalpa BGXX4505
Dalpara BGXX4506
Dalta BGXX4507
Dalua BGXX4508
Daluabari BGXX0042
Daluchara BGXX4509
Daluchari BGXX4510
Dalucharimukh BGXX4511
Dalunia BGXX4512
Dalupara BGXX4513
Damakergaon BGXX4514
Damla BGXX4517
Damodardi BGXX4518
Damodarkati BGXX1046
Damodarpur BGXX4519
Dampara BGXX4520
Damuria BGXX4521
Danadanpara BGXX4522
Dangiakata BGXX4523
Daniswar BGXX4524
Danr Char BGXX4525
Daokati BGXX1047
Darafpur BGXX4526
Daragha Hat BGXX4527
Darak BGXX4528
Darazkhola BGXX4529
Darbasinghpara BGXX4530
Darbeser Kandi BGXX1048
Darbeshkata BGXX4531
Darbeshpara BGXX4532
Darbeshpur BGXX4533
Dardaripara BGXX4534
Dargahchara BGXX4535
Dargaibil BGXX4536
Darguh BGXX4537
Dari Baher Char BGXX1049
Dari Chandpur BGXX1050
Dari Char BGXX4538
Dari Gobindapur BGXX4539
Dari Hayatpur BGXX4540
Dari Jaypur BGXX1052
Dari Lakshmipur BGXX4541
Dari Ramsankar BGXX1053
Daria Daulat BGXX4542
Dariabad BGXX1054
Darial BGXX1055
Dariapur BGXX1056
Dariapur BGXX4543
Dariardighi BGXX4544
Daridhar BGXX1057
Darigaon BGXX4545
Darikandi BGXX0043
Darikata BGXX1058
Darikhop BGXX4547
Darjipara BGXX4548
Darjyapara BGXX4549
Darkhi BGXX1060
Darora BGXX4550
Darun BGXX1061
Darunkara BGXX4551
Dasadi BGXX4552
Dasanakanda BGXX1062
Dasdi BGXX4553
Dasdona BGXX4554
Daser BGXX4555
Daserghona BGXX4556
Dasher Hat BGXX4557
Dashgharia BGXX4558
Daskahania BGXX1063
Daskandi BGXX4559
Dasmina BGXX1064
Daspara BGXX1065
Daspara BGXX4560
Daspatti BGXX1066
Datikara BGXX4561
Datmandal BGXX4562
Datra BGXX4563
Datta Solla BGXX4564
Dattapara BGXX4565
Dattasar BGXX1067
Dattasola BGXX4566
Datterabad BGXX1069
Datterkandi BGXX4567
Dauatala BGXX1070
Daudkhali BGXX1071
Daudpur BGXX4568
Daular Char BGXX4569
Daulatdi BGXX4570
Daulatkhan BGXX1072
Daulatpu BGXX4571
Daulatpur BGXX4572
Daulatpur BGXX0044
Daulatramdi BGXX4573
Daulbari BGXX4574
Daulkhar BGXX4575
Dawaipara BGXX4576
Dayapur BGXX4577
Dayrakandi BGXX4578
Deara Kachua BGXX1073
Debalchari BGXX4579
Debaltali BGXX4580
Debanchara BGXX4582
Debapara BGXX4583
Debdhitpur BGXX4584
Debidwar BGXX4585
Debinagar BGXX4586
Debipur BGXX1074
Debir Char BGXX1075
Debisinhapur BGXX4588
Debkara BGXX4589
Debnagar BGXX4590
Debpur BGXX1076
Debpur BGXX4591
Debpura BGXX1077
Debra BGXX1078
Debrampur BGXX4592
Decree Char BGXX1079
Degillyarbil BGXX4593
Degree BGXX1080
Dehalibagh BGXX4594
Dehela BGXX4595
Dehergah BGXX1081
Dehlipara BGXX4596
Deichar BGXX4597
Dekrikhola BGXX4598
Delachara BGXX4599
Delbaria BGXX1082
Delduar BGXX1083
Deliai BGXX4600
Demusia BGXX4601
Dengapara BGXX4602
Dengiapara BGXX4603
Deodron BGXX4604
Deokamta BGXX4605
Deoldia BGXX4606
Deopara BGXX1084
Deopara BGXX4607
Deopasa BGXX1085
Deor Baliatali BGXX1086
Deora BGXX4608
Deorpar BGXX4609
Deosh BGXX4610
Deotachari BGXX4611
Deoti BGXX4613
Dephulia BGXX1087
Depuapara BGXX4614
Desantarkati BGXX1088
Desgaon BGXX4615
Desua BGXX4616
Deula BGXX1089
Deulbari Dobra BGXX1090
Deuli BGXX1091
Deulia BGXX1092
Deulkati BGXX1093
Deuppacharipara BGXX4617
Deur Amkhatapara BGXX1094
Deuri BGXX1095
Deuti BGXX4618
Dewan Hat BGXX4619
Dewannagar BGXX4620
Dewannagar Purba BGXX4621
Dewanpara BGXX4622
Dewanpur BGXX1096
Dhadda BGXX4623
Dhagyapara BGXX4624
Dhainakhola BGXX4625
Dhair BGXX4626
Dhaka BGXX0003
Dhaka/Tezgaon BGXX0014
Dhakargaon BGXX4627
Dhakie BGXX4628
Dhakirgaon BGXX4629
Dhakshin Ghagra BGXX4630
Dhakurkati BGXX1097
Dhalai BGXX4631
Dhalapara BGXX4632
Dhalghat BGXX4633
Dhalghata BGXX4634
Dhalgram BGXX4635
Dhali Gaurnagar BGXX0047
Dhali Kachua BGXX4636
Dhalia BGXX4637
Dhalia Ghaghra BGXX4638
Dhaliapara BGXX4639
Dhalibila BGXX4640
Dhalkarpara BGXX4641
Dhalkata BGXX4642
Dhalkhata BGXX4643
Dhalua BGXX1098
Dhamalia BGXX4645
Dhamghar BGXX4646
Dhamra BGXX4647
Dhamsar BGXX1099
Dhamti BGXX4648
Dhamura BGXX1100
Dhanai Arinda BGXX1101
Dhanaia BGXX4649
Dhanaitali BGXX4650
Dhanaitari BGXX4651
Dhananjaya BGXX4652
Dhanapatikhola BGXX4653
Dhanar Chak BGXX4654
Dhanarpar BGXX4655
Dhandhaia BGXX4656
Dhandi BGXX1102
Dhaneswar BGXX4657
Dhangar Char BGXX4658
Dhania BGXX1103
Dhanibhanga BGXX1104
Dhanirampur BGXX4659
Dhanisara BGXX1105
Dhaniswar BGXX4660
Dhankhali BGXX1106
Dhankuta BGXX4661
Dhanpaddi BGXX4662
Dhanpata BGXX4663
Dhanpur BGXX4665
Dhanpura BGXX4666
Dhanua BGXX4667
Dhanuakhola BGXX4668
Dhanyapur BGXX4669
Dhapar BGXX1108
Dhar Mondi BGXX1109
Dharakhan BGXX1110
Dharala BGXX4670
Dharia BGXX1111
Dharibon BGXX4671
Dharkhar BGXX4672
Dharmadi BGXX1112
Dharmaghar BGXX4673
Dharmagoda BGXX4674
Dharmanagar BGXX4675
Dharmanarayan BGXX1113
Dharmandal BGXX4676
Dharmani BGXX1114
Dharmapur BGXX4677
Dharmmapur BGXX4678
Dharmmapura BGXX1115
Dharpara BGXX4679
Dhaurabhanga BGXX1116
Dhaurdenga BGXX4680
Dhawa BGXX1117
Dhawankhali BGXX4681
Dhebachari BGXX4682
Dhechuapalong BGXX4683
Dhemsa BGXX4684
Dherera BGXX4685
Dherra BGXX4686
Dheuapara BGXX4687
Dheukhali BGXX1118
Dhitpur BGXX4688
Dhoapalong BGXX4689
Dhola BGXX1119
Dhola Aungpara BGXX4690
Dhong Chara BGXX4691
Dhongchari BGXX4693
Dhonsahadda BGXX4694
Dhopachari BGXX4695
Dhopaghata BGXX4696
Dhopakati BGXX1120
Dhosaricho BGXX4697
Dhubpukhuria BGXX4698
Dhujapara BGXX4699
Dhul Khola BGXX1121
Dhulasar BGXX1122
Dhulia BGXX1123
Dhuliakhal BGXX4700
Dhuliamuri BGXX4701
Dhuliara BGXX4702
Dhuliyaura BGXX4703
Dhulyachari BGXX4704
Dhulyajiri BGXX4705
Dhum BGXX4706
Dhumchar BGXX1124
Dhupati BGXX1125
Dhuriail BGXX1126
Dhurung BGXX4707
Dhushkhali BGXX1127
Dhusia BGXX4708
Dhusua BGXX4709
Diakola BGXX4710
Diakul BGXX1128
Diapara BGXX1129
