Weather Codes for Azerbaijan

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Azerbaijan. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abad AJXX0155
Abadkend AJXX0156
Abaskand AJXX0157
Abaskhanly AJXX0158
Abazally AJXX0159
Abbasabad AJXX0160
Abbasally AJXX0161
Abbasbeyli AJXX4124
Abbasbeyli AJXX0162
Abbasli AJXX0163
Abbasqulular AJXX0164
Abdal AJXX0165
Abdalanli AJXX0166
Abdalli AJXX0167
Abdinli AJXX0168
Abdullausagi AJXX0169
Abdulyan AJXX0170
Abilca AJXX0171
Abilyataq AJXX0172
Abish-Kyand AJXX0173
Abjit AJXX3857
Ablakh AJXX0174
Abrakunis AJXX3903
Abrix AJXX0175
Absheron AJXX0176
Abyshabad AJXX0177
Abyshbeyli AJXX0178
Adakar AJXX0179
Adigozalbegly AJXX0180
Adnali AJXX0181
Adur AJXX0182
Adzhakhur AJXX0183
Adzhakhuroba AJXX0184
Adzhami AJXX0185
Adzhikend AJXX0186
Adzhily AJXX0187
Adzhiyely AJXX0188
Adzhylykhbina AJXX3858
Afatlu AJXX0189
Afurca AJXX0190
Aga-Mirza-Obasi AJXX0191
Agabagy AJXX0192
Agabekalendzh AJXX0193
Agabeyli AJXX0194
Agacanli AJXX0195
Agacqala AJXX0196
Agadzhaly AJXX0197
Agakishibeyli AJXX0198
Agalarbayli AJXX0199
Agalarbeyli AJXX0200
Agali AJXX0201
Agalikand AJXX0202
Agally AJXX0203
Agamali AJXX0204
Agamalioglu AJXX0205
Agamalylar AJXX0206
Agamamedli AJXX0207
Agamammadli AJXX0208
Aganus AJXX0209
Aganz AJXX0210
Agaps AJXX0211
Agaragimli AJXX0212
Agaraimoba AJXX0213
Agarx AJXX0214
Agasibeyli AJXX0215
Agasirinoba AJXX0216
Agaverdioba AJXX0217
Agayazibuduq AJXX0218
Agayri AJXX0219
Agbash AJXX0220
Agbaslar AJXX0221
Agbil AJXX0222
Agbiz AJXX0223
Agbulak AJXX0224
Agbulaq AJXX0225
Agcaqovaq AJXX0226
Agcay AJXX0227
Agcayazi AJXX0228
Agdaban AJXX0229
Agdam AJXX0010
Agdam Qalal AJXX4160
Agdamkent AJXX0231
Agdas AJXX0011
Agdere AJXX0233
Agdere AJXX3904
Agdzhabedy AJXX0012
Agdzhakend AJXX0234
Agdzhuvur AJXX0235
Aghstafa AJXX0236
Aghsu AJXX0237
Agirdzha AJXX0238
Agkend AJXX0239
Agkeynak AJXX4125
Agkilisa AJXX3859
Agkyshlak AJXX0240
Aglykh AJXX0241
Agoshapeshta AJXX0242
Agpilyakyan AJXX0243
Agqiraqli AJXX0244
Agry AJXX3905
Agtala AJXX0246
Agtepe AJXX0247
Agusam AJXX0248
Agyazi AJXX0249
Agyoxus AJXX0250
Agzibir AJXX0251
Ahmadli AJXX0252
Akdere AJXX0253
Akerly AJXX0254
Akhan AJXX0255
Akhardzha AJXX0256
Akhmazkend AJXX0257
Akhmed AJXX3906
Akhmedabad AJXX0258
Akhmedagaly AJXX0259
Akhmedalar AJXX0260
Akhmedalylar AJXX0261
Akhmedavar AJXX0262
Akhmedbeyli AJXX0263
Akhmedlar AJXX0264
Akhmedli AJXX0265
Akhmedly AJXX0266
Akhmedoba AJXX0267
Akhnazar AJXX0268
Akhsu AJXX0013
Akhverdili AJXX0270
Akhzhidara AJXX0271
Akstafa AJXX0014
Ala-Bekly AJXX0272
Alabasli AJXX0273
Alacardirli AJXX0274
Aladin AJXX0275
Alagozmazra AJXX3907
Alakchi AJXX0277
Alakel Kyrykly AJXX0278
Alakhanchally AJXX0279
Alakhmadatli AJXX0280
Alakli AJXX3908
Alakol AJXX0281
Alakurshak AJXX0282
Alasa AJXX0283
Alasar AJXX0284
Alasgarli AJXX0285
Alatli AJXX0286
Alatly AJXX0287
Alazapin AJXX0288
Albalan AJXX0289
Alcabulaq AJXX0290
Alcali AJXX0291
Alchaly AJXX0292
Aleksandrovka AJXX0293
Alekseyevka AJXX0294
Alesker AJXX0295
Aleskerly AJXX0296
Alexeevka AJXX0297
Ali-Bayramly AJXX0015
Ali-Bayramly AJXX4126
Ali-Bayramly AJXX4161
Ali-Mammet-Arab AJXX0299
Ali-Muratly AJXX0300
Aliabad AJXX0301
Aliabad AJXX4162
Aliahaly AJXX0302
Alibeykyshlak AJXX0303
Alibeyli AJXX0304
Alican AJXX0305
Alicqislaq AJXX0306
Alidzhanly AJXX0307
Aliismailly AJXX0308
Alik AJXX0309
Alikasymly AJXX0310
Alikend AJXX0311
Alikeyxali AJXX0312
Alikhanly AJXX0313
Alikulu AJXX0314
Alikulular AJXX0315
Alikuluushagly AJXX0316
Alimadatly AJXX0317
Alimadtli AJXX0318
Alimardanly AJXX0319
Alinagylar AJXX0320
Alinazarli AJXX0321
Alincali AJXX0322
Alirzalar AJXX0323
Alisoltanly AJXX0324
Aliyanly AJXX0325
Aliyetmazli AJXX0326
Allahqulular AJXX0327
Allahyarli AJXX0328
Allar AJXX0329
Allykend AJXX0330
Almagovlu AJXX0331
Almali AJXX0332
Almaliq AJXX0333
Almalitala AJXX0334
Almaly AJXX0335
Almu AJXX0336
Alolar AJXX0337
Alpan AJXX0338
Alpi AJXX0339
Alpout AJXX4127
Alpout AJXX0340
Alpout Pervyy AJXX0341
Alpout-Udzhar AJXX0142
Altanskiy AJXX0342
Altiagac AJXX0016
Altynchy AJXX0343
Alukend AJXX0344
Alunitdag AJXX0345
Alvand AJXX0346
Alxanli AJXX0347
Alxasli AJXX0348
Alxasoba AJXX0349
Aly-Bayramly AJXX0350
Alyagi AJXX3909
Alyam-Beyly AJXX0351
Alyar AJXX0352
Alyat AJXX0017
Alyaty AJXX0353
Alybeyli AJXX0354
Alybeyli Vtoryye AJXX0355
Alych AJXX0356
Alykend AJXX0359
Alyshanly AJXX0360
Alyshar AJXX3910
Alyushagy AJXX0361
Amanli AJXX0362
Amaras AJXX0363
Amarkend AJXX0364
Ambizlyar AJXX0365
Ambu AJXX0366
Ameni-Kend AJXX0367
Amiralar AJXX0368
Amirallar AJXX0369
Amirdzhan AJXX0370
Amirturba AJXX0371
Amirvan AJXX0372
Amirzeitli AJXX0373
Amsar AJXX0374
Anbabu AJXX0375
Ancaqov AJXX0376
Andreyevka AJXX0377
Andurma AJXX0378
Angelan AJXX0379
Angevul AJXX0380
Anykh AJXX0018
Anykh-Kishlag AJXX0381
Anykhoba Pervaya AJXX0382
Anzolu AJXX0383
Anzov AJXX0384
Aprelya AJXX0385
Arab AJXX0386
Arab Yengidzha AJXX3911
Arab-Babaly AJXX0387
Arabaci AJXX0388
Arabacilar AJXX0389
Arabbabirkhanly AJXX0390
Arabbasra AJXX0391
Arabbazarly AJXX0392
Arabkadym AJXX0395
Arabkardashbeyli AJXX0396
Arabkhana AJXX0397
Arablyar AJXX0398
Arabmekhtibeyli AJXX0399
Arabodzhagy AJXX0400
Arabsarvan AJXX0401
Arabshakhverdi AJXX0402
Arabshalbash AJXX0403
Arabsheki AJXX0404
Arabushagy AJXX0405
Arakit AJXX0406
Arakul AJXX0407
Aran AJXX0408
Aranli AJXX0409
Aranzami AJXX0410
Aras AJXX0411
Aratkend Pervyy AJXX0412
Aratkend Vtoroy AJXX0413
Aravsa AJXX3912
Arayatli AJXX0414
Araz Dilagarda AJXX0415
Araz Zargyar AJXX0416
Arazbari AJXX0417
Arazin AJXX3913
Arbatan AJXX3914
Arbatan AJXX0418
Archiman AJXX0419
Archivan AJXX0019
Ardamova AJXX0420
Ardashevi AJXX0421
Ardicli AJXX0422
Argyunash AJXX0423
Arinc AJXX3915
Ariqdam AJXX0424
Ariqiran AJXX0425
Arisu AJXX0426
Arkewan AJXX0427
Arkhangelovka AJXX0428
Armen-Keno AJXX0429
Armenabad AJXX0430
Armenatkyshlak AJXX0431
Armenavan AJXX0432
Armudlu AJXX0433
Armudly AJXX0434
Armudpadar AJXX0435
Aronovka AJXX0436
Arpagyadyuk AJXX0437
Arsali AJXX0438
Arsilya AJXX0439
Arta AJXX0440
Artapa AJXX0441
Artupa AJXX0442
Artyom AJXX0443
Arus AJXX0444
Arvana AJXX0445
Aryadzha AJXX0446
Arysh AJXX0447
Asadabad AJXX0448
Asadly AJXX0449
Asagi Agcayazi AJXX0450
Asagi Apu AJXX0451
Asagi Astanli AJXX0452
Asagi Aybasanli AJXX0453
Asagi Ayrim AJXX0454
Asagi Bradi AJXX0455
Asagi Bucaq AJXX0456
Asagi Buzqov AJXX3916
Asagi Cardaqlar AJXX4163
Asagi Cibikli AJXX0457
Asagi Curali AJXX0458
Asagi Dasarx AJXX3917
Asagi Filfili AJXX0459
Asagi Gultapa AJXX3918
Asagi Kaldak AJXX0460
Asagi Layski AJXX0461
Asagi Malax AJXX0462
Asagi Maralyan AJXX0463
Asagi Noxudlu AJXX0464
Asagi Oratag AJXX0465
Asagi Qaramanli AJXX0466
Asagi Qaramaryam AJXX0060
Asagi Qarxun AJXX0467
Asagi Qasil AJXX0468
Asagi Quscular AJXX0469
Asagi Remesin AJXX3919
Asagi Sabalid AJXX0470
Asagi Salahli AJXX4128
Asagi Salamabad AJXX0471
Asagi Surra AJXX0472
Asagi Surtan AJXX0473
Asagi Tala AJXX4164
Asagi Yayci AJXX3920
Asagi Yemiscan AJXX0475
Asagi Zeyd AJXX0476
Asagioba AJXX0477
Asaqi Xuc AJXX0478
Asatly AJXX0479
Ash-Kushchu AJXX0480
Ash-Leger AJXX0481
Ashaga Agaly AJXX0482
Ashaga Angelan AJXX0483
Ashaga Dzhalgan AJXX0484
Ashaga Fyndygan AJXX0485
Ashaga-Leger AJXX0486
Ashaga-Seidimly AJXX0487
Ashaga-Zeyzit AJXX0488
Ashagy Andamich AJXX3921
Ashagy Aylis AJXX3922
Ashagy Eskipara AJXX4129
Ashagy Gelenkhur AJXX0492
Ashagy Kharasha AJXX0496
Ashagy Kolgaty AJXX0497
Ashagy Kyshlak AJXX3923
Ashagy Lyaki AJXX0499
Ashagy Oksyuzlyu AJXX0501
Ashagy Rafadinli AJXX0502
Ashagy Uzunoba AJXX3924
Ashagy Yemezli AJXX0504
Ashagy Zeynaddin AJXX0505
Ashagy-Ayyply AJXX0020
Ashagy-Dashagyl AJXX0506
Ashagy-Kyungyut AJXX0507
Ashagy-Mollu AJXX0508
Ashagy-Uchkovash AJXX0509
Ashim AJXX0510
Ashla AJXX0511
Ashurlu AJXX0512
Asiqalilar AJXX0513
Asiqbayramli AJXX0514
Askerabad AJXX0515
Askerbeyli AJXX0516
Askhanakeran AJXX0517
Aski Igrykh AJXX0518
Askipara AJXX0519
Askyaran AJXX0520
Aslanlar AJXX0521
Aslanoba AJXX0522
Asparasty AJXX0523
Asralar AJXX0524
Asrik AJXX0525
Asrikdzhyrdakhan AJXX0526
Assuly AJXX0527
Astaf AJXX0528
Astanli AJXX0529
Astanly AJXX0530
Astara AJXX0021
Astrakhanovka AJXX0531
Astraxanka AJXX0532
Astraxanovka AJXX0533
Atabey AJXX0534
Atakisili AJXX0535
Ataqut AJXX0536
Ataxal AJXX0537
Atbulaq AJXX0538
Aterk AJXX0539
Atuc AJXX0540
Atyemazli AJXX0541
Avaran AJXX0542
Avaranqislaq AJXX0543
Avas AJXX0544
Avaxil AJXX0545
Avchadulan AJXX0546
Avdur AJXX0547
Avilya AJXX0548
Avrora AJXX0549
Avsar AJXX0550
Avun AJXX0551
Avur AJXX0552
Avyarud AJXX0553
Axisxa AJXX0554
Axtaci AJXX0555
Axtaci Sirvan AJXX0556
Axtaxana AJXX0557
Axullu AJXX0558
Axundlu AJXX0559
Axura AJXX3925
Ayakh-Karvend AJXX0560
Aydinbulaq AJXX0561
Aydingun AJXX0562
Aydinlar AJXX0563
Aydinqislaq AJXX0564
Aydynkend AJXX0565
Aygyunli AJXX0566
Ayibasar AJXX0567
Ayritala AJXX3860
Ayyad AJXX0568
Aza AJXX3926
Azad AJXX0569
Azad Qaraqoyunlu AJXX0570
Azadkend AJXX0571
Azapli AJXX0572
Azaru AJXX0573
Azbiokombinat AJXX0574
Azerbaydzhan AJXX0575
Azix AJXX0576
Azizabad AJXX0577
Azizbekov AJXX3927
Azizbekov AJXX0578
Azizbekovo AJXX0579
Azizbeyli AJXX4130
Azizli AJXX0580
Azyrakhmedli AJXX0581
Babadin AJXX0582
Babadzhan AJXX0583
Babakhanly AJXX0584
Babaki AJXX3928
Babakyudzha AJXX0585
Babali AJXX0586
Babalo AJXX0587
Babaly AJXX0588
Babalylar AJXX0589
Babaratma AJXX0590
Babaser AJXX0591
Babashlar AJXX0592
Babayly AJXX0593
Bad AJXX0594
Badakend AJXX0595
Badalli AJXX0596
Badamagach AJXX0597
Badamdar AJXX0598
Badamli AJXX3929
Badamlisu AJXX3930
Badara AJXX0599
Badashkhan AJXX3931
Badzhirovan AJXX0600
Bagali AJXX0601
Bagban AJXX0602
Bagbanlar AJXX0603
Bagbanli AJXX0604
Bagcakurd AJXX0605
Bagchilyar AJXX0606
Bagirovka AJXX0607
Bagla AJXX0608
Bagyrbeyli AJXX0609
