Weather Codes for Albania

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Albania. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abat ALXX3146
Abazaj ALXX1040
Abaze ALXX0871
Ade ALXX1525
Adem Gjeli ALXX0872
Adriatik ALXX1526
Afrim ALXX1527
Afrimi i Ri ALXX1528
Agacaj ALXX1529
Agalli ALXX2298
Agalli ALXX0090
Agallinj ALXX0091
Aganas ALXX0873
Agaraj ALXX1530
Agim ALXX1531
Agim ALXX0092
Agoll ALXX0093
Ahmetaq ALXX0874
Ajaz ALXX0875
Alarup ALXX2299
Alavane ALXX3147
Alemas ALXX2300
Algjinaj ALXX1532
Ali Hanit ALXX0517
Aliaj ALXX3148
Aliaj ALXX2677
Aliban ALXX3919
Aliko ALXX3920
Alillaret ALXX1533
Alipostivan ALXX1942
Aljaj ALXX3149
Alk ALXX2931
Allaj ALXX1041
Allake ALXX1042
Allambres ALXX0094
Allcaush ALXX3656
Allgjate ALXX3657
Allias ALXX4198
Allkaj ALXX1534
Allkomenaj ALXX1943
Allprendaj ALXX1535
Allprendaj-Peqin ALXX1536
Alltate ALXX3658
Alopul ALXX3921
Amanikaj ALXX1944
Amarej ALXX3150
Amonice ALXX3922
Andon Poci ALXX1945
Andres ALXX2678
Anevjose ALXX1946
Anola ALXX1043
Aprip ALXX3151
Apripa e Keke ALXX3152
Apsalle ALXX1947
Ara te Lumit ALXX2679
Arameras ALXX0876
Aranitas ALXX1537
Arapaj ALXX1538
Arapaj ALXX0877
Arapaj i Eperm ALXX0518
Arapaj i Poshtem ALXX0519
Arat e Mira ALXX2932
Arbane ALXX3659
Arcove ALXX1044
Ardenice ALXX1539
Ardhasove ALXX3923
Ares ALXX1045
Argove ALXX1948
Arishte ALXX2933
Arizaj ALXX0095
Armath ALXX0878
Armen ALXX0038
Arras ALXX0520
Arre-Molle ALXX0521
Arren ALXX2680
Arrez ALXX3153
Arrez ALXX0096
Arrez ALXX2934
Arrez ALXX2681
Arrez ALXX2301
Arreza e Madhe ALXX1949
Arreza e Vogel ALXX1950
Arshi-Lengo ALXX1951
Arst ALXX3154
Ashte ALXX3156
Asim Zeneli ALXX1952
Asllanaj ALXX1046
Avdillaret ALXX0097
Azizaj ALXX0098
Babaj ALXX3924
Baban ALXX2302
Babica e Madhe ALXX3925
Babica e Vogel ALXX0003
Babine ALXX2682
Babje ALXX1047
Babjen ALXX2303
Babot ALXX3157
Babru ALXX0004
Babunje ALXX1541
Babunje e Re ALXX1542
Babunje e Vjeter ALXX1543
Backe ALXX0099
Badelonje ALXX1953
Bader ALXX1954
Badher ALXX3926
Bago ALXX3660
Bahcallek ALXX3158
Bahute ALXX0522
Bajkaj ALXX3927
Bajram Curri ALXX2683
Bajramaj ALXX3159
Bajze ALXX3661
Bajze ALXX3160
Bakall ALXX3662
Bakias ALXX0100
Baks i Ri ALXX3161
Baks-Rrjoll ALXX3162
Bakushe Visha ALXX0879
Balaj ALXX1544
Balajt e Poshtem ALXX0523
Baldushk ALXX3663
Bale ALXX2684
Balez ALXX1048
Balibardhe ALXX0101
Ball ALXX1955
Ball ALXX0102
Ball-i-Vogel ALXX0524
Ballaban ALXX3928
Ballaban ALXX1956
Ballagat ALXX1545
Ballaj ALXX1546
Ballaj ALXX0525
Ballaj ALXX2935
Ballaj ALXX1957
Ballaj ALXX0037
Ballaj i Ri ALXX3665
Ballajt ALXX1547
Ballan ALXX1548
Ballashen-Pojane ALXX3666
Balldren ALXX2936
Balldreni i Ri ALXX2937
Balle ALXX0103
Ballgjin ALXX1049
Ballhaxhijas ALXX3667
Ballkuq ALXX1050
Ballollorve ALXX1051
Ballsh ALXX1549
Ballshaban ALXX3668
Ballutaj ALXX3669
Baltez ALXX1550
Balteze ALXX1551
Balteze-Kote ALXX1552
Bamatat ALXX3929
Banaj ALXX0104
Banje ALXX1052
Baqel ALXX2938
Baramaj ALXX1053
Barbas ALXX3670
Barbullej ALXX0526
Barbullinje ALXX1553
Barbullush ALXX3163
Barc ALXX0105
Barc ALXX0880
Barc ALXX2304
Barc I ALXX0106
Barc II ALXX0107
Barci i Siperm ALXX0108
Barcolle ALXX3166
Bardhaj ALXX2939
Bardhaj ALXX0109
Bardhaj ALXX1958
Bardhaj ALXX3167
Bardhaj-Rec ALXX0527
Bardhez ALXX2305
Bardhoc ALXX2685
Bardhoci i Ri ALXX2686
Bardhor ALXX3671
Bargullas ALXX0110
Baribardhe ALXX2306
Barkanesh ALXX0881
Barmash ALXX2307
Barme ALXX0111
Barruc ALXX2687
Barzez ALXX3672
Bashaj ALXX1959
Bashaj ALXX3930
Bashaj ALXX1554
Bashkim ALXX1555
Bashtove ALXX3673
Bastar ALXX3674
Bate ALXX3168
Bathes ALXX1054
Bathore ALXX3675
Batra e Madhe ALXX0528
Batra e Vogel ALXX0529
Baz ALXX0530
Becisht ALXX1960
Beden ALXX3676
Beduqas ALXX1961
Begaj ALXX2688
Begaj ALXX1556
Begaj ALXX0112
Bege ALXX0882
Begjunec ALXX0531
Beharaj ALXX1557
Bejar ALXX1558
Bejkollare ALXX1962
Bejkollat ALXX0113
Bejkove ALXX2308
Bejne ALXX0532
Bel ALXX0533
Belaj ALXX3169
Bele ALXX2689
Belesove ALXX0114
Belice ALXX0115
Beline ALXX1559
Belishove ALXX1560
Bellaj ALXX0883
Bellove ALXX0534
Belorta ALXX2309
Belsh ALXX1055
Belsh-Qendra ALXX1056
Beltoje ALXX3170
Beluc ALXX3931
Beluc i Siperm ALXX1963
Bencia ALXX1964
Bend ALXX3171
Bendaj ALXX0116
Bende ALXX3677
Bene ALXX1057
Bene ALXX3172
Benje ALXX1965
Benje-Novosele ALXX1966
Benjez ALXX2310
Benkollaret ALXX1561
Benollaret ALXX0117
Beqaraj ALXX1967
Beqiaj ALXX1562
Beqiraj ALXX1058
Beras ALXX2311
Berat ALXX0006
Berberaj ALXX1059
Berbere ALXX0884
Berdica e Madhe ALXX3173
Berdica e Mesme ALXX3174
Berisha e Eperme ALXX3177
Berisha e Vendit ALXX3178
Berisha e Vogel ALXX3179
Berishe ALXX2690
Bersake ALXX0118
Bershin ALXX0535
Bersnik ALXX1060
Berxull ALXX3678
Berzanaj ALXX1968
Berzane ALXX2940
Berzeshte ALXX1062
Berzete ALXX3679
Berzhite ALXX3680
Besh ALXX3681
Beshisht ALXX3932
Bestrova e Vogel ALXX3933
Bestrove ALXX3934
Betoshe ALXX2691
Bezhan ALXX2312
Bic ALXX1063
Bicaj ALXX3180
Bicaj ALXX2692
Bicaj ALXX1064
Bicakaj ALXX1563
Bicakaj i Ri ALXX1564
Bicakaj i Vjeter ALXX1565
Bicke ALXX2313
Bilaj ALXX0885
Bilalas ALXX0886
Bilce ALXX0120
Bilisht ALXX2314
Biovizhde ALXX1969
Biranj ALXX2315
Bisak ALXX2941
Bishan ALXX3935
Bishanake ALXX1567
Bishcukas ALXX1568
Bishnice ALXX2316
Bishqem ALXX1065
Bishtkamze ALXX0887
Bishtqethem ALXX1569
Bistrice ALXX3936
Bistrovice ALXX0121
Bitaj ALXX1570