Diar Park BGXX4712
Diarmandal BGXX4713
Diasur BGXX1130
Diatali BGXX1131
Dibakarkati BGXX1132
Dibirchara BGXX1133
Dibuapura BGXX1134
Digai BGXX4714
Digalcharipara BGXX4715
Digarpankhali BGXX4716
Digchail BGXX4717
Digdai BGXX4718
Digdhair BGXX4719
Dighalchari BGXX4720
Dighaldi BGXX4721
Dighali BGXX4723
Dighalia BGXX4724
Dighia BGXX1136
Dighipar BGXX4725
Dighirpar BGXX4726
Digsair BGXX4727
Dikpara BGXX4728
Dililpur BGXX4729
Dilsadpur BGXX4730
Dimdol BGXX4731
Din Chawdia BGXX4732
Dinachandrapara BGXX4733
Dinajpur BGXX0048
Dinapur BGXX1137
Dineshpur BGXX4734
Dingabhanga BGXX4735
Dingallonga BGXX4736
Dingamanik BGXX1138
Dingar Hat BGXX1139
Dingillonga BGXX4737
Dipkala Madel BGXX4738
Dippara BGXX4739
Dirbadhanpara BGXX4740
Dirghabhumi BGXX4741
Diwan Bazar BGXX4742
Diwanbari BGXX4743
Diwanjikapara BGXX4744
Diwanpara BGXX4745
Diwanpur BGXX4746
Diwanuara BGXX4747
Doalia BGXX4748
Doalia Kismat BGXX4749
Doaliabazar BGXX4750
Doanda BGXX4751
Doatchora BGXX1140
Doati BGXX4752
Dochaliapara BGXX4753
Dochari BGXX4754
Docharipara BGXX4755
Dodyapara BGXX4756
Dofalakhali BGXX1141
Dofasipara BGXX1142
Dogalchira BGXX1143
Doghai BGXX4757
Doghar BGXX4758
Dohaichandpara BGXX1144
Dohazari BGXX4759
Dolu BGXX4760
Doluchari BGXX4761
Dolukhil BGXX4762
Dolukulpara BGXX4763
Dolupara BGXX4764
Domar BGXX0049
Domaria BGXX4765
Domjuri BGXX1145
Domkhali BGXX4766
Domkhkhali BGXX4767
Domlkachara BGXX4768
Donarkandi BGXX1146
Dongra BGXX4769
Donikhali BGXX4770
Donkupara BGXX1147
Donu Chari BGXX4771
Dopalla BGXX4772
Dosanda BGXX1148
Dosatina BGXX1149
Double Moorings BGXX4774
Doulatpur BGXX1150
Duani Patuakhali BGXX1151
Duaria BGXX4775
Duatali BGXX1152
Duba Char BGXX4776
Dubachail BGXX4777
Dubair Char BGXX4778
Dubgi BGXX4779
Dubil BGXX1153
Dudhal BGXX1154
Dudhal Mau BGXX1155
Dudhghata BGXX4780
Dudkomara BGXX4781
Dudrajpur BGXX4782
Dughuna BGXX1156
Duira BGXX4783
Dulahazara BGXX4784
Dulai BGXX4785
Dulalpur BGXX4786
Dularampur BGXX4787
Duliapara BGXX4788
Dulubania BGXX4789
Duluchara BGXX4790
Dulyatali BGXX4791
Dumaria BGXX4792
Dumdumia BGXX4793
Dumki BGXX1157
Dumki Satani BGXX1158
Dumnighat BGXX4794
Dumuria BGXX4795
Dumuria BGXX1159
Dumurtala BGXX1160
Dunarghona BGXX4796
Dungmaripara BGXX4797
Dup Char BGXX4798
Dupchanchia BGXX0050
Duppara BGXX4799
Durburunglapara BGXX4800
Durcharipara BGXX4801
Durduri BGXX4802
Durgadaspur BGXX4803
Durgadi BGXX4804
Durganagar BGXX4805
Durgaon BGXX4806
Durgapasa BGXX1161
Durgapur BGXX1162
Durgapur BGXX4807
Durgarampur BGXX4808
Duria Vishnupur BGXX4809
Durilabhpur BGXX4810
Durllabhdi BGXX4811
Durllabhpur BGXX4812
Dutiapur BGXX4813
Duttapur BGXX4814
Dwariapur BGXX1163
Dwarigaon BGXX4815
Dwarika BGXX1164
Dwipasa BGXX1165
East Alokdia BGXX4816
East Ambarpur BGXX4817
East Auliapur BGXX1166
East Badurtala BGXX1167
East Balarampur BGXX4818
East Betagi BGXX1168
East Bhaotita BGXX1169
East Chandkhali BGXX1170
East Chandrahar BGXX1171
East Chaora BGXX1172
East Chhitki BGXX1174
East Chila BGXX1175
East Chunakhali BGXX1176
East Daia BGXX1177
East Deuri BGXX1178
East Dhamsar BGXX1179
East Garangar BGXX1180
East Ghorasal BGXX4821
East Gobindapur BGXX4822
East Hasanpur BGXX4823
East Hetalia BGXX1181
East Jainkat BGXX1182
East Kalasona BGXX4824
East Kalihata BGXX1183
East Kalocho BGXX4825
East Kashipur BGXX4826
East Kegala BGXX4827
East Lakshmipur BGXX4828
East Larua BGXX4829
East Mahespur BGXX1184
East Malay BGXX4830
East Narattampur BGXX4831
East Pasuribunia BGXX1185
East Phulahar BGXX1186
East Pippalita BGXX1187
East Rahamatpur BGXX1189
East Sahapur BGXX4832
East Serpur BGXX4833
East Shikarpur BGXX4834
East Sripur BGXX4835
East Taruli BGXX1190
Echakhali BGXX4836
Egarahgaon BGXX4837
Ekabbarpur BGXX4838
Ekarbunia BGXX1191
Ekatari BGXX4839
Ekbaria BGXX4840
Ekchari BGXX4841
Ekhlaspur BGXX4842
Ekhulia BGXX4843
Ekkariar Char BGXX1192
Eklaspur BGXX4844
Elahabad BGXX4845
Elaspur BGXX4846
Elempur BGXX1193
Elishakandi BGXX1194
Elkhal BGXX4847
Elliotganj BGXX4848
Eloogiapara BGXX4849
Enayetnagar BGXX4850
Enayetpur BGXX4851
Eoajpur BGXX1195
Eochia BGXX4852
Etbarpur BGXX4853
Ewajbanda BGXX4854
Ewazbalia BGXX4855
Eyadalupara BGXX4856
Eyakobnagar BGXX4857
Faduya BGXX4858
Fagunda BGXX4859
Faisakhali BGXX4860
Fakir Takia BGXX4861
Fakirachang BGXX4862
Fakiraghat BGXX4863
Fakiraghona BGXX4864
Fakirakhata BGXX4865
Fakirkandi BGXX1196
Fakirkhali BGXX1197
Fakirkhil BGXX4866
Fakirkil BGXX4867
Fakirpur BGXX4868
Fakrikata BGXX4869
Falaharia BGXX4870
Fanda Uk BGXX4871
Faoi BGXX4872
Faqirpara BGXX4873
Faradabad BGXX4874
Faradpur BGXX4875
Farashganj BGXX4876
Farasina BGXX1198
Farenga BGXX4877
Farhadnagar BGXX4878
Farhadnagur BGXX4879
Faridganj BGXX4880
Faridganj BGXX1200
Faridkandi BGXX4881
Faridpur BGXX0051
Faridpur BGXX1201
Farirkut BGXX4882
Fasiakhali BGXX4883
Fasiakhaliapara BGXX4884
Fatebalipara BGXX4885
Fatebapur BGXX4886
Fateh Dharmmapur BGXX4887
Fatehabad BGXX4888
Fatehabad Uttar BGXX4889
Fatehjangpur BGXX4890
Fatehkharkul BGXX4891
Fatehnagar BGXX4892
Fatehpur BGXX1202
Fatehpur BGXX4893
Fatehpur Dakshin BGXX4894
Fatehullapur BGXX4895
Fatemabad BGXX1203
Fathehpur BGXX4896
Fatika BGXX4897
Fatikchari BGXX4898
Fatikcharimukh BGXX4899
Fatikcharipara BGXX4900
Fatikchhari BGXX4901
Fatikkhira BGXX4902
Fatterpara BGXX4903
Fauljuri BGXX1204
Fazilpur BGXX1205
Fazilpur BGXX4904
Fenchualezi BGXX4905
Feni BGXX0052
Fenua BGXX4906
Ferachara BGXX4907
Ferua BGXX4908
Firingi Bazar BGXX4909