Bagyrly AJXX0610
Bagyrsag AJXX0611
Bagyrtugay AJXX0612
Baharli AJXX0613
Bahmatli AJXX4165
Bahramtapa AJXX0614
Bailov AJXX0615
Bakhliyan AJXX0616
Bakhrud AJXX3932
Bakhshyly AJXX0617
Bakhtiyarly AJXX0618
Bakhyarkiyatag AJXX0619
Bakixanov AJXX0620
Baku AJXX0001
Bala Begmenli AJXX0621
Bala Cafarli AJXX4131
Bala Goyuslu AJXX0622
Bala Hasimxanli AJXX0623
Bala Kadzhar AJXX0624
Bala Kengerli AJXX0625
Bala Qusar AJXX0626
Bala Qusarqislaq AJXX0627
Bala Soltanli AJXX0628
Bala Soyudlu AJXX0629
Bala Surra AJXX0630
Bala Teklya AJXX0631
Bala-Dekkya AJXX0632
Bala-Gasanly AJXX0633
Bala-Kurtlar AJXX0634
Bala-Muradkhan AJXX0635
Balabant AJXX0636
Balaca Hamya AJXX0637
Balakend AJXX0640
Balakhani AJXX0641
Balakurd AJXX0642
Balbau AJXX0643
Balchyly AJXX0644
Baldirganli AJXX0645
Balik AJXX0646
Baliqcilar AJXX0647
Baliton AJXX0648
Ballar AJXX0649
Ballica AJXX0650
Balliqaya AJXX0651
Ballydzhaly AJXX0652
Baltali AJXX0653
Balvari AJXX0654
Balyand AJXX0655
Balykaya AJXX0656
Bananiyar AJXX3933
Banazur AJXX0657
Banbasi AJXX0658
Bank AJXX0023
Baqqal AJXX0659
Baqqalli AJXX0660
Baraxum AJXX0661
Barda AJXX0024
Bargyushad AJXX0662
Bargyushat AJXX0663
Barkhalbina AJXX4166
Barmy AJXX0664
Barsum AJXX0665
Bartaz AJXX0666
Barum AJXX0667
Barzavu AJXX0668
Bas Dasagil AJXX0669
Bas Goynuk AJXX0670
Bas Kaldak AJXX0671
Bas Layski AJXX0672
Bas Sabalid AJXX0673
Basarat AJXX0674
Bash Emirkhanly AJXX0675
Bash Giounepaia AJXX0676
Bash-Geynyuk AJXX0025
Bash-Karvend AJXX0677
Bash-Khynysly AJXX0678
Bash-Kyungyut AJXX0679
Bash-Zeyzit AJXX0680
Bashdiza AJXX3934
Bashirbeyli AJXX0681
Bashkend AJXX0682
Bashmalakh AJXX0683
Bashsyz AJXX0684
Baslibel AJXX0685
Basqal AJXX0686
Basqislaq AJXX0687
Bayan AJXX0688
Bayandur AJXX0689
Baydarli AJXX0690
Bayoba AJXX0691
Bayrambina AJXX3861
Bayramkoxali AJXX0692
Bayramli AJXX0693
Bayramly AJXX0694
Bayramovka AJXX0695
Bayramushagy AJXX0696
Bazar AJXX4167
Bazmari AJXX3935
Bedelan AJXX0697
Bedirkala AJXX0698
Bedishkala AJXX0699
Begimli AJXX0700
Beklya AJXX0701
Belisli AJXX0702
Belokany AJXX0026
Benabay AJXX0703
Benevshalar AJXX0704
Berdadzor AJXX0705
Berdavan AJXX4132
Beretbina AJXX3862
Beriyakend AJXX0706
Besdam AJXX0707
Beshdali AJXX0708
Beshdelli AJXX0709
Beshtali AJXX0710
Beyakhmed-Yurdu AJXX0711
Beyazatly AJXX0712
Beydavil AJXX0713
Beydili AJXX0714
Beydilli AJXX0715
Beyi AJXX0716
Beykyshlakh AJXX0717
Beylaqan AJXX0721
Beyli AJXX0718
Beylik AJXX0719
Beylyarkend AJXX0720
Beynalmilal AJXX0722
Beyuk Bozayran AJXX0724
Beyuk Dekkya AJXX0725
Beyuk-Alateymur AJXX0726
Beyuk-Dakhna AJXX0027
Beyuk-Kengerli AJXX0727
Beyuk-Kyshlag AJXX0728
Beyuk-Mumbarak AJXX0729
Beyuk-Oriyat AJXX0730
Beyuk-Pirelli AJXX0731
Beyuk-Sogyutlyu AJXX0732
Beyuk-Sovla AJXX0733
Beyukkend AJXX0734
Bibi-Eybat AJXX0735
Bibinoni AJXX0736
Bichenek AJXX3936
Bico AJXX0737
Bideyiz AJXX0738
Bidzhov AJXX0028
Bilajari AJXX0740
Bilajer AJXX0741
Bilbilyak AJXX0742
Bildirchinli AJXX0743
Bilistan AJXX0744
Bilix AJXX0745
Bilyadzhik AJXX0747
Bilyasan AJXX0748
Bilyasar AJXX0749
Bilyasuvar AJXX0029
Bilyav AJXX3937
Bilyavar AJXX0750
Binagadi AJXX0751
Binasli AJXX0752
Binelyar AJXX0753
Biny Selo AJXX0754
Bir May AJXX0755
Birgez AJXX0756
Birinci Agali AJXX0757
Birinci Aral AJXX0758
Birinci Asiqli AJXX0759
Birinci Cagan AJXX0760
Birinci Mahmudlu AJXX0761
Birinci Mayak AJXX0762
Birinci Meyniman AJXX0763
Birinci Milli AJXX0764
Birinci Pasali AJXX0765
Birinci Qarali AJXX0766
Birinci Sixli AJXX4133
Birinci Tigiq AJXX0767
Birinci Udullu AJXX0768
Birinci Yeniyol AJXX0769
Birinci Yuzbasli AJXX0770
Bist AJXX3938
Bizeyir AJXX0772
Bizlan AJXX0773
Bobla AJXX0774
Bobogil AJXX0775
Bodzherevan AJXX0776
Boiady AJXX0777
Boladi AJXX0778
Bolcali AJXX0779
Bollydara AJXX0780
Bolsulu AJXX0781
Boradigah AJXX0782
Boranykend AJXX0783
Borbor AJXX0784
Borsunlu AJXX0786
Boscalilar AJXX0787
Boshchaly AJXX0788
Bostanci AJXX0789
Boyakhmed AJXX3939
Boyakhmedli AJXX0790
Boyat AJXX0030
Boykandul AJXX0792
Boyuk Amili AJXX0793
Boyuk Bahmanli AJXX0794
Boyuk Goyuslu AJXX0795
Boyuk Hamya AJXX0796
Boyuk Kasik AJXX0797
Boyuk Marcanli AJXX0798
Boyuk Muruq AJXX0799
Boyuk Pirali AJXX0800
Boyuk Qacar AJXX0801
Boyuk Qaramurad AJXX0802
Boyuk Samliq AJXX0803
Boyukbayli AJXX0804
Boyukduz AJXX3940
Boyunagyar AJXX0805
Boyxanli AJXX0806
Bozakhlar AJXX0807
Bozalqanli AJXX0808
Bozavand AJXX0809
Bozavend AJXX0810
Bozayran AJXX0811
Bozbina AJXX4168
Bozguney AJXX0812
Bozlu AJXX0813
Bozum AJXX0814
Bucaq AJXX0815
Buchagar AJXX3863
Budagdere AJXX0816
Budenovka AJXX0817
Buduq AJXX0818
Bugur AJXX0819
Bulaqotagi AJXX0821
Bulduq AJXX0822
Bulgan AJXX3941
Bululduz AJXX0823
Bulutan AJXX0824
Bum AJXX0825
Bunud AJXX0826
Bunyadli AJXX0827
Bunyadly AJXX0828
Buravar AJXX0829
Burgu AJXX0830
Burkandul AJXX0831
Burovdal AJXX0832
Bursut AJXX0833
Buruc AJXX0834
Burunlu AJXX0835
Burunqovaq AJXX0836
Burvit AJXX0837
Burzubend AJXX0838
Burzunbul AJXX0839
Buynuz AJXX0840
Buzluq AJXX0841
Buzovna AJXX0842
Byaderli AJXX0843
Byagliaty AJXX3942
Byandovan AJXX0844
Byardzhan AJXX0845
Byazirkhana AJXX0846
Bygyr AJXX0847
Byulbyuti AJXX0848
Byulevlik AJXX0849
Byursyulyum AJXX0850
Byuyuk-Dakhne AJXX0851
Cabani AJXX0852
Cagazur AJXX0853
Cagazur AJXX3943
Calaberti AJXX0854
Calayir AJXX0855
Calburun AJXX0856
Caldas AJXX0857
Calli AJXX0858
Calut AJXX0859
Calxanqala AJXX3944
Camaldin AJXX3945
Canali AJXX4135
Canaqbulaq AJXX0860
Canavarli AJXX0861
Canaxir AJXX0862
Canbar AJXX0863
Candaxar AJXX0864
Canlibel AJXX0865
Canubi AJXX0866
Canyataq AJXX0867
Capagan AJXX0868
Caparli AJXX0869
Caqar AJXX0870
Car AJXX4169
Carah AJXX0871
Cardam AJXX0872
Cardaqli AJXX0873
Carli AJXX0874
Carxacu AJXX0875
Carxan AJXX0876
Carxana AJXX0877
Carxi AJXX0878
Catax AJXX0879
Cavad AJXX0880
Cavadabad AJXX3946
Cavahirli AJXX0881
Caxcaxli AJXX0882
Caxirli AJXX0883
Caxmaqli AJXX0884
Cay Qaraqasli AJXX0885
Cay Qaraqoyunlu AJXX0886
Cay Qurbanci AJXX0887
Cay Tumas AJXX0888
Cayarxi AJXX0889
Caykand AJXX0890
Caylaqqala AJXX0891
Cayli AJXX4136
Cayli AJXX0892
Cayli Kommuna AJXX4137
Cayqovusan AJXX0893
Cayrud AJXX0894
Cek AJXX0895
Celov AJXX0896
Ceyldag AJXX0897
Ceyranbatan AJXX0898
Chakhar AJXX0900
Chakhmakh-Bina AJXX0901
Chakhyrly AJXX0902
Chalagan-Gyuney AJXX0903
Chalovlu AJXX0904
Chalovly AJXX0905
Chanakhbulak AJXX0906
Chanakhchy AJXX0907
Chandakhar AJXX0908
Chapand AJXX0909
Chapayevka AJXX0910
Chapayevka AJXX3947
Chapli AJXX0911
Charchibogan AJXX3948
Chardakhly AJXX0031
Chardzha AJXX0912
Charectar AJXX0913
Charkhy AJXX0032
Charmimazar AJXX0914
Chartayaz AJXX0915
Chartepe AJXX0916
Chay-Karali AJXX0917
Chay-Rasullu AJXX0918
Chaykend AJXX0919
Chayly AJXX0920
Chayuzi AJXX0921
Chederovtala AJXX3864
Cheildag AJXX0033
Chelsorsor AJXX0923
Chelyabilyar AJXX0924
Chemberekhach AJXX0925
Chemen AJXX0926
Chemenli AJXX0927
Chenakhchi AJXX0928
Chereke AJXX0929
Chereken AJXX0930
Chereli AJXX0931
Chernyy Gorod AJXX0932
Cheshmabasar AJXX3949
Cheshman AJXX0933
Chetgyun AJXX0934
Chilegir AJXX0935
Chinar AJXX0936
Chinari AJXX0937
Chirkinli AJXX0938
Chiyni AJXX0939
Chobankend AJXX0940
Chobankerakhmez AJXX0941
Chokakoba AJXX4170
Cholarb AJXX0942
Chopedere AJXX0943
Chovranly AJXX0944
Chudulobina AJXX4171
Chugunlu AJXX0945
Chukhur-Kebele AJXX0946
Chukhur-Zami AJXX0947
Chukhurmakhla AJXX0948
Chukhuroba AJXX0949
Chukhurtala AJXX0950
Chullu AJXX0951
Chygyrgan AJXX0952
Chyragly AJXX0953
Chyrakhly AJXX0954
Cibir AJXX0955
Cigatay AJXX0956
Cigatelli AJXX0957
Cildiran AJXX0958
Cilfir AJXX0959
Cilovdarli AJXX0960
Cilovxanli AJXX0961
Cimcimax AJXX4172
Cimcimli AJXX0962
Cimi AJXX0963
Cinarlar AJXX0964
Cinarli AJXX0965
Cinartala AJXX0966
Cinli Boluslu AJXX0967
Cinli Zeynalli AJXX0968
Ciragidzor AJXX0969
Ciraq AJXX0970
Ciraqdara AJXX0971
Ciraquz AJXX0972
Cirax AJXX0973
Cirdaxan AJXX0974
Cirimbel AJXX0975
Cisti Klyuc AJXX0976
Ciyni AJXX0977
Coban Abdalli AJXX0978
Cobankol AJXX4173
Cobansignaq AJXX0979
Col Besdali AJXX0980
Col Dallak AJXX0981
Colaxli AJXX0982
Comaxtur AJXX3950
Coni AJXX0983
Corat AJXX0984
Corlu AJXX0985
Corman AJXX0986
Cormanli AJXX0987
Covdar AJXX0988
Cucuk AJXX0989
Cudulu AJXX0990
Culfa AJXX3951
Cullu AJXX0991
Culyan AJXX0992
Cumay AJXX0993
Cunut AJXX0994
Cutcu AJXX0995
Cuvarli AJXX0996
Cuvas AJXX0997
Cuxanli AJXX0998
Cuxuryurd AJXX0999
Dadali AJXX1000
Dadaly AJXX1001
Dadashbeyli AJXX1002
Dadva AJXX1003
Dag Bilici AJXX1004
Dag Quscu AJXX1005
Dag Tumas AJXX1006
Dagdagan AJXX1007
Dagirmandag AJXX1008
Dagkesaman AJXX4138
Dagkhilya AJXX1009
Dagkolany AJXX1010
Dagraz AJXX1011
Dagrov AJXX1012
Dagustu AJXX1013
Daguzi AJXX1014
Dahna AJXX1015
Dali Quscu AJXX1016
Dalikaya AJXX1017
Dalikly AJXX1018
Dalimamedli AJXX1019
Dalitire AJXX1020
Dallyar AJXX1021
Dallyar Dzheir AJXX0034
Dambulaq AJXX1022
Damcili AJXX1023
Damgali AJXX1024
Damircilar AJXX4139
Damirli AJXX1025
Damirlou AJXX1026
Damlamaca AJXX1027
Damychldam AJXX1028
Danaci AJXX0035
Danalar AJXX1029
Danaqirt AJXX3952
Danayer AJXX1030
Dandix AJXX1031
Dangyaband AJXX1032
Danyeri AJXX3953
Danzik AJXX3954
Dar AJXX3955
Daran AJXX1033
Dardere AJXX1034
Dardoqqaz AJXX4174
Dargalar AJXX1035
Darylyk AJXX1036
Daryurd AJXX1037
Das Salahli AJXX4140
Dasalti AJXX1038
Dasbulaq AJXX1039
Dasca AJXX1040
Dash-Salakhly AJXX0036
Dashalfy AJXX1041
Dashbashy AJXX1042
Dashdemirbeyli AJXX1043
Dashkesan AJXX0037
Dashkhartan AJXX3956
Dashtaog AJXX1044
Dashushen AJXX1045
Dashveysaly AJXX1046
Dashyuz AJXX1047
Dasli AJXX1048
Dasli Calgan AJXX1049
Dasliyataq AJXX1050
Dasta AJXX0038
Dastatuk AJXX1051
Dasuz AJXX1052
Davaradibi AJXX1053
Davidonu AJXX1054
Davudlu AJXX1055
Daxar AJXX1056
Dayakarabulak AJXX1057
Daygyan AJXX1058
Dayikazimli AJXX1059
Daymadagyldy AJXX1060
Dayrmanly AJXX1061
Dayykend AJXX1062