Bithuq ALXX0536
Bitincke ALXX2317
Bixelle ALXX1066
Bize ALXX3682
Bizhdan ALXX1067
Bizhute ALXX1068
Blace ALXX2318
Blat ALXX0537
Blate ALXX1069
Bleran ALXX3182
Blerim ALXX2693
Blerimaj ALXX3683
Blerimas ALXX3937
Bletas ALXX2319
Bletez ALXX1070
Bletez ALXX3938
Blezencke ALXX0122
Blinisht ALXX3183
Blir ALXX0123
Blishte ALXX0538
Bllac ALXX3939
Bllace ALXX0539
Bllata e Eperme ALXX0540
Bllate ALXX2694
Bllice ALXX0542
Blush ALXX2320
Boboshtice ALXX2321
Boceve ALXX0543
Bocove ALXX1571
Bodar ALXX1970
Bodin ALXX1071
Bodinak ALXX0889
Bodrishte ALXX1971
Bofenge ALXX1972
Bogdanas ALXX2322
Bogdani i Siperm ALXX0125
Boge ALXX3184
Bogic-Palvar ALXX3185
Bogove ALXX0126
Bojaj ALXX3186
Boje ALXX0127
Bokaj ALXX1072
Bokollar ALXX1973
Boks ALXX3187
Bolene ALXX3940
Borake ALXX0890
Borce ALXX0891
Boric ALXX3941
Boric I Math ALXX0043
Borici i Madh ALXX3188
Borici i Vogel ALXX3189
Borie-Lure ALXX0544
Borje ALXX2695
Borocke ALXX1974
Borove ALXX0545
Borove ALXX2323
Borovjan ALXX0546
Borsh ALXX3942
Borsh ALXX2324
Bos ALXX2325
Boshanj ALXX2326
Bozaj ALXX0128
Bozane ALXX1975
Bozanxhije ALXX3684
Bracanaj ALXX2327
Bradashesh ALXX1073
Bradoshnice ALXX2696
Bradvice ALXX2328
Brahamaj ALXX3685
Brailat ALXX3943
Brakaj ALXX0129
Brakollare ALXX2329
Bram ALXX0130
Bramush ALXX3944
Branesh ALXX1074
Brankollar ALXX0131
Brar ALXX3686
Brashte ALXX3190
Brasnik ALXX0132
Brataj ALXX3945
Bratile ALXX1075
Bratiles ALXX2330
Bratosh ALXX3191
Breg ALXX1572
Breg ALXX3192
Breg i Kacito ALXX0893
Breg Shkoze ALXX0892
Bregas ALXX1076
Bregas ALXX3946
Bregas ALXX0133
Bregas ALXX1573
Bregas ALXX2331
Breglum ALXX2697
Bregu i Lumit ALXX3687
Bregu-Leckes ALXX1077
Brekije ALXX2698
Brenoge ALXX2699
Breshke ALXX1078
Bresti i Eperm ALXX0547
Bresti i Poshtem ALXX0548
Bret ALXX0894
Brezhdan ALXX0549
Bricaj ALXX0550
Brice ALXX2700
Brigje ALXX3193
Broje ALXX3194
Broshke ALXX1079
Broshkollar ALXX1080
Broshtan ALXX1081
Brozdovec ALXX2332
Bruc ALXX0551
Brucaj ALXX3195
Bruk ALXX3688
Brungaj ALXX3196
Brushtull ALXX3197
Brut ALXX2701
Brut ALXX3198
Bruz ALXX0895
Bruz-Zall ALXX0896
Bual ALXX1976
Bubes ALXX1977
Bubq ALXX0897
Bubullime ALXX1574
Bubuq ALXX2333
Bucimas ALXX2334
Budac ALXX3199
Budane ALXX1082
Budulla ALXX0898
Bufaj ALXX1575
Bugjon ALXX3200
Buhot ALXX3201
Bujan ALXX2702
Bujaras ALXX1083
Bujqes ALXX1084
Bukemire ALXX2943
Bukmire ALXX3202
Bukove ALXX2703
Bulac ALXX0552
Bulagarec ALXX2335
Bularat ALXX1978
Bulcar ALXX1085
Bulcesh ALXX3689
Bulgurit ALXX1086
Bulo ALXX1979
Bulqize ALXX0553
Bulshar ALXX2944
Bulshize ALXX2945
Bultice ALXX3690
Bunavi ALXX3947
Bungaj ALXX2946
Buqeze ALXX2336
Buran ALXX0899
Burg ALXX3203
Burgajet ALXX0554
Burim ALXX0555
Burimas ALXX2337
Burizane ALXX2947
Buronje ALXX3948
Burranj ALXX0134
Burrel ALXX0556
Bush ALXX2948
Bushat ALXX2704
Bushat ALXX3204
Bushkash ALXX0557
Bushnesh ALXX2949
Bushtrice ALXX2705
Butke ALXX2338
Buz ALXX1980
Buz-Kalemaj ALXX1981
Buzahishte ALXX2339
Buzaj ALXX1576
Buze e Ujit ALXX3205
Buzeliqen ALXX2340
Buzemadhe ALXX2706
Buzgare ALXX1087
Buzhale ALXX3206
Buzmadh ALXX1577
Buzuq ALXX0135
Bylysh ALXX1982
Bzhet-Makaj ALXX3207
Bzheta-Makaj ALXX3208
Bzhete ALXX3209
Cacabeze ALXX1088
Cacaj ALXX1983
Cacollare ALXX0136
Cahan ALXX2707
Cakajas ALXX1578
Cakarac ALXX0900
Cakran ALXX1579
Calaj ALXX2708
Calaj ALXX0137
Calamanaj ALXX1580
Cam ALXX2709
Canaj ALXX3210
Canaj ALXX1089
Canakaj ALXX1581
Cangonj ALXX2341
Carciaj ALXX1090
Carshove ALXX1984
Cartallos ALXX1091
Cas ALXX3211
Catiste ALXX1985
Caush ALXX3949
Caushaj ALXX1092
Caushi ALXX3692
Cekin ALXX1093
Cekrez ALXX1094
Cekreze ALXX1095
Cela ALXX0558
Celaj ALXX2950
Celaj ALXX1096
Celcan ALXX1097
Cele ALXX0138
Celhakaj ALXX1098
Celigrad ALXX1582
Celiku ALXX0007
Cemerice ALXX2342
Cemet ALXX2710
Cence ALXX2343
Cene ALXX1099
Cengelaj ALXX1100
Cepan ALXX0139
Cepe ALXX1101
Cepke ALXX1583
Ceprat ALXX3950
Cepune ALXX1986
Cerava ALXX2344
Cercke ALXX1987
Cerem ALXX2711
Ceren ALXX0559
Cerenec i Eperm ALXX0560
Cerenisht ALXX0140
Cerice ALXX0141
Cerjan ALXX0562
Cerje ALXX2345
Cerkez-Morine ALXX0901
Cerkovice ALXX3951
Cerkovine ALXX3952
Cerma e Siperme ALXX1584
Cerme e Vogel ALXX1586
Cerme Shkumbin ALXX1585
Cerme-Proshke ALXX1587
Cernaleve ALXX2712
Cernene ALXX0563
Cerniev ALXX0564
Cerova e Malit ALXX0142
Cerove ALXX0143
Cerrik ALXX1102
Cerrila ALXX1988
Cerrila e Re ALXX1588
Cerrile ALXX1589
Ceruje ALXX1103
Ceruje ALXX0565
Cerven ALXX1590
Cervenake ALXX2346
Cervenaket ALXX1591
Cesme e Koplikut ALXX3213
Cestije ALXX1104
Cete ALXX2347
Cetush ALXX0566
Cezma e Madhe ALXX2348
Cezma e Vogel ALXX2349
Cfir ALXX1592
Cidhne ALXX0567
Ciflig ALXX2350
Ciflig ALXX3953
Ciflig ALXX0144
Ciflik ALXX3694
Ciflik ALXX1105
Ciflik ALXX0145
Ciflik Tusha ALXX0045
Cikallesh ALXX1106
Cikallesh ALXX3695
Cinaj ALXX2713
Cinar ALXX1593
Cingar ALXX1107
Cingari i Siperm ALXX1108
Cinlit ALXX3214
Cipan ALXX2351
Cipllak ALXX1594
Cirse ALXX3954
Ciuci ALXX3955
Cizmeli ALXX0902
Clifik ALXX3956
Clirim ALXX0146
Clirim ALXX2352
Clirim ALXX1595
Clirim ALXX3957
Cocaj ALXX3696
Cokaj ALXX3215
Collak ALXX0008
Copanaj ALXX1109
Corenisht ALXX1989
Corogjaf ALXX0147
Corogunj ALXX1990
Corovode ALXX0148
Corraj ALXX3958
Corrotat ALXX0149
Corrush ALXX1596
Cuadar ALXX0150
Cudhi Zall ALXX0903
Cudhi-Kamt ALXX0904
Cukalat ALXX0151
Cukasi i Ri ALXX1597
