Weather Codes for Australia

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Australia. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

207 Mile Camp ASXX1492
Abbeyard ASXX1493
Abbotsbury ASXX6260
Abbotsford ASXX6261
Abbotsham ASXX6262
Abercorn ASXX6263
Abercrombie ASXX6264
Aberdare ASXX6265
Aberdeen ASXX1494
Aberfeldie ASXX6266
Aberfeldy ASXX1495
Aberfoyle ASXX6267
Aberglasslyn ASXX6268
Abergowrie ASXX1496
Abermain ASXX6269
Abernethy ASXX6270
Abington Creek ASXX6271
Acacia Creek ASXX6272
Acacia Gardens ASXX6273
Acacia Ridge ASXX6274
Acheron ASXX6275
Ackland ASXX1498
Adaminaby ASXX6276
Adamsfield ASXX6277
Adamsons Peak ASXX0327
Adamstown ASXX6278
Adare ASXX6280
Adavale ASXX6281
Addington ASXX6282
Adelaide ASXX0001
Adelaide Hills ASXX0439
Adelaide Lead ASXX6283
Adelaide Park ASXX6284
Adelaide River ASXX1502
Adele Island ASXX0148
Adelong ASXX1504
Adjungbilly ASXX1505
Admiral ASXX1506
Advancetown ASXX6285
Adventure Bay ASXX6286
Aeroglen ASXX6287
Afterlee ASXX6288
Agery ASXX1507
Agnes Banks ASXX6289
Agnes Creek ASXX1508
Agnes Water ASXX6290
Agnew ASXX1509
Ah Chong I ASXX1510
Aileron ASXX1511
Ailsa ASXX6291
Ainslie ASXX6292
Airds ASXX6293
Aireys Inlet ASXX0292
Airlie Beach ASXX6294
Airly ASXX6295
Airport West ASXX6296
Airville ASXX6297
Aitkenvale ASXX6298
Ajana ASXX1513
Alabama Hill ASXX6299
Alagala ASXX6300
Alanvale ASXX0440
Alawoona ASXX1515
Albacutya ASXX6301
Albanvale ASXX6302
Albany ASXX0413
Albany Creek ASXX6303
Albert ASXX6304
Albert Park ASXX6305
Alberton ASXX1517
Alberton ASXX6306
Alberton West ASXX6307
Albion ASXX6308
Albion Downs ASXX1518
Albion Park ASXX0441
Albury ASXX0442
Albury Aeroport ASXX0364
Albury-Wodonga ASXX6309
Alcomie ASXX6310
Aldavilla ASXX6311
Alderbury ASXX1522
Alderley ASXX1523
Aldershot ASXX6313
Aldersyde ASXX1524
Aldgate ASXX0443
Aldinga ASXX0444
Aldingham ASXX1527
Alectown ASXX1528
Alexandra ASXX0387
Alexandra ASXX6314
Alexandra Hills ASXX6316
Alexandria ASXX6317
Alford ASXX1530
Alfords Point ASXX6318
Alfred Town ASXX6319
Alfredton ASXX6320
Algester ASXX6321
Alice ASXX6322
Alice Downs ASXX1532
Alice River ASXX6323
Alice Springs ASXX0002
Alkoomie ASXX1534
Allambee ASXX6324
Allambee South ASXX6325
Allambi ASXX1535
Allan ASXX1536
Allanby ASXX6326
Allandale ASXX6327
Allans Flat ASXX6328
Allansford ASXX6329
Allanson ASXX0445
Allawah ASXX6330
Alleena ASXX6331
Allendale ASXX6332
Allendale ASXX1538
Allendale East ASXX1539
Allendale North ASXX1540
Allens Rivulet ASXX6333
Allenstown ASXX6334
Allestree ASXX6335
Allgomera ASXX6336
Alligator Creek ASXX6337
Allora ASXX1543
Alloway ASXX1544
Allworth ASXX6339
Allynbrook ASXX1545
Alma ASXX6340
Alma ASXX1546
Alma Creek ASXX6341
Alma Park ASXX1547
Almaden ASXX6342
Almonds ASXX6343
Almora ASXX1548
Almurta ASXX6344
Almurta East ASXX6345
Alonnah ASXX6346
Aloomba ASXX6347
Alpha ASXX6348
Alphington ASXX6349
Alpine ASXX6350
Alroy Downs ASXX1549
Alston ASXX6351
Alstonville ASXX1550
Alton ASXX6352
Alton Downs ASXX1551
Alton Downs ASXX1552
Altona ASXX6353
Altona ASXX0446
Altona North ASXX6354
Alumy Creek ASXX6355
Alva ASXX0447
Alvie ASXX6356
Alyangula ASXX0448
Amamoor ASXX6357
Amaroo ASXX6358
Ambarvale ASXX6359
Amberley ASXX6360
Ambleside ASXX6361
Ambrose ASXX6362
Amby ASXX1557
American River ASXX1558
Amherst ASXX6363
Amhurst ASXX6364
Amiens ASXX1559
Amity Point ASXX6365
Amos Quarries ASXX6366
Amosfield ASXX6367
Amphitheatre ASXX1560
Anakie ASXX1561
Anakie ASXX1562
Ancona ASXX6368
Andamooka ASXX1563
Andergrove ASXX6369
Anderson ASXX6370
Ando ASXX6371
Andover ASXX6372
Andrews ASXX1564
Anduramba ASXX6373
Angaston ASXX0449
Angellala ASXX6374
Angepena ASXX1566
Angip ASXX1567
Angle Vale ASXX0450
Angledale ASXX6375
Angledool ASXX6376
Anglers Reach ASXX6377
Anglers Rest ASXX1569
Anglesea ASXX0451
Angourie ASXX6378
Angurugu ASXX1571
Angustown ASXX6379
Ankuri ASXX1572
Anna Bay ASXX6380
Annalera ASXX6381
Annandale ASXX6382
Annangrove ASXX6383
Annean ASXX1573
Annerley ASXX6384
Annuello ASXX6385
Anstead ASXX6386
Anthony ASXX6387
Antigua ASXX6388
Antil Plains ASXX6389
Antill Ponds ASXX6390
Antwerp ASXX6391
Anyarro ASXX6392
Apis Creek ASXX1574
Apollo Bay ASXX0452
Appila ASXX1576
Appin ASXX1577
Appin ASXX6393
Appin South ASXX6394
Apple Tree Creek ASXX6395
Apple Tree Flat ASXX6396
Appleby ASXX6397
Applecross ASXX0453
Applethorpe ASXX0454
Apsley ASXX6398
Apsley ASXX1580
Apunyal ASXX6399
Arable ASXX6400
Arajoel ASXX6401
Arakoon ASXX6402
Araluen ASXX1581
Aramac ASXX6403
Aramara ASXX6404
Aranda ASXX6405
Arapiles ASXX6406
Ararat ASXX0288
Aratula ASXX6407
Arawata ASXX6408
Arcadia ASXX1583
Arcadia ASXX6409
Arcadia Bay ASXX6410
Archdale ASXX6411
Archer ASXX6412
Archerton ASXX6413
Archies Creek ASXX6414
Ardath ASXX1585
Ardeer ASXX6415
Ardeer ASXX1586
Ardglen ASXX6416
Arding ASXX6417
Ardlethan ASXX1587
Ardmona ASXX6418
Ardno ASXX6419
Ardrossan ASXX1588
Areegra ASXX6420
Argalong ASXX6421
Argenton ASXX6422
Argents Hill ASXX1589
Argoon ASXX6423
Argyle ASXX6424
Ariah Park ASXX1590
Arkona ASXX6425
Armadale ASXX0003
Armadale ASXX6426
Armadale North ASXX6427
Armatree ASXX1592
Armidale ASXX0437
Armraynald ASXX1594
Armstrong ASXX6428
Armstrong Creek ASXX6429
Armytage ASXX6430
Arncliffe ASXX0435
Arno Bay ASXX1596
Arnold ASXX1597
Arnold West ASXX6431
Aroona ASXX6432
Arrawarra ASXX6433
Arrilalah ASXX1598
Arrino ASXX1599
Arrow Bar ASXX1600
Artarmon ASXX6434
Arthurs Creek ASXX6435
Arthurs Seat ASXX6436
Arthurton ASXX0455
Arthurville ASXX1602
Arundel ASXX6437
Ascot ASXX6438
Ascot Vale ASXX6439
Ashbourne ASXX0456
Ashbridge ASXX6440
Ashburton ASXX0457
Ashbury ASXX6441
Ashby ASXX6442
Ashcroft ASXX6443
Ashens ASXX6444
Ashfield ASXX6445
Ashfield ASXX0458
Ashford ASXX1606
Ashgrove ASXX6446
Ashley ASXX1607
Ashmont ASXX6447
Ashmore ASXX6448
Ashton ASXX0459
Ashwood ASXX0460
Aspendale ASXX6449
Aspley ASXX6450
Asquith ASXX6451
Athelfia ASXX1611
Athelstone ASXX0462
Atherton ASXX1613
Athlestane ASXX1614
Athlone ASXX6452
Athol ASXX6453
Athol Glen ASXX6454
Atholwood ASXX6455
Atkinsons Dam ASXX6456
Attadale ASXX0463
Attunga ASXX1616
Attwood ASXX6457
Aubigny ASXX6458
Aubrey ASXX6459
Auburn ASXX1617
Auburn ASXX6460
Auburn South ASXX6461
Auburn Vale ASXX6462
Auchenflower ASXX6463
Augathella ASXX1618
Augusta ASXX0404
Aura ASXX6465
Aurukun ASXX6466
Austin ASXX1620
Austinmer ASXX6467
Austins Ferry ASXX0464
Austinville ASXX6468
Austral ASXX6469
Austral Downs ASXX1622
Austral Eden ASXX6470
Australia Plains ASXX1623
Australind ASXX0465
Avalon ASXX6472
Avalon ASXX0294
Avenel ASXX1626
Avenel ASXX6473
Avenell Heights ASXX6474
Avenue ASXX1627
Avisford ASXX6475
Avoca ASXX1628
Avoca ASXX1629
Avoca ASXX6476
Avoca Beach ASXX6477
Avon ASXX1630
Avon Dam ASXX6478
Avon Downs ASXX0004
Avon Plains ASXX6479
Avondale ASXX1632
Avondale ASXX6480
Avondale Heights ASXX6481
Avonmore ASXX6482
Avonsleigh ASXX6483
Awaba ASXX6484
Awonga ASXX6485
Axe Creek ASXX1633
Axedale ASXX1634
Ayers Rock ASXX0005
Aylmerton ASXX6486
Ayr ASXX0006
Ayton ASXX1637
Baan Baa ASXX1638
Baarmutha ASXX6487
Babakin ASXX1639
Babinda ASXX0007
Bacchus Marsh ASXX1641
Back Creek ASXX6488
Back Plains ASXX6489
Backmede ASXX6490
Backwater ASXX6491
Baddaginnie ASXX1642
Baddow ASXX6492
Baden ASXX0466
Badgen ASXX6493
Badger Creek ASXX6494
Badgerys Creek ASXX6495
Badgingarra ASXX0424
Badu ASXX6496
Baerami ASXX6497
Baerami Creek ASXX6498
Baffle Creek ASXX6499
Bagdad ASXX6500
Bagnoo ASXX6501
Bago ASXX6502
Bagotville ASXX6503
Bagshot ASXX6504
Bahgallah ASXX6505
Bahrs Scrub ASXX6506
Bailieston ASXX6507
Bailieston East ASXX6508
Bairds Bay ASXX1645
Bairnkine ASXX1646
Bairnsdale ASXX0467
Bajool ASXX0008
Baker ASXX6509
Bakers Creek ASXX6510
Bakers Hill ASXX1649
Bakers Swamp ASXX6511
Bakery Hill ASXX6512
Baking Board ASXX6513
Balaclava ASXX0468
Balaklava ASXX1651
Balberra ASXX6514
Balbirini ASXX1652
Balcolyn ASXX6515
Balcombe ASXX6516
Balcomo ASXX1653
Bald Hill ASXX6517
Bald Hills ASXX6518
Bald Knob ASXX6519
Bald Mountain ASXX6520
Bald Rock ASXX6521
Baldersleigh ASXX6522
Baldry ASXX6523
Baldwin ASXX6524
Balfes Creek ASXX6525
Balfour ASXX6526
Balgal Beach ASXX6527
Balgowan ASXX1656
Balgowlah ASXX6528
Balgownie ASXX6530
Balhannah ASXX0469
Baline ASXX1658
Balingup ASXX1659
Balkuling ASXX1660
Balladonia ASXX0239
Balladoran ASXX6531
Ballam Park ASXX6532
Ballan ASXX1662
Ballandean ASXX1663
Ballandry ASXX1664
Ballangeich ASXX6533
Ballapur ASXX6534
Ballarat ASXX0293
Ballarat Central ASXX0470
Ballata ASXX1667
Ballater ASXX1668
Balldale ASXX1669
Ballendella ASXX6535
Ballengarra ASXX6536
Balliang ASXX6537
Balliang East ASXX6538
Ballidu ASXX1670
Ballimore ASXX1671
Ballina ASXX0471
Ballina Airport ASXX0224
Bally Park ASXX6539
Ballyrogan ASXX6540
Balmain ASXX6541
Balmattum ASXX6542
Balmattum East ASXX6543
Balmoral ASXX1675
Balmoral ASXX1674
Balmoral ASXX6544
Balmoral Park ASXX6545
Balmoral Ridge ASXX6546
Balnagowan ASXX6547
Balnarring ASXX6548
Balnarring Beach ASXX6549
Balook ASXX1676
Balranald ASXX1677
Balrootan North ASXX6550
Balumbah ASXX1678
Balwyn ASXX6551
Balwyn North ASXX0472
Bamaga ASXX1680
Bamarong ASXX6552
Bamawm ASXX6553
Bamawm Extension ASXX6554
Bambaroo ASXX1681
Bambra ASXX6555
Bamford ASXX6556
Bamganie ASXX6557
Banana ASXX1682
Banana Pocket ASXX6558
Bancroft ASXX6559
Bandiana ASXX6560
Bandon ASXX6561
Banealla ASXX1683
Bangalee ASXX6562
Bangalow ASXX1684
Bangaroo ASXX6563
Bangerang ASXX1685
Bangham ASXX1686
Bangor ASXX6564
Banks ASXX6565
Banksia ASXX1687
Banksia Beach ASXX6566
Banksmeadow ASXX6567
Bankstown ASXX0009
Banna ASXX6568
Bannaby ASXX6569
Bannerton ASXX6570
Bannister ASXX6571
Bannockburn ASXX1690
Bannockburn ASXX6572
Banool ASXX6573
Banora Point ASXX0473
Banyan ASXX6574
Banyena ASXX6575
Banyo ASXX6576
Bapaume ASXX6577
Baradine ASXX1692
Barakula ASXX1693
Baralaba ASXX6578
Baranduda ASXX6579
Barangaroo ASXX6580
Barataria ASXX1694
Baratta ASXX6581
Barcaldine ASXX6582
Barclay ASXX1695
Barcoo ASXX6583
Barden Ridge ASXX6584
Bardoc ASXX1696
Bardon ASXX6585
Bardwell Park ASXX6586
Baree ASXX6587
Barellan ASXX1697
Barellan Point ASXX6588
Barep ASXX6589
Barfold ASXX6590
Bargara ASXX1698
Bargo ASXX1699
Barham ASXX1700
Baring ASXX6591
Baringhup ASXX6592
Baringhup East ASXX6593
Barkers Creek ASXX6594
Barkers Vale ASXX6595
Barkly ASXX6596
Barkly Downs ASXX1701
Barkstead ASXX6597
Barlil ASXX6598
Barlows Hill ASXX6599
Barmah ASXX1702
Barmaryee ASXX0474
Barmedman ASXX1704
Barmera ASXX1705
Barmundu ASXX6600
Barnadown ASXX1706
Barnawartha ASXX6601
Barnes Bay ASXX6602
Barney View ASXX6603
Barngana ASXX1707
Barnong ASXX1708
Barnsley ASXX6604
Baroma ASXX6605
Barongarook ASXX1709
Barooga ASXX6606
Baroota ASXX1710
Barraba ASXX1711
Barrabool ASXX6607
Barraganyatti ASXX6608
Barrakee ASXX6609
Barrallier ASXX6610
Barramunga ASXX6611
Barraport ASXX6612
Barrengarry ASXX6613
Barrideans ASXX1713
Barrine ASXX6614
Barringha ASXX6615
Barrington ASXX6616
Barrington ASXX0475
Barringun ASXX6617
Barron Falls ASXX1715
Barron Gorge ASXX6618
Barrow Island ASXX6241
Barry ASXX1716
Barrys Reef ASXX6620
Bartle Frere ASXX6621
Barton ASXX6622
Barton Plains ASXX1717
Bartons Mill ASXX1718
Barunga ASXX0476
Barwite ASXX6623
Barwo ASXX6624
Barwon Downs ASXX6625
Barwon Heads ASXX6626
Baryulgil ASXX1720
Basalt ASXX1721
Basin Pocket ASXX0477
Basin View ASXX6628
Basket Range ASXX0478
Bass ASXX6629
Bass Hill ASXX6630
Bassendean ASXX0479
Batavia Downs ASXX1725
Batcha ASXX6631
Batchelor ASXX0010
Batchica ASXX6632
Bateau Bay ASXX6633
Batehaven ASXX6634
Batemans Bay ASXX1727
Batesford ASXX6635
Batesmans Bay ASXX6636
Bathumi ASXX6637
Bathurst ASXX0411
Batlow ASXX1731
Battery ASXX1732
Battery Hill ASXX6638
Battery Point ASXX6639
Battle Camp ASXX1733
Bauhinia Downs ASXX1734
Baulkham Hills ASXX6641
Bauple ASXX1735
Baw Baw ASXX6642
Baw Baw Village ASXX6643
Bawley Point ASXX6644
Baxter ASXX6645
Bay View ASXX6646
Bayah ASXX1736
Bayindeen ASXX6647
Bayles ASXX6648
Baynton ASXX6649
Bayswater ASXX6650
Bayview Heights ASXX6651
Beach Holm ASXX6652
Beachmere ASXX6653
Beachport ASXX1737
Beacon Hill ASXX6654
Beaconsfield ASXX1739
Beaconsfield ASXX1738
Bealiba ASXX1742
Beanbah ASXX1743
Beanbri ASXX6656
Bear Hill ASXX6657
Bearbung ASXX6658
Bearii ASXX6659
Beatrice Hill ASXX1744
Beauchamp ASXX6660
Beaudesert ASXX0481
Beaufort ASXX1746
Beaumaris ASXX6661
Beaumont ASXX0482
Beaumont ASXX6662
Beauty Point ASXX6663
Beauty Point ASXX0483
Beazleys Bridge ASXX6664
Beckom ASXX6665
Bective ASXX6666
Bedford Park ASXX0484
Bedfordale ASXX0485
Bedgerebong ASXX6667
Bedourie ASXX6668
Beeac ASXX1751
Beebo ASXX1752
Beech Forest ASXX1753
Beechal ASXX1754
Beecher ASXX6669
Beechmont ASXX1755
Beechwood ASXX1756
Beechworth ASXX1757
Beelbangera ASXX1758
Beemunnel ASXX6671
Beenak ASXX6672
Beenleigh ASXX0011
Beerburrum ASXX0486
Beermullah ASXX1761
Beerwah ASXX1762
Beetomba ASXX1763
Bega ASXX0368
Beggan Beggan ASXX6673
Begonia ASXX1765
Bejoording ASXX1766
Belah ASXX1767
Belahville ASXX6674
Belar Creek ASXX6675
Belaringar ASXX6676
Belbora ASXX6677
Belconnen ASXX0487
Beldene ASXX6678
Belele ASXX1769
Belford ASXX6679
Belgian Gardens ASXX6680
Belgrave ASXX6681
Belgrave Heights ASXX6682
Belgrave South ASXX6683
Belgravia ASXX6684
Belimbla Park ASXX6685
Belivah ASXX6686
Bell ASXX1770
Bell ASXX6687
Bell Bay ASXX6688
Bell Bird ASXX6689
Bell Park ASXX6690
Bell Post Hill ASXX6691
Bella Vista ASXX6692
Bellambi ASXX6693
Bellambi Point ASXX1771
Bellangry ASXX1772
Bellara ASXX6694
Bellaratta ASXX1773
Bellarine ASXX6695
Bellarwi ASXX6696
Bellata ASXX1774
Bellawongarah ASXX6697
Bellbird ASXX6698
Bellbird Park ASXX6699
Bellbowrie ASXX6700
Bellbrae ASXX6701
Bellbridge ASXX6702
Bellbrook ASXX1775
Bellenden Ker ASXX1776
Bellerive ASXX0488
Bellevue ASXX0489
Bellevue ASXX6703
Bellevue Hill ASXX6704
Bellfield ASXX6705
Belli Park ASXX6706
Bellimbopinni ASXX6707
Bellingen ASXX1780
Bellingham ASXX6708
Bellmere ASXX6709
Bells Beach ASXX6710
Bells Bridge ASXX6711
Bells Swamp ASXX6712
Belltrees ASXX6713
Belmont ASXX6714
Belmore ASXX6715
Belowra Valley ASXX1781
Belrose ASXX0490
Belvedere ASXX6717
Belvidere ASXX0491
Bemboka ASXX1784
Bemerside ASXX1785
Bemm River ASXX1786
Ben Bullen ASXX6718
Ben Lomond ASXX6719
Bena ASXX6720
Benalla ASXX0307
Benambra ASXX1790
Benandarah ASXX6721
Benanee ASXX6722
Benaraby ASXX6723
Benarkin ASXX1791
Benayeo ASXX6724
Bendalong ASXX1792
Bendemeer ASXX1793
Bendenine ASXX6725
