Weather Codes for Armenia

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Armenia. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abovyan AMXX0001
Abovyan AMXX0174
Achkhlu AMXX0932
Adamkhan AMXX0441
Agagchi AMXX0788
Agamzalu AMXX0175
Agarak AMXX0642
Agarak AMXX0061
Agarak AMXX0933
Agarakadzor AMXX1182
Agdan AMXX1096
Agdzhakishlag AMXX0297
Agekhush AMXX0442
Aghavnadzor AMXX1183
Aghavnadzor AMXX0562
Aghavnatun AMXX0298
Aghbulagh AMXX0934
Aghin AMXX0789
Aghitu AMXX0935
Aghnjadzor AMXX1184
Aghvani AMXX0936
Aghvorik AMXX0790
Aghyokhush AMXX0444
Agkilisa AMXX1098
Agkilisa AMXX0643
Agnilisa AMXX1185
Agveran AMXX0563
Agvi AMXX0644
Ahnidzor AMXX0645
Ajabaj AMXX0937
Ajylu AMXX0938
Akhbrak AMXX0564
Akhkend AMXX1186
Akhkikhli AMXX1099
Akhpradzor AMXX0445
Akhsu AMXX1100
Akhta AMXX1187
Akhum AMXX1101
Akhundov AMXX0565
Akhurik AMXX0791
Akhuryan AMXX0792
Aknalich AMXX0299
Aknashen AMXX0300
Akner AMXX0940
Akunk AMXX0063
Alagyaz AMXX0064
Alatala AMXX1102
Alaverdi AMXX0005
Aldara AMXX0941
Alikhan-Payasy AMXX1188
Alvank AMXX0942
Alvar AMXX0793
Amaghu AMXX1189
Amasia AMXX0006
Amasiya AMXX0301
Amberd AMXX0065
Amodzh AMXX0649
Anastasavan AMXX0568
Anipemza AMXX0794
Ankadzor AMXX0651
Antarramej AMXX0447
Antarramut AMXX0652
Antarrashat AMXX0943
Antarut AMXX0066
Anushavan AMXX0795
Apaga AMXX0302
Aparan AMXX0008
Apaven AMXX0653
Aragats AMXX0303
Aragats AMXX0009
Aragatsotn AMXX0068
Aragyugh AMXX0569
Arai AMXX0069
Aralek AMXX0178
Aramus AMXX0570
Ararat AMXX0011
Arates AMXX1190
Aravet AMXX0796
Aravus AMXX0944
Arazap AMXX0305
Arazdayan AMXX0179
Archis AMXX0654
Ardenis AMXX0797
Ardvi AMXX0655
Areg AMXX0070
Aregnadem AMXX0798
Areguni AMXX0448
Areni AMXX1191
Arevabuyr AMXX0180
Arevashat AMXX0307
Arevashogh AMXX0656
Arevatsag AMXX0657
Arevik AMXX0799
Arevik AMXX0308
Arevis AMXX0945
Arevshat AMXX0181
Arevshat AMXX0800
Argavand AMXX0309
Argavand AMXX0410
Argel AMXX0571
Argishti AMXX0411
Arin AMXX1192
Arjut AMXX0658
Armanis AMXX0659
Armash AMXX0182
Armavir AMXX0012
Arpeni AMXX0801
Arrajadzor AMXX0946
Arratashen AMXX0310
Arrinj AMXX0572
Arshaluys AMXX0311
Artanish AMXX0450
Artashar AMXX0312
Artashat AMXX0013
Artashavan AMXX0071
Artavan AMXX1195
Artavaz AMXX0573
Arteni AMXX0072
Artik AMXX0014
Artimet AMXX0313
Artsni AMXX0660
Artsvaberd AMXX1103
Artsvakar AMXX0451
Artsvanik AMXX0947