Cukasi i Vjeter ALXX1598
Cuke ALXX2714
Culaj ALXX3216
Cullhenj ALXX1599
Cunaj ALXX1991
Curaj ALXX3217
Curraj ALXX2715
Curraj i Eperm ALXX2716
Cycen ALXX1600
Cyle ALXX0152
Dacaj ALXX3218
Daias ALXX3697
Dais-Barbas ALXX3698
Dajc ALXX2951
Dajc ALXX3219
Dajc ALXX2717
Dajt ALXX3699
Dakaj ALXX3220
Dakollare ALXX1601
Dalan ALXX0153
Dallashi ALXX0036
Damaj ALXX0905
Damarkaj ALXX3700
Dames ALXX1602
Damjanec ALXX2353
Danushi ALXX0154
Dardhas ALXX2354
Dardhe ALXX1110
Dardhe ALXX0155
Dardhe ALXX2952
Dardhe ALXX3221
Dardhe ALXX2355
Darezeza e Re ALXX1603
Darragjat ALXX3222
Dars ALXX0568
Darshen ALXX3701
Darzeze ALXX1111
Daul ALXX0906
Daullas ALXX1604
Daullonjak ALXX0156
Dautaj ALXX3702
Dautaj ALXX3959
Davidaj ALXX3960
Dazhjan ALXX0569
Deckaj ALXX3223
Dedaj ALXX3224
Dege ALXX2719
Deje Macukull ALXX0570
Delaj ALXX3225
Delbnisht ALXX0907
Delilaj ALXX1993
Delisufaj ALXX1605
Dellinje ALXX3961
Delven ALXX1112
Delvine ALXX0010
Delvine ALXX1994
Demaj ALXX2953
Demiraj ALXX3227
Demiraj ALXX0157
Demirxhijas ALXX3703
Demollar ALXX1113
Denas ALXX2356
Derdushe ALXX2357
Dergjinaj ALXX3228
Derjan ALXX0571
Derje ALXX3704
Dermar ALXX2358
Dermenas ALXX1606
Dermish ALXX3962
Derraj ALXX3229
Dersnik ALXX2359
Derstile ALXX1114
Derven ALXX2954
Dervician ALXX1995
Dervishaj ALXX1996
Deshat ALXX0572
Deshiran ALXX1115
Desmire ALXX2360
Dhemblan ALXX1997
Dhermi ALXX0049
Dheu i Lehte ALXX3230
Dhiver ALXX3963
Dhoksat ALXX1998
Dhomanjaket ALXX1607
Dhores ALXX0158
Dhrovian ALXX3964
Dhuvjan ALXX1999
Diellas ALXX2361
Diellas ALXX1608
Dinakas ALXX0159
Dipjake ALXX0573
Dishaj ALXX0574
Dishat ALXX3967
Dishnice ALXX2362
Divjake ALXX0050
Dober ALXX3231
Dobercan ALXX2363
Dobrac ALXX3232
Dobranj ALXX2364
Dobrenj ALXX0160
Dobresh ALXX3705
Dobrune ALXX2720
Dobrushe ALXX0161
Dodaj ALXX0575
Dodovec ALXX0162
Dohoshisht ALXX0576
Dojan ALXX2721
Dokaj ALXX2000
Dokaj ALXX0163
Dolan ALXX2365
Dolanak ALXX0164
Dolanec ALXX2366
Dolc ALXX3234
Dollan ALXX0165
Dom ALXX3235
Dom ALXX0577
Domaj ALXX2722
Domen ALXX3706
Domgjon ALXX2955
Domja e Malit ALXX3707
Domjan ALXX3708
Domjan-Fortuzaj ALXX3709
Domje ALXX3710
Donofrose ALXX0166
Dopaj ALXX1116
Dorakaj ALXX3711
Dorez ALXX3712
Dorez ALXX0167
Dorez ALXX2001
Dorez ALXX1117
Doshnice ALXX2002
Dost ALXX0168
Dotaj ALXX1609
Dovolan ALXX0578
Drac ALXX0908
Dracin ALXX3237
Dracove ALXX2003
Dragobi ALXX2723
Dragoc ALXX3238
Dragostunje ALXX1118
Dragot ALXX2004
Dragot-Dumre ALXX1119
Dragot-Ferme ALXX1120
Dragot-Sulove ALXX1121
Dragovoi ALXX3239
Dragua-Bulqize ALXX0579
Dragushe ALXX2956
Draj-Rec ALXX2724
Dramosh ALXX3240
Drangaj ALXX1122
Dranovice ALXX1123
Drashovice ALXX3968
Drengoj ALXX1610
Drenie ALXX1611
Drenove ALXX2367
Drenove ALXX1612
Drenove ALXX0169
Drenove-Fushe ALXX1613
Drenovice ALXX0170
Dretove ALXX2725
Drisht ALXX3241
Dritaj ALXX1124
Dritas ALXX0909
Dritas ALXX3969
Drite ALXX2957
Drite ALXX0580
Drite ALXX2005
Drithas ALXX2368
Drithas ALXX3970
Drizaj ALXX1125
Drizallaj ALXX1126
Drizar ALXX1614
Drize ALXX1615
Drize ALXX1127
Drize ALXX0171
Drobaj ALXX0581
Drobonik ALXX0172
Drrase ALXX1128
Ducaj ALXX3242
Dufshan ALXX1129
Dugalle ALXX0173
Duhanas ALXX0174
Dukagjin ALXX0582
Dukagjin ALXX2726
Dukagjini i Ri ALXX2958
Dukaj ALXX3243
Dukaj ALXX2006
Dukas ALXX1616
Dukat ALXX0051
Dukati i Ri ALXX3971
Dukove ALXX0175
Dumberas ALXX0176
Dumolle ALXX0177
Duncke ALXX0178
Dunice ALXX2369
Dunishe ALXX2727
Duraj ALXX2007
Duric ALXX0583
Duricaj ALXX0584
Durisht ALXX3713
Durmish ALXX0179
Durres ALXX0011
Dush ALXX3244
Dushaj ALXX0585
Dushallar ALXX0180
Dushar ALXX2370
Dushk ALXX1130
Dushk ALXX0910
Dushk ALXX0181
Dushk ALXX3714
Dushk Peqin ALXX1617
Dushkarak ALXX3972
Dushku i Madh ALXX1618
Dushman ALXX3245
Dushnez ALXX3246
Dushnik ALXX0182
Duzhe ALXX1131
Dybel ALXX1132
Dyrmishaj ALXX0183
Ecer ALXX1619
Ecmenik ALXX2371
Eger ALXX2959
Egerc ALXX3247
Elbasan ALXX1133
Elez ALXX2008
Elezaj ALXX1134
Elezi ALXX1135
Eminasi i Vogel ALXX0911
Endrelikas ALXX2372
Erebare ALXX0586
Erind ALXX2009
Ermaraj ALXX0184
Ermenj ALXX1136
Erseke ALXX2373
Eskaj ALXX1620
Facesh ALXX3715
Fag ALXX1137
Fag ALXX3716
Fajze ALXX2728
Fang ALXX2729
Fangu ALXX2960
Fanje ALXX1138
Faqekuq ALXX0185
Farka e Madhe ALXX3717
Farret ALXX1139
Fejzoltaraj ALXX1621
Fejzullar ALXX1140
Ferhade ALXX0912
Ferhataj ALXX1141
Ferr -Skuraj ALXX0913
Ferr-Shkopet ALXX0587
Ferraj ALXX3718
Ferras ALXX0186
Ferras ALXX1622
Fert ALXX0187
Ferth ALXX2730
Fetishe ALXX1142
Fezaj ALXX3719
Fezruc ALXX1143
Fezuk ALXX2731
Fier ALXX1623
Fier-Cifci ALXX1624
Fier-Cifci ALXX0188
Fier-Mimar ALXX0189
Fier-Seman ALXX1625
Fier-Shegan ALXX1626
Fieri i Ri ALXX1627
Fierze ALXX3248
Fierze ALXX2961
Fierze ALXX2732
Fierze ALXX1144
Fikas ALXX1145
Fikas ALXX3720
Fikas-Mangull ALXX3721
Fildane ALXX2962
Finiq ALXX3973
Firas ALXX1146
Fishte ALXX2963
Fitore ALXX3974
Fitore ALXX2374
Flake ALXX3249
Flet ALXX3250
Fliballije ALXX3722
Fllake ALXX0914
Floq ALXX0190
Floq ALXX2375
Floq ALXX1147
Fortuzaj ALXX3723
Frakulla e Madhe ALXX1629
Frakulla e Vogel ALXX1630
Frankth ALXX0588
Frasher ALXX2010
Frasher ALXX0191
Frasher ALXX1631
Frashtan ALXX2011
Fratar ALXX2012
Fratar ALXX1632
Fravesh ALXX3724
Fregen ALXX2964
Fshat ALXX0589
Fshat ALXX2733
Fshati i Ri ALXX3975
Fshati i Ri ALXX2013
Fshati i Ri ALXX3251
Fshati i Ri ALXX1633
Ftere ALXX3976