Firingipara BGXX4910
Fuittachari BGXX4911
Fulchhari BGXX4912
Fulerdeil BGXX4913
Fulgazi BGXX4914
Fuljankura BGXX4915
Futapara BGXX4916
Gabachara BGXX4917
Gabbari BGXX1206
Gabbaria BGXX1207
Gabbunia BGXX1208
Gabdergaon BGXX4918
Gabha BGXX1209
Gabhikhola BGXX1210
Gabkhan BGXX1211
Gabrakandi BGXX4919
Gabtali BGXX1212
Gabua BGXX4920
Gabua BGXX1213
Gabua Kismat BGXX1214
Gabua New Char BGXX1215
Gabupera BGXX4921
Gachbariya BGXX4922
Gachhani BGXX1216
Gachhbari BGXX1217
Gachhbaria BGXX4923
Gachhtala BGXX4924
Gachpur BGXX4925
Gadanagar BGXX4926
Gadyakati BGXX1218
Gagan BGXX1219
Gaharpur BGXX1220
Gahira BGXX4927
Gaia Char BGXX4928
Gaibanda BGXX0053
Gaihar BGXX1221
Gaila BGXX1222
Gailar Char BGXX4929
Gaimara BGXX1223
Gaimbali BGXX1224
Gainakata BGXX4930
Gaiyapara BGXX1225
Gaiyarbhanga BGXX4931
Gaiyatala BGXX1226
Gajalia BGXX1227
Gajalia BGXX4932
Gajendra BGXX1228
Gajra BGXX4933
Galachipa BGXX0054
Galadhanpara BGXX4934
Galaibhanga BGXX1230
Galimkhan BGXX4935
Galimpur BGXX4936
Gallai BGXX4937
Galua Durgapur BGXX1231
Gamairtala BGXX1232
Gamarbunia BGXX1233
Gamaritala BGXX4938
Ganakkhuli BGXX4939
Gancapara BGXX4940
Gandamara BGXX4941
Gandapara BGXX1234
Gandharbbapur BGXX4942
Gandirampara BGXX4943
Gandra BGXX4944
Ganeshpura BGXX1235
Gangacharan BGXX1236
Gangamati BGXX1237
Ganganagar BGXX4946
Gangapur BGXX1238
Gangapur BGXX4947
Gangarampara BGXX4948
Gangasagar BGXX4949
Gangasibpur BGXX4950
Gangatia BGXX4951
Gangerkot BGXX4952
Gangipara BGXX1239
Ganipur BGXX4953
Ganpara BGXX1240
Garacho BGXX4954
Garaia BGXX1241
Garamali BGXX1243
Garanga BGXX1244
Garangal Boradi BGXX1245
Garangal Rajpasa BGXX1246
Garangiya BGXX4955
Garaoankha BGXX1247
Gararan BGXX0055
Garbhanga BGXX4956
Garduara BGXX4957
Gargaijyachara BGXX4958
Garia BGXX1248
Gariabunia BGXX1249
Gariagabha BGXX1250
Gariania BGXX4959
Garitana BGXX4960
Garjanbunia BGXX1251
Garjandia BGXX4961
Garjania BGXX4962
Garuria BGXX1252
Gasinga BGXX1253
Gaskapachara BGXX4963
Gataiya BGXX4964
Gatiadanga BGXX4965
Gatiar Khal BGXX1254
Gauasar BGXX1255
Gaurala BGXX4966
Gaurinagar BGXX4967
Gauripasa BGXX1257
Gauripur BGXX1258
Gauripur BGXX4968
Gauriswar BGXX4969
Gaurnadi BGXX0056
Gaurnagar BGXX4970
Gaursar BGXX4971
Gazalia BGXX1259
Gazaria BGXX1260
Gazi Mahmud BGXX1261
Gazimajhi BGXX1262
Gazipur BGXX1263
Gazipur BGXX4973
Gazipur Char BGXX1264
Gazirbag BGXX4974
Gazirkandi BGXX4975
Gazirpar BGXX1265
Gemmaram BGXX4976
Gendamara BGXX1266
Gera Marddan BGXX1267
Gerabunia BGXX1268
Gerakhali BGXX1269
Gerakul BGXX1272
Geramarddan BGXX1273
Ghagra BGXX4977
Ghagrapara BGXX4978
Ghaikhali BGXX1274
Ghalani BGXX4979
Ghanesyampur BGXX4980
Ghania BGXX4981
Ghaniakhali BGXX4982
Ghaniamora BGXX4983
Ghaniar Char BGXX4984
Ghanipur BGXX4985
Ghanirapi BGXX1275
Ghanteswar BGXX1276
Gharaighati BGXX1277
Gharihana BGXX4986
Gharimandal BGXX4987
Gharmora BGXX4988
Ghaser Haola BGXX1278
Ghaserkhil BGXX4989
Ghasipur BGXX4990
Ghasipur Char BGXX4991
Ghasir Char BGXX4992
Ghat Kuliapara BGXX4993
Ghataker Andua BGXX1279
Ghatakhali BGXX1280
Ghatbaria BGXX1281
Ghatchek BGXX4994
Ghatercharamukh BGXX4995
Ghatibhanga BGXX4996
Ghatichara BGXX1282
Ghatighara BGXX4997
Ghatkhali BGXX1283
Ghatla BGXX4998
Ghatlabag BGXX4999
Ghayaspur BGXX5000
Ghazinagar BGXX5001
Ghazipur BGXX5002
Ghighara BGXX1284
Ghilachara BGXX5003
Ghilachari BGXX5004
Ghilatali BGXX5005
Ghilatalipara BGXX5006
Gholpasha BGXX5007
Ghona BGXX5008
Ghonapara BGXX5009
Ghopkhali BGXX1285
Ghoradhari BGXX5010
Ghoramaidan BGXX5011
Ghoramara BGXX1287
Ghoramara BGXX5012
Ghoramaydan BGXX5013
Ghorasal BGXX5014
Ghoshaya BGXX5015
Ghoshbag BGXX5016
Ghoshbagh BGXX5017
Ghosher Char BGXX1288
Ghosher Haoli BGXX1289
Ghosher Khala BGXX1290
Ghosher Tikikata BGXX1291
Ghoshgaon BGXX5018
Ghoshkamta BGXX5019
Ghoskati BGXX1293
Ghughurchap BGXX5020
Ghugusa BGXX5021
Ghunapara BGXX5022
Ghungra Para BGXX5023
Ghuni Char BGXX1294
Ghuni Karanja BGXX1295
Ghunia BGXX5024
Ghunjartek BGXX5025
Ghunsi BGXX1296
Ghuriakhalideil BGXX5026
Ghursakati BGXX1297
Ghutabachha BGXX1298
Giaphrubara BGXX5027
Giaphrupara BGXX5028
Gilabania BGXX1299
Gilabdaria BGXX1300
Gilachari BGXX5029
Gilatala BGXX1301
Gilatali BGXX5030
Gilatali BGXX1302
Goahkhil BGXX5032
Goail BGXX1303
Goal Bhaor BGXX1304
Goalabasa BGXX1305
Goalbanda BGXX5033
Goalbari BGXX1306
Goalbhaor BGXX5034
Goalbhar BGXX5035
Goaldi Musuria BGXX1307
Goalgabha BGXX5036
Goalgaon BGXX5037
Goali Tinpara BGXX5038
Goalia BGXX5039
Goaliapalong BGXX5040
Goalkandar BGXX1308
Goalkati BGXX1309
Goalmathan BGXX5041
Goalnagar BGXX5042
Goaribhanga BGXX5043
Gobachari BGXX5044
Gobadia BGXX5045
Gobagona BGXX5046
Gobarchitra BGXX5047
Gobinda BGXX5048
Gobindadhabal BGXX1311
Gobindanagar BGXX0057
Gobindapur BGXX1312
Gobindapur BGXX5049
Gobinderkhal BGXX5050
Gobinderkhil BGXX5051
Gobindpur BGXX5052
Gochara BGXX1314
Gochara BGXX5053
Gochkali BGXX1315
Godadharpara BGXX5054
Godaipara BGXX5055
Godanga BGXX1316
Godarbil BGXX5056
Godatali BGXX5057
Godhapara BGXX5058
Godiapara BGXX5059
Godpur BGXX5060
Gogra BGXX5061
Gohat BGXX5062
Gohinikhali BGXX1317
Gohinkhali BGXX5063
Goichari BGXX5064
Goikhali BGXX1318
Goinkhali BGXX1319
Gojkhali BGXX1320
Gokshurdi BGXX5065
Gokulsinghpara BGXX5066
Golabari BGXX5067
Golacho BGXX5068
Golaghata BGXX1321
Golakmunshir Hat BGXX5069
Golakpara BGXX5070
Golakpur BGXX1322
Golarpara BGXX5071
Golbania BGXX1323
Golbanis BGXX1324
Golbunia BGXX1325
Golkhali BGXX1326
Golman BGXX1327
Golmukandi BGXX5072