Artsvanist AMXX0452
Artsvashen AMXX0453
Arum AMXX0073
Arzakan AMXX0574
Arzni AMXX0575
Ashnak AMXX0074
Ashotavan AMXX0948
Ashtarak AMXX0015
Astghadzor AMXX0454
Astvatsinkal AMXX0075
Atan AMXX0016
Atdash AMXX0455
Atsarat AMXX0456
Atsashen AMXX0076
Avagabinaper AMXX1104
Avan AMXX0412
Avan AMXX0077
Avan-Arrinj AMXX0413
Avazak AMXX0577
Avazan AMXX0457
Avgeat AMXX0662
Avsarlu AMXX0949
Avshar AMXX0183
Avshen AMXX0078
Avtona AMXX0079
Aydarli AMXX0663
Aygabats AMXX0805
Aygavan AMXX0017
Aygedzor AMXX0950
Aygehat AMXX0664
Aygehovit AMXX1106
Aygek AMXX0314
Aygepar AMXX1107
Aygepat AMXX0184
Aygeshat AMXX0315
Aygestan AMXX0185
Aygezard AMXX0186
Aygut AMXX0458
Aykasar AMXX0806
Aykavan AMXX0316
Ayrum AMXX0665
Azat AMXX0460
Azatamut AMXX1108
Azatan AMXX0807
Azatashen AMXX0317
Azatavan AMXX0188
Azatavan AMXX0318
Azatek AMXX1196
Azizbekov AMXX0018
Azizkend AMXX0189
Aznvadzor AMXX0666
Baganis AMXX1109
Bagaran AMXX0319
Baghramyan AMXX0190
Baghramyan AMXX0320
Bagratashen AMXX1110
Bagravan AMXX0808
Baharlu AMXX0951
Bakhchalar AMXX0321
Balahovit AMXX0578
Bambakashat AMXX0322
Bandivan AMXX0809
Bardidzor AMXX1111
Bardzravan AMXX0954
Bardzruni AMXX1197
Barekamavan AMXX1112
Barepat AMXX0461
Bartsrashen AMXX0414
Bartsrashen AMXX0810
Bashgyukh AMXX0811
Bashkend AMXX0019
Batikyan AMXX0462
Bavra AMXX0812
Bayandur AMXX0813
Bayburd AMXX0579
Baysyz AMXX0080
Bazmaghbiar AMXX0081
Bazum AMXX0667
Bendik AMXX0668
Beniamin AMXX0814
Berd AMXX0020
Berdashen AMXX0815
Berdavan AMXX1113
Berdik AMXX0191
Berkanush AMXX0192
Berkashat AMXX0323
Berqaber AMXX1114
Birali AMXX0193
Bjni AMXX0580
Blagodarnoye AMXX0669
Bnunis AMXX0955
Boloraberd AMXX1198
Bovadzor AMXX0670
Brun AMXX0957
Bulakhlar AMXX1199
Burastan AMXX0194
Buzhakan AMXX0083
Byurakan AMXX0021
Byuravan AMXX0195
Byureghavan AMXX0581
Bzovan AMXX0196
Chakaten AMXX0962
Chalabi AMXX1118
Chambarak AMXX0465
Changli AMXX0197
Chichakli AMXX0466
Chimankend AMXX0198
Chirakhlu AMXX1201
Chirchiri AMXX1119
Chirish AMXX0963
Chknakh AMXX0084
Chobankara AMXX0324
Chochkan AMXX0672
Chullu AMXX0964
Dalar AMXX0199
Dalarik AMXX0325
Darakend AMXX1202
Darakend AMXX0673
Darakert AMXX0200
Daranak AMXX0467
Darbas AMXX0965
Darbnik AMXX0201
Darik AMXX0816
Darpas AMXX0674
Dashalty AMXX1203
Dashkerpi AMXX0817
Dashlu AMXX0202
Dashnoa AMXX0203
Dasht AMXX0326
Dashtadem AMXX0675