Ftue ALXX0590
Fullqet ALXX0591
Funar ALXX1148
Funare ALXX1149
Funares ALXX1150
Fundhaj ALXX3252
Fusha e Gjormit ALXX3977
Fusha e Qarrit ALXX2965
Fusha e Vogel ALXX0592
Fushas ALXX3725
Fushe ALXX2014
Fushe ALXX3978
Fushe ALXX0193
Fushe ALXX1634
Fushe Brrati ALXX3979
Fushe Vigu ALXX3256
Fushe-Arrez ALXX3257
Fushe-Buall ALXX1151
Fushe-Bulqize ALXX0053
Fushe-Cidhne ALXX0593
Fushe-Drac ALXX0915
Fushe-Kastriot ALXX0594
Fushe-Kruje ALXX0916
Fushe-Lure ALXX0595
Fushe-Mamurras ALXX2966
Fushe-Milot ALXX2967
Fushe-Muhurr ALXX0596
Fushe-Peshtan ALXX0194
Fushe-Pjeshke ALXX0597
Fushe-Preze ALXX0917
Fushe-Verri ALXX3980
Fushebardhe ALXX2015
Fushekuqe ALXX2968
Fushetane ALXX0598
Fushtan ALXX0195
Gabrice ALXX2735
Gadurove ALXX1635
Gaferr ALXX1152
Gagu ALXX3258
Gajde ALXX0196
Gajtan ALXX3259
Gajush ALXX2969
Galigat ALXX1153
Galine ALXX0197
Gallate ALXX0918
Galush ALXX1154
Ganjolle ALXX3260
Garuc ALXX3261
Garunja e Madhe ALXX1155
Garunja e Paprit ALXX1156
Garunja e Vogel ALXX1157
Garunjas ALXX1636
Garunje ALXX1158
Gazu i Siperm ALXX2970
Gedheshte ALXX2736
Gegaj ALXX2737
Gege ALXX0198
Gegollaret ALXX0199
Gerbllesh ALXX3726
Gerdan ALXX0200
Gerdas ALXX2016
Gerdec ALXX3727
Gerger ALXX1637
Gerhot ALXX0012
German ALXX0599
Germej ALXX3728
Germenj ALXX0201
Germenj ALXX2376
Germenj i Madh ALXX1638
Germenji i Vogel ALXX1639
Gernac ALXX0919
Gernec ALXX3981
Geshtenjas ALXX2377
Geshtenje ALXX2738
Geziq ALXX2971
Gimaj ALXX3262
Gizavesh ALXX1159
Gjader ALXX2972
Gjalice ALXX2739
Gjalish ALXX0600
Gjan ALXX3263
Gjanc ALXX2379
Gjash ALXX2973
Gjashaj ALXX1160
Gjashte ALXX3982
Gjate ALXX2017
Gjaze ALXX1640
Gjecaj-Fushe ALXX3729
Gjecaj-Koder ALXX0920
Gjeg Palaj ALXX2974
Gjegjan ALXX3264
Gjegjan ALXX2740
Gjegjet ALXX2741
Gjelaj ALXX3265
Gjepalaj ALXX0921
Gjeraqine ALXX1161
Gjerbes ALXX1641
Gjerbes ALXX0202
Gjere ALXX1162
Gjergas ALXX0601
Gjergas ALXX2018
Gjergjan ALXX1163
Gjergjevice ALXX2380
Gjergjove ALXX0203
Gjergjovine ALXX1164
Gjergoraj ALXX3266
Gjeroven ALXX0204
Gjevor ALXX1165
Gjilek ALXX3983
Gjilote ALXX0602
Gjinaj ALXX2742
Gjinar ALXX1166
Gjinazez ALXX2975
Gjinikas ALXX2381
Gjinkar ALXX2019
Gjinoqare ALXX1642
Gjinovec ALXX0603
Gjinuk ALXX1167
Gjirakare ALXX2382
Gjirokaster ALXX0013
Gjobardhaj ALXX2976
Gjoc ALXX3267
Gjocaj ALXX0604
Gjogovice ALXX0205
Gjojdash ALXX1643
Gjokaj ALXX3730
Gjokalli ALXX1644
Gjokshtras ALXX2383
Gjolene ALXX1169
Gjols ALXX3268
Gjon ALXX0605
Gjonaj ALXX0206
Gjonaj ALXX0606
Gjonas ALXX1645
Gjonbabas ALXX2384
Gjonc ALXX2385
Gjonce ALXX1646
Gjonem ALXX1170
Gjonomadh ALXX2386
Gjonpapaj ALXX2743
Gjonpepaj ALXX2744
Gjorgoz ALXX1647
Gjorkaj ALXX1171
Gjorm ALXX3984
Gjorm ALXX3269
Gjorme ALXX1172
Gjormi i Poshtem ALXX3270
Gjuraj-Boks ALXX3271
Gjuras ALXX0609
Gjuricaj ALXX0922
Gjurre ALXX2745
Gjushen ALXX2746
Gjuzaj ALXX1648
Gjuze ALXX0923
Gjuzsulkone ALXX3731
Gjyrale ALXX1173
Gjyras ALXX2387
Gjyres ALXX2388
Gjyshaj ALXX1649
Gjyzilkonje ALXX3732
Glac ALXX3272
Gline ALXX2389
Gline ALXX2020
Gllava e Vogel ALXX0056
Gobolesh ALXX1650
Gocaj ALXX2978
Goce ALXX2390
Godolesh ALXX1174
Godvi ALXX0610
Gogaj ALXX0207
Gogajt ALXX1175
Gojan ALXX3273
Gojani i Eperm ALXX3274
Gojani i Vogel ALXX3275
Golaj ALXX2747
Golem ALXX3276
Golem ALXX1651
Golem ALXX0924
Golem i Vogel ALXX1652
Golemaj ALXX2022
Golemas ALXX2023
Golemas ALXX0925
Goleme ALXX2979
Golemi i Poshtem ALXX3277
Golik ALXX2391
Golimbas ALXX3985
Gollomboc ALXX2392
Golovisht ALXX0611
Gomsiqe ALXX3278
Gomsiqja e Re ALXX3279
Gopes ALXX1653
Gopesh ALXX2393
Goraj ALXX3280
Goraj-Budishe ALXX3281
Goran ALXX0209
Goranxi ALXX2024
Gorcellar ALXX0210
Gorica ALXX3282
Gorica e Madhe ALXX2394
Gorica e Vogel ALXX2395
Goricaj ALXX1654
Gorican ALXX0211
Gorice ALXX3986
Gorice ALXX2025
Gorice ALXX1176
Gorishove ALXX1655
Gorre ALXX2980
Gorre ALXX1656
Gosa e Madhe ALXX3733
Gosa e Vogel ALXX3734
Gose e Madhe ALXX3735
Goshaj ALXX3283
Gostencke ALXX0212
Gostil ALXX2748
Gostime ALXX1177
Gostivisht ALXX2026
Gostivisht ALXX2398
Gostnisht ALXX2027
Gostromicke ALXX0213
Goxhaj ALXX2749
Gozhdarazhde ALXX2399
Gozhollaret ALXX0214
Grabian ALXX3987
Grabjan ALXX1657
Grabocke ALXX2400
Grabom ALXX3284
Grabove ALXX3988
Grabove ALXX2028
Grabovice ALXX2401
Grac ALXX2750
Grace ALXX2402
Gracen ALXX1180
Gradec ALXX0215
Gradec ALXX0612
Gradec ALXX3285
Gradishte ALXX0216
Gradishte ALXX1181
Gradishte ALXX1658
Gradiskije ALXX3286
Grakan ALXX0217
Gralishte ALXX3287
Gramez ALXX2981
Gramsh ALXX1659
Gramsh ALXX3288
Gramsh ALXX1182
Gramsh-Fshat ALXX1183
Gran ALXX3989
Grapsh ALXX2029
Grapsh ALXX2403
Grave ALXX3990
Grazhdan ALXX1184
Grazhdan ALXX3991
Grazhdan ALXX0613
Grecalli ALXX1660
Grece ALXX3736
Grekaj ALXX0614
Grekan ALXX1185
Grekan-Dumre ALXX1186
Grem ALXX1661
Gremb-Hasan ALXX1662
Gremsh ALXX0218
Gremshlinj ALXX0219
Grepcke ALXX0220
Grepesi ALXX0926
Greshice ALXX1663
Greshnje ALXX0615
Greve ALXX0221
Greve ALXX0616
Gri ALXX2751
Gribe ALXX1187
Grile ALXX3289
Griq ALXX1664
Griqan ALXX1188
Grize ALXX1665
Grizhe ALXX3290
Grizhe Numer Dy ALXX3291
Grizhe Numer Nje ALXX3292
Gropa e Barcit ALXX2030
Gropa e Kuqe ALXX1189
Gropaj ALXX3737
Gropat e Selces ALXX3294
Grope ALXX3295
Gror ALXX3738
Gruda e Re ALXX3296
Grude-Fushe ALXX3297
Gruemire ALXX3298
Gruemire-Cesme ALXX3299
Grumas ALXX3300
Grunjas ALXX2404
Gryka e Lumit ALXX2982