Dedegyunesh AJXX1063
Dedeli AJXX1064
Dekhne-Khalil AJXX1065
Dekkyaoba AJXX1066
Delali AJXX1067
Dellar AJXX1068
Dellyakli AJXX1069
Dellyaklyar AJXX1070
Dellyakoba AJXX1071
Deman AJXX1072
Demirchi AJXX1073
Demirchi AJXX3957
Demirchidam AJXX1074
Demirchilyar AJXX4141
Demirchilyar AJXX1075
Denyuk-Kurukhly AJXX1076
Deqadi AJXX1077
Dera-Chichi AJXX1079
Dere-Khynysly AJXX1080
Dere-Zorat AJXX1081
Derebeyli AJXX1082
Deredzhannetli AJXX1083
Derekend AJXX3958
Derekend AJXX1084
Derekerkench AJXX1085
Derekyshlak AJXX1086
Derk AJXX1087
Dervishlyar AJXX3959
Derzili AJXX1089
Desdahat AJXX1090
Deshkesen AJXX1091
Deymadagly AJXX1092
Deymedagyly AJXX1093
Deymedere AJXX1094
Dezdamesha AJXX1095
Dezhal AJXX1096
Diadin AJXX3960
Didivar AJXX3961
Digah AJXX1097
Digahoba AJXX1098
Digov AJXX1099
Digyakh AJXX1100
Dikdas AJXX1101
Dilagarda AJXX1102
Dilanchilar AJXX1103
Dilmamedli AJXX0039
Dilman AJXX1104
Dimitrovka AJXX1105
Diqo AJXX1106
Dirnis AJXX3962
Dirvellyar AJXX1107
Diryan AJXX1108
Disar AJXX3963
Divagac AJXX1109
Divanalilar AJXX1110
Divanli AJXX1111
Divichi AJXX0040
Divichibazar AJXX1112
Diyalli AJXX1113
Diza AJXX3964
Dizavar AJXX1114
Dizaxli AJXX1115
Dokshin AJXX1116
Dolanlar AJXX1117
Dollyar AJXX1118
Dollyar-Dzhagir AJXX1119
Dolu AJXX1120
Dolyar AJXX1121
Donbabina AJXX4175
Dondar Quscu AJXX1122
Dondar-Azaply AJXX1123
Dondarli AJXX1124
Dondarly AJXX1125
Donguli AJXX1126
Dorduncu Barak AJXX1127
Dorosat AJXX3965
Dortcinar AJXX1128
Dortlyar AJXX1129
Doshulu AJXX1130
Dostafyur AJXX1131
Dostagir AJXX1132
Dostar AJXX1133
Dosti AJXX3966
Dovlyatalybeyli AJXX1134
Dovlyatyarly AJXX1135
Dovrushlu AJXX1136
Dovsanli AJXX1137
Dozular AJXX1138
Druz-Iki AJXX1139
Dudukchi AJXX1140
Dunyamalilar AJXX1141
Duriya AJXX1142
Durqan AJXX1143
Duvaryan AJXX1144
Duz Bilici AJXX1145
Duz Cirdaxan AJXX1146
Duzanlik AJXX1147
Duztahir AJXX1148
Duztahiroba AJXX1149
Duzyurd AJXX1150
Dyudengya AJXX3967
Dyukyarli AJXX1152
Dyuman AJXX1153
Dyurdzhe AJXX1154
Dyuylyun AJXX3968
Dyuzkyrykly AJXX1155
Dyuzkyshlak AJXX1156
Dyuzrasullu AJXX1157
Dzagam AJXX0041
Dzerjinovka AJXX1158
Dzhabar AJXX1159
Dzhafarabad AJXX1160
Dzhafarbeyli AJXX1161
Dzhafarkhan AJXX1162
Dzhafarkhanly AJXX1163
Dzhafarli AJXX1165
Dzhafarly AJXX1166
Dzhagir AJXX1168
Dzhagirli AJXX1169
Dzhakhangirbeyli AJXX1170
Dzhakhri AJXX3969
Dzhalair AJXX1171
Dzhalayir AJXX1172
Dzhalilabad AJXX0042
Dzhalilkend AJXX3970
Dzhama-Shair AJXX1173
Dzhamdzhamly AJXX1174
Dzhamilli AJXX1175
Dzhamillu AJXX1177
Dzhanarly AJXX1178
Dzhandzhan AJXX1179
Dzhangi AJXX1180
Dzhango-Miran AJXX1181
Dzhangonavut AJXX1182
Dzhangyan AJXX1183
Dzhardu AJXX1184
Dzhavadkhanly AJXX1185
Dzheirli AJXX1186
Dzheiyrli AJXX1187
Dzhelilli AJXX1188
Dzheyirli AJXX1190
Dzheyli AJXX1191
Dzheyrankechmaz AJXX1192
Dzheyranly AJXX1193
Dzhidzhimli AJXX1195
Dzhigli AJXX1196
Dzhilan AJXX1197
Dzhinli AJXX1198
Dzhinly AJXX1199
Dzhirdek AJXX1200
Dzhodzhukh AJXX1201
Dzhomart AJXX1203
Dzhovlan AJXX1204
Dzhuva AJXX1205
Dzhyrkurt AJXX1206
Dzhyumshyudlyu AJXX1207
Edilli AJXX1208
Edisa AJXX1209
Edisha AJXX1210
Efendilyar AJXX1211
Eger-Yurt AJXX1212
Eibat AJXX1213
Ekhshem AJXX1214
Eklizlyar AJXX1215
Elvazlu AJXX1217
Emberchay AJXX1218
Eminli AJXX1219
Emir AJXX1220
Emirarkh AJXX1221
Emirkhanly AJXX1222
Emirli AJXX1223
Emirmakhmud AJXX1224
Emirvar AJXX1225
Emirvarly AJXX1226
Engekharan AJXX1227
Engelskand AJXX1228
Enishdibi AJXX1229
Erikli AJXX1230
Eriknaz AJXX1231
Erkec AJXX1232
Ermenet AJXX1233
Ermenibazar AJXX1234
Ermyaki AJXX1235
Erzikyush AJXX1236
Eshakchi AJXX1237
Eshlya AJXX1238
Etchelyar AJXX1239
Evazli AJXX1240
Evedzhyuk AJXX1241
Evoglu AJXX1243
Eyin AJXX1244
Eymur AJXX1245
Eynalli AJXX1246
Eynibulaq AJXX1247
Eyridzha AJXX1248
Eyrivank AJXX1249
Eyubbeyli AJXX1250
Eyvazalilar AJXX1251
Eyvazallar AJXX1252
Eyvazli AJXX1253
Ezgilly AJXX4176
Ezgilly AJXX1254
Fadili AJXX1255
Fakhlul AJXX1256
Fakhraly AJXX1257
Faldarli AJXX4177
Faradzhan AJXX1258
Farakhli AJXX4143
Farrash AJXX1259
Farukh AJXX1260
Farzali AJXX1261
Farzali Kushchu AJXX1262
Farzalioba AJXX1263
Farzaly AJXX1264
Fatalikand AJXX1265
Fatalipeya AJXX1266
Fatmayi AJXX1267
Fatullakyshlak AJXX1268
Fazil AJXX1269
Ferdzhan AJXX1270
Ferkhani AJXX1271
Filfili AJXX1272
Findigan AJXX1273
Fingya AJXX1274
Fioletovka AJXX1275
Firiq AJXX1276
Fisdiqli AJXX1277
Fizuli AJXX0005
Fuqanli AJXX1278
Fuzuli AJXX1279
Gabibkend AJXX1280
Gadzhally AJXX1281
Gadzhalykend AJXX1282
Gadzhi-Eynali AJXX1283
Gadzhi-Karachay AJXX1284
Gadzhi-Mayly AJXX1285
Gadzhibatir AJXX1286
Gadzhyagabeyli AJXX1288
Gadzhyakhmedoba AJXX1289
Gadzhyakperli AJXX1290
Gadzhyalekperli AJXX1291
Gadzhyalekperly AJXX1292
Gadzhybabir AJXX1293
Gadzhybedelli AJXX1294
Gadzhybeyli AJXX1295
Gadzhydzhavadly AJXX1296
Gadzhygatamli AJXX1297
Gadzhyiskenderli AJXX1298
Gadzhyismailly AJXX1299
Gadzhykadirli AJXX1300
Gadzhykarvend AJXX1302
Gadzhymamedli AJXX1303
Gadzhymamedoba AJXX1304
Gadzhyrustamoba AJXX1305
Gadzhysamedli AJXX1306
Gadzhytepe AJXX1307
Gadzhyushagy AJXX1308
Gaftasov AJXX1309
Galma AJXX1310
Gamyali AJXX1311
Gamzali AJXX1313
Gamzali AJXX3971
Gamzaly AJXX1314
Ganca AJXX1315
Ganifa AJXX3865
Ganja AJXX1316
Garandy AJXX1317
Gariban AJXX1318
Garibli AJXX1319
Gariblyar AJXX1320
Gartiz AJXX1321
Gasan AJXX1322
Gasan-Nana AJXX1323
Gasanabad AJXX1324
Gasanbina AJXX4178
Gasaneri AJXX1325
Gasankala AJXX1326
Gasankaya AJXX1327
Gasankaydy AJXX1328
Gasankodzha AJXX1329
Gasanlar AJXX1330
Gasanli AJXX1331
Gasanly AJXX1332
Gashimkhanly AJXX0044
Gatsy AJXX1333
Gavahin AJXX1334
Gavran AJXX1335
Gazarki-Gomer AJXX1336
Gazho AJXX1337
Gedakdere AJXX1338
Gedamish AJXX1339
Gedazeykhur AJXX1340
Gedekkobu AJXX1341
Gedzhagozlu AJXX1342
Gegem AJXX4179
Gegiran AJXX1343
Gekharli AJXX1344
Gelanly AJXX1345
Gelebedin AJXX1346
Genanly AJXX1347
Gendara AJXX1348
Gendere AJXX1349
Genlik AJXX1350
Genzya AJXX1351
Geoglyar-Dag AJXX0045
Geokchay AJXX0046
Geokmaly AJXX1352
Geoktschai AJXX1353
Geraybeyli AJXX1354
Gerger AJXX1355
Germankhana AJXX1356
Germatyuk AJXX1357
Germili AJXX1358
Germiyan AJXX1359
Gersala AJXX1360
Gevdere AJXX1361
Gey-Dellekli AJXX1362
Geyali AJXX1363
Geyalli AJXX1364
Geyarbas AJXX1365
Geyardzhik AJXX1366
Geydere AJXX1367
Geydzhally AJXX1368
Gez-Agzy AJXX1369
Gezlyubulak AJXX1370
Ghazarahogh AJXX1371
Gican AJXX1372
Gidzhadzur AJXX3972
Giga-Chel AJXX1373
Gilah AJXX1374
Gilahoba AJXX1375
Gilakeran AJXX1376
Gilancay AJXX3973
Gilatakh AJXX1377
Gilazi AJXX1378
Gilgilcay AJXX0047
Gilidzhan AJXX1379
Gilvar AJXX1380
Gilyanov AJXX1381
Gindarkh AJXX0048
Girdadul AJXX1382
Girdany AJXX1383
Girde AJXX1384
Girey AJXX1385
Girik AJXX1386
Gobektala AJXX1387
Gobustan AJXX0049
Godakli AJXX1388
Godaksar AJXX1389
Goga AJXX1390
Golyeri AJXX1391
Gomur AJXX3974
Gomuscu AJXX1392
Gomushchu AJXX1393
Goradil AJXX1394
Goradiz AJXX0050
Goran AJXX1395
Goranboy AJXX1396
Goranli AJXX1397
Goravena AJXX1398
Gosanly AJXX1399
Gosmalyan AJXX1400
Govsatli AJXX1401
Goyarx AJXX1402
Goybulaq AJXX1403
Goydara AJXX3975
Goymammadli AJXX1405
Goynuyan AJXX1406
Goysaban AJXX1407
Goytala AJXX1408
Goytapa AJXX1409
Goyuniusnykhly AJXX1410
Goyyal AJXX1411
Gozparaq AJXX1412
Gubi AJXX1413
Gudzhu AJXX1414
Gulgazli AJXX1415
Gulmammadli AJXX1416
Guloglular AJXX1417
Gulyatan AJXX1418
Gulyataq AJXX1419
Gunavsa AJXX1420
Gunduzqala AJXX1421
Guneycartar AJXX1422
Guneyxirman AJXX1423
Gurbulaq AJXX1424
Gurcuva AJXX1425
Gurgan AJXX1426
Gurzalilar AJXX1427
Guseinbeyly AJXX1428
Guseynbeyli AJXX1429
Guseyngadzhyly AJXX1430
Guseynkhanly AJXX1431
Guseynushagy AJXX1432
Guvanil AJXX1433
Guzdak AJXX1434
Gyadik AJXX1435
Gyadikseydlyar AJXX1436
Gyagyali AJXX1437
Gyandov AJXX1439
Gyandova AJXX1440
Gyandzhali AJXX1441
Gyanja AJXX0006
Gyaribli AJXX1442
Gyarsavan AJXX1443
Gyazabakhan AJXX1444
Gyudadzhyugyur AJXX1445
Gyudaklyar AJXX1446
Gyugyavar AJXX1447
Gyugyum AJXX1448
Gyulably AJXX1450
Gyulalan AJXX1451
Gyulamli AJXX1452
Gyuleberd AJXX1453
Gyulevlyu AJXX1454
Gyulevsha AJXX1455
Gyullu AJXX1456
Gyullyuk AJXX1457
Gyulmamedly AJXX1458
Gyulu-Tapa AJXX1459
Gyulyambir AJXX1460
Gyulyazy AJXX1461
Gyulyudzha AJXX1462
Gyulyustan AJXX1463
Gyulyuzanbina AJXX3866
Gyumyurdekhnya AJXX1464
Gyumyushlu AJXX3976
Gyunagyar AJXX1465
Gyunesh AJXX1466
Gyuneykend AJXX1467
Gyuneykyshlak AJXX1468
Gyuneypeya AJXX1469
Gyunkyshlak AJXX1470
Gyunut-Dzhafarlu AJXX3977
Gyurdzhivan AJXX1471
Gyurdzhyulyu AJXX1472
Gyurgyur AJXX1473
Gyurzhyuvan AJXX1474
Gyushyun AJXX1475
Gyusyulyu AJXX1476
Gyuvandik AJXX1477
Gyuvekend AJXX1478
Gyuzdek AJXX1479
Gyuzeychirkin AJXX1480
Hacalli AJXX1481
Hacaqaya AJXX1482
Haci Qaraqasli AJXX1483
Haci Zeynalabdin AJXX1484
Hacialilar AJXX1485
Hacialili AJXX1486
Hacialmuradli AJXX1487
Hacibabali AJXX1488
Hacihuseynli AJXX1489
Hacilar AJXX1490
Hacili AJXX1491
Hacimahmudlu AJXX1492
Haciman AJXX1493
Haciqabul AJXX1494
Haciqaib AJXX1495
Haciqazma AJXX1496
Haciqurbanoba AJXX1497
Haciselli AJXX1498
Haciturali AJXX1499
Hacivar AJXX3978
Hacixanli AJXX1500
Hadrut AJXX1501
Haftoni AJXX1502
Hal AJXX1503
Hamanli AJXX1504
Hamarat AJXX1505
Hamarqislaq AJXX1506
Hamjali AJXX1507
Hamosam AJXX1508
Hapit AJXX1509
Hapitli AJXX1510
Harahaci AJXX1511
Haran AJXX1512
Harov AJXX1513
Hasanli AJXX1514
Hasimxanli AJXX1515
Hat AJXX1516
Havali AJXX1517
Havarli AJXX1518
Havus AJXX3979
Havuslu AJXX1519
Hesan AJXX1520
Heydarabad AJXX3980
Heyvali AJXX1521
Hil AJXX1522
Hilis AJXX1523
Hiloba AJXX1524
Hindarx AJXX1525
Hinqar AJXX1526
Hiramo AJXX1527
Hocaz AJXX1528
Honuba AJXX1529
Honuba Sixlar AJXX1530
Hopurlu AJXX1531
Horadiz AJXX1532
Horavar AJXX1533
Horonu AJXX1534
Horovlu AJXX1535
Hovari AJXX1536
Hovil AJXX1537
Hovsan AJXX1538
Hovuzbulaq AJXX1539
Huseynalilar AJXX1540
Huseynli AJXX1541