Goma BGXX1328
Goma Mangalsi BGXX1329
Gomaltali BGXX5073
Gomasta BGXX1330
Gomatali BGXX5074
Gombapara BGXX5075
Gomdandi BGXX5076
Gongichara BGXX5077
Gonsaipur BGXX5078
Gopairam Sankar BGXX5079
Gopairbag BGXX5080
Gopal BGXX5081
Gopal Ghatta BGXX5082
Gopaldi Char BGXX1331
Gopalerkandi BGXX5083
Gopalnagar BGXX5084
Gopalpur BGXX1332
Gopalpur BGXX5085
Gopalpur Joar BGXX5086
Gopar Bagh BGXX5087
Gopat Uttar BGXX5088
Gopiarkhil BGXX5089
Gopinathkati BGXX1333
Gopinathpur BGXX5090
Gopkhali BGXX1334
Gorabala BGXX1335
Gorairkandi BGXX5091
Gorakghata BGXX5092
Gorakhali BGXX1336
Gorankhain BGXX5093
Gorapia BGXX5094
Gorasthan BGXX5095
Gosapara BGXX5096
Goshair Char BGXX5097
Gosinga BGXX1337
Gotaiapara BGXX5098
Gourimandra Hati BGXX5099
Gouripur BGXX5100
Gowaichari BGXX5101
Goyalmora BGXX5102
Goyalmura BGXX5103
Gridha Kalindia BGXX5104
Guabaria BGXX1338
Guagachhia BGXX5105
Guaparchak BGXX5106
Guataba BGXX5107
Guatali BGXX5108
Guatan BGXX1339
Guchchhagram BGXX1340
Gudaghal BGXX1341
Gudara Char BGXX5109
Gudighata BGXX1342
Gudikata BGXX1343
Guher Taluk BGXX1344
Guichari BGXX5110
Guilichari BGXX5111
Guilpura BGXX5112
Guimara BGXX5113
Guimaramukh BGXX5114
Guiniapara BGXX5115
Gujra BGXX5116
Gulambari BGXX5117
Gulbania BGXX1345
Gulbunia BGXX1346
Guldi BGXX5118
Guli BGXX1347
Guli Auliapur BGXX1348
Guli Khal BGXX1349
Gulisakhali BGXX1350
Gulishakhali BGXX1352
Gulsa BGXX5119
Guman Mardan BGXX5120
Gummaram Para BGXX5121
Gunabati BGXX5122
Gunagari BGXX5123
Gunaighar BGXX5124
Gunak BGXX5125
Gunandi Chandpur BGXX5126
Gundum Bazar BGXX5127
Gundwip BGXX5128
Gungunia Betagi BGXX5129
Guniauk BGXX5130
Gunjahari BGXX5131
Gunjar BGXX5132
Gunnamara BGXX5133
Gunrajdi BGXX5134
Gunuakhali BGXX5135
Gupta Chara BGXX5136
Gupti BGXX5137
Guramian BGXX5138
Gurguri BGXX5139
Guria BGXX1353
Gurunyakata BGXX5140
Gurunyarkatapara BGXX5141
Guthirampara BGXX5142
Gutia BGXX1354
Gutibachha BGXX1355
Guzara BGXX5143
Gyanpara BGXX1356
Habatia Char BGXX5144
Habibpur BGXX5145
Habiganj BGXX0058
Habilasdwip BGXX5146
Habinagar BGXX1357
Habirchara BGXX5147
Habirgaon BGXX5148
Habirkati BGXX1358
Habirpara BGXX5149
Habitpur BGXX1359
Hachandandi BGXX5150
Hachnabad BGXX5151
Hadua BGXX1360
Hadurchara BGXX5152
Hafaliakata BGXX5153
Hafez Kanda BGXX1361
Haglakandi BGXX5154
Haichangpara BGXX5155
Haidchakshia BGXX5156
Haidchakshin BGXX5157
Haidgaon BGXX5158
Haidibaria BGXX1362
Haildhar BGXX5159
Haimmara BGXX5160
Haitkandi BGXX5161
Haitupi BGXX5162
Hajachara BGXX5163
Hajachari BGXX5164
Hajachariduar BGXX5166
Hajacharipara BGXX5167
Hajaripara BGXX5168
Hajian BGXX5169
Hajiganj BGXX5170
Hajigaon BGXX5171
Hajikanda BGXX1363
Hajikhal Abad BGXX1364
Hajikhali BGXX1365
Hajipara BGXX5172
Hajipur BGXX5173
Hajipur BGXX1366
Hajir Char BGXX1367
Hajirpara BGXX5174
Hakamta BGXX5175
Hakdi BGXX5176
Hakimuddin BGXX1368
Haktoalla BGXX1369
Halapara BGXX5177
Haldia BGXX1370
Haldia BGXX5178
Haldiakhali BGXX1371
Haldiapalong BGXX5179
Halgaon BGXX5180
Haliakati BGXX1372
Haliapara BGXX5181
Halimabad BGXX1373
Halkaknara BGXX5182
Halta BGXX1374
Haluaghona BGXX5183
Hamakchari BGXX5184
Hamankardi BGXX5185
Hamburampara BGXX5186
Hamchadi BGXX5187
Hamchapur BGXX5188
Hamid Char BGXX5189
Hamidardia BGXX5190
Hamider Tek BGXX1375
Hamidpur BGXX1376
Hanar Char BGXX5192
Haniarba BGXX5193
Hannak Para BGXX5194
Hanriain BGXX5195
Hanua BGXX1377
Hanumanpahar BGXX5196
Haoakandi BGXX5197
Hap Chari BGXX5198
Hapana BGXX5199
Hapania BGXX5200
Hapania BGXX1378
Hapchari BGXX5201
Hapmarapara BGXX5202
Harachandrapara BGXX5203
Harahar BGXX1379
Harairpara BGXX5204
Harala BGXX5205
Haramiah BGXX5206
Haranga BGXX5207
Harar Chara Para BGXX5208
Harasar BGXX5209
Harashpur BGXX5210
Haratali BGXX5211
Harbang BGXX5212
Hardal BGXX1380
Hargaeha BGXX5213
Hargilachari BGXX5214
Hargomunpahat BGXX5215
Hari BGXX1381
Haria BGXX5216
Haria Gosaindia BGXX1382
Hariahpur BGXX5217
Hariakhali BGXX5218
Harian BGXX5219
Hariarchhara BGXX5220
Hariardeil BGXX5221
Hariballabhpur BGXX5222
Haribania BGXX5223
Harichail BGXX5224
Haridaghona BGXX5225
Haridaspara BGXX5226
Haridaspur BGXX1383
Haridebpur BGXX1384
Haridebpur Char BGXX1385
Haridrabaria BGXX1386
Haridrahali BGXX1387
Haridrapur BGXX1388
Hariganj BGXX1389
Harihar BGXX5227
Harijaipara BGXX5228
Harimrioyunjoy BGXX1390
Harina BGXX5229
Harinakhali BGXX5231
Harinaphulia BGXX1391
Harinarayanpur BGXX5232
Harinathpur BGXX1392
Harinbaria BGXX1393
Harinber BGXX5234
Harindharasar BGXX5235
Harinjhiri BGXX5236
Harinkhain BGXX5237
Harinkhola BGXX1394
Harintana BGXX1395
Haripagla BGXX1396
Haripara BGXX1397
Haripasa BGXX1398
Haripur BGXX5239
Harisana BGXX1399
Harischar BGXX5240
Harish Char BGXX5241
Harji Nalbunia BGXX1400
Harni BGXX5243
Harni BGXX1401
Harpakhna BGXX5244
Harpara BGXX5245
Harta BGXX1402
Hartalibaria BGXX1403
Harunburia BGXX1404
Harwalchari BGXX5246
Harwalchhari BGXX5247
Hasa BGXX5248
Hasadi BGXX5249
Hasainabad BGXX1405
Hasan Ghanipur BGXX5250
Hasan Nagar BGXX1406
Hasanabad BGXX5251
Hasandi BGXX5252
Hasanganj BGXX1407
Hasannagar BGXX5253
Hasannharjipara BGXX5254
Hasanpur BGXX1408
Hasanpur BGXX5255
Haserkhola BGXX5256
Hashimnagar BGXX5257
Hashimpur BGXX5258
Hasinapara BGXX5260
Hasnabad BGXX5261
Hasnapara BGXX1409
Hastisunda BGXX1410
Hat Chakerkandi BGXX5262
Hat Khole BGXX5263
Hatalia BGXX1411
Hatas BGXX5264
Hatempur BGXX1412
Hathazari BGXX5265
Hatia BGXX0059
Hatiaghona BGXX5266
Hatiarghona BGXX5267
Hatighata BGXX5268
Hatikumbha BGXX5269