Dashtadem AMXX0085
Dashtavan AMXX0204
Dastakert AMXX0966
Davdashen AMXX0086
Davtashen AMXX0583
Ddmashen AMXX0468
Debed AMXX0676
Deghtsut AMXX0205
Derek AMXX0087
Dian AMXX0088
Dilijan AMXX0022
Dimitrov AMXX0206
Ditak AMXX0207
Ditavan AMXX1120
Doghs AMXX0327
Dovekh AMXX1121
Dovrus AMXX0969
Dprabak AMXX0469
Drakhtik AMXX0470
Dsegh AMXX0677
Dvin AMXX0208
Dvoragyukh AMXX0471
Dzhadzhur AMXX0818
Dzhani AMXX1204
Dzhil AMXX0023
Dzhiviskli AMXX0472
Dzhogaz AMXX1122
Dzhrashen AMXX0328
Dzhudzhevan AMXX1123
Dzoraghbyur AMXX0584
Dzoraglukh AMXX0089
Dzoragyugh AMXX0473
Dzoragyukh AMXX0820
Dzorakap AMXX0821
Dzoramut AMXX0679
Dzorashen AMXX0822
Dzorashen AMXX0680
Dzorastan AMXX0970
Dzyunashogh AMXX0681
Echmiadzin AMXX0024
Ejmiatsin AMXX0329
Erandzor AMXX0971
Erebuni AMXX0415
Eridzor AMXX1124
Ertich AMXX1205
Fantan AMXX0585
Ferik AMXX0330
Fioletovo AMXX0682
Franganots AMXX0090
Gagarin AMXX0475
Gandzak AMXX0476
Garni AMXX0025
Garnovit AMXX0823
Garrgarr AMXX0683
Garrnarrich AMXX0824
Garrni AMXX0586
Gavarr AMXX0477
Gay AMXX0331
Geghadir AMXX0587
Geghadir AMXX0825
Geghahovit AMXX0478
Geghamabak AMXX0480
Geghamasar AMXX0481
Geghamavan AMXX0482
Geghanist AMXX0332
Geghanush AMXX0972
Geghard AMXX0588
Gegharot AMXX0091
Geghasar AMXX0684
Geghashen AMXX0589
Geghi AMXX0974
Gekhadzor AMXX0092
Gelaysor AMXX0209
Gelkend AMXX0026
Gerger AMXX1206
Geshin AMXX1207
Getahovit AMXX1126
Getamej AMXX0590
Getapi AMXX0826
Getashen AMXX0334
Getashen AMXX1127
Getazat AMXX0210
Getik AMXX1209
Getik AMXX0827
Getk AMXX0828
Geyarchin AMXX1128
Gezaldara AMXX0685
Gharaghaya AMXX1210
Gharatgha AMXX0976
Gharibjanyan AMXX0829
Ghazaravan AMXX0094
Ghukasavan AMXX0211
Ghurdghulagh AMXX0977
Ghursali AMXX0686
Ghzljugh AMXX0978
Ginevet AMXX0335
Gladzor AMXX1211
Gndevaz AMXX1212
Gnishik AMXX1213
Gogaran AMXX0687
Gogavan AMXX0688
Goghovit AMXX0689
Golovino AMXX1129
Gomadzor AMXX0484
Gomaran AMXX0979
Gomer AMXX1130
Gomshavar AMXX1131
Goris AMXX0981
Gosh AMXX1132
Griboyedov AMXX0336
Gtashen AMXX0831
Gudemnis AMXX0982
Gukasyan AMXX0027
Gusanagyugh AMXX0832
Gyabut AMXX1216
Gyalto AMXX0096
Gyamrez AMXX0592
Gyulagarak AMXX0028
Gyullibulagh AMXX0029
Gyulludara AMXX0691
Gyumri AMXX0002
Haghartsin AMXX1133
Haghpat AMXX0692
Hakko AMXX0097
Halavar AMXX0693
Halidzor AMXX0984
Hardzis AMXX0985
Harrich AMXX0833
Hartashen AMXX0834