Gryke ALXX3992
Gryke-Manati ALXX2983
Gryke-Noke ALXX0617
Gryke-Orosh ALXX2984
Grykesh ALXX1190
Grykeshi i Vogel ALXX1191
Gucia e Re ALXX3301
Guman ALXX0222
Gume ALXX0223
Gumen ALXX0224
Gumenice ALXX3993
Gungas ALXX1667
Gungas i Ri ALXX1668
Gungas i Vjeter ALXX1669
Gur ALXX2405
Gur ALXX1670
Gur-Lure ALXX0618
Gurabardh ALXX1192
Guraj ALXX0225
Gurakuq ALXX1193
Gurazez ALXX0226
Gurbardhe ALXX2406
Gure-Rec ALXX0619
Gurez ALXX2985
Guri i Bardhe ALXX0227
Guri i Bardhe ALXX2407
Guri i Bardhe ALXX0620
Guri i Lekes ALXX3302
Guri i Zi ALXX0621
Guri i Zi ALXX1194
Guri i Zi ALXX3303
Gurishte ALXX2408
Gurkuq ALXX2409
Gurmujas ALXX2410
Gurra e Madhe ALXX0622
Gurra e Vogel ALXX0623
Gurra e Vogel ALXX0014
Gurras ALXX1195
Gurras ALXX2411
Gurre ALXX1196
Gurre ALXX3304
Gurre ALXX3739
Gurre ALXX2752
Gurre ALXX2986
Gurrespate ALXX1197
Gurshqipe ALXX2412
Gurth-Spac ALXX2987
Gushte ALXX3305
Gusmar ALXX2031
Guzaj ALXX0927
Habilaj ALXX3740
Hadaj ALXX1671
Hadaj ALXX0228
Hadanj ALXX1672
Haderaj ALXX3994
Hadollar ALXX2413
Hajdaraj ALXX3741
Hajdaraj ALXX1673
Hajdaraj-Peqin ALXX1674
Hajdaran ALXX1198
Hajmel ALXX3306
Hakaj ALXX1199
Halilaj ALXX2753
Halilaj ALXX1675
Halilaj ALXX1200
Hallula ALXX3742
Hallvaxhijas ALXX1676
Halo ALXX3995
Hamallaj ALXX0928
Hambar ALXX2032
Hamil ALXX1678
Hamitaj ALXX1201
Hamzallare ALXX0229
Hani Hotit ALXX3307
Harap ALXX3308
Hardedaj ALXX3309
Hardhias ALXX1202
Hardhishte ALXX0929
Harizaj ALXX3743
Harkaj ALXX2033
Harunas ALXX1203
Hasalli ALXX1679
Hasan ALXX0930
Hasdushk ALXX3744
Haskove ALXX2034
Hasmallije ALXX3745
Hasmashaj ALXX1204
Hasmucaj ALXX0931
Hasnjok ALXX1205
Haspiraj ALXX1206
Hasturkas ALXX1680
Hatcher ALXX2754
Havaleas ALXX1681
Haxhiaj ALXX2035
Haxhillar ALXX1207
Hazizolle ALXX1208
Hebe ALXX2988
Hebej ALXX1682
Hekal ALXX3746
Hekal ALXX1683
Hekal ALXX3996
Helmas ALXX3747
Helmes ALXX2414
Helshan ALXX2755
Hemenraj ALXX3748
Herebel ALXX0624
Herraj ALXX0932
Herush ALXX2756
Hi Zegaj ALXX0625
Himare ALXX0058
Himollaret ALXX0233
Hllomo ALXX2036
Hocisht ALXX2415
Hodallar ALXX2416
Holtas ALXX1209
Holte ALXX1210
Homcan ALXX2417
Homesh ALXX0626
Homezh ALXX2418
Honallinj ALXX1211
Hondisht ALXX2419
Hor ALXX3997
Hormove ALXX2037
Hosecke ALXX2420
Hosheve ALXX2038
Hoshtece ALXX2421
Hoshtime ALXX3998
Hot ALXX3310
Hot i Ri ALXX3311
Hotesh ALXX0627
Hotolisht ALXX1212
Hotove ALXX2039
Hoxhaj ALXX1684
Hoxhaj ALXX0234
Hoxhallar ALXX1213
Hoxhallare ALXX2040
Hoxhare ALXX1685
Hoxhe ALXX1686
Humelice ALXX2041
Hundekuq ALXX2042
Hundexhep ALXX3999
Hurdhe-Muhurr ALXX0628
Hurdhe-Rec ALXX0629
Hyre ALXX1214
Hysaj ALXX1215
Hysaj ALXX3312
Hysebaj ALXX3313
Hysgjokaj ALXX1687
Hysoverdhe ALXX4000
Iba e Poshtme ALXX3750
Iballe ALXX3314
Ibe ALXX3751
Ibe e Siperme ALXX3752
Idrizaj ALXX1216
Ikinas ALXX2422
Ilias ALXX4001
Iliras ALXX2043
Iljare ALXX2044
Ilnice ALXX0630
Imsht ALXX1688
Imshte ALXX1689
Irmanj ALXX1217
Isakas ALXX0235
Ish-Blloku ALXX4199
Ishefaj ALXX2757
Ishem ALXX0933
Ishull ALXX2989
Ishull-Lezhe ALXX2990
Ishull-Shengjin ALXX2991
Isuf-Mucaj ALXX3753
Ivanaj ALXX3315
Izgar ALXX2045
Izvice ALXX0236
Izvir ALXX0631
Izvor ALXX2046
Jagodine ALXX1218
Jagodine ALXX1690
Jah Salih ALXX2758
Jakaj ALXX3316
Jal ALXX4002
Janaj ALXX4003
Jance ALXX0237
Jance-Mal ALXX0238
Janicat ALXX4004
Janjar ALXX4005
Janqishte ALXX2423
Jaran ALXX3317
Jaronisht ALXX1219
Jatesh ALXX1220
Jaupas ALXX0239
Javor ALXX3318
Jazxhias ALXX1691
Jergucat ALXX2047
Jerme ALXX4006
Jeta e Re ALXX1692
Jezull ALXX2992
Jolle ALXX2424
Joullinj ALXX0240
Juban ALXX3319
Jube ALXX0934
Jubice ALXX3320
Juge ALXX3321
Jugomire ALXX3322
Kabash ALXX3323
Kabash ALXX1221
Kabash ALXX2425
Kabashit ALXX2759
Kacaj ALXX1222
Kacarat ALXX4007
Kacinar ALXX2993
Kacit ALXX3324
Kacivel ALXX1223
Kacni ALXX0632
Kadiaj ALXX1693
Kaduc ALXX2426
Kafarraj ALXX1694
Kaferr ALXX1224
Kaftalle ALXX3325
Kagjinas ALXX2427
Kajan ALXX1225
Kajce ALXX2048
Kajvall ALXX3326
Kakac ALXX2428
Kakarriq ALXX2994
Kakarriq ALXX0935
Kakavije ALXX2049
Kake-Papa ALXX3327
Kakodhiq ALXX4008
Kakome ALXX4009
Kakos ALXX2050
Kakoz ALXX2051
Kakruke ALXX0241
Kakunje ALXX3754
Kalaj ALXX1226
Kalaja ALXX2052
Kalanjas ALXX0242
Kalase ALXX4010
Kalcat ALXX4011
Kale ALXX0243
Kalemaj ALXX2053
Kalenj ALXX2054
Kalenje ALXX1695
Kalimash ALXX2760
Kalis ALXX2761
Kalivac ALXX2995
Kalivac ALXX0633
Kalivac ALXX2055
Kalivac ALXX2429
Kalivare ALXX3328
Kalive Gjoka ALXX4012
Kallam-Kashisht ALXX1696
Kallamas ALXX2430
Kallarat ALXX4013
Kalldrun ALXX3329
Kalle ALXX0634
Kallemb ALXX2056
Kallm Maliqaj ALXX1697
Kallm Resulaj ALXX1698
Kallm-Buxhak ALXX1699
Kallmet ALXX0936
Kallmeti i Madh ALXX2996
Kallmeti i Vogel ALXX2997
Kallmi i Madh ALXX1700
Kallmi i Vogel ALXX1701
Kaltanj ALXX2431
Kaluc ALXX0244
Kaludh ALXX2057
Kalur ALXX2998
Kalush ALXX3755
Kam ALXX2762
Kamcisht ALXX2058
Kamcisht ALXX1702
Kamcisht ALXX0245
Kamenic ALXX2763
Kamenice ALXX2432
Kamenice ALXX1703
Kameras ALXX0937
Kamere ALXX3756
Kamerllas ALXX1227
Kamez ALXX0015
Kamican ALXX1228
Kamice-Flake ALXX3330
Kamnik ALXX2433
Kamunah ALXX1229
Kanajak ALXX1704
Kanaparaj ALXX0938
Kander ALXX0635
Kangarem ALXX4014
Kanikol ALXX2059
Kanine ALXX4015
Kapaj ALXX1705
Kaparjel ALXX2060
Kapidanaj ALXX0939
Kapillanas ALXX1230
Kapinove ALXX0246
Kapit ALXX2764
Kapote ALXX2434
Kapreje ALXX3331
Kapshtice ALXX2435
