Weather Codes for Algeria

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Algeria. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aaroun AGXX4520
Ababsa AGXX6000
Abadla AGXX1673
Abalessa AGXX0059
Abane Ramdane AGXX5211
Abankor AGXX0320
Abbachene AGXX1147
Abbaza AGXX2422
Abbech AGXX7744
Abd Allah Djemel AGXX1013
Abd el Djebar AGXX1719
Abd el Krim AGXX1585
Abd el Moumene AGXX7745
Abd Ou Ben Diane AGXX2423
Abdallah Ou Amar AGXX8074
Abdelaziz AGXX4522
Abdelmoumen AGXX8294
Abdi AGXX3435
Abed Lerrach AGXX0321
Abeid AGXX1148
Aber el Ma AGXX1440
Abid Chamlet AGXX7746
Abizar AGXX7747
Abla AGXX0488
Abou el Hassan AGXX2424
Aboucha AGXX8075
Aboud Ben Ayed AGXX0338
Achabou AGXX1441
Achachda AGXX8584
Achanekere AGXX6003
Achasta AGXX5213
Achelouf AGXX1149
Achem AGXX8076
Achira AGXX3561
Achouba AGXX7748
Adaidia AGXX6862
Adekar Kebouche AGXX1150
Adeni AGXX7749
Adeyane AGXX1151
Adjahil AGXX3530
Adjailia AGXX6004
Adjerar AGXX7403
Adjeroud AGXX7562
Adjoantali AGXX7404
Admer AGXX0339
Adouia AGXX8077
Adrar AGXX0034
Adrar AGXX7750
Adrar Farnou AGXX1152
Afarnou AGXX3562
Afedj AGXX8078
Affar AGXX0340
Affirou AGXX1153
Afir AGXX1974
Afir AGXX7751
Afir Imzourhene AGXX1975
Aflou AGXX3775
Afoud AGXX1720
Afra AGXX3707
Afras AGXX2186
Afsil AGXX1872
Aftis AGXX6920
Aftout AGXX0341
Agachene AGXX7752
Agbet ech Chair AGXX3329
Aghefsa AGXX7405
Aghlal AGXX1060
Agneb AGXX3776
Agouilal AGXX1721
Agouni Ouzemoun AGXX7753
Agouni-n-Tsalent AGXX7754
Agourbi AGXX1154
Agoussim AGXX7755
Agraredj AGXX7756
Aguedal AGXX1674
Aguedal AGXX7448
Aguemoun AGXX7757
Aguemoun AGXX1155
Aguemoun Izem AGXX7758
Aguemoun Taida AGXX1156
Aguemour AGXX7406
Aguillal AGXX7563
Ahach AGXX8295
Ahl Bel Hadri AGXX1061
Ahl el Agha AGXX4523
Ahl el Aid AGXX3906
Ahmed Bel Hadj AGXX5215
Ahmed Bel Hadj AGXX1014
Ahmed Belhadj AGXX0489
Ahmed Ben Aida AGXX5814
Ahmed Ben Tagar AGXX0490
Ahmed Rachedi AGXX3800
Ahnet AGXX7407
Ahourir AGXX1159
Ahrzerouftis AGXX1160
Ahsounal AGXX3907
Aichouch AGXX4994
Aidem AGXX3801
Aidriss AGXX1161
Aiech AGXX1976
Ain Achache AGXX0492
Ain Allem AGXX1062
Ain Baadj AGXX8296
Ain Beida AGXX0061
Ain Ben Khelil AGXX0062
Ain Benaamane AGXX1977
Ain Bessem AGXX0063
Ain Bou Zennzene AGXX1873
Ain Boucif AGXX0064
Ain Boudinar AGXX5216
Ain Bouras AGXX6005
Ain Bouyahia AGXX0493
Ain Bouzid AGXX2425
Ain Brahim AGXX5217
Ain Chaiba AGXX0494
Ain Defla AGXX0495
Ain Deheb AGXX0065
Ain Dhab AGXX4526
Ain Djasser AGXX5681
Ain ech Cheraya AGXX7203
Ain el Beida AGXX8300
Ain el Beidha AGXX8301
Ain el Bya AGXX5815
Ain el Fritissa AGXX8302
Ain el Hadid AGXX8303
Ain el Hadjar AGXX1724
Ain el Hajel AGXX0077
Ain el Hamra AGXX1980
Ain el Ibel AGXX0078
Ain el Khadra AGXX0079
Ain el Khadra AGXX3167
Ain el Ksar AGXX2190
Ain es Said AGXX8304
Ain es Serra AGXX7449
Ain Fakroun AGXX0066
Ain Fares AGXX3908
Ain Feka AGXX3166
Ain Ferrah AGXX3909
Ain Fouchi AGXX1874
Ain Hadjaj AGXX0322
Ain Kebir AGXX3330
Ain Kechera AGXX7201
Ain Kercha AGXX5682
Ain Kerma AGXX5683
Ain Kerma AGXX8298
Ain Kerma AGXX3093
Ain Kermes AGXX0067
Ain Khermane AGXX0068
Ain Khiar AGXX3331
Ain Laloui AGXX1722
Ain Lechiakh AGXX0497
Ain Mahdi AGXX0069
Ain Mansour AGXX3910
Ain Mansour AGXX1978
Ain Melah AGXX0070
Ain Nouissy AGXX5218
Ain Oulmene AGXX6921
Ain Oussera AGXX0071
Ain Rahma AGXX6006
Ain Rich AGXX0072
Ain Roubai AGXX1979
Ain Saffah AGXX8299
Ain Sefra AGXX0073
Ain Sidi Chelif AGXX5219
Ain Sidi Harrat AGXX6007
Ain Smara AGXX3094
Ain Soltane AGXX0498
Ain Soltane AGXX2426
Ain Taiba AGXX4528
Ain Tamezouine AGXX2187
Ain Tasta AGXX1723
Ain Taya AGXX0074
Ain Tedeles AGXX5220
Ain Temouchent AGXX0075
Ain Tinn AGXX3802
Ain Touta AGXX2188
Ain Yagout AGXX2189
Ain Youcef AGXX7564
Ain Zaouia AGXX7759
Ain Zeroula AGXX7202
Aine Abid AGXX0080
Aine el Guettar AGXX6008
Aine Seinour AGXX0082
Aine Tagrout AGXX0083
Aioun Aicha AGXX4995
Aioun Allah AGXX4996
Ait Abbas AGXX7760
Ait Abdallah AGXX1162
Ait Abid AGXX7761
Ait Adja AGXX7762
Ait Ahlal AGXX7763
Ait Ahmed AGXX1981
Ait Ahmed AGXX7764
Ait Aicha AGXX7765
Ait Aissi AGXX7767
Ait Aissi AGXX1163
Ait Ali AGXX1982
Ait Aouana AGXX7771
Ait Ariba AGXX1164
Ait Atelli AGXX7772
Ait Aziz AGXX7773
Ait Berdjal AGXX7774
Ait Bou Madhi AGXX7776
Ait Bou Slimane AGXX7777
Ait Bou Yahia AGXX7778
Ait Bou Ziit AGXX1165
Ait Braham AGXX7779
Ait Chafa AGXX7780
Ait de Khedara AGXX6724
Ait Djemaa AGXX7781
Ait el Hadj AGXX1984
Ait el Mannsour AGXX7817
Ait Fdila AGXX1725
Ait Frah AGXX7782
Ait Ghanem AGXX1166
Ait Hag AGXX7783
Ait Halli AGXX7784
Ait Hamsi AGXX7785
Ait Hassem AGXX7786
Ait Hessane AGXX7787
Ait Hichem AGXX7788
Ait Idir AGXX7789
Ait Ikhlef AGXX1167
Ait Ikhlef AGXX4997
Ait Illoul AGXX7790
Ait Khalfa AGXX7791
Ait Kheir AGXX7792
Ait Larba AGXX7793
Ait Lerzel AGXX7794
Ait Maamar AGXX1168
Ait Mahiou AGXX7795
Ait Malek AGXX7796
Ait Mannsour AGXX7797
Ait Mellal AGXX7798
Ait Menndil AGXX1169
Ait Meraou AGXX7799
Ait Mimoun AGXX7800
Ait Mislain AGXX7801
Ait Ou Yaya AGXX1170
Ait Ouanech AGXX7802
Ait Ouhalane AGXX7803
Ait Raouna AGXX7804
Ait Saada AGXX1171
Ait Saada AGXX7805
Ait Said AGXX7806
Ait Said AGXX1172
Ait Sellam AGXX7808
Ait Slimane AGXX1983
Ait Smail AGXX1173
Ait Temouchene AGXX7810
Ait Yaich AGXX7812
Ait Zaim AGXX7813
Ait Zellal AGXX7814
Ait Ziri AGXX7815
Akabiou AGXX1174
Akabli AGXX0342
Akaoudj AGXX7818
Akba Safra AGXX4999
Akbou AGXX0084
Akbouch AGXX1175
Akbour AGXX0343
Akerma AGXX6009
Akerroui AGXX7819
Akfadou AGXX7820
Akourma AGXX1176
Al Aricha AGXX7565
Alailia AGXX6010
Albani AGXX0344
Aleb el Brek AGXX2191
Aleksod AGXX7408
Alexandre Dumas AGXX6784
Alfaville AGXX0085
Alger Plage AGXX0968
Algiers AGXX0001
Ali Bou Ameur AGXX3912
Ali Ou Mohammed AGXX1177
Aliouene AGXX1178
Allarhane AGXX1726
Allessa AGXX1727
Allou AGXX3913
Allouchia AGXX0346
Alma Ou Hammane AGXX1986
Amadene Foukam AGXX1179
Amagaz AGXX1180
Amalou AGXX1181
Amamia AGXX5221
Amamra AGXX8585
Amamra AGXX0499
Amarnia AGXX0500
Amazoul AGXX7821
Amentane AGXX1875
Ameraoua AGXX2427
Amerzoug AGXX1182
Amguid AGXX0323
Amiche AGXX3266
Amizour AGXX1183
Amkarta AGXX3563
Amkrouz AGXX7822
Ammes AGXX1675
Ammi-Moussa AGXX0088
Ammour Achasta AGXX5222
Amoucha AGXX6922
Amoudd AGXX2428
Amoura AGXX3168
Amoura AGXX0501
Amoura Centre AGXX0502
Ampere AGXX0089
Amsel AGXX0002
Amsinassene AGXX7409
Amsioun AGXX1184
Amsthas AGXX1987
Amzaika AGXX2429
Amzeourou AGXX7823
Anakhla AGXX3914
Anceur el Bia AGXX2430
Andrieche AGXX1185
Angle de vue AGXX1063
Anguellou AGXX0347
Annaba AGXX0012
Annoual AGXX6923
Annseur el Abiod AGXX8586
Annza Absa AGXX8080
Anzeglouf AGXX0348
Aokas AGXX1186
Aomar AGXX1728
Aouadja AGXX0503
Aouadja AGXX3915
Aouaouda AGXX6011
Aoubellil AGXX1064
Aoud Izzane AGXX0504
Aouf AGXX3916
Aougrout AGXX0349
Aouicha AGXX1988
Aouinet el Mora AGXX7462
Aouinia AGXX2431
Aoulad Badis AGXX6924
Aoulef AGXX0350
Aoungal AGXX1586
Aourai AGXX0505
Aourir AGXX7824
Aourir Akbour AGXX0351
Aourir Ouelmi AGXX1442
Arago AGXX3564
Araifia AGXX3917
Arak AGXX0324
Aranim AGXX7204
Aras AGXX3531
Arassa AGXX1187
Arba AGXX2192
Arba Foukani AGXX3241
Arbacha AGXX3708
Arbala AGXX1188
Arbaouat AGXX3242
Arbaoun AGXX6925
Arbatache AGXX1989
Arbia AGXX2193
Arbos Ville AGXX5816
Ardet Ben Daoud AGXX5657
Ardh Bou Khelifa AGXX6012
Ardh es Semmar AGXX6013
Ardikh AGXX3565
Arechchoum AGXX7410
Areg Gamra AGXX5946
Arezzou AGXX3566
Argaguide AGXX0507
Argoub Aissa AGXX6014
Argoub el Hargua AGXX3918
Argoub es Slak AGXX3919
Arhbal AGXX7205
Arhil AGXX0352
Arhlad AGXX0353
Arhribs AGXX7825
Ariane er Ras AGXX0354
Arib AGXX0508
Armandville AGXX5817
Arouled AGXX7826
Arris AGXX2194
Arzew AGXX0092
Asfour AGXX3332
Asga AGXX1443
Asla AGXX5659
Aslellef AGXX3709
Asloun AGXX1189
Assakao AGXX3532
Assakif AGXX3920
Asselbou AGXX3567
Assi Ameur AGXX5818
Assi Bou Nif AGXX5819
Assi-Ben Okba AGXX5820
Assiak Bou Adda AGXX7827
Assila AGXX4529
Assouaf AGXX1990
Assoumat AGXX1190
At el Kef AGXX2433
Atalla AGXX1191
Ataylia AGXX0509
Athmania AGXX2434
Atrouch AGXX7828
Attatba AGXX8081
Attouch AGXX1991
Ayallalaoun AGXX2195
Ayata AGXX5947
Ayouch AGXX0510
Azaina AGXX7566
Azakour AGXX7206
Azaoua AGXX0325
Azati AGXX4530
Azayza AGXX3921
Azazga AGXX0093
Azeba AGXX3803
Azeffoun AGXX7829
Azekkour AGXX0355
Azelouaz AGXX3533
Azerou AGXX1992
Azerou AGXX4531
Azerou Bahar AGXX1993
Azerou Kellat AGXX7830
Azib AGXX6926
Azib Aboudaou AGXX1192
Azib Bou Yadif AGXX1994
Azib Cheikh AGXX7831
Azib el Kouafa AGXX1995
Azib Takhlicht AGXX1193
Azimat Mahiedine AGXX3922
Aziza AGXX4532
Azloua AGXX6015
Azoua AGXX0094
Azouia AGXX2435
Azouna AGXX8082
Azouza AGXX7832
Azrou AGXX7833
Azrou Bou Ammar AGXX1194
Azzaba AGXX7207
Ba Messaoud AGXX0356
Baatioh AGXX6016
Bab el Assa AGXX7567
Bab el Oued AGXX0970
Bab Ezzouar AGXX0969
Baba Ali AGXX8083
Baba Ali AGXX1996
Baba Ali AGXX3804
Baba Hassen AGXX8084
Babar AGXX3710
Babsouna AGXX2436
Bachtarzi AGXX3095
Bades AGXX1876
Badjerou AGXX6928
Badriane AGXX0357
Baghadid AGXX6017
Baghai AGXX3711
Baghdoura AGXX2437
Baghlia AGXX1997
Bahata AGXX4533
Bahla AGXX8085
Bahlalla AGXX7568
Bahmer AGXX0358
Bahra AGXX8305
Baiguia AGXX6018
Bainem Falaise AGXX8086
Bains Romains AGXX8087
Baiz AGXX6019
Bakaratte AGXX6020
Bakhalla AGXX0359
Bakla AGXX0512
Balaroui AGXX6021
Balbal AGXX0513
Balloul AGXX6863
Baltache AGXX5223
Baniane AGXX2196
Baniou AGXX5000
Baraki AGXX8088
Barbacha AGXX1195
Barbouche AGXX0514
Bardi Boudjemaa AGXX7208
Barekache AGXX3712
Barghout AGXX8089
Barhla AGXX2197
Barika AGXX0095
Barral AGXX3333
Base Sonarem AGXX7411
Batna AGXX0017
Batti AGXX4534
Baufarik AGXX0098
Bayard AGXX7209
Bayou AGXX1196
Bazer Sakra AGXX6929
Bazid AGXX6022
Baziz Haouari AGXX0515
Bazouka AGXX0516
Bazria AGXX0517
Bdaidia AGXX4535
Bdeaoua AGXX6023
Bdidi AGXX4536
Beaulieu AGXX0971
Beaupretre AGXX1729
Beausejour AGXX1015
Bechar AGXX0028
Bechar-Djedid AGXX1676
Bechilga AGXX5001
Bechir AGXX1677
Bechloul AGXX1730
Bedrabine AGXX6787
Behima AGXX3267
Beida Bordj AGXX6930
Beit Aissia AGXX4537
Bejaia AGXX0003
Bekairia AGXX8587
Bekhata AGXX8306
Bekkaria AGXX7463
Bel Aiba AGXX5002
Bel Arba AGXX1731
Bel Aroug AGXX5003
Bel Ayel AGXX1198
Bel Bachir AGXX3520
Bel Hacel AGXX6024
Bel Hadri AGXX1065
Bel Haouari AGXX8307
Bel Imour AGXX1444
Bel Kreit AGXX1587
Bel Laghouati AGXX5224
Bel Lezhar AGXX8090
Bel Resli AGXX7834
Belaaifa AGXX2438
Belahcene AGXX8091
Belarbi AGXX6788
Belcourt AGXX0972
Belghraieb AGXX5225
Belhiout AGXX2198
Belkassem AGXX7211
Belkheir AGXX3436
Bellaa AGXX6931
Bellevue AGXX3096
Bellevue AGXX8092
Bellia AGXX4538
Ben Abid AGXX1998
Ben Amara AGXX0518
Ben Amara AGXX1999
Ben Amara AGXX8308
Ben Amoun AGXX0519
Ben Atala AGXX0520
Ben Attali AGXX4539
Ben Badis AGXX0101
Ben Chabane AGXX8094
Ben Chenine AGXX3923
Ben Chicao AGXX4540
Ben Daoud AGXX6028
Ben Draou AGXX0360
Ben el Djir AGXX5007
Ben Griba AGXX3098
Ben Guemmez AGXX6932
Ben Guermout AGXX5821
Ben Halima AGXX2439
Ben Hammam AGXX2440
Ben Hammouda AGXX2000
Ben Hamza AGXX2001
Ben Haroun AGXX1732
Ben Hebal AGXX2199
Ben Henni AGXX0102
Ben Houria AGXX2441
Ben Kadach Salah AGXX2200
Ben Ksir AGXX2002
Ben Mannsour AGXX1199
Ben Mehidi AGXX3334
Ben Mered AGXX0973
Ben Moktar AGXX7212
Ben Nafla AGXX6029
Ben Nasseur AGXX5948
Ben Nessah AGXX8095
Ben Nirane AGXX8309
Ben Ouadaa AGXX3437
Ben Ouis Rabah AGXX6030
Ben Saad AGXX0521
Ben Said AGXX2442
Ben Salah AGXX8096
Ben Salah AGXX3924
Ben Saoucha AGXX5006
Ben Smih AGXX3438
Ben Talah AGXX0361
Ben Tazerit AGXX2004
Ben Thious AGXX1877
Ben Turkia AGXX2005
Ben Yakoub AGXX3169
Ben Zahni AGXX7569
Ben Zeghaimi AGXX4541
Ben Zemlane AGXX4542
Ben Zerga AGXX0974
Ben Zireg AGXX1678
Benairia AGXX2443
Benatia AGXX3925
Bendida AGXX6789
Benfreha AGXX5822
Benhammouch AGXX2006
Beni Abbes AGXX0038
Beni Abdallah AGXX1200
Beni Abdi AGXX8097
Beni Aissi AGXX0362
Beni Akil AGXX2444
Beni Amar AGXX2445
Beni Amrane AGXX2007
Beni Attah AGXX3926
Beni Bahdel AGXX7570
Beni Bechir AGXX7213
Beni Belaaz AGXX4543
Beni Berri AGXX2446
Beni Berri AGXX0522
Beni Bezzez AGXX1201
Beni Bou Aich AGXX8098
Beni Bou Atmane AGXX8099
Beni Bou Bekh AGXX4544
Beni Bou Chichem AGXX2447
Beni Bou Hanou AGXX8100
Beni Bou Setour AGXX2448
Beni Bouateb AGXX2449
Beni Bouhelf AGXX8101
Beni Brahim AGXX3439
Beni Chougrane AGXX3927
Beni Dergoun AGXX6031
Beni Douala AGXX7835
Beni el Mai AGXX6934
Beni Embarek AGXX1203
Beni Enntas AGXX2008
Beni Ferah AGXX1878
Beni Fouda AGXX6933