Hatis AMXX0594
Hayanist AMXX0339
Haykadzor AMXX0836
Haykasar AMXX0837
Haykashen AMXX0340
Haykavan AMXX0838
Herher AMXX1218
Hermon AMXX1219
Hnaberd AMXX0212
Hnaberd AMXX0099
Hoktember AMXX0342
Horadis AMXX1220
Horbategh AMXX1221
Horrom AMXX0840
Hors AMXX1222
Hovtamej AMXX0343
Hovtashat AMXX0344
Hovtashen AMXX0213
Hovtun AMXX0841
Hrazdan AMXX0596
Hunut AMXX0988
Hushakert AMXX0345
Idzhevan AMXX0031
Ijevan AMXX1136
Illi AMXX0842
Ilmazlu AMXX0695
Imeni Kirova AMXX0214
Imeni Tairova AMXX0416
Inakdag AMXX0486
Injevar AMXX0989
Ipakly AMXX0215
Irganchay AMXX0032
Irind AMXX0100
Isahakyan AMXX0843
Isharandi AMXX1137
Itsakar AMXX1138
Jajurr AMXX0844
Jamshlu AMXX0101
Janfida AMXX0347
Jararat AMXX0845
Jermuk AMXX1223
Jibillu AMXX0990
Jil AMXX0488
Jiliza AMXX0696
Jraber AMXX0597
Jradzor AMXX0846
Jrahovit AMXX0216
Jrambar AMXX0102
Jrarrat AMXX0348
Jrarrat AMXX0848
Jrarrat AMXX0598
Jrashen AMXX0217
Jrvezh AMXX0417
Kabakhlu AMXX0604
Kabakhtapa AMXX0104
Kachachkut AMXX0698
Kadrlu AMXX0218
Kadzharan AMXX0033
Kaghnut AMXX0999
Kagrizner AMXX1225
Kakavadzor AMXX0605
Kakhakn AMXX0489
Kakhtsrashen AMXX0219
Kalasar AMXX1226
Kalavan AMXX0490
Kaler AMXX1000
Kamaris AMXX0606
Kamkhut AMXX0851
Kamo AMXX0852
Kamo AMXX0034
Kamyshlu AMXX0491
Kamyshlu AMXX0350
Kamzak AMXX0699
Kanakerr-Zeytun AMXX0607
Kapan AMXX1001
Kapanak AMXX0853
Kaps AMXX0854
Kaputan AMXX0608
Kapuyt AMXX1227
Karaberd AMXX0700
Karadzor AMXX0701
Karaiman AMXX0492
Karakala AMXX0351
Karakala AMXX0609
Karakala AMXX0702
Karakhach AMXX0221
Karakilisa AMXX0703
Karakishlag AMXX0352
Karakoyun AMXX0493
Karalar AMXX0222
Karanlukh AMXX0035
Karbi AMXX0106
Karchaghbyur AMXX0494
Karchevan AMXX1002
Kard AMXX1003
Karenis AMXX0610
Kargabazar AMXX0353
Karin AMXX0107
Karindzh AMXX0704
Karkhun AMXX0354
Karmir Aghek AMXX0705
Karmir Gyukh AMXX0495
Karmir-Kulali AMXX1139
Karmir-Ovit AMXX0611
Karmirgyugh AMXX0496
Karmirkharab AMXX0497
Karmrakar AMXX0855
Karmrashen AMXX0108
Karmrashen AMXX1228
Karmravan AMXX0856
Karrnut AMXX0857
Karvansara AMXX0109
Kasakh AMXX0110
Kavart AMXX1005
Kavchut AMXX1006
Kayalu AMXX1229
Kefli AMXX0858
Kelanlu AMXX0223
Kelanlu AMXX0355
Kentron AMXX0418
Kerin Ptghni AMXX0613
Kerpikend AMXX0224
Khalaj AMXX1007
Khanjyan AMXX0356
Kharatlu AMXX0226
Kharkov AMXX0859
Khnatsakh AMXX1009
Khndzoresk AMXX1010
Khndzorut AMXX1232