Ibadulla AJXX3981
Ibragimkend AJXX1542
Ibrahimhacili AJXX1543
Ibrahimhapit AJXX1544
Ichari Mushlan AJXX1545
Idrisoba AJXX1546
Idrisqislaq AJXX1547
Idzhara AJXX1548
Igrykh AJXX1549
Ikinci Agali AJXX1550
Ikinci Alxasava AJXX1551
Ikinci Aral AJXX1552
Ikinci Asiqli AJXX1553
Ikinci Cagan AJXX1554
Ikinci Mayak AJXX1556
Ikinci Meyniman AJXX1557
Ikinci Pasali AJXX1558
Ikinci Qala AJXX1559
Ikinci Qarali AJXX1560
Ikinci Sixli AJXX4144
Ikinci Tigiq AJXX1561
Ikinci Udullu AJXX1562
Ikinci Yalama AJXX1563
Ikinci Yasma AJXX1564
Ikinci Yeniyol AJXX1566
Ikinci Yuzbasli AJXX1567
Ilanli AJXX1568
Ilisu AJXX1569
Ilkhychy AJXX1570
Ilkhychylar AJXX1572
Imambagi AJXX1573
Imamkulubeyli AJXX1574
Imamkulukend AJXX1575
Imamli AJXX1576
Imamqulular AJXX1577
Imamverdili AJXX1578
Imankulubeyli AJXX1579
Imanlar AJXX1580
Imanly AJXX1581
Imeni Vorovskogo AJXX1583
Imeret-Gerevend AJXX1584
Imishli AJXX0054
Incha AJXX1585
Incilli AJXX1586
Indzha AJXX1587
Inekbogan AJXX1588
Ingiloy Kotuklu AJXX1589
Inilli AJXX1590
Ircan AJXX1591
Irivanly AJXX1592
Irmashly AJXX1593
Isakend AJXX1594
Isaklygirmya AJXX3867
Isali AJXX1595
Isaqbagi AJXX1596
Isaqli AJXX1597
Isaxli AJXX1598
Ishygly AJXX1599
Iskenderbeyli AJXX1600
Iskenderli AJXX1601
Ismailbeyli AJXX1602
Ismayilabad AJXX1603
Ismayilli AJXX0055
Ismikhanly AJXX1605
Ismilli AJXX1606
Ispik AJXX1607
Istibulaq AJXX1608
Istisu AJXX1609
Ititala AJXX4180
Ivanovka AJXX0056
Izmara AJXX1612
Izzhor AJXX1613
Jebrail AJXX1614
Jiloy AJXX3855
Jraberd AJXX1615
Kabaglyar AJXX1616
Kabagtepe AJXX1617
Kabakhdibi AJXX1618
Kabakhtepe AJXX1619
Kachakkend AJXX1620
Kadimkyudzha AJXX1621
Kadmalykyshlakh AJXX1622
Kadymkend AJXX1623
Kadyrly AJXX1624
Kadzhar AJXX1625
Kagoy AJXX1626
Kagramanli AJXX1627
Kagramanly AJXX1628
Kaha AJXX1629
Kakhal AJXX1630
Kakhat-Knel AJXX1631
Kakhay AJXX1632
Kakhi AJXX0057
Kakhramanly AJXX1633
Kakhrylyar AJXX1634
Kaladakhna AJXX1635
Kaladyuz AJXX1636
Kalafalar AJXX3868
Kalafaliq AJXX1637
Kalafli AJXX1638
Kalagayli AJXX1639
Kalakend AJXX1640
Kalantardiza AJXX3982
Kalantaroba AJXX1641
Kalashykhy AJXX1642
Kalataliq AJXX1643
Kalazag AJXX1644
Kalband AJXX1645
Kalentarly AJXX1646
Kalfaradzh AJXX1647
Kalinino AJXX1648
Kalinovka AJXX1649
Kalva AJXX1650
Kamalli AJXX1651
Kamandar AJXX1652
Kamarqaya AJXX1653
Kamenistoye Pole AJXX3474
Kamo AJXX1654
Kamyshly AJXX1655
Kandabil AJXX1656
Kanlykend AJXX1657
Kapanakchi AJXX1658
Kapizdara AJXX4181
Karaagadzhlar AJXX1659
Karaakhmedli AJXX1660
Karabagly AJXX1661
Karabeyli AJXX1662
Karabulag AJXX1663
Karabulak AJXX1664
Karaburdzh AJXX3983
Karadagly AJXX0058
Karadara AJXX1666
Karademirchi AJXX1667
Karadere AJXX1670
Karadyuz AJXX3475
Karadzhalar AJXX1671
Karadzhaly AJXX1672
Karadzhamirli AJXX0059
Karadzhanly AJXX1673
Karadzhyuzlyu AJXX1674
Karagan-Sedi AJXX1675
Karaganly AJXX1676
Karagasanli AJXX3984
Karagasanly AJXX1677
Karagez AJXX1678
Karagodzhaly AJXX1679
Karakala AJXX3985
Karakashly AJXX1680
Karakend AJXX1681
Karakhanbeyli AJXX1682
Karakhanbeyli AJXX3986
Karakishlag AJXX1683
Karakyullug AJXX1684
Karakyuvendikly AJXX1685
Karakyz AJXX1686
Karaly Vtoryye AJXX1687
Karalylar AJXX1688
Karamamedli AJXX1689
Karamamedly AJXX1690
Karaman AJXX1691
Karamanlu AJXX1692
Karamesha AJXX1693
Karasiyazen AJXX1694
Karasu AJXX0061
Karaulkhana AJXX1695
Karaundzh AJXX1696
Karavelli AJXX1697
Karayarka AJXX1698
Karayevkend AJXX1699
Karayldash AJXX1700
Karblyuk AJXX1701
Kardash AJXX1702
Kardashkend AJXX1703
Kargalyk AJXX1704
Kargulu AJXX1705
Karimli AJXX1706
Karkhulu AJXX1707
Karrar AJXX1708
Karukhler AJXX1709
Karvansaray AJXX3987
Karvend AJXX1710
Karykend AJXX1711
Kasum-Ismailov AJXX0062
Kasymbeyli AJXX1712
Kasymkend AJXX1713
Kasymly AJXX1714
Katekh AJXX0063
Katex AJXX3869
Kavdadiq AJXX1715
Kavdar AJXX1716
Kayakend AJXX1717
Kayaldzha AJXX1718
Kayaly AJXX1719
Kazakh AJXX0064
Kazakhbarasi AJXX1720
Kazakhbeyli AJXX4145
Kazanzemi AJXX1721
Kazi-Magomed AJXX0066
Kazidara AJXX1722
Kazimabad AJXX1723
Kazimli AJXX1724
Kazimli Cil AJXX1725
Kazioba AJXX1726
Kazmabudug AJXX1727
Kazmalar AJXX1728
Kazvinoba AJXX1729
Kazykurdaly AJXX1730
Kchuasan AJXX3476
Kebeloba AJXX4182
Kebikeru AJXX1732
Kebirli AJXX1733
Kecalakaran AJXX1734
Kechakli AJXX1735
Kechallyar AJXX1736
Kechalmamedli AJXX1737
Kechasker AJXX1738
Kechili AJXX1739
Kechresh AJXX1740
Kecikli AJXX1741
Kecili AJXX3988
Keciliqaya AJXX1742
Kedabek AJXX0067
Kedalish AJXX1743
Kegna Alvady AJXX1744
Kegna Gegir AJXX1745
Kegna-Kala AJXX1746
Keimaraz AJXX1747
Kekhna-Dakhar AJXX1748
Kekhna-Khudat AJXX1749
Kekonu AJXX1750
Kel-Khalfaly AJXX1752
Kela-Kamar AJXX3989
Kelakhany AJXX1753
Kelaman AJXX1754
Kelami AJXX1755
Kelanly AJXX1756
Kelbadzhar AJXX0068
Kelbasan AJXX1757
Kelenly AJXX1758
Keltakhnaly AJXX1759
Kemally AJXX1760
Kemervan AJXX1761
Kemrakuch AJXX1762
Kenaramesha AJXX1763
Kend Shakhbuz AJXX0122
Kendelyan AJXX1765
Kendkhurd AJXX1766
Kengerli AJXX1767
Kengerlu AJXX1768
Kengorli AJXX1769
Ker AJXX1770
Keravud AJXX1771
Kerbakhiar AJXX1772
Kerche AJXX1773
Kergyady AJXX1774
Kerimbeyli AJXX3990
Kerimbeyli AJXX1775
Kerimli AJXX1776
Kerkench AJXX1777
Kert AJXX1778
Kes AJXX1779
Kesalar AJXX1780
Kesaman AJXX1781
Keshad AJXX1782
Keshishkend AJXX1783
Keshkyu AJXX1784
Keshtaz AJXX3991
Keshtek AJXX1785
Keshtimez AJXX1786
Kesxurt AJXX1787
Ketal-Porakh AJXX1788
Ketam AJXX3992
Ketishen AJXX1789
Kevdadykh AJXX1790
Kevlyudzh AJXX1791
Keynik AJXX3993
Keytikh AJXX1792
Keyuk AJXX1793
Keyvendi AJXX1794
Kezli AJXX1795
Khachaparakh AJXX3994
Khachindorbatli AJXX1796
Khachkend AJXX1797
Khachmas AJXX0069
Khachmaz AJXX0070
Khadzhi-Akhmedli AJXX1798
Khakhollar AJXX1799
Khalabin AJXX1800
Khaladzh AJXX1801
Khaladzh AJXX3995
Khaladzh Vtoroy AJXX1802
Khalafli AJXX1803
Khalafsha AJXX1804
Khalaftala AJXX1805
Khalandzh AJXX1806
Khalatalabina AJXX4183
Khalcha AJXX3477
Khalfakyudzha AJXX1807
Khalfalar AJXX1808
Khalfali AJXX1809
Khalfalikyshlak AJXX1810
Khalfaraddin AJXX1811
Khalifa AJXX1812
Khalilabad AJXX1813
Khalilli AJXX3996
Khallava AJXX1815
Khallydzhaly AJXX1816
Khaltandekhnya AJXX1817
Khamid-Bek AJXX1818
Khanagya AJXX1819
Khanagyakh AJXX1820
Khanakakh AJXX3997
Khanarab AJXX1821
Khandek AJXX1822
Khanegya AJXX1823
Khankarvend AJXX1824
Khankechan AJXX1825
Khankendi AJXX1826
Khanlanty AJXX1827
Khanlar AJXX0071
Khanlarkend AJXX1828
Khanlyk AJXX0072
Khanlykh-Dzhevat AJXX1829
Khanlykpeya AJXX1830
Khanmamed-Bunaen AJXX1831
Khanmamedli AJXX1832
Khanmedty AJXX1833
Khanyly AJXX1834
Kharkhatan AJXX1835
Kharko AJXX1836
Khasadarly AJXX1837
Khasayevka AJXX1838
Khashamadi AJXX1839
Khashy AJXX1840
Khasidere AJXX1841
Khasyly AJXX1842
Khatamlar AJXX1843
Khaysalyar AJXX1844
Khazar AJXX1845
Khazry AJXX1846
Khazrya AJXX1847
Khazvy AJXX1848
Kherkhan AJXX1849
Khila Mirzali AJXX1850
Khintaglar AJXX1851
Khirdalan AJXX1852
Khirek AJXX1853
Khishkadere AJXX1854
Khiveri AJXX1855
Khnushinak AJXX1856
Khodzhakhan AJXX0073
Khodzhaly AJXX1857
Khodzham Saqly AJXX1858
Khodzhavend AJXX1859
Khodzhi-Gasan AJXX1860
Khol-Kilyazi AJXX1861
Kholtazakend AJXX1863
Khorna AJXX3998
Khoshchobanly AJXX1864
Khotovang AJXX1865
Khudaferin AJXX1866
Khudat AJXX0074
Khuduf AJXX1867
Khurama AJXX1869
Khuruushagy AJXX1870
Khush AJXX1871
Khydyrly AJXX1872
Khynnakiran AJXX1873
Khynysly AJXX1874
Khyrdapay AJXX1875
Khyshkadar AJXX1876
Khyzy AJXX1877
Kiberkend AJXX1878
Kican AJXX1879
Kichik Alatemir AJXX1880
Kichik Emili AJXX1881
Kichik Kovlyar AJXX1882
Kichik-Dekhna AJXX1883
Kichik-Gimchi AJXX1884
Kicik Baraxum AJXX1885
Kicik Duzyurd AJXX1886
Kicik Pireli AJXX1887
Kicik Qaramurad AJXX1888
Kijoba AJXX1889
Kilisabugov AJXX3870
Kilisekend AJXX1891
Kiliselli AJXX1892
Kilsali AJXX1893
Kilyazi AJXX1894
Kirabin AJXX1895
Kiren AJXX1896
Kirk AJXX1897
Kirkidzhan AJXX1898
Kirna AJXX3999
Kirov AJXX1899
Kirovabad AJXX0075
Kirovka AJXX1900
Kirovkend AJXX1901
Kirovskiy AJXX0076
Kirzan AJXX1902
Kis AJXX1903
Kishlak Dyubendy AJXX1904
Kishlak Geoglyar AJXX1905
Kitly AJXX1906
Kiyamadynly AJXX1907
Kiyamandynly AJXX1908
Kiyasly AJXX1909
Kizilov AJXX1910
Klych AJXX1911
Kochakhmedli AJXX1912
Kochaly AJXX1913
Kochvelili AJXX1914
Kodzharly AJXX1915
Kogna-Kushchi AJXX1916
Kohna Xacmaz AJXX1917
Kohnakand AJXX1918
Kohunlu AJXX1919
Kokhunly AJXX1920
Kokolos AJXX1921
Kokva-Kolel AJXX1922
Kolani AJXX4000
Kolani AJXX1923
Kolany AJXX1924
Kolatag AJXX1925
Kolayir AJXX4146
Kolayir AJXX1926
Kolkhozkend AJXX1928
Kollu AJXX1929
Kollugislaq AJXX1930
Koloysar AJXX1931
Kolqislaq AJXX1932
Komanli AJXX1933
Komsomol AJXX1934
Konagkend AJXX0077
Konakh-Kent AJXX1935
Konakkend AJXX1936
Konstantinovka AJXX1937
Konullu AJXX1938
Kora-Velly AJXX1939
Korarx AJXX1940
Korcabulaq AJXX1941
Korchulu AJXX4001
Korgoz AJXX1942
Korlar AJXX1943
Kornady AJXX1944
Korpukand AJXX1945
Korpusindiran AJXX1946
Kortala AJXX3871
Korukhlar AJXX1947
Kosa AJXX1948
Kosadzhan AJXX4002
Kosalar AJXX1949
Kosalar AJXX4147
Koshabulak AJXX1950
Koshadiza AJXX4003
Koshaoba AJXX1951
Kotanarx AJXX1952
Kotavan AJXX1953
Koturlu AJXX1954
Koverzeyzit AJXX1955
Kovshutlu AJXX1956
Kovuzbulaq AJXX1957
Koxanabi AJXX1958
Koynashen AJXX1959
Koyunbinasi AJXX1960
Kozdere AJXX1961
Kozlubudzhak AJXX1962
Kozly AJXX1963
Krasnoye Selo AJXX1964
Krasnyy Khutor AJXX1965
Kuba AJXX0078
Kuba-Khalilli AJXX1966
Kubalikend AJXX1967
Kubatly AJXX0080
Kufoba AJXX1968
Kukal AJXX1969
Kukheti AJXX1970
Kulabend AJXX1971
Kulibenka AJXX1972
Kulibinka AJXX1973
Kululu AJXX1974
Kum AJXX1975
Kunshady AJXX1976
Kunxirt AJXX1977
Kur Dili AJXX1978
Kur Qaraqasli AJXX1979
Kurbanefendili AJXX1980
Kurbanzade AJXX1981
Kurd Eldarbayli AJXX1982
Kurd Mahrizli AJXX1983
Kurdbayram AJXX1984
Kurdboragi AJXX1985
Kurdhaci AJXX1986
Kurdmahmudlu AJXX1987
Kurdsaban AJXX1988