Bendethera ASXX6726
Bendick Murrell ASXX1794
Bendigo ASXX0492
Bendigo Airport ASXX0295
Bendock ASXX1797
Bendolba ASXX6727
Bendoura ASXX6728
Benetook ASXX6729
Bengworden ASXX6730
Benholme ASXX6731
Beni ASXX6732
Benjeroop ASXX6733
Benlee ASXX1798
Benloch ASXX6734
Bennison ASXX6735
Benobble ASXX6736
Benowa ASXX6737
Bensville ASXX0493
Bentleigh ASXX0494
Bentleigh East ASXX0495
Bentley ASXX6738
Bentley ASXX0496
Bentley Park ASXX6739
Berajondo ASXX1803
Beranghi ASXX6740
Berat ASXX6741
Beremboke ASXX6742
Berendebba ASXX6743
Beresfield ASXX6744
Bergalia ASXX6745
Berkeley ASXX0497
Berkeley Vale ASXX0498
Berkshire Park ASXX6746
Bermagui ASXX1806
Berner Creek ASXX6747
Berowra ASXX0499
Berrara ASXX6748
Berrebangalo ASXX6749
Berremangra ASXX6750
Berrembea ASXX6751
Berri ASXX0500
Berridale ASXX1809
Berriedale ASXX0501
Berrigan ASXX1811
Berrilee ASXX0502
Berrima ASXX0503
Berrimal ASXX6752
Berrimpa ASXX1814
Berrinba ASXX6753
Berringa ASXX6754
Berringama ASXX6755
Berriwillock ASXX6756
Berrock ASXX1815
Berry ASXX6757
Berry Park ASXX0504
Berrybank ASXX6758
Berrygil ASXX6759
Berrys Creek ASXX6760
Berserker ASXX6761
Beruna ASXX6762
Berwick ASXX6763
Beryl ASXX6764
Bessiebelle ASXX1817
Beswick ASXX1818
Bet Bet ASXX6765
Bethanga ASXX1819
Bethungra ASXX1820
Betley ASXX6767
Betoota ASXX6768
Beulah ASXX1821
Beulah ASXX6769
Bevendale ASXX1822
Beverford ASXX6770
Beveridge ASXX6771
Beverley ASXX1823
Beverley ASXX6772
Beverly Hills ASXX6773
Bexhill ASXX0505
Bexley ASXX0506
Beyal ASXX6774
Biala ASXX6775
Bibbenluke ASXX1832
Biboohra ASXX1828
Bicheno ASXX0507
Bickley ASXX0508
Bicton ASXX0509
Bidden ASXX6776
Biddeston ASXX6777
Biddon ASXX1833
Bidgeemia ASXX1834
Bidwill ASXX6778
Big Bog ASXX6779
Big Pats Creek ASXX6780
Bigga ASXX1835
Biggara ASXX6781
Biggenden ASXX1836
Biggera Waters ASXX6782
Bigriggan ASXX6783
Bilambil ASXX0510
Bilbarin ASXX1838
Bilinga ASXX6784
Billabong ASXX6785
Billeroy ASXX6786
Billeroy ASXX1839
Billimari ASXX1840
Billinudgel ASXX6787
Biloela ASXX0511
Bilpin ASXX1843
Bilwon ASXX6788
Bilyana ASXX6789
Bimbaya ASXX1844
Bimbi ASXX6790
Bimbijy ASXX1845
Binalong ASXX1846
Binalong Bay ASXX6791
Binbee ASXX6792
Binda ASXX1847
Bindango ASXX6793
Bindi ASXX1848
Bindi Bindi ASXX1849
Bindle ASXX6794
Bindogandri ASXX6795
Bindoon ASXX1850
Binerah Downs ASXX1851
Bing Bong ASXX1852
Bingara ASXX1853
Bingera ASXX6796
Bingham ASXX6798
Bingil Bay ASXX6799
Binginwarrie ASXX6800
Biniguy ASXX1854
Binjour ASXX1855
Binna Burra ASXX6801
Binnaway ASXX1856
Binneringie ASXX1857
Binningup ASXX1858
Binnu ASXX1859
Binnum ASXX1860
Binya ASXX6802
Birchgrove ASXX6803
Birchip ASXX1861
Birdsville ASXX0206
Birdum ASXX0012
Birdwood ASXX0512
Birdwoodton ASXX6804
Birimgan ASXX6805
Birkalla ASXX6806
Birkdale ASXX6807
Birkenhead ASXX0513
Birnam ASXX6809
Birralee ASXX6810
Birrego ASXX6811
Birregurra ASXX1866
Birrimba ASXX1867
Birriwa ASXX1868
Birrong ASXX6812
Birru ASXX6813
Birthamba ASXX6814
Birtinya ASXX6815
Bishops Bridge ASXX6816
Bishopsbourne ASXX0514
Bismuth ASXX6818
Bithramere ASXX6819
Bittern ASXX6820
Black Duck Creek ASXX6821
Black Flag ASXX1870
Black Flat ASXX6822
Black Hills ASXX6823
Black Lead ASXX6824
Black Mountain ASXX1871
Black River ASXX6825
Black Rock ASXX0515
Black Rock North ASXX6826
Black Springs ASXX1875
Black Springs ASXX6827
Black Swamp ASXX6828
Blackall ASXX0182
Blackalls Park ASXX6829
Blackburn ASXX0516
Blackburn North ASXX0517
Blackburn South ASXX0518
Blackbutt ASXX6830
Blackbutt ASXX1880
Blackheath ASXX6831
Blackheath ASXX0519
Blackmans Bay ASXX6832
Blackmans Point ASXX6833
Blackmount ASXX6834
Blackridge ASXX6835
Blackrock ASXX6836
Blacks Beach ASXX6837
Blackstone ASXX0520
Blacktown ASXX0013
Blackville ASXX1885
Blackwall ASXX0521
Blackwall ASXX6839
Blackwarry ASXX6840
Blackwater ASXX1887
Blackwood ASXX0522
Blackwood ASXX6841
Blackwood Creek ASXX6842
Blackwood Forest ASXX6843
Bladensburg ASXX1889
Blair Athol ASXX0523
Blair Athol ASXX6844
Blair Hill ASXX6845
Blairgowrie ASXX6846
Blairmount ASXX6847
Blake ASXX6848
Blakebrook ASXX6849
Blakehurst ASXX6850
Blakeville ASXX6851
Blampied ASXX6852
Blanchetown ASXX1891
Blanchview ASXX6853
Bland ASXX6854
Blandford ASXX0524
Blanket Flat ASXX6855
Blantyre ASXX6856
Blaxland ASXX0525
Blaxland ASXX6857
Blaxlands Flat ASXX6858
Blaxlands Ridge ASXX6859
Blayney ASXX1894
Blenheim ASXX6860
Blessington ASXX6861
Bli Bli ASXX6862
Bligh Park ASXX6863
Blighty ASXX6864
Blind Bight ASXX6865
Blinman ASXX1895
Bloomfield ASXX6866
Bloomsbury ASXX1897
Blow Clear ASXX6867
Blowclear ASXX6868
Blowering ASXX6869
Blowhard ASXX6870
Blue Bay ASXX6871
Blue Haven ASXX6872
Blue Knob ASXX6873
Blue Lagoon Yard ASXX1898
Blue Mountain ASXX6874
Blue Mountains ASXX6876
Blue Sturts ASXX1899
Bluewater Park ASXX6877
Blueys Beach ASXX1900
Bluff ASXX6878
Bluff Beach ASXX1901
Bluff Rock ASXX6879
Blyth ASXX0526
Blythdale ASXX6880
Boambee ASXX0527
Boat Harbour ASXX6881
Boat Harbour ASXX0528
Bobadah ASXX6882
Bobby Whitlow ASXX6883
Bobin ASXX1905
Bobinawarrah ASXX6884
Bobs Farm ASXX6885
Bobundara ASXX6886
Bochara ASXX6887
Bodalla ASXX1906
Bodallin ASXX1907
Bodangora ASXX6888
Boddington ASXX1908
Bogan Gate ASXX1909
Bogandilla ASXX6889
Bogangar ASXX6890
Bogantungan ASXX1910
Boggabilla ASXX0529
Boggabri ASXX1912
Boggy Plain ASXX6891
Bogolong ASXX6892
Bogong ASXX1913
Bohena ASXX6893
Bohena Creek ASXX0530
Bohle Plains ASXX6894
Bohnock ASXX6895
Boho ASXX6896
Boho South ASXX6897
Boigbeat ASXX6898
Boigu ASXX6899
Boinka ASXX1915
Boisdale ASXX1916
Bokarina ASXX6900
Bokhara ASXX1917
Bolangum ASXX1918
Boldon ASXX6901
Bolga ASXX6902
Bolgart ASXX1919
Bolinda ASXX6903
Bolivar ASXX0531
Bolivia ASXX6904
Bollon ASXX6905
Boloka ASXX6906
Bolong ASXX6907
Bolton ASXX6908
Boltons ASXX1921
Bolwarra ASXX6909
Bolwarrah ASXX6910
Bomaderry ASXX0532
Bombala ASXX0320
Bombeeta ASXX6911
Bombira ASXX6912
Bombowlee ASXX6913
Bomen ASXX6914
Bonalbo ASXX1924
Bonang ASXX1925
Bonang West ASXX6915
Bonbeach ASXX6916
Bond Springs ASXX1926
Bondi ASXX6917
Bondoola ASXX6918
Bonegilla ASXX6919
Boneo ASXX6920
Bongaree ASXX1927
Bongeen ASXX1928
Bongongolong ASXX6921
Bonnells Bay ASXX6922
Bonnet Bay ASXX6923
Bonnet Hill ASXX6924
Bonnie Doon ASXX1929
Bonnie Doon ASXX1930
Bonnie Vale ASXX6926
Bonnie Vale ASXX1931
Bonny Glen ASXX1932
Bonny Hills ASXX6927
Bonnyrigg ASXX6928
Bonogin ASXX6930
Bonshaw ASXX6931
Bonville ASXX0533
Bony Mountain ASXX6932
Bonython ASXX6933
Booborowie ASXX1934
Boodua ASXX6934
Boogan ASXX1935
Boogardie ASXX1936
Booie ASXX6935
Bookaloo ASXX1937
Bookar ASXX6936
Booker Bay ASXX0534
Bookham ASXX1939
Boolambayte ASXX6937
Boolarong ASXX6938
Boolaroo ASXX0535
Boolarra ASXX6939
Boolarra South ASXX6940
Boolathana ASXX1941
Boolba ASXX6941
Boolboonda ASXX6942
Boolburra ASXX6943
Booleroo Centre ASXX1942
Booligal ASXX1943
Boolite ASXX6944
Boologooro ASXX0014
Booloongie ASXX6945
Booloumba ASXX6946
Boomahnoomoonah ASXX6947
Boomanoomana ASXX6948
Boomerang ASXX6949
Boomi ASXX6950
Boomley ASXX6951
Boomooderie ASXX0536
Boompa ASXX6952
Boona Mount ASXX6953
Boona West ASXX1946
Boonah ASXX6954
Boonah ASXX1947
Boonarga ASXX6955
Boondall ASXX6956
Boondarra ASXX6957
Boondooma ASXX6958
Boonenne ASXX6959
Boongana ASXX6960
Boongarry ASXX1948
Boongary ASXX6961
Boonmoo ASXX6962
Boonoo Boonoo ASXX6963
Boonooroo ASXX1949
Booragul ASXX6964
Booral ASXX1950
Booral ASXX6965
Boorcan ASXX6966
Boorga ASXX6967
Boorhaman ASXX6968
Boorindal ASXX6969
Boorolong ASXX6970
Booroolite ASXX6971
Boorooma ASXX1952
Booroopki ASXX6972
Booroorban ASXX1953
Boorowa ASXX1954
Boort ASXX1955
Boortkoi ASXX6973
Boosey South ASXX6974
Bootawa ASXX6975
Bootharh ASXX6976
Boothby ASXX0537
Boothenba ASXX6977
Booti-Booti ASXX6978
Bootooloo ASXX6979
Booval ASXX0538
Boowoogum ASXX6980
Booyal ASXX6981
Booyong ASXX6982
Bopeep ASXX6983
Borala Outcamp ASXX1958
Borallon ASXX6984
Boralma ASXX6985
Borambil ASXX1951
Borambil Creek ASXX6987
Borambola ASXX6988
Bordertown ASXX1959
Boree Creek ASXX1960
Borenore ASXX1961
Boro ASXX6989
Boronia ASXX6990
Boronia Heights ASXX6991
Bororen ASXX1962
Borroloola ASXX0539
Borung ASXX1964
Bossley Park ASXX6992
Bostobrick ASXX1965
Bostocks Creek ASXX6993
Botanic Ridge ASXX6994
Botany ASXX0540
Botany Bay ASXX6995
Bothwell ASXX1967
Bottle Creek ASXX6996
Boulder ASXX0541
Bouldercombe ASXX1970
Boulia ASXX0180
Boundary Bend ASXX6997
Bourke ASXX0407
Bourkelands ASXX6998
Bow ASXX0542
Bow Bowing ASXX6999
Bow Bridge ASXX1974
Bowagamy ASXX7000
Bowalli ASXX1975
Bowan Park ASXX7001
Bowelling ASXX1976
Bowen ASXX0015
Bowen Airport ASXX0184
Bowen Hills ASXX7002
Bowen Mountain ASXX7003
Bowenfels ASXX7004
Bowenvale ASXX7005
Bowenville ASXX1979
Bower ASXX1980
Boweya ASXX7006
Boweya North ASXX7007
Bowgada ASXX1981
Bowhill ASXX1982
Bowketts ASXX7008
Bowman ASXX7010
Bowmans ASXX1983
Bowmans Creek ASXX7011
Bowna ASXX1984
Bowning ASXX0543
Bowral ASXX0270
Bowraville ASXX0544
Bowthorne ASXX7012
Box Head ASXX7013
Box Hill ASXX0545
Box Hill North ASXX0546
Box Hill South ASXX0547
Box Ridge ASXX7014
Box Tank ASXX7015
Box Vale ASXX1991
Boxwood ASXX7016
Boxwood Hill ASXX1992
Boyanup ASXX1993
Boyben ASXX7017
Boyd Town ASXX7018
Boydtown ASXX7019
Boyeo ASXX7020
Boykambil ASXX7021
Boyland ASXX7022
Boyne Island ASXX7023
Boynedale ASXX7024
Boyneside ASXX7025
Boys ASXX7026
Boyup Brook ASXX1994
Bracalba ASXX7027
Bracewell ASXX1995
Bracken Ridge ASXX7028
Brackendale ASXX1996
Bracknell ASXX0548
Bradbury ASXX7029
Braddon ASXX7030
Bradshaws Creek ASXX7031
Bradvale ASXX1998
Braedawn ASXX1999
Braemar ASXX2000
Braemar ASXX7032
Braeside ASXX0549
Braeside ASXX7033
Braidwood ASXX0319
Brakenburgh ASXX2003
Bramfield ASXX2004
Brandon ASXX7034
Brandy Bottom ASXX7035
Brandy Creek ASXX7036
Brandy Hill ASXX7037
Branga ASXX7038
Brantwood ASXX2005
Branwell ASXX2006
Branxholm ASXX2007
Branxholme ASXX2008
Branxton ASXX0550
Branyan ASXX7039
Brassall ASXX0551
Brassi ASXX7040
Braunstone ASXX7041
Brawlin ASXX7042
Bray Park ASXX7043
Braybrook ASXX7044
Brays Creek ASXX7045
Breadalbane ASXX7046
Breadalbane ASXX0552
Breakaway Creek ASXX7047
Breakfast Creek ASXX7048
Breakfast Point ASXX7049
Bream Creek ASXX7050
Breamiea ASXX7051
Bredbo ASXX2012
Breddan ASXX7052
Breelong ASXX7053
Breeza ASXX2013
Bremer Bay ASXX2014
Brendale ASXX7054
Brennan Bridge ASXX2015
Brentwood ASXX2016
Breona ASXX7055
Brewarrina ASXX7056
Brewer ASXX7057
Brewon ASXX2017
Brewongle ASXX0553
Brewster ASXX7058
Briagolong ASXX2019
Briar Hill ASXX0554
Bribbaree ASXX2021
Brickhouse ASXX2022
Bridegman Downs ASXX7059
Bridge Inn ASXX7060
Bridgenorth ASXX0555
Bridges ASXX7061
Bridgetown ASXX2024
Bridgewater ASXX0556
Bridgewater ASXX7062
Bridgman ASXX7063
Bridport ASXX2026
Brierfield ASXX7064
Brigalow ASXX2027
Brigalow ASXX7065
Briggsvale ASXX7066
Bright ASXX2028
Brighton ASXX7067
Brighton East ASXX0557
Brightview ASXX7069
Brightwaters ASXX7070
Brigooda ASXX2030
Brim ASXX2031
Brimbago ASXX2032
Brimboal ASXX7071
Brimin ASXX7072
Brimpaen ASXX7073
Brindabella ASXX0558
Bringagee ASXX7074
Bringelly ASXX0559
Bringenbrong ASXX2035
Bringle ASXX7076
Brington Beach ASXX7077
Brinkworth ASXX2036
Brinsmead ASXX7078
Brisbane ASXX0016
Brit Brit ASXX7079
Brixton ASXX7080
Broad Acres ASXX2038
Broad Arrow ASXX0017
Broadbeach ASXX7081
Broadford ASXX2040
Broadmarsh ASXX7082
Broadmeadows ASXX0018
Broadmeadows ASXX7083
Broadmount ASXX7084
Broadview ASXX2042
Broadwater ASXX2044
Broadwater ASXX2043
Broadwater ASXX2045
Brocklehurst ASXX0560
Brocklesby ASXX7085
Brockley ASXX7086
Brodies Camp ASXX2047
Brodies Plains ASXX7087
Brodribb River ASXX7088
Brogans Creek ASXX7089
Brogo ASXX0561
Broke ASXX2049
Broken Hill ASXX7090
Brolgan ASXX7091
Brombin ASXX2051
Bromelton ASXX7093
Bromfleet ASXX7094
Bromley ASXX7095
Bronte ASXX7096
Bronzewing ASXX7097
Brookfield ASXX7098
Brookhill ASXX7099
Brooklana ASXX7100
Brooklet ASXX0563
Brooklyn ASXX7101
Brookong ASXX7102
Brookside ASXX7103
Brookstead ASXX2056
Brookton ASXX2057
Brookvale ASXX0564
Brookville ASXX2059
Brookwater ASXX7104
Brooloo ASXX2060
Brooman ASXX2061
Broome ASXX0019
Broomehill ASXX2063
Broomfield ASXX7105
Brooms Head ASXX7106
Brooweena ASXX2064
Brooyar ASXX7107
Broughton ASXX7108
Broughton Vale ASXX7109
Broula ASXX7111
Broulee ASXX0565
Brown Hill ASXX7112
Brownlow Hill ASXX0566
Browns Plains ASXX7113
Brownsville ASXX0567
Broxburn ASXX7114
Bruarong ASXX7115
Bruce ASXX7116
Bruce ASXX2068
Bruce Rock ASXX2069
Brucedale ASXX7117
Brucknell ASXX7118
Bruie Plains ASXX7119
Brundah ASXX7120
Brundee ASXX7121
Brunette Downs ASXX0153
Brungle ASXX2071
Brunswick ASXX0568
Brunswick Heads ASXX0569
Brush Creek ASXX7122
Brushgrove ASXX7123
Brushy Hill ASXX7124
Bruthen ASXX2075
Bryans Gap ASXX7125
Bryden ASXX7126
Bryon Bay ASXX0430
Buangor ASXX7127
Buaraba ASXX7128
Buaraba Creek ASXX7129
Bucasia ASXX7130
Bucca ASXX7131
Bucca-Wauka ASXX7132
Buccan ASXX7133
Buccarumbi ASXX7134
Buccleuch ASXX2077
Buchan ASXX2078
Buchan South ASXX7135
Buchanan ASXX7136
Bucheen Creek ASXX2079
Buckajo ASXX0570
Buckalow ASXX2081
Buckaroo ASXX7137
Buckenbowra ASXX7138
Buckendoon ASXX7139
Buckiinguy ASXX2082
Buckingham ASXX2083
Buckingham Downs ASXX2084
Buckland ASXX7140
Buckland Lower ASXX7141
Buckleboo ASXX2085
Buckley ASXX7142
Buckleys Swamp ASXX7143
Buckrabanyule ASXX7144
Budden ASXX7145
Buddigower ASXX7146
Buddina ASXX7147
Buderim ASXX0571
Budgee Budgee ASXX0572
Budgeree ASXX7148
Budgeree East ASXX7149
Budgerum East ASXX7150
Budgewoi ASXX0573
Buffalo ASXX7151
Buffalo River ASXX7152
Bugaldie ASXX2089
Bugilbone ASXX7153
Builyan ASXX2090
Bukalong ASXX7154
Bukkulla ASXX2091
Bulahdelah ASXX2092
Bulala ASXX2093
Bulart ASXX7155
Bulby Brush ASXX7156
Bulga ASXX2094
Bulgandramine ASXX7157
Bulgandry ASXX7158
Bulgary ASXX7159
Bulgong ASXX7160
Bulgroo ASXX7161
Bulgunnia ASXX2095
Bulimba ASXX7162
Bulla ASXX7163
Bullabul ASXX7164
Bullabulling ASXX2096
Bullaburra ASXX7165
Bullamalito ASXX7166
Bullara ASXX2097
Bullaring ASXX2098
Bullarook ASXX7167
Bullaroon ASXX2099
Bullarto ASXX7168
Bullawa Creek ASXX7169
Bullecourt ASXX2100
Bulleen ASXX7170
Bullenbalong ASXX7171
Bullenbong ASXX7172
Bullengarook ASXX2101
Bullfinch ASXX2102
Bullhead ASXX7173
Bulli ASXX0574
Bulliac ASXX7174
Bullioh ASXX7175
Bullock Creek ASXX7176
Bulloo Downs ASXX2104
Bulls Swamp ASXX7177
Bullsbrook ASXX0575
Bullumwaal ASXX2107
Bullyard ASXX7178
Buln Buln ASXX7179
Buln Buln East ASXX7180