Khndzorut AMXX0709
Khnkoyan AMXX0710
Khordzor AMXX1011
Khosrov AMXX0227
Khot AMXX1012
Khoznavar AMXX1013
Kichik Vedi AMXX0228
Kirgi AMXX1142
Kirgilu AMXX1014
Kirov AMXX0712
Kirovakan AMXX0036
Kishlag AMXX1233
Kizil-Kulag AMXX1143
Kizilkharab AMXX0499
Kizilshafak AMXX0713
Kizkala AMXX0714
Kochki AMXX0715
Koghb AMXX1144
Koghes AMXX0716
Kond AMXX0419
Kondakhsaz AMXX0037
Korchlu AMXX0614
Korrnidzor AMXX1015
Kosh AMXX0112
Kozman AMXX1146
Krasar AMXX0860
Krashen AMXX0861
Krasnoselsk AMXX0038
Krivoy Most AMXX1147
Kruglaya Shishka AMXX0717
Kuchuma AMXX1016
Kuris AMXX1017
Kutakan AMXX0501
Kuybyshev AMXX0719
Kyalashbek AMXX0113
Kyarkibash AMXX0502
Kyasaman AMXX0503
Kyurakyan AMXX0358
Kyzylkend AMXX0862
Laligokh AMXX1148
Lalvar AMXX1149
Lanjaghbyur AMXX0505
Lanjarr AMXX0229
Lanjazat AMXX0230
Lanjik AMXX0863
Lchashen AMXX0507
Lehvaz AMXX1018
Lejan AMXX0720
Leninakan AMXX0039
Lenughi AMXX0359
Lermontovo AMXX0721
Lernamerts AMXX0114
Lernantsk AMXX0864
Lernapar AMXX0722
Lernarot AMXX0115
Lernavan AMXX0723
Lernut AMXX0865
Lerrnadzor AMXX1019
Lerrnagog AMXX0116
Lerrnakert AMXX0508
Lerrnakert AMXX0866
Lerrnanist AMXX0616
Lerrnapat AMXX0724
Lerrnhovit AMXX0725
Lichkadzor AMXX1150
Lor AMXX1021
Lorasar AMXX0867
Lori Berd AMXX0726
Lorut AMXX0727
Ltsen AMXX1022
Lukashin AMXX0420
Lukashin AMXX0360
Lusadzor AMXX1151
Lusaghbyur AMXX0728
Lusagyugh AMXX0361
Lusagyugh AMXX0117
Lusahovit AMXX1152
Lusakert AMXX0869
Lusakert AMXX0231
Lusakunq AMXX0510
Lusarrat AMXX0232
Lusashogh AMXX0233
Lusavan AMXX0040
Madina AMXX0511
Maflar AMXX1153
Makravan AMXX0617
Malatia-Sebastia AMXX0421
Malishka AMXX1234
Manvo AMXX0730
Maralik AMXX0041
Maralzami AMXX1023
Margahovit AMXX0731
Margara AMXX0362
Marmarashen AMXX0234
Marmarik AMXX0618
Marmashen AMXX0870
Martiros AMXX1235
Martuni AMXX0042
Mashtots AMXX0118
Masis AMXX0043
Mastara AMXX0119
Mayakovski AMXX0619
Mayisyan AMXX0871
Medovka AMXX0733
Meghradzor AMXX0044
Meghrashen AMXX0872
Meghri AMXX1024
Meghvahovit AMXX0734
Megrashat AMXX0873
Mekhmandar AMXX0363
Mertsavan AMXX0364
Mets Ayrum AMXX0735
Mets Gilanlar AMXX0235
Mets Mantash AMXX0045
Mets Masrik AMXX0514
Mets Parni AMXX0736
Mets Sariar AMXX0875
Mets Sepasar AMXX0876
Metsamor AMXX0121
Metsamor AMXX0365
Metsavan AMXX0737
Mgart AMXX0738
Mikhaylovka AMXX0739
Mirak AMXX0122
Mkhchyan AMXX0046
Mosesgegh AMXX1154