Kurgan Kara-Tapa AJXX1989
Kuropatkino AJXX1990
Kursangi AJXX1991
Kurudere AJXX1992
Kurulukh AJXX1993
Kusarkyshlakh AJXX1994
Kusary AJXX0081
Kush-Yengidzha AJXX1995
Kushchi-Gasanly AJXX1996
Kushchular AJXX1998
Kushyuvasy AJXX1999
Kusnat AJXX2000
Kusur AJXX4184
Kutkashen AJXX0082
Kuybisev AJXX2001
Kuybyshev AJXX2002
Kuyubulak AJXX2003
Kuyuderekheshtab AJXX2004
Kuzun AJXX2005
Kuzunqislaq AJXX2006
Kyabirli AJXX2007
Kyadabek AJXX2008
Kyalakhan AJXX2011
Kyalaki AJXX4004
Kyalvaz AJXX2012
Kyalyak AJXX2013
Kyamerli AJXX4148
Kyanagya AJXX2014
Kyandoba AJXX2015
Kyanza AJXX4005
Kyapyanyakchi AJXX4185
Kyapyanyakchi AJXX2016
Kyarana AJXX2017
Kyargelan AJXX2018
Kyarimkuli-Diza AJXX4006
Kyarki AJXX4007
Kyarmachatakh AJXX4008
Kyatuk AJXX2019
Kyavshan AJXX2020
Kylychly AJXX2021
Kylyshly AJXX2022
Kymyrly AJXX2023
Kyraglydzhek AJXX2024
Kyrakh Kesaman AJXX2025
Kyrmyzykena AJXX2026
Kyrmyzykend AJXX2027
Kyrykly AJXX2028
Kyryly AJXX2029
Kyshlag-Zeyzit AJXX2030
Kyshlak AJXX2031
Kyuchakend AJXX2032
Kyucharli AJXX2033
Kyucheyri AJXX2034
Kyudaklar AJXX2035
Kyudyurlyu AJXX2036
Kyudzha AJXX2037
Kyuilyar AJXX2038
Kyukyu AJXX4009
Kyukyurd AJXX2039
Kyulatan AJXX2040
Kyulyulyu AJXX2041
Kyulyus AJXX4010
Kyunchal AJXX2042
Kyupachilar AJXX2043
Kyupchal AJXX2044
Kyur AJXX2045
Kyurabazly AJXX2046
Kyurd AJXX2047
Kyurdabazly AJXX2048
Kyurdakh AJXX2049
Kyurdakhany AJXX2050
Kyurdalilyar AJXX2051
Kyurdamir AJXX4186
Kyurdamish AJXX2052
Kyurdarmir AJXX0083
Kyurdasar AJXX2053
Kyurdkend AJXX4011
Kyurdlyar AJXX2054
Kyurdyuvan AJXX2055
Kyurekchi AJXX2056
Kyurkarabudzhak AJXX2057
Kyurkendi AJXX2058
Kyurkyun AJXX2059
Kyurt AJXX2060
Kyurt-Dam AJXX2061
Kyurtlar AJXX2062
Kyurtmashi AJXX2063
Kyusa-Kyaran AJXX2064
Kyusnet AJXX2065
Kyusnetkazma AJXX2066
Kyuznut AJXX4012
Kyyykhly AJXX2067
Kyzgayytdy AJXX2068
Kyzyl Kengerli AJXX2069
Kyzyl-Burun AJXX2070
Kyzyl-Gadzhyly AJXX0084
Kyzyl-Yulduz AJXX2071
Kyzylavar AJXX0085
Kyzylkend AJXX2072
Kyzylly AJXX2073
Lacin AJXX2074
Lacinlar AJXX2075
Lahic AJXX0086
Lakit Kotuklu AJXX2077
Lallar AJXX2078
Laman AJXX2079
Langi AJXX2080
Lankaran AJXX0007
Laza AJXX2081
Lazilar AJXX2082
Ledzhedy AJXX2083
Ledzhet AJXX2084
Lekino AJXX2085
Lekit Malakh AJXX2086
Lemberan AJXX2087
Lengyan AJXX2088
Leninabad AJXX4013
Leninabad AJXX2089
Leninkend AJXX2090
Lenino AJXX2091
Lenkoran Region AJXX0088
Lerik AJXX0089
Leshker AJXX2092
Lesnoi AJXX2093
Lev AJXX2094
Levakend AJXX2095
Leyti-Kazma AJXX2096
Lezran AJXX2097
Livadirgya AJXX2098
Lizbirt AJXX4014
Loda AJXX2099
Lokbatan AJXX0002
Lopa-Kheyranly AJXX2100
Lovan AJXX2101
Loyti AJXX2102
Luksemburq AJXX2103
Luvasar AJXX2104
Lyak AJXX2105
Lyak-Ikindzhi AJXX2106
Lyakar AJXX2107
Lyakchyplag AJXX2108
Lyaketag AJXX4015
Lyaki AJXX0091
Lyakin AJXX2109
Lyakit AJXX2110
Lyala AJXX2111
Lyalyaagadzhy AJXX2112
Lyalyabagyrly AJXX2113
Lyalyakeran AJXX2114
Lyalyalo AJXX2115
Lyalyapasha AJXX2116
Lyangyabiz AJXX2117
Lyarmaru AJXX2118
Lyazan AJXX2119
Lyazh AJXX2120
Lyazir AJXX2121
Lyulyakeran AJXX2122
Lyulyasaz AJXX2123
Lyuran AJXX2124
Maarif AJXX2125
Macaxi AJXX2126
Mackalasen AJXX2127
Madagiz AJXX2128
Madatkend AJXX2129
Maf AJXX2130
Mafruzly AJXX2131
Magara AJXX2132
Magayny AJXX2133
Magerramli AJXX2134
Mahamalar AJXX3872
Mahmudavar AJXX2135
Mahmudlu AJXX2136
Mahmudoba AJXX4016
Mahrizli AJXX2137
Mahtabli AJXX2138
Makhmudkend AJXX4017
Makhmudly Vtoroy AJXX2139
Makhmudoba AJXX2140
Makhundaly AJXX2141
Maksudkend AJXX2142
Malatkesin AJXX2143
Malay AJXX2144
Malbinesi AJXX2145
Malcak AJXX2146
Malham AJXX2147
Malkhalaf AJXX2148
Malli AJXX2149
Malybey AJXX2150
Malybeyli AJXX2151
Malykh AJXX2152
Malyy Dzhunut AJXX2153
Malyy Shuryuk AJXX2154
Malyy Talysh AJXX2155
Mam AJXX2156
Mamayli AJXX2157
Mamed-Dzhanly AJXX2158
Mamedabad AJXX2159
Mamedagaly AJXX2160
Mamedalylar AJXX2161
Mamedazur AJXX2162
Mamedkasymly AJXX2163
Mamedkhanly AJXX2164
Mamedli AJXX2165
Mamedoba AJXX2166
Mamedrzakyudzha AJXX2167
Mamedrzaly AJXX2168
Mamedushagy AJXX2169
Mamirli AJXX2170
Mamishbeyli AJXX2171
Mamishlar AJXX2172
Mamkabina AJXX4188
Mammadli AJXX2173
Mammedbeyli AJXX2174
Mamrux AJXX2175
Mamusta AJXX2176
Mamyshlyar AJXX2177
Manafoba AJXX2178
Manashid AJXX2179
Mandili AJXX2180
Mandzharoba AJXX2181
Maniklyu AJXX2182
Mansurlu AJXX2183
Maqov AJXX4189
Maqsudlu AJXX2184
Maraga AJXX2185
Maraldam AJXX2186
Maraliq AJXX4018
Maralyansarov AJXX2187
Maramly AJXX2188
Maraq AJXX2189
Maraza AJXX0092
Marazy AJXX2190
Mardakyany AJXX0094
Margushevan AJXX2191
Marksovka AJXX2192
Marsan AJXX2193
Martakert AJXX0093
Martunashen AJXX2194
Martuni AJXX0095
Marushli AJXX2196
Maryshly AJXX2197
Marzasay AJXX2198
Marzygy AJXX2199
Masad AJXX2200
Masadiibisli AJXX2201
Masally AJXX0096
Masanli AJXX2202
Masazir AJXX2203
Mashadishen AJXX2204
Mashanly AJXX2205
Mashtaga AJXX0097
Masioba AJXX2206
Maskharabina AJXX4190
Masliq AJXX2207
Mastaga AJXX0003
Mastail AJXX2208
Mastalybeyli AJXX2209
Masxan AJXX2210
Matsex AJXX4191
Mavas AJXX2211
Maxta AJXX4019
Mayak AJXX2212
Mayis AJXX2213
Mazamli AJXX4149
Mazimqarisan AJXX3873
Mazra AJXX2214
Mazrali AJXX2215
Mazrya AJXX4020
Mazutlu AJXX2216
Mazymchay AJXX3874
Mecidmahla AJXX2217
Medeni Ingilab AJXX2218
Medrese AJXX2219
Medzhidoba AJXX2220
Mehdili AJXX2221
Mehdixanli AJXX2222
Mehmana AJXX2223
Mehrabli AJXX2224
Mehrali AJXX2225
Mekhdikyshlak AJXX2226
Mekhrably AJXX2227
Mekhrili AJXX2228
Mekhtily AJXX0099
Mekhtishen AJXX2229
Melik-Chobany AJXX2230
Melikakhmedli AJXX2231
Melikbally AJXX2232
Melikcanli AJXX2233
Melikkasymly AJXX2234
Melikkend AJXX2235
Melikli AJXX2236
Meliklyar AJXX2237
Melikpeya AJXX2238
Melikumud AJXX2239
Memer AJXX2240
Merdinli AJXX2241
Merdzhimek AJXX2242
Merzengeli AJXX2243
Mesali AJXX2244
Mesasambul AJXX3875
Meshabash AJXX2245
Meshadiguseynli AJXX2246
Meshadiismailly AJXX2247
Meshadikulular AJXX2248
Meshadilyar AJXX2249
Meshaoba AJXX3876
Meshdally AJXX2250
Meshedi-Veliler AJXX2251
Meshrif AJXX2252
Mesles AJXX4192
Mesmalar AJXX2253
Mets Shen AJXX2254
Metsshen AJXX2255
Metstaglar AJXX2256
Meysary AJXX2257
Meyvali AJXX2258
Mezmazak AJXX2259
Mezre AJXX4021
Miadzhik AJXX2260
Miandy AJXX2261
Mican AJXX2262
Michikh AJXX2263
Mikayilli AJXX2264
Mikhaylovskoye AJXX2265
Miki AJXX2266
Miklugunchel AJXX3898
Milabad AJXX2267
Milanli AJXX2268
Milax AJXX4022
Minaxorlu AJXX2269
Minbashyly AJXX2270
Minbasi AJXX2271
Minbasili AJXX2272
Mincivan AJXX2273
Minga AJXX2274
Mingelchaur AJXX0100
Minkend AJXX2275
Mioulkoudara AJXX2276
Miqrelalay AJXX2277
Mir-Bashir AJXX0101
Mirasali AJXX2278
Mirashelli AJXX2279
Mircalal AJXX2280
Mirik AJXX2281
Mirikend AJXX2282
Mirili AJXX2283
Mirimli AJXX2284
Mirizali AJXX2285
Mirlyar AJXX2286
Mirtakhmazli AJXX2287
Mirti AJXX2288
Mirusen AJXX2289
Miryak AJXX2290
Mirza-Akhverdly AJXX2291
Mirza-Useynly AJXX2292
Mirzabeyli AJXX2293
Mirzacamalli AJXX2294
Mirzadzhafarli AJXX2295
Mirzagasanli AJXX2296
Mirzakasym AJXX2297
Mirzakyshlakh AJXX2299
Mirzalar AJXX2300
Mirzali AJXX2301
Mirzalybeyli AJXX2302
Mirzamamedkend AJXX2303
Mirzanagyly AJXX2305
Mirzik AJXX2306
Misginli AJXX2307
Mishkemi AJXX2308
Mishni AJXX2309
Misni AJXX2310
Mistan AJXX2311
Mixaylovka AJXX2312
Mixliqovaq AJXX2313
Miyanku AJXX2314
Mizakkular AJXX2315
Modut AJXX2316
Mohammad Shafi AJXX2317
Mokhratag AJXX2318
Molalan AJXX2319
Molday AJXX2320
Molla-Gasanly AJXX2321
Mollaayrim AJXX2322
Mollaburhan AJXX2323
Mollaburhanli AJXX2324
Mollagasanli AJXX2325
Mollagyullar AJXX2326
Mollahacili AJXX2327
Mollaisalar AJXX2328
Mollaisaqli AJXX2329
Mollakemally AJXX2330
Mollakend AJXX2331
Mollalar AJXX2332
Mollali AJXX2333
Mollamamedli AJXX2334
Mollasixali AJXX2335
Mollavaizly AJXX2336
Mollaveli AJXX2337
Molli-Magerramlu AJXX2338
Moloja AJXX2339
Molotov AJXX2340
Monidigah AJXX2341
Moranli AJXX2342
Mormor AJXX2343
Morukhlu AJXX2344
Moshkara AJXX2345
Mosul AJXX4193
Mosxmhat AJXX2346
Motolayataq AJXX2347
Mozkand AJXX2348
Mucu AJXX2349
Mucuq AJXX2350
Mudri AJXX2351
Mudzhakhbina AJXX4194
Mudzhukh-Kazma AJXX2352
Mugan AJXX2353
Muganciq Muslum AJXX4023
Mugangyandzhali AJXX2354
Muganli AJXX2355
Muganli AJXX4195
Muganly AJXX4024
Muganly AJXX2356
Mughan AJXX2357
Mukhtadir AJXX2358
Mukhtariyat AJXX2359
Mulkulu AJXX2360
Mulla AJXX2361
Mulux AJXX2362
Mumgulqazma AJXX2363
Muncuqlu AJXX2364
Muradalili AJXX2365
Muradally AJXX2366
Muradbeyli AJXX2367
Muradli AJXX2368
Muradxan AJXX2369
Muradxanli AJXX2370
Muratly AJXX2371
Murquzalili AJXX2373
Murquztala AJXX3877
Mursal AJXX2374
Muruqoba AJXX2375
Murut AJXX2376
Murya AJXX2377
Musabeyli AJXX2378
Musakend AJXX2379
Musakoy AJXX4150
Musakyudzha AJXX2380
Musali AJXX2381
Musaly AJXX2382
Musavak AJXX2383
Musayal AJXX2384
Muskapat AJXX2385
Mustafa AJXX2386
Mustafaagali AJXX2387
Mustafali AJXX2388
Mustafaxanli AJXX2389
Mutudere AJXX2390
Muxas AJXX2391
Muxax AJXX4196
Muxtar AJXX2392
Muzaffaroba AJXX2393
Muzdurlar AJXX2394
Muzur AJXX2395
Myasnikovabad AJXX4025
Mygydere AJXX2396
Myudryuse AJXX2397
Myudzhyu AJXX2398
Myudzhyugaftaran AJXX2399
Myugyudzh AJXX2400
Myursagulu AJXX2401
Myursalli AJXX2402
Myursallikyshlak AJXX2403
Myursally AJXX2404
Myurshyudoba AJXX2405
Myushkyamir AJXX2406
Myuskanly AJXX2407
Myuskyurli AJXX2408
Myusyuslyu AJXX0102
Nabran AJXX2409
Nabur AJXX2410
Naburlu AJXX2411
Nadil AJXX2412
Nadirkand AJXX2413
Nadirxanli AJXX2414
Nadzhafali AJXX2415
Nadzhafalylar AJXX2416
Nadzhafkend AJXX2417
Nadzhafkulubeyli AJXX2418
Nadzhaflyar AJXX2419
Nadzhafulibeyli AJXX2420
Naftalan AJXX2421
Naftaluk AJXX2422
Nagazhir AJXX4027
Nagdali AJXX2423
Nagioba AJXX2424
Nagylar AJXX2425
Naibly AJXX2426
Nakhar AJXX2427
Nakhchivan AJXX4028
Namazgah AJXX2428
Namazlar AJXX2429
Namekyash AJXX2430
Namirli AJXX2431
Namyrly AJXX2432
Nanic AJXX2433