Karahaxh ALXX4016
Karaja ALXX4017
Karakullak ALXX1231
Karavasta ALXX1706
Karbanjos ALXX2436
Karbunare ALXX4018
Kardhikaq ALXX4019
Kardhiq ALXX2061
Karice ALXX0636
Karine ALXX1232
Karjan ALXX2062
Karkanjoz ALXX0247
Karkavec ALXX1233
Karlmeraj ALXX0248
Karma e Hotit ALXX0637
Karme ALXX3332
Karpen ALXX0940
Karrec ALXX3757
Karroq ALXX4020
Karthneke ALXX1234
Kasaj ALXX2765
Kasan ALXX3333
Kash ALXX1709
Kashar ALXX3758
Kasharaj ALXX1710
Kasharaj-Lushnje ALXX1711
Kashec ALXX3334
Kashisht ALXX1712
Kashisht ALXX2063
Kashnjet ALXX2999
Kashtebardhe ALXX1713
Kasme ALXX1714
Kasnice ALXX1715
Kastrat ALXX3336
Kastriot ALXX0638
Katerlis ALXX1235
Katesh ALXX1236
Katjel ALXX1237
Katse ALXX3337
Katund ALXX3338
Katund ALXX1238
Katund Plak ALXX1239
Katundas ALXX0249
Katundi i Ri ALXX3759
Katundi i Ri ALXX1240
Katundi i Ri ALXX0639
Katundi i Siperm ALXX3001
Katundi i Vjeter ALXX3002
Katundi i Vjeter ALXX0942
Katundi i Vogel ALXX0640
Katundishte ALXX2064
Katundje ALXX1716
Kavacove ALXX4021
Kavaje ALXX0016
Kavaklli ALXX1717
Kazaz ALXX3760
Kazi ALXX3761
Kazije ALXX1241
Kcar ALXX3339
Kcira e Eperme ALXX3340
Kcire ALXX3341
Kelcyre ALXX2065
Kelcyre Fshat ALXX2066
Kellez ALXX2067
Kembetheker ALXX2439
Kemishtaj ALXX1718
Kenaj ALXX2068
Kenete ALXX0943
Kep i Rodonit ALXX0061
Kepenek ALXX2767
Kercukaj ALXX3762
Kercukje ALXX3763
Kerkove ALXX4022
Kerpice ALXX0250
Kerre ALXX2069
Kertushaj ALXX0944
Kervacaj ALXX2070
Kete ALXX0643
Kikaj ALXX2768
Kikias ALXX0251
Kiknesh ALXX2071
Kimez ALXX3342
Kir ALXX3343
Kishaj ALXX2769
Kishavec ALXX0644
Kishe-Arre ALXX3344
Kishtallare ALXX1242
Kishte ALXX1243
Kjosolave ALXX2440
Klenje ALXX0645
Klishar ALXX2072
Kllobcisht ALXX0646
Kllogjen ALXX3345
Kllojke ALXX3764
Kloce ALXX2441
Klos ALXX1244
Klos ALXX3003
Klos ALXX1719
Klos ALXX0647
Klos-Katund ALXX0648
Knardhe ALXX3346
Knete ALXX2770
Koblare ALXX2073
Koc-Sheshaj ALXX3765
Kocaj ALXX3766
Kocaj ALXX0649
Kocaj ALXX1245
Kocaj ALXX1720
Kocit ALXX3347
Kocul ALXX4023
Koder ALXX2074
Koder Leshe ALXX0650
Koder Mulliri ALXX3004
Koder Thumane ALXX3005
Koder-Bujaras ALXX1246
Koder-Kamez ALXX3767
Koder-Rreshen ALXX3006
Koder-Shupal ALXX3768
Koder-Spac ALXX3007
Koder-Vore ALXX3769
Kodercere ALXX0651
Kodermarlekaj ALXX3008
Kodhel ALXX3009
Kodhelaj ALXX1721
Kodovjat ALXX1247
Kodra e Kuqe ALXX3348
Kodra e Lajthis ALXX3349
Kodras ALXX1248
Kodras ALXX3770
Kodras ALXX2442
Kojavec ALXX0652
Kokaj ALXX3350
Kokedode ALXX3351
Kokel ALXX1249
Kokelvore ALXX0945
Kokerdhok ALXX0653
Kokli ALXX3771
Kokonoz ALXX0252
Kokor ALXX4025
Kokreve ALXX1250
Kolaj ALXX0654
Kolaj ALXX2772
Kolanec ALXX2443
Kolc ALXX3010
Kolcekaj ALXX3352
Kolea ALXX1722
Kolesjan ALXX2773
Kolkondas ALXX1723
Kollovoz ALXX2774
Kolnekas ALXX2444
Kolonje ALXX2075
Kolonje ALXX1724
Kolsh ALXX2775
Koman ALXX3353
Komar ALXX2076
Komarak ALXX2077
Komat ALXX4026
Kombesi ALXX0655
Kombinat ALXX4200
Konaj ALXX1251
Konaj ALXX3011
Konak ALXX0253
Koncke ALXX2078
Kondaq ALXX4027
Kondas ALXX2079
Konispol ALXX4028
Konizbalte ALXX0254
Konjat ALXX1725
Kopacez ALXX4029
Koplik ALXX3354
Koplik i Mesem ALXX3355
Kopliku i Siperm ALXX3356
Koprencke ALXX0255
Korat ALXX2080
Korb ALXX1252
Korce ALXX0005
Korce ALXX0256
Korceraj ALXX1726
Kordhe ALXX2081
Kordhoce ALXX2082
Kori ALXX1727
Korite ALXX0257
Koritez ALXX0258
Korkutas ALXX1728
Koron-Picar ALXX2083
Korovesh ALXX0259
Korovesh ALXX1729
Korre ALXX3012
Korre ALXX1253
Korthpule ALXX3357
Kosharisht ALXX2776
Kosharisht ALXX1254
Koshnice ALXX2445
Koshovice ALXX2084
Koshtan ALXX2085
Kosine ALXX2086
Koskorist ALXX2777
Kosmac ALXX3358
Kosova e Vogel ALXX1730
Kosove ALXX2087
Kosove ALXX1731
Kosovec ALXX0656
Kostane ALXX4030
Kostar ALXX4031
Kostenje ALXX1255
Kostreni i Madh ALXX0260
Kostreni i Vogel ALXX0261
Kostricani ALXX1256
Kostur ALXX2778
Kosturli ALXX1732
Kotaj ALXX3359
Kotaj ALXX0657
Kote ALXX4032
Koterr ALXX3013
Kotke ALXX0262
Kotodesh ALXX1257
Kotorr ALXX1258
Kovac ALXX3360
Kovacanj ALXX0263
Kovacisht ALXX2446
Kovashice ALXX0658
Koxhas ALXX0946
Koxheraj ALXX0659
Kozan ALXX1259
Kozare ALXX0264
Kozel ALXX2447
Kozhnje ALXX3362
Krahes ALXX2088
Krahesi i Siperm ALXX2089
Kraj-Rec ALXX0660
Kraje ALXX3363
Krajke ALXX0661
Krajn ALXX3014
Kraksniq ALXX1733
Krane ALXX4033
Krapes ALXX1734
Krasniq ALXX1735
Kraste ALXX0662
Kraste ALXX0265
Krej-Lure ALXX0663
Krekez ALXX4034
Krekez ALXX0266
Kremenar ALXX1736
Kreneshdol ALXX3364
Krenxe ALXX2779
Kreshove ALXX2090
Kreshove ALXX2448
Kreshpan ALXX1737
Kreshpanj ALXX2449
Krickove ALXX2450
Krine ALXX2091
Krioner ALXX2092
Kroi i Fokes ALXX0947
Kroi i Lajthis ALXX0664
Kroi i Madh ALXX0948
Kroi i Ri ALXX3365
Krongj ALXX4035
Kropisht ALXX4036
Krorez ALXX0267
Krosnishte ALXX2451
Krotine ALXX0268
Krrabe ALXX3773
Krrabe ALXX1260
Krrabe e Vogel ALXX1261
Krroq ALXX3774
Krua i Madh ALXX3366
Kruje ALXX0949
Krume ALXX2780
Krushove ALXX2452
Krushove ALXX0269
Krutja e Poshtme ALXX1738
Krutja e Siperme ALXX1739
Kryegjate ALXX1740
Kryekuq ALXX1741
Kryelug ALXX2781
Kryemadh ALXX2782
Kryemedhej ALXX0950
Kryevidh ALXX3775
Kryezi ALXX3776
Kryezi ALXX3367
Kryezjarth ALXX1262
Ksamil ALXX4037
Ksollat e Fangut ALXX3368
Kthella e Eperme ALXX3015
Ktosh ALXX3369
Kuben ALXX0665
Kubes ALXX0018
Kuc ALXX3370
Kuc ALXX0270
Kuc ALXX4038
Kuc ALXX3777
Kucaj ALXX0271
Kucake ALXX2454
Kuci i Zi ALXX2455