Mozrov AMXX1236
Mrganush AMXX0237
Mrgashat AMXX0366
Mrgashen AMXX0621
Mrgastan AMXX0367
Mrgavan AMXX0238
Mrgavet AMXX0239
Mugam AMXX0368
Mughni AMXX0123
Musalerr AMXX0369
Musallam AMXX1025
Musayelyan AMXX0877
Mushavan AMXX0422
Myasnikyan AMXX0370
Nagapetavan AMXX0878
Nalband AMXX0740
Nalbandyan AMXX0047
Narek AMXX0240
Navlar AMXX1237
Navur AMXX1155
Negots AMXX0741
Nerin-Chambarak AMXX0515
Nerkin Agdan AMXX1157
Nerkin Aluchalu AMXX0518
Nerkin Bazmaberd AMXX0127
Nerkin Dzhrapi AMXX0879
Nerkin Nedzhirlu AMXX0243
Nerkin Talin AMXX0128
Niavan AMXX0245
Nigavan AMXX0129
Nizami AMXX0246
Nor Amanos AMXX0130
Nor Arabkir AMXX0423
Nor Aresh AMXX0424
Nor Armavir AMXX0372
Nor Artanet AMXX0622
Nor Artik AMXX0880
Nor Aznaberd AMXX1238
Nor Bashgyukh AMXX0519
Nor Butaniya AMXX0425
Nor Geghi AMXX0623
Nor Gyugh AMXX0624
Nor Hachyn AMXX0625
Nor Kesaria AMXX0373
Nor Kharberd AMXX0247
Nor Kokhp AMXX0426
Nor Kyank AMXX0248
Nor Kyurin AMXX0249
Nor Marash AMXX0428
Nor Sasunik AMXX0131
Nor Yedesia AMXX0132
Nor Yerznka AMXX0133
Nor-Aparan AMXX0250
Nor-Kesariya AMXX0431
Norabak AMXX0520
Noraber AMXX0882
Noragyugh AMXX0432
Norakert AMXX0521
Norakert AMXX0374
Norakhpyur AMXX0883
Noramarg AMXX0253
Noramut AMXX0742
NoranorNork AMXX0433
Norashen AMXX1158
Norashen AMXX0254
Norashen AMXX0884
Norashen AMXX0743
Norashen AMXX0134
Norashen AMXX0522
Norashenik AMXX1032
Noratus AMXX0523
Noravan AMXX0375
Noravan AMXX1033
Novoye AMXX1034
Noyakert AMXX0255
Noyemberyan AMXX1159
Nshavan AMXX0256
Nubarashen AMXX0435
Nurrnus AMXX0626
Nyuvadi AMXX1035
Odzun AMXX0745
Ohanavan AMXX0135
Okhtar AMXX1036
Oktemberyan AMXX0048
Ollag AMXX0257
Opartsi AMXX0746
Orgov AMXX0136
Oshakan AMXX0138
Ovit AMXX0885
Ovnanadzor AMXX0747
Ovtashen AMXX0886
Ovuni AMXX0887
Paghakn AMXX0891
Pambak AMXX0749
Papanino AMXX1160
Pemzashen AMXX0892
Petrovka AMXX0750
Pirdaudan AMXX1039
Pkhrut AMXX1040
Pkhtavan AMXX1162
Pokr Ayrum AMXX0751
Pokr Mantash AMXX0893
Pokr Shagriar AMXX0377
Pokr Vedi AMXX0259
Pokrashen AMXX0894
Privolnoye AMXX0752
Prroshyan AMXX0140
Pshatavan AMXX0378
Ptghni AMXX0627
Pushkino AMXX0753
Ragimabad AMXX0261
Razdan AMXX0049
Rrind AMXX1240
Sabunchi AMXX0262
Sagmosavan AMXX0142
Salli AMXX1241
Salut AMXX0895
Salvard AMXX1041
Samaghar AMXX0381
Sanain AMXX0754
Sandzharavaz AMXX1042
Sangyar AMXX0143
Saragyugh AMXX0896
