Weather Codes for Bahrain

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Bahrain. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abu al `Awsaj BAXX0008
Abu Baham BAXX0062
Abu Saybi` BAXX0063
Ad Dayr BAXX0049
Ad Diraz BAXX0064
Ad Dur BAXX0009
Al Bid`ah BAXX0026
Al Budayyi` BAXX0065
Al Busaytin BAXX0050
Al Gharbi BAXX0003
Al Ghurayfah BAXX0027
Al Hadd BAXX0051
Al Hajar BAXX0066
Al Hamalah BAXX0067
Al Hujayr BAXX0100
Al Janabiyah BAXX0068
Al Jasrah BAXX0069
Al Jubaylat BAXX0101
Al Jufayr BAXX0028
Al Kharijiyah BAXX0102
Al Mahuz BAXX0029
Al Malikiyah BAXX0070
Al Mamtalah BAXX0010
Al Manama BAXX0001
Al Markh BAXX0071
Al Markh BAXX0011
Al Ma`amir BAXX0103
Al Muharraq BAXX0002
Al Muqsha` BAXX0030
Al Musalla BAXX0072
Al Muwaylighah BAXX0031
Al Qadam BAXX0073
Al Qal`ah BAXX0012
Al Qaryah BAXX0104
Al Qurayyah BAXX0074
Al Wasmiyah BAXX0013
Al `Adliyah BAXX0032
Al `Akr BAXX0105
Al `Amar BAXX0014
Al-Muharraq BAXX0006
An Nuwaydirat BAXX0106
Ar Rumaythah BAXX0007
Ar Ruq`ah BAXX0075
As Sakhir BAXX0016
As Salihiyah BAXX0033
Ash Shakhurah BAXX0078
Awadhiya BAXX0127
Az Zallaq BAXX0017
Az Zimmah BAXX0052
Az Zinj BAXX0034
Bani Jamrah BAXX0079
Barbar BAXX0080
Bilad Al Qadeem BAXX0128
Bilad al Qadim BAXX0035
Bu Quwah BAXX0081
Bu `Ashirah BAXX0036
Buri BAXX0082
Dar Kulayb BAXX0083
Dumistan BAXX0084
Ghuraifa BAXX0129
Halah BAXX0110
Halat Abu Mahir BAXX0053
Halat an Na`im BAXX0055
Halat as Sultah BAXX0056
Harbadiyah BAXX0085
Hawrat `Inqa BAXX0018
Hillat as Suq BAXX0086
Hoora BAXX0130
Jabalat Habashi BAXX0087
Jamalah BAXX0088
Jannusan BAXX0089
Jaww BAXX0019
Jidd al Hajj BAXX0090
Jidd Hafs BAXX0039
Jidd `Ali BAXX0112
Juffair BAXX0131
Jurdab BAXX0113
Jusayrah BAXX0020
Kaflan BAXX0114
Karbabad BAXX0040
Karranah BAXX0041
Karzakkan BAXX0091
Kawrah BAXX0115
Khuways BAXX0116
Madinat Hamad BAXX0092
Madinat `Isa BAXX0117
Mahazzah BAXX0118
Mahooz BAXX0132
Manama BAXX0042
Mani BAXX0043
Maqaba BAXX0093
Marquban BAXX0119
Marwazan BAXX0044
Nur Juruft BAXX0094
Oil City BAXX0021
Qalali BAXX0057
Qubayt BAXX0095
Ras Rumman BAXX0133
Rayya BAXX0058
Sadad BAXX0096
Safirah BAXX0022
Salmabad BAXX0120
Samahij BAXX0059
Sanabis BAXX0045
Sanad BAXX0121
Sar BAXX0097
Shahrakkan BAXX0098
Sitrah BAXX0122
Sufalah BAXX0123
Tashshan BAXX0046
Tubli BAXX0124
Umm al Hassam BAXX0047
Umm ash Shajar BAXX0060
Umm ash Sha`um BAXX0048
Umm Jidr BAXX0023
Wadiyan BAXX0125
Zinj BAXX0134
`Ali BAXX0126
`Arad BAXX0061
`Askar BAXX0025
`Ayn ad Dar BAXX0099