Bulwer ASXX7181
Bulyee ASXX2108
Bumbaldry ASXX2109
Bumberrah ASXX7182
Bumberry ASXX7183
Bumbunga ASXX2110
Bunbartha ASXX7184
Bunburra ASXX7185
Bunbury ASXX0228
Bunda North ASXX7186
Bundaberg ASXX0576
Bundaburra ASXX7187
Bundagen ASXX7188
Bundalaguah ASXX7189
Bundall ASXX7190
Bundalong ASXX2114
Bundalong South ASXX7191
Bundamba ASXX0577
Bundannon ASXX7192
Bundanoon ASXX2116
Bundarra ASXX2117
Bundarra ASXX2118
Bundeena ASXX0578
Bundella ASXX2120
Bundella Creek ASXX7193
Bunding ASXX7194
Bundook ASXX7195
Bundoora ASXX7196
Bundoran ASXX2121
Bundure ASXX2122
Buneru ASXX7197
Bung Bong ASXX7198
Bungadoo ASXX7199
Bungalally ASXX7200
Bungalow ASXX7201
Bungalow Flat ASXX7202
Bungaree ASXX7203
Bungaree Norah ASXX7204
Bungawalbin ASXX7205
Bungeet ASXX7206
Bungeluke ASXX7207
Bungendore ASXX2124
Bungeworgorai ASXX7208
Bungil ASXX2125
Bunglegumbie ASXX7209
Bungonia ASXX2126
Bungowannah ASXX7210
Bungulla ASXX2127
Bungundarra ASXX7211
Bungunnia ASXX2128
Bungunya ASXX2129
Bungwahl ASXX2123
Buniche ASXX0579
Buninyong ASXX7212
Bunjil ASXX2131
Bunjurgen ASXX7213
Bunkers Hill ASXX7214
Bunnabunoo ASXX7215
Bunnaloo ASXX7216
Bunnan ASXX2132
Bunns Springs ASXX2133
Bunora ASXX2134
Buntine ASXX2135
Bunya ASXX7217
Bunyah ASXX2136
Bunyip ASXX7218
Buraja ASXX7219
Burajige ASXX2137
Burakin ASXX2138
Buralyang ASXX7220
Burcher ASXX2139
Burdekin Downs ASXX2140
Burdell ASXX7221
Burdett ASXX7222
Burekup ASXX0580
Burgooney ASXX7223
Burkes Flat ASXX7224
Burketown ASXX0157
Burleigh ASXX7225
Burleigh Heads ASXX7226
Burlington ASXX7227
Burnabinmah ASXX2143
Burnbank ASXX7228
Burncluith ASXX7229
Burndale ASXX7230
Burnduith ASXX2144
Burnett Heads ASXX7231
Burnie ASXX2145
Burnima ASXX7232
Burnley ASXX7233
Burns Beach ASXX2146
Burnsfield ASXX2147
Burnside ASXX7234
Burnt Bridge ASXX7235
Burnt Yards ASXX7236
Buronga ASXX7237
Burpengary ASXX0581
Burra ASXX7238
Burra ASXX2149
Burra Burri ASXX2150
Burra Rock ASXX2151
Burradoo ASXX7239
Burraga ASXX2152
Burragate ASXX7240
Burragenup ASXX2153
Burragorang ASXX7241
Burramine South ASXX7242
Burramurra ASXX2154
Burrandong ASXX7243
Burraneer ASXX7244
Burrangong ASXX7245
Burrapine ASXX7246
Burrawang ASXX0582
Burrell Creek ASXX2156
Burren Junction ASXX7247
Burrenbilla ASXX2157
Burrenbring ASXX2158
Burrereo ASXX7248
Burrier ASXX7249
Burrill Lake ASXX2159
Burringbar ASXX7250
Burrinjuck ASXX2160
Burrowye ASXX2161
Burrum ASXX7251
Burrum Heads ASXX7252
Burrumbeet ASXX2162
Burrumbela ASXX7253
Burrumbuttock ASXX7254
Burrungule ASXX2163
Burswood ASXX0583
Burua ASXX7255
Burwood ASXX7256
Burwood ASXX0584
Busby ASXX7257
Busbys Flat ASXX7258
Bushfield ASXX7259
Bushland Beach ASXX7260
Bushley ASXX7261
Bushy Park ASXX0329
Bushy Park ASXX7262
Busselton ASXX0426
Bustard Head ASXX7263
Butchers Creek ASXX7264
Butchers Ridge ASXX2168
Bute ASXX2169
Buthurra ASXX7265
Butlers Gorge ASXX0585
Buttaba ASXX7266
Buxton ASXX7267
Buxton ASXX2171
Buxton ASXX2172
Byabarra ASXX2173
Byaduk ASXX7268
Byaduk North ASXX7269
Byanbunnoo ASXX7270
Byangum ASXX7271
Byee ASXX7272
Byellee ASXX7273
Byer ASXX7274
Byerwen ASXX2174
Byfield ASXX0586
Byford ASXX2176
Bygalorie ASXX7275
Bygoo ASXX7276
Bylands ASXX7277
Bylong ASXX2177
Bymount ASXX2178
Byng ASXX7278
Byrneside ASXX7279
Byrnestown ASXX7280
Byrneville ASXX7281
Byrock ASXX7282
Byron ASXX7283
Byron Bay ASXX0587
Bywong ASXX7284
Cabanda ASXX7285
Cabandilla ASXX7286
Cabarita ASXX7287
Cabarita Beach ASXX7288
Cabarlah ASXX7289
Cabawin ASXX7290
Caboolture ASXX2181
Caboonbah ASXX7292
Cabramatta ASXX7293
Cabramurra ASXX0432
Cadell ASXX2184
Cadgee ASXX7294
Cadia ASXX7295
Cadjangarry ASXX7296
Cadnia East ASXX2185
Cadoux ASXX2186
Caffey ASXX7297
Cairnlea ASXX7298
Cairns ASXX0020
Cajildry ASXX7299
Cal Lal ASXX2188
Calala ASXX7300
Calamvale ASXX7301
Calarie ASXX0588
Calavos ASXX7302
Caldermeade ASXX7303
Caldwell ASXX7304
Calen ASXX2190
California Gully ASXX7305
Calimpa ASXX7306
Calingiri ASXX2191
Caliph ASXX2192
Calivil ASXX7307
Callaghan ASXX7308
Callagiddy ASXX2193
Callala Bay ASXX7309
Callandoon North ASXX7310
Callanna ASXX2194
Callawadda ASXX2195
Callawadda South ASXX7311
Calleen ASXX7312
Callide ASXX2196
Callignee ASXX7313
Callignee North ASXX7314
Callignee South ASXX7315
Callington ASXX2197
Calliope ASXX2198
Callo ASXX7316
Calomba ASXX2199
Caloola ASXX7317
Caloundra ASXX0021
Calrossie ASXX7318
Caltowie ASXX2201
Calulu ASXX7319
Calvert ASXX7320
Calvert Hills ASXX2202
Calwell ASXX7321
Camballin ASXX2203
Cambalong ASXX7322
Cambelltown ASXX2204
Camberwell ASXX7323
Camberwell ASXX0589
Cambewarra ASXX7324
Camboon ASXX7325
Camboon ASXX2206
Cambooya ASXX2207
Cambrai ASXX2208
Cambrian Hill ASXX7326
Cambridge ASXX0590
Cambridge Downs ASXX2210
Camden ASXX0591
Camden Haven ASXX7328
Cameby ASXX7329
Camenana ASXX7330
Cameron Park ASXX7331
Camerons Pocket ASXX7332
Camfield ASXX2212
Camfield ASXX2213
Camira ASXX7333
Camira Creek ASXX7334
Cammeray ASXX7335
Camoola ASXX7336
Camooweal ASXX0155
Camp Creek ASXX7337
Camp Fire ASXX7338
Camp Mountain ASXX7339
Campania ASXX0592
Campbell ASXX7340
Campbell Town ASXX7341
Campbellfield ASXX7342
Campbellfields ASXX7343
Campbells Bridge ASXX7344
Campbells Creek ASXX7345
Campbells Forest ASXX7346
Campbells Plains ASXX7347
Campbelltown ASXX0022
Campbelltown ASXX7348
Camperdown ASXX2217
Camperdown ASXX7350
Campsie ASXX7351
Campwin Beach ASXX7352
Cams Wharf ASXX0593
Camurra ASXX7353
Canada Bay ASXX7354
Canadian ASXX7355
Canaga ASXX2219
Canally ASXX2220
Canalpin ASXX7356
Canary Island ASXX7357
Canbelego ASXX2221
Canberra ASXX0023
Candelo ASXX7359
Cane River ASXX2223
Canery ASXX2224
Cangai ASXX2225
Cania ASXX7360
Caniaba ASXX7361
Canimbla ASXX7362
Canley Heights ASXX7363
Canley Vale ASXX7364
Cann River ASXX2226
Cannawigara ASXX2227
Cannie ASXX7365
Canning Vale ASXX0594
Cannon Creek ASXX7366
Cannon Hill ASXX7367
Cannon Valley ASXX7368
Cannonvale ASXX2229
Cannum ASXX7369
Canobolas ASXX7370
Canoelands ASXX7371
Canoona ASXX2230
Canopus ASXX2231
Canowindra ASXX2232
Canterbury ASXX7373
Canterbury ASXX0595
Canton Beach ASXX7374
Canungra ASXX2234
Canyan Leigh ASXX7375
Capalaba ASXX2235
Cape Borda ASXX0277
Cape Bridgewater ASXX7377
Cape Bruny ASXX0330
Cape Clear ASXX2238
Cape Cleveland ASXX7379
Cape Cuvier ASXX2239
Cape Don ASXX0131
Cape Grin ASXX6242
Cape Jaffa ASXX0280
Cape Kimberley ASXX7380
Cape Moreton ASXX0223
Cape Naturaliste ASXX0225
Cape Nelson ASXX0284
Cape Otway ASXX7381
Cape Paterso ASXX2245
Cape Paterson ASXX7382
Cape River ASXX7383
Cape Sorell ASXX0333
Cape Wessel ASXX6244
Cape Willoughby ASXX0283
Cape Woolamai ASXX7384
Cape York ASXX7385
Capeen ASXX7386
Capel ASXX2248
Capella ASXX2249
Capels Crossing ASXX7387
Capertee ASXX2250
Caping ASXX7388
Captains Flat ASXX2251
Carabost ASXX2252
Carag Carag ASXX7389
Caragabal ASXX2253
Caralue ASXX2254
Caralulup ASXX7390
Caramia ASXX2255
Caramut ASXX2256
Carandotta ASXX2257
Carapooee ASXX7391
Carapook ASXX7392
Caravonica ASXX7393
Carawa ASXX2258
Carbeen ASXX7394
Carbine ASXX2259
Carbla ASXX2260
Carboor ASXX2261
Carboor Upper ASXX7395
Carbrook ASXX7396
Carcoar ASXX2262
Cardiff ASXX0596
Cardigan ASXX7397
Cardinia ASXX7398
Cardowan ASXX2264
Cardross ASXX7399
Cardup ASXX0597
Cardwell ASXX2266
Carew ASXX2267
Carey Bay ASXX7400
Carey Gully ASXX0598
Cargerie ASXX7401
Cargo ASXX2269
Cariewerloo ASXX2270
Carilla ASXX0599
Carina ASXX7402
Carina Heights ASXX7403
Carinda ASXX2272
Carindale ASXX7404
Caringbah ASXX0600
Carinya ASXX2274
Carisbrook ASXX2275
Carlindi ASXX2276
Carlingford ASXX0601
Carlisle River ASXX7406
Carlsruhe ASXX7407
Carlton ASXX0602
Carlton ASXX7408
Carlton Hill ASXX2279
Carlton North ASXX7409
Carmel ASXX0603
Carmila ASXX2281
Carmila West ASXX7410
Carmoo ASXX7411
Carnamah ASXX2282
Carnarvon ASXX0024
Carnegie ASXX0604
Carnes ASXX2287
Carngham ASXX7412
Caroda ASXX2288
Caroline Springs ASXX0605
Caron ASXX2290
Carool ASXX7413
Caroona ASXX2291
Carpendeit ASXX7414
Carpenter Rocks ASXX2292
Carrajung ASXX7415
Carrajung Lower ASXX7416
Carrajung South ASXX7417
Carranballac ASXX7418
Carrar ASXX0606
Carrara ASXX7419
Carrarang ASXX2294
Carrathool ASXX2295
Carrick ASXX7420
Carrick ASXX0607
Carrickalinga ASXX2297
Carrieton ASXX2298
Carrington ASXX7421
Carroll ASXX2299
Carroll Gap ASXX7422
Carron ASXX7423
Carrow Brook ASXX7424
Carrs Creek ASXX7425
Carruchan ASXX7426
Carrum ASXX7427
Carrum Downs ASXX7428
Carrum North ASXX7429
Carseldine ASXX7430
Carss Park ASXX7431
Carstairs ASXX7432
Carters Ridge ASXX7433
Cartwright ASXX7434
Cartwrights Hill ASXX7435
Carwarp ASXX7436
Carwoola ASXX7437
Cascade ASXX2300
Cascades ASXX7438
Casey ASXX7439
Cashmere ASXX7440
Cashmere West ASXX2301
Cashmore ASXX2302
Casino ASXX0608
Cassidy ASXX7441
Cassilis ASXX2304
Cassilis ASXX7442
Cassowary ASXX7443
Castaways Beach ASXX7444
Castella ASXX7445
Casterton ASXX0609
Castle Doyle ASXX7446
Castle Hill ASXX0610
Castle Mountain ASXX7447
Castleburn ASXX2307
Castlecrag ASXX0611
Castledean ASXX7448
Castlemaine ASXX2309
Castlereagh ASXX7449
Casuarina ASXX7450
Casula ASXX7451
Catalina ASXX7452
Catamaran ASXX7453
Catani ASXX7454
Cathcart ASXX2310
Catherine Field ASXX7455
Cathkin ASXX2312
Cathu ASXX7456
Cathundral ASXX7457
Cato Island ASXX0197
Cattai ASXX7458
Cattle Vale ASXX2314
Caulfield ASXX0613
Caulfield North ASXX0614
Caulfield South ASXX0615
Cavendish ASXX2318
Caversham ASXX0616
Caves Beach ASXX7459
Caveside ASXX7460
Cawarral ASXX2320
Cawdor ASXX7461
Cawkers Well ASXX2321
Cawnalmurtee ASXX2322
Cawongla ASXX7462
Cecil Hills ASXX7463
Cecil Plains ASXX2323
Cedar Creek ASXX7464
Cedar Grove ASXX7465
Cedar Point ASXX7467
Cedarton ASXX7468
Ceduna ASXX0617
Cement Mills ASXX7469
Centennial Park ASXX7471
Central Bucca ASXX7472
Central Coast ASXX7473
Central Mangrove ASXX7475
Central Tilba ASXX0618
Centre Island ASXX0154
Ceratodus ASXX7476
Cerberus ASXX0313
Ceres ASXX7477
Cervantes ASXX2328
Cessnock ASXX0619
Cethana ASXX7478
Chadford ASXX7479
Chadshunt ASXX2330
Chadstone ASXX0620
Chain Valley Bay ASXX7480
Chakola ASXX2332
Challa ASXX2333
Challambra ASXX7481
Chambers Flat ASXX7482
Chambigne ASXX7483
Chandada ASXX2334
Chandlers Creek ASXX2335
Chandos ASXX2336
Channel Point ASXX0384
Chapel Hill ASXX7484
Chapingah ASXX7485
Chapman ASXX7486
Chapple Vale ASXX7487
Charam ASXX2338
Charbon ASXX7488
Charlestown ASXX0621
Charleyong ASXX2340
Charleyville ASXX0375
Charlotte Bay ASXX7489
Charlotte Plains ASXX2342
Charlton ASXX0622
Charlton ASXX7490
Charlwood ASXX7491
Charnwood ASXX7492
Charra ASXX2344
Charringa ASXX7493
Charters Towers ASXX7494
Charters Towners ASXX2345
Chatham ASXX7495
Chatsbury ASXX7496
Chatswood ASXX0623
Chatsworth ASXX2347
Cheepie ASXX7498
Chelmer ASXX2348
Chelmsford ASXX7500
Chelona ASXX2349
Chelsea ASXX7501
Chelsea Heights ASXX7502
Cheltenham ASXX0624
Cheltenham ASXX7503
Chepstowe ASXX7504
Cherbourg ASXX7505
Chermside ASXX7506
Cherratta ASXX2351
Cherrilong ASXX7507
Cherry Gardens ASXX0625
Cherry Gully ASXX7508
Cherry Tree Hill ASXX7509
Cherrybrook ASXX7510
Cherrypool ASXX7511
Cherryville ASXX0626
Cheshunt ASXX7512
Chester Hill ASXX7513
Chetwynd ASXX2354
Chetwynd East ASXX7514
Chevallum ASXX7515
Cheviot ASXX7516
Chewko ASXX7517
Chewton ASXX7518
Chichester ASXX2355
Chidlow ASXX2356
Chifley ASXX7519
Chigwell ASXX7520
Childers ASXX2357
Childers ASXX7521
Chillingollah ASXX2358
Chilpuddie ASXX2359
Chiltern ASXX2360
Chiltern Valley ASXX7523
Chilverton ASXX7524
Chinatown ASXX7525
Chinchilla ASXX2361
Chinderah ASXX0627
Chinkapook ASXX2363
Chinta ASXX2364
Chippendale ASXX7526
Chipping Norton ASXX0628
Chirnside Park ASXX7527
Chirrup ASXX7528
Chiselhurst ASXX7529
Chisholm ASXX7530
Chiswick ASXX7531
Chittaway Point ASXX0629
Chittering ASXX2367
Chowey ASXX7532
Christies ASXX7533
Christmas Hills ASXX0630
Christmas Hills ASXX7534
Christmastown ASXX7535
Chudleigh ASXX7536
Chullora ASXX7537
Chum Creek ASXX7538
Chumbrumba ASXX7539
Churchable ASXX7540
Churchill ASXX0631
Churchill ASXX7541
Churinga ASXX2370
Churum ASXX7542
Chute ASXX7543
Chuwar ASXX7544
Cinnabar ASXX7545
City ASXX7546
City of Knox ASXX7548
Clagiraba ASXX7549
Clairview ASXX7550
Clairville ASXX7551
Clandulla ASXX2373
Clanside ASXX7552
Clapham ASXX0633
Claravale ASXX2375
Clare ASXX7553
Clare ASXX2376
Clare Downs ASXX2377
Clarence ASXX7556
Clarence Point ASXX7557
Clarence Town ASXX2379
Clarendon ASXX0635
Clarendon ASXX7558
Clarendon Vale ASXX7559
Clarenza ASXX7560
Clareval ASXX7561
Clareville ASXX7562
Clarinda ASXX7563
Clarkefield ASXX7564
Clarkes Hill ASXX7565
Clarkson ASXX0636
Claude Road ASXX0637
Claverton ASXX7566
Clay Wells ASXX2383
Clayfield ASXX7567
Claymore ASXX7568
Clayton ASXX2384
Clayton ASXX7569
Clayton North ASXX7570
Clear Lake ASXX2385
Clear Ridge ASXX7571
Clearfield ASXX7572
Clearview ASXX2386
Clearwater ASXX2387
Clematis ASXX7573
Clergate ASXX2388
Clermont ASXX7574
Cleve ASXX0638
Clevedon ASXX7575
Cleveland ASXX2390
Cleveland ASXX7576
Clifden ASXX7577
Cliffdale ASXX7578
Clifton ASXX7579
Clifton Beach ASXX2393
Clifton Beach ASXX7580
Clifton Creek ASXX7581
Clifton Downs ASXX2394
Clifton Gardens ASXX7582
Clifton Grove ASXX7583
Clifton Hill ASXX7584
Clifton Springs ASXX0639
Clinton ASXX7585
Clintonvale ASXX7586
Clive ASXX7587
Clonagh ASXX2396
Clonbinane ASXX2397
Cloncurry ASXX0025
Clonduff ASXX7588
Clontarf ASXX0640
Closeburn ASXX7590
Clothiers Creek ASXX7591
Clouds Creek ASXX2400
Clovass ASXX7592
Clovelly ASXX0641
Clover Downs ASXX2402
Cloverlea ASXX7593
Clowery ASXX7594
Cloyna ASXX7595
Club Terrace ASXX2403
Cluden ASXX7596
Clumber ASXX7597
Clump Point ASXX2404
Clunes ASXX2406
Clunes ASXX2405
Clutha ASXX2407
Clybucca ASXX7598
Clyde ASXX0642
Clyde ASXX7599
Clyde North ASXX7600
Clydebank ASXX7601
Clydesdale ASXX7602
Coalbank ASXX7603
Coalbrook ASXX2409
Coalcliff ASXX0643
Coaldale ASXX7604
Coalstoun Lakes ASXX2411
Coalville ASXX7605
Cobains ASXX7606
Cobar ASXX0644
Cobar Airport ASXX0262
Cobargo ASXX2414
Cobark ASXX7607
Cobaw ASXX7608
Cobba-da-mana ASXX7609
Cobbadah ASXX2415
Cobbannah ASXX7610
Cobbitty ASXX0645
Cobbora ASXX7611
Cobden ASXX2417
Cobram ASXX2418
Cobram East ASXX7612
Cobrico ASXX7613
Cobungra ASXX2419
Coburg ASXX7614
Cocamba ASXX7615
Cockaleechie ASXX2420
Cockatoo ASXX2421
Cockatoo Camp ASXX2422
Cockatoo Creek ASXX7616
Cockburn ASXX2423
Cockle Creek ASXX7617
Cocomingla ASXX7618
Coconut Island ASXX0143
Cocumbark ASXX7619
Codrington ASXX2425