Sarakap AMXX0897
Saral AMXX0756
Saralandzh AMXX0144
Saralandzh AMXX0898
Saralanj AMXX0628
Saramech AMXX0757
Saranist AMXX0629
Sarapat AMXX0899
Saratak AMXX0900
Saratovka AMXX0758
Saravan AMXX1242
Sardzhalar AMXX0263
Sarigyugh AMXX1163
Sarnakhpyur AMXX0526
Sarrnaghbyur AMXX0901
Sarukhan AMXX0527
Semyonovka AMXX0528
Sers AMXX1243
Sevaberd AMXX0630
Sevan AMXX0050
Shaghat AMXX1045
Shaghik AMXX0902
Shahumyan AMXX0382
Shahumyan AMXX0437
Shahumyan AMXX0760
Shahumyan AMXX0266
Shamakhyan AMXX1165
Shamb AMXX1047
Shamiram AMXX0145
Shamlugh AMXX0761
Shamsuz AMXX1048
Shamut AMXX0762
Shatin AMXX1244
Shatjrek AMXX0529
Shatvan AMXX0530
Shaumyana AMXX0763
Shavarshavan AMXX1166
Shavarut AMXX0383
Shenavan AMXX0384
Shenavan AMXX0764
Shenavan AMXX0146
Shenkani AMXX0147
Shgarshik AMXX0148
Shgharshik AMXX1050
Shikahogh AMXX1051
Shikhlar AMXX0267
Shinuhayr AMXX1052
Shirak AMXX0903
Shirakamut AMXX0765
Shirakavan AMXX0904
Shishkaya AMXX0051
Shishkert AMXX1053
Shnogh AMXX0766
Shorlu AMXX0268
Shorzha AMXX0531
Shurakend AMXX0269
Shurrnukh AMXX1055
Shvanidzor AMXX1056
Silikyan AMXX0631
Sipan AMXX0767
Sis AMXX0270
Sisavan AMXX0271
Sisian AMXX0052
Sizavet AMXX0905
Siznak AMXX1057
Soflu AMXX1058
Solak AMXX0632
Sorik AMXX0149
Sotsgyukh AMXX0633
Sovetakan AMXX0386
Sovugbulakh AMXX0768
Spandaryan AMXX1059
Spandaryan AMXX0906
Spitak AMXX0769
Srashen AMXX1060
Sukhan AMXX1061
Surenavan AMXX0272
Suser AMXX0907
Sverdlov AMXX0771
Taknali AMXX0910
Tala AMXX1169
Talin AMXX0152
Talish AMXX0153
Tandzaver AMXX1067
Tandzut AMXX0390
Tandzut AMXX1170
Tapanli AMXX0772
Taronik AMXX0391
Tarp AMXX1245
Tarratumb AMXX1246
Tarsachay AMXX1171
Tashir AMXX0773
Tashtun AMXX1068
Tavshut AMXX0911
Taytan AMXX0274
Tazagyukh AMXX0275
Tegh AMXX1070
Tekher AMXX0154
Tekhut AMXX0774
Tlik AMXX0912
Tolors AMXX1071
Torfavan AMXX0535
Tsaghkaber AMXX0775
Tsaghkadzor AMXX0053
Tsaghkahovit AMXX0156
Tsaghkalanj AMXX0392
Tsaghkavan AMXX1172
Tsaghkut AMXX0914
Tsakhkasar AMXX0915
Tsakhkashat AMXX0776
Tsakhkashen AMXX0538
Tsakhkashen AMXX0276
Tsakhkashen AMXX0157
Tsamakaberd AMXX0540
Tsav AMXX1074
Tsghuk AMXX1075
Tsiatsan AMXX0394
Tsovagyugh AMXX0054
Tsovak AMXX0542
Tsovazard AMXX0543
Tsovinar AMXX0055
Tufashen AMXX0916
Turdzhan AMXX1173
Tuskyulu AMXX0544
Tyrchkhan AMXX0917
Ughedzor AMXX1247
Ujan AMXX0159
Urasar AMXX0778