Narbagi AJXX2434
Nardaran AJXX2435
Narimanabad AJXX0103
Narimankand AJXX2436
Narimankend AJXX2437
Narimanli AJXX2438
Narimanov AJXX2439
Narimanovka AJXX2440
Narinclar AJXX2441
Narislar AJXX2442
Narliq AJXX2443
Naservas AJXX4029
Nasimi AJXX2444
Nasimikand AJXX2445
Nasirli AJXX2446
Nasosnyy AJXX0009
Navagi AJXX2447
Navahi AJXX2448
Naxcivan AJXX0004
Naxcivanli AJXX2449
Nazarabad AJXX4030
Nazarally AJXX2450
Nazaruba AJXX2451
Nazirli AJXX2452
Neft Daslari AJXX3856
Neftcala AJXX0106
Negram AJXX4031
Nekhrakhalil AJXX2454
Nemirli AJXX2455
Neredzhan AJXX2456
Nerkin Qlicbag AJXX2458
Nerkin-Karagat AJXX2459
Neymetabad AJXX2460
Nic AJXX2461
Nifci AJXX2462
Nigide AJXX4032
Ninalov AJXX2463
Ningi AJXX2464
Ningidzhan AJXX2465
Nisakyala AJXX2466
Nisli AJXX2467
Niyazoba AJXX2468
Niyazqulular AJXX2469
Nizami AJXX2470
Nizhniy Anzyr AJXX4033
Nizhniy Dzhurali AJXX2472
Nizhniy Gyaduk AJXX2473
Nizhniye Kushchi AJXX2474
Nizhniye Nyuady AJXX2475
Noda AJXX2478
Nohurlar AJXX2479
Nohurqislaq AJXX2480
Nokhurdyuzyu AJXX2481
Noradin AJXX2482
Norashen AJXX4034
Norashen AJXX2483
Nord-Ost-Kultuk AJXX2484
Norshen AJXX2485
Novaya Bina AJXX2486
Novaya Teklya AJXX2487
Novdzhu AJXX2488
Novlu AJXX2489
Novo Gyuinuk AJXX2490
Novo-Khaladzh AJXX2491
Novoastraxanka AJXX2492
Novodonetskoye AJXX2493
Novogolovka AJXX2494
Novograzhdanovka AJXX2495
Novoivanovka AJXX2496
Novomikhaylovka AJXX2497
Novonikolayevka AJXX2498
Novoqorelovka AJXX2499
Novosaratovka AJXX2500
Novospasovka AJXX2501
Novotroitskoye AJXX2502
Novoye Chemenly AJXX2503
Novruzally AJXX2504
Novruzlu AJXX2505
Novxani AJXX2506
Novyy Karanlug AJXX2507
Noyabud AJXX2508
Noydun AJXX2509
Nuraly-Kend AJXX2510
Nuran AJXX2511
Nuravad AJXX2512
Nurs AJXX4035
Nurulu AJXX2513
Nusomurya AJXX2514
Nuydi AJXX2515
Nuzger AJXX2516
Nuzgyar AJXX2517
Nyudzhyu AJXX2518
Nyuragyukh AJXX2519
Nyurgyut AJXX4036
Nyusnyus AJXX4037
Nyutakh AJXX2520
Nyuvedi AJXX2521
Nyuydi AJXX2522
Obudzhlu AJXX2523
Ocaqli AJXX2524
Odurakeran AJXX2525
Odzhakhly AJXX2526
Odzhek AJXX2527
Oglanqala AJXX4038
Ogrubulaq AJXX2528
Oguldere AJXX2529
Oguz AJXX2530
Okhakhdere AJXX4197
Oktyabrabad AJXX2532
Okyu AJXX2533
Olcalar AJXX2534
Oleniy Rog AJXX3478
Omaragaly AJXX4151
Oncalli AJXX2535
Ondzhakyala AJXX2536
Orand AJXX2537
Orankala AJXX2538
Oravan AJXX2539
Orconikidze AJXX0108
Ordakhal AJXX2541
Ordavelya AJXX2542
Ordekli AJXX2543
Ordubad AJXX0107
Orta Calgan AJXX2544
Orta Ceyrancol AJXX2545
Orta Giounepaia AJXX2546
Orta Qaracanli AJXX2547
Orta Qasil AJXX2548
Orta Salahli AJXX4152
Orta Xuc AJXX2549
Orta Yemezli AJXX2550
Orta-Karvend AJXX2551
Orta-Lyaki AJXX2552
Orta-Zeyzit AJXX2553
Ortaoba AJXX2554
Ortaqislaq AJXX2555
Oruclu AJXX2556
Orudzhdiza AJXX4039
Osakyudzha AJXX2557
Osgyan AJXX2558
Osmanlar AJXX2559
Osnakeran AJXX2560
Ostayir AJXX2561
Osyedara AJXX2562
Otakhlar AJXX2564
Otaqli AJXX2565
Otmanoba AJXX2566
Oto Kelanly AJXX2567
Otuziki AJXX2568
Otuzikilyar AJXX2569
Ovala AJXX2570
Ovcullu AJXX2571
Ovculu AJXX2572
Oxut AJXX2573
Oylyakulu AJXX2574
Ozhakeran AJXX2575
Padar AJXX0109
Padar-Chala AJXX4198
Paiz AJXX4040
Palciqoba AJXX2577
Palkhash AJXX2578
Palokyat AJXX2579
Pambiqkand AJXX2580
Panakhlyar AJXX2581
Papi AJXX2582
Papravand AJXX2583
Paraga AJXX0110
Paragacay AJXX4041
Parakend AJXX2584
Paravatumb AJXX2585
Parchakhaladzh AJXX2586
Parchy AJXX4042
Parnaim AJXX2587
Pasan AJXX4199
Pavlovka AJXX2589
Pederly AJXX2590
Peisar AJXX2591
Pelekli AJXX2592
Perekischkjul AJXX2593
Perimkend AJXX2594
Perioglular AJXX2595
Pernaklar AJXX2596
Pervanly AJXX2597
Pervyye Nyugedy AJXX2598
Peshtasar AJXX2599
Pesik AJXX2600
Petropavlovka AJXX2601
Petrosashen AJXX2602
Peyaderesi AJXX2603
Peygambar AJXX2604
Peyk AJXX2605
Pichakhchy AJXX2606
Pichenis AJXX2607
Pirabadil AJXX2608
Pirabulqasim AJXX2609
Piraganym AJXX2610
Piragir AJXX2611
Pirakhmedly AJXX2612
Piral AJXX2613
Piramsin AJXX2614
Pirappa AJXX2615
Pirasora AJXX2616
Piratman AJXX2617
Piraza AJXX2618
Pirbeyli AJXX2619
Pirbulaq AJXX2620
Pircahan AJXX2621
Pircamal AJXX2622
Pirekyudzha AJXX2623
Pirembel AJXX2624
Pirgasanly AJXX2625
Pirili AJXX4153
Pirili AJXX2626
Pirilyar AJXX2627
Pirkekya AJXX2628
Pirkend AJXX2629
Pirqaracuxa AJXX2630
Pirquluoba AJXX2631
Pirsaat AJXX2632
Pirshagi AJXX2633
Pirvahid AJXX2634
Pirxana AJXX2635
Pitomnik AJXX2636
Piyadalar AJXX2637
Plankand AJXX2638
Pogosagomer AJXX2639
Pokrovka AJXX0111
Poladi AJXX2641
Poladli AJXX2642
Poladly AJXX2643
Poladtugay AJXX2644
Poltavka AJXX2645
Pombagi AJXX2646
Porsova AJXX2647
Port-Ilic AJXX2648
Poshtbina AJXX3878
Potikhinly AJXX2649
Potu AJXX2650
Potubeyli AJXX2651
Poylu AJXX0113
Pravda AJXX2653
Primorsk AJXX2654
Prishib AJXX0114
Prishibinskoye AJXX2655
Privolnoye AJXX2656
Prorva AJXX2658
Pucuq AJXX2659
Pushkino AJXX0115
Pushtbina AJXX3879
Pusyan AJXX4043
Puta AJXX0116
Pyardagyran AJXX2660
Pyardili AJXX2661
Pyustakasym AJXX2662
Qabaqcol AJXX3880
Qacar AJXX2663
Qadasbina AJXX3881
Qadili AJXX2664
Qadirli AJXX2665
Qafarli AJXX2666
Qagartsi AJXX2667
Qahab AJXX4044
Qal AJXX4045
Qala AJXX2668
Qalaboyun AJXX2669
Qalaca AJXX2670
Qalaciq AJXX2671
Qalagah AJXX2672
Qalagayin AJXX2673
Qalal AJXX4200
Qalaqan AJXX2674
Qalay Xudat AJXX2675
Qalaybugurt AJXX2676
Qalaycilar AJXX2677
Qalincaq AJXX2678
Qamisovka AJXX2679
Qamistala AJXX3882
Qamqam AJXX2680
Qandalar AJXX2681
Qandax AJXX4201
Qapanli AJXX2682
Qara Nuru AJXX2683
Qaraagac AJXX2684
Qaraagaci AJXX2685
Qarababa AJXX2686
Qarababa AJXX4046
Qarabaglar AJXX4047
Qarabagli AJXX2688
Qarabaldir AJXX2689
Qarabaqqal AJXX2690
Qarabork AJXX2691
Qarabucaq AJXX2692
Qarabulaq AJXX2693
Qarabullu AJXX4048
Qaracala AJXX2694
Qaracalar AJXX2695
Qaracalli AJXX2696
Qaracanli AJXX2697
Qaracaycek AJXX2698
Qaracayli AJXX2699
Qaraci AJXX2700
Qaracinar AJXX2701
Qaraciq Zeyd AJXX2702
Qaracuq AJXX4049
Qaracuxur AJXX2703
Qaradag AJXX2704
Qaradagli AJXX2705
Qaradas AJXX2706
Qaradeyin AJXX2707
Qaradirnaq AJXX2708
Qaradolaq AJXX2709
Qaradonlu AJXX2710
Qaragac AJXX2711
Qaragaya AJXX2712
Qaragol AJXX2713
Qaragoz AJXX2714
Qaraguna AJXX2715
Qarahacili AJXX3883
Qaraibad AJXX2716
Qarakazimli AJXX2717
Qarakollu AJXX2718
Qarakolluq AJXX2719
Qaralar AJXX2720
Qaramahmudlu AJXX2721
Qaraman AJXX2722
Qaramanli AJXX2723
Qaramusali AJXX2724
Qaranuy AJXX2725
Qaraoglan AJXX2726
Qarapapaq AJXX2727
Qarapirimli AJXX2728
Qaraqan Saatli AJXX2729
Qaraqan Sixlar AJXX2730
Qaraqasli AJXX2731
Qaraqaya AJXX2732
Qaraqocali AJXX2733
Qaraqoynlu AJXX2734
Qaraqoyunlu AJXX2735
Qaraqullar AJXX2736
Qaraqurdlu AJXX2737
Qarasaqqal AJXX2738
Qarasu AJXX2739
Qarasucu AJXX2740
Qarasuleymanli AJXX2741
Qarasuqumlaq AJXX2742
Qarataglar AJXX2743
Qaratala AJXX2744
Qaratoba AJXX2745
Qaratorpaq AJXX2746
Qaratugay AJXX2747
Qaravalilar AJXX2748
Qaravultomba AJXX2749
Qaraxancalli AJXX2750
Qaraxanli AJXX2751
Qaraxidir AJXX2752
Qarayazi AJXX2753
Qarayeri AJXX2754
Qarayusifli AJXX2755
Qarazancir AJXX2756
Qargabazar AJXX2757
Qargalig AJXX2758
Qarikaha AJXX2759
Qariqislaq AJXX2760
Qarovulustu AJXX2761
Qarqar AJXX2762
Qarqay AJXX4202
Qarqucaq AJXX2763
Qars AJXX2764
Qarxun AJXX4050
Qarxun AJXX2765
Qasabovka AJXX2766
Qasapet AJXX2768
Qasbina AJXX3884
Qasim Ismayilov AJXX2769
Qasimagali AJXX2770
Qasimagli AJXX2771
Qasimalilar AJXX2772
Qasimbeyli AJXX2773
Qasimli AJXX2774
Qasqacay AJXX2775
Qass AJXX2776
Qax AJXX2777
Qax Ingiloy AJXX2778
Qaxbas AJXX2779
Qaxmugal AJXX2780
Qaya AJXX2781
Qayabasi AJXX2782
Qayadali AJXX2783
Qayali AJXX2784
Qaymaqli AJXX4154
Qaynaq AJXX2785
Qaysa AJXX3885
Qaysarli AJXX2786
Qazanbatan AJXX2787
Qazanbulaq AJXX0065
Qazanci AJXX4051
Qazanci AJXX2788
Qazangol AJXX2789
Qazax AJXX2790
Qazaxlar AJXX2791
Qazaxli AJXX2792
Qazaxtar AJXX2793
Qazaxyolcular AJXX2794
Qaziqumlaq AJXX2795
Qazixanli AJXX2796
Qazma AJXX3886
Qazmalar AJXX2797
Qazqulu AJXX2798
Qazyan AJXX2799
Qendaxan AJXX2800
Qesqutan AJXX2801
Qeybali AJXX2802
Qicatan AJXX2803
Qilqlov AJXX2804
Qimil AJXX2805
Qimilqislaq AJXX2806
Qimir AJXX4203
Qincvo AJXX2807
Qindirqa AJXX2808
Qipcaq AJXX2809
Qiraq Muslan AJXX2810
Qiraqli AJXX2811
Qiriqli AJXX2812
Qirizdahna AJXX2813
Qirlar AJXX2814
Qirmizi Bazar AJXX2815
Qirmizi Qasaba AJXX2816
Qirmizi Samux AJXX2817
Qirnizi Oktyabr AJXX2818
Qislaq AJXX2819
Qislaq Abbas AJXX4052
Qivraq AJXX4053
Qiyasli AJXX2820
Qizil Qislaq AJXX4054
Qizilagac AJXX2821
Qizilavar AJXX2822
Qizilburun AJXX2823
Qizilca AJXX4055
Qizilca AJXX2824
Qizildas AJXX2825
Qizilhacili AJXX2826
Qizilhacili AJXX4155
Qiziloba AJXX2827
Qizilqaya AJXX2828
Qizilqazma AJXX2829
Qobu AJXX2830
Qobu Dilagarda AJXX2831
Qobuqiraq AJXX2832
Qobustan AJXX2833
Qocali AJXX2834
Qocbayli AJXX2835
Qoculu AJXX2836
Qodman AJXX2837
Qolovinovka AJXX2838
Qoragan AJXX2839
Qorcu AJXX2840
Qorelsk AJXX2841
Qorqan AJXX2842
Qoruglar AJXX4056
Qoruqbagi AJXX2843
Qorxmazoba AJXX2844
Qosabulaq AJXX2845
Qosaqislaq AJXX2846
Qosaqovaq AJXX2847
Qosasu AJXX2848
Qovlar AJXX2849
Qovlarsari AJXX2850
Qovusuq AJXX2851
Qoxmuq AJXX2852
Qoydan AJXX2853
Qozagaci AJXX2854
Qozbabali AJXX2855
Qozlu AJXX2856
Qozlubulaq AJXX2857
Qozlukorpu AJXX2858
Qriz AJXX2859
Quba AJXX2860
Qubadli AJXX2861
Qubali AJXX2862
Qubalibalaoglan AJXX0079
Qudula AJXX2863
Qulbanda AJXX2864
Qullar AJXX3887
Qullar AJXX2865
Qultapa AJXX2866
Qulubayli AJXX2867
Qum AJXX2868
Qumbasi AJXX2869
Qumlaq AJXX2870
Qumlu AJXX2871
Qurbanci AJXX2872
Qurdlar AJXX2873
Qurdtapa AJXX2874
Quruzmaq AJXX2875
Qusar AJXX2876
Qusarcay AJXX2877
Quscu AJXX2878
Quscu Armavir AJXX2879
Quscu Ayrim AJXX4156
Quscular AJXX2880
Quslar AJXX2881
Qusqara AJXX2882
Qutqashen AJXX2883
Quxuroba AJXX2884
Quycaq AJXX2885
Quycu AJXX2886
Quytul AJXX2887
Quzanli AJXX2888
Quzeyxirman AJXX2889
Rabend AJXX2890
Radzhabli AJXX2891
Ragimagaly AJXX2892