Codrington ASXX7620
Coen ASXX2426
Coen Airport ASXX0144
Coes Creek ASXX7621
Coffee Camp ASXX7622
Coffin Bay ASXX2428
Coffs Harbour ASXX0026
Coghills Creek ASXX7623
Cohuna ASXX7624
Coila ASXX7625
Coimadai ASXX7626
Colac ASXX2430
Colac Colac ASXX2431
Colbinabbin ASXX2432
Colbinabbin West ASXX7627
Coldstream ASXX0300
Coldstream ASXX7628
Coleambally ASXX2434
Colebrook ASXX0646
Coledale ASXX7629
Coleraine ASXX2436
Coles Bay ASXX0647
Coles Beach ASXX7630
Coles Point ASXX0243
Coleyville ASXX7631
Colignan ASXX7632
Colinroobie ASXX7633
Colinton ASXX7634
Collarenebri ASXX2439
Collaroy ASXX7635
Collaroy ASXX2440
Collector ASXX2441
College Green ASXX7636
Collerina ASXX7637
Colley ASXX2442
Collie ASXX2443
Collie Burn ASXX0648
Collingullie ASXX7638
Collingwood ASXX7639
Collingwood Park ASXX0649
Collins Cap ASXX7640
Collinsvale ASXX0650
Collinsville ASXX2447
Collombatti ASXX7641
Colly Blue ASXX7642
Colo ASXX7643
Colo Heights ASXX7644
Colo Vale ASXX0651
Colongra ASXX7645
Colosseum ASXX7646
Colovale ASXX2449
Colston ASXX2450
Colston Park ASXX7647
Colton ASXX2451
Columboola ASXX2452
Colyton ASXX7648
Comara ASXX7649
Comarto ASXX2453
Comaum ASXX0652
Combaning ASXX0653
Combara ASXX2456
Combienbar ASXX0317
Comboyne ASXX2458
Come-By-Chance ASXX2459
Comet ASXX2460
Comet Vale ASXX2461
Comleroy ASXX7650
Como ASXX7652
Como ASXX0654
Comobella ASXX7653
Compton ASXX0655
Compton Downs ASXX7654
Compton Downs ASXX2464
Con Murra ASXX2465
Conara Junction ASXX7655
Conargo ASXX2466
Concord ASXX0656
Condada ASXX0657
Condah ASXX7656
Condamine ASXX2469
Condell Park ASXX7657
Conder ASXX7658
Condingup ASXX2470
Condobolin ASXX0658
Condon ASXX7659
Condong ASXX0659
Condoulpe ASXX7660
Congelin ASXX2474
Congie ASXX2475
Congo ASXX7661
Congo Park ASXX0660
Congupna Road ASXX7662
Coningham ASXX7663
Coningsby ASXX7664
Coniston ASXX0661
Conjola ASXX0662
Connangorach ASXX7665
Connells Point ASXX7666
Connewarre ASXX7667
Connewirricoo ASXX7668
Conondale ASXX7669
Consuelo ASXX2479
Conway ASXX7670
Cooba ASXX7671
Coober Pedy ASXX0408
Coochin ASXX7673
Coocooboonah ASXX7674
Cooee ASXX0663
Cooee Bay ASXX7675
Coogoon ASXX2482
Coojar ASXX2483
Cook ASXX7677
Cookamidgera ASXX2484
Cookardinia ASXX2485
Cooke Plains ASXX2486
Cooks Gap ASXX7678
Cooktown ASXX0027
Coolabah ASXX2488
Coolabunia ASXX7679
Coolac ASXX2489
Cooladdi ASXX7680
Coolah ASXX2490
Coolalie ASXX7681
Coolamatong ASXX7682
Coolamon ASXX2491
Coolana ASXX7683
Coolangatta ASXX7684
Coolanie ASXX2493
Coolaroo ASXX7685
Coolatai ASXX2494
Coolawanyah ASXX2495
Coolbie ASXX7686
Coolcorra ASXX7687
Coolen Coolen ASXX2496
Coolgardie ASXX0028
Coolgarra ASXX7688
Coolibah ASXX2498
Coolongolook ASXX2499
Cooloola Cove ASXX7689
Cooloolabin ASXX7690
Cooloondurri ASXX7691
Coolringdon ASXX7692
Coolum ASXX7693
Coolum Beach ASXX0664
Coolup ASXX2501
Cooma ASXX7694
Cooma Airport ASXX0318
Coomalbidgup ASXX2503
Coomandook ASXX2504
Coomba Park ASXX7695
Coombabah ASXX7696
Coombe ASXX2505
Coombell ASXX7697
Coomberdale ASXX2506
Coombie ASXX2507
Coomealla ASXX7698
Coomera ASXX7699
Coominglah ASXX2508
Coominya ASXX7700
Coomunga ASXX2509
Coonabarabran ASXX0267
Coonalpyn ASXX2511
Coonamble ASXX0666
Coonarr ASXX7701
Coonawarra ASXX0667
Coondoo ASXX7702
Cooneel ASXX7703
Coongan ASXX2514
Coongoola ASXX7704
Coongulla ASXX2515
Coonong ASXX2516
Coonooer Bridge ASXX7705
Cooper ASXX7706
Cooperabung ASXX0668
Coopernook ASXX0669
Coopers Creek ASXX7707
Coopers Hill ASXX7708
Coopers Shoot ASXX7709
Coorabell Creek ASXX7710
Coorabin ASXX2519
Cooralya ASXX2520
Cooran ASXX2521
Cooranbong ASXX0670
Cooranga North ASXX2523
Cooray ASXX2524
Cooriemungle ASXX7712
Coorooman ASXX7713
Cooroonboon ASXX2525
Cooroorah ASXX2526
Coorow ASXX2527
Cooroy ASXX7714
Cooroy Mountain ASXX7715
Coorparoo ASXX7716
Cootamundra ASXX2528
Cootawundi ASXX2529
Cootharaba ASXX7717
Cootralantra ASXX7718
Coowonga ASXX7719
Cooya Beach ASXX7720
Cooya Pooya ASXX2530
Cooyal ASXX7721
Cooyar ASXX7722
Copacabana ASXX7723
Cope Cope ASXX2531
Copeland ASXX7724
Copeton ASXX7725
Copeville ASXX2532
Copley ASXX0671
Copmanhurst ASXX2534
Coppabella ASXX7726
Coppabella ASXX2535
Copperfield ASXX7727
Copping ASXX7728
Cora Lynn ASXX7729
Corack ASXX7730
Corack East ASXX2536
Coradgery ASXX7731
Coragulac ASXX7732
Coraki ASXX2537
Coral Cove ASXX7733
Coral Ville ASXX7734
Coramba ASXX0672
Corang ASXX7735
Corbie Hill ASXX7736
Cordalba ASXX7737
Cordelia ASXX7738
Coree ASXX2539
Coreen ASXX7739
Coreinbob ASXX7740
Corella ASXX7741
Corfield ASXX2540
Corinda ASXX7742
Corindhap ASXX7743
Corindi ASXX0673
Corinella ASXX7744
Corinna ASXX7745
Corinya ASXX2542
Corio ASXX7746
Corlette ASXX7747
Corndale ASXX7748
Cornella ASXX7749
Cornella East ASXX7750
Cornubia Park ASXX7751
Cornwall ASXX0674
Corny Point ASXX2544
Corobimilla ASXX0675
Coromby ASXX7752
Corona ASXX2547
Coronation Hill ASXX2548
Coronet Bay ASXX2549
Corop ASXX2550
Cororooke ASXX2551
Corowa ASXX0677
Corrigin ASXX0236
Corrimal ASXX0678
Corryong ASXX7753
Corunna ASXX7754
Corunna Downs ASXX2555
Cosgrove ASXX7755
Cosgrove South ASXX7756
Costerfield ASXX7757
Cotonvale ASXX2556
Cotswold ASXX7758
Cotswold Hills ASXX7759
Cottage Point ASXX7760
Cottesloe ASXX0679
Cottles Bridge ASXX7761
Cotton Vale ASXX7762
Cottonvale ASXX7763
Cougal ASXX7764
Coulta ASXX2558
Countegany ASXX7765
Country Downs ASXX2559
Courabyra ASXX7766
Courangra ASXX7767
Couridjah ASXX7768
Courtlea ASXX0680
Coutts Crossing ASXX7769
Cow Bay ASXX7770
Cow Flat ASXX7771
Cowan ASXX7772
Cowan Cowan ASXX7773
Cowangie ASXX2561
Cowaramup ASXX2562
Cowel Creek ASXX2563
Cowell ASXX2564
Cowerup ASXX2565
Cowes ASXX0681
Cowieninta ASXX2567
Cowl Cowl ASXX2568
Cowley ASXX2569
Cowleys Creek ASXX7775
Cowper ASXX0682
Cowra ASXX0683
Cowra Creek ASXX7776
Cowwarr ASXX7777
Crabbes Creek ASXX7778
Craboon ASXX7779
Crabtree ASXX7780
Crace ASXX7781
Crackenback ASXX0366
Cracow ASXX7782
Cradoc ASXX0684
Crafers ASXX0685
Craigallian ASXX7783
Craigburn Farm ASXX0686
Craigie ASXX2577
Craigie Plains ASXX2578
Craigieburn ASXX7784
Craiglie ASXX7785
Craigmore ASXX2579
Craignish ASXX7786
Cramenton ASXX7787
Cramsie ASXX7788
Cranbourne ASXX0687
Cranbrook ASXX7790
Cranbrook ASXX2581
Cranbury ASXX7791
Cranebrook ASXX7792
Cranley ASXX7793
Craven ASXX2582
Cravensville ASXX7794
Crawford ASXX7795
Crawford River ASXX7796
Creal Reef ASXX0187
Credo ASXX2584
Creewah ASXX7797
Creighton ASXX7798
Creighton Creek ASXX7799
Cremorne ASXX7800
Crescent Head ASXX7801
Cresco Estate ASXX2585
Cressy ASXX7802
Cressy ASXX0688
Crestmead ASXX7803
Crestwood ASXX7804
Creswell Downs ASXX2587
Creswick ASXX2588
Crib Point ASXX2589
Cribb Island ASXX7806
Crichtons ASXX7807
Cringila ASXX0689
Croftby ASXX7808
Crohamhurst ASXX7809
Croki ASXX7810
Cromarty ASXX7811
Cromer ASXX0690
Cromer ASXX7812
Cronulla ASXX0691
Crooble ASXX2593
Crookes Valley ASXX7813
Crookwell ASXX2594
Croppa Creek ASXX2595
Crosslands ASXX7814
Crossley ASXX7815
Crossman ASXX0692
Crossover ASXX7816
Croudace Bay ASXX7817
Crow Mountain ASXX7818
Crowes ASXX7820
Crowlands ASXX7821
Crows Nest ASXX2597
Crows Nest ASXX7822
Crowther ASXX7823
Croxton ASXX7824
Croxton East ASXX7825
Croydon ASXX0693
Croydon ASXX7826
Croydon North ASXX7827
Crudine ASXX7828
Cryon ASXX2599
Crystal Brook ASXX2600
Crystal Creek ASXX7829
Csiro Village ASXX2601
Cuballing ASXX2602
Cubbaroo ASXX7830
Cucania ASXX7831
Cudal ASXX2603
Cuddell ASXX7832
Cuddesden ASXX2604
Cudgee ASXX7833
Cudgegong ASXX7834
Cudgen ASXX0694
Cudgera Creek ASXX7835
Cudgewa ASXX7836
Cudgewa North ASXX7837
Cudlee Creek ASXX0695
Cudmirrah ASXX7838
Cue ASXX2607
Cuerindi ASXX7839
Cuerindi North ASXX7840
Culburra ASXX2608
Culburra ASXX7841
Culcairn ASXX2609
Culgoa ASXX2610
Culgoora ASXX7842
Culham ASXX2611
Culla ASXX7843
Cullculli ASXX2612
Cullen Bullen ASXX2613
Cullenbone ASXX7844
Cullendora ASXX7845
Cullenswood ASXX7846
Cullerin ASXX7847
Cullivel ASXX7848
Cullulleraine ASXX2614
Cumbalum ASXX0696
Cumbamurra ASXX7849
Cumberland Reach ASXX7850
Cumboogle ASXX7851
Cumborah ASXX2616
Cummings ASXX7852
Cummins ASXX2617
Cumnock ASXX2618
Cunderdin ASXX2619
Cundle Flat ASXX7853
Cundlebar ASXX2620
Cundletown ASXX0697
Cungena ASXX2622
Cungulla ASXX7854
Cunjurong ASXX7855
Cunnamulla ASXX0210
Cunningham ASXX7856
Cunningham ASXX2624
Cunninghame ASXX7857
Cunninyeuk ASXX2625
Cuprona ASXX7858
Curban ASXX2626
Curdie ASXX7859
Curdie Vale ASXX7860
Curl Curl ASXX0698
Curlewis ASXX7861
Curlewis ASXX2628
Curlwaa ASXX7862
Curra ASXX7863
Curra Creek ASXX7864
Currabubula ASXX0699
Curraghmohr ASXX7865
Currajong ASXX7866
Currambine ASXX0700
Curramulka ASXX2631
Currans Hill ASXX7867
Currarong ASXX0701
Currawang ASXX7868
Currawarna ASXX7869
Currawong ASXX7870
Currency Creek ASXX2633
Curricabark ASXX7871
Currie ASXX0394
Currimundi ASXX7872
Currowan ASXX7873
Currowidgin ASXX7874
Currumbin ASXX7875
Currumbin Valley ASXX7876
Curtin ASXX7877
Curtin ASXX0146
Curyo ASXX2636
Custon ASXX2637
Cutella ASXX7878
Cuthbert ASXX0702
Cuttabri ASXX2639
Cygnet ASXX2640
Cygnet Bay ASXX0145
Cynthia ASXX7879
Cypress Grove ASXX7880
Dacey ASXX2643
Daceyville ASXX7882
Dadamarine ASXX7883
Dadswells Bridge ASXX7884
Dagun ASXX7885
Dahwilly ASXX2645
Daintree ASXX2646
Dairyville ASXX7887
Daisy Hill ASXX7888
Daisy Park ASXX7889
Dajarra ASXX2647
Dakabin ASXX7890
Dalbeg ASXX2648
Dalby ASXX0703
Dalby Airport ASXX0213
Dales Creek ASXX7891
Daleys Point ASXX7892
Dalgety ASXX2651
Dalgonally ASXX2652
Dalkeith ASXX7893
Dallachy ASXX7894
Dallarnil ASXX7895
Dallas ASXX7896
Dalma Scrub ASXX7897
Dalmalee ASXX7898
Dalmeny ASXX2653
Dalmore ASXX7899
Dalmore East ASXX7900
Dalmorton ASXX7901
Dalton ASXX2654
Dalveen ASXX7903
Dalwallinu ASXX0704
Dalwogon ASXX7904
Daly Waters ASXX0029
Dalyellup ASXX2657
Dalysford ASXX7905
Dalyston ASXX7906
Dalyup ASXX2658
Damboring ASXX2659
Dampier ASXX0030
Danbulla ASXX7907
Dandaloo ASXX7908
Dandaraga ASXX2661
Dandaragan ASXX2662
Dandenong ASXX0031
Dandenong West ASXX7909
Danderoo ASXX7910
Dandongadale ASXX2664
Dandry ASXX7911
Dangar Island ASXX7912
Dangarsleigh ASXX0705
Dangin ASXX2666
Dangore ASXX7913
Danyo ASXX7914
Dapper ASXX7915
Dappil ASXX7916
Dapto ASXX0706
Daradgee ASXX7917
Darawank ASXX7918
Darbalara ASXX7919
Darby ASXX7920
Darbys Falls ASXX2668
Darch ASXX0707
Darda ASXX2670
Dardanup ASXX0708
Dareel ASXX7921
Dareton ASXX2672
Dargal ASXX7922
Dargan ASXX7923
Dargo ASXX2673
Dark Corner ASXX7924
Darkan ASXX2674
Darke Peak ASXX2675
Darkwood ASXX7925
Darley ASXX7926
Darlimurla ASXX7927
Darling Point ASXX7928
Darlingford ASXX7929
Darlinghurst ASXX7930
Darlington ASXX7931
Darlington ASXX0709
Darlington Point ASXX2677
Darnum ASXX7932
Daroobalgie ASXX7933
Darouble ASXX7934
Darra ASXX7935
Darralume ASXX7936
Darraweith Guim ASXX7937
Darriman ASXX2678
Dart Dart ASXX7938
Dartmoor ASXX2679
Dartmouth ASXX7939
Daruka ASXX7940
Darwin ASXX0032
Dashwoods Gully ASXX0710
Dattuck ASXX7941
Dauan ASXX7942
Daubeny ASXX2682
Dauglas Crossing ASXX2683
Daunton South ASXX2684
Davidson ASXX0711
Davistown ASXX0712
Dawlish ASXX7943
Dawson ASXX2687
Dawson ASXX7944
Day Trap ASXX7945
Dayboro ASXX2688
Daylesford ASXX2689
Daymar ASXX2690
Daysdale ASXX2691
De Grey ASXX2692
Deagon ASXX0713
Deakin ASXX7947
Dean ASXX2694
Dean Park ASXX7948
Deanmill ASXX0714
Deans Marsh ASXX2696
Debella ASXX2697
Deception Bay ASXX0715
Deddington ASXX7949
Dederang ASXX7950
Dee ASXX7951
Dee Why ASXX0716
Deebing Heights ASXX0717
Deep Bay ASXX7952
Deep Creek ASXX0718
Deep Lead ASXX7954
Deepdale ASXX2702
Deepwater ASXX2703
Deer Park ASXX7955
Deer Vale ASXX7956
Deeragun ASXX7957
Deeral ASXX7958
Deeside ASXX2704
Degilbo ASXX7959
Delacombe ASXX0719
Delahey ASXX7960
Delamere ASXX0720
Delan ASXX7961
Delatite ASXX7962
Delburn ASXX7963
Delegate ASXX2707
Delegate River ASXX7964
Dellicknora ASXX7965
Deloraine ASXX2708
Delta ASXX7966
Delta Downs ASXX2709
Delungra ASXX2710
Delvine ASXX2711
Denbigh Downs ASXX2712
Denham ASXX0033
Denhams Beach ASXX7967
Denial Bay ASXX0721
Denicull Creek ASXX7968
Deniliquin ASXX0722
Denison ASXX7969
Denistone East ASXX7970
Denman ASXX2716
Denmark ASXX2717
Dennes Point ASXX7971
Dennington ASXX7972
Denver ASXX7973
Depot Flat ASXX2718
Depot Hill ASXX7974
Depot Springs ASXX2720
Depot Springs ASXX2719
Deptford ASXX7975
Derby ASXX0034
Derby ASXX7976
Dereel ASXX2722
Dergholm ASXX2723
Dering ASXX7977
Derrimut ASXX7978
Derrinal ASXX7979
Derrinallum ASXX7980
Derriwong ASXX7981
Derwent ASXX7982
Derwent Bridge ASXX7983
Derwent Park ASXX7984
Detention River ASXX7985
Detpa ASXX7986
Deuchar ASXX7987
Devenish ASXX7988
Devereux Creek ASXX7989
Deverton ASXX7990
Devils Elbow ASXX7991
Deviot ASXX7992
Devon ASXX7993
Devon Meadows ASXX7994
Devondale ASXX7995
Devonport ASXX0723
Dewhurst ASXX7996
Dharruk ASXX7997
Dhurringile ASXX7998
Diamond Beach ASXX7999
Diamond Creek ASXX8000
Diapur ASXX8001
Dicks Creek ASXX8002
Dickson ASXX8003
Didcot ASXX8004
Digby ASXX2726
Diggers Rest ASXX8006
Diggorra ASXX8007
Dignams Creek ASXX8008
Dilga ASXX8009
Dilkoon ASXX8010
Dilston ASXX0724
Dimboola ASXX2728
Dimbulah ASXX2729
Dingee ASXX2730
Dingley Village ASXX8011
Dingo ASXX8012
Dingo Creek ASXX8013
Dingwall ASXX8014
Dinmont ASXX8015
Dinmore ASXX0725
Dinner Plain ASXX8016
Dinoga ASXX8017
Dinyarrak ASXX8018
Dirk Hartog ASXX2732
Dirranbandi ASXX2733
Dirrung ASXX8019
Ditchley ASXX8020
Dittmer ASXX8021
Dixalea ASXX8022
Dixie ASXX8023
Dixons Creek ASXX8024
Djarawong ASXX8025
Djuan ASXX8026
Dlorah Downs ASXX2734
Dobbyn ASXX8027
Dobie ASXX8028
Dobies Bight ASXX8029
Docker ASXX8030
Docklands ASXX8031
Doctors Creek ASXX8032
Doctors Flat ASXX8033
Dodges Ferry ASXX8034
Dolans Bay ASXX8035
Dollar ASXX8036
Dolphin Heads ASXX8037
Dolphin Point ASXX8038
Don ASXX0726
Don ASXX8039
Don River ASXX8040
Don Valley ASXX8041
Donald ASXX2736
Donald ASXX8042
Donaldson ASXX8043
Doncaster ASXX8044
Doncaster East ASXX8045
Dondingalong ASXX8046
Dongara ASXX0035
Donnybrook ASXX8047
Donnybrook ASXX2738
Donovans ASXX2739
Donvale ASXX8048
Dooboobetic ASXX8049
Dooen ASXX0727
Dookie ASXX2741
Doolandella ASXX8050
Doolbi ASXX8051
Doomadgee ASXX8052
Doomben ASXX8053
Doon Doon ASXX2742
Doonan ASXX8054
Doonside ASXX0728
Dooralong ASXX8055
Doorawarrah ASXX2744
Dopewarra ASXX8056
Dora Creek ASXX0729
Doreen ASXX8057
Dorest Downs ASXX2746
Dorisvale ASXX2747
Doroq ASXX8058
Dorrigo ASXX2748
Dorroughby ASXX8059
Dotswood ASXX2749
Double Bay ASXX8060
Double Lagoon ASXX2750