Kucok ALXX0951
Kucove ALXX0019
Kudhes ALXX4039
Kujmjet ALXX3371
Kujtim ALXX0666
Kuk ALXX3372
Kukaj ALXX2783
Kukaj ALXX0667
Kukatin ALXX0668
Kukel ALXX3373
Kukes ALXX2784
Kukucove ALXX1263
Kukur ALXX1264
Kular ALXX1742
Kullah ALXX0273
Kullaj ALXX3374
Kullas ALXX0952
Kullas ALXX0669
Kullat e Boksit ALXX3375
Kullaxhi ALXX3016
Kulle ALXX0953
Kulleni ALXX0274
Kulleze ALXX3376
Kullollas ALXX1265
Kullurice ALXX4040
Kulme ALXX3017
Kulmerije ALXX3377
Kulumri ALXX3378
Kuman ALXX1743
Kumbardhe ALXX0954
Kumbull ALXX3018
Kumel ALXX2785
Kunjove ALXX4041
Kunore ALXX3379
Kupas ALXX1744
Kuq ALXX2786
Kuq ALXX3380
Kuqan ALXX1266
Kuqar ALXX1745
Kuqar ALXX2093
Kuqollaret ALXX1267
Kurate ALXX1268
Kuraten ALXX0955
Kurbnesh ALXX3019
Kurcaj ALXX0956
Kurdari ALXX0670
Kurile ALXX2456
Kurjan ALXX1746
Kurpal ALXX2787
Kurqelaj ALXX0671
Kurt-Kurtaj ALXX3381
Kurtaj ALXX1269
Kurtaj ALXX3382
Kurtalli ALXX1270
Kurtan ALXX0275
Kurte ALXX0673
Kurtes ALXX2457
Kurtine ALXX1747
Kurtjez ALXX2094
Kus ALXX3778
Kusarth ALXX1271
Kushove ALXX1272
Kutal ALXX2095
Kutalli ALXX0276
Kute ALXX1748
Kuterman ALXX1273
Kuterqare ALXX1274
Kutreq ALXX0020
Kuzhen ALXX3383
Kuzhnen ALXX3020
Labinot-Fushe ALXX1275
Labinot-Mal ALXX1276
Labova e Madhe ALXX2096
Labova e Poshtme ALXX2097
Labova e Siperme ALXX2098
Labova e Vogel ALXX2099
Lac ALXX0674
Lac ALXX3384
Lac ALXX3021
Laces ALXX0675
Lagej ALXX3385
Lagjas ALXX0277
Lagjja e Re ALXX0278
Lagjja e Re ALXX3386
Lagjja e Re ALXX4042
Lagjja e Re ALXX3779
Lagjja e Re ALXX2100
Lagjja e Re ALXX1749
Lagjja e Siperme ALXX2788
Lagjja i Vjeter ALXX1277
Lajthize ALXX0677
Lajthize ALXX3387
Lajthize ALXX2458
Lajthize ALXX2789
Lajthize ALXX2101
Laknas ALXX3780
Laktesh ALXX2459
Lalar ALXX1750
Lalej ALXX3781
Lalez ALXX0957
Lalm ALXX3782
Lalm-Lukaj ALXX3022
Lalme ALXX3023
Lamaj ALXX1751
Lamaj ALXX2102
Lami i Madh ALXX0678
Lanabregas ALXX3783
Langozaj ALXX0280
Lap-Martalloz ALXX2103
Lapaj ALXX4043
Lapardha ALXX4044
Lapardha Dy ALXX0281
Lapardha Nje ALXX0282
Lapoj ALXX2790
Laprake ALXX4201
Lapulec ALXX1752
Lar ALXX3024
Larushk ALXX0958
Lashaj ALXX3388
Lashkize ALXX0679
Lashove ALXX2460
Lashte ALXX3025
Laskaj ALXX0680
Laudisht ALXX0283
Lavdan ALXX1753
Lavdar ALXX2461
Lavdari i Korces ALXX2462
Lazaj ALXX1754
Lazarat ALXX2104
Lazarej ALXX1278
Lazrej ALXX0681
Lefter Talo ALXX4045
Lefterohor ALXX4046
Lejcan ALXX0682
Lejthizej ALXX3389
Lek Gegaj ALXX3026
Lekaj ALXX3784
Lekaj ALXX4047
Lekaj ALXX3390
Lekaj i Siperm ALXX3785
Lekas ALXX2463
Lekbibaj ALXX2791
Lekdush ALXX2105
Lekel ALXX2106
Leker ALXX0285
Lekgjonaj ALXX3391
Lekunde ALXX3027
Lekurtaj ALXX2792
Leljet ALXX1279
Leminot ALXX2464
Lemnushe ALXX0286
Lenaj ALXX0683
Lencke ALXX2465
Lene ALXX0684
Lenge ALXX4048
Lengez ALXX2466
Lenias ALXX1280
Leniq ALXX2793
Lepenice ALXX4049
Lepushe ALXX3392
Lere ALXX4050
Leshaj ALXX0287
Leshec ALXX2467
Leshice ALXX2107
Leshnice ALXX2468
Leshnje ALXX2108
Leshnje ALXX0288
Leshnje ALXX2469
Leshtar ALXX1281
Leshten-Collak ALXX3786
Leskaj ALXX2109
Leskove ALXX0289
Leskovec ALXX4053
Leskovik ALXX2470
Lestere ALXX3028
Letaj ALXX3029
Letaj ALXX2794
Letaj ALXX0685
Letan ALXX1282
Letem ALXX1283
Letovisht ALXX2111
Leuse ALXX2112
Levan ALXX2113
Levan ALXX0290
Levan ALXX1756
Levanaj ALXX3787
Levoshe ALXX3393
Levrushk ALXX3394
Lezhan ALXX4054
Lezhe ALXX3030
Lezollar ALXX0291
Libofshe ALXX1757
Libohove ALXX2114
Libonik ALXX2471
Librazhd ALXX1284
Librazhd-Katund ALXX1285
Librazhd-Qender ALXX1286
Licaj ALXX1287
Licollar ALXX2115
Lifaj i Ri ALXX1758
Lifaj i Vjeter ALXX1759
Ligai Mucej ALXX3788
Likaj ALXX1760
Likaj ALXX3395
Likesh ALXX0959
Likmetaj ALXX0960
Likomil ALXX2116
Likudhe ALXX4055
Lilaj ALXX0292
Lilaj ALXX1288
Limar ALXX2117
Limjan ALXX0686
Lin ALXX2472
Lin ALXX3396
Linaj ALXX3397
Linas ALXX1289
Linat ALXX2118
Linze ALXX3789
Lipe ALXX2119
Lipivan ALXX2120
Lipofnik ALXX1290
Liqenas ALXX2473
Liqeni i Kuq ALXX2795
Liqeth ALXX0293
Liras ALXX1291
Liri ALXX3399
Lis ALXX0687
Lis-Patros ALXX3790
Lisene ALXX3400
Lishani i Eperm ALXX0688
Livadhet ALXX0961
Livadhet ALXX0021
Livadhez ALXX3031
Livadhja ALXX4056
Livine ALXX4057
Lladomerice ALXX0690
Llahaj ALXX1292
Llakaj ALXX2121
Llakatund ALXX4058
Llalle ALXX1293
Llange ALXX1294
Llange ALXX0691
Llanzat ALXX4059
Llapatice ALXX1761
Llazat ALXX4060
Llenge ALXX2474
Lleshaj ALXX1295
Lleshan ALXX1296
Lliar ALXX2122
Llongo ALXX2123
Llovine ALXX2124
Llugaj ALXX2796
Llupsat ALXX4061
Lode ALXX1297
Lofkend ALXX1762
Logjas ALXX3401
Lohja e Poshteme ALXX3402
Lohja e Siperme ALXX3403
Lojme ALXX2797
Lokaj ALXX3404
Lolaj ALXX1298
Lopan ALXX0294
Lopc ALXX3405
Losnik ALXX2475
Lotaj ALXX3406
Lotonjaj ALXX2125
Lozhan ALXX2476
Lozhne ALXX2798
Luadh ALXX0295
Luar ALXX1763
Luaras ALXX2477
Luare ALXX2127
Luars ALXX0692
Luarze ALXX3407
Luath ALXX4062
Lubalesh ALXX0693
Lubinje ALXX1299
Lubonje ALXX4063
Lubonje ALXX2478
Luck ALXX0296
Ludrice ALXX3408
Luf ALXX3409
Luftinje ALXX2129
Lugar ALXX2131
Luge-Shalqize ALXX3791
Luginas ALXX1764
Lugjaj ALXX0694
Lujajt i Poshtem ALXX0695
Luk i Zi ALXX3032
Lukaj ALXX3410
Lukan ALXX0696
Lukan ALXX1300
Lukaxhi ALXX1301
Lukove ALXX4064
Lulezim ALXX2132
Lum ALXX3411
Lumaj ALXX2479
Lumalas ALXX2480
Lumardhe ALXX3412
Lumas ALXX4065
Lumas ALXX1302
Lume ALXX2799
Lume ALXX3413
Lumebardhe ALXX3414
Lumth ALXX1765
Lumz ALXX3415