Urrut AMXX0779
Urtsalanj AMXX0278
Ushi AMXX0160
Uyts AMXX1076
Uzhanis AMXX1077
Uzunla AMXX0057
Vaghashen AMXX0545
Vaghatin AMXX1078
Vaghatur AMXX1079
Vagramaberd AMXX0918
Vahagni AMXX0780
Vahan AMXX0546
Vahravar AMXX1080
Valodik AMXX0438
Vanadzor AMXX0781
Vanand AMXX0395
Vanashen AMXX0279
Vanevan AMXX0547
Vank AMXX1081
Varagavan AMXX1174
Vardablur AMXX0161
Vardablur AMXX0782
Vardadzor AMXX0548
Vardahovit AMXX1248
Vardakar AMXX0919
Vardakhpyur AMXX0920
Vardanashen AMXX0396
Vardanavan AMXX0635
Vardanidzor AMXX1082
Vardashat AMXX0280
Vardashen AMXX0281
Vardashen AMXX0439
Vardenik AMXX0549
Vardenis AMXX0162
Vardenis AMXX0550
Vardenut AMXX0163
Varser AMXX0551
Vazashen AMXX1175
Vedi AMXX0282
Verin Akhtala AMXX0783
Verin Artashat AMXX0283
Verin Bazmaberd AMXX0164
Verin Dvin AMXX0284
Verin Dzhrapi AMXX0921
Verin Dzhrashen AMXX0285
Verin Getashen AMXX0552
Verin Hand AMXX1085
Verin Jrashen AMXX0440
Verin Kelanlu AMXX0398
Verin Kerpilu AMXX1177
Verin Khatunarkh AMXX0399
Verin Khotanan AMXX1086
Verin Nedzhirlu AMXX0286
Verin Sasunashen AMXX0165
Verin Shorzha AMXX0553
Verin Talin AMXX0058
Verin Vachagan AMXX1087
Verin Zeyva AMXX0400
Verin-Chambarak AMXX0554
Verin-Kilisa AMXX0784
Verin-Kulibeklu AMXX0401
Verishen AMXX1088
Verkhniy Kalakut AMXX0166
Verkhniy Zagalu AMXX0556
Vernashen AMXX1250
Voghjaberd AMXX0636
Voghji AMXX0922
Vorotan AMXX1089
Voskehask AMXX0923
Voskehat AMXX0402
Voskehat AMXX0167
Voskepar AMXX1178
Vosketas AMXX0168
Voskevan AMXX1179
Voskevaz AMXX0169
Vostan AMXX0289
Yaghdan AMXX0785
Yanygh AMXX0558
Yanykhpaya AMXX1180
Yariuzlu AMXX0559
Yegheg AMXX1090
Yeghegis AMXX1251
Yeghegnadzor AMXX1252
Yeghegnavan AMXX0290
Yeghegnut AMXX0403
Yeghegnut AMXX0786
Yeghipatrush AMXX0170
Yeghnajur AMXX0924
Yeghvard AMXX1091
Yeghvard AMXX0059
Yekhnik AMXX0171
Yemazlu AMXX1092
Yengidzha AMXX0291
Yenikend AMXX0292
Yenokavan AMXX1181
Yeranos AMXX0060
Yeraskh AMXX0293
Yeraskhahun AMXX0404
Yerazgavors AMXX0925
Yeremes AMXX1093
Yerevan AMXX0003
Yerizak AMXX0926
Yervandashat AMXX0405
Zangakatun AMXX0294
Zarishat AMXX0927
Zarndzha AMXX0928
Zarr AMXX0637
Zedea AMXX1255
Zeyva AMXX0407
Zhdanov AMXX0408
Zhdanov AMXX0787
Zorak AMXX0295
Zorakert AMXX0929
Zoravan AMXX0638
Zovaber AMXX1094
Zovaber AMXX0561
Zovasar AMXX0930
Zovashen AMXX0296
Zovuni AMXX0641
Zovuni AMXX0173
Zuygaghbyur AMXX0931