Doubtful Creek ASXX2751
Douglas ASXX2752
Douglas ASXX8061
Douglas Park ASXX0730
Douglas River ASXX8062
Dover ASXX0731
Dover Heights ASXX8063
Doveton ASXX8064
Dowak ASXX0732
Dowerin ASXX2756
Downer ASXX8065
Downlands ASXX8066
Downsfield ASXX0733
Downside ASXX2758
Dows Creek ASXX8067
Doyalson ASXX8068
Doyles Creek ASXX8069
Drake ASXX2759
Draper ASXX8070
Drapers ASXX8071
Drayton ASXX8072
Dreeite ASXX8073
Drekurmi ASXX2760
Drewvale ASXX8074
Drik Drik ASXX8075
Drill Creek ASXX8076
Drillham ASXX2761
Drinan ASXX8077
Dripstone ASXX8078
Dromana ASXX2762
Dromedary ASXX0734
Dromedary Upper ASXX8079
Dromore ASXX8080
Dronfield ASXX2764
Drouin ASXX2765
Drouin South ASXX8081
Drouin West ASXX8082
Drumanure ASXX8083
Drumborg ASXX8084
Drumcondra ASXX8085
Drummartin ASXX2766
Drummers Creek ASXX8086
Drummond ASXX8087
Drummoyne ASXX8088
Drung Drung ASXX8089
Dry Creek ASXX8090
Dry Plain ASXX8091
Dryburgh ASXX2767
Drysdale ASXX8092
Duaringa ASXX2768
Dubbo ASXX0265
Dublin ASXX2770
Duchess ASXX2771
Duckenfield ASXX8093
Ducklo ASXX8094
Dudauman ASXX8095
Duddo Wells ASXX8096
Dudinin ASXX2772
Dudley ASXX8097
Dudley South ASXX8098
Duffholme ASXX2773
Duffield ASXX8099
Duffity ASXX2774
Duffy ASXX8100
Dugandan ASXX8101
Dukin ASXX2775
Dulacca ASXX2776
Dulacca South ASXX8102
Dulbolla ASXX8103
Dulbydilla ASXX8104
Dulcie ASXX2777
Dulcot ASXX8105
Duleen ASXX8106
Dululu ASXX2778
Dulverton ASXX8107
Dulwich Hill ASXX8108
Dum Dum ASXX8109
Dumaresq ASXX2779
Dumbalk ASXX8110
Dumbalk North ASXX8111
Dumbleton ASXX8112
Dumbleyung ASXX2780
Dumonte ASXX2781
Dumosa ASXX8113
Dunach ASXX8114
Dunalley ASXX2782
Dunbible Creek ASXX8115
Dunbogan ASXX8116
Dunbulbalane ASXX8117
Duncans Creek ASXX8118
Dundarbang ASXX8119
Dundarrah ASXX8120
Dundas ASXX8121
Dundas ASXX0735
Dundee ASXX2784
Dundonnell ASXX8122
Dundowran ASXX2785
Dundowran Beach ASXX8123
Dundurrabin ASXX2786
Dunedoo ASXX2787
Dungaree ASXX8124
Dungarubba ASXX8125
Dungay ASXX8126
Dungog ASXX2788
Dungowan ASXX2789
Dunham River ASXX2790
Dunk ASXX8127
Dunkeld ASXX2791
Dunkeld ASXX8128
Dunlop ASXX8129
Dunluce ASXX8130
Dunmarra ASXX2792
Dunmore ASXX8131
Dunnee ASXX8132
Dunneworthy ASXX8133
Dunns Creek ASXX8134
Dunns Hill ASXX0303
Dunnstown ASXX8135
Dunolly ASXX2794
Dunoon ASXX2795
Dunorlan ASXX8136
Duntroon ASXX8137
Duntroon ASXX2796
Dunvegan ASXX8138
Dunwich ASXX8139
Dunwinnie ASXX8140
Dunwold ASXX8141
Durack ASXX8142
Dural ASXX8143
Duranbah ASXX8144
Duranillin ASXX2797
Durham Lead ASXX8145
Durham Ox ASXX2798
Duri ASXX0736
Durikai ASXX8146
Durong ASXX2800
Durras ASXX2801
Durren Durren ASXX8147
Durrumbul ASXX8148
Dutson ASXX8149
Dutton Park ASXX8150
Duverney ASXX8151
Dwarda ASXX0737
Dwellingup ASXX0235
Dyers Crossing ASXX8152
Dynevor Downs ASXX2804
Dysart ASXX8153
Eagle Farm ASXX8154
Eagle Heights ASXX8155
Eagle Point ASXX8156
Eagle Vale ASXX8157
Eagleby ASXX8158
Eaglehawk ASXX8159
Eaglehawk Neck ASXX8160
Eaglemont ASXX8161
Earlston ASXX8162
Earlville ASXX8163
Earlwood ASXX0738
East Ballina ASXX0739
East Barron ASXX8164
East Boyd ASXX8165
East Brisbane ASXX8166
East Cam ASXX8167
East Deep Creek ASXX8168
East Evelyn ASXX8169
East Fremantle ASXX0740
East Gosford ASXX8170
East Guyong ASXX8171
East Hills ASXX0741
East Kangaloon ASXX8172
East Killara ASXX8173
East Kurrajong ASXX8174
East Lewis I ASXX2809
East Lismore ASXX0742
East Maitland ASXX0743
East Malanda ASXX8175
East Melbourne ASXX0744
East Minto ASXX8176
East Park ASXX2813
East Toorale ASXX8177
Eastbourne ASXX8178
Eastern Creek ASXX8179
Eastern Heights ASXX0745
Eastern Suburbs ASXX8180
Eastgardens ASXX8181
Eastholme ASXX8182
Eastlakes ASXX8183
Eastville ASXX2815
Eastville ASXX8184
Eastwood ASXX8185
Eaton ASXX0746
Eatonsville ASXX0747
Eba ASXX2818
Ebagoola ASXX2819
Ebbanora ASXX8186
Ebbw Vale ASXX0748
Ebden ASXX8187
Ebenezer ASXX8188
Ebor ASXX2821
Eccleston ASXX8189
Echuca ASXX2822
Echuca Village ASXX8190
Echunga ASXX0749
Ecklin South ASXX8191
Edagee ASXX2824
Edah ASXX2825
Eddington ASXX2826
Eddington ASXX2827
Eddystone Point ASXX6246
Eden ASXX2828
Eden Park ASXX8192
Eden Vale ASXX2829
Eden Valley ASXX2830
Edenhope ASXX0750
Edens Landing ASXX8193
Edensor Park ASXX8194
Edge Hill ASXX8195
Edgecombe ASXX8196
Edgeroi ASXX2832
Edgeworth ASXX8197
Edi ASXX8198
Edi Upper ASXX8199
Ediacara ASXX2833
Edillilie ASXX2834
Edinburgh M. O. ASXX0353
Edith ASXX8200
Edith Creek ASXX8201
Edithburgh ASXX0278
Edithvale ASXX8202
Edmonton ASXX0036
Edungalba ASXX2838
Eenaweenah ASXX2839
Eerwah Vale ASXX8203
Eganstown ASXX8204
Egg Lagoon ASXX2840
Eginbah ASXX2841
Eglinton ASXX0751
Ehlma ASXX8205
Eidsvold ASXX2843
Eildon ASXX0752
Eildon Weir ASXX8207
Eimeo ASXX2845
Eimeo Road ASXX8208
Einasleigh ASXX2846
Ejanding ASXX2847
Ekibin ASXX8209
El Alamein ASXX2848
El Arish ASXX2849
Elaine ASXX8210
Elalie ASXX8211
Elands ASXX2850
Elanora ASXX8212
Elanora Heights ASXX8213
Elaroo ASXX8214
Elbow Hill ASXX2851
Elbow Valley ASXX8215
Elcho Island ASXX0140
Elcombe ASXX8216
Elderslie ASXX8217
Eldon ASXX8218
Eldorado ASXX2853
Electrona ASXX0753
Eleebana ASXX0754
Elgin Vale ASXX2856
Eli Waters ASXX8220
Elim ASXX2857
Elimbah ASXX8221
Elingamite ASXX8222
Elingamite North ASXX8223
Elizabeth ASXX0037
Elizabeth Bay ASXX8224
Elizabeth Beach ASXX8225
Elizabeth Downs ASXX2859
Elizabeth Town ASXX8226
Ellalong ASXX8227
Ellam ASXX8228
Ellangowan ASXX2860
Ellangowan ASXX8229
Ellavalla ASXX2861
Ellen Grove ASXX8230
Ellenborough ASXX2862
Ellendale ASXX0755
Ellenga ASXX2864
Ellerside ASXX8231
Ellerslie ASXX2865
Ellerston ASXX8232
Elliminyt ASXX8233
Ellinbank ASXX8234
Ellinthorp ASXX8235
Elliott ASXX0756
Elliott Heads ASXX8237
Ellis Lane ASXX8238
Elliston ASXX0757
Elmhurst ASXX8239
Elmore ASXX2869
Elong Elong ASXX2870
Elphinstone ASXX8240
Elsey ASXX2871
Elsmore ASXX2872
Elsternwick ASXX8241
Elsternwick East ASXX8242
Eltham ASXX8244
Eltham North ASXX8245
Elwood ASXX0758
Elwood East ASXX8246
Emby West ASXX2874
Emerald ASXX8247
Emerald ASXX0388
Emerald Beach ASXX8248
Emerald Hill ASXX2876
Emerton ASXX8249
Emita ASXX8250
Emmaville ASXX8251
Emmet ASXX8252
Empire Bay ASXX0759
Empire Vale ASXX0760
Emu ASXX2879
Emu Bay ASXX0761
Emu Creek ASXX8253
Emu Flat ASXX8254
Emu Heights ASXX8255
Emu Park ASXX2881
Emu Plains ASXX8256
Emu Point ASXX0762
Emu Vale ASXX8257
Emuloo ASXX2883
Encounter Bay ASXX0763
Endeavour ASXX8258
Endeavour Hills ASXX8259
Eneabba ASXX2885
Enfield ASXX8260
Engadine ASXX0764
Englefield ASXX2887
English Town ASXX8261
Englorie Park ASXX8263
Enmore ASXX2888
Enngonia ASXX2889
Ennis Downs ASXX2890
Enochs Point ASXX8264
Enoggera ASXX8265
Ensay ASXX2891
Ensay South ASXX8267
Ensham ASXX2892
Epala ASXX8268
Eppalock ASXX8269
Epping ASXX0765
Epping ASXX8270
Epsom ASXX8271
Eradu ASXX2894
Erainia ASXX2895
Eraring ASXX0766
Erica ASXX8272
Erigolia ASXX8273
Erina ASXX0767
Erina East ASXX8274
Erldunda ASXX2898
Erlistoun ASXX2899
Ernest Junction ASXX8275
Eromanga ASXX8276
Erowal Bay ASXX8277
Erreys ASXX8278
Erskine ASXX0768
Erskine Park ASXX8279
Erskineville ASXX8280
Erub Island ASXX8281
Eschol ASXX8282
Eschol Park ASXX8283
Esk ASXX2901
Eskdale ASXX2902
Esmond ASXX8284
Esperance ASXX0038
Essendon ASXX0434
Essex Downs ASXX2906
Essington ASXX8285
Estella ASXX8286
Ethel Creek ASXX2907
Etna Creek ASXX8287
Eton ASXX8288
Etowri ASXX8289
Ettalong ASXX0769
Ettalong Beach ASXX0770
Ettrick ASXX2910
Ettrick ASXX2911
Euabalong ASXX8290
Euabalong West ASXX8291
Euberta ASXX8292
Euchareena ASXX2912
Eucla ASXX0771
Eucla Motel ASXX0396
Eucumbene ASXX2915
Eudlo ASXX2916
Eudunda ASXX0250
Eugowra ASXX2918
Eukey ASXX8293
Eulah ASXX8294
Eulah Creek ASXX2919
Eulama ASXX8295
Euleilah ASXX8296
Eulo ASXX2920
Eulolo ASXX2921
Eulomogo ASXX8297
Eumemmerring ASXX8298
Eumina ASXX8299
Eumundi ASXX2922
Eumungerie ASXX2923
Eungai ASXX8300
Eungai Creek ASXX8301
Eungella ASXX8302
Euraba ASXX8303
Eurack ASXX8304
Eurambeen ASXX8305
Euramilong ASXX8306
Euramo ASXX2924
Eurardy ASXX2925
Euratha ASXX8307
Eureka ASXX8308
Eurelia ASXX2926
Eurella ASXX8309
Euri Creek ASXX8310
Eurimbla ASXX8311
Euroa ASXX2928
Euroa ASXX2927
Eurobin ASXX2929
Eurobodalla ASXX8312
Euroka ASXX8313
Euroley ASXX8314
Eurongilly ASXX8315
Europambela ASXX8316
Euston ASXX2930
Euwylong ASXX8317
Eva Valley ASXX2931
Evandale ASXX0772
Evans Head ASXX8318
Evans Landing ASXX8319
Evansford ASXX8320
Evatt ASXX8321
Eveleigh ASXX8322
Evelvn Farm ASXX2933
Evergreen ASXX8323
Eversley ASXX8324
Everton ASXX8325
Everton ASXX2934
Everton Hills ASXX8326
Ewan ASXX8327
Ewingsdale ASXX0773
Excelsior ASXX8328
Exeter ASXX8329
Exeter ASXX0774
Exevale ASXX2937
Exford ASXX8330
Exmouth ASXX2938
Exton ASXX8331
Fadden ASXX8332
Failford ASXX8333
Fairdale ASXX8334
Fairfax ASXX8335
Fairfield ASXX8336
Fairfield ASXX0039
Fairfield West ASXX8337
Fairhaven ASXX8338
Fairholme ASXX8339
Fairhope ASXX2941
Fairley ASXX8340
Fairlight ASXX2942
Fairneyview ASXX8341
Fairview ASXX2944
Fairview ASXX8342
Fairview ASXX2943
Fairy Bower ASXX8343
Fairy Dell ASXX8344
Fairy Hill ASXX8345
Fairy Meadow ASXX8346
Fairyland ASXX8347
Fairylands ASXX2945
Fairymead ASXX8348
Falcon ASXX2946
Falcon Downs ASXX2947
Falls Creek ASXX8349
Falls Creek ASXX0314
Falmouth ASXX8350
Fannie Bay ASXX0775
Fanning ASXX8351
Far-n-nuff ASXX2950
Faraday ASXX8352
Faraway Hill ASXX2951
Farina ASXX2952
Farleigh ASXX2953
Farley ASXX8353
Farmeadow ASXX8355
Farnborough ASXX2954
Farnham ASXX8356
Farquhar Park ASXX8357
Farrell Flat ASXX2955
Farrer ASXX8358
Fassifern ASXX8359
Fassifern Valley ASXX8360
Faulconbridge ASXX0776
Fawcett ASXX8361
Fawkner ASXX8362
Federal ASXX8363
Felton East ASXX2957
Feluga ASXX8364
Fentonbury ASXX8365
Fentons Creek ASXX8366
Fenwick ASXX8367
Ferguson ASXX8368
Fern Bay ASXX8369
Fern Hill ASXX8370
Fern Tree ASXX8371
Fern Tree Gully ASXX8372
Fernbank ASXX8373
Ferndale ASXX8374
Fernflat ASXX8375
Fernihurst ASXX8376
Fernlees ASXX2958
Fernleigh ASXX8377
Fernmount ASXX8378
Fernshaw ASXX8379
Fernside ASXX8380
Ferntree Gully ASXX0777
Fernvale ASXX2960
Ferny Creek ASXX8382
Ferny Grove ASXX8383
Ferodale ASXX8384
Fiddletown ASXX8385
Fielder ASXX8386
Fiery Flat ASXX8387
Fifield ASXX8388
Fig Tree Pocket ASXX8389
Figtree ASXX8390
Figtree Creek ASXX8391
Finch Hatton ASXX2961
Findon ASXX0778
Fine Flower ASXX8392
Fingal ASXX0779
Fingal ASXX8393
Fingal Bay ASXX8394
Fingal Head ASXX8395
Finger Post ASXX8396
Finley ASXX0305
Finnie ASXX8397
Finniss ASXX2965
Finniss Springs ASXX2966
Fish Creek ASXX8398
Fish Point ASXX8399
Fish River ASXX8400
Fisher ASXX8401
Fishery Falls ASXX8403
Fitzgerald ASXX8404
Fitzgibbon ASXX8405
Fitzroy ASXX8406
Fitzroy Crossing ASXX0780
Fitzroy Falls ASXX0781
Five Bough ASXX8407
Five Day Creek ASXX8408
Five Dock ASXX8410
Five Ways ASXX8411
Fladbury ASXX8412
Flaggy Creek ASXX8413
Flaggy Rock ASXX8414
Flagstone Creek ASXX8415
Flametree ASXX8416
Flaxton ASXX8417
Flemington ASXX8418
Fletcher ASXX8419
Fleurbaix ASXX8420
Flinders ASXX0782
Flinders ASXX8421
Flinders Reef ASXX0163
Flinders View ASXX8422
Flinton ASXX8423
Flora Hill ASXX8424
Flora Valley ASXX2972
Floraville ASXX2973
Florey ASXX8425
Florina ASXX2974
Flowerdale ASXX8426
Flowerdale ASXX0783
Flowery Gully ASXX8427
Flyers Creek ASXX8428
Flynn ASXX8429
Footscray ASXX8430
Forbes ASXX0425
Forbes River ASXX8431
Forcett ASXX0784
Forde ASXX8432
Fords ASXX2979
Fords Bridge ASXX2980
Fordsdale ASXX8433
Forest ASXX8434
Forest Grove ASXX0785
Forest Hill ASXX8435
Forest Hill ASXX2982
Forest Hill ASXX2983
Forest Home ASXX2984
Forest Lodge ASXX8436
Forest Reefs ASXX8437
Forest Vale ASXX8438
Forestdale ASXX8439
Forester ASXX8440
Forestville ASXX0786
Forge Creek ASXX8441
Forked Mountain ASXX8442
Forrard Away ASXX2986
Forrest ASXX8443
Forrest ASXX0376
Forresters Beach ASXX0787
Forsayth ASXX2989
Forster ASXX2990
Fort ASXX2991
Fort Cooper ASXX2992
Forth ASXX0788
Fortitude Valley ASXX8444
Foster ASXX2994
Fosterton ASXX8445
Fosterville ASXX8446
Fountain Gate ASXX8447
Fountaindale ASXX8448
Four Mile Creek ASXX8449
Fourways ASXX2995
Fowlers Gap ASXX2996
Foxdale ASXX8450
Foxground ASXX8451
Foxhow ASXX2997
Framlingham ASXX8452
Framlingham East ASXX8453
Frampton ASXX8454
Frances ASXX2998
Frankford ASXX8455
Frankland ASXX2999
Franklin ASXX8456
Franklin ASXX0789
Franklin Village ASXX8457
Franklinford ASXX8458
Frankly ASXX3001
Frankston ASXX0040
Frankston East ASXX8459
Fraser ASXX8460
Frederick Reef ASXX6247
Frederickton ASXX0790
Freeburgh ASXX8461
Freeling ASXX0791
Freemans Reach ASXX8462
Freestone ASXX3005
Fremantle ASXX0041
French Island ASXX8463
French Park ASXX8464
Frenches Creek ASXX8465
Frenchman Creek ASXX8466
Frenchs Forest ASXX8467
Frenchville ASXX8468
Freshwater ASXX0792
Freshwater ASXX8469
Freshwater Creek ASXX8470
Frogmore ASXX3008
Frome Outstation ASXX3009
Fromes Creek ASXX8471
Fryerstown ASXX8472
Fulham ASXX8473
Fulham Vale ASXX8474
Fullerton ASXX8475
Fullerton Cove ASXX8476
Fumar ASXX8477
Fumina ASXX8478
Fumina South ASXX8479
Furner ASXX3010
Furnissdale ASXX3011
Furracabad ASXX8480
Fyans Creek ASXX8481
Fyansford ASXX8482
Fyshwick ASXX0793
Gabo Island ASXX0321
Gaeta ASXX8483
Gaffneys Creek ASXX8484
Gagebrook ASXX8485
Gailes ASXX8486
Gainsborough ASXX8487
Gainsford ASXX3014
Gairloch ASXX3015
Galah ASXX8488
Galaquil ASXX8489
Galba ASXX8490
Galga ASXX3016
Gallymont ASXX8491
Galong ASXX3017
Galore ASXX8492
Galston ASXX8493
Gama ASXX8494
Gamboola ASXX3018
Gangat ASXX8495
Ganmain ASXX3019
Gannawarra ASXX8496
Gannet Cay ASXX0190
Gannons Creek ASXX8497
Gap ASXX8498
Gapstead ASXX8499
Garah ASXX3021
Garbutt ASXX8500
Garden Point ASXX0383
Gardenvale ASXX0794
Gardners Bay ASXX8502
Garema ASXX3024
Garfield ASXX3025
Gargett ASXX3026
Garibaldi ASXX8503
Garland ASXX8504
Garlicks ASXX8505
Garnant ASXX3027
Garoolgan ASXX8506
Garra ASXX3028
Garradunga ASXX8507
Garryowen ASXX8508
Garup ASXX8509
Garvoc ASXX8510
Gaspard ASXX8511
Gatton ASXX0795
Gatum ASXX3030
Gaven ASXX8512
Gavial ASXX8513
Gawler ASXX0042
Gawler ASXX8514
Gawler View ASXX3032
Gayndah ASXX0214
Gayside ASXX8515
Gebelum ASXX8516
Geeberga ASXX8517
Geebung ASXX8518
Geegeela ASXX3034
Geegullalong ASXX8519
Geehi ASXX8520
Geelengla ASXX8521
Geelong ASXX0043
Geelong Airport ASXX0296
Geelong West ASXX0796
Geengee ASXX8522
Geera ASXX8523
Geeveston ASXX0797
Gefn ASXX3039
Geham ASXX8524
Geilston Bay ASXX8525
Gelantipy ASXX0316
Gellibrand ASXX3041
Gelliondale ASXX8526