Hatila BGXX5270
Hatilota BGXX5271
Hatimarachara BGXX5272
Hatimpur BGXX5273
Hatinghatchara BGXX5274
Hatipara BGXX1413
Hatipara BGXX5275
Hatirpar BGXX5276
Hatkhola BGXX1414
Hatoipara BGXX5277
Hatpar BGXX5278
Hatpukuria BGXX5279
Haulibunia BGXX1415
Haulinunia BGXX1416
Hawla BGXX5280
Haza chhara BGXX5282
Hazampara BGXX5283
Hazaragati BGXX1417
Hazarbigha BGXX5284
Hazarbigha BGXX1418
Hazari BGXX1419
Hazariganj BGXX1420
Hazarkil BGXX5285
Hazirkhil BGXX5286
Headman Para BGXX5287
Headmanpara BGXX5288
Helencha BGXX1421
Helenchabaria BGXX1422
Helenga BGXX5289
Hemjara BGXX5290
Henachar BGXX5291
Hepnopara BGXX5292
Herpeti BGXX5293
Hesamaddipur BGXX1423
Hetalbunia BGXX1424
Hetikhain BGXX5294
Hetimpur BGXX5295
Hiedapara BGXX5296
Hijaltala BGXX1425
Hijla BGXX1426
Hilalnagar BGXX5297
Hilichia BGXX5298
Hilimili BGXX5299
Hill Gazipara BGXX5300
Hilli BGXX0060
Himanandakati BGXX1427
Hinandarpara BGXX5302
Hindupara BGXX5303
Hindupara BGXX1428
Hingala BGXX5304
Hinguli BGXX5305
Hiradhar BGXX1429
Hirakazi BGXX5306
Hirapur BGXX5307
Hnarachari BGXX5308
Hogalpati BGXX1430
Hogalturi BGXX1431
Hogatounia BGXX1432
Hogla BGXX1433
Hogla Hasimpur BGXX5309
Hoglabunia BGXX1434
Hoglakanda BGXX5310
Hoglapasha BGXX1435
Hoglapati BGXX1436
Hogli BGXX5311
Hosainpur BGXX1437
Hosainpur BGXX5312
Hosanabad BGXX1438
Hosanpur BGXX1439
Hoseinpur BGXX5313
Hosnabad BGXX1440
Hotani BGXX5314
Hotatia BGXX5315
Hothkali BGXX1441
Hotikrishnapur BGXX5316
Hrainpur BGXX5317
Hulain BGXX5319
Hulatana BGXX1442
Hur Mahisha BGXX5320
Hurarbag BGXX5321
Hurua BGXX5322
Husainabad BGXX1443
Husaindi BGXX5323
Husainpara BGXX5324
Husainpur BGXX5325
Iakubpur BGXX5326
Iarpur BGXX5327
Ibrahimpur BGXX5328
Icha Nagar BGXX5329
Ichadi Char BGXX1444
Ichadi Jaar BGXX1445
Ichadi Joar BGXX1446
Ichagura BGXX1447
Ichail BGXX1448
Ichakali BGXX5330
Ichali BGXX5331
Ichamati BGXX5332
Ichhakati BGXX1449
Ichhalia BGXX1450
Ichhanil BGXX1451
Ichhapasa BGXX1452
Ichhapasa BGXX5333
Ichhapur BGXX1453
Ichhapur BGXX5334
Ichhapura BGXX5335
Ichharpar BGXX5336
Ichladi BGXX1454
Idgaon BGXX5337
Idgar BGXX0061
Idilkati BGXX1455
Idilpur BGXX5338
Idrakpur BGXX1456
Idurkichar Ghat BGXX5339
Ijara Dhanpur BGXX5340
Ikartali BGXX5341
Ikrampur BGXX5342
Ikri BGXX1457
Ilishia BGXX5343
Illa BGXX1458
Ilsa BGXX5344
Ilsa BGXX1459
Iluhar BGXX1460
Imamkati BGXX1461
Imamnagar BGXX5345
Imampur BGXX5346
Inachhkhali BGXX5347
Inani BGXX5348
Inayatnagar BGXX5349
Inayatpur BGXX5350
Indra Narayanpur BGXX1462
Indrabati BGXX5351
Indrajitbari BGXX5352
Indrakati BGXX1463
Indrakui BGXX1464
Indrapasa BGXX1465
Indrapur BGXX5353
Indrasinghpara BGXX5354
Induli BGXX5355
Induria BGXX5356
Ingerla BGXX5357
Inimrong BGXX5358
Irojpur BGXX1467
Isabpur BGXX5359
Isapara BGXX5360
Ishpanir Char BGXX5361
Ishtagram BGXX5362
Ishurdi BGXX0011
Islamabad BGXX5363
Islampur BGXX1468
Islampur BGXX5364
Iswarganj BGXX1469
Iswarkati BGXX1470
Iswarkhain BGXX5366
Itabaria BGXX1471
Itakhola BGXX5367
Itbaria BGXX1472
Itkhola BGXX5368
Jabra BGXX5369
Jadabpur BGXX5370
Jadia BGXX5371
Jadimura BGXX5372
Jadisar BGXX5373
Jadua BGXX1473
Jaduhhaunala BGXX5374
Jadukhanchara BGXX5375
Jadupur BGXX5376
Jafarabad BGXX5377
Jafarnagar BGXX5378
Jafarpur BGXX5379
Jafrabad BGXX5380
Jafrakhali BGXX1475
Jagadishpur BGXX5381
Jagadispur BGXX1476
Jagair-At BGXX1477
Jagajibanpur BGXX5382
Jagannathpur BGXX1478
Jagannathpur BGXX5384
Jagapara BGXX5385
Jagatpur BGXX5386
Jagatpur Asram BGXX5387
Jagdasar BGXX5388
Jagimanrajpur BGXX5389
Jagir Chandipasa BGXX5390
Jagiraghona BGXX5391
Jagirpara BGXX5392
Jagnatali BGXX5393
Jagodishpur BGXX5394
Jahajmara BGXX5395
Jahanabad BGXX5396
Jahanpur BGXX5397
Jahanpur BGXX1479
Jahapur BGXX5398
Jahirabad BGXX5399
Jaikamta BGXX5400
Jaikrishnapur BGXX5401
Jailkhana BGXX1480
Jailshkara BGXX5402
Jailyapara BGXX5403
Jaimangalpur BGXX5404
Jainarayanpur BGXX5405
Jaintiapur BGXX0063
Jaintli BGXX5406
Jaipur Hat BGXX0064
Jairarkata BGXX5408
Jaisri BGXX5409
Jaistapura BGXX5410
Jaisthatala BGXX5411
Jajiara BGXX5412
Jajiuta BGXX5413
Jakani BGXX5414
Jakarganj BGXX5415
Jakirtabak BGXX1481
Jalabari BGXX1482
Jalachharipara BGXX5416
Jalakati BGXX1483
Jalalabad BGXX5417
Jalalpur BGXX1484
Jalam BGXX5418
Jalampur BGXX5419
Jalarpur BGXX5420
Jaldi BGXX5421
Jalgaon BGXX5422
Jaliaghata BGXX5423
Jaliaghata BGXX1485
Jaliakandi BGXX5424
Jaliakata BGXX5425
Jaliakhali BGXX5426
Jalial BGXX5427
Jaliapalong BGXX5428
Jaliapara BGXX5429
Jaliapara BGXX1486
Jaliar Char BGXX5430
Jalirpar BGXX1487
Jalisa BGXX1488
Jalla BGXX1489
Jalli BGXX5431
Jalsota BGXX1490
Jalsuka BGXX5432
Jaluapara BGXX5433
Jamal Majhi BGXX1491
Jamaldi BGXX5434
Jamalkandi BGXX5435
Jamalkhan BGXX5436
Jamalnagar BGXX5437
Jamalpur BGXX0065
Jamalpur BGXX1492
Jamalpur BGXX5438
Jamalpur Arazi BGXX5439
Jambari BGXX5440
Jambari BGXX1493
Jamilchhari BGXX5441
Jaminmridha BGXX1494
Jamiralata BGXX1495
Jamirbari BGXX1496
Jamirjori BGXX5442
Jamirtali BGXX5443
Jamua BGXX5444
Jamura BGXX5445
Jamura BGXX1497
Jamura Kismat BGXX1498
Janadpur BGXX5446
Janali Hat BGXX5447
Janara BGXX5448
Janerampara BGXX5449
Jangal Islamabad BGXX5451
Jangal Khiram BGXX5452
Jangalakata BGXX5453
Jangalia BGXX1499
Jangalia BGXX5454
Jangalpatti BGXX1500
Jangalpur BGXX5456
Jangatlapara BGXX5457
Janghar BGXX5458
Jangna Chari BGXX5459
Jankhali BGXX1501
Jaospara BGXX5460
Jarailbaria BGXX1502
Jarain BGXX5461
Jarakhali BGXX1503
Jaripenchar BGXX1504
Jarulchari BGXX5462
Jarulia Bazar BGXX5463