Beni Fouda AGXX2009
Beni Guecha AGXX3805
Beni Guenndourz AGXX1204
Beni Hachem AGXX6032
Beni Hafod AGXX1445
Beni Hammou AGXX7571
Beni Hamou AGXX2010
Beni Haoua AGXX2450
Beni Ikhlef AGXX1679
Beni Ikhlef AGXX1733
Beni Isguen AGXX3521
Beni Isouid AGXX5949
Beni Kati AGXX1205
Beni Khalifa AGXX4545
Beni Khannous AGXX2451
Beni Kheddi AGXX4546
Beni Kina AGXX1588
Beni Lalem AGXX1446
Beni Mafer AGXX1016
Beni Mahmoud AGXX7836
Beni Maloum AGXX4547
Beni Matas AGXX1734
Beni Mdas AGXX7214
Beni Mehlal AGXX0363
Beni Melek AGXX7215
Beni Melloul AGXX0523
Beni Melouk AGXX0364
Beni Merahba AGXX0524
Beni Meraz AGXX3568
Beni Mered AGXX1589
Beni Mester AGXX7572
Beni Mhoussen AGXX8102
Beni Mileuk AGXX2452
Beni Moussi AGXX2453
Beni Nasseur AGXX0525
Beni Ouaggag AGXX1735
Beni Ouendjel AGXX8310
Beni Ouidene AGXX1206
Beni Ounif AGXX1680
Beni Rached AGXX2454
Beni Rhanane AGXX1066
Beni Rhazi AGXX8103
Beni Saad AGXX2455
Beni Said AGXX7216
Beni Sellam AGXX7838
Beni Slimane AGXX1590
Beni Slimane AGXX4548
Beni Souk AGXX1879
Beni Soula AGXX7839
Beni Tamer AGXX0365
Beni Tamou AGXX1591
Beni Thour AGXX5950
Beni Tokai AGXX8104
Beni Yahi AGXX6033
Beni Yahi AGXX5226
Beni Yakoub AGXX7574
Beni Zhana AGXX1067
Beni Znassene AGXX7575
Beni-Saf AGXX0104
Beniane AGXX3928
Benihi AGXX5227
Benina AGXX1447
Bennabri AGXX2011
Benndou AGXX8105
Benouali AGXX2012
Bensekrane AGXX7576
Bent Doudi AGXX6034
Bentrad AGXX4549
Benzouh AGXX5008
Berafai AGXX2013
Berard AGXX8106
Berbessa AGXX8107
Berdoun AGXX1207
Berhaoun AGXX7577
Berhoum AGXX5009
Berkais AGXX7840
Berkoussa AGXX7578
Bermafou AGXX1208
Berrahal AGXX1017
Berriane AGXX0105
Berriche AGXX5685
Berrouaghia AGXX0106
Besbes AGXX3335
Betam AGXX4550
Betioua AGXX6035
Betteka AGXX5951
Bettioua AGXX5823
Beymouth AGXX5229
Bezair AGXX2456
Bezit AGXX1209
Bezzah AGXX3929
Bezzit AGXX1736
Bichara AGXX5010
Bicher AGXX1210
Bida AGXX3569
Bigou AGXX1880
Bihtita AGXX2457
Bilouma AGXX5230
Bir Aissa AGXX1448
Bir Ayad AGXX4551
Bir Ben Laabed AGXX4552
Bir Besbes AGXX1881
Bir Braich AGXX6935
Bir Chaham AGXX1449
Bir Cheham AGXX5686
Bir Chouhada AGXX5687
Bir Draaes Souk AGXX5688
Bir el Arbi AGXX5017
Bir el Arche AGXX6939
Bir el Ater AGXX0107
Bir el Djir AGXX5824
Bir el Hamia AGXX5018
Bir el Keraa AGXX5019
Bir el Khoubbana AGXX5020
Bir er Raiane AGXX5689
Bir ez Zrof AGXX2202
Bir Fodda AGXX5011
Bir Ghbalou AGXX4553
Bir Ghellalia AGXX5012
Bir Haddada AGXX6936
Bir Hamoudi AGXX1450
Bir Hanate AGXX5013
Bir Heni AGXX5014
Bir Kasdali AGXX1451
Bir Khenafis AGXX7464
Bir Louksia AGXX6937
Bir Messaoud AGXX3170
Bir Mourad Rais AGXX8108
Bir Nhass AGXX0526
Bir Ould Khelifa AGXX0527
Bir Ouled Aicha AGXX4554
Bir Rakkad AGXX7217
Bir Roubei AGXX5015
Bir Safsaf AGXX2458
Bir Salem AGXX7465
Bir Sidi el Hadi AGXX2201
Bir Souid AGXX5016
Bir Tachema AGXX6938
Bir Zaatra AGXX2014
Bir Zlas AGXX7466
Birine AGXX3171
Birkhadem AGXX0975
Birtouta AGXX8109
Biskra AGXX0022
Bissy AGXX7218
Bit el Kheir AGXX4555
Bit Esselah AGXX0528
Bitam AGXX2203
Bitaoua AGXX2204
Bizarga AGXX7841
Blalouz AGXX3930
Bled Belhacine AGXX8311
Bled Ben Djedid AGXX5660
Bled Ben Tata AGXX8312
Bled Besbessa AGXX8313
Bled Bou Aricha AGXX8314
Bled Bou Houkkal AGXX8315
Bled Boukraa AGXX6036
Bled Dharsa AGXX8316
Bled ed Dir AGXX3243
Bled el Ardja AGXX8328
Bled el Ardja AGXX5231
Bled el Berdaa AGXX5662
Bled el Fernane AGXX8329
Bled el Gantra AGXX3339
Bled el Hachia AGXX8330
Bled el Hadhri AGXX8331
Bled el Hamadia AGXX4558
Bled el Hariga AGXX8334
Bled el Harigua AGXX4559
Bled el Hassi AGXX6038
Bled el Hofra AGXX4560
Bled el Houareth AGXX8335
Bled el Krelidja AGXX3340
Bled el Madher AGXX2205
Bled el Megaguir AGXX8336
Bled el Meniri AGXX5690
Bled en Nedjma AGXX6039
Bled en Neiba AGXX8337
Bled Erray AGXX8317
Bled es Sahel AGXX8110
Bled es Seba AGXX3341
Bled es Seba AGXX6040
Bled et Tat AGXX8338
Bled Hamra AGXX4556
Bled Khozzana AGXX8319
Bled Mititidja AGXX8321
Bled Mousselmine AGXX3336
Bled Nebka AGXX7469
Bled Nemlia AGXX3337
Bled Ouazane AGXX6037
Bled Rhaffar AGXX3440
Bled Seheb Sedra AGXX5661
Bled Sersou AGXX8323
Bled Sidi Zoubir AGXX8324
Bled Snachar AGXX3338
Bled Tarf AGXX8325
Bled Tazribet AGXX8326
Bled Tiazamine AGXX8327
Bled Youssef AGXX3807
Blida AGXX1592
Blidet Amor AGXX5952
Blondel AGXX1452
Bloumet AGXX7412
Boghar AGXX4561
Boghni AGXX7842
Bois Sacre AGXX8111
Bokat AGXX2462
Bokat Habazane AGXX2463
Bologhine AGXX8112
Bondjih AGXX6940
Bordi el Mathen AGXX2464
Bordj AGXX3172
Bordj Amar AGXX5232
Bordj Bou Akkaz AGXX3809
Bordj Bou Harket AGXX8339
Bordj Bou Rerhda AGXX6942
Bordj Bou Rougaa AGXX3441
Bordj Bounaama AGXX8588
Bordj Caid Tahar AGXX7219
Bordj Chandez AGXX5953
Bordj de Chegga AGXX0111
Bordj du Caid AGXX7470
Bordj du Caid AGXX7220
Bordj du Caid AGXX6944
Bordj du Caid AGXX3173
Bordj du Caid AGXX1456
Bordj du Caid AGXX5691
Bordj du Cheikh AGXX6727
Bordj du Keskes AGXX6945
Bordj el Bahri AGXX0976
Bordj el Caid AGXX5024
Bordj el Hadjer AGXX3174
Bordj el Kiffan AGXX0977
Bordj Ghdir AGXX1454
Bordj Hamaoui AGXX3342
Bordj Karaia AGXX3811
Bordj Kerma AGXX1018
Bordj Khemkam AGXX4562
Bordj Lutaud AGXX5954
Bordj Malek AGXX8113
Bordj Mehiris AGXX3100
Bordj Menaiel AGXX2015
Bordj Mezarzou AGXX5022
Bordj Mokhtar AGXX0366
Bordj Okhriss AGXX1737
Bordj Omar Driss AGXX3534
Bordj Oultem AGXX5023
Bordj Tiaoumine AGXX3813
Bordj Zemoura AGXX1455
Bordjia AGXX5233
Borj Bounaama AGXX0112
Borj el Abeidi AGXX0113
Borj el Kradra AGXX8340
Borj Scander AGXX1020
Bou Abed AGXX1211
Bou Adda AGXX7843
Bou Adenane AGXX7844
Bou Adjem AGXX3571
Bou Agba AGXX2466
Bou Ahmar AGXX2206
Bou Aich AGXX1212
Bou Aker AGXX6041
Bou Alam AGXX0114
Bou Alem AGXX0530
Bou Ali AGXX0367
Bou Alkma AGXX7224
Bou Allah AGXX7845
Bou Allouch AGXX0531
Bou Alloufa AGXX6042
Bou Amara AGXX3572
Bou Amoud AGXX5025
Bou Aoun AGXX7846
Bou Arara AGXX8114
Bou Ardha AGXX0532
Bou Arfa AGXX1593
Bou Aroua AGXX8115
Bou Asli AGXX0533
Bou Assem AGXX7847
Bou Aziz AGXX7225
Bou Aziza AGXX8116
Bou Ballouta AGXX7226
Bou Barnas AGXX3931
Bou Beiada AGXX3268
Bou Beker AGXX1213
Bou Berka AGXX1214
Bou Caid AGXX8590
Bou Charef AGXX3573
Bou Chenafa AGXX8341
Bou Daoud AGXX1215
Bou Djama AGXX7227
Bou Djelil AGXX7848
Bou Djellil AGXX1738
Bou Douanou AGXX2467
Bou el Djerad AGXX7231
Bou Fatis AGXX0534
Bou Ferdjoun AGXX5026
Bou Fourh AGXX3814
Bou Gdourene AGXX4563
Bou Goufa AGXX3269
Bou Guema AGXX0368
Bou Guetaia AGXX6043
Bou Guetta AGXX2468
Bou Hadid AGXX1681
Bou Hadjar AGXX3343
Bou Haiti AGXX1739
Bou Hals AGXX1682
Bou Hamadou AGXX5027
Bou Hamdoune AGXX3574
Bou Hamza AGXX1216
Bou Haroun AGXX8117
Bou Hassem AGXX7849
Bou Hatem AGXX1217
Bou Henni AGXX3933
Bou Henni AGXX2469
Bou Hiffene AGXX7850
Bou Hinoun AGXX7851
Bou Ilef AGXX2207
Bou Ismael AGXX2016
Bou Ismail AGXX8118
Bou Kaba AGXX3344
Bou Kais AGXX1683
Bou Karrouba AGXX7852
Bou Keddad AGXX2208
Bou Khadra AGXX7472
Bou Khalfa AGXX7853
Bou Khemlalou AGXX0535
Bou Khenayes AGXX7580
Bou Kherrouba AGXX8119
Bou Kremissa AGXX5028
Bou Lateb AGXX7228
Bou Lazzane AGXX2470
Bou Lerbag AGXX4564
Bou Loual AGXX8342
Bou Maaza AGXX6044
Bou Maazoula AGXX6045
Bou Madi AGXX2017
Bou Mahla AGXX2018
Bou Malek AGXX3815
Bou Medfaa AGXX0536
Bou Megrane AGXX4565
Bou Mellal AGXX0115
Bou Mellal AGXX7854
Bou Menngouch AGXX8591
Bou Mezouad AGXX2471
Bou Mouader AGXX8343
Bou Moumene AGXX2472
Bou Moussa AGXX1218
Bou Mraou AGXX1219
Bou Msedene AGXX1220
Bou Naamane AGXX7855
Bou Naim AGXX1221
Bou Noua AGXX2019
Bou Nouala AGXX6046
Bou Nouara AGXX3101
Bou Nouh AGXX7856
Bou Noura AGXX3522
Bou Rallel AGXX6946
Bou Rdim AGXX6947
Bou Rebza AGXX5029
Bou Regaa AGXX4566
Bou Rerda AGXX1222
Bou Rhais AGXX2209
Bou Roumi AGXX8120
Bou Saa AGXX7229
Bou Saada AGXX7857
Bou Sahel AGXX7858
Bou Sedda AGXX2210
Bou Selloutene AGXX6948
Bou Semlel AGXX3575
Bou Serfas AGXX3576
Bou Serhane AGXX2473
Bou Setta AGXX1740
Bou Setta AGXX2211
Bou Sfer AGXX5825
Bou Sfer Plage AGXX5826
Bou Skeier AGXX1594
Bou Souar AGXX7859
Bou Tadjine AGXX8592
Bou Tafaha AGXX5234
Bou Tagga AGXX8344
Bou Tala AGXX1223
Bou Taleb AGXX6949
Bou Tlelis AGXX5827
Bou Touil AGXX1457
Bou Trekfine AGXX3777
Bou Trerou AGXX7230
Bou Yaghad AGXX2474
Bou Yahia AGXX8121
Bou Yakadane AGXX3713
Bou Yala AGXX7860
Bou Yanouh AGXX2475
Bou Yaya AGXX0369
Bou Zaabel AGXX1595
Bou Zabene AGXX3714
Bou Zadjar AGXX1068
Bou Zahr AGXX0537
Bou Zaki AGXX3577
Bou Zazene AGXX2020
Bou Zegdad AGXX0370
Bou Zegza AGXX2021
Bou Zekhi AGXX2476
Bou Zekout AGXX1224
Bou Ziane AGXX4567
Bou Zorane AGXX2212
Bou-Kfoub AGXX0117
Bou-Saada AGXX0021
Bouachoan AGXX0538
Bouafia Hossine AGXX3443
Bouaiche AGXX4568
Boualem AGXX3244
Bouali AGXX2477
Bouati Mahmoud AGXX3444
Bouazine AGXX0539
Bouazria AGXX0540
Boubka AGXX2478
Bouchagroun AGXX1882
Bouchakfa AGXX1225
Bouchegouf AGXX3445
Bouchegout AGXX3446
Bouchikha AGXX2479
Bouchitane AGXX2480
Bouchkour AGXX6047
Boudaroua AGXX3447
Boudella AGXX3715
Boudhouba AGXX2481
Boudjahmouma AGXX6864
Boudjebaa AGXX3934
Boudjellil AGXX1741
Boudjima AGXX7861
Boudlele AGXX3935
Boudouaou AGXX2022
Boudoukha AGXX3578
Boufarik AGXX1596
Boufatis AGXX5828
Bouffaddi AGXX0119
Boufir AGXX2482
Bougaa AGXX6950
Bougara AGXX1597
Bougtob AGXX3245
Bouguirat AGXX5235
Bougzoul AGXX0120
Bouhadi AGXX3936
Bouhadjar AGXX4569
Bouhalbas AGXX7233
Bouhallou AGXX2483
Bouhassoune AGXX3937
Bouhdjer AGXX2484
Bouhlou AGXX8122
Bouhmama AGXX3716
Bouhnana AGXX2485
Bouhniene AGXX2486
Bouhriz AGXX8123
Bouibaouene AGXX8124
Bouinan AGXX1598
Bouira AGXX1742
Bouira AGXX6951
Bouira el Adebad AGXX3175
Bouira Sahary AGXX0121
Bouisseville AGXX5829
Boukaat Assasla AGXX2487
Boukaat Bachir AGXX2488
Boukaat Bahloul AGXX2489
Boukaat Bazria AGXX2490
Boukaat Bsakra AGXX2493
Boukaat Douadich AGXX2495
Boukaat Draa AGXX2496
Boukaat el Abaib AGXX2519
Boukaat el Azza AGXX2523
Boukaat el Homr AGXX2529
Boukaat es Saou AGXX2535
Boukaat es Sbih AGXX2536
Boukaat Guefaf AGXX2498
Boukaat Hrachich AGXX2499
Boukaat Khoddam AGXX2500
Boukaat Laida AGXX2501
Boukaat Magoura AGXX2502
Boukaat Mssasra AGXX2503
Boukaat Ouadah AGXX2504
Boukaat Rouafaa AGXX2515
Boukaat Soufak AGXX2516
Boukaat Thmara AGXX2517
Boukaat Ziadnia AGXX2518
Boukabene AGXX2538
Boukadir AGXX2539
Boukamouza AGXX3448
Boukara Ali AGXX3102
Boukerouas AGXX6048
Bouketcha AGXX0541
Boukhalad AGXX3938
Boukhalfa AGXX3939
Boukhanefis AGXX6790
Boukhelfoune AGXX2540
Boukhidja AGXX8125
Boukhralfa AGXX1226
Bouktene AGXX1227
Bouktone AGXX1228
Boulafrad AGXX2541
Boulehilet AGXX2213
Boumahra Ahmed AGXX3449
Boumaza AGXX5692
Boumazouz AGXX2542
Boumenzou AGXX8127
Boumerdas AGXX2024
Boumlih AGXX2025
Bounda el Kebira AGXX1230
Bounda Serhira AGXX1229
Bounoghra AGXX7234
Bounoual AGXX8345
Bour el Aicha AGXX5955
Bourhzel AGXX6952
Bouriache AGXX2543
Bouridene AGXX1231
Bourkika AGXX8128
Bourlier AGXX8346
Bourouhou AGXX3103
Bourzeg AGXX1232
Bourzizene AGXX0542
Bousguen AGXX7862
Bouskene AGXX4570
Boussalah AGXX2544
Boussemghoun AGXX0116
Boussena AGXX4571
Boustila AGXX5030
Boutaiba AGXX2545
Bouteldja AGXX3346
Boutin AGXX6791
Boutouab AGXX1233
Boutouchent AGXX2546
Bouyala AGXX2547
Bouyamene AGXX2548
Bouzaguene AGXX3579
Bouzane AGXX0373
Bouzarea AGXX8129
Bouzefour AGXX2549
Bouzeghaia AGXX2550
Bouzelaza AGXX2551
Bouziane AGXX8347
Bouzina AGXX2214
Braghith AGXX2552
Braham AGXX6953
Brahimia AGXX6049
Brahmia AGXX2553
Brahmia AGXX6050
Braied AGXX2215
Bram AGXX5956
Branis AGXX1883
Brarat AGXX2026
Brasnia AGXX2554
Breat AGXX7582
Bredeah AGXX5830
Brerma AGXX6051
Brezina AGXX0122
Brida AGXX3778
Brinis Jouahria AGXX6052
Brinkene AGXX0374
Cacherou le Haut AGXX3940
Cafe Maure AGXX3580
Cafe Maure AGXX3816
Caid Amar AGXX3941
Caid Mohammed AGXX6792
Camerata AGXX1069
Camp Inferieur AGXX1234
Canastel AGXX5831
Cape Caxine AGXX0327
Carteaux AGXX5832
Casbah AGXX0978
Chaaba Bled AGXX5031
Chaabat el Leham AGXX1070
Chaaib AGXX7863
Chaami AGXX8593
Chabane AGXX5693
Chabet Bahlout AGXX3942
Chabet el Ameur AGXX2027
Chabet Zaouia AGXX5032
Chabriere AGXX6793
Chahana AGXX3581
Chahbounia AGXX0123
Chaiba AGXX8130
Chaif el Hassane AGXX6053
Chaita Oumeur AGXX6054
Chakarna AGXX3943
Chakoura AGXX2556
Chaouia AGXX2557
Chara Berkane AGXX2558
Charef AGXX3176
Charouine AGXX0124
Charrata AGXX6055
Charrier AGXX0125
Cheaibia AGXX6056
Chebairia AGXX2559
Chebel AGXX7864
Chebla AGXX3717
Chebli AGXX1599
Cheddia AGXX3582
Chegamat AGXX3270
Chegga Sadana AGXX5663