Gemalla ASXX8527
Gembrook ASXX3042
Gembrook North ASXX8528
Gembrook South ASXX8529
Gembrook West ASXX8530
Geneva ASXX8531
Genoa ASXX3043
Gentle Annie ASXX8532
George Town ASXX0798
Georges Creek ASXX8533
Georges Hall ASXX8534
Georges Heights ASXX8535
Georges Plains ASXX8536
Georgetown ASXX0159
Georgetown ASXX8537
Georgeville ASXX8538
Georgica ASXX8539
Geraldton ASXX0044
Gerang Gerung ASXX3047
Gerangamete ASXX8540
Geranium ASXX3048
Gerar ASXX3049
German Creek ASXX8541
Germantown ASXX8542
Gerogery ASXX3050
Gerogery West ASXX8543
Gerringong ASXX3051
Gerroa ASXX3052
Gerwa ASXX3053
Geurie ASXX3054
Geweroo ASXX8544
Gheerulla ASXX8545
Gherang ASXX8546
Gheringhap ASXX8547
Ghinni Ghinni ASXX8548
Ghinnighi ASXX8549
Ghooli ASXX3055
Gibberagee ASXX8550
Gibinbell ASXX8551
Gibraltar ASXX8552
Gibson ASXX0045
Gidginbung ASXX8553
Gidley ASXX8554
Giffard ASXX8555
Gilbert River ASXX3057
Gilberton ASXX8556
Gilderoy ASXX8557
Gilgai ASXX0799
Gilgandra ASXX3059
Gilgering ASXX3060
Gilgoen ASXX8558
Gilgooma ASXX8559
Gilgunnia ASXX8560
Giligulgul ASXX8561
Gilla ASXX8562
Gilldora ASXX8563
Gillens Siding ASXX8564
Gilliat ASXX3061
Gillies ASXX8565
Gillieston ASXX8566
Gillinggall ASXX8568
Gilmore ASXX8569
Gilston ASXX8570
Gin Gin ASXX3062
Gindalbie ASXX3063
Gindie ASXX3064
Gineroi Road ASXX8571
Gingin ASXX0800
Gingkin ASXX8572
Ginninderra ASXX8573
Ginquam ASXX8574
Gipsy Point ASXX8575
Giralang ASXX8576
Giralia ASXX3066
Girards Hill ASXX8577
Girgarre ASXX3067
Girgarre East ASXX8578
Girilambone ASXX3068
Giro ASXX8579
Girral ASXX8580
Girraween ASXX3069
Girraween ASXX8581
Giru ASXX3070
Girvan ASXX8582
Gisborne ASXX3071
Gladesville ASXX0801
Gladfield ASXX8583
Gladstone ASXX0046
Gladstone ASXX8584
Gladstone Park ASXX8585
Gladysdale ASXX8586
Glamorgan Vale ASXX8587
Glan Devon ASXX8588
Glance Creek ASXX8589
Glanmire ASXX0802
Glassford ASXX8590
Glasston ASXX8591
Glastonbury ASXX8592
Glaziers Bay ASXX8593
Glebe ASXX8594
Glen Alice ASXX3077
Glen Alvie ASXX8595
Glen Aplin ASXX3078
Glen Creek ASXX3079
Glen Davis ASXX3080
Glen Eden ASXX8596
Glen Elgin ASXX8597
Glen Forbes ASXX8598
Glen Geddes ASXX8599
Glen Haven ASXX3081
Glen Herring ASXX3082
Glen Hope ASXX3083
Glen Huntly ASXX0803
Glen Huon ASXX0804
Glen Innes ASXX0438
Glen Iris ASXX0805
Glen Moan ASXX8600
Glen Morrison ASXX3088
Glen Niven ASXX8601
Glen Thompson ASXX8602
Glen Ugie ASXX0806
Glen Valley ASXX3090
Glen Warning ASXX8603
Glen Waverley ASXX8604
Glen Wills ASXX8605
Glen-Lee ASXX3091
Glenaladale ASXX3092
Glenalbyn ASXX8606
Glenallen ASXX8607
Glenaroua ASXX3093
Glenbog ASXX8608
Glenbrae ASXX8609
Glenbrook ASXX0807
Glenburn ASXX3095
Glenburn ASXX8610
Glenburnie ASXX0808
Glencairn ASXX8611
Glencarth ASXX8612
Glencoe ASXX0809
Glencoe ASXX8613
Glendara ASXX3098
Glendart ASXX8614
Glendaruel ASXX8615
Glenden ASXX8616
Glendenning ASXX8617
Glendevie ASXX8618
Glendon Brook ASXX3099
Glendonald ASXX8619
Glendook ASXX3100
Gleneagle ASXX8620
Glenelg ASXX0810
Glenella ASXX8621
Glenellen ASXX8622
Glenfern ASXX8623
Glenfield ASXX0811
Glenfield Park ASXX8624
Glenfife ASXX3103
Glenfyne ASXX3104
Glengarry ASXX8625
Glengarry West ASXX8626
Glengower ASXX8627
Glenhaven ASXX0812
Glenhope ASXX3106
Glenhope ASXX8628
Glenhurst ASXX3107
Glenidal ASXX3108
Gleniffer ASXX3115
Glenisla ASXX8629
Glenken ASXX8630
Glenlee ASXX8631
Glenlofty Creek ASXX8632
Glenlogan ASXX8633
Glenloth ASXX3109
Glenluce ASXX8634
Glenlusk ASXX8635
Glenlynn ASXX0813
Glenlyon ASXX8636
Glenlyon ASXX3111
Glenmaggie ASXX3112
Glenmartin ASXX8637
Glenmore Park ASXX0814
Glenmorgan ASXX8638
Glennies Creek ASXX8639
Glenning Valley ASXX8640
Glennons Hill ASXX8641
Glenoak ASXX8642
Glenora ASXX8643
Glenorchy ASXX0815
Glenorchy ASXX8644
Glenore Grove ASXX8645
Glenorie ASXX8646
Glenorn ASXX3117
Glenpark ASXX8649
Glenpatrick ASXX8650
Glenprairie ASXX3118
Glenquarry ASXX8651
Glenreagh ASXX3114
Glenrock ASXX8652
Glenrock ASXX3119
Glenrose ASXX8653
Glenrowan ASXX3120
Glenroy ASXX0816
Glenroy ASXX8654
Glenshee ASXX8655
Glenthompson ASXX3122
Glenthorne ASXX8656
Glenvale ASXX8657
Glenview ASXX8658
Glenwarrin ASXX3123
Glenwilliam ASXX8659
Glenwood ASXX8660
Glenworth Valley ASXX8661
Globelands ASXX8662
Glossodia ASXX8663
Glossop ASXX3124
Gloucester ASXX3125
Gluepot ASXX3126
Gluyas ASXX3127
Gnalta ASXX3128
Gnarkeet ASXX8664
Gnarwarre ASXX8665
Gnotuk ASXX8666
Gnowangerup ASXX3129
Gnowergerup ASXX3130
Gobondery ASXX8667
Gobur ASXX8668
Gocup ASXX8669
Godfreys Creek ASXX8670
Godwin Beach ASXX8671
Gogango ASXX8672
Gogeldrie ASXX0817
Gogo ASXX3132
Gol Gol ASXX0818
Golconda ASXX8673
Gold Coast ASXX0047
Golden Beach ASXX8674
Golden Grove ASXX0819
Golden Lake ASXX8675
Golden Point ASXX8676
Golden Ridge ASXX3137
Golden Square ASXX8677
Golden Valley ASXX8678
Goldsborough ASXX8679
Goldspie ASXX3139
Goldsworthy ASXX0048
Golembil ASXX8680
Gollan ASXX8681
Gong Gong ASXX8682
Gongolgon ASXX8683
Goobang ASXX0820
Goobarralong ASXX8684
Gooburrum ASXX8685
Good Hope ASXX8686
Goodar ASXX3141
Goode ASXX3142
Goodger ASXX8687
Goodingnow ASXX3143
Goodna ASXX0821
Goodooga ASXX8688
Goodradigbee ASXX8689
Goodwood ASXX8690
Goodwood ASXX0822
Googong ASXX8691
Goolboo ASXX8692
Goolgowi ASXX3146
Goolma ASXX3147
Goolman ASXX8693
Goolmangar ASXX3148
Gooloogong ASXX3149
Goolwa ASXX0823
Goomalibee ASXX8694
Goomalling ASXX3151
Goomaram ASXX8695
Goombi ASXX3152
Goomboorian ASXX8696
Goombungee ASXX3153
Goomburra ASXX8698
Goomeri ASXX3154
Goon Nure ASXX8699
Goondah ASXX8700
Goondi ASXX8701
Goondiwindi ASXX0824
Goondooloo ASXX3157
Goondoon ASXX8702
Goondublui ASXX8703
Goonellabah ASXX0825
Goonengerry ASXX8704
Goonoo Goonoo ASXX8705
Goonumbla ASXX8706
Gooram Gong ASXX8707
Gooramadda ASXX8708
Goorambat ASXX8709
Goorambat East ASXX8710
Gooray ASXX8711
Goorianawa ASXX8712
Goornong ASXX3161
Gooroc ASXX8713
Gooroolba ASXX3162
Gooseberry Hill ASXX0826
Gootchie ASXX3164
Goovigen ASXX3165
Goowarra ASXX8714
Gorae ASXX8715
Gorae West ASXX8716
Goranba ASXX8717
Gordon ASXX8718
Gordon ASXX3166
Gordon Brook ASXX8719
Gordon Dam ASXX8720
Gordonvale ASXX3167
Gore ASXX8721
Gore Hill ASXX8722
Gormandale ASXX3168
Gormanston ASXX8723
Gorokan ASXX0827
Goroke ASXX3170
Gorrie ASXX3171
Goschen ASXX8724
Gosford ASXX0049
Gosforth ASXX0828
Goshen ASXX8725
Gosnells ASXX0050
Gostwyck ASXX8726
Goughs Bay ASXX3175
Goulburn ASXX0051
Goulburn Airport ASXX0358
Goulburn Weir ASXX8727
Gould ASXX8728
Goulds Country ASXX8729
Gourlay ASXX8730
Gowan ASXX8731
Gowanford ASXX8732
Gowang ASXX8733
Gowangardie ASXX8734
Gowar ASXX8735
Gowar East ASXX8736
Gowrie ASXX3179
Gowrie ASXX8737
Gowrie Junction ASXX8738
Gowrie Park ASXX8739
Goyura ASXX0829
Grabben Gullen ASXX8740
Gracemere ASXX8741
Gracetown ASXX3181
Graceville ASXX8743
Gradgery ASXX3182
Gradule ASXX8744
Grafton ASXX0830
Graham ASXX8745
Grahams Creek ASXX8746
Grahams Hill ASXX8747
Grahams Valley ASXX8748
Grahamstown ASXX8749
Grahamvale ASXX8750
Graman ASXX3184
Grampians ASXX8751
Granada ASXX3185
Grandchester ASXX8752
Grange ASXX0831
Grange ASXX8753
Granite ASXX8754
Granite Downs ASXX0053
Granite Rock ASXX8755
Grant ASXX8756
Grantham ASXX8757
Granton ASXX0832
Grantville ASXX8758
Granville ASXX0833
Granville ASXX8759
Granya ASXX8760
Grasmere ASXX8761
Grasmere ASXX0834
Grass Valley ASXX3191
Grassdale ASXX8762
Grassmere ASXX8763
Grasstree Beach ASXX8764
Grassy ASXX3192
Grassy Flat ASXX3193
Grattai ASXX8765
Gravelly Beach ASXX8766
Gravesend ASXX3194
Grawin ASXX8767
Grawlin Plains ASXX8768
Gray ASXX8769
Grays Crossing ASXX8770
Grays Point ASXX8771
Graysholm ASXX8772
Grayson ASXX8773
Graytown ASXX3195
Gre Gre ASXX8774
Gre Gre North ASXX8775
Great Southern ASXX8776
Great Western ASXX3196
Gredgwin ASXX8777
Green Cape ASXX0322
Green Head ASXX3198
Green Island ASXX0340
Green Lakes ASXX8778
Green Pigeon ASXX8779
Green Point ASXX8780
Green Ridge ASXX8781
Green Swamp Road ASXX8782
Green Vale ASXX8783
Green Valley ASXX8784
Greenacre ASXX8785
Greenbank ASXX3200
Greenbank ASXX8786
Greenbushes ASXX0835
Greendale ASXX8787
Greenethorpe ASXX8788
Greenfield Park ASXX8789
Greengrove ASXX8790
Greenhill ASXX0836
Greenhills ASXX8791
Greenhills ASXX3203
Greenland ASXX8792
Greenleigh ASXX8793
Greenmantle ASXX8794
Greenmount ASXX0837
Greenmount ASXX8795
Greenock ASXX0838
Greenough ASXX0054
Greens Beach ASXX0839
Greens Creek ASXX8796
Greensborough ASXX0840
Greenvale ASXX8797
Greenville ASXX3209
Greenwald ASXX8798
Greenway ASXX8799
Greenways ASXX3210
Greenwell Point ASXX8800
Greenwich ASXX8801
Greenwich Park ASXX8802
Greenwood ASXX3212
Greenwood ASXX8803
Greg Greg ASXX3213
Gregadoo ASXX0841
Gregory ASXX3215
Gregra ASXX8804
Greigs Flat ASXX8805
Grenfell ASXX3216
Grenville ASXX8806
Grenville ASXX3217
Gresford ASXX3218
Greta ASXX8807
Greta ASXX0842
Greta South ASXX8808
Greta West ASXX8809
Gretna ASXX0843
Grevillia ASXX3221
Greymare ASXX8810
Greystanes ASXX8811
Griffin ASXX8812
Griffith ASXX0260
Griffith ASXX8813
Grimwade ASXX3223
Grindelwald ASXX8814
Gringegalgona ASXX8815
Gritjurk ASXX8816
Grogan ASXX8817
Groganville ASXX3224
Grong Grong ASXX3225
Groognal North ASXX3226
Groongal ASXX8818
Grose Vale ASXX8819
Grosvenor ASXX8820
Grove ASXX0844
Grovedale ASXX8821
Gruyere ASXX8822
Guanaba ASXX8823
Gubbata ASXX8824
Gudgenby ASXX8825
Guilderton ASXX3228
Guildford ASXX8826
Guildford ASXX0845
Gular ASXX3230
Gulargambone ASXX3231
Gulf Creek ASXX8828
Gulginni ASXX8829
Gulgong ASXX3232
Gullen ASXX8830
Gulligal ASXX8831
Gulliver ASXX8832
Gulmarrad ASXX8833
Gulngai ASXX8834
Gulpa ASXX8835
Guluguba ASXX3233
Gum Flat ASXX3234
Gum Scrub ASXX8836
Gumble ASXX8837
Gumeracha ASXX0846
Gumlow ASXX8838
Gumlu ASXX3236
Gumly Gumly ASXX8839
Gumma ASXX8840
Gunalda ASXX3237
Gunbar ASXX3238
Gunbar South ASXX8841
Gunbarwood ASXX8842
Gunbower ASXX3239
Gundagai ASXX3240
Gundamaian ASXX8843
Gundaroo ASXX3241
Gundary ASXX8844
Gunderbooka ASXX3242
Gunderman ASXX8845
Gundiah ASXX8846
Gundibindyal ASXX8847
Gundowring ASXX3243
Gundurimba ASXX0847
Gundy ASXX3245
Gungahlin ASXX8848
Gungal ASXX8849
Gunnable ASXX8850
Gunnary ASXX8851
Gunnedah ASXX0055
Gunnedah West ASXX8852
Gunnerbene ASXX8853
Gunnewin ASXX3247
Gunning ASXX3248
Gunning Grach ASXX8854
Gunningbland ASXX8855
Gunninguldrie ASXX3249
Gunns Plains ASXX8856
Guntawang ASXX8857
Gunyah ASXX8858
Gunyarra ASXX8859
Gunyidi ASXX3250
Gunyulgup ASXX3251
Gurley ASXX3252
Gurrai ASXX3253
Gurrumbah ASXX8860
Gurrundah ASXX8861
Gurulmundi ASXX8862
Gutha ASXX3254
Guthalungra ASXX8863
Guthega ASXX3255
Guy Fawkes ASXX8864
Guy Hill ASXX8865
Guyong West ASXX8866
Guyra ASXX3256
Guys Forest ASXX8867
Gwabegar ASXX3257
Gwalla ASXX3258
Gwandalan ASXX8868
Gwando ASXX8869
Gwynneville ASXX8870
Gymbowen ASXX8871
Gymea ASXX8872
Gymea Bay ASXX8873
Gympie ASXX0848
Gypsum Palace ASXX3260
Gypsy Point ASXX3261
Habana ASXX3262
Haberfield ASXX8874
Hackett ASXX8875
Hackham ASXX0849
Haddon ASXX8876
Haden ASXX3264
Hadley ASXX8877
Hadspen ASXX0850
Hagley ASXX8878
Hahndorf ASXX0851
Halbury ASXX3267
Halekulani ASXX8879
Half Tide Beach ASXX8880
Halfway Creek ASXX8881
Halidon ASXX3268
Halifax ASXX3269
Hall ASXX0056
Hallam ASXX8882
Hallett ASXX3271
Hallidays Point ASXX3272
Hallora ASXX8883
Halls Creek ASXX0402
Halls Gap ASXX3274
Hallston ASXX8884
Hallsville ASXX8885
Halton ASXX8886
Haly Creek ASXX8887
Hambledon ASXX8888
Hamel ASXX3275
Hamelin ASXX3276
Hamelin Pool ASXX3277
Hamersley ASXX3278
Hamilton ASXX3279
Hamilton ASXX3280
Hamilton Airport ASXX0286
Hamilton Downs ASXX3282
Hamilton Island ASXX0185
Hamilton Park ASXX3284
Hamley Bridge ASXX3285
Hamlyn Terrace ASXX8890
Hammond ASXX3286
Hammondville ASXX8891
Hampaton ASXX8892
Hampden ASXX0852
Hampden ASXX8893
Hampshire ASXX8894
Hampstead ASXX8895
Hampton ASXX8896
Hampton ASXX0853
Hampton East ASXX0854
Hampton Hill ASXX3290
Hampton Park ASXX8897
Hanging Rock ASXX8898
Hannaford ASXX3291
Hannahs Bridge ASXX8899
Hannan ASXX8900
Hannan Vale ASXX8901
Hanson ASXX3292
Hansonville ASXX8902
Hanwood ASXX0855
Happy Valley ASXX8903
Happy Valley ASXX0856
Harcourt ASXX3295
Harden ASXX3296
Hardies Hill ASXX8905
Hardwicke Bay ASXX3297
Harefield ASXX8906
Harford ASXX8907
Hargraves ASXX3298
Harkaway ASXX8908
Harlaxton ASXX8909
Harlin ASXX3299
Harman ASXX8910
Harparary ASXX8911
Harrietville ASXX0857
Harrington ASXX3301
Harrington Park ASXX8912
Harris ASXX3302
Harrisfield ASXX8913
Harrismith ASXX3303
Harrison ASXX8914
Harrisons Pocket ASXX8915
Harristown ASXX8916
Harrisville ASXX8917
Harrogate ASXX3305
Harrow ASXX3306
Harston ASXX8918
Hartley ASXX0858
Hartley Vale ASXX8919
Harvest Home ASXX3309
Harvey ASXX3310
Harveys Siding ASXX8920
Harwood ASXX3311
Haslam ASXX3312
Hastings ASXX0859
Hastings Point ASXX8921
Hat Head ASXX0860
Hatfield ASXX8922
Hatherleigh ASXX3315
Hattah ASXX3316
Hatton Vale ASXX8923
Haughton Valley ASXX8924
Haunted Hills ASXX8925
Havelock ASXX8926
Haven ASXX8927
Havenview ASXX8928
Havilah ASXX8929
Havilah ASXX3317
Hawker ASXX8930
Hawkesdale ASXX3318
Hawkesdale West ASXX8932
Hawkins Creek ASXX8933
Hawks Nest ASXX3319
Hawkshaw ASXX3320
Hawkwood ASXX8934
Hawley Beach ASXX8935
Hawthorn ASXX8936
Hawthorn East ASXX0861
Hawthorne ASXX8937
Hay ASXX0259
Hay Point ASXX8938
Hayanmi ASXX8939
Hayman Island ASXX8940
Haymarket ASXX0862
Haysdale ASXX3325
Haywards Bay ASXX8941
Hazel Park ASXX8942
Hazelbrook ASXX0863
Hazeldean ASXX8943
Hazelgrove ASXX8944
Hazelwood ASXX8945
Hazelwood South ASXX8946
Hazledean ASXX8947
Headingly ASXX3327
Healesville ASXX0864
Healesville West ASXX8948
Heath Hill ASXX8949
Heathcote ASXX0865
Heathcote ASXX8950
Heatherbrae ASXX8951
Heatherton ASXX8952
Heathfield ASXX0866
Heathfield ASXX8953
Heathmere ASXX3331
Heathmont ASXX8954
Heathridge ASXX0867
Heathwood ASXX8955
Heatley ASXX8956
Hebden ASXX8957
Hebel ASXX8958
Hebersham ASXX8959
Heckenberg ASXX8960
Hector ASXX8961
Heddon Greta ASXX8962
Hedley ASXX8963
Heidelberg ASXX8964
Heka ASXX8965
Helens Hill ASXX8966
Helens Plains ASXX8967
Helensburgh ASXX8968
Helensvale ASXX8969
Helenvale ASXX8970
Helidon ASXX3333
Hell Hole Creek ASXX8971
Hemmant ASXX8972
Hendon ASXX8973
Hendra ASXX8974
Henlow ASXX8975
Henriendi ASXX8976
Henrietta ASXX8977
Henty ASXX3334
Henty ASXX8978
Hepburn ASXX8979
Hepburn Springs ASXX3335
Herberton ASXX3336
Herdsmans Cove ASXX8980
Heritage Park ASXX8981
Hermidale ASXX3337
Hermit Park ASXX8982
Hermitage ASXX8983
Hermitage Flat ASXX8984
Hernani ASXX3338