Jasar BGXX1505
Jasatua BGXX5464
Jasora BGXX5465
Jaspur BGXX5466
Jasurkati BGXX1506
Jatabunia BGXX1507
Jatrabahar BGXX1508
Jatramanipara BGXX5468
Jatrapur BGXX5469
Jauta BGXX1509
Jauto BGXX1510
Jaya BGXX1511
Jaya Para BGXX5470
Jayag BGXX5471
Jayasi BGXX1512
Jaydarsunra BGXX1513
Jaydebpur BGXX5472
Jayghar BGXX1514
Jaygopi BGXX1515
Jaykalas BGXX1516
Jaykalipur BGXX5473
Jaykalir Bari BGXX1517
Jaykhali BGXX1518
Jaykul BGXX1519
Jaynagar BGXX5474
Jaynagar BGXX1520
Jaypur BGXX5475
Jaypura BGXX5476
Jayrampur BGXX5477
Jaysara BGXX5478
Jaysri BGXX1521
Jehanabad BGXX5479
Jemghat BGXX5480
Jeralbani BGXX5481
Jeruais BGXX5482
Jessore BGXX0004
Jhagarbag BGXX5483
Jhagrar Char BGXX5484
Jhaguria BGXX5485
Jhakanipara BGXX5486
Jhalkathi BGXX0067
Jhaparsi BGXX1523
Jhapjhapia BGXX1524
Jhapua BGXX5487
Jharikhali BGXX1525
Jharkhandal BGXX5488
Jhatibunia BGXX1526
Jhatra BGXX1527
Jhaudagi BGXX5489
Jhaukandi BGXX5490
Jhautala BGXX5491
Jhautali BGXX5492
Jhelbunia BGXX1528
Jhenida BGXX0068
Jheochharipara BGXX5493
Jhikatia BGXX5494
Jhikura BGXX5495
Jhilna BGXX1529
Jhilwanja BGXX5496
Jhimongkhalipara BGXX5497
Jhitka BGXX1530
Jhiuri BGXX5498
Jhonkapara BGXX5499
Jhopkhali BGXX1531
Jhunar Char BGXX5500
Jibandaskati BGXX1532
Jibanpur BGXX5501
Jibdalan BGXX1533
Jibtalipara BGXX5502
Jilbania BGXX1534
Jinapara BGXX5503
Jinglatali BGXX5504
Jinnahgarh BGXX1535
Jinsar BGXX5507
Jirail BGXX1536
Jiran Nagarpar BGXX5508
Jiri BGXX5509
Jirtali BGXX5510
Jitrampur BGXX5512
Jlnnahgarb BGXX1537
Jnanpara BGXX1538
Joakhali BGXX5513
Joalbhanga BGXX1539
Joar Gobindapur BGXX5514
Joara BGXX5515
Joarianala BGXX5516
Joarikhola BGXX5517
Jobarpar BGXX1541
Jobra BGXX5518
Jodda BGXX5519
Jogeswar BGXX1542
Joilsha BGXX1543
Jolapara BGXX5521
Jolpuni BGXX5522
Jorameher BGXX5523
Jorkhali BGXX1544
Jorpukuria BGXX5524
Jorpushkarini BGXX5525
Joya BGXX1545
Joynagar BGXX5526
Jroangarkhil BGXX5527
Jugia BGXX1546
Jugichapar BGXX5528
Jugihati BGXX1547
Jugir Bandar BGXX1548
Jugir Haola BGXX1549
Jugir Tabak BGXX1550
Jugirkanda BGXX1551
Jugirkandi BGXX5529
Jugirtabak BGXX1552
Jugyachola BGXX5530
Juidandi BGXX5531
Jujafar BGXX5532
Juldha BGXX5533
Juldia BGXX5534
Jumchari BGXX5535
Jumcharipara BGXX5536
Jummapara BGXX5537
Junadpur BGXX5538
Junaidpur BGXX5539
Junglekhain BGXX5542
Junia BGXX1553
Junia Harinpagla BGXX1554
Jurachari BGXX5543
Juranpur BGXX5544
Jurgacharipara BGXX5545
Jurkati BGXX1555
Jurochari BGXX5546
Jutia BGXX1556
Kabai BGXX1557
Kabakhali BGXX5547
Kabilpur BGXX1558
Kabilpur BGXX5548
Kabir Rupsa BGXX5549
Kabiraj BGXX1559
Kabirajpara BGXX1560
Kabirhat BGXX5550
Kabutarkhali BGXX1561
Kachabania BGXX1562
Kacharikandi BGXX5551
Kacharipara BGXX5552
Kacharir Dagi BGXX1563
Kacharitala BGXX5553
Kachchhapia BGXX1564
Kacherimura BGXX5554
Kachhablar Don BGXX1565
Kachhacharimukh BGXX5555
Kachhadia BGXX5556
Kachhapiapara BGXX5557
Kachharikandi BGXX5558
Kachhia BGXX1566
Kachhichhira BGXX1567
Kachhipara BGXX1568
Kachi Pukuria BGXX5559
Kachia BGXX1569
Kachia Para BGXX5560
Kachia Pukuria BGXX5561
Kachiabunia BGXX1570
Kachiara BGXX5562
Kachisair BGXX5563
Kachraish BGXX5564
Kachua BGXX1571
Kachua BGXX5565
Kachuai BGXX5566
Kachuakhali BGXX1572
Kachubania BGXX5567
Kachubaria BGXX1573
Kachukhain BGXX5568
Kachukhali BGXX5569
Kachukhaliduar BGXX5570
Kachuni BGXX5571
Kachupatra BGXX1574
Kachuwa Bazar BGXX5572
Kadabari BGXX5573
Kadair BGXX5574
Kadala BGXX0069
Kadaldhoa BGXX1575
Kadalpur BGXX5575
Kadamchara BGXX5576
Kadamtala BGXX1576
Kadamtali BGXX5577
Kadba BGXX5578
Kadiar Bhanga BGXX5579
Kadirpur BGXX5580
Kadla BGXX5581
Kadmir Char BGXX5582
Kadra BGXX5583
Kaduti BGXX5584
Kafila BGXX1577
Kafilabari BGXX5585
Kafurkati BGXX1578
Kagasura BGXX1579
Kagatita BGXX5586
Kagatua BGXX5587
Kagghar BGXX5588
Kahairaghona BGXX5589
Kaharghona BGXX5590
Kahetara BGXX5591
Kahkapur BGXX1580
Kaialghata BGXX1581
Kaicha BGXX1582
Kaigram BGXX5592
Kaijanga BGXX5593
Kaikarai BGXX5594
Kaikhain BGXX5595
Kaikhakhali BGXX5596
Kaikhali BGXX1583
Kailain BGXX5597
Kaimmapapara BGXX5598
Kaimpur BGXX5599
Kainpura BGXX5600
Kaisma BGXX1584
Kaithara BGXX5601
Kaitoba BGXX5602
Kaitra BGXX5603
Kaiyani BGXX5604
Kaiyapara BGXX5605
Kaiyapara TB BGXX5606
Kajiatal BGXX5607
Kajkamta BGXX5608
Kajlakati BGXX1585
Kakairtala BGXX5609
Kakhara BGXX5610
Kakparjiamukh BGXX5611
Kakrabunia BGXX1586
Kakrachari BGXX5612
Kaksar BGXX5613
Kakuria BGXX1587
Kakyabunia BGXX1588
Kala Sikdarpara BGXX5614
Kalabakla BGXX1589
Kalabaniapara BGXX5615
Kalabaria BGXX1590
Kalabariya BGXX5616
Kalachandpara BGXX1591
Kalacharipara BGXX5617
Kalacho BGXX5618
Kaladaraf BGXX5619
Kaladema BGXX1592
Kaladi BGXX5620
Kalagach BGXX1593
Kalagachhia BGXX5621
Kalagachhia BGXX1594
Kalagachia BGXX1595
Kalagaon BGXX5622
Kalagaonhia BGXX1596
Kalai Gobindapur BGXX5623
Kalaia BGXX1597
Kalaikisor BGXX1598
Kalaimarpara BGXX5624
Kalainagar BGXX5625
Kalairkandi BGXX5626
Kalaiya BGXX1599
Kalajajir Taluk BGXX1600
Kalakachua BGXX5627
Kalakandi BGXX5628
Kalakari BGXX5629
Kalakhal BGXX5630
Kalakopa BGXX5631
Kalalia Kata BGXX5632
Kalamabulla BGXX1601
Kalamasia BGXX5633
Kalamasiamukh BGXX5634
Kalamegha BGXX1602
Kalamian BGXX5635
Kalampati BGXX5636
Kalamuria BGXX5637
Kalaniarchara BGXX5638
Kalanidhi BGXX1603
Kalapaharia BGXX5639
Kalapaila BGXX5640
Kalapani BGXX5641
Kalapara BGXX1604
Kalapul BGXX5642
Kalapura BGXX1605
Kalara BGXX5643
Kalaraja BGXX1606
Kalarang BGXX1607
Kalarbil BGXX5644
Kalarpara BGXX5645
Kalasadhardia BGXX5646