Chehabna AGXX1071
Chehaimia AGXX0543
Chehama AGXX8594
Chehedlia AGXX2560
Cheikh Ben Yahia AGXX0544
Cheikh Freha AGXX3944
Cheikh Salah AGXX6954
Cheikr Taieb AGXX4572
Cheiykhia AGXX0546
Chekaknia AGXX2561
Chekalil AGXX2562
Chekalil AGXX0547
Chekbout AGXX1235
Chekfa AGXX3583
Chelghoum el Aid AGXX3817
Chelif Plage AGXX5237
Chellal AGXX5033
Chellala Gueblia AGXX3246
Chellata AGXX7865
Chelma AGXX1884
Chemin AGXX7583
Chemini AGXX7866
Chemora AGXX2217
Chemoura AGXX5958
Chenachane AGXX0375
Chenainia AGXX6057
Chenatra AGXX2563
Chenia AGXX1458
Chennaoura AGXX2218
Cheouchaoua AGXX2564
Cheraga AGXX8131
Cheragua AGXX6058
Cheraia AGXX0128
Cheraiguia AGXX4574
Cherairia AGXX2565
Cheraka AGXX2219
Cherarka AGXX6059
Cherchell AGXX0129
Cherea AGXX1236
Cheria AGXX0130
Cherifia AGXX1600
Cherka AGXX7235
Chetaibi AGXX7236
Chetihat AGXX3177
Chetma AGXX1885
Chetouane AGXX6794
Chetouane AGXX7584
Cheurfa AGXX3945
Cheurfa AGXX1237
Cheurfa AGXX7867
Cheurka AGXX3347
Chifalo AGXX8132
Chiffa AGXX1601
Chir AGXX2220
Chlef AGXX0014
Chmaala AGXX0548
Chnegliah AGXX5238
Chnounia AGXX2566
Chorfa AGXX2567
Chorfa AGXX1743
Chorfa AGXX4575
Chott AGXX5959
Chouadlia AGXX3946
Chouadria AGXX6060
Choualia Fouaga AGXX1072
Chouaref AGXX6061
Chouaref AGXX6795
Chouarfa AGXX6062
Chouarikh AGXX1238
Chouf AGXX6955
Chouf et Tnine AGXX3584
Chouf Ranib AGXX1459
Chouiria AGXX5239
Choula AGXX8133
Chouly AGXX7585
Chraita AGXX3947
Chraitia AGXX6063
Chrea AGXX1602
Chria AGXX5034
Christel AGXX5240
Cite Aatya AGXX6064
Cite Auzas AGXX1021
Cite Belle Vue AGXX5241
Cite Ben Djabar AGXX3948
Cite Beneddine AGXX2568
Cite Benteguere AGXX2569
Cite Boulilif AGXX3949
Cite Chancel AGXX1022
Cite des Vergers AGXX2574
Cite ech Chegga AGXX5245
Cite el Guercha AGXX8349
Cite Ibelaidene AGXX8134
Cite Ouled Aoune AGXX8348
Cite Sabliere AGXX2570
Cite Vingt Aout AGXX5243
Clairfontaine AGXX0132
Clos Bakir AGXX8135
Club des Pins AGXX8136
Collo AGXX0133
Colonel Lotfi AGXX5246
Constantine AGXX0013
Corso Tahtani AGXX2028
Coulmiers AGXX3818
Courbet AGXX5833
Crampel AGXX6796
Dadas AGXX5247
Daddaini AGXX2576
Daghbouche AGXX6728
Daglet Lagrouba AGXX5960
Dahamenia AGXX6065
Dahmouni AGXX8350
Dalmatie AGXX1603
Damniya AGXX7238
Damous AGXX2577
Daouadji AGXX0549
Dar Ahnia AGXX3348
Dar Aied Naasse AGXX8351
Dar Aissa AGXX5035
Dar Beida AGXX1460
Dar Beida AGXX2029
Dar Ben Abbes AGXX1886
Dar Ben Abdellah AGXX6067
Dar Ben Ali AGXX3954
Dar Ben Chahra AGXX8352
Dar Ben Chohra AGXX8353
Dar Bou Hariz AGXX3956
Dar Bou Naila AGXX7450
Dar Boumediene AGXX7586
Dar Braham AGXX3585
Dar Chioukh AGXX3178
Dar ech Chaouch AGXX6070
Dar ed Doud AGXX2578
Dar el Aaihar AGXX4581
Dar el Aoudja AGXX8355
Dar El Beida AGXX0328
Dar el Beida AGXX5836
Dar el Bey AGXX5037
Dar el Caid AGXX6730
Dar el Caid Kara AGXX2579
Dar el Hachemi AGXX4582
Dar el Hadj AGXX7589
Dar el Hadj Saad AGXX4584
Dar el Hamada AGXX5038
Dar el Hammoud AGXX3587
Dar el Hamra AGXX6071
Dar el Mechri AGXX3968
Dar el Ogueb AGXX4585
Dar el Yafati AGXX7590
Dar er Razi AGXX6956
Dar Hassani AGXX8354
Dar Lahleme AGXX1023
Dar Loubit AGXX3349
Dar Mekideche AGXX4580
Dar Mradi AGXX3350
Dar Mta Kallouaz AGXX3958
Dar Nasseur AGXX7588
Dar Ouled Ahmed AGXX3960
Dar Ouled Kmicha AGXX3961
Dar Ouled Toumi AGXX3963
Dar Roumi AGXX5036
Dar Salane AGXX3586
Dar Sidi Mahmoud AGXX3964
Dar Slimane AGXX6069
Dar Srhira AGXX1461
Dar Temmara AGXX3179
Dar Tisselouine AGXX3180
Dar Zouah Ali AGXX6729
Darguinah AGXX1239
Daroussa AGXX1024
Debadib AGXX3271
Debba AGXX6072
Debdab AGXX5249
Debdaba AGXX1684
Debila AGXX3272
Debnane AGXX0376
Debrousseville AGXX3969
Dechera Zailou AGXX7591
Decheret Taouia AGXX7592
Dechra AGXX4586
Dechra Bouar AGXX4587
Dechra Djouara AGXX1744
Dechra Mahalla AGXX1745
Dechra Takhnak AGXX3589
Dechra Zanaraoua AGXX2580
Dechrat Ikhelef AGXX1747
Dechret Amboula AGXX1748
Dechret Doukkane AGXX1750
Dechret el Feid AGXX1025
Dechret Kamra AGXX0135
Dechret Tadjmout AGXX1887
Defela AGXX3181
Deglene AGXX7594
Dehamnia AGXX2581
Dehamnia AGXX0551
Dekara AGXX2582
Dekkara AGXX3590
Deli Ibrahim AGXX8137
Dellys AGXX0136
Delmonte AGXX5837
Dem el Begrat AGXX7239
Demmed AGXX3182
Derhachnia AGXX4589
Dermel AGXX5039
Dermoun AGXX2222
Dernam AGXX7595
Derrag AGXX0552
Deux Moulins AGXX8138
Dghabdjia AGXX2583
Dhahr el Knader AGXX4590
Dhaiet Lehemara AGXX3184
Dhaiet Roumi AGXX3185
Dhaiet Talema AGXX3186
Dhalaa AGXX3718
Dhamchia AGXX5250
Dhar Alla AGXX3970
Dhaya AGXX6799
Diar Cheraga AGXX5040
Diar el Anga AGXX5042
Diar el Beidat AGXX5043
Diar el Hamma AGXX5252
Diar Lemdjadat AGXX5041
Diar Ouled Aissa AGXX5251
Diar Salah AGXX7596
Diar Zatar AGXX0553
Didouche Mourad AGXX3104
Dir el Maaza AGXX6865
Dir es Slougui AGXX8356
Djaablia AGXX0554
Djaarir AGXX3719
Djafra AGXX1074
Djahnit AGXX1462
Djama Salem AGXX8596
Djama Tamnecht AGXX1751
Djamaa AGXX0137
Djanet AGXX0037
Djaousses AGXX3720
Djaouti AGXX8139
Djarallah AGXX2223
Djborni AGXX6959
Djdiat AGXX5253
Djebabra AGXX5254
Djebahia AGXX1752
Djebala AGXX3450
Djebbanet Slib AGXX5044
Djebel Onk AGXX7473
Djebilet Rosfa AGXX8357
Djebla AGXX7870
Djeblaa AGXX1240
Djebli Mohamed AGXX5255
Djedda Gotha AGXX3351
Djedid AGXX1463
Djedida AGXX3721
Djelada AGXX1241
Djelailia AGXX5256
Djelfa AGXX0139
Djelida AGXX0555
Djellal AGXX3722
Djemila AGXX6960
Djemina AGXX1888
Djemlet el Assa AGXX8358
Djemmala AGXX7240
Djemmana AGXX6961
Djemmorah AGXX1889
Djenane AGXX1242
Djenane ed Dib AGXX7242
Djenane El Bey AGXX7241
Djenane Rad AGXX1753
Djenane Rhouiba AGXX8359
Djendel AGXX0559
Djendel AGXX7243
Djeniene AGXX1685
Djeniene AGXX2225
Djennad AGXX2030
Djenta AGXX6962
Djerabet AGXX2031
Djereah AGXX1754
Djerhalil AGXX1464
Djermane AGXX2226
Djerra AGXX1243
Djerrah AGXX7244
Djeurf AGXX7474
Djidiouia AGXX6073
Djilali Ben Amar AGXX6074
Djimjane AGXX0377
Djinet AGXX2032
Djob AGXX6800
Djorf Torba AGXX1686
Djoua AGXX3535
Djouab AGXX4592
Djouadda AGXX1244
Djouahra AGXX2584
Dmita AGXX3273
Dnednia AGXX5258
Doaur Alouane AGXX8362
Doaur Bendahmane AGXX5259
Doaur Dadech AGXX3973
Doaur Ketroussa AGXX3974
Doaur Laghouaba AGXX5260
Doaur Nbabcha AGXX3975
Doaur Nkakaa AGXX5261
Doaur Rehainia AGXX4593
Dokkara AGXX5045
Dokna AGXX7245
Dolfussville AGXX0140
Douaha AGXX6866
Douaimia AGXX6075
Douaouda AGXX8140
Douar Ababda AGXX0561
Douar Abadlia AGXX5262
Douar Abadlia AGXX3984
Douar Abahri AGXX8142
Douar Abaidia AGXX6076
Douar Abaridj AGXX6077
Douar Abbou Ali AGXX5839
Douar Abdeli AGXX2585
Douar Aboucha AGXX4594
Douar Ahl Bradai AGXX1076
Douar Ahl Cadi AGXX5840
Douar Ahl Chaoui AGXX2586
Douar Ahl Graine AGXX6079
Douar Ahmadouch AGXX1078
Douar Ahmed AGXX3989
Douar Aichane AGXX2587
Douar Ain Brahim AGXX4595
Douar Ain Khiar AGXX3352
Douar Ain Lazaza AGXX4596
Douar Akache AGXX7597
Douar Alalma AGXX4597
Douar Allaoucha AGXX5263
Douar Amairia AGXX3995
Douar Amamra AGXX6082
Douar Amarna AGXX5264
Douar Amassa AGXX2588
Douar Ameiria AGXX5265
Douar Amiyer AGXX7600
Douar Aouf AGXX3996
Douar Aougbia AGXX6083
Douar Aoumria AGXX6084
Douar Arbal AGXX8143
Douar Arib AGXX4598
Douar Arouba AGXX3997
Douar as Sabt AGXX6344
Douar Assasla AGXX2589
Douar Assayab AGXX3105
Douar Ataitia AGXX5266
Douar Atamrane AGXX2590
Douar Atatfa AGXX0563
Douar Attatfa AGXX6086
Douar Ayachiche AGXX2591
Douar Ayad AGXX6087
Douar Ayaida AGXX5267
Douar Ayatta AGXX3998
Douar Azaba AGXX0564
Douar Azziz AGXX4599
Douar Bab Tahar AGXX7601
Douar Bachria AGXX5268
Douar Baddaou AGXX1079
Douar Baghdad AGXX3999
Douar Bakhaitia AGXX4000
Douar Bassour AGXX4600
Douar Bechaouich AGXX5269
Douar Bekairia AGXX5270
Douar Bekakcha AGXX5271
Douar Bekhaitia AGXX4001
Douar Bekhedda AGXX5272
Douar Bekria AGXX6088
Douar bel Aalia AGXX0661
Douar Bel Abes AGXX5273
Douar Bel Afia AGXX8144
Douar Bel Gaid AGXX5842
Douar Bel Ghoul AGXX5274
Douar Bel Hadef AGXX5843
Douar Bel Kheir AGXX5275
Douar Belaada AGXX5276
Douar Belakhel AGXX5277
Douar Beldjemaa AGXX5278
Douar Belhadri AGXX5279
Douar Belhani AGXX6089
Douar Belkayous AGXX5280
Douar Belkheir AGXX4002
Douar Belkireche AGXX4601
Douar Bellevue AGXX5281
Douar Ben Adda AGXX6090
Douar Ben Adja AGXX4602
Douar Ben Agga AGXX5282
Douar Ben Ali AGXX2593
Douar Ben Amar AGXX4004
Douar Ben Aouda AGXX6091
Douar Ben Deladj AGXX6094
Douar Ben Della AGXX4005
Douar ben Douli AGXX0662
Douar Ben Halima AGXX4006
Douar Ben Halima AGXX8366
Douar Ben Khedda AGXX6095
Douar Ben Merhba AGXX0566
Douar Ben Nabi AGXX4007
Douar Ben Nifa AGXX8367
Douar Ben Salah AGXX4008
Douar Ben Smina AGXX7602
Douar Ben Terzil AGXX2033
Douar Ben Yahia AGXX2595
Douar Ben Yamina AGXX4009
Douar Ben Yamina AGXX6097
Douar Benatia AGXX5286
Douar Bencheloua AGXX2596
Douar Bendjebbar AGXX6098
Douar Bendrisse AGXX0567
Douar Beni Ali AGXX8146
Douar Beni Attah AGXX4010
Douar Beni Freh AGXX8147
Douar Beni Hssen AGXX0568
Douar Beni Maala AGXX4012
Douar Beni Timi AGXX4013
Douar Beni Zid AGXX7250
Douar Benikthir AGXX5289
Douar Berrouane AGXX4014
Douar Bettiour AGXX2600
Douar Bhairia AGXX4015
Douar Bider AGXX7604
Douar Biod AGXX5290
Douar Blablia AGXX2601
Douar Blaihia AGXX4016
Douar Bou Achria AGXX6102
Douar Bou Amoud AGXX2602
Douar Bou Guelta AGXX2603
Douar Bou Hamadi AGXX2604
Douar Bou Khatem AGXX5293
Douar Bou Knana AGXX1604
Douar Bou Lalla AGXX2605
Douar Bou Tellis AGXX4018
Douar Bou Tlelis AGXX5844
Douar bou Yahia AGXX0663
Douar Bou Ziyane AGXX8151
Douar Bouaazid AGXX6104
Douar Bouakhra AGXX8152
Douar Boualem AGXX6105
Douar Bouamoud AGXX6106
Douar Bouankouda AGXX8153
Douar Bouaziz AGXX2606
Douar Bouazza AGXX5294
Douar Bouderbala AGXX0570
Douar Boughalem AGXX0571
Douar Bouhalou AGXX2607
Douar Bouiaichia AGXX5295
Douar Bouiazit AGXX2608
Douar Boukaaben AGXX8372
Douar Boukennar AGXX8373
Douar Boukhana AGXX2609
Douar Boukhendak AGXX2610
Douar Boukhlidja AGXX8154
Douar Bounamane AGXX8155
Douar Bouramane AGXX4020
Douar Bouriche AGXX7605
Douar Boussahoua AGXX4604
Douar Bousseki AGXX6107
Douar Boussouka AGXX6108
Douar Bouyefri AGXX0572
Douar Bouziane AGXX6109
Douar Brabtia AGXX3353
Douar Brahmia AGXX4605
Douar Braikia AGXX5296
Douar Brarcha AGXX5297
Douar Brarna AGXX4021
Douar Braz AGXX0573
Douar Bredeah AGXX5845
Douar Brourate AGXX4022
Douar Chaachaiaa AGXX6110
Douar Chaaibia AGXX8374
Douar Chabane AGXX6802
Douar Chachea AGXX5298
Douar Chafaa AGXX1080
Douar Chaib Draa AGXX5299
Douar Chaiba AGXX1081
Douar Chaibia AGXX5300
Douar Chaidia AGXX5301
Douar Chailia AGXX5302
Douar Chairia AGXX6111
Douar Chaloul AGXX6112
Douar Charia AGXX2612
Douar Chatt AGXX6113
Douar Cheaala AGXX2613
Douar Cheaiba AGXX4606
Douar Cheair AGXX2614
Douar Chefar AGXX2034
Douar Chehaba AGXX5303
Douar Chehaid AGXX2615
Douar Chehaidia AGXX5304
Douar Chenanfa AGXX5305
Douar Chenenffa AGXX6114
Douar Chenenta AGXX6115
Douar Chenntouf AGXX1082
Douar Cheraga AGXX0574
Douar Cheragua AGXX5306
Douar Cherairia AGXX5307
Douar Cheraitia AGXX6116
Douar Cheraria AGXX4607
Douar Chermoul AGXX0575
Douar Chetounia AGXX6117
Douar Chibia AGXX5308
Douar Chinoune AGXX0576
Douar Chkairia AGXX6118
Douar Chlott AGXX6119
Douar Chorfa AGXX4609
Douar Chouabet AGXX0577
Douar Chouacha AGXX5846
Douar Chouachia AGXX6120
Douar Chouaibia AGXX2617
Douar Chouala AGXX6121
Douar Chouanaa AGXX4610
Douar Chouarbia AGXX0578
Douar Chouaria AGXX6122
Douar Choueikh AGXX6123
Douar Chouiet AGXX0579
Douar Chraitia AGXX6124
Douar Communal AGXX5847
Douar Daacha AGXX4025
Douar Dahmane AGXX0580
Douar Dehadif AGXX5310
Douar Dehainia AGXX0581
Douar Demniya AGXX7251
Douar des Anatra AGXX6345
Douar Djaadria AGXX4027
Douar Djalti AGXX6126
Douar Djamamine AGXX0582
Douar Djebabra AGXX5311
Douar Djebairia AGXX6803
Douar Djeraidjia AGXX5312
Douar Djerarra AGXX6127
Douar Djfafla AGXX4028
Douar Djfafla AGXX5848
Douar Djhoucha AGXX4029
Douar Djlaghma AGXX4030
Douar Djlailia AGXX6128
Douar Djoualil AGXX6129
Douar Dlailia AGXX4031
Douar Dnafria AGXX4032
Douar Douadia AGXX6130
Douar Douaidia AGXX5313
Douar Douaimia AGXX5849
Douar Douchebba AGXX8375
Douar Drabgia AGXX5314
Douar Drahim AGXX5315
Douar Drairia AGXX5316
Douar Draissia AGXX6131
Douar Dramidj AGXX5317
Douar Draouchia AGXX4611
Douar du Ref Ref AGXX7258
Douar ech Chaif AGXX5488
Douar ech Cheet AGXX2712
Douar Echaouala AGXX4033
Douar ed Derdja AGXX6346
Douar ed Douda AGXX2715
Douar Eddabala AGXX6132
Douar el Aadjab AGXX2716
Douar el Aamche AGXX6348