Ragimli AJXX2893
Ragimoba AJXX2894
Rakhmanov AJXX2895
Ramal AJXX2896
Ramana AJXX2897
Ramazan AJXX2898
Ramazanli AJXX2899
Randzhbar AJXX0117
Randzhbarlyar AJXX2900
Rassuly AJXX2901
Rastadzha AJXX2902
Rastamli AJXX2903
Rasulzade AJXX2904
Razalyar AJXX2905
Razqov AJXX2906
Razy-Kend AJXX2907
Rengidar AJXX2908
Rev AJXX2909
Reyna AJXX2910
Rezavul AJXX2911
Rezvan AJXX2912
Riqloba AJXX2913
Rochakhmed AJXX3888
Rodnikovka AJXX2914
Rozdere AJXX2915
Rucuq AJXX2916
Rudakenar AJXX2917
Rus Borisi AJXX2918
Rusan AJXX2919
Rustamly AJXX2920
Rustavi AJXX2921
Rustov AJXX2922
Rvarud AJXX2923
Rvo AJXX2924
Ryuk AJXX2925
Rzalar AJXX2926
Saatli AJXX2927
Sabanli AJXX2928
Sabatkechmaz AJXX2929
Sabir AJXX2930
Sabira AJXX2931
Sabirabad AJXX0118
Sabirkend AJXX2933
Sabirkend AJXX4057
Sabirli AJXX2934
Sabiroba AJXX2935
Sabunchu AJXX4204
Sabuncu AJXX2936
Sachyarni AJXX2937
Sada AJXX4058
Sadafli AJXX2938
Sadatli AJXX2939
Sadavat AJXX2940
Sadinlar AJXX2941
Sadiqli AJXX2942
Safali AJXX2943
Safaqli AJXX2944
Safaraliyev AJXX0120
Safarly AJXX2945
Safarsha AJXX2946
Safikurd AJXX2947
Safixanlar AJXX2948
Safykyurd AJXX2949
Sahagac AJXX2950
Sahbeyli AJXX2951
Sahbuz AJXX4059
Sahhuseynli AJXX2952
Sahliq AJXX2953
Sahmallar AJXX2954
Sahmansurlu AJXX2955
Sahqaya AJXX2956
Sahsoltanli AJXX2957
Sahtaxti AJXX4060
Sahyeri AJXX2958
Sakhali-Kishlag AJXX4061
Sakhlanbad AJXX2959
Saladynly AJXX2960
Salahli AJXX2961
Salahli Kangarli AJXX2962
Salahoba AJXX2963
Salaketin AJXX2964
Salakhly AJXX2965
Salapy AJXX2966
Saldas AJXX2967
Saler AJXX2968
Saliva AJXX2969
Salmanbeyly AJXX2970
Salmanli AJXX2971
Saloglu AJXX2972
Saltaq AJXX4062
Salva AJXX2973
Salyan AJXX2974
Salynchakh AJXX2975
Samadabad AJXX2976
Samanlykh AJXX2977
Sambul AJXX3889
Samedabad AJXX2978
Samedbeyli AJXX2979
Samli AJXX2981
Samliq AJXX2982
Samur AJXX2983
Samuxlu AJXX2984
Sandlyar AJXX2985
Sanjaradi AJXX2986
Sanlik AJXX2987
Sanqalan AJXX2988
Sansachaly AJXX2989
Saplar AJXX2990
Sapnaperan AJXX2991
Saqiyan AJXX2992
Saqolcan AJXX2993
Sara-Ostrov AJXX2994
Saradil AJXX2995
Sarak AJXX2996
Saratovka AJXX2998
Saray AJXX2999
Sarchuvar AJXX3000
Sardakhar AJXX3001
Sardarashen AJXX3002
Sardarli AJXX3003
Saribas AJXX3004
Saribulaq AJXX3890
Sarica AJXX3005
Saricalar AJXX3006
Saricali AJXX3007
Saricoban AJXX3008
Saridas AJXX3009
Sarifan AJXX3010
Sarihacalli AJXX3011
Sarihacili AJXX3012
Sarikoynak AJXX3013
Sariqamis AJXX3014
Sariqaya AJXX3015
Sarisu AJXX3016
Saritala AJXX3017
Sarixanli AJXX3018
Sariyataq AJXX3019
Sarkali AJXX3020
Sarkhadabad AJXX3021
Sarkhanly AJXX4063
Sarkisashen AJXX3022
Sarkyar AJXX3023
Sarkyarlar AJXX3024
Sarov AJXX3025
Sarovlu AJXX3026
Sarsura AJXX3027
Sarukkar AJXX3028
Sarushen AJXX3029
Sarvan AJXX3030
Sarvanlar AJXX3031
Sarxanli AJXX3032
Sary-Kaya AJXX3033
Sarygasanli AJXX3034
Sarygyuney AJXX3035
Sarykhanbeyli AJXX3036
Saryl AJXX3037
Sarymogly AJXX3038
Satiroba AJXX3039
Satrovka AJXX3040
Saumyanabad AJXX3041
Saumyanovka AJXX3042
Savalan AJXX3043
Sayad AJXX3044
Saybali AJXX3045
Seatuk AJXX3046
Sebetlyar AJXX3047
Sedarak AJXX4064
Segyutyu AJXX3048
Seidli AJXX3049
Seidlyar AJXX3050
Seidsadykhly AJXX3051
Sekercik AJXX3052
Sekesham AJXX3053
Selesyuz AJXX4065
Selimoba AJXX3054
Selli AJXX3055
Selyakeran AJXX3056
Semenovka AJXX3057
Separadi AJXX3058
Ser-Abad AJXX3059
Seri-abad AJXX3060
Serteng AJXX3061
Severskoye AJXX3063
Seviyan AJXX3064
Seybetin AJXX3065
Seydan AJXX3066
Seyde-Karan AJXX3067
Seydlyar AJXX3068
Seyfeli AJXX3069
Seyidbazar AJXX3070
Seyidimli AJXX3071
Seyidlar AJXX3072
Seyidlyar AJXX3073
Seyidmahmudlu AJXX3074
Seyidqislaq AJXX3075
Seyidshen AJXX3076
Seylanli AJXX3077
Seysulan AJXX3078
Seytas AJXX3079
Seytdar AJXX3080
Seyudlu AJXX3081
Shabiyan AJXX3082
Shadyly AJXX3083
Shafibeyli AJXX3084
Shafily AJXX3085
Shafran AJXX3086
Shaftakhal AJXX3087
Shagan AJXX3088
Shaglaser AJXX3089
Shagriyar AJXX3090
Shakarly AJXX3091
Shakh-Nazarly AJXX3092
Shakh-Verdylyar AJXX3093
Shakhadat AJXX3094
Shakhkerem AJXX3095
Shakhmetli AJXX3096
Shakhra AJXX3097
Shakhriyar AJXX4066
Shakhsevan AJXX3098
Shakhtakhty AJXX0123
Shakhvelli AJXX3102
Shamakhi AJXX0126
Shambulbina AJXX3891
Shamkend AJXX3104
Shamkhalar AJXX3105
Shamkhor AJXX0124
Shamsabad AJXX3106
Shamsadin AJXX3107
Shangirey AJXX4067
Sharafa AJXX3108
Sharafkhanly AJXX3109
Sharafli AJXX3110
Sharg AJXX3111
Sharifoba AJXX3112
Sharm-Kar AJXX3113
Shatyrly AJXX3114
Shaumyan AJXX3115
Shaumyankend AJXX3116
Shaumyanovsk AJXX3117
Shavlazuza AJXX3118
Shaytanabad AJXX4068
Shayyfly AJXX3119
Shebaly AJXX3120
Shefek AJXX3121
Sheinli AJXX3122
Sheker AJXX3123
Shekerbeyli AJXX3124
Shekerli AJXX3125
Shekher AJXX3126
Sheki AJXX0125
Shekili AJXX3127
Shekyarabad AJXX4069
Shematuk AJXX3128
Sheybey AJXX3129
Shilyavyangya AJXX3130
Shinabant AJXX3131
Shinkyadulan AJXX3132
Shirvanovka AJXX0127
Shishtepe AJXX3133
Shivit AJXX3134
Shivlik AJXX3135
Shivlya AJXX3136
Shiyakeran AJXX3137
Shoki AJXX3138
Shorally AJXX3139
Shorbachy AJXX3140
Shorbanchi AJXX0128
Shorbulag AJXX3141
Shordekhne AJXX3143
Shorkend AJXX3144
Shorokanchel AJXX3900
Shosi AJXX3145
Shotaryz AJXX3146
Shotlanly AJXX3147
Shovut AJXX3148
Shua AJXX3149
Shukdyur AJXX3150
Shukyuragaly AJXX3151
Shukyurbeyli AJXX3152
Shumagir AJXX3153
Shumrud AJXX3154
Shuraabad AJXX0129
Shurakend AJXX3155
Shusha AJXX0130
Shushi AJXX3156
Shushikend AJXX3157
Shushun AJXX3158
Shuvelyany AJXX3159
Shykhakeran AJXX3160
Shykhaliagaly AJXX3161
Shykhamir AJXX3162
Shykharkhi AJXX3163
Shykhava AJXX3164
Shykhbagy AJXX3165
Shykhbey AJXX3166
Shykheybat AJXX3167
Shykhly AJXX3168
Shykhly Vtoryye AJXX0131
Shykhlyar AJXX3169
Shykhymly AJXX3170
Shykhympeshta AJXX3171
Shynykh AJXX3172
Shyukyurbeyli AJXX3173
Shyukyurchi AJXX3174
Siadan AJXX0132
Signax AJXX3175
Silali AJXX3176
Silavanga AJXX3177
Silavar AJXX3178
Sileyli AJXX3179
Siliban AJXX4205
Silyan AJXX3180
Sim AJXX3181
Simada AJXX3182
Simal AJXX3183
Sin AJXX3184
Sincan AJXX3185
Sincanboyat AJXX3186
Siniqkilsa AJXX3187
Sinovli AJXX3188
Sipiyad AJXX3189
Siqalonu AJXX3190
Sirab AJXX4070
Sirabil AJXX3191
Sirik AJXX3192
Sirinbulaq AJXX3193
Siriq AJXX3194
Sirlan AJXX3195
Sirt Cici AJXX3196
Sirvan AJXX3197
Sirvanli AJXX3198
Sirvanovka AJXX3199
Sis AJXX3200
Sispapaqlar AJXX3201
Sitalcay AJXX3202
Six Dursun AJXX3203
Six Salahli AJXX3204
Sixandag AJXX3205
Sixarx AJXX3206
Sixbabali AJXX3207
Sixhapit AJXX3208
Sixhuseynli AJXX3209
Sixlar AJXX3210
Sixli AJXX3211
Sixmahmud AJXX4071
Sixoba AJXX3212
Sixzahirli AJXX3213
Siyabli AJXX3214
Siyaku AJXX3215
Siyaqut AJXX4072
Siyavar AJXX3216
Siyov AJXX3217
Skobelevka AJXX3218
Slavyanka AJXX0133
Sobu AJXX3219
Sofian AJXX3220
Sofukend AJXX3221
Sofulu AJXX3222
Soganverdilar AJXX3223
Sogyutlu AJXX3224
Sokhbetli AJXX3225
Sokhuldzhan AJXX3226
Solban AJXX3893
Solgart AJXX3227
Sollar AJXX3228
Solquca AJXX3229
Soltankend AJXX3230
Soltanli AJXX3231
Soltanly AJXX0134
Soltanmuradly AJXX3232
Soltannuxa AJXX3233
Sonacola AJXX3234
Sonasar AJXX3235
Sonqar AJXX3236
Sor AJXX3237
Sordzha AJXX3238
Sorsor AJXX3239
Sorsulu AJXX3240
Soru AJXX3241
Sos AJXX3242
Sotavar AJXX3243
Sotlanli AJXX3244
Sovetabad AJXX4073
Sovetabad AJXX3245
Sovetlyar AJXX3246
Sovla AJXX3247
Soyukbulaq AJXX3248
Soyulan AJXX3249
Soyuqbulaq AJXX3250
Soyutlar AJXX3251
Spitaksen AJXX3252
Spitakshen AJXX3253
Spyereqon AJXX3254
Sredniy Anzyr AJXX4074
Stalino AJXX3255
Stepan Razin AJXX3256
Stepanakert AJXX0135
Suarasi AJXX3257
Subani AJXX3258
Sucma AJXX3259
Suduq AJXX3260
Sudur AJXX3261
Sukhtakala AJXX3262
Sukovushan AJXX3263
Suleyman AJXX3264
Suleymanli AJXX3265
Sultan AJXX3266
Sultankend AJXX3267
Sulut AJXX3268
Sulutapa AJXX3269
Suma AJXX3270
Sumagava AJXX3271
Sumagavaqazma AJXX3272
Sumaqalli AJXX0136
Sumgait AJXX0137
Sumqayit AJXX3273
Sundy AJXX3274
Suparibag AJXX3275
Suraabad AJXX3276
Surakhani AJXX3277
Surakhany AJXX0138
Suramelik AJXX4075
Suraxani AJXX3278
Surra AJXX3279
Surud AJXX4076
Suruk AJXX3280
Sus AJXX3281
Susanliq AJXX3282
Susay AJXX3283
Susayqislaq AJXX3284
Sust AJXX4077
Susulu AJXX3285
Susuzluq AJXX3286
Sutamurdob AJXX3287
Suvacal AJXX3288
Suvas AJXX3289
Suvat AJXX3290
Suvi AJXX3291
Suvorovka AJXX3292
Suyunush-Aga AJXX3293
Svetlaya Zarya AJXX3294
Sychandzhuk AJXX4078
Sygdash AJXX3295
Sygyrly AJXX0139
Synykhkilise AJXX3296
Syrkhavend AJXX3297
Syrt-Yenidzhe AJXX3298
Syubyutu AJXX3299
Syukhyub AJXX0140
Syundyu AJXX3300
Syunnyulyar AJXX3301
Syusgen AJXX3302
Tagaroba AJXX3303
Tagaser AJXX3304
Tagibayli AJXX3305
Tagilar AJXX3306
Taglabiyan AJXX3307
Tagyay AJXX3308
Tairli AJXX3309
Taka AJXX3310
Takhnali AJXX3311
Taklya AJXX3312
Takyaliakty AJXX3313
Talabi AJXX3314
Talabiqislaq AJXX3315
Talalar AJXX3894
Talis AJXX3316
Talisnuru AJXX3317
Talistan AJXX3318
Tambalau AJXX3319
Tamozhnya AJXX3320
Tananam AJXX4079
Tandul AJXX3321
Tangit AJXX3322
Tangov AJXX3323
Tangyabin AJXX3324
Tangyarud AJXX3325
Tank AJXX3326
Tankivan AJXX3327
Tanriqulular AJXX3328
Tap Qaraqoyunlu AJXX3329
Tapan AJXX3330
Tapkarakoyunlu AJXX0141
Taqaverd AJXX3331
Tarakema AJXX3332
Tarkhanly AJXX3333
Tarnaut AJXX3334
Tarovlu AJXX3335
Tars-Dallyar AJXX3336
Tashkend AJXX3337
Tasmali AJXX3338
Tatalilar AJXX3341
Tatar AJXX3342
Tatarkend AJXX3343
Tatarli AJXX3344
Tatarmagla AJXX3345
Tatlar AJXX3346
Tatli AJXX3347
Tatly AJXX3348
Tatoni AJXX3349
Taxtabasi AJXX3350
Tayifli AJXX3351
Taynaq AJXX3352
Taza Alvady AJXX3353
Taza Silyan AJXX3354
Taza-Abad AJXX3355
Taza-Kend AJXX3356
Tazakand AJXX3357
Tazakend AJXX3358
Tazakend AJXX4080
Tazamakhlya AJXX3359
Tazanovdzhi AJXX3360
Tekekayasy AJXX3361
Tekeshykhy AJXX3362
Teklya AJXX3363
Teklya Mirzababa AJXX3364
Tekyagayasi AJXX3365
Tel AJXX3366
Telavar AJXX3368
Telisli AJXX3369
Telman AJXX3370
Tengyaalty AJXX3371
Terkesh AJXX3372