Kalasbhanga BGXX5647
Kalaskati BGXX1608
Kalatala BGXX1609
Kalateo BGXX5648
Kalaujan BGXX5649
Kalaya Hat BGXX5650
Kalayia BGXX1610
Kalbila BGXX1611
Kalchama BGXX5651
Kalemsar BGXX5652
Kalerkati BGXX1612
Kalghara BGXX5653
Kalia BGXX1613
Kaliais BGXX5654
Kaliandar BGXX1614
Kaliapara BGXX5655
Kaliar Char BGXX5656
Kaliargop BGXX1615
Kalias BGXX5657
Kalichandbari BGXX5658
Kalichar BGXX1617
Kalicharanbari BGXX5659
Kalichhara BGXX5660
Kalidaha BGXX5661
Kaliganj BGXX0070
Kaliganj BGXX5662
Kalihata BGXX1618
Kalikabari BGXX1619
Kalikachha BGXX5663
Kalikanagar BGXX1620
Kalikapur BGXX1621
Kalikapur BGXX5664
Kalikirti BGXX1622
Kalikrishnanagar BGXX5665
Kalinagar BGXX5666
Kalindipur BGXX5667
Kalipara BGXX5668
Kalipur BGXX1623
Kalipur BGXX5669
Kalipura BGXX5670
Kalir Bazar BGXX5671
Kalir Char BGXX1624
Kalir Char BGXX5672
Kalirchar BGXX1625
Kalirhat BGXX1626
Kalirtabak BGXX1627
Kalisankar BGXX1628
Kalishuri BGXX1629
Kalisima BGXX5673
Kallbari BGXX1630
Kalma BGXX1631
Kalmikandar BGXX1632
Kalna BGXX1633
Kalocho BGXX5674
Kaltajoar BGXX5675
Kaltd BGXX1634
Kalthuri BGXX5676
Kalu Munshirhat BGXX5677
Kalu Munshirpara BGXX5678
Kaluarkandi BGXX5679
Kaluiakhola BGXX5680
Kalupara BGXX1635
Kalupur BGXX5681
Kalurdeil BGXX5682
Kalurghat BGXX5683
Kalyandi BGXX5684
Kalyankala BGXX1636
Kalyanpur BGXX5685
Kamairbag BGXX5687
Kamaiyapara BGXX5688
Kamala Chari BGXX5690
Kamalapur BGXX1637
Kamalapur BGXX5691
Kamalkandi BGXX5692
Kamalla BGXX5693
Kamalpur BGXX5694
Kamar Char BGXX5695
Kamarda BGXX5696
Kamardia BGXX5697
Kamarkati BGXX1638
Kamarkhara BGXX5699
Kamarkhola BGXX5700
Kamarpara BGXX1639
Kamarpara BGXX5701
Kambanya BGXX5702
Kamdebpur BGXX1640
Kamdebpur BGXX5704
Kamedda BGXX5705
Kamranga BGXX5706
Kamta BGXX5707
Kanaimadari BGXX5708
Kanainagar BGXX5709
Kanaipara BGXX1642
Kanakari BGXX5710
Kanakdia BGXX1643
Kanangur Hat BGXX5711
Kanara BGXX5712
Kanchabalia BGXX1644
Kanchabari BGXX0071
Kanchadia BGXX1645
Kanchan Khali BGXX1646
Kanchan Nagar BGXX5713
Kanchana BGXX5714
Kanchanbalia BGXX1647
Kanchanbaria BGXX1648
Kanchannagar BGXX5715
Kanchanpur BGXX1649
Kanchi BGXX5717
Kanda BGXX1650
Kandapasa BGXX1651
Kandardi BGXX1652
Kandargati BGXX1653
Kandarpapur BGXX5718
Kandebachara BGXX5719
Kandiraypur BGXX5720
Kandirpar BGXX5721
Kandirpara BGXX5722
Kandughar BGXX5723
Kangai BGXX5724
Kangais BGXX5725
Kangapani BGXX5726
Kanibil BGXX5727
Kanikara Mirpur BGXX5728
Kanjuri BGXX5729
Kanki BGXX1654
Kankunipara BGXX1655
Kansa BGXX1656
Kansanagar BGXX5730
Kansanarayan BGXX5731
Kansarikhola BGXX5732
Kanthalia BGXX1657
Kanthaltali BGXX1658
Kanthanagar BGXX5734
Kanthapura BGXX5735
Kanudasdi BGXX5736
Kanudaskati BGXX1659
Kanunia BGXX1660
Kaonia BGXX5737
Kapaikap BGXX5738
Kapalbera BGXX1661
Kapalipura BGXX1662
Kapariabari BGXX5739
Kapashkandi BGXX5740
Kapastali BGXX5741
Kaptai BGXX5742
Kapulabania BGXX1663
Karab BGXX5743
Karachandpara BGXX1664
Karaia BGXX5744
Karaiaghona BGXX5745
Karaiakandi BGXX5746
Karaiardin BGXX5747
Karaibari BGXX5748
Karaibaria BGXX1665
Karaibunia BGXX1666
Karaitala BGXX1667
Karaitala BGXX5749
Karaitali BGXX5750
Karal BGXX5751
Karaldenga BGXX5752
Karalia BGXX5753
Karaliachardpara BGXX5754
Karaliaohara BGXX5755
Karalimura BGXX5756
Karalyamura BGXX5757
Karamatgani BGXX1668
Karamjabunia BGXX1669
Karamjapara BGXX1670
Karangachhari BGXX5758
Karaniganj BGXX1671
Karanja BGXX1672
Karankhain BGXX5759
Kararkandi BGXX5760
Karatipara BGXX5761
Karballapur BGXX5762
Karbanda BGXX5763
Karbaripara BGXX5764
Karerhat BGXX5765
Karfa BGXX1673
Kargara BGXX5766
Karia BGXX5767
Karianagar BGXX5768
Kariasingha BGXX5769
Karigar Para BGXX5770
Karihati BGXX5771
Karimabad BGXX5772
Karimganj BGXX1674
Karimganj BGXX0072
Karimkhan BGXX5773
Karimpur BGXX1675
Karkhana BGXX1676
Karmapari BGXX5775
Karmihampara BGXX5776
Karmullahpur BGXX5777
Karnakati BGXX1677
Karnapara BGXX5778
Karnaphuli BGXX5779
Karnupara BGXX5780
Karpara BGXX5782
Karpurkati BGXX1678
Kartala BGXX5783
Kartikpasa BGXX1679
Kartikpur BGXX5784
Karuarkati BGXX1680
Karuntali Para BGXX5785
Karuya BGXX5786
Kasadda BGXX5787
Kasai BGXX5788
Kasami BGXX5789
Kasara BGXX5790
Kasarbaala BGXX5791
Kasarikhola BGXX5792
Kasba BGXX0073
Kasba BGXX1681
Kashiaish BGXX5793
Kashinagar BGXX5794
Kashipur BGXX1682
Kashipur BGXX5795
Kashirampur BGXX5796
Kasimkhali BGXX1683
Kasimnagar BGXX5797
Kasimpur BGXX5798
Kasipur BGXX1684
Kasipur BGXX5799
Kaskhal BGXX5800
Kaslinagar BGXX5801
Kataban BGXX1686
Katabania BGXX5802
Katabaria BGXX5803
Katachari BGXX5804
Katadia BGXX1688
Katakhai BGXX5805
Katakhali BGXX1689
Katakhali BGXX5806
Kataksthal BGXX1690
Katalia BGXX5807
Katanisar BGXX5808
Katasa BGXX1691
Katgar BGXX5809
Kathachora BGXX1692
Kathali BGXX5810
Kathali BGXX1693
Kathalia BGXX5811
Kathalia BGXX1694
Kathaliar Char BGXX5812
Kathalpara BGXX1695
Kathaltali BGXX5813
Kathaltali BGXX1696
Katharia BGXX5814
Kathghar BGXX5815
Kathira BGXX1698
Kathkhali BGXX5816
Kathuriat Taluk BGXX1699
Katikul BGXX1700
Katipara BGXX1701
Katrapara BGXX5817
Kattali BGXX5818
Kattaliamura BGXX5819
Kattaltali BGXX5820
Katurakati BGXX1702
Kauabania BGXX1703
Kauadi BGXX5821
Kauar Char BGXX1704
Kauar Tek BGXX1705
Kauarekha BGXX1706
Kaukhali BGXX5822
Kaukhali BGXX1707
Kaunglagyawpara BGXX5823
Kaunia BGXX1708
Kaunia BGXX5824
Kauria Char BGXX5825
Kaushala BGXX5826
Kautali BGXX5827
Kawakhali BGXX5828
Kawalidanga BGXX5829
Kawarkhop BGXX5830
Kaya BGXX1710
Kayadi BGXX1711
Kayangghal BGXX5831
Kayar Bil BGXX5832