Douar el Aaza AGXX6349
Douar el Aazib AGXX6350
Douar el Ababsa AGXX4251
Douar el Abaidia AGXX6351
Douar el Abid AGXX6816
Douar el Abidat AGXX8421
Douar el Ahouech AGXX6352
Douar el Aimeuch AGXX6353
Douar el Amairia AGXX5491
Douar el Amamra AGXX4252
Douar el Amamra AGXX5492
Douar el Amarnia AGXX2717
Douar el Amour AGXX6354
Douar el Anatra AGXX6355
Douar el Aouadj AGXX5493
Douar el Aouaiss AGXX6356
Douar el Aouana AGXX2718
Douar el Araifia AGXX4253
Douar el Arbia AGXX6359
Douar el Areib AGXX5047
Douar el Atbi AGXX6361
Douar el Ayaida AGXX5868
Douar el Azais AGXX2719
Douar el Azaizia AGXX4255
Douar el Azza AGXX6363
Douar el Baalcha AGXX1098
Douar el Bailek AGXX4256
Douar el Batarna AGXX6868
Douar el Behara AGXX6364
Douar el Bhalil AGXX4257
Douar el Bkhata AGXX7623
Douar el Blaada AGXX5497
Douar el Boualeg AGXX6366
Douar el Bouazid AGXX5499
Douar el Bouazid AGXX6367
Douar el Braknia AGXX4258
Douar el Djadid AGXX6369
Douar el Djairia AGXX6370
Douar el Djlalda AGXX6372
Douar el Fehoul AGXX7624
Douar el Felalga AGXX0665
Douar el Fosha AGXX8424
Douar el Foukani AGXX5503
Douar El Gaid AGXX0585
Douar El Ghaicha AGXX2035
Douar el Ghlaa AGXX4259
Douar el Gnassa AGXX2722
Douar el Gora AGXX5504
Douar el Gouadih AGXX4260
Douar el Graiiya AGXX1099
Douar el Grairia AGXX6380
Douar el Gueraa AGXX5505
Douar el Guercha AGXX6869
Douar el Guercha AGXX8425
Douar el Guetta AGXX5506
Douar el Guradib AGXX6381
Douar el Habeche AGXX6383
Douar el Habib AGXX4261
Douar el Hachem AGXX5509
Douar el Hadj AGXX6384
Douar el Hammar AGXX6389
Douar el Hamri AGXX6390
Douar el Haouara AGXX6391
Douar el Haraoui AGXX5510
Douar el Harrach AGXX7626
Douar el Harrig AGXX4268
Douar el Hasasna AGXX6392
Douar el Hassi AGXX6394
Douar el Hedjadj AGXX2726
Douar el Hemaid AGXX6395
Douar el Hnainia AGXX6397
Douar el Homr AGXX6398
Douar el Houala AGXX4269
Douar el Houana AGXX6399
Douar el Htaimia AGXX6400
Douar el Htatba AGXX6401
Douar el Htatba AGXX5513
Douar el Kaadine AGXX4271
Douar el Kamra AGXX7627
Douar el Kdadir AGXX2727
Douar el Kdadra AGXX6402
Douar el Kdadra AGXX6818
Douar el Kedadra AGXX6403
Douar el Kedadra AGXX4272
Douar el Kerarib AGXX5514
Douar el Kerarta AGXX2728
Douar el Khadem AGXX6405
Douar el Khailia AGXX5515
Douar el Khecha AGXX6407
Douar el Khlaya AGXX2731
Douar el Klib AGXX8428
Douar el Koasmia AGXX2732
Douar el Kolla AGXX8178
Douar el Koucha AGXX0670
Douar el Krabia AGXX8429
Douar el Kraich AGXX6411
Douar el Kranif AGXX4275
Douar el Krata AGXX5870
Douar el Kratite AGXX4276
Douar el Kreieb AGXX7628
Douar el Ksar AGXX5871
Douar el Maatlia AGXX5519
Douar el Maghazi AGXX0671
Douar el Matmar AGXX6414
Douar el Mazla AGXX8430
Douar el Mdada AGXX6415
Douar el Mdadha AGXX6416
Douar el Meguen AGXX6417
Douar el Mekki AGXX4278
Douar el Menacir AGXX6418
Douar el Menasra AGXX4653
Douar el Merdja AGXX6420
Douar el Mezaita AGXX8432
Douar el Mfatih AGXX8433
Douar el Mhadid AGXX6820
Douar el Mhedda AGXX2737
Douar el Mkadine AGXX4279
Douar el Mkhalif AGXX4280
Douar el Mouafka AGXX4281
Douar el Moualil AGXX6423
Douar el Mouania AGXX6424
Douar el Mouelek AGXX4282
Douar el Mouidia AGXX5521
Douar el Msaada AGXX1102
Douar el Msaid AGXX1103
Douar el Msaif AGXX0672
Douar el Nadour AGXX5522
Douar el Oualia AGXX2739
Douar el Oualiba AGXX6427
Douar el Ouamat AGXX6428
Douar el Ouasfia AGXX4654
Douar el Ounazra AGXX1104
Douar el Riadh AGXX0674
Douar el Rmadhna AGXX0675
Douar el Zhairia AGXX0677
Douar en Naimia AGXX5523
Douar en Nakhla AGXX2740
Douar Ennouayel AGXX6133
Douar er Gagna AGXX5524
Douar er Raaraa AGXX4283
Douar er Rehamna AGXX5873
Douar er Rhehhal AGXX1106
Douar er Rmal AGXX0678
Douar er Rouaiba AGXX1107
Douar Erfafsa AGXX4034
Douar es Sahilia AGXX4284
Douar es Saidia AGXX2741
Douar es Slamnia AGXX6430
Douar es Slemnia AGXX5525
Douar es Smaikia AGXX6431
Douar Esafsaf AGXX4035
Douar Eskarna AGXX4036
Douar Esshari AGXX6134
Douar et Touama AGXX5874
Douar Ettarch AGXX4037
Douar Ettorche AGXX4038
Douar ez Zaouia AGXX6821
Douar ez Zhairia AGXX6434
Douar ez Zmela AGXX4285
Douar ez Zorg AGXX5527
Douar ez Zouala AGXX8434
Douar ez Zourg AGXX2742
Douar Ezaief AGXX8376
Douar Ezghaichia AGXX6135
Douar Ezraoula AGXX4039
Douar Faid AGXX0586
Douar Farhia AGXX5318
Douar Fatmia AGXX5319
Douar Fedailia AGXX6136
Douar Fedoul AGXX8377
Douar Feghalia AGXX0588
Douar Feghloul AGXX5320
Douar Fernata AGXX8378
Douar Fetacha AGXX5321
Douar Fetatcha AGXX5322
Douar Flita AGXX2620
Douar Flitta AGXX0589
Douar Fornane AGXX4040
Douar Fossa AGXX2621
Douar Fouat AGXX2622
Douar Fraihia AGXX6137
Douar Frakis AGXX4041
Douar Fras Kbar AGXX4042
Douar Frassouia AGXX0590
Douar Gadia AGXX4043
Douar Garouamsa AGXX5323
Douar Ghadyt AGXX2624
Douar Ghamra AGXX5324
Douar Ghouaoula AGXX2625
Douar Ghouayzia AGXX5325
Douar Ghouzazla AGXX2626
Douar Ghouzilate AGXX5326
Douar Ghozilet AGXX5327
Douar Ghraba AGXX5328
Douar Ghraibia AGXX4044
Douar Ghrib AGXX0591
Douar Ghzilate AGXX5329
Douar Glamlia AGXX6138
Douar Gotni AGXX5850
Douar Gouatis AGXX4045
Douar Goura AGXX5330
Douar Grainia AGXX4046
Douar Graoucha AGXX5331
Douar Grardja AGXX6139
Douar Gueithana AGXX6140
Douar Guenainia AGXX5332
Douar Guergour AGXX3354
Douar Guernini AGXX4612
Douar Guerouan AGXX6141
Douar Guetna AGXX5851
Douar Guoumaidia AGXX5333
Douar Gurairia AGXX6143
Douar Habeichia AGXX5852
Douar Hadj Larbi AGXX4047
Douar Hafedh AGXX4048
Douar Halloufa AGXX6146
Douar Hamadena AGXX6147
Douar Hamamda AGXX0592
Douar Hamdoud AGXX5339
Douar Hamiane AGXX4049
Douar Hamida AGXX6148
Douar Hammaichia AGXX5340
Douar Hamza AGXX6149
Douar Harbil AGXX2631
Douar Hawouia AGXX4050
Douar Haya AGXX0593
Douar Hazouti AGXX4051
Douar Hdaidia AGXX5342
Douar Hdaoua AGXX8156
Douar Hemaidia AGXX5343
Douar Hlasate AGXX4614
Douar Hmamda AGXX4052
Douar Hmassis AGXX4053
Douar Houalaa AGXX4054
Douar Houaoura AGXX4055
Douar Houaoussa AGXX0594
Douar Houmdia AGXX2632
Douar Htatba AGXX5344
Douar Hzazta AGXX4056
Douar H`mad AGXX5336
Douar Ibelaidene AGXX8158
Douar Idoua AGXX5345
Douar Idouane AGXX2633
Douar Ikoubien AGXX2634
Douar Imelhayene AGXX8161
Douar Irsene AGXX8162
Douar Iynayene AGXX8163
Douar Jedid AGXX4057
Douar K Dara AGXX6151
Douar Kada AGXX4058
Douar Kadaouet AGXX6152
Douar Kaddari AGXX8381
Douar Kailia AGXX5853
Douar Kalifain AGXX8164
Douar Kamkam AGXX8382
Douar Kara Ahmed AGXX2036
Douar Karaouat AGXX4060
Douar Karaout AGXX6153
Douar Kassandji AGXX3106
Douar Kazazla AGXX2635
Douar Kechachta AGXX2636
Douar Kenadia AGXX6154
Douar Kenancha AGXX4061
Douar Kenenda AGXX6155
Douar Kerarma AGXX4062
Douar Kermoul AGXX2037
Douar Kessasra AGXX5347
Douar Ketroussa AGXX4063
Douar Kfaifia AGXX4064
Douar Khadaid AGXX4065
Douar Khadhai AGXX0596
Douar Khairia AGXX4066
Douar Khalouia AGXX4067
Douar Khanouche AGXX2637
Douar Kharfia AGXX0597
Douar Khedaichia AGXX5349
Douar Khedaidia AGXX5350
Douar Khedaimia AGXX5854
Douar Kheira AGXX5855
Douar Khelaifia AGXX5351
Douar Khetataa AGXX5352
Douar Khouadjlia AGXX6156
Douar Khouadria AGXX0599
Douar Khouairia AGXX5353
Douar Khouaouna AGXX6157
Douar Khouled AGXX2638
Douar Khoussa AGXX5354
Douar Khouta AGXX2639
Douar Khramssa AGXX2640
Douar Kiaiba AGXX6158
Douar Klail AGXX4068
Douar Klailia AGXX4069
Douar Korachi AGXX4070
Douar Koualil AGXX8383
Douar Kouaoucha AGXX8384
Douar Kouasmia AGXX1084
Douar Kouassem AGXX2641
Douar Kouidria AGXX4071
Douar Krabchia AGXX4072
Douar Krabib AGXX4615
Douar Krachla AGXX5355
Douar Kraiaia AGXX5356
Douar Kraimia AGXX5357
Douar Kraiya AGXX6159
Douar Kramlia AGXX4616
Douar Kratis AGXX2642
Douar Krelailia AGXX4073
Douar Krenansa AGXX6160
Douar Kreraissia AGXX5358
Douar Kriouat AGXX6161
Douar Ksamra AGXX5359
Douar Kselna AGXX4074
Douar Laababssa AGXX6162
Douar Laabadlia AGXX6163
Douar Laabaidia AGXX6164
Douar Laabaydia AGXX6165
Douar Laadjaimia AGXX6166
Douar Laaguerbia AGXX6167
Douar Laalaoucha AGXX2643
Douar Laamamria AGXX6168
Douar Laamaria AGXX4075
Douar Laamarnia AGXX6169
Douar Laaouamria AGXX6170
Douar Laarahba AGXX6171
Douar Laassaylia AGXX6172
Douar Laazara AGXX4076
Douar Labib AGXX4077
Douar Lachaab AGXX4078
Douar Ladjouad AGXX4079
Douar Laghoual AGXX6173
Douar Laghraba AGXX8385
Douar Lagrachla AGXX4080
Douar Lahbib AGXX4617
Douar Lahouaora AGXX4081
Douar Lahssainia AGXX6174
Douar Lahtatba AGXX6175
Douar Lakhail AGXX4618
Douar Laklalchia AGXX4082
Douar Lalalma AGXX4083
Douar Laoula AGXX5360
Douar Laraissia AGXX4084
Douar Lazailia AGXX6176
Douar Lebhara AGXX8386
Douar Lehrar AGXX0601
Douar Lekehail AGXX0602
Douar Lemaaziz AGXX6177
Douar Lemssabhia AGXX6178
Douar Louabed AGXX6179
Douar Louama AGXX2644
Douar Louaradj AGXX2645
Douar Louroud AGXX0603
Douar Louza AGXX5361
Douar Maaichia AGXX2649
Douar Maaichid AGXX2650
Douar Maamra AGXX4619
Douar Maamria AGXX5368
Douar Maarfia AGXX6182
Douar Maftah AGXX4092
Douar Magaza AGXX4093
Douar Magra AGXX1086
Douar Mamnia AGXX2651
Douar Mansour AGXX8166
Douar Marghanis AGXX8387
Douar Mdjahdia AGXX4094
Douar Meachtia AGXX2652
Douar Meada AGXX6183
Douar Mechaichia AGXX6184
Douar Mechta AGXX4620
Douar Medjahed AGXX4095
Douar Medjaref AGXX4096
Douar Meghana AGXX6185
Douar Megharouia AGXX5369
Douar Mehada AGXX6186
Douar Mehadid AGXX6804
Douar Mehargua AGXX6187
Douar Mehata AGXX6188
Douar Mehellet AGXX6189
Douar Mekchach AGXX2653
Douar Mekhatich AGXX4621
Douar Menacir AGXX4097
Douar Menad AGXX5370
Douar Menagueur AGXX5371
Douar Menasria AGXX6190
Douar Menasria AGXX2654
Douar Menasseria AGXX2655
Douar Menassria AGXX4098
Douar Mendil AGXX2039
Douar Merzoughi AGXX4622
Douar Merzouka AGXX5372
Douar Mesmoud AGXX6191
Douar Mesrati AGXX6192
Douar Messaadia AGXX6193
Douar Mezaita AGXX8388
Douar Mezaoua AGXX2657
Douar Mfathia AGXX6194
Douar Mgadiche AGXX4099
Douar Mguesba AGXX8389
Douar Mhabil AGXX0605
Douar Minaoua AGXX2658
Douar Minenda AGXX5373
Douar Mkhalif AGXX4100
Douar Mohamedi AGXX6195
Douar Mohammed AGXX4101
Douar Mokorno AGXX4623
Douar Mouafak AGXX8168
Douar Mouafka AGXX5374
Douar Mouaicia AGXX5375
Douar Moualda AGXX5856
Douar Moualdia AGXX6197
Douar Moualek AGXX8390
Douar Moualek AGXX5857
Douar Mouasfa AGXX6198
Douar Mouasmia AGXX4624
Douar Moussa AGXX8169
Douar Moussaoui AGXX4105
Douar Mrabtine AGXX6199
Douar Mrabtine AGXX2659
Douar Mreggeb AGXX0608
Douar Msadia AGXX4106
Douar Mzainia AGXX4107
Douar Naadjia AGXX6200
Douar Naimia AGXX4109
Douar Nedjadjra AGXX5378
Douar Niaimia AGXX5379
Douar Noraia AGXX8170
Douar Nouacer AGXX2040
Douar Nouaflia AGXX4110
Douar Nouairia AGXX6201
Douar Nouasria AGXX5380
Douar Nouasria AGXX0609
Douar Ntaala AGXX6202
Douar Othmani AGXX4625
Douar Ouachhia AGXX5381
Douar Ouakda AGXX2660
Douar Ouamnia AGXX2661
Douar Ouarlia AGXX5858
Douar Ouazghar AGXX0610
Douar Oued Adda AGXX0611
Douar Oued Fatty AGXX2662
Douar Oued Zeurg AGXX6204
Douar Oughlal AGXX2663
Douar Ouillis AGXX5382
Douar Oukheite AGXX2664
Douar Oulad Adda AGXX5383
Douar Oulad Safi AGXX6806
Douar Ouled AGXX0612
Douar Ouled Abed AGXX6222
Douar Ouled Abed AGXX8391
Douar Ouled Adda AGXX4129
Douar Ouled Adda AGXX6223
Douar Ouled Alaa AGXX7616
Douar Ouled Ali AGXX5395
Douar Ouled Ali AGXX4133
Douar Ouled Ali AGXX0614
Douar Ouled Ali AGXX8394
Douar Ouled Ali AGXX4628
Douar Ouled Ali AGXX6225
Douar Ouled Ali AGXX2666
Douar Ouled Alia AGXX4629
Douar Ouled Amar AGXX8395
Douar Ouled Amar AGXX4135
Douar Ouled Amar AGXX6227
Douar Ouled Aziz AGXX4631
Douar Ouled Bali AGXX4140
Douar Ouled Dadi AGXX5410
Douar Ouled Dani AGXX5411
Douar Ouled Gana AGXX6249
Douar Ouled Kada AGXX4174
Douar Ouled Ouis AGXX6810
Douar Ouled Said AGXX4188
Douar Ouled Said AGXX6262
Douar Ouled Smaa AGXX5428
Douar Ouled Tazi AGXX6274
Douar Ouled Youb AGXX3356
Douar Ouled Zid AGXX6277
Douar Rachgoun AGXX1091
Douar Rafsa AGXX4209
Douar Rahlia AGXX6289
Douar Rahmania AGXX6290
Douar Rahou AGXX2679
Douar Rahouia AGXX2680
Douar Rakaba AGXX2681
Douar Regaigia AGXX0638
Douar Regoune AGXX2682
Douar Reguaiguia AGXX6292
Douar Rehailia AGXX6293
Douar Rehaillia AGXX6294
Douar Renaicia AGXX6295
Douar Retaihia AGXX5440
Douar Rezeiguia AGXX6296
Douar Rguib AGXX4210
Douar Rhahla AGXX6297
Douar Rhamlia AGXX5441
Douar Rhelalda AGXX6813
Douar Rmaikia AGXX4211
Douar Rmaylia AGXX4212
Douar Rohl AGXX4213
Douar Rouabah AGXX0639
Douar Rouached AGXX5862
Douar Rouaissia AGXX4638