Terter AJXX3373
Tervakharva AJXX3374
Teshkan AJXX3375
Tesi AJXX3376
Teymurmyuskanly AJXX3377
Teyvaz AJXX4081
Tikanli AJXX3378
Tikanlioba AJXX3379
Tikyaband AJXX3380
Tillyak AJXX4082
Tilyakend AJXX3381
Tinli AJXX3382
Tircan AJXX3383
Tiri AJXX3384
Tirkes AJXX4083
Tirkeshevend AJXX3385
Tivi AJXX4084
Tixli AJXX3386
Tkhkot AJXX3387
Todan AJXX3388
Tofiqi AJXX3389
Toganali AJXX3390
Tomakhly AJXX3391
Tomarkhanly AJXX3392
Tomullu AJXX3393
Tomushlv AJXX3394
Tonasen AJXX3395
Top AJXX3396
Top-Kara-Agach AJXX3895
Topalgasanly AJXX3397
Topalkhasanly AJXX3398
Topbag AJXX3399
Topcu AJXX3400
Toradi AJXX3401
Torpaqkorpu AJXX3402
Tovla AJXX3403
Tovuz AJXX3404
Tsagna AJXX4085
Tsakuri AJXX3406
Tsaxkadzor AJXX3407
Tsitsernavank AJXX3408
Tsmakaog AJXX3409
Tsor AJXX3410
Tuado AJXX3411
Tudar AJXX3412
Tug AJXX3413
Tugay AJXX3414
Tukhnakal AJXX3415
Tulaguvan AJXX3416
Tulalar AJXX3417
Tumasli AJXX3418
Tumasly AJXX4086
Tumbul AJXX4087
Tumi AJXX3419
Turabad AJXX3420
Turaby AJXX3421
Turacli AJXX3422
Turist AJXX3423
Turkan AJXX3424
Turkoba AJXX3425
Turssu AJXX3427
Turyancay AJXX3428
Tusova AJXX3429
Tutabag AJXX3430
Tutapeshta AJXX3431
Tuvikend AJXX3432
Tuyurbina AJXX4206
Tverskoye AJXX3433
Tyukevilya AJXX3434
Tyuklya AJXX3435
Tyuler AJXX3437
Tyuli AJXX3438
Tyulyar AJXX3439
Tyulyu AJXX3896
Tyuntyuli AJXX3440
Tyurk-Khoylu AJXX3441
Tyurkachi AJXX3442
Tyurkedi AJXX3443
Tyurkedy AJXX3444
Tyurkman AJXX3445
Tyurkyakeran AJXX3446
Ucarli AJXX3447
Ucgunqislaq AJXX3448
Uchepe AJXX3449
Uchgyun AJXX3450
Uchoglan AJXX3451
Uchtepe AJXX3452
Udgyun AJXX3453
Udullu AJXX3454
Ujar AJXX3455
Ukur AJXX3457
Ukuroba AJXX3458
Ulacali AJXX3459
Ulashlyshykhly AJXX3460
Ulasli AJXX3461
Ulgan AJXX3897
Ulubab AJXX3462
Uludas AJXX3463
Uludyuz AJXX3464
Umudalilar AJXX3465
Umudlu AJXX3466
Unannovu AJXX3467
Unus AJXX4089
Unuz AJXX3468
Upa AJXX3469
Uqah AJXX3470
Urakeran AJXX3471
Urduch AJXX3472
Urkmezli AJXX4157
Urmis AJXX4090
Urva AJXX3479
Ustacalli AJXX3481
Ustal AJXX3482
Ustupu AJXX4091
Utuq AJXX3484
Uzdenoba AJXX3485
Uzun-Dere AJXX3486
Uzunbabali AJXX3487
Uzunboyat AJXX3488
Uzunmesha AJXX3489
Uzunoba AJXX3490
Uzunqazmalar AJXX4207
Uzuntala AJXX4208
Uzuntala AJXX3491
Uzyumlyukend AJXX3492
Vahidli AJXX3493
Valasin AJXX3494
Valavar AJXX4092
Valilar AJXX3495
Valvala AJXX3496
Vamazqon AJXX3497
Vank Pervyy AJXX3498
Vanklu AJXX3499
Vanq AJXX3500
Vaqazin AJXX3501
Vaqo AJXX3502
Vardanli AJXX3503
Varli AJXX3504
Varli Hayat AJXX3505
Varna AJXX3506
Varov AJXX3507
Vartasenqislaq AJXX3508
Vartashen AJXX0143
Varvara AJXX3509
Varxan AJXX3510
Varzemlyar AJXX4093
Vasa AJXX3511
Vasilyevka AJXX3512
Vaysalli AJXX3513
Vayxir AJXX4094
Vel AJXX3514
Velasli AJXX3515
Velechola AJXX3516
Velemir AJXX3517
Velibeyli AJXX3518
Velikhanly AJXX3519
Veliushakhly AJXX3520
Velyadi AJXX3521
Venend AJXX4095
Venetli AJXX3522
Venlik AJXX3523
Verdakh AJXX3524
Verezet AJXX3525
Vergyaduz AJXX3526
Veri AJXX3527
Verin Qlicbag AJXX3528
Verin Siznek AJXX3529
Verin-Karagat AJXX3530
Verkhniy Guzdak AJXX3532
Vermaziyar AJXX4096
Verxijan AJXX4209
Veylyar AJXX3535
Veysalli AJXX3536
Veysally AJXX3537
Vezhnali AJXX3538
Vezirly AJXX3539
Vilvan AJXX3540
Viravul AJXX3541
Vistan AJXX3542
Viyan AJXX3543
Vizazamin AJXX3544
Vladimirovka AJXX0144
Voitala AJXX4210
Voroshilovka AJXX3546
Vov AJXX3547
Vovlada AJXX3548
Vrikakaler AJXX3549
Vtoryye Nyugedy AJXX3550
Vurgun AJXX3551
Vyzhaker AJXX3552
Xacinabad AJXX3553
Xacinyali AJXX3554
Xacmac AJXX3555
Xacmaz AJXX3556
Xacmazqislaq AJXX3557
Xalatala AJXX3901
Xaldan AJXX3558
Xalidli AJXX3559
Xalilli AJXX3560
Xallanli AJXX3561
Xaltan AJXX3562
Xalxal AJXX3563
Xalxal AJXX4097
Xalxalqislaq AJXX3564
Xanabad AJXX3565
Xanagahli AJXX3566
Xanali AJXX3567
Xanalilar AJXX3568
Xanalyan AJXX3569
Xanlar AJXX3570
Xanliq AJXX3571
Xanliqlar AJXX4098
Xanliqoba AJXX3572
Xanoba AJXX3573
Xanxanimli AJXX3574
Xanyeri AJXX3575
Xanyurdu AJXX3576
Xarxaput AJXX3577
Xarxar AJXX3578
Xaspoladoba AJXX3579
Xatai AJXX3580
Xatinbulaq AJXX3581
Xatinli AJXX3582
Xatman AJXX3583
Xersonovka AJXX3584
Xicaso AJXX3585
Xil AJXX3586
Xilli AJXX3587
Xilmilli AJXX3588
Xilxina AJXX3589
Ximran AJXX3590
Xinali AJXX3591
Xinaliq AJXX3592
Xinaxli AJXX3593
Xincab AJXX4099
Xindiristan AJXX3594
Xirdaoymaq AJXX3595
Xirmanciq AJXX3596
Xirmandali AJXX3597
Xirmanlar AJXX3598
Xirt AJXX3599
Xirxatala AJXX3600
Xocahan AJXX3601
Xocali AJXX3602
Xocik AJXX3603
Xok AJXX4100
Xokesis AJXX4101
Xol Qarabucaq AJXX3604
Xol Qaraqasli AJXX3605
Xolmili AJXX3606
Xoruzlu AJXX3607
Xosbulaq AJXX3608
Xoscobanli AJXX3609
Xosrov AJXX3610
Xoylu AJXX3611
Xozavi AJXX3612
Xramort AJXX3613
Xucbala AJXX3614
Xudat AJXX3615
Xuluq AJXX3616
Xuluqoba AJXX3617
Xumarli AJXX3618
Xumarta AJXX3619
Xural AJXX3620
Xuray AJXX3621
Xurs AJXX4102
Xursud AJXX3622
Yaglavend AJXX3623
Yakha-Kara-Gyuna AJXX3624
Yakhadellyak AJXX3625
Yal Pir-Akhmedly AJXX3626
Yalama AJXX0145
Yalavadzh AJXX3627
Yalavanc AJXX3628
Yaldili AJXX3629
Yalman AJXX3630
Yalqislaq AJXX3631
Yamkhana AJXX4103
Yandam AJXX3632
Yaniq Alayaz AJXX3633
Yaniqli AJXX3634
Yansaq AJXX3635
Yanykhpeya AJXX3636
Yaqublu AJXX3637
Yaquboba AJXX3638
Yaradullu AJXX3639
Yarakhmedli AJXX3640
Yardimli AJXX0146
Yarimca AJXX4104
Yarimca AJXX3641
Yarly AJXX3642
Yarmammedbagy AJXX3643
Yarpagly AJXX4105
Yasab AJXX3644
Yasaboba AJXX3645
Yashma Tretiy AJXX3646
Yasma AJXX3647
Yatag AJXX3648
Yatagoba AJXX3649
Yayci AJXX4106
Yaydzhi AJXX0147
Yayici AJXX3650
Yaztyyel AJXX3651
Yeddioymaq AJXX3652
Yeddybugukskiy AJXX3653
Yegakor AJXX3654
Yegenkend AJXX3656
Yekaterinovka AJXX3657
Yekaxana AJXX3658
Yekdar AJXX3659
Yekya-Khana AJXX3660
Yelekesan AJXX3661
Yelenovka AJXX3662
Yeleyen AJXX3663
Yelkullar AJXX3664
Yellidzha AJXX3665
Yemiscan AJXX3666
Yengica AJXX3667
Yengikend AJXX3668
Yengiyan AJXX4211
Yeni Daskand AJXX3669
Yeni Goyca AJXX3670
Yeni Qaradolaq AJXX3671
Yeni Qazma AJXX3672
Yeni Suraxani AJXX3673
Yeni Suvaqil AJXX3674
Yeni-Khayat AJXX3675
Yeniabad AJXX3676
Yeniarx AJXX3677
Yeniayridzha AJXX3678
Yenibeyli AJXX3679
Yenidzha AJXX4107
Yenidzha AJXX3680
Yenigun AJXX3681
Yenikend AJXX4108
Yenikend AJXX3682
Yeniqislaq AJXX3683
Yeniyel AJXX3684
Yeniyol AJXX4109
Yerek-Mankunk AJXX3685
Yerevanly AJXX3686
Yerfi AJXX3687
Yerguc AJXX3688
Yergyudzh AJXX3689
Yerli-Dzharly AJXX3690
Yerliagali AJXX3691
Yetimlyar AJXX3692
Yevdokimovka AJXX3693
Yevlakh AJXX0148
Yextsahog AJXX3694
Yolagac AJXX3695
Yolayric AJXX4212
Yolocaq AJXX3696
Yolpaq AJXX3697
Yolqulular AJXX3698
Yukhary Alibeyli AJXX3701
Yukhary Andamich AJXX4110
Yukhary Angelan AJXX3702
Yukhary Askipara AJXX4158
Yukhary Astanly AJXX3703
Yukhary Aylis AJXX4111
Yukhary Bugur AJXX3704
Yukhary Chemenli AJXX3705
Yukhary Dzhalgan AJXX3706
Yukhary Dzhuraly AJXX3707
Yukhary Gyandov AJXX3708
Yukhary Gyuzlyak AJXX3709
Yukhary Kolgaty AJXX3711
Yukhary Leger AJXX3712
Yukhary Lyaki AJXX3713
Yukhary Nokhudlu AJXX3716
Yukhary Nyuvedi AJXX3717
Yukhary Yemezli AJXX3722
Yukhary-Veysanli AJXX3729
Yukhary-Yaydzhi AJXX4113
Yurdcu AJXX4114
Yusifbeyli AJXX3731
Yusifcanli AJXX3732
Yusiflar AJXX3733
Yusublyukend AJXX3734
Yuxari Agcayazi AJXX3735
Yuxari Alayaz AJXX3736
Yuxari Apu AJXX3737
Yuxari Araliq AJXX4115
Yuxari Aran AJXX3738
Yuxari Aybasanli AJXX3739
Yuxari Ayrim AJXX3740
Yuxari Aza AJXX4116
Yuxari Bradi AJXX3741
Yuxari Bucaq AJXX3742
Yuxari Buzqov AJXX4117
Yuxari Cardaqlar AJXX4213
Yuxari Caykand AJXX3743
Yuxari Cibikli AJXX3744
Yuxari Dasarx AJXX4118
Yuxari Kuscular AJXX3747
Yuxari Maralyan AJXX3748
Yuxari Mollu AJXX3749
Yuxari Oratag AJXX3750
Yuxari Qaramanli AJXX3751
Yuxari Qarxun AJXX3752
Yuxari Qasil AJXX3753
Yuxari Qislaq AJXX4119
Yuxari Remesin AJXX4120
Yuxari Salahli AJXX4159
Yuxari Salamabad AJXX3754
Yuxari Seyidlar AJXX3755
Yuxari Silyan AJXX3756
Yuxari Surtan AJXX3757
Yuxari Tahircal AJXX3758
Yuxari Tala AJXX4214
Yuxari Uzunoba AJXX4121
Yuxari Velik AJXX3759
Yuxari Zeyxur AJXX3761
Yuzbashevan AJXX3762
Yuzbashilar AJXX3763
Yuzuf AJXX3764
Zabrat AJXX3765
Zabux AJXX3766
Zagaalti AJXX3767
Zagali AJXX3768
Zagli AJXX3769
Zaglik AJXX3770
Zagulba Baglari AJXX3771
Zagyam AJXX4215
Zahmatabad AJXX3772
Zakhmetabad AJXX3773
Zakhmetkend AJXX3774
Zalam AJXX3775
Zaliyevka AJXX3776
Zalkaraagach AJXX3777
Zamanli AJXX3778
Zamanpeyasi AJXX3779
Zamzur AJXX3780
Zangelan AJXX3781
Zangi AJXX3782
Zangilan AJXX3783
Zangishaly AJXX3784
Zangyala AJXX3785
Zangyana AJXX3786
Zangyaran AJXX3787
Zaqatala AJXX0008
Zar AJXX3788
Zaraqan AJXX3789
Zarat AJXX0150
Zarat-Kheyberi AJXX3791
Zarbaly AJXX3792
Zardabara AJXX3793
Zardabi AJXX3794
Zardanashen AJXX3795
Zardaxac AJXX3796
Zardob AJXX0151
Zardoni AJXX3798
Zargarly AJXX3799
Zargeran AJXX3800
Zargova AJXX3801
Zargyar Pervoye AJXX3802
Zarikumaco AJXX3803
Zarisli AJXX3804
Zarna AJXX3805
Zarnova AJXX3806
Zarrab AJXX3807
Zavadix AJXX3808
Zazaly AJXX3809
Zeiva AJXX3810
Zelimkhan AJXX3811
Zenonu AJXX3812
Zerti AJXX3813
Zevna AJXX3814
Zeyam AJXX3815
Zeyamdzhirdakhan AJXX3816
Zeyd AJXX3817
Zeylik AJXX3818
Zeynaddin AJXX4122
Zeynyalyazir AJXX3819
Zeyt AJXX3820
Zeyva AJXX4123
Zeyva AJXX3821
Zeyxuroba AJXX3822
Zharskiy AJXX0152
Zhdanovsk AJXX0153
Zhiy AJXX3823
Zilanli AJXX3824
Zindanmuruq AJXX3825
Zinzagal AJXX3827
Zivel AJXX3828
Zivlan AJXX3829
Ziyadli AJXX3830
Ziyrik AJXX3831
Zizik AJXX3832
Zogalbulaq AJXX3833
Zogallyk AJXX3902
Zohramli AJXX3834
Zokhrabkend AJXX3835
Zolgeran AJXX3836
Zor AJXX3837
Zorkeshish AJXX3838
Zovin AJXX3839
Zovlya AJXX3840
Zubanly AJXX3841
Zultagarly AJXX3842
Zungulyash AJXX3843
Zunud AJXX3844
Zupun AJXX3845
Zurges AJXX3846
Zurnabad AJXX3847
Zuvandli AJXX3848
Zuvuc AJXX3849
Zuxul AJXX3850
Zuxuloba AJXX3851
Zuxur AJXX3852
Zykh AJXX3853
Zyrya AJXX0154
Zyumyurkhach AJXX3854