Herne Hill ASXX8985
Herne Hill ASXX0868
Heron Island ASXX0193
Herons Creek ASXX3341
Herrick ASXX8987
Herston ASXX8988
Hervey Bay ASXX3342
Hesket ASXX8989
Hesso ASXX3343
Hesta ASXX3344
Hester ASXX3345
Hewitt ASXX8990
Hexham ASXX0869
Hexham ASXX8991
Heybridge ASXX8992
Heyfield ASXX8993
Heytesbury Lower ASXX8994
Heywood ASXX3347
Hiawatha ASXX8995
Hibbard ASXX8996
Hickeys Creek ASXX8997
Hicksborough ASXX8998
Hidden Valley ASXX3348
Higgins ASXX8999
Higginsville ASXX3349
High Camp ASXX9000
Highbury ASXX3350
Highclere ASXX9001
Highcroft ASXX9002
Highett ASXX0870
Highfields ASXX9003
Highgate Hill ASXX0871
Highgrove ASXX9004
Highland Park ASXX9005
Highlands ASXX9006
Highton ASXX9007
Highvale ASXX9008
Highworth ASXX9009
Hill End ASXX3353
Hill End ASXX9010
Hill Springs ASXX3354
Hill Top ASXX9011
Hillarys ASXX0872
Hillcrest ASXX9012
Hilldale ASXX9013
Hilldene ASXX9014
Hillgrange ASXX3356
Hillgrove ASXX3357
Hills District ASXX9015
Hillsborough ASXX9016
Hillsdale ASXX9017
Hillside ASXX9018
Hillston ASXX0873
Hillston Airport ASXX0258
Hilltown ASXX3362
Hillview ASXX9019
Hillview ASXX3363
Hillvue ASXX9020
Hillwood ASXX9021
Hiltaba ASXX3364
Hinchinbrook ASXX9022
Hindmarsh ASXX0874
Hindmarsh Valley ASXX0875
Hinnomunjie ASXX9023
Hinton ASXX0876
Hirstglen ASXX9024
Hivesville ASXX3368
Hobart ASXX0057
Hobart Airport ASXX9025
Hobart CBD ASXX9026
Hobartville ASXX9027
Hobbys Yards ASXX3371
Hockley ASXX9028
Hoddle Range ASXX9029
Hoddles Creek ASXX9030
Hodel ASXX9031
Hodgleigh ASXX9032
Hodgson ASXX9033
Holbrook ASXX3373
Holder ASXX9034
Holder ASXX3374
Holgate ASXX0877
Hollands ASXX9036
Hollinwood ASXX9037
Hollisdale ASXX9038
Hollow Tree ASXX9039
Holloway ASXX3376
Holloways Beach ASXX9040
Holly ASXX0878
Holly Bush ASXX9041
Hollywell ASXX9042
Holmes ASXX9043
Holmes Reef ASXX0162
Holmesville ASXX9044
Holmview ASXX9045
Holmwood ASXX9046
Holroyd ASXX0879
Holsworthy ASXX0880
Holt ASXX9047
Holts Flat ASXX9048
Holwell ASXX9049
Home Hill ASXX0881
Home Rule ASXX9050
Homebush ASXX3382
Homebush ASXX9051
Homebush Bay ASXX0882
Homebush Lower ASXX9052
Homecroft ASXX9053
Homeleigh ASXX9054
Homerton ASXX9055
Homestead ASXX3384
Homestead ASXX9056
Homewood ASXX9057
Honeywood ASXX9058
Hoods ASXX9059
Hooker Creek ASXX3385
Hooley ASXX3386
Hope Island ASXX9060
Hope Vale ASXX9061
Hope Valley ASXX0883
Hopefield ASXX9062
Hopeland ASXX3388
Hopetoun ASXX0058
Hopetoun ASXX9063
Hopetoun Park ASXX9064
Hopevale ASXX3390
Hoppers Crossing ASXX0884
Hordern Vale ASXX0418
Horn ASXX9065
Horn Island ASXX0142
Horningsea Park ASXX9066
Hornsby ASXX0885
Horrane ASXX9067
Horrocks ASXX3304
Horseshoe Bay ASXX9068
Horseshoe Bend ASXX9069
Horseshoe Creek ASXX9070
Horsfield Bay ASXX9071
Horsham ASXX0416
Horsley ASXX9072
Horton ASXX9073
Hoskinstown ASXX9074
Hospital Creek ASXX9075
Hotham Heights ASXX3396
Hotspur ASXX3397
Houghton ASXX0886
Hovea ASXX0887
Hovells Creek ASXX9076
Howard ASXX3400
Howard Springs ASXX3401
Howatharra ASXX3402
Howden ASXX9077
Howell ASXX9078
Howes Creek ASXX9079
Howes Valley ASXX9080
Howlong ASXX3403
Howqua ASXX3404
Howqua Hills ASXX9081
Howrah ASXX0888
Howth ASXX9082
Hoxton Park ASXX9083
Hoya ASXX9084
Hoyleton ASXX3406
Hudson ASXX9085
Hughenden ASXX3407
Hughes ASXX9086
Hughesdale ASXX9087
Humbert River ASXX3408
Humboldt ASXX3409
Hume ASXX9088
Humevale ASXX9089
Humphery ASXX9090
Humpty Doo ASXX3410
Humula ASXX3411
Hunchy ASXX9091
Hungerford ASXX9092
Hunter ASXX9093
Hunters Hill ASXX0306
Hunters Hill ASXX9094
Hunters Hut ASXX9095
Hunterton ASXX9096
Hunterview ASXX9097
Huntingdale ASXX9098
Huntingdon ASXX9099
Huntingfield ASXX9100
Huntingwood ASXX9101
Huntley ASXX0889
Huntleys Cove ASXX9102
Huntly ASXX3414
Huon ASXX9103
Huonbrook ASXX9104
Huonville ASXX0890
Hurdle Flat ASXX9105
Hurlstone Park ASXX9106
Hurricane Hill ASXX9107
Hurstbridge ASXX3416
Hurstville Grove ASXX9108
Huskisson ASXX0891
Hut ASXX3418
Hutt ASXX3419
Hutton ASXX9109
Huttonmount ASXX9110
Huxham ASXX9111
Huxley ASXX9112
Hyde Park ASXX9113
Hyden ASXX3420
Hyland Park ASXX9114
Hynam ASXX0892
Hythe ASXX9115
Idalia ASXX9116
Ideraway ASXX9117
Idlewilds ASXX9118
Iguana Creek ASXX9119
Ilarwill ASXX9120
Ilbilbie ASXX9121
Ilford ASXX3422
Ilfracombe ASXX3423
Ilfraville ASXX0893
Ilkley ASXX9122
Illabarook ASXX9123
Illabo ASXX9124
Illabunda ASXX3425
Illawarra ASXX9125
Illawong ASXX9126
Illewong ASXX9127
Illilliwa ASXX9128
Illowa ASXX9129
Iluka ASXX0894
Iluka ASXX9130
Imbil ASXX3427
Inala ASXX0895
Indee ASXX3429
Indented Head ASXX9131
Indigo ASXX9132
Indigo Upper ASXX9133
Indooroopilly ASXX9134
Ingalta ASXX3430
Ingebyra ASXX3431
Ingelara ASXX3432
Ingham ASXX0059
Ingham Composite ASXX0341
Ingle Farm ASXX0896
Ingleba ASXX9135
Ingleburn ASXX0897
Inglega ASXX9136
Inglewood ASXX3437
Inglewood ASXX9137
Ingliston ASXX9138
Ingomar ASXX3438
Injinoo ASXX9139
Injune ASXX9140
Inkerman ASXX3440
Innamincka ASXX3441
Innes Park ASXX9141
Inneston ASXX3442
Inneston ASXX9142
Innisfail ASXX0060
Innisplain ASXX9143
Interlaken ASXX9145
Inverai ASXX9146
Inveralochy ASXX9147
Inverary Park ASXX9148
Inverell ASXX0898
Inveresk ASXX9149
Invergordon ASXX9150
Invergowrie ASXX9151
Inverleigh ASXX3446
Inverleigh ASXX3445
Inverloch ASXX3447
Invermay ASXX9152
Invermay Park ASXX9153
Inverness ASXX9154
Inveroona ASXX9155
Inverramsay ASXX9156
Invicta ASXX9157
Iogebyra ASXX9158
Iona ASXX0899
Iona ASXX9159
Ipswich ASXX0061
Iraak ASXX9160
Irish Town ASXX9161
Irishtown ASXX3450
Iron Baron ASXX3451
Iron Knob ASXX3452
Iron Range ASXX0900
Ironbank ASXX0901
Ironbark ASXX9162
Ironbarks ASXX9163
Irondale ASXX9164
Ironmungy ASXX9165
Irrawang ASXX9166
Irrewarra ASXX9167
Irrewillipe ASXX9168
Irvinebank ASXX3455
Irwin ASXX3456
Irwin Flat ASXX3457
Irymple ASXX9169
Isaacs ASXX9170
Isabella ASXX9171
Isabella Plains ASXX9172
Isis ASXX9173
Isisford ASXX9174
Island Bend ASXX0902
Islington ASXX9175
Isseka ASXX3459
Italian Gully ASXX9176
Ivanhoe ASXX0903
Ivanhoe ASXX9177
Iveragh ASXX9178
Ivy Tank Motel ASXX3462
Iyah ASXX9179
Jabiru Airport ASXX0136
Jabuk ASXX3465
Jacana ASXX9180
Jack River ASXX9181
Jackadgery ASXX3466
Jackass ASXX3467
Jackass Flat ASXX9182
Jackeys Marsh ASXX9183
Jacks Creek ASXX9184
Jackson ASXX3468
Jacobs Well ASXX9185
Jaffa ASXX9186
Jaggan ASXX9187
Jallukar ASXX9188
Jallumba ASXX9189
Jamberoo ASXX0904
Jambin ASXX3470
Jamboree Heights ASXX9190
Jamestown ASXX3471
Jamieson ASXX3472
Jamisontown ASXX9191
Jan Juc ASXX9192
Jancourt ASXX9193
Jandowae ASXX3473
Jandowae East ASXX9194
Janiember East ASXX9195
Jannali ASXX0905
Japoonvale ASXX9196
Jaraga ASXX9197
Jardee ASXX0906
Jarklin ASXX9198
Jarrahdale ASXX3476
Jarrahwood ASXX3477
Jarvisfield ASXX9199
Jaspers Brush ASXX9200
Jawbone ASXX9201
Jeedamya ASXX3479
Jeerabung ASXX9202
Jeeralang ASXX9203
Jeeralang North ASXX9205
Jeetho ASXX9206
Jeffries ASXX9207
Jeir ASXX9208
Jellat Jellat ASXX9209
Jembatcumbene ASXX9210
Jennacubbine ASXX3480
Jennapullin ASXX3481
Jennings ASXX9211
Jenolan Caves ASXX3482
Jensen ASXX9212
Jeogla ASXX9213
Jeparit ASXX3483
Jerangle ASXX3484
Jerdacuttup ASXX3485
Jericho ASXX9214
Jerilderie ASXX3486
Jerrabomberra ASXX9215
Jerramungup ASXX3487
Jerrawa ASXX9216
Jerrawangala ASXX9217
Jerro ASXX9218
Jerry Bailey ASXX9219
Jerrys Plains ASXX3489
Jersey ASXX3490
Jerseyville ASXX9220
Jeruk ASXX9221
Jervis Bay ASXX0325
Jervois ASXX0177
Jessievale ASXX3494
Jetsonville ASXX9222
Jibbinbar ASXX9223
Jiggi ASXX9224
Jil Jil ASXX9225
Jilbadgie ASXX3495
Jillambie ASXX3496
Jilliby ASXX0907
Jimboola ASXX3498
Jimboomba ASXX3499
Jimbour ASXX3500
Jimenbuan ASXX9226
Jimna ASXX0421
Jincumbilly ASXX3502
Jindabyne ASXX3503
Jindalee ASXX9227
Jindera ASXX0908
Jindivick ASXX9228
Jindy Andy ASXX9229
Jingalup ASXX3505
Jingellic ASXX9230
Jinghi Jinghi ASXX9231
Jitarning ASXX3506
Joadja Creek ASXX9232
Joel Joel ASXX9233
Joel South ASXX9234
Jogo ASXX9235
Johanna ASXX9236
Johns ASXX3507
Johns River ASXX3508
Johnsonville ASXX9237
Johnstone ASXX3509
Jolimont ASXX9238
Jondaryan ASXX3510
Joondalup ASXX0909
Jooro ASXX9239
Jordan ASXX9240
Josephville ASXX9241
Joulnie ASXX3512
Jowalbinna ASXX3513
Joyces Creek ASXX9242
Joyner ASXX9243
Jubilee Downs ASXX3514
Jubilee Pocket ASXX9244
Judbury ASXX0910
Juenburra ASXX9245
Juggah ASXX9246
Jugiong ASXX3516
Julatten ASXX9247
Julia Creek ASXX0911
Jumbuk ASXX9248
Jumbunna ASXX9249
Juna Downs ASXX3518
Junabee ASXX3519
Junction Hill ASXX9251
Junction View ASXX9252
Junction Village ASXX9253
Jundah ASXX3520
Junee ASXX3522
Junee ASXX3521
Junee ASXX9254
Junee Reefs ASXX9255
Jung ASXX9256
Junortoun ASXX9257
Jupiter Creek ASXX0912
Jurien ASXX0345
Kaban ASXX9258
Kabra ASXX9259
Kadina ASXX0913
Kadji Kadji ASXX3526
Kadungle ASXX9260
Kagaru ASXX9261
Kahiba ASXX9262
Kahibah ASXX9263
Kaimkillenbun ASXX3527
Kain ASXX9264
Kairi ASXX9265
Kajabbi ASXX9266
Kakoma ASXX9267
Kalamia Estate ASXX9268
Kalamunda ASXX0234
Kalang ASXX3529
Kalangadoo ASXX3530
Kalannie ASXX3531
Kalapa ASXX9269
Kalarka ASXX9270
Kalaru ASXX9271
Kalbar ASXX3532
Kalbarri ASXX0062
Kaldow ASXX3534
Kaleen ASXX9272
Kalgoorlie ASXX0063
Kalimna ASXX9273
Kalimna West ASXX9274
Kalkallo ASXX9275
Kalkee ASXX9276
Kalkie ASXX9277
Kalkite ASXX9278
Kallangur ASXX3538
Kallara ASXX3539
Kallista ASXX9279
Kalorama ASXX9280
Kalpienung ASXX9281
Kalpowar ASXX9282
Kalunga ASXX9283
Kaluwiri ASXX3540
Kalyan ASXX3541
Kamarah ASXX3542
Kamarooka ASXX9284
Kambah ASXX9285
Kamballa ASXX3544
Kamballan ASXX3545
Kameruka ASXX9286
Kamerunga ASXX9287
Kamma ASXX9288
Kamo ASXX9289
Kamona ASXX9290
Kanagulk ASXX9291
Kanahooka ASXX9292
Kanangra ASXX3546
Kanawalla ASXX9293
Kanbara ASXX3547
Kancoona ASXX9294
Kandanga ASXX3548
Kandanga Upper ASXX9295
Kandos ASXX3549
Kangaloon ASXX0914
Kangarilla ASXX0915
Kangaroo Creek ASXX9296
Kangaroo Flat ASXX9297
Kangaroo Ground ASXX9298
Kangaroo Hills ASXX3552
Kangaroo Inn ASXX3553
Kangaroo Point ASXX9299
Kangaroo Valley ASXX3554
Kangiara ASXX3555
Kangy Angy ASXX9300
Kanighan ASXX9301
Kanimbla ASXX9302
Kaniva ASXX3556
Kanni ASXX3557
Kanowana ASXX3558
Kanowna ASXX3559
Kanumbra ASXX9303
Kanwal ASXX0916
Kanya ASXX9304
Kanyan ASXX9305
Kanyapella ASXX9306
Kaoota ASXX9307
Kapaldo ASXX9308
Kapinnie ASXX3563
Kapooka ASXX9309
Kappawanta ASXX3564
Kapunda ASXX3565
Kara ASXX3566
Karabar ASXX9310
Karabeal ASXX9311
Karalee ASXX9312
Karalundi ASXX3567
Karana Downs ASXX9313
Karangi ASXX0917
Karara ASXX3570
Karara ASXX3569
Karaweena ASXX9314
Karcultaby ASXX3571
Kardella ASXX9315
Kardella South ASXX9316
Karee ASXX3572
Kareela ASXX9317
Kareela ASXX3573
Kariah ASXX3574
Kariboe Creek ASXX3575
Karimba ASXX9318
Kariong ASXX9319
Karkarook ASXX3576
Karkatt ASXX9320
Karkoo ASXX3577
Karlgarin ASXX3578
Karmona ASXX3579
Karnak ASXX9321
Karnet ASXX3580
Karnup ASXX0918
Karoola ASXX9322
Karoola Park ASXX3582
Karoonda ASXX3583
Karrabin ASXX9323
Karraganbah ASXX9324
Karragullen ASXX0919
Karratha ASXX0920
Karridale ASXX3589
Kars Springs ASXX9326
Karte ASXX3590
Karuah ASXX3591
Karumba ASXX3592
Karyrie ASXX9327
Katalpa ASXX3593
Katamatite ASXX3594
Katandra ASXX9328
Katandra West ASXX3595
Katanning ASXX0921
Katoomba ASXX0269
Katunga ASXX9329
Katyil ASXX9330
Kauthi ASXX9331
Kawana ASXX9332
Kawana Waters ASXX9333
Kawarren ASXX9334
Kawl Kawl ASXX9335
Kawungan ASXX9336
Kayena ASXX9337
Kayrunnera ASXX3599
Kayuga ASXX9338
Kealba ASXX9339
Kearneys Spring ASXX9340
Kearns ASXX9341
Kedron ASXX9342
Keebah ASXX9343
Keely ASXX9344
Keepit ASXX9345
Keera ASXX9346
Keerong ASXX9347
Keilor ASXX0065
Keiraville ASXX9348
Keith ASXX0922
Keith Hall ASXX9349
Kelina-Dawn ASXX3603
Kellatier ASXX9350
Kellerberrin ASXX3604
Kellevie ASXX9351
Kellick ASXX9352
Kellimda ASXX3605
Kellys Creek ASXX9353
Kellys Plains ASXX9354
Kellyville ASXX9355
Kelmscott ASXX0923
Kelsey Creek ASXX9356
Kelso ASXX0924
Kelso ASXX9357
Kelvin ASXX3608
Kelvin Grove ASXX9358
Kelvin View ASXX9359
Kembla ASXX9360
Kemblawarra ASXX9361
Kemmel Hill ASXX3609
Kempsey ASXX0925
Kempton ASXX9362
Kenbula ASXX9363
Kendall ASXX9364
Kenebri ASXX9365
Kenilworth ASXX3611
Kenmare ASXX9366
Kenmore ASXX9367
Kennedy ASXX9368
Kennedys Cottage ASXX3612
Kennedys Creek ASXX3613
Kennington ASXX9369
Kensington ASXX0926
Kensington ASXX9370
Kensington Grove ASXX9371
Kentbruck ASXX9372
Kenthurst ASXX0927
Kentlyn ASXX9373
Kentucky ASXX3616
Kentucky South ASXX9374
Kentville ASXX9375
Kenwick ASXX0928
Keon Park ASXX9376
Keperra ASXX9377
Kepnock ASXX9378
Keppel Sands ASXX3618
Keppoch ASXX0929
Kerang ASXX3620
Kergunyah ASXX9379
Kernot ASXX9380
Kerrabee ASXX9381
Kerrisdale ASXX9382
Kerrs Creek ASXX3621
Kerry ASXX3622
Kersbrook ASXX3623
Keswick ASXX0930
Keswick Island ASXX9383
Ketchowla ASXX3625
Kettering ASXX9384
Kevin ASXX3626
Kevington ASXX9385
Kew ASXX9386
Kew ASXX3627
Kew East ASXX9387
Kewarra Beach ASXX9388
Kewell ASXX9389
Kewell North ASXX9390
Keybarbin ASXX9391
Keyneton ASXX0931
Keysborough ASXX9392
Khancoban ASXX0932
Kholo ASXX9393
Kiah ASXX9394
Kialla ASXX9395
Kialla East ASXX9396
Kialla West ASXX9397
Kiama ASXX3630
Kiamal ASXX9398
Kiandra ASXX0933
Kianga ASXX0934
Kianinny ASXX9399
Kiata ASXX9400
Kiata East ASXX9401
Kickabil ASXX9402
Kielpa ASXX3633
Kiels Mountain ASXX9403
Kiewa ASXX9404
Kikoira ASXX9405
Kilaben Bay ASXX9406
Kilbirnie ASXX9407
Kilbride ASXX3634
Kilcowera ASXX3635
Kilcoy ASXX3636
Kilcunda ASXX9408
Kilcunda Road ASXX9409
Kildary ASXX9410
Kildary Road ASXX9411
Kilfera ASXX3637
Kilkivan ASXX3638
Killabakh Creek ASXX3639
Killara ASXX3640
Killara ASXX9412
Killarney ASXX9413
Killarney ASXX3644
Killarney South ASXX9414
Killawarra ASXX9415
Killcare ASXX0935
Killingworth ASXX9416
Kilmany ASXX3646
Kilmany South ASXX9417
Kilmore ASXX9418
Kilmore East ASXX9419
Kilmore Gap ASXX0298
Kilpalie ASXX3648
Kilrush ASXX9420
Kilsyth ASXX9421
Kilto ASXX3649
Kimba ASXX3650
Kimba ASXX3651
Kimberley ASXX9422
Kimberley Downs ASXX0066
Kimbolton ASXX3653
Kimbriki ASXX9423
Kin Kin ASXX3654
Kin Kin ASXX3655
Kin Kora ASXX9424
Kinbombi ASXX9425
Kinchela Creek ASXX9426
Kincumber ASXX0936
Kincumber South ASXX0937
Kindred ASXX9427
Kinduro ASXX9428
King Creek ASXX9429
King Junction ASXX3658
King Lake ASXX3659
King River ASXX0938
King Valley ASXX3662
Kingaroy ASXX0215
Kinglake Central ASXX9430
Kinglake East ASXX9431
Kinglake West ASXX3664
Kingower ASXX9432
Kings Beach ASXX9433
Kings Camp ASXX3665
Kings Creek ASXX9434
Kings Cross ASXX9435
Kings Langley ASXX9436
Kings Meadows ASXX9437