Douar Rouaouna AGXX5442
Douar Saaidia AGXX5443
Douar Saaidia AGXX6298
Douar Sadouna AGXX8171
Douar Sahar AGXX6299
Douar Saida AGXX6300
Douar Saidia AGXX0640
Douar Saidia AGXX6301
Douar Saidia AGXX5444
Douar Sakhri AGXX8597
Douar Sakhri AGXX4639
Douar Sar Zaouia AGXX8412
Douar Sbabna AGXX4214
Douar Sbaihia AGXX4215
Douar SbaIssia AGXX5445
Douar Sbiba AGXX8413
Douar Sebaia AGXX6302
Douar Seddar AGXX5446
Douar Sedjrara AGXX6303
Douar Sehari AGXX6304
Douar Sekouar AGXX4640
Douar Selamnia AGXX0641
Douar Selatnia AGXX6305
Douar Selehbia AGXX5447
Douar Semoume AGXX6306
Douar Sferdjela AGXX7254
Douar Sghairia AGXX6307
Douar Shailia AGXX4216
Douar Shaline AGXX4217
Douar Sidi Afif AGXX5450
Douar Sidi Ahmed AGXX5451
Douar Sidi Aissa AGXX4641
Douar Sidi Aissa AGXX2684
Douar Sidi Aissa AGXX5046
Douar Sidi Ali AGXX6310
Douar Sidi Alla AGXX4220
Douar Sidi Amour AGXX5452
Douar Sidi Habib AGXX5455
Douar Sidi Hamou AGXX0643
Douar Sidi Henni AGXX4222
Douar Sidi Kada AGXX4223
Douar Sidi Saad AGXX0646
Douar Sidi Saada AGXX6315
Douar Sidi Saafi AGXX4225
Douar Sidi Salem AGXX4226
Douar Sidi Tahar AGXX5457
Douar Sidi Tami AGXX4228
Douar Sidi Tayeb AGXX6316
Douar Sidi Yahia AGXX8174
Douar Slaetia AGXX6318
Douar Slatna AGXX5865
Douar Slatna AGXX5459
Douar Slemnia AGXX5460
Douar Slimane AGXX4229
Douar Smaichia AGXX4230
Douar Smaihia AGXX4231
Douar Smainia AGXX2686
Douar Smara AGXX5461
Douar Smata AGXX4232
Douar Snais AGXX8416
Douar Snais AGXX6319
Douar Snaisse AGXX0647
Douar Snoussi AGXX5462
Douar Soltana AGXX6320
Douar Souabria AGXX5463
Douar Souadek AGXX7255
Douar Souahlia AGXX5464
Douar Soualah AGXX0648
Douar Soualhia AGXX4233
Douar Soualmia AGXX2687
Douar Soualmia AGXX6321
Douar Souamar AGXX2688
Douar Souaouga AGXX4234
Douar Soudjarara AGXX6322
Douar Soudkia AGXX0649
Douar Sourasse AGXX4642
Douar Sraabia AGXX5465
Douar Stayta AGXX4235
Douar Taassalet AGXX6323
Douar Tabiche AGXX4236
Douar Tabna AGXX7257
Douar Tadjemout AGXX0650
Douar Tadjnant AGXX1606
Douar Tafna AGXX7621
Douar Tafrente AGXX6324
Douar Taghia AGXX6325
Douar Tahamda AGXX5466
Douar Tahar AGXX4237
Douar Taibi AGXX8175
Douar Taicha AGXX1756
Douar Takarboust AGXX0652
Douar Taksebte AGXX2689
Douar Taksekte AGXX2690
Douar Talouat AGXX0653
Douar Taoudoult AGXX2691
Douar Tassa AGXX2692
Douar Tazakka AGXX8417
Douar Tazrout AGXX8418
Douar Tebainet AGXX4643
Douar Teboudai AGXX6326
Douar Tegagra AGXX2693
Douar Tehaimia AGXX5467
Douar Tekkour AGXX5468
Douar Temairia AGXX4238
Douar Terfes AGXX5469
Douar Tfafha AGXX6327
Douar Thourigue AGXX6328
Douar Tialba AGXX6814
Douar Tiayba AGXX4239
Douar Tighaghar AGXX2694
Douar Titinguel AGXX5470
Douar Titri AGXX4645
Douar Tizardheth AGXX8176
Douar Tmaznia AGXX4240
Douar Touadjine AGXX2697
Douar Touafir AGXX6330
Douar Touafria AGXX2698
Douar Touahria AGXX6331
Douar Touahria AGXX4241
Douar Touahria AGXX0654
Douar Touaibi AGXX0655
Douar Touaibia AGXX6332
Douar Touaidjia AGXX5471
Douar Touaoucha AGXX8420
Douar Touaydjia AGXX5472
Douar Toueitia AGXX6333
Douar Tounine AGXX5473
Douar Tounnit AGXX1095
Douar Tououaita AGXX6815
Douar Tourch AGXX5474
Douar Tourria AGXX2699
Douar Traiche AGXX2700
Douar Tramil AGXX6334
Douar Tromlia AGXX5477
Douar Yahia AGXX0656
Douar Yamina AGXX4243
Douar Yarmoul AGXX2701
Douar Yermoul AGXX2702
Douar Yousfi AGXX0657
Douar Zaagane AGXX4244
Douar Zaatra AGXX2041
Douar Zadia AGXX5480
Douar Zagdou AGXX4245
Douar Zagmouta AGXX4646
Douar Zaguine AGXX4246
Douar Zaimia AGXX5481
Douar Zaouia AGXX6335
Douar Zaouia AGXX4247
Douar Zbaidia AGXX6336
Douar Zeaib AGXX2704
Douar Zeboudj AGXX2705
Douar Zeguaiguia AGXX6337
Douar Zehahfa AGXX5482
Douar Zehairia AGXX2706
Douar Zelgou AGXX2707
Douar Zemala AGXX2708
Douar Zemlal AGXX4647
Douar Zenadra AGXX6338
Douar Zenanda AGXX2709
Douar Zenata AGXX7622
Douar Zenatria AGXX2710
Douar Zeradla AGXX5483
Douar Zeradla AGXX4248
Douar Zeraiguia AGXX6339
Douar Zerama AGXX4249
Douar Zerarga AGXX6340
Douar Zerarka AGXX4648
Douar Zeungour AGXX4649
Douar Zgaier AGXX5484
Douar Zghohfa AGXX0658
Douar Ziatine AGXX2711
Douar Zmani AGXX4250
Douar Zogari AGXX0659
Douar Zouadnia AGXX5485
Douar Zouaidia AGXX6341
Douar Zouambia AGXX0660
Douar Zouaria AGXX5486
Douar Zouatine AGXX5487
Douar Zouatnia AGXX6342
Douar Zouia AGXX6343
Douar Zraib AGXX5866
Douara el Omair AGXX4655
DouarHdjaybia AGXX4286
Doucen AGXX1890
Douera AGXX8181
Doukane AGXX4656
Dour Ouled Aissa AGXX4287
Dra Doum AGXX2043
Dra el Abiod AGXX2745
Dra Hadouch AGXX2743
Dra Tahouinine AGXX1757
Dra Tariste AGXX2744
Draa Ben Khedda AGXX2044
Draa el Ahmar AGXX2227
Draa el Kedim AGXX4660
Draa el Mizan AGXX1758
Draa Esmar AGXX4657
Draa Mamiounet AGXX4658
Draa Tria AGXX4659
Draaouchia AGXX4661
Drablia AGXX4662
Dradeb AGXX5528
Draria AGXX8182
Drea AGXX6731
Drean AGXX1027
Drebla AGXX0679
Drimini AGXX3274
Droh AGXX1891
Dunqulah AGXX7413
Dutertre AGXX0680
Ebn Ziad AGXX3109
Ech Chaaba AGXX1759
Ech Chaib AGXX4663
Ech Chatt AGXX5529
Ech Chebabik AGXX3357
Ech Chebka AGXX8599
Ech Chebka AGXX4664
Ech Chebna AGXX6964
Ech Chegga AGXX2746
Ech Chehaifiya AGXX2747
Ech Chelh AGXX2748
Ech Cheraga AGXX2749
Ech Cherayat AGXX2750
Ech Cherfa AGXX2751
Ech Chettia AGXX2752
Ech Cheurfa AGXX0378
Ech Chnaifiya AGXX2753
Ech Chott AGXX2754
Ech Chouachi AGXX6822
Eckmuhl AGXX5875
Ed Dakhla AGXX4665
Ed Dechra AGXX1465
Ed Dekhlat AGXX3275
Ed Derhoune AGXX5048
Ed Dhaia AGXX0681
Ed Dissa AGXX2228
Ed Dlilia AGXX5961
Ed Dokkara AGXX4666
Ed Douar AGXX7260
Ed Drizi AGXX2756
Ed Raifia AGXX0682
Eddis AGXX5049
Eddrablia AGXX1608
Edehi AGXX3536
Edjeleh AGXX3537
Edjereh AGXX7414
Edjeri AGXX3538
Egreb AGXX7871
El Ababda AGXX0684
El Ababdia AGXX4667
El Ababsa AGXX0685
El Ababsa AGXX2761
El Ababsa AGXX4668
El Abadia AGXX6435
El Abadia AGXX0686
El Abadla AGXX4289
El Abadlia AGXX0687
El Abadlia AGXX2762
El Abadlia AGXX4290
El Abaidia AGXX5530
El Abaziz AGXX4669
El Ach AGXX1466
El Achir AGXX1467
El Achour AGXX8183
El Adaida AGXX6436
El Adjiba AGXX1760
El Affroun AGXX8184
El Afroun AGXX0142
El Agba AGXX8435
El Ahmar AGXX0144
El Ahmar AGXX0143
El Aiach AGXX1761
El Aiaida AGXX2763
El Aioun AGXX3358
El Aioun AGXX3594
El Aioun AGXX0688
El Akada Srar AGXX4291
El Akailia AGXX0689
El Alalcha AGXX4670
El Alamcia AGXX2764
El Alaouinia AGXX7476
El Albe AGXX5531
El Alia AGXX1892
El Alia AGXX5962
El Allalcha AGXX4292
El Allaoucha AGXX3595
El Alleg AGXX5050
El Alouana AGXX2765
El Amamra AGXX6437
El Amara AGXX6438
El Amarich AGXX4293
El Amarnia AGXX6439
El Ammouchi Ali AGXX7263
El Amourette AGXX6870
El Amra AGXX3723
El Amra AGXX0690
El Amra Gare AGXX0691
El Amri AGXX1108
El Amri AGXX1893
El Amria AGXX0145
El Anasser AGXX3189
El Anasser AGXX0979
El Anasser AGXX6965
El Ancer AGXX3596
El Ancor AGXX5876
El Anndek AGXX1609
El Annseur AGXX4671
El Ansser AGXX2766
El Aouadid AGXX4672
El Aouainia AGXX0692
El Aouamedia AGXX2767
El Aouana AGXX0693
El Aouana AGXX3597
El Aouaoudja AGXX4673
El Aouaouka AGXX4674
El Aouedj AGXX7630
El Aouinat AGXX5051
El Aouinet AGXX5697
El Aouisset AGXX6440
El Aouisset AGXX8600
El Araara AGXX4294
El Arab AGXX0379
El Araba AGXX5877
El Araba AGXX6441
El Arabaa AGXX5532
El Arabat AGXX2768
El Arabia AGXX0694
El Araguib AGXX2229
El Araibia AGXX5533
El Araissia AGXX6442
El Arayache AGXX4295
El Arba AGXX0146
El Arba AGXX4675
El Ardja AGXX8436
El Arfiane AGXX3277
El Arfsi AGXX3278
El Argoub AGXX8437
El Aria AGXX3111
El Arich AGXX3279
El Aricha AGXX7631
El Ariga AGXX8438
El Arrouch AGXX0147
El Asnam AGXX0148
El Assafia AGXX3779
El Ataouate AGXX5534
El Atatfa AGXX2769
El Atatfa AGXX0695
El Ateuf AGXX3523
El Atouta AGXX2230
El Attaf AGXX0696
El Attatou AGXX2770
El Azaib AGXX2045
El Azaizia AGXX6443
El Azaizia AGXX4296
El Azaizia AGXX0697
El Azazma AGXX6444
El Azela AGXX3190
El Azib AGXX7872
El Azizia AGXX4676
El Baadj AGXX3280
El Baal AGXX2231
El Bahara AGXX2771
El Bania AGXX1894
El Baouch AGXX6966
El Barga AGXX1687
El Barka AGXX0149
El Barka AGXX0150
El Barkat AGXX3539
El Barri AGXX4677
El Bayadh AGXX0041
El Bdarna AGXX0698
El Behara AGXX5535
El Beida AGXX6732
El Beida AGXX1688
El Bekalech AGXX2772
El Bekara AGXX3598
El Benaihia AGXX0699
El Berd AGXX3281
El Bessahia AGXX2773
El Betaiem AGXX7632
El Betainia AGXX6445
El Bethom AGXX4678
El Bettam AGXX8439
El Biada AGXX5052
El Biar AGXX8185
El Biod AGXX5665
El Bir AGXX1245
El Bkairia AGXX5536
El Bkhaitia AGXX5537
El Bordj AGXX4297
El Bordj AGXX1610
El Bordj AGXX1895
El Bouazra AGXX2774
El Bour AGXX5963
El Brahlia AGXX2775
El Braik AGXX2776
El Brarcha AGXX2777
El Brarim AGXX4679
El Braya AGXX5878
El Bsakra AGXX2778
El Caid AGXX2779
El Cheurfa AGXX2780
El Djaada AGXX2781
El Djaadria AGXX4298
El Djabia AGXX1246
El Djalala AGXX4680
El Djamila AGXX8186
El Djarr AGXX3191
El Djebel AGXX1762
El Djedid AGXX0380
El Djenane AGXX5053
El Djenane AGXX8440
El Djenene AGXX1247
El Djenna AGXX6446
El Djeradir AGXX2782
El Djerf AGXX3599
El Djorf Lahmar AGXX4681
El Djoualil AGXX2783
El Djouf AGXX1896
El Djriouat AGXX2784
El Dreah AGXX3359
El Esnam AGXX0152
El Euch AGXX7477
El Eulma AGXX6967
El Fahis AGXX4682
El Faidhat AGXX6447
El Faraia AGXX4683
El Fard AGXX4299
El Farfaria AGXX1897
El Fedj AGXX0700
El Fedj AGXX7478
El Fedjoudj AGXX3451
El Felaye AGXX1248
El Ferfera AGXX4300
El Ferraihia AGXX4684
El Flafla AGXX2785
El Fouassi AGXX6871
El Frin AGXX3360
El Gaadi AGXX0701
El Gaidia AGXX4301
El Ganntra AGXX3524
El Garoucha AGXX6448
El Ghaliet AGXX2786
El Ghamamza AGXX2787
El Ghebaria AGXX6449
El Gheddan AGXX2788
El Ghenanma AGXX6450
El Ghicha AGXX3781
El Ghomri AGXX5538
El Ghouairia AGXX6451
El Ghouala AGXX2789
El Ghouali AGXX2790
El Ghouata AGXX8441
El Ghouaya AGXX4302
El Glaglia AGXX0702
El Golea AGXX4685
El Golea AGXX0031
El Gor AGXX7634
El Gora AGXX8442
El Gorain AGXX4686
El Goreira AGXX7635
El Gouaoussa AGXX4687
El Gouassem AGXX6452
El Gouassem AGXX8602
El Gouatnia AGXX2791
El Goubab AGXX8443
El Goueaa AGXX4688
El Goug AGXX5964
El Gouizette AGXX4689
El Goumaizia AGXX6453
El Gourzi AGXX1611
El Grainia AGXX6454
El Graouia AGXX8444
El Guattar AGXX4303
El Guedadha AGXX4691
El Guelali AGXX4692
El Guenadzia AGXX4693
El Guendil AGXX3361
El Guerara AGXX0381
El Gueraza AGXX4694
El Gueroua AGXX3600
El Guerrah AGXX3112
El Guessaissia AGXX5539
El Guetar AGXX6968
El Guetayia AGXX4695
El Guetna AGXX4304
El Guettana AGXX4305
El Guettar AGXX8445
El Guettar AGXX1469
El Guettat AGXX1898
El Guezazna AGXX0703
El Guigba AGXX2232
El Habal AGXX3601
El Habel AGXX1899
El Habla AGXX0382
El Hacaiba AGXX7636
El Hachem AGXX4306
El Hachem AGXX4697
El Hachichia AGXX6969
El Hachimia AGXX1763
El Had AGXX0704
El Hadabbab AGXX1249
El Haddada AGXX3602
El Hadhar AGXX2796
El Hadi Tahar AGXX2797
El Hadj Ameur AGXX3603
El Hadj Benyatou AGXX4698
El Hadj Guelmane AGXX0154
El Hadj Marnia AGXX7637
El Hadj Saada AGXX4307
El Hadj Sadok AGXX0705
El Hadj Tahar AGXX0706
El Hadjar AGXX1029
El Hadjares AGXX4699
El Hadjedj AGXX2233
El Hadjira AGXX5965
El Hadoud AGXX7873
El Hadoud AGXX3604
El Hafeur AGXX7264
El Haiad AGXX0383
El Haiadsa AGXX4308
El Halaiba AGXX7638
El Halailia AGXX0707
El Hamaidia AGXX4309
El Hamatchia AGXX0708
El Hamdania AGXX1612
El Hamdi AGXX0709
El Hamel AGXX0155
El Hamiz AGXX0980
El Hamma AGXX6970
El Hamma AGXX3724
El Hammadia AGXX1470
El Hammam AGXX5054
El Hammam AGXX1764
El Hammam AGXX6823
El Hammam AGXX2234
El Hammam AGXX6971
El Hammam AGXX4700
El Hammam AGXX6455
El Hamman AGXX1250
El Hamr AGXX2798
El Hamra AGXX1471
El Hamra AGXX2235
El Hamra AGXX0384
El Hamri AGXX4310
El Hamri AGXX6456
El Hamri AGXX8446
El Hanatsits AGXX2799
El Hania AGXX3192
El Hank AGXX0385
El Haouanet AGXX7639
El Haouch AGXX5055
El Haouch AGXX1901
El Haouda AGXX3362
El Haouia AGXX4311
El Haouita AGXX3782
El Haoussine AGXX5880
El Haouyate AGXX4312
El Hara AGXX6457
El Haraba AGXX3363
El Harchaia AGXX8447
El Harchia AGXX2800
El Harech AGXX2801
El Harihira AGXX5966
El Harrach AGXX2048
El Harrach AGXX0329
El Harsa AGXX4313
El Hassainia AGXX0710
El Hassi AGXX6972
El Hassiane AGXX5541
El Hatatba AGXX6458
El Hatatba AGXX8448
El Hathmia AGXX0711
El Hattatba AGXX6459
El Hattatba AGXX8187
El Hdadba AGXX4701
El Hdjarass AGXX0712
El hed AGXX1432
El Hedaiek AGXX7266
El Hedair AGXX7640
El Hefair AGXX4702
El Helailia AGXX6460
El Hemri AGXX2802
El Hendjir AGXX5666