Kaydaung BGXX5833
Kayna BGXX1712
Kayna Gasinga BGXX1713
Kayo Faingpara BGXX5834
Kazi Kanda BGXX1714
Kazibari BGXX1715
Kazimpur BGXX5835
Kazinagar BGXX5836
Kazir Abad BGXX1716
Kazir Char BGXX1717
Kazir Haola BGXX1718
Kazir Hat BGXX5837
Kazir Kamta BGXX5838
Kazira BGXX1719
Kazirabad BGXX1720
Kazirkap BGXX5839
Kazirkhali BGXX1721
Kazirkhil BGXX5840
Kazirnagar BGXX5841
Keagar BGXX5842
Kechar Paher BGXX5843
Kechhaupara BGXX1722
Kedarkhola BGXX5844
Kedarpur BGXX1723
Kedarpur BGXX5845
Kefaitpur BGXX1724
Kefayetnagar BGXX1725
Kelarchara BGXX5846
Kelashbari BGXX5847
Kelatali BGXX5848
Kelisahar BGXX5849
Kelishahar BGXX5850
Kemtali BGXX5851
Kendurbag BGXX5852
Keochia BGXX5853
Keojaipara BGXX5854
Keokdair BGXX5855
Keolipara BGXX5856
Keomarapara BGXX5857
Keomrongwa BGXX5858
Keopara BGXX5859
Keora BGXX1726
Keora BGXX5860
Keorabunia BGXX1727
Keorachar BGXX5861
Keoradagi BGXX5862
Keoratala BGXX1728
Keordagi BGXX1729
Keota BGXX1730
Keotgaon BGXX5863
Keotia BGXX5864
Keoulipara BGXX5865
Keozarhilpara BGXX5866
Keramkhal BGXX5867
Kerantali BGXX5868
Kerantali Khal BGXX5869
Kerekkata BGXX5870
Kerelchar BGXX5871
Kesabkati BGXX1731
Kesabpur BGXX0074
Kesabpura BGXX1732
Kesara BGXX5872
Kesarkot BGXX5873
Kesarta BGXX1733
Keshabpur BGXX1734
Keshabpur BGXX5874
Keshranga BGXX5875
Kestiaraibari BGXX5876
Kesurbag BGXX5877
Kethuri BGXX5878
Ketua BGXX5879
Ketzir Taluk BGXX5880
Keur Haoha BGXX1735
Kewabania BGXX1736
Kewabunia BGXX1737
Kewajangi BGXX1738
Kewrabunia BGXX1739
Keyamulla BGXX1740
Khabpur BGXX5881
Khadaikshira BGXX1741
Khadergaon BGXX5882
Khadimpara BGXX5883
Khadla BGXX5884
Khagaria BGXX5885
Khagatia BGXX1742
Khagatia Ghat BGXX5886
Khagatua BGXX5887
Khagbari BGXX1743
Khagbunia BGXX1744
Khagdan BGXX1745
Khager Char BGXX1746
Khagkanda BGXX5888
Khagrachari BGXX5889
Khagrachhari BGXX5890
Khagrakhana BGXX1747
Khagua BGXX5891
Khaguria BGXX5892
Khaiakhali BGXX5893
Khaiar BGXX5894
Khaichara BGXX5895
Khainiacharapara BGXX5896
Khairabad BGXX5897
Khairabad BGXX1748
Khajura BGXX1750
Khajurbaria BGXX1751
Khajuria BGXX5898
Khajuria BGXX1752
Khajuriya BGXX5899
Khajurtala BGXX1753
Khajurtali BGXX5900
Khakuanil BGXX1754
Khalagaon BGXX5901
Khalibania BGXX5902
Khalilpur BGXX1755
Khalilpur BGXX5903
Khalisakhali BGXX1756
Khalisatola BGXX5904
Khalishaduli BGXX5905
Khalishpara BGXX5906
Khalispur BGXX5907
Khalla BGXX5908
Khalpara BGXX5909
Khalukaaliyapara BGXX5910
Kham Char BGXX1757
Khamargaon BGXX5911
Khamarpara BGXX5912
Khampar BGXX5913
Khamrutanropara BGXX5914
Khamtaipara BGXX5915
Khanadubi BGXX1758
Khandail BGXX5916
Khandakia Uttar BGXX5917
Khaneswar BGXX5918
Khangarpara BGXX5919
Khanjapur BGXX1760
Khanjarpara BGXX5920
Khanjupara BGXX1761
Khankanipara BGXX1762
Khankhanabad BGXX5921
Khanmaharia BGXX5922
Khanpur BGXX5923
Khantakata BGXX5924
Khantakhali BGXX1763
Khaokshir BGXX1764
Khaprabhanga BGXX1765
Khapura BGXX1766
Khapura BGXX5925
Kharadaur BGXX1767
Kharamkati BGXX1768
Kharana BGXX5926
Kharandwip BGXX5927
Kharangkhali BGXX5928
Kharar Char BGXX5929
Kharatia BGXX5930
Kharera BGXX5931
Khargapur BGXX5932
Khargola BGXX5933
Kharij Jama BGXX1769
Kharkhadia BGXX5934
Kharki BGXX1770
Kharul BGXX5935
Khas Char BGXX5936
Khas Khola BGXX1771
Khas Mahespur BGXX1772
Khas Uddhamdi BGXX5937
Khaser Hat BGXX5938
Khaserhat BGXX1773
Khashmahal BGXX1774
Khaskhama BGXX5939
Khaskhasia BGXX5940
Khasmahal BGXX5941
Khaspara BGXX5942
Khastabak BGXX1775
Khathaltali BGXX1776
Khatielpara BGXX1777
Khatla BGXX5943
Khatra BGXX5944
Khatrabiluai BGXX5945
Khaukchari BGXX5946
Khaukhiapara BGXX5947
Khayerdia BGXX1778
Khazaimuni Adam BGXX5948
Kheais BGXX5949
Khechchurpara BGXX5950
Khejurbaria BGXX1779
Khenkarpara BGXX5951
Khepupara BGXX1780
Kherihar BGXX5952
Kherudia BGXX5953
Khewra BGXX5954
Kheyar Hat BGXX5955
Khichara BGXX5956
Khidda BGXX5957
Khidipur BGXX5958
Khidirpur BGXX5959
Khil Para BGXX5960
Khila BGXX5961
Khilchhadak BGXX5962
Khilmeher BGXX5963
Khilpara BGXX5964
Khirakati BGXX1781
Khiram BGXX5965
Khiratala BGXX5966
Khirik Kaba BGXX5967
Khitarpar BGXX5968
Khoajnagar BGXX5969
Khodabaksakati BGXX1782
Khodawandpur BGXX5970
Khodejabag BGXX1783
Khokuani BGXX1784
Kholbandha BGXX5971
Kholna BGXX1785
Kholpatua BGXX1786
Khonanali BGXX5972
Khondakar Char BGXX5973
Khondakarpur BGXX5974
Khondikkapara BGXX5975
Khondok Para BGXX5976
Khontakata BGXX1787
Khord Barahar BGXX1788
Khordanagar BGXX5977
Khordda BGXX5978
Khoshghar BGXX5979
Khosnad BGXX1789
Khrongswepara BGXX5980
Khuchnichora BGXX1790
Khudiartek BGXX5981
Khudukkhali BGXX5982
Khudurkhil BGXX5983
Khuiermukh BGXX5984
Khuizapara BGXX5985
Khukchari BGXX5986
Khularanrpara BGXX5987
Khulna BGXX0005
Khulna BGXX1791
Khunta BGXX5988
Khuntakhali BGXX5989
Khurd Gahira BGXX5990
Khurda Keochia BGXX5991
Khurkarpara BGXX5992
Khurmuripara BGXX5993
Khurulia BGXX5994
Khurumkhali BGXX5995
Khuruskhul BGXX5996
Khushipur BGXX5997
Khuyopara BGXX5998
Khuzapara BGXX5999
Kichhing Adam BGXX6000
Kifaitnagar BGXX1793
Kilarpur BGXX6001
Killapahar BGXX6002
Killarbagh BGXX6003
Kiram Hat BGXX6004
Kiranpur BGXX1794
Kirhiga BGXX6005
Kirtankhola BGXX6006
Kirtipasa BGXX1795
Kishanpur BGXX6007
Kishoreganj BGXX0076
Kishorganj BGXX0077
Kishorganj BGXX1796
Kisinat Karuna BGXX1797
Kisipara BGXX6008
Kismat BGXX1798
Kismat Bauria BGXX1799
Kismat Bhaumahal BGXX1800
Kismat Bhutardia BGXX1802
Kismat Gochara BGXX1804
Kismat Guabaria BGXX1805
Kismat Karimpur BGXX6009
Kismat Khatasia BGXX1808
Kismat Nimdi BGXX1809