Kings Park ASXX9438
Kings Plains ASXX9439
Kings Plains ASXX3666
Kings Point ASXX9440
Kingsbury ASXX9441
Kingscliff ASXX3667
Kingscote ASXX0939
Kingsford ASXX0940
Kingsgate ASXX9442
Kingsgrove ASXX9443
Kingsholme ASXX9444
Kingsthorpe ASXX3670
Kingston ASXX9445
Kingston ASXX0067
Kingston Beach ASXX0941
Kingston Park ASXX0942
Kingstown ASXX3676
Kingsvale ASXX3677
Kingswood ASXX3678
Kingswood ASXX9446
Kinimakatka ASXX9447
Kinka ASXX9448
Kinka Beach ASXX9449
Kinkabilla ASXX9450
Kinleymore ASXX9451
Kinnabulla ASXX9452
Kinross ASXX0943
Kinross ASXX9453
Kinypanial South ASXX9454
Kioloa ASXX9455
Kiora ASXX9456
Kippa-Ring ASXX9457
Kirkalocka ASXX3680
Kirkhall ASXX9458
Kirkham ASXX9459
Kirkstall ASXX3681
Kirkwood ASXX9460
Kirrabelah ASXX9461
Kirrawee ASXX9462
Kirribilli ASXX0944
Kirup ASXX3683
Kirwan ASXX9463
Kital ASXX9464
Kitchener ASXX9465
Kiwarric ASXX9466
Kleinton ASXX9467
Klemzig ASXX0945
Klondyke ASXX3685
Klori ASXX9468
Knebsworth ASXX9469
Knight ASXX9470
Knockrow ASXX9471
Knockwood ASXX9472
Knorrit Flat ASXX9473
Knotts Siding ASXX9474
Knowsley ASXX9475
Knoxfield ASXX9476
Koah ASXX9477
Kobble ASXX9478
Kobyboyn ASXX9479
Kodj Kodjin ASXX3686
Koetong ASXX3687
Kogan ASXX3688
Kogarah ASXX0946
Koimbo ASXX9480
Kojonup ASXX3690
Kokotungo ASXX3691
Kolan ASXX9481
Kolan South ASXX3692
Koleya ASXX9482
Kolijo ASXX9483
Kolindale ASXX3693
Kollan Island ASXX0391
Kolodong ASXX9484
Koloona ASXX3695
Kolora ASXX9485
Komine ASXX9486
Komungla ASXX9487
Konagaderra ASXX9488
Konanda ASXX3696
Kondinin ASXX3697
Kondut ASXX3698
Kongorong ASXX3699
Kongwak ASXX3700
Konongwootong ASXX9489
Koo-Wee-Rup ASXX9490
Koodinga ASXX3701
Koojan ASXX3702
Kookabookra ASXX9492
Kookynie ASXX3703
Koolanooka ASXX0947
Koolboo ASXX9493
Koolburra ASXX3705
Koolewong ASXX0948
Kooloonong ASXX9494
Kooltandra ASXX3707
Koolunga ASXX3708
Koolyanobbing ASXX3709
Koolymilka ASXX3710
Koombooloomba ASXX3711
Koomeela ASXX0949
Koonamore ASXX3713
Koonawarra ASXX3714
Koonda ASXX9495
Koondai-i ASXX9496
Koondrook ASXX3715
Koongal ASXX9497
Koongawa ASXX3716
Kooniba Mission ASXX3717
Koonorigan ASXX9498
Koonwarra ASXX9499
Koonya ASXX9500
Koorainghat ASXX9501
Kooralbyn ASXX9502
Kooralgin ASXX9503
Koorawatha ASXX3721
Koorboora ASXX9504
Koordarrie ASXX3718
Kooreh ASXX9505
Kooringa ASXX3720
Kooringa ASXX3719
Kooringal ASXX9506
Koorkab ASXX9507
Koorlong ASXX9508
Koornalla ASXX9509
Kooroocheang ASXX9510
Kooroongarra ASXX9511
Kootingal ASXX3722
Koowa ASXX3723
Kooyong ASXX9512
Kopi ASXX3724
Koraleigh ASXX9513
Korcha ASXX3725
Korenan ASXX9514
Koriella ASXX9515
Koroit ASXX3726
Korong ASXX3727
Korong Vale ASXX3728
Koroop ASXX9516
Kororo Basin ASXX0950
Korrak Korrak ASXX9517
Korumburra ASXX3730
Korumburra South ASXX9518
Korweinguboora ASXX3731
Kotara ASXX0951
Kotta ASXX9520
Kotupna ASXX9521
Koumala ASXX3733
Koumala South ASXX9522
Kounungai ASXX9523
Kow Swamp ASXX9524
Kowanyama ASXX9525
Kowbi ASXX9526
Kowguran ASXX9527
Kowrowa ASXX9528
Koyuga ASXX9529
Koyuna ASXX9530
Krambach ASXX3734
Krawarree ASXX9531
Krinjin ASXX3735
Kromelite ASXX3736
Krongart ASXX3737
Krowera ASXX9532
Ku-ring-gai ASXX9533
Kubin ASXX9534
Kudardup ASXX3738
Kudgee ASXX3739
Kudo ASXX9535
Kulangoor ASXX9536
Kulara ASXX9537
Kulde ASXX3740
Kulgera ASXX0202
Kulgun ASXX9538
Kulin ASXX3742
Kulja ASXX3743
Kulkami ASXX3744
Kulnine East ASXX3745
Kulnura ASXX3746
Kulpi ASXX3747
Kuluin ASXX9539
Kulwin ASXX9540
Kumbarilla ASXX9541
Kumbia ASXX3748
Kumorna ASXX3749
Kunama ASXX3750
Kunat ASXX9542
Kundabung ASXX9543
Kundibakh ASXX9544
Kungala ASXX9545
Kunghur ASXX9546
Kungurri ASXX9547
Kunnymede ASXX9548
Kununurra ASXX0397
Kunwarara ASXX3753
Kupunn ASXX3754
Kuraby ASXX9549
Kuranda ASXX3755
Kureelpa ASXX9550
Kureen ASXX9551
Kuridala ASXX9552
Kurmond ASXX9553
Kurnell ASXX0952
Kurraca West ASXX9554
Kurrajong ASXX0953
Kurrara ASXX9555
Kurrawang ASXX3758
Kurray ASXX3759
Kurri Kurri ASXX0954
Kurrimine ASXX9556
Kurrimine Beach ASXX9557
Kurting ASXX9558
Kurumbul ASXX3761
Kurundi ASXX3762
Kurunjang ASXX9559
Kurwongbah ASXX9560
Kuttabul ASXX3763
Kweda ASXX3764
Kwinana ASXX0068
Kyabram ASXX0955
Kyalite ASXX3767
Kyancutta ASXX0242
Kybean ASXX9561
Kybong ASXX9562
Kybunga ASXX3769
Kyburra ASXX9563
Kybybolite ASXX3770
Kydra ASXX3771
Kydra Reefs ASXX9564
Kyeamba ASXX9565
Kyeemagh ASXX9566
Kyloe ASXX9567
Kyneton ASXX3772
Kynuna ASXX9568
Kyogle ASXX3773
Kyoomba ASXX9569
Kyup ASXX3774
Kyvalley ASXX9570
Kywong ASXX3776
Kywong ASXX3775
La Perouse ASXX0956
Laanecoorie ASXX9571
Laang ASXX9572
Labertouche ASXX9573
Labrador ASXX9574
Laceby ASXX9575
Laceys Creek ASXX9576
Lachan Downs ASXX3778
Lachlan ASXX9577
Lacmalac ASXX9578
Lady Barron ASXX9579
Ladybrook ASXX9580
Ladysmith ASXX0957
Laen ASXX9581
Laen East ASXX9582
Laen North ASXX9583
Laggan ASXX9584
Lagoon Pocket ASXX0958
Lagoons ASXX9585
Laguna ASXX9586
Lah ASXX9587
Lah-arum ASXX9588
Laidley ASXX3782
Lake ASXX3783
Lake Albert ASXX0959
Lake Bathurst ASXX3785
Lake Boga ASXX9589
Lake Bolac ASXX3786
Lake Cargelligo ASXX9590
Lake Cathie ASXX9591
Lake Charm ASXX9592
Lake Clarendon ASXX9593
Lake Condah ASXX9594
Lake Conjola ASXX3787
Lake Cooper ASXX9595
Lake Cowal ASXX9596
Lake Eacham ASXX9597
Lake Gardens ASXX9598
Lake Goldsmith ASXX9599
Lake Grace ASXX0237
Lake Harry ASXX3789
Lake Heights ASXX9600
Lake Hindmarsh ASXX9601
Lake Illawarra ASXX0960
Lake Innes ASXX9602
Lake Lonsdale ASXX9603
Lake Macdonald ASXX9604
Lake Marmal ASXX9605
Lake Mears ASXX3791
Lake Meering ASXX3792
Lake Mundi ASXX3793
Lake Munmorah ASXX9606
Lake Pure ASXX3794
Lake Rowan ASXX9607
Lake Tabourie ASXX9608
Lake Tyers ASXX9609
Lake View ASXX3795
Lake View ASXX9610
Lake Wyangan ASXX9611
Lakeland ASXX9612
Lakeland Downs ASXX3796
Lakelands ASXX9613
Lakemba ASXX0961
Lakes Creek ASXX9614
Lakes Entrance ASXX9615
Lakeside ASXX3799
Lakeside ASXX9616
Lakesland ASXX9617
Lakewood ASXX9618
Lakewood Estate ASXX9619
Lal Lal ASXX3801
Lalbert ASXX3802
Lalla ASXX9620
Lalla Rookh ASXX3803
Lallahrook ASXX9621
Lallat ASXX9622
Lalor ASXX9623
Lalor Park ASXX9624
Lamb Island ASXX9625
Lambina ASXX3804
Lambton ASXX0963
Lameroo ASXX0254
Lamington ASXX9626
Lammermoor ASXX9627
Lamplough ASXX9628
Lancaster ASXX0964
Lance Field ASXX9629
Lancefield ASXX3808
Lancelin ASXX0346
Lancevale ASXX3810
Landers Shoot ASXX9631
Landervale ASXX9632
Landsborough ASXX3811
Landsborough ASXX3812
Lane Cove ASXX0965
Lanefield ASXX9633
Lanena ASXX3814
Lang Lang ASXX9634
Langawirra ASXX3815
Langdon ASXX9635
Langhorne Creek ASXX3816
Langi Logan ASXX9636
Langidoon ASXX3817
Langkoop ASXX3818
Langley ASXX9637
Langley ASXX3819
Langley Downs ASXX3820
Langley Vale ASXX9638
Langlo Crossing ASXX9639
Langshaw ASXX9640
Langtree ASXX9641
Langunya ASXX3821
Langwarrin ASXX9642
Lankeys Creek ASXX9643
Lannercost ASXX9644
Lanreef ASXX9645
Lansdale ASXX9646
Lansdowne ASXX3822
Lansdowne Forest ASXX9647
Lansvale ASXX9648
Lapoinya ASXX0966
Lappa ASXX9649
Lapstone ASXX9650
Lara ASXX0967
Lara Lake ASXX9651
Larapinta ASXX9652
Laravale ASXX3825
Larbert ASXX9653
Lardner ASXX9654
Largs ASXX9655
Largs Bay ASXX0968
Larnook ASXX9656
Larpent ASXX9657
Larrakeyah ASXX0969
Larras Lee ASXX9658
Larrimah ASXX0069
Lascelles ASXX3829
Latham ASXX9659
Latham ASXX3830
Latrobe ASXX0970
Lauderdale ASXX3833
Laughtondale ASXX9660
Launceston ASXX0331
Launching Place ASXX9661
Laura ASXX3835
Laura ASXX9662
Laura Hill ASXX3836
Lauradale ASXX3837
Laurel Hill ASXX9663
Laurieton ASXX3838
Lauriston ASXX9664
Lavadia ASXX9665
Lavender Bay ASXX9666
Lavers Hill ASXX3839
Laverton ASXX9667
Laverton ASXX0405
Laverton Downs ASXX3841
Lavington ASXX0971
Lawgi ASXX9668
Lawgi Dawes ASXX9669
Lawitta ASXX9670
Lawloit ASXX9671
Lawnton ASXX9672
Lawrence ASXX3843
Lawrence ASXX9673
Lawson ASXX0972
Le Roy ASXX9674
Leadville ASXX3845
Leafgold ASXX9675
Leaghur ASXX9676
Leaholme ASXX9677
Leander ASXX3846
Leaning Oak ASXX9678
Leanyer ASXX0973
Learmonth ASXX9679
Learmonth ASXX0381
Lebrina ASXX9680
Ledge Point ASXX3849
Lee Dale ASXX3850
Leechs Gully ASXX9681
Leefield ASXX9682
Leeman ASXX3851
Leeor ASXX9683
Leeton ASXX0974
Leeville ASXX3853
Lefroy ASXX9684
Legana ASXX9685
Legerwood ASXX9686
Legume ASXX3854
Legunia ASXX9687
Leichardt ASXX9688
Leichhardt ASXX9689
Leichhardt ASXX0975
Leigh ASXX9690
Leigh Creek ASXX0976
Leigh Creek ASXX9691
Leinster Downs ASXX3858
Leitchville ASXX9692
Leith ASXX0977
Lemana Junction ASXX9693
Lemnos ASXX9694
Lemont ASXX9696
Lenah Valley ASXX9697
Leneva ASXX9698
Leniston ASXX9699
Lennonville ASXX3860
Lennox Head ASXX9700
Lenswood ASXX0978
Lenton Downs ASXX3862
Leonards Hill ASXX9701
Leonay ASXX9702
Leongatha ASXX3863
Leonora ASXX0201
Leopold ASXX0979
Leopold Downs ASXX3866
Leppington ASXX9703
Lerida ASXX9704
Leslie ASXX9705
Leslie Manor ASXX9706
Leslie Vale ASXX9707
Lethbridge ASXX3867
Lethbridge Park ASXX9708
Lethe Brook ASXX9709
Lethebrook ASXX3868
Lette ASXX9710
Letts Beach ASXX9711
Leumeah ASXX0980
Leura ASXX0981
Levendale ASXX9712
Lewis Hill ASXX9713
Lewis Ponds ASXX9714
Lewisham ASXX0982
Lewiston ASXX0983
Lexton ASXX3873
Leyburn ASXX3874
Leycester ASXX9716
Liberty Grove ASXX9717
Licola ASXX3875
Lidcombe ASXX0984
Liddell ASXX9718
Lidsdale ASXX9719
Lidster ASXX9720
Liena ASXX9721
Lietinna ASXX9722
Liffey ASXX9723
Lightning Ridge ASXX3877
Lihou Reef ASXX6248
Lileah ASXX9724
Lillian Rock ASXX9725
Lillico ASXX9726
Lillimur ASXX9727
Lillimur South ASXX9728
Lilliput ASXX0985
Lilly Vale ASXX3879
Lilydale ASXX9729
Lilydale ASXX3881
Lilydale ASXX3880
Lilydale North ASXX9730
Lilyfield ASXX9731
Lilypond ASXX9732
Limbri ASXX9733
Limbri Downs ASXX3882
Limestone ASXX3883
Limevale ASXX9735
Limonite ASXX9736
Limpinwood ASXX9737
Linburn ASXX9738
Lincoln ASXX9739
Lincolnfields ASXX3884
Linda ASXX9740
Linden ASXX0986
Lindenow ASXX9741
Lindenow South ASXX9742
Lindfield ASXX0987
Lindisfarne ASXX9743
Linga ASXX9744
Linton ASXX9745
Linville ASXX3887
Lionsville ASXX9746
Liparoo ASXX9747
Lipson ASXX3888
Liptrap ASXX9748
Lisarow ASXX0988
Lisbaun ASXX9749
Lisdillon ASXX9750
Lisle ASXX9751
Lismore ASXX0989
Lismore ASXX9752
Lissadell ASXX3891
Lissner ASXX9753
Liston ASXX9754
Litchfield ASXX9755
Lithgow ASXX3892
Littabella ASXX9756
Little Bay ASXX9757
Little Billabong ASXX9758
Little Burleigh ASXX9759
Little Mountain ASXX9760
Little Mulgrave ASXX9761
Little Plain ASXX9762
Little River ASXX3893
Little Swanport ASXX9763
Littlemore ASXX9764
Liveringa ASXX3894
Liverpool ASXX0990
Livingston ASXX9765
Llanarth ASXX9766
Llandilo ASXX9767
Llanelly ASXX9768
Llangothlin ASXX3896
Llowalong ASXX9769
Lloyd ASXX9770
Loamside ASXX9771
Lobethal ASXX3897
Loccota ASXX9772
Loch ASXX9773
Loch Lea ASXX9774
Loch Lomond ASXX9775
Loch Sport ASXX9776
Loch Valley ASXX9777
Lochiel ASXX9778
Lochiel ASXX3903
Lochinvar ASXX0991
Lochnagar ASXX9779
Lock ASXX3900
Lockhart ASXX3901
Lockhart River ASXX3902
Lockington ASXX3904
Lockington ASXX3905
Lockrose ASXX9780
Locksley ASXX3906
Locksley ASXX9781
Lockwood ASXX9782
Lockwood ASXX3907
Lockyer ASXX9783
Lockyer Valley ASXX9784
Lockyer Waters ASXX9785
Loftus ASXX9786
Logan ASXX3908
Logan Central ASXX9787
Logan City ASXX0992
Logan Village ASXX9788
Loganholme ASXX9789
Loganlea ASXX9790
Loira ASXX9791
Londonderry ASXX9792
Londrigan ASXX9793
Long Beach ASXX9794
Long Flat ASXX9795
Long Forest ASXX9796
Long Gully ASXX9797
Long Hill ASXX3911
Long Jetty ASXX0993
Long Park ASXX9798
Long Plains ASXX3913
Long Pocket ASXX9799
Long Point ASXX0994
Long Ridge ASXX9800
Long Swamp ASXX9801
Longerenong ASXX9802
Longford ASXX0995
Longford ASXX9803
Longlea ASXX9804
Longley ASXX0996
Longley Lower ASXX0997
Longreach ASXX0423
Longueville ASXX9805
Longwarry ASXX9806
Longwarry North ASXX9807
Longwarry South ASXX9808
Longwood ASXX9809
Lookout Hill ASXX0289
Loomberah ASXX9810
Loorana ASXX9811
Lord Howe Island ASXX6249
Lorinna ASXX9812
Lorn ASXX0998
Lorna Doone ASXX3921
Lorne ASXX9813
Lorne ASXX0999
Lorquon ASXX9814
Lorquon West ASXX9815
Lostock ASXX3923
Lota ASXX9816
Lottah ASXX9817
Louisiana ASXX9818
Louriana ASXX3926
Louth ASXX9819
Louth Bay ASXX1000
Louth Park ASXX9820
Lovat ASXX9821
Lovedale ASXX9822
Lovely Banks ASXX9823
Low Head ASXX1001
Low Isles ASXX0160
Low Rocky Point ASXX0371
Lowan Vale ASXX3931
Lowanna ASXX9824
Lowbank ASXX3932
Lowdina ASXX1002
Lower Barrington ASXX9826
Lower Belmore ASXX9827
Lower Boro ASXX1003
Lower Botobolar ASXX9828
Lower Bucca ASXX9829
Lower Chittering ASXX3935
Lower Creek ASXX9830
Lower Cressbrook ASXX9831
Lower Cudgera ASXX9832
Lower Everton ASXX9833
Lower Gellibrand ASXX9835
Lower Gregory ASXX9836
Lower Hawkesbury ASXX9837
Lower Macdonald ASXX9838
Lower Mangrove ASXX9839
Lower Moira ASXX9840
Lower Numba ASXX9843
Lower Plenty ASXX9844
Lower Portland ASXX9845
Lower Southgate ASXX9846
Lower Towamba ASXX9847
Lower Tully ASXX9848
Lowesdale ASXX9849
Lowmead ASXX3936
Lowood ASXX9850
Lowther ASXX9851
Loxton ASXX0252
Loy Yang ASXX9852
Loyetea ASXX9853
Lubeck ASXX3938
Lucaston ASXX1004
Lucinda ASXX9854
Lucinda Point ASXX0164
Lucindale ASXX3942
Lucindale ASXX3941
Lucknow ASXX9855
Lucknow ASXX3943
Lucky Bay ASXX3944
Lucy Creek ASXX3945
Lucyvale ASXX9856
Luddenham ASXX1005
Ludlow ASXX1006
Ludmilla ASXX1007
Lue ASXX3949
Lugarno ASXX9857
Lughrata ASXX9858
Luluigui ASXX3950
Lulworth ASXX9859
Lune River ASXX9860
Lurg ASXX9861
Lurnea ASXX9862
Lutana ASXX1008
Lutwyche ASXX9863
Lyal ASXX9864
Lymington ASXX9865
Lynbrook ASXX9866
Lyndbrook ASXX9868
Lyndhurst ASXX3953
Lyndhurst ASXX9869
Lyndhurst South ASXX9870
Lyndhuts ASXX3955
Lyndoch ASXX1009
Lyndon ASXX3957
Lyneham ASXX9871
Lynn Creek ASXX3958
Lynton ASXX3959
Lyntors ASXX9872
Lynwood ASXX9873
Lyons ASXX3960
Lyons ASXX9874
Lyonville ASXX9875
Lyra ASXX9876
Lyrup ASXX1010
Lysterfield ASXX9877
Lytton ASXX9878
Ma Ma Creek ASXX9879
Maadi ASXX9880
Maaroom ASXX9881
Mabel Creek ASXX3963
Macalister ASXX3964
Macalister Range ASXX9882
Macarthur ASXX1011
Macarthur ASXX9883
Macclesfield ASXX9884
Macclesfield ASXX1012
Macdesme ASXX9885
Macedon ASXX3967
Macfarlane Downs ASXX3968
Macgregor ASXX9886
Machans Beach ASXX3969
Mackay ASXX0070
Macknade ASXX9887
Macks Creek ASXX9888
Macksville ASXX1013
Maclagan ASXX3972
Maclagan West ASXX9889
Maclaughlin ASXX3973
Maclean ASXX9890
Maclean ASXX3974
Macleay Island ASXX9891
Macleod ASXX9892
Macorna ASXX9893
Macorna North ASXX9894
Macquarie ASXX1014
Macquarie Fields ASXX9895
Macquarie Hills ASXX9896