El Henndjadj AGXX2803
El Hezaizia AGXX4703
El Hlaounia AGXX0713
El Hmadena AGXX6461
El Hobeur AGXX1689
El Honaichat AGXX6462
El Horreicha AGXX3364
El Hot AGXX3605
El Houachi AGXX5056
El Houachmia AGXX0714
El Houad AGXX4314
El Houadef AGXX4315
El Houamda AGXX4704
El Houamdia AGXX5542
El Houar AGXX6463
El Houara AGXX4705
El Houissatte AGXX5543
El Houmour AGXX4316
El Houmria AGXX6872
El Hrayag AGXX4317
El Hrayech AGXX7267
El Idrissia AGXX3193
El Kaakha AGXX6464
El Kabar AGXX7641
El Kadjaa AGXX5544
El Kahal AGXX7451
El Kala AGXX3365
El Kalaa AGXX2804
El Kalla AGXX8188
El Kantara AGXX2236
El Kantara AGXX3113
El Kantila AGXX7268
El Karia AGXX2805
El Karimia AGXX2806
El Karma AGXX2049
El Karrouch AGXX1765
El Kasdir AGXX5667
El Kbaidia AGXX6465
El Kbar AGXX2807
El Kechaid AGXX0715
El Kedadra AGXX8449
El Kedaouriya AGXX2808
El Kef AGXX0156
El Kefafsa AGXX4706
El Keitoun AGXX1251
El Kelaa AGXX7874
El Kelaa Ouadda AGXX1252
El Kelba AGXX7642
El Kelssaine AGXX7643
El Kerama AGXX0716
El Keriat AGXX8189
El Kerma AGXX5881
El Kessara AGXX5545
El Keurt AGXX4318
El Kfafsa AGXX2810
El Khabaia AGXX2811
El Khachachma AGXX2812
El Khadra AGXX3247
El Khalfi AGXX0386
El Khama AGXX0717
El Khamlia AGXX2813
El Khareza AGXX3194
El Kharroub AGXX1253
El Kharrouba AGXX2814
El Khattab AGXX0718
El Khdaidia AGXX6466
El Khebabza AGXX2815
El Khebazlia AGXX2816
El Khebb AGXX3283
El Khechakhchia AGXX4707
El Khedaiedj AGXX5546
El Kheddachet AGXX4708
El Khelaif AGXX2817
El Kheloua AGXX4709
El Kheloua AGXX6973
El Khemarmia AGXX4710
El Khemis AGXX0719
El Khemis AGXX3606
El Khemis AGXX4711
El Khemis AGXX7269
El Khenag AGXX4712
El Kheneg AGXX4713
El Kheneg AGXX3783
El Kheoual AGXX0720
El Kheraif AGXX2818
El Khobna AGXX5967
El Khoddam AGXX5547
El Khoddam AGXX6467
El Khouad AGXX4714
El Khreb AGXX1766
El Khrefa AGXX2819
El Khroub AGXX3114
El Klabra AGXX6873
El Klaoucha AGXX0721
El Klaylia AGXX4319
El Kmakma AGXX2820
El Kobbania AGXX6468
El Kohabtia AGXX0722
El Kolla AGXX7644
El Kouahi AGXX5698
El Koualil AGXX8450
El Kouanta AGXX4320
El Kouazet AGXX4715
El Koubbiya AGXX7270
El Koucha AGXX5057
El Koudia AGXX6974
El Koudiat AGXX7875
El Koues AGXX2050
El Kouif AGXX7479
El Kraeich AGXX0723
El Kraiaia AGXX6469
El Krarma AGXX4321
El Krelafna AGXX7645
El Krerouz AGXX1902
El Ksabi AGXX0387
El Ksar AGXX0724
El Ksar AGXX1903
El Ksar AGXX1690
El Ksar AGXX2237
El Kseibat AGXX0388
El Kseur AGXX0157
El Ksour AGXX5968
El Ksour AGXX3725
El Ktaf AGXX3284
El Laout AGXX3784
El Lil Ou Ahmed AGXX4716
El Louza AGXX6874
El Ma AGXX7876
El Ma el Abiod AGXX7480
El Ma Guechtoum AGXX7877
El Maad AGXX3607
El Maafel AGXX3366
El Maaizia AGXX8452
El Maalba AGXX3195
El Maalime AGXX8603
El Maazia AGXX5549
El Madania AGXX0981
El Madene Mines AGXX1613
El Madher AGXX2238
El Magrouna AGXX5668
El Mahder AGXX0158
El Mahdi AGXX4718
El Mahdia AGXX1473
El Mahera AGXX0726
El Maien AGXX0727
El Main AGXX1254
El Maiz AGXX0389
El Maja AGXX1691
El Makbia AGXX0728
El Mala AGXX3821
El Malah AGXX4322
El Malah AGXX4719
El Mamnia AGXX2822
El Mamounia AGXX4323
El Mannsour AGXX8604
El Mansour AGXX0159
El Mardja AGXX3608
El Marsa AGXX0982
El Marsa AGXX2823
El Marsa AGXX3609
El Masri AGXX6471
El Matlag AGXX4720
El Matmar AGXX6472
El Matmour AGXX8453
El Mdainia AGXX2824
El Mecheiria AGXX2825
El Mechria AGXX4324
El Medadha AGXX4721
El Medaregue AGXX3196
El Medina AGXX0729
El Medjahdia AGXX0730
El Medjahdine AGXX2826
El Medjamdia AGXX6474
El Megdadia AGXX6824
El Meghaier AGXX3285
El Mehadjer AGXX2827
El Mehaiat AGXX3248
El Meharzia AGXX4722
El Mekhtaria AGXX2828
El Mekkaidia AGXX6475
El Mekmene AGXX5669
El Melaab AGXX8454
El Melah AGXX3367
El Meliani AGXX2829
El Melouane AGXX4723
El Mena bha AGXX0161
El Menabha AGXX1692
El Menaceria AGXX4325
El Menassir AGXX0391
El Menched AGXX4724
El Mennchar AGXX1255
El Meraimia AGXX0731
El Merarhdia AGXX7481
El Merassel AGXX3610
El Merazguia AGXX4725
El Merdj AGXX1256
El Merdja AGXX1474
El Merdja AGXX4726
El Merdja AGXX3197
El Merenndj AGXX1614
El Meridj AGXX7482
El Meritim AGXX3198
El Mermoutsia AGXX7483
El Meroudj AGXX1257
El Mersa AGXX7272
El Mersa AGXX3611
El Meslah AGXX1615
El Messaif AGXX6825
El Mezainia AGXX8455
El Mezarea AGXX2830
El Mezeraa AGXX7484
El Mhailia AGXX5550
El Miad AGXX7646
El Mihan AGXX3540
El Milia AGXX3115
El Milia AGXX0162
El Mkam AGXX1258
El Moaziz AGXX6476
El Moid AGXX3612
El Mokhairia AGXX0732
El Mokhfi AGXX8190
El Mokrani AGXX5551
El Morra AGXX2831
El Mouaba AGXX6477
El Moualda AGXX0733
El Mouaznia AGXX0734
El Moueddi AGXX1904
El Mouissia AGXX3368
El Moulhanni AGXX1616
El Mrazguia AGXX2832
El Msene AGXX8191
El Msila AGXX3613
El Mssatfa AGXX8456
El Mtanib AGXX4727
El Mzaouegh AGXX2833
El Mzili AGXX8457
El Ogla AGXX3286
El Ogla AGXX3726
El Omaria AGXX4728
El Otsmane AGXX5058
El Ouadia AGXX3614
El Ouakda AGXX2834
El Ouakla AGXX0735
El Oualdja AGXX7273
El Ouar AGXX5969
El Ouata AGXX0163
El Ouata AGXX0736
El Ouchmia AGXX4729
El Oued AGXX0026
El Oued AGXX2051
El Oued AGXX1767
El Ouendoura AGXX3727
El Ouennene AGXX4326
El Ouibed AGXX5970
El Ouidane AGXX5670
El Ouidir AGXX7274
El Ouldja AGXX2239
El Ouldja AGXX3728
El Ouldja AGXX3615
El Ouloudj AGXX7275
El Ouricia AGXX6975
El Ousasra AGXX2835
El Outa Sbeirath AGXX5059
El Outaya AGXX0165
El Rhedir AGXX7276
El Rheraba AGXX2836
El Rherib AGXX4730
El Rhezala AGXX5060
El Rhirane AGXX3616
El Rhoraf AGXX2052
El Rhoualem AGXX8605
El Rouaighia AGXX4731
El Sellamet AGXX4732
El Seridj AGXX4733
El Sleaa AGXX3369
El Tarf AGXX3370
El Tenedla AGXX0166
El Touaiene AGXX6478
El Touaimia AGXX2837
El Yachir AGXX2838
El Yourh AGXX3199
El Zebabja AGXX6479
El-Mehgoun AGXX5882
Em Jez ed Chich AGXX7277
Emir Abdelkader AGXX3617
En Naieme AGXX8458
En Nakhla AGXX5061
En Nedjma AGXX5883
En Nefafikh AGXX7647
En Nekala AGXX5884
En Nemala AGXX3618
En Nessirha AGXX3288
En Nouadji AGXX2839
En Nouaoura AGXX4734
Ennedid AGXX7415
Ennfouss AGXX3785
Er Rabta AGXX7648
Er Racha AGXX8459
Er Raf AGXX2840
Er Rak AGXX8460
Er Rdair AGXX2053
Er Redjamia AGXX4735
Er Ref AGXX2841
Er Rehahla AGXX5552
Er Rekta AGXX6976
Er Remadnia AGXX0737
Er Remla AGXX1768
Er Rirhia AGXX3371
Er Rmassa AGXX6480
Er Rmila AGXX4736
Er Rogassa AGXX3249
Er Rouabah AGXX5062
Er Rouama AGXX6481
Erbea AGXX1475
Erdjaouna Techt AGXX7878
Eriyache AGXX0738
Erramlia AGXX2842
Erredjem AGXX4737
Errouabi AGXX2843
Es Safra AGXX7649
Es Safsaf AGXX7650
Es Safsaf AGXX6482
Es Saradj AGXX2844
Es Sbabna AGXX7651
Es Sdadka AGXX4738
Es Sebt AGXX7278
Es Sebt AGXX0739
Es Sedd AGXX8461
Es Senia AGXX5885
Es Sennansia AGXX6876
Es Settar AGXX5971
Es Shara AGXX2845
Es Snoubria AGXX0740
Es Souak AGXX7279
Es Souala AGXX2846
Es Souamet AGXX2847
Es Souik AGXX8462
Es Stati AGXX4739
Esafsaf AGXX4328
Essedra AGXX2848
Et Tarhtarh AGXX3250
Et Tine AGXX5972
Et Tissael AGXX7880
Et Tleta AGXX5064
Et Tnine AGXX4740
Et Tnine AGXX2054
Et Tolba AGXX5065
Et Touablia AGXX5066
Et Touahria AGXX8463
Et Touaibia AGXX0742
Et Toubabcha AGXX3619
Et Toug AGXX0743
Ettouaress AGXX6483
Eugene Etienne AGXX5886
Eulb ech Chaambi AGXX5973
Ez Zaouia AGXX2849
Ez Zaouia AGXX3620
Ez Zaouia AGXX6484
Ez Zeggoub AGXX3289
Ez Zeharia AGXX8606
Ez Zelaitia AGXX6485
Ez Zemamria AGXX4741
Ez Zenata AGXX7652
Ez Ziadir AGXX0744
Ez Ziar AGXX0745
Ez Ziatine AGXX7653
Ez Zloua AGXX5067
Ez Zmala AGXX1476
Ez Zouaria AGXX3372
Ez Zoubia AGXX6486
Ezzrakna AGXX4329
Fadnoun AGXX3541
Faidherbe AGXX8464
Fais AGXX2240
Falcon AGXX5887
Farfar AGXX1905
Fars el Bey AGXX2850
Fatis AGXX0392
Faubourg Bab-Ali AGXX4330
Faubourg Bel Air AGXX4331
Faubourg Lamy AGXX3117
Faubourg Marceau AGXX6828
Faubourg Martin AGXX4333
Faubourg Thiers AGXX6829
Faucigny AGXX6977
Fedafeda AGXX7416
Fedi Mzala AGXX0167
Fedj ed Dedjal AGXX7485
Fedoul AGXX8465
Feid el Alleg AGXX3373
Feidh el Botma AGXX3200
Feldene AGXX7881
Fendi AGXX1693
Fenoughil AGXX0393
Ferah AGXX2851
Feraoun AGXX1259
Feraoun AGXX0394
Ferastia AGXX8466
Feratsa AGXX5888
Ferch Othmania AGXX0746
Fercha AGXX5068
Ferchet Aicha AGXX3201
Ferdoua AGXX3823
Ferechet Aissa AGXX3202
Fereha AGXX1260
Fergoug AGXX4334
Ferhaiha AGXX0747
Ferkane AGXX7486
Ferkat Cheraigia AGXX0748
Ferkat Chlaba AGXX4743
Ferkat Ismailia AGXX0749
Ferkat Zenata AGXX0753
Fermatou AGXX6978
Ferme Dufourg AGXX1906
Feroukha AGXX1618
Ferracha AGXX1261
Ferraguig AGXX4335
Fers et Tiabine AGXX0756
Fers Lahmar AGXX0755
Fertene AGXX2852
Fetala AGXX1262
Fetouha AGXX4336
Fghailia AGXX6487
Filiach AGXX1907
Fitchou AGXX6979
Fliki AGXX7882
Flitta AGXX0757
Foggaret el Arab AGXX7417
Foggaret ez Zoua AGXX7418
Fornaka AGXX5553
Foughal AGXX0758
Foughala AGXX1908
Fouka AGXX8193
Fouka Marine AGXX8194
Foum el Kheneg AGXX0395
Foum el Kherza AGXX1909
Foum Toub AGXX2241
Foussa AGXX8467
Fraihia AGXX5554
Frarda AGXX4337
Freha AGXX7883
Frenda AGXX0169
Fridjou AGXX3729
Fritissa AGXX8468
Froha AGXX4338
Gaadet el Hammam AGXX8469
Gadet el Beida AGXX0759
Galbois AGXX1477
Gambetta AGXX6733
Gambetta AGXX5890
Gamra AGXX3374
Gantas AGXX1263
Gare AGXX4339
Garsif AGXX1619
Garta AGXX1910
Gasses AGXX3730
Gazoduc AGXX4340
Gbar Gaid AGXX7281
Gdyel AGXX5891
Ghabet Aouda AGXX8470
Gharbou Tchicha AGXX6488
Ghardaia AGXX0027
Gharouss AGXX4341
Ghassoul AGXX0171
Ghazaouet AGXX0172
Ghazlia AGXX2853
Ghebal - Telassa AGXX2854
Ghechachma AGXX0760
Ghedhadhaba AGXX6489
Ghennadja AGXX2855
Gherboussa AGXX6490
Gherdoussa AGXX2856
Ghorraf Deries AGXX8471
Ghouali AGXX0761
Ghoul Ou Melzi AGXX0762
Ghriss AGXX4342
Gom Sidi Lakhdar AGXX4746
Gosbat AGXX2242
Gouarir AGXX3251
Gouassem AGXX0763
Goubia AGXX3621
Gouiret es Soud AGXX7419
Goum Berredjouh AGXX4747
Goum Hadj Moussa AGXX4748
Gounod AGXX0173
Gourara AGXX0396
Gouraya AGXX0174
Gourbis AGXX7282
Graba AGXX1620
Graffi AGXX5069
Graia el Hassi AGXX4344
Grairia AGXX6491
Grarem AGXX3824
Gravelotte AGXX3825
Guechtoula AGXX6980
Guedadaha AGXX4749
Gueddacha AGXX1911
Gueddila AGXX1912
Guededra AGXX6830
Guedera AGXX2055
Guelaa AGXX1264
Guelaa Bou Sba AGXX3452
Guelaa Djedida AGXX2243
Guelfene AGXX2056
Guellal AGXX6981
Guelma AGXX3453
Guelt Bou Zid AGXX6492
Guelt el Haya AGXX3622
Guelt es Stel AGXX3204
Guemana AGXX4750
Guemar AGXX0175
Guemchouch AGXX6982
Guemiri AGXX4345
Guemoun AGXX1265
Guenayene AGXX7654
Guendouz AGXX1266
Guenguita AGXX7283
Guenndoul AGXX7884
Guenndour AGXX1769
Guentis AGXX3731
Guenzet AGXX0176
Guerara AGXX3525
Guercha Bouaziz AGXX8472
Guerdema AGXX1913
Guerdjoum AGXX4346
Guerebissa AGXX2057
Guergour AGXX1621
Guernini AGXX8473
Guernini AGXX5070
Guerouma AGXX1770
Guerrouaou AGXX1622
Guertoufa AGXX8474
Guerzim AGXX1694
Gueseria AGXX3205
Guetatech AGXX4751
Guettar el Aich AGXX3119
Guezazna AGXX0764
Guidjal AGXX6983
Guigueb AGXX8475
Guilili AGXX2857
Haadouch AGXX7885
Habassa AGXX3623
Habiche AGXX8195
Hache el Hamra AGXX4348
Hacine AGXX4349
Had Sahary AGXX3206
Haddad AGXX4350
Hadj Amar AGXX0765
Hadj Ben Abid AGXX2058
Hadj Ben Mira AGXX0766
Hadj Djilali AGXX4351
Hadj el Djelani AGXX0767
Hadj Hadjera AGXX5555
Hadj Ladjale AGXX4753
Hadjadj AGXX5557
Hadjadj Plage AGXX5558
Hadjairia AGXX1110
Hadjama AGXX2059
Hadjema AGXX0983
Hadjout AGXX0177
Hadjrai Izzaler AGXX0768
Hadjrat Lougab AGXX4352
Hadjret en Nouss AGXX8197
Hai Abdel Azziz AGXX2858
Hai Ali Benhania AGXX0769
Hai Bellabes AGXX0770
Hai Bessada AGXX6493
Hai Chebira AGXX6494
Hai Chouhada AGXX6495
Hai el Djebel AGXX5559
Hai Kermach AGXX6496
Hai Khemisti AGXX5892
Hai Salem AGXX0772
Hai Sidi Amar AGXX0773
Hai Sidi Said AGXX1111
Hainoune AGXX7420
Hakimia AGXX4754
Halouane AGXX7886
Halouiya AGXX1623
Hamadia AGXX8476
Hamaguir AGXX1695
Hamala AGXX3826
Hamama AGXX1267
Hamameria AGXX0774
Hamda AGXX1268
Hameau de Gata AGXX1112
Hamezaoua AGXX2859
Hamid Ben Badis AGXX2860
Hamla AGXX2245
Hamlil AGXX2861
Hamlili AGXX1624
Hamma AGXX0984
Hamma Bouziane AGXX3120
Hammadi Krouma AGXX7284
Hammam AGXX3375
Hammam AGXX1478
Hammam Boughrara AGXX7655
Hammam Brad AGXX3454
Hammam Dalaa AGXX5071
Hammam el Biban AGXX1479
Hammam Guergour AGXX6984
Hammam Melouane AGXX1625
Hammam Ouled Ali AGXX3457
Hammam Rabbi AGXX6877
Hammam Righa AGXX0775
Hammam Sidi Zid AGXX3376
Hammam Sokhna AGXX6985
Hammamet AGXX7487
Hammoudaine AGXX8198
Hamou Boutlelis AGXX5560
Handis AGXX1269
Haniet AGXX1270
Hannacha AGXX0776
Hanoui Aid AGXX2862
Haouch Aguitoune AGXX1626
Haouch Bel Abbes AGXX2060
Haouch Ben Touil AGXX2061
Haouch el Bey AGXX1629
Haouch el Gharba AGXX2863
Haouch el Hofra AGXX4757
Haouch es Serdj AGXX2864
Haouch ez Zoubia AGXX5561
Haouch Guerroum AGXX7289
Haouch Massouma AGXX1627
Haouch Reis AGXX1628
Haouch Rouiba AGXX0985
Haouche el Kaid AGXX3207
Haoud Ben Youb AGXX7656
Haoud el Amade AGXX5562
Haoud el Hamra AGXX5974
Haoura AGXX7887
Harartsa AGXX6498
Harchoune AGXX2865
Hardy AGXX0178
Hariba AGXX8477
Harta Chraga AGXX0777
Harta Ghraba AGXX2866
Harte Anhare AGXX4355
Hassasna AGXX6499
Hassasna AGXX5893
Hassenaoua AGXX7888
Hassi Bahbah AGXX0179
Hassi Ben Madjeb AGXX5072
Hassi el Biod AGXX5895
Hassi el Ghella AGXX1114
Hassi Fedoul AGXX8478
Hassi Khalifa AGXX0180
Hassi Khebi AGXX0330
Hassi Khelifa AGXX3290
Hassi Maameche AGXX5563
Hassi Massiline AGXX4758
Hassi Mefsoukh AGXX5894
Hassi Oudjerna AGXX4356
Hassi Redhouane AGXX5564
Hassi Tahar AGXX3208
Hassi Zehana AGXX7657
Hassi-Messaoud AGXX0030
Hassiane Ettoual AGXX5896
Hateb el Moualah AGXX6500
Hateb el Ouarta AGXX6501
Hbabza AGXX2867
Hdjadjra AGXX4357
Helaimia AGXX8607
Heliopolis AGXX3460
Hellil AGXX0778
Hembla AGXX2250
Henaia AGXX5073
Henaich AGXX8608
Henchia AGXX3624
Henidja AGXX4358
Hennaya AGXX7658
Hennchir Douames AGXX3733
Henndou AGXX7889
Henouf AGXX2868
Herbillon AGXX0182
Herenfa AGXX2869
Herenffa AGXX2870
Heumis AGXX2871
Hibdach AGXX7890
Highafok AGXX7421
Hiltene AGXX6986
Hippone AGXX1033
Hirhafor AGXX0183
Hite Boudjemline AGXX0779
Honaine AGXX7659
Houabi AGXX8609
Houachmia AGXX0780
Houaoua AGXX6502
Houaoucha AGXX6503
Houareth AGXX8479
Houasnia AGXX0781
Hraoua AGXX0782
Hussein Dey AGXX0986
I-n- Hamou AGXX0397
I-n-Amenas AGXX3543
I-n-Amguel AGXX7422
I-n-Belbel AGXX0398
I-n-Ezzane AGXX3544
I-n-Rhar AGXX0399
I-n-Salah AGXX7423
I-n-Tifar AGXX7424
Ianouchene AGXX7891
Ibahial AGXX7892
Ibaouchene AGXX1271
Ibarguiene AGXX7425
Ibarissene AGXX1272
Ibdassene AGXX7893
Ibeljiouene AGXX1771
Ibkarene AGXX7894
Ibouharene AGXX2062
Ibouhathmane AGXX1273
Ichaoutene AGXX2063
Ichekfiouine AGXX1274
Icherridene AGXX7895
Ichoukhene AGXX7896
Ichtouanene AGXX7897
Ideles AGXX0184
Idirh AGXX1696
Idjdhikth AGXX2872
Iferhounene AGXX7898
Ifigha AGXX7899
Iflissen AGXX7900
Ifnaiene AGXX7901
Ifouzar AGXX7902
Ifri AGXX7903
Ighil-Izane AGXX0185
Ighram AGXX7904
Igli AGXX1697
Igosten AGXX0400
Igostene AGXX7426
Igoudjdal AGXX7905
Igoufaf AGXX7906
Igoulfane AGXX7907
Iguelfene AGXX2251
Iguer Guedmimem AGXX7909
Iguer Gueres AGXX2064
Iguer-n-Tala AGXX7910
Ihaddadem AGXX1275
Ihaggarene AGXX1276
Ihaionnene AGXX1277
Iherir AGXX3545
Ikadaine AGXX2873
Ikkas AGXX0401
Ikoubab AGXX1278
Iksilene AGXX1279
Il Matene AGXX1280
Ilamane AGXX7427
Ililane AGXX2065
Illerene AGXX3546
Illiltene AGXX1772
Illizi AGXX0036
Illouz AGXX5897
Ima Hlima AGXX1630
Imadrane AGXX2874
Imialene AGXX1281
Immoula AGXX1282
Imouguel AGXX1283
Imoumnayan AGXX2875
Imsad AGXX8201
Imsalitene AGXX7912
In Amenas AGXX0033
In Atei AGXX0332
In Ekker AGXX0188
In Guezzam AGXX0333
In Salah AGXX0035
In-Amdjel AGXX0190
Inndouz AGXX7660
Irahalene AGXX7913
Irarrarene AGXX7428
Irhain AGXX7914
Irhil Bou Addou AGXX7915
Irhil Bou Anou AGXX7916
Irhil Bou Kiassa AGXX7917
Irhil Bou Souel AGXX7918
Irhil Bouzerou AGXX7919
Irhil el Khemis AGXX6987
Irhil el Mal AGXX7926
Irhil Emda AGXX1284
Irhil Hammad AGXX1773
Irhil Hassene AGXX1285
Irhil Igrane AGXX1286
Irhil Imoula AGXX7921
Irhil Isly AGXX1287
Irhil Khelil AGXX7922
Irhil Mahani AGXX7924
Irhil Merzoug AGXX1288
Irhil Ollouanene AGXX1290
Irhil Ou Ziane AGXX2066
Irhil Ouandtar AGXX1291
Irhil Oumessed AGXX7925
Irhil Ouznag AGXX1293
Irhil Resfene AGXX1294
Irhil Timezerit AGXX2067
Irhil-n-Touila AGXX2068
Irhil-n-Zerouine AGXX1774
Irhilt Keroun AGXX7928
Irhzar-Nechbel AGXX7929
Irhzer AGXX0402
Irhzer Abbas AGXX1295
Irhzer Amokrane AGXX7930
Irhzer Ou Ftis AGXX1296
Irhzer-n-Ekba AGXX7931
Iril Ourir AGXX1480
Iril Yer AGXX8202
Irouflene AGXX1297
Irtabene AGXX7932
Isbikene AGXX1298
Isdra AGXX1299
Isly AGXX0987
Issakamarene AGXX7430
Isselane AGXX4759
Issenadjene AGXX7933
Isser AGXX2069
Isseradjene AGXX7934
Isserbourg AGXX2070
Issouane AGXX7935
Issoumatene AGXX7936
Issoummar AGXX1300
Izra AGXX2876
Jean-Mermoz AGXX4359
Jemmapes AGXX0191
Jijel AGXX0040
Joannonville AGXX1034
Joimsia AGXX6504
Joinville AGXX1631
Kabertene AGXX0403
Kaddour AGXX0783
Kaddour Bel Hadj AGXX8481
Kadiria AGXX1775
Kadri Messadi AGXX8482
Kadum Debbaz AGXX4760
Kahal Tabelbala AGXX1698
Kahamnia AGXX4761
Kais AGXX3734
Kalaa AGXX6505
Kalaa AGXX2877
Kali AGXX0404
Kalloul AGXX2878
Kanntidja AGXX7937
Kanoua AGXX7292
Kaous AGXX3625
Karaa Chira AGXX2879
Karguentah AGXX5898
Kariat Nourdine AGXX4360
Kariou AGXX1301
Karouba AGXX5899
Karria AGXX4361
Karroucha AGXX2880
Kasba AGXX1481
Kasbah AGXX5900
Kassim AGXX1776
Kchida AGXX2252
Kebaba AGXX3626
Kebach AGXX1914
Kebarit AGXX6735
Kebouch AGXX1302
Kebour Bou Chaib AGXX0784
Kechachda AGXX4762
Kedadra AGXX6506
Kedadra AGXX1115
Kedadra AGXX5567
Keddara AGXX2071
Kedima AGXX5975
Kedjedjma AGXX2881
Kef el Amar AGXX1777
Kef el Aogab AGXX2072
Kef Fercha AGXX2253
Kef Haied AGXX3827
Kehailia AGXX6507
Kekkou AGXX2882
Kelaa AGXX7938
Kembita AGXX1303
Kenadsa AGXX0193
Kenenda AGXX6508
Kennour AGXX2073
Keracha AGXX6509
Kerakda AGXX0194
Keramlia AGXX2883
Kerarma AGXX8610
Kerba AGXX7293
Kercha AGXX8483
Kerkera AGXX7294
Kerkouch AGXX0785
Kerm Ali AGXX6988
Kerrachich AGXX1778
Kerrata AGXX0195
Kerroucha AGXX4763
Kerzaz AGXX1699
Khabbouzia AGXX4764
Khadra AGXX5568
Khahra AGXX7939
Khaldia AGXX4362
Khalfallah AGXX6878
Khalidj AGXX6831
Khalloufa AGXX2884
Khalouia AGXX4363
Khankhoun AGXX1304
Khantchoufene AGXX2885
Khantchouffene AGXX2886
Khaouat AGXX1116
Kharba AGXX2887
Kharouba AGXX5569
Kharrouch AGXX7940
Khechab AGXX6510
Khedaidia AGXX6511
Khedaidia AGXX0786
Kheirane AGXX3735
Kheiredine AGXX5570
Khelil AGXX1482
Khelil AGXX1305
Khelili AGXX0787
Khellafa AGXX2888
Khemara AGXX0405
Khemis AGXX7661
Khemis Miliana AGXX0788
Khemisti AGXX8611
Khenag AGXX1917
Khenannsa AGXX4364
Khenchela AGXX0196
Kheng Zebib AGXX8612
Kherarba AGXX0789
Kherba AGXX4765
Kherbacha AGXX0790
Kherichfa AGXX6879
Kherrata AGXX1306
Khetafta AGXX6512
Khlalfa AGXX4365
Khleiliya AGXX2889
Khodam Sidi Ali AGXX6513
Khoua en Naama AGXX3252
Khoualed AGXX6514
Khoualfia AGXX5074
Khraicia AGXX8203
Kissoun AGXX7941
Klaa AGXX7942
Knadjria AGXX0791
Kobbi el Mograne AGXX8485
Kolea AGXX8204
Kolla AGXX1307
Korra AGXX1918
Kou Klas AGXX6990
Kouabaa AGXX2890
Kouadjine AGXX2891
Kouadria AGXX0792
Kouakat AGXX4766
Koualil AGXX6515
Kouamlia AGXX6516
Kouanine AGXX2075
Kouara AGXX5571
Kouassem AGXX4366
Kouba AGXX0988
Koudiat Aty AGXX3121
Koudiet Ammouch AGXX4767
Kouesmia AGXX0793
Kouifette AGXX8486
Kouinine AGXX3291
Kourdane AGXX3787
Kousan AGXX0406
Kra Ouled Adda AGXX8487
Kraounia AGXX0794
Krebna AGXX3292
Kriouat AGXX0795
Kristel AGXX5901
Krite AGXX0796
Ksantina AGXX1308
Ksar Ahmera AGXX3209
Ksar Baghai AGXX5701
Ksar Belezma AGXX2255
Ksar Ben Hammad AGXX8488
Ksar Chraia AGXX1700
Ksar Douimeniat AGXX1701
Ksar el Boukhari AGXX0197
Ksar el Hadj AGXX0407
Ksar el Hirane AGXX3790
Ksar el Oustani AGXX0408
Ksar et Til AGXX6991
Ksar Kabeg AGXX3788
Ksar Malek AGXX7489
Ksar Netsila AGXX3789
Ksar Ouled Youb AGXX1919
Ksar Sbahi AGXX5702
Ksar Timekmert AGXX3210
Ksar Zazia AGXX3736
Ksar Zeira AGXX3211
Ksar-Chellala AGXX0198
Kseir Omrane AGXX3627
Ksiksou AGXX1702
Ksir Ben Chabene AGXX7295
Ksir Beni Zid AGXX7296
Ksour AGXX5076
La Calle AGXX0199
La Ferme AGXX2892
La Guelta AGXX0200
La Macta AGXX5903
La Marine AGXX5904
La Marine AGXX5572
La Meskiana AGXX0201
La Montagne AGXX0990
La Pepiniere AGXX3122
La Pepiniere AGXX7297
La Platriere AGXX1118
La Smala AGXX1920
La Stidia Plage AGXX5573
La Trappe AGXX8205
La Tribu AGXX8206
Laabadlia AGXX6517
Laabedna AGXX7490
Laali et Telli AGXX8613
Laamamra AGXX5574
Laamamria AGXX6518
Laaraf AGXX4768
Laayoune AGXX8614
Labadnia AGXX0797
Labais AGXX8615
Labiod Medjadja AGXX2893
Lac des Oiseaux AGXX3377
Lagagda AGXX4367
Lagaguena AGXX0798
Laghouat AGXX0042
Lagtaa AGXX3212
Lahdadoua AGXX0799
Lahguiat AGXX1779
Lahlef AGXX6519
Lahmar AGXX6520
Lahmissi AGXX2256
Lahouata AGXX0800
Lahsaina AGXX1119
Lahzal AGXX3213
Lakbar AGXX6521
Lakhdaria AGXX1780
Lakhouabi AGXX1309
Lakhsaybia AGXX4368
Lalla Kheira AGXX2894
Lalla Kreiba AGXX7662
Lalla Zohra AGXX4769
Lamamda AGXX6833
Lambiridi AGXX2257
Lambleche AGXX3123
Lamsella AGXX7944
Lamtar AGXX6834
Lamur AGXX5905
Lamy AGXX0204
Laouachria AGXX2895
Laouadj AGXX4369
Larhat AGXX8207
Larhla AGXX1921
Lari Addou AGXX0801
Lari Larhat AGXX8208
Lari Ou Melzi AGXX8209
Lari Ouzou AGXX2896
Lasbaa AGXX8489
Lavoisier AGXX1483
Lazib AGXX2897
Le Bardo AGXX3124
Le Bateau Casse AGXX0991
Le Fer a Cheval AGXX1120
Le Gros Pin AGXX0802
Le Guelta AGXX2898
Le Kef AGXX7663
Le Khroub AGXX0205
Le Kreider AGXX3253
Le Lido AGXX0992
Le Merdja AGXX2899
Le Portet AGXX5906
Le Puits AGXX0804
Le Rocher AGXX6835
Le Telagh AGXX0206
Lebaich AGXX6522
Lebbaker AGXX6523
Lebrakik AGXX2900
Lechaa AGXX1633
Ledebla AGXX6992
Lefgaig AGXX6524
Legbar Labyad AGXX7298
Leghmouna AGXX2901
Leghmour Cheraka AGXX0805
Leghmour Gheraba AGXX0806
Leghraib AGXX6525
Lehlalfa AGXX2902
Lehoudef AGXX6526
Lekaich AGXX0807
Lekhal Ben Abed AGXX5575
Lekhlalfa AGXX2903
Lekhlidj AGXX2904
Lemarcha AGXX0808
Lemekhaleta AGXX3214
Lemeziraa AGXX3215
Lemghalfia AGXX2905
Lemghassel AGXX2906
Lemmalek AGXX6527
Lemouafekia AGXX3216
Lemraoubia AGXX0809
Les Andalouses AGXX5907
Les Arcades AGXX3125
Les Cascades AGXX3126
Les Chevriers AGXX5908
Les Deux Ponts AGXX7299
Les Falaises AGXX1310
Les Hamiane AGXX5576
Les Heuraouas AGXX0993
Les Issers AGXX2077
Les Orangeries AGXX1634
Les Ozaras AGXX5909
Les Rosiers AGXX8213
Les Sablettes AGXX5577
Les Salines AGXX6528
Les Tagarins AGXX0994
Les Tamarins AGXX2258
Les Trembles AGXX1781
Levacher AGXX0810
Liana AGXX1922
Lichana AGXX1923
Lichta AGXX0208
Lihoudiat AGXX3217
Lioua AGXX1924
Lizerg AGXX3293
Loubyer AGXX7300
Louestia AGXX2259
Louhaba AGXX6529
Louhaibet AGXX5077
Louiz AGXX4770
Louritsia AGXX6736
Louta-n-Tkourt AGXX6993
Lutaud AGXX0209
Lyautey AGXX5910
Maachat AGXX5078
Maafa AGXX2261
Maafer AGXX6994
Maameria AGXX2909
Maammar AGXX7945
Maamria AGXX6530
Maarfia AGXX4374
Maaza AGXX8616
Maaziz AGXX7664
Mabrouka AGXX4375
Machta Haltoufa AGXX3738
Madalha AGXX4771
Madjina AGXX1927
Madjrem Errami AGXX6531
Magdad AGXX7665
Magenta AGXX0213
Maghnia AGXX0214
Magoura AGXX7946
Magoura AGXX0215
Magoura AGXX5079
Magra AGXX3379
Magra AGXX5080
Mahadjouba AGXX1784
Mahadnia AGXX6532
Mahagga AGXX7947
Mahaizia AGXX0815
Mahdene AGXX2079
Mahdjoub AGXX7666
Mahe AGXX0816
Mahelma AGXX8215
Mahfouda AGXX1312
Mahidia AGXX0409
Mahouane AGXX6995
Maiach AGXX2080
Mainis AGXX2910
Maison Blanche AGXX3127
Maison Blanche AGXX8216
Maison Rouge AGXX3547
Maison Verte AGXX5976
Makhda AGXX4376
Makouda AGXX2081
Maksene AGXX1313
Malah AGXX1785
Mamoura AGXX0410
Mandoura AGXX2082
Mannsoura AGXX1928
Mansoura AGXX7667
Mansoura Kbira AGXX1486
Mansourah AGXX0216
Mansourah AGXX3128
Mansourah AGXX5578
Manzekouane AGXX1315
Maouaklane AGXX6996
Maouiya AGXX2083
Maoussa AGXX4377
Marabcha AGXX8217
Marabout Aicha AGXX7301
Mardas AGXX0817
Marhoum AGXX6837
Marhouma AGXX1703
Markouna AGXX2262
Marsa Ben Mehidi AGXX7668
Mascara AGXX4378
Mascara Metmore AGXX0019
Massiline AGXX4774
Massine AGXX0411
Matemore AGXX4379
Matemore AGXX5579
Matmar Adhya AGXX6533
Matmar Labiad AGXX8494
Matmar Tassa AGXX8495
Matmata AGXX2911
Matmata AGXX6534
Matmata AGXX0818
Matriouene AGXX0412
Mayeur AGXX8218
Mazagran AGXX5580
Mazailat AGXX8496
Mazer AGXX2084
Mazer AGXX3294
Maziz AGXX6535
Mazouna AGXX2912
Mazouna AGXX6536
Mazzer AGXX7670
Mazzer AGXX1704
Mbarek Mohammed AGXX2913
Mchachka AGXX2085
Mchallal er Raha AGXX6537
Mcherrah AGXX7452
Mebdoua AGXX1929
Mecheraa Asfa AGXX8497
Mecheria AGXX0024
Mechgoug AGXX2263
Mechkal AGXX1930
Mechra Rejjila AGXX7453
Mechreck AGXX7948
Mechroha AGXX3461
Mecht ech Cherf AGXX2086
Mechta Aadik AGXX5082
Mechta Abdallah AGXX7000
Mechta Ablachta AGXX0819
Mechta Abriri AGXX3628
Mechta Adissa AGXX7001
Mechta Adouia AGXX6538
Mechta Afouzar AGXX3629
Mechta Aiadat AGXX2265
Mechta Ain Beida AGXX2266
Mechta Ain Ztout AGXX7004
Mechta Aina AGXX1316
Mechta Ali Gader AGXX2271
Mechta Allouah AGXX2272
Mechta Ameur AGXX7007
Mechta Ameur AGXX6740
Mechta Amoura AGXX6539
Mechta Anana AGXX1788
Mechta Aouachria AGXX7491
Mechta Aouich AGXX5083
Mechta Aouichet AGXX1489
Mechta Aourir AGXX2273
Mechta Arras AGXX7008
Mechta Asnina AGXX7009
Mechta Assaka AGXX1789
Mechta Azaroud AGXX3630
Mechta Azem AGXX2274
Mechta Baararou AGXX7010
Mechta Babaraba AGXX3833
Mechta Baiou AGXX2275
Mechta Bakziz AGXX7011
Mechta Barania AGXX5712
Mechta Barchoum AGXX3631
Mechta Bazina AGXX5713
Mechta Bazzar AGXX7012
Mechta Bekakchia AGXX7492
Mechta Bel Has AGXX0820
Mechta Beldj AGXX1490
Mechta Belkhez AGXX2276
Mechta Ben Baiti AGXX1492
Mechta Ben Daas AGXX2277
Mechta Ben Ferch AGXX3739
Mechta Ben Mehdi AGXX5084
Mechta Beni Amou AGXX0821
Mechta Berdaa AGXX7015
Mechta Bernia AGXX0822
Mechta Besnes AGXX6541
Mechta Bezeria AGXX5085
Mechta Bir Ammar AGXX2278
Mechta Bir Berch AGXX3130
Mechta Bir Nezaa AGXX2280
Mechta Bir Sedra AGXX6741
Mechta Bitam AGXX1494
Mechta Bonassia AGXX3131
Mechta Bou Ari AGXX2281
Mechta Bou Aroua AGXX1495
Mechta Bou Douh AGXX3471
Mechta Bou Kraa AGXX6542
Mechta Bou Nabel AGXX3636
Mechta Bou Rzam AGXX7019
Mechta Bou Taga AGXX1792
Mechta Bou Taieb AGXX2915
Mechta Bou Touil AGXX7020
Mechta Bou Ziane AGXX2916
Mechta Bouira AGXX5086
Mechta Boulila AGXX5087
Mechta Boumia AGXX2285
Mechta Bourdim AGXX3383
Mechta Brabra AGXX5088
Mechta Bracha AGXX3740
Mechta Braktias AGXX5089
Mechta Bribri AGXX5090
Mechta Chaba AGXX2286
Mechta Charchara AGXX3473
Mechta Chareb AGXX2289
Mechta Charef AGXX3839
Mechta Cheki AGXX5091
Mechta Chenafa AGXX1497
Mechta Cherada AGXX6543
Mechta Cherarha AGXX1498
Mechta Cherchar AGXX1499
Mechta Chiha AGXX1500
Mechta Chir AGXX5092
Mechta Chorfa AGXX5093
Mechta Chouafa AGXX2291
Mechta Chouf AGXX3840
Mechta Daas AGXX5721
Mechta Dakhla AGXX7023
Mechta Darhar AGXX5723
Mechta Debil AGXX5095
Mechta Dekhla AGXX5724
Mechta Delaa AGXX4777
Mechta Derfoul AGXX3841
Mechta Derhamna AGXX2292
Mechta Derhra AGXX3384
Mechta Dialem AGXX5096
Mechta Djebabra AGXX3743
Mechta Djebessa AGXX1793
Mechta Djefafli AGXX7495
Mechta Djenane AGXX7024
Mechta Djillaoua AGXX7025
Mechta Doualla AGXX6544
Mechta Draissia AGXX6545
Mechta El Argoub AGXX3385
Mechta el Fedj AGXX3655
Mechta el Hadjra AGXX3656
Mechta Enchid AGXX3637
Mechta Fatima AGXX1501
Mechta Feltane AGXX2295
Mechta Ferraha AGXX1794
Mechta Fetmiat AGXX7309
Mechta Fiar AGXX2917
Mechta Foum Dar AGXX7027
Mechta Fredas AGXX7029
Mechta Gaerabia AGXX4778
Mechta Gara AGXX7030
Mechta Gosbat AGXX2298
Mechta Gouramzi AGXX6746
Mechta Graoudia AGXX6546
Mechta Grarsa AGXX1502
Mechta Grouzia AGXX6547
Mechta Guemmour AGXX1503
Mechta Guetar AGXX1504
Mechta Guettai AGXX6548
Mechta Guettara AGXX3842
Mechta Guimel AGXX2300
Mechta Hacham AGXX5099
Mechta Hadaoua AGXX7031
Mechta Halloufa AGXX3744
Mechta Hamama AGXX7032
Mechta Hamani AGXX5100
Mechta Hannech AGXX7033
Mechta Iahimoun AGXX3638
Mechta Kabouch AGXX5736
Mechta Kakouch AGXX3639
Mechta Kamria AGXX1798
Mechta Kannda AGXX2301
Mechta Kaouane AGXX7034
Mechta Kasba AGXX1799
Mechta Kassari AGXX5101
Mechta Kebira AGXX3844
Mechta Kemedja AGXX7036
Mechta Kermat AGXX7310
Mechta Kermouda AGXX3845
Mechta Khadem AGXX2302
Mechta Khalifia AGXX6549
Mechta Khallouta AGXX3846
Mechta Khamsa AGXX3386
Mechta Kharba AGXX6550
Mechta Kharrouba AGXX1800
Mechta Khelifat AGXX1505
Mechta Khemaila AGXX6551
Mechta Kherarba AGXX6552
Mechta Kherba AGXX7038
Mechta Khibsa AGXX3847
Mechta Knadil AGXX3387
Mechta Kouaid AGXX6553
Mechta Kouider AGXX5102
Mechta Krahala AGXX3642
Mechta Ksir AGXX1506
Mechta Laafia AGXX5103
Mechta Laalatma AGXX5104
Mechta Labais AGXX6554
Mechta Lachouaf AGXX1801
Mechta Lachouaf AGXX5105
Mechta Lachraf AGXX2303
Mechta Lahouabib AGXX5106
Mechta Lakakla AGXX5107
Mechta Lakhberda AGXX7039
Mechta Lakhlidj AGXX7040
Mechta Lamamera AGXX7041
Mechta Laouaska AGXX7042
Mechta Larbaa AGXX1507
Mechta Larsahas AGXX7311
Mechta Lathamnia AGXX4779
Mechta Layadat AGXX1508
Mechta Layeb AGXX7043
Mechta Lemraouna AGXX5738
Mechta Lemsaada AGXX7497
Mechta Loudani AGXX5108
Mechta Louzazna AGXX5109
Mechta Maadit AGXX5110
Mechta Maatit AGXX5111
Mechta Maaza AGXX5112
Mechta Madjout AGXX1803
Mechta Magraoua AGXX7044
Mechta Maifrene AGXX1509
Mechta Markounda AGXX2305
Mechta Marouf AGXX1805
Mechta Mazoula AGXX5739
Mechta Mebdouar AGXX3848
Mechta Medkour AGXX6751
Mechta Mekhalfa AGXX7046
Mechta Mellah AGXX7047
Mechta Mennchar AGXX7048
Mechta Merabaa AGXX5113
Mechta Merabtine AGXX5114
Mechta Merachda AGXX5115
Mechta Mergad AGXX1806
Mechta Messaief AGXX5741
Mechta Messous AGXX3476
Mechta Metaoucha AGXX1510
Mechta Mezahim AGXX4780
Mechta Mezzari AGXX2306
Mechta Mgatif AGXX1807
Mechta Mirah AGXX3849
Mechta Mkhatra AGXX2918
Mechta Mokhtar AGXX7049
Mechta Monis AGXX5116
Mechta Mounchar AGXX7050
Mechta Moyah AGXX1808
Mechta Msabhia AGXX4781
Mechta Nouasser AGXX2919
Mechta Nouasseur AGXX7051
Mechta Nouidrat AGXX5117
Mechta Oulad Dif AGXX7501
Mechta Ouldja AGXX3388
Mechta Ouled Zid AGXX7082
Mechta Ragouba AGXX5750
Mechta Ramadia AGXX5751
Mechta Ramdane AGXX3853
Mechta Ras el Ma AGXX3477
Mechta Reachla AGXX1519
Mechta Rebaba AGXX7085
Mechta Redjas AGXX3854
Mechta Reggada AGXX7313
Mechta Regraga AGXX1520
Mechta Remadnia AGXX5129
Mechta Rhenia AGXX7086
Mechta Rhirene AGXX3136
Mechta Rhlalouch AGXX2319
Mechta Rhoder AGXX1521
Mechta Rirhi AGXX1522
Mechta Rmila AGXX5757
Mechta Roknia AGXX2320
Mechta Rouabhia AGXX3478
Mechta Roubia AGXX5130
Mechta Rouiguet AGXX6761
Mechta Rouissa AGXX5131
Mechta Roumi AGXX1523
Mechta Saada AGXX3855
Mechta Saedi AGXX4783
Mechta Safsafa AGXX3856
Mechta Sahnoun AGXX6559
Mechta Said AGXX7314
Mechta Saida AGXX5132
Mechta Satha AGXX3480
Mechta Sbir AGXX7087
Mechta Sebak AGXX2920
Mechta Sekkoumia AGXX5133
Mechta Shairi AGXX1812
Mechta Sidi Mach AGXX3482
Mechta Sidi Said AGXX1525
Mechta Siffoun AGXX4784
Mechta Sinati AGXX3390
Mechta Smaala AGXX7516
Mechta Smara AGXX7090
Mechta Smara AGXX3858
Mechta Soltane AGXX7517
Mechta Sommar AGXX1526
Mechta Souharia AGXX1815
Mechta Srepta AGXX7091
Mechta Statir AGXX3391
Mechta Tabesbast AGXX3859
Mechta Tadjine AGXX2321
Mechta Tadrart AGXX7092
Mechta Tafouda AGXX7093
Mechta Tafra AGXX7315
Mechta Taga AGXX2322
Mechta Taglait AGXX1527
Mechta Tairao AGXX3652
Mechta Takouist AGXX2323
Mechta Takouka AGXX7094
Mechta Talamine AGXX1816
Mechta Taleb AGXX2324
Mechta Talhia AGXX3139
Mechta Tamarit AGXX2325
Mechta Tamazirt AGXX1817
Mechta Tannouch AGXX7095
Mechta Tanout AGXX2326
Mechta Tardet AGXX8219
Mechta Tarzous AGXX3654
Mechta Tasseft AGXX1818
Mechta Tebalkha AGXX2327
Mechta Teffahah AGXX7316
Mechta Teksra AGXX7096
Mechta Teranioua AGXX1820
Mechta Tikabiene AGXX2330
Mechta Tissouil AGXX3861
Mechta Tizguine AGXX1528
Mechta Toufi AGXX3483
Mechta Tourki AGXX1821
Mechta Trairicha AGXX1822
Mechta Triouyat AGXX1529
Mechta Zaabouba AGXX3484
Mechta Zaara AGXX7099
Mechta Zadia AGXX7100
Mechta Zeboudj AGXX1823
Mechta Zegraga AGXX7101
Mechta Zehana AGXX3140
Mechta Zeradla AGXX5581
Mechta Zeraia AGXX3862
Mechta Zerba AGXX1530
Mechta Zerdaba AGXX5765
Mechta Ziane AGXX1321
Mechta Zitouna AGXX5766
Mechta Zouaoucha AGXX7102
Mechta Zoubia AGXX7318
Mechta Zoui AGXX2331
Mechtat Agradou AGXX2332
Mechtat Barbaiga AGXX3141
Mechtat Bekakhia AGXX5768
Mechtat Benarfa AGXX7522
Mechtat Dakhli AGXX7524
Mechtat Darsoun AGXX3865
Mechtat Djaidia AGXX6562
Mechtat ed Daia AGXX3868
Mechtat ed Dir AGXX5142
Mechtat el Abiat AGXX3869
Mechtat el Aioun AGXX2339
Mechtat el Amra AGXX1827
Mechtat el Amri AGXX1535
Mechtat el Aous AGXX2923
Mechtat el Arsa AGXX3870
Mechtat el Asnab AGXX7321
Mechtat el Assam AGXX7109
Mechtat el Bacha AGXX1537
Mechtat el Biar AGXX3871
Mechtat el Bir AGXX7112
Mechtat el Djama AGXX5783
Mechtat el Faiza AGXX5582
Mechtat el Gabel AGXX3872
Mechtat el Gassa AGXX7323
Mechtat el Hafra AGXX3489
Mechtat el Hamma AGXX3874
Mechtat el Hiout AGXX7324
Mechtat el Kef AGXX7117
Mechtat el Kef AGXX3878
Mechtat el Kelia AGXX7118
Mechtat el Kerma AGXX5785
Mechtat el Kill AGXX5147
Mechtat el Ksar AGXX5787
Mechtat el Ksob AGXX1540
Mechtat el Lebba AGXX1829
Mechtat el Louza AGXX7120
Mechtat el Malah AGXX7122
Mechtat el Maleb AGXX4787
Mechtat el Marga AGXX3495
Mechtat el Marra AGXX7325
Mechtat el Melah AGXX3879
Mechtat el Rhil AGXX5149
Mechtat er Radj AGXX1543
Mechtat er Rasfa AGXX3881
Mechtat er Rgarg AGXX7327
Mechtat er Rih AGXX7128
Mechtat er Rmel AGXX1544
Mechtat er Rouis AGXX7541
Mechtat es Seba AGXX7129
Mechtat es Stah AGXX6773
Mechtat Gouchgal AGXX8498
Mechtat Hidoussa AGXX2333
Mechtat Kedadra AGXX6563
Mechtat Khatala AGXX5774
Mechtat Khechine AGXX7527
Mechtat Loudei AGXX3394
Mechtat Maklouf AGXX5775
Mechtat Meharzia AGXX7528
Mechtat Nechla AGXX3396
Mechtat Nouaria AGXX6564
Mechtat Remail AGXX7106
Mechtat Rtaimia AGXX6575
Mechtat Smadene AGXX8499
Mechtat Souaidia AGXX7534
Mechtat Souamia AGXX6576
Mechtat Tagouft AGXX0219
Mechtat Tehemia AGXX6577
Mechtat Titoust AGXX2338
Mechtat Torchane AGXX7535
Mechtat Torrich AGXX7536
Mechtat Toualbia AGXX7537
Mechtat Touama AGXX6578
Mechtat Zmala AGXX6579
Mechtet Agouf AGXX7330
Mechtet Ayous AGXX3405
Mechtet Bir Stal AGXX7331
Mechtet Bou Rkiz AGXX7333
Mechtet Charef AGXX3501
Mechtet Chebli AGXX7134
Mechtet Dialem AGXX5151
Mechtet Dramna AGXX1038
Mechtet el Amra AGXX1831
Mechtet el Biar AGXX2346
Mechtet el Fedj AGXX5798
Mechtet el Kebir AGXX2347
Mechtet ez Zmala AGXX1932
Mechtet Hadar AGXX7136
Mechtet Hamria AGXX7336
Mechtet Lablalit AGXX7138
Mechtet Medani AGXX7139
Mechtet Melloul AGXX7141
Mechtet Meriem AGXX2345
Mechtet Ouestora AGXX7341
Mechtet Regrig AGXX3503
Mechtet Safiya AGXX1931
Mechtet Tellef AGXX7149
Mechtet Zouatna AGXX7150
Mechtita AGXX8220
Mechtras AGXX7949
Meddak AGXX3548
Medea AGXX0058
Medenneg Narou AGXX5583
Medhadnia AGXX0825
Medina AGXX8500
Medina AGXX2349
Medioni AGXX5911
Mediouna AGXX0826
Mediouna AGXX6591
Medjadja AGXX2926
Medjadjra AGXX0827
Medjaimia AGXX0828
Medjana AGXX1549
Medjedel AGXX0222
Medjez AGXX1550
Medjez Bou Ziane AGXX3407
Medjez El Hadjar AGXX3408
Medjez el Mzara AGXX3414
Medjez Guemgoum AGXX3409
Medjez Mouseuri AGXX3410
Medjez Sekine AGXX3411
Medjez Sfa AGXX3506
Medjez Tarfa AGXX3412
Medjez Zineb AGXX3413
Medjouna AGXX4381
Medrissa AGXX8501
Medroussa AGXX8502
Meftah AGXX1635
Megaidia AGXX4382
Megarine AGXX5977
Mehachia AGXX2927
Mehada AGXX7671
Mehadnia AGXX0829
Mehadnia AGXX6592
Mehalif AGXX5584
Mehanchia AGXX2928
Mehari Mohamed AGXX7344
Mehdia AGXX0221
Meheris AGXX1551
Mehmda AGXX0830
Mekail AGXX3660
Mekalis AGXX5671
Mekarzia AGXX2929
Mekdar el Ouahch AGXX4788
Mekhadma AGXX1933
Mekhalif AGXX5912
Mekhatich AGXX4789
Mekhatria AGXX5585
Mekhatria AGXX0831
Mekhdoufa AGXX1636
Mekheref AGXX8503
Mekkid AGXX0413
Mekla AGXX7950
Mekmene Ben Amar AGXX5672
Mekoulal AGXX6593
Mekratria AGXX4383
Meksaoua AGXX0832
Melaab AGXX6594
Melekhiaz AGXX1322
Meliane AGXX5154
Melika AGXX3527
Melis AGXX5913
Mellakou AGXX8504
Mellala AGXX1323
Mellinet AGXX6838
Melouka AGXX0414
Melouza AGXX1552
Menaa AGXX1934
Menaceur AGXX8221
Menadia AGXX1039
Menahsia AGXX6595
Menaifa AGXX5155
Menakeb AGXX7454
Menasria AGXX2930
Menassera AGXX7951
Mendes AGXX6596
Menzel AGXX3507
Menzel el Abtal AGXX7345
Merabtine AGXX4790
Merad AGXX8222
Meraimia AGXX0833
Meramdia AGXX2931
Merchicha AGXX3661
Merdj Moumene AGXX7152
Meredoua AGXX7431
Merergua AGXX6597
Meridja AGXX1705
Merine AGXX6839
Merkalla AGXX7952
Merouana AGXX2350
Meroudj AGXX3663
Meroudj AGXX3416
Merrika AGXX7672
Merriouet AGXX0834
Merrira AGXX3664
Mers AGXX4384
Mers el Hadjad AGXX5914
Mers el Kebir AGXX5915
Merzeglal AGXX7153
Meskiana AGXX5800
Mesloula AGXX5801
Mesra AGXX5586
Messaaba AGXX3295
Messaad AGXX3218
Messaadia AGXX5587
Messad AGXX0223
Messadia AGXX4385
Messafta AGXX6883
Messaoud AGXX8223
Messaouda AGXX2351
Messelmoun AGXX8224
Messiaf AGXX8507
Messlmoun AGXX8225
Messouket AGXX8621
Mestham AGXX7154
Metaimar AGXX6884
Metameur AGXX8508
Metameur Dehalsa AGXX8510
Metarfa AGXX0415
Metkaouak AGXX2352
Metlili AGXX3791
Metlili Chaamba AGXX3528
Mezab el Fertas AGXX7346
Mezada AGXX1324
Mezaidia AGXX4386
Mezania AGXX2932
Mezaoul AGXX4387
Mezaourou AGXX6840
Mezgoug AGXX1325
Meziani AGXX5802
Mezira AGXX3417
Mezloug AGXX0224
Mezrana AGXX4791
Mezrareg AGXX1326
Mgadid AGXX6598
Mguerba AGXX7155
Mhatar AGXX2933
Miaha AGXX2934
Michelet AGXX0225
Mila AGXX0226
Miliana AGXX0836