Lunar ALXX0697
Lunder ALXX3792
Lunik ALXX1303
Lunre ALXX0698
Lupcke ALXX2133
Lura e Vjeter ALXX0699
Lurth ALXX3033
Lusen ALXX2800
Lushaj ALXX2801
Lushnje ALXX1766
Luz ALXX0962
Luzaj ALXX0297
Luzat ALXX2134
Luzhe ALXX2802
Luzi i Madh ALXX3793
Luzi i Vogel ALXX3794
Lybeshe ALXX0298
Lykin ALXX1304
Mabe ALXX3034
Macikak ALXX2481
Macukull ALXX0700
Madhesh ALXX0701
Mafsheq ALXX0963
Mahalla e Kolejt ALXX3421
Mahalle e Mucajt ALXX3423
Majac ALXX2803
Majalli ALXX1767
Majegjate ALXX0299
Majnisht ALXX3424
Majtare ALXX0702
Makaj ALXX1768
Makaj ALXX3425
Maknor ALXX3795
Mal i Kakariqit ALXX3035
Mal Pjec ALXX3796
Mal-Gjepal ALXX3797
Mal-Milot ALXX3036
Malagj ALXX3426
Malagji-Kajvall ALXX3427
Malaj ALXX3037
Malaj i Eperm ALXX3038
Malas ALXX2135
Malas ALXX3428
Malas-Bregas ALXX0300
Malas-Grope ALXX0301
Malaseje ALXX1305
Malavec ALXX2482
Malecaj ALXX3429
Maleshove ALXX2136
Mali Boden ALXX2483
Mali Hebaj ALXX3430
Mali i Bardhe ALXX0964
Mali i Gjymtit ALXX3432
Mali i Jushit ALXX3433
Mali i Rencit ALXX3040
Mali Kolaj ALXX3431
Mali Shengjinit ALXX3039
Mali-Bardhe ALXX0302
Mali-Leze ALXX0703
Maliben ALXX1306
Malican ALXX4066
Malinat ALXX0303
Malind ALXX0304
Maline ALXX2484
Maliq ALXX0022
Maliq Muco ALXX0965
Maliq-Fshat ALXX2485
Maliqi i Oparit ALXX2486
Malishove ALXX0305
Malkaj ALXX2137
Malke ALXX1769
Mallakaster ALXX0704
Mallkeq ALXX4067
Mallkuc ALXX0966
Mallunxe ALXX0705
Malok ALXX2487
Malqene ALXX2804
Mamaj ALXX2138
Mamel ALXX1307
Mamez ALXX2805
Maminas ALXX0967
Mamogjinaj ALXX2139
Mamurras ALXX3041
Manaj ALXX1770
Manastirec ALXX2488
Manasufaj ALXX1771
Manati ALXX3042
Mancurisht ALXX2489
Mangull ALXX3798
Manskur ALXX0968
Manth ALXX1308
Manze ALXX0969
Maqellare ALXX0706
Marez ALXX0306
Margellic ALXX1772
Margjonaj ALXX3043
Maricaj ALXX2140
Marice ALXX0707
Marice ALXX3799
Marikaj ALXX3800
Marina ALXX2141
Marine ALXX1309
Marinez ALXX1773
Marish ALXX0307
Marjan ALXX2490
Markaj ALXX2806
Markat ALXX4068
Markcokaj ALXX3434
Markokaj ALXX2807
Markolaj ALXX3435
Marqinet ALXX3801
Martalloz ALXX0308
Martanesh ALXX0708
Martindrejaj ALXX3436
Martine ALXX1774
Martoke ALXX4069
Marvukaj ALXX3044
Masel ALXX3437
Mashan ALXX1310
Mashe ALXX2808
Mashkullore ALXX2142
Mashne ALXX3438
Mashterkor ALXX3045
Maskaresh ALXX3802
Maskarth ALXX1311
Maskollate ALXX2809
Maslac ALXX3439
Materaj ALXX3803
Matkize ALXX1775
Matmilj ALXX2810
Matogjin ALXX4070
Matohasanaj ALXX2143
Matranxh ALXX2811
Mavrojer ALXX2144
Mavros ALXX0309
Mavrove ALXX4071
Mazdre ALXX0709
Mazha e Madhe ALXX0970
Mazha e Vogel ALXX0971
Mazhaj ALXX1776
Mazhan ALXX2145
Mazhar-Lapardha ALXX4072
Mazhar-Sevaster ALXX4073
Mazhice ALXX0710
Mazrek ALXX3804
Mazrek ALXX3440
Mazrek ALXX2812
Mazreke ALXX2491
Mazreke ALXX1312
Mazreke-Opar ALXX2492
Mbers ALXX1777
Mbjeshove ALXX0310
Mblsuke ALXX3441
Mbolan ALXX0311
Mborje ALXX2493
Mbrakull ALXX0312
Mbreshtan ALXX2494
Mbreshtan ALXX0313
Mbrezhdan ALXX2146
Mbrostar-Ferko ALXX1778
Mbrostar-Ure ALXX1779
Mbyet ALXX1780
Mec ALXX1781
Mecaj ALXX1782
Mecaj ALXX2147
Mecaj ALXX0314
Mece ALXX3442
Meckare ALXX0315
Medar ALXX2148
Megulle ALXX3443
Megulle ALXX2813
Mehalleze ALXX1783
Mehmet ALXX1784
Mehole ALXX2814
Mekat ALXX4074
Mekat i Ri ALXX4075
Mekshaj ALXX3444
Mekth e Zalle ALXX3445
Melan ALXX0711
Melcan ALXX2495
Melcize ALXX0023
Melcke ALXX0316
Melgushe ALXX3446
Melove ALXX0317
Melsu ALXX0712
Melth ALXX0713
Memaj ALXX0024
Memaliaj ALXX2149
Memaliaj-Fshat ALXX2150
Memel-Manastirec ALXX2496
Memelisht ALXX2497
Memollaj ALXX3805
Memoraq ALXX4076
Memzotaj ALXX0972
Mendrake ALXX0318
Meneri i Siperm ALXX3806
Menesh ALXX0714
Mengel ALXX1313
Menik ALXX3807
Menkshi ALXX2498
Menkulas ALXX2499
Merceq ALXX2151
Mercke ALXX0715
Merhoje ALXX1314
Merikaj ALXX1785
Merkuraj ALXX2152
Merkurth ALXX3046
Mermucaj ALXX1786
Merqi ALXX3047
Mertikaj ALXX1787
Mertinj ALXX2153
Mertiraj ALXX4077
Mertish ALXX1788
Mertur ALXX3447
Mes ALXX3448
Mesaplik ALXX4078
Mesarak ALXX4079
Mesare ALXX2501
Mesenik ALXX1315
Meshqerre ALXX3449
Mesicca ALXX2502
Mesit ALXX0319
Mesmal ALXX2503
Mesopotam ALXX4080
Mesul ALXX3450
Metaj ALXX0973
Metaj ALXX1789
Metaliaj ALXX2815
Metallaj ALXX0974
Metalli ALXX1790
Metoh ALXX1791
Metollar ALXX1316
Metoq ALXX4081
Mexixe ALXX1317
Mezaj ALXX0975
Mezez ALXX3808
Mezhgoran ALXX2154
Mezi ALXX3451
Mgajn ALXX3452
Mhalle ALXX1318
Mican ALXX2155
Micoj ALXX3453
Midhe ALXX3454
Midhe ALXX0716
Mifol ALXX4082
Mihajas ALXX3809
Mihajas-Cirme ALXX3810
Mikropoli ALXX4083
Milan ALXX3455
Milec ALXX2504
Miliska ALXX3456
Millone ALXX4084
Milonje ALXX0320
Milot ALXX0070
Mimias ALXX0321
Minge ALXX0322
Mingul ALXX2156
Mirake ALXX1319
Miras ALXX2505
Mirdice ALXX3457
Mirne ALXX2157
Mirovne ALXX3458
Mirteo ALXX4085
Mish ALXX3811
Mishter ALXX0717
Misras ALXX2506
Mize ALXX1792
Mjaltas ALXX2507
Mjede ALXX3459
Mjeker Bardhe ALXX2816
Mjekes ALXX1320
Mjekut ALXX3460
Mjull-Bathore ALXX3812
Mlik ALXX3813
Mlize ALXX1321
Mlloje ALXX3461
Mnela e Madhe ALXX3462
Mnela e Vogel ALXX3463
Mocale ALXX4086
Mocan ALXX2509
Mogile ALXX4087
Moglice ALXX2510
Moglice ALXX0718
Mokrice ALXX2158
Mokset ALXX3464
Molisht ALXX0323
Mollagjesh ALXX1322
Mollaj ALXX2511
Mollas ALXX1323
Mollas ALXX2512
Mollas ALXX1794
Mollas ALXX0324
Molle ALXX1324
Mollekuqe ALXX3048
Momel ALXX3814
Moras ALXX2159
Morave ALXX2513
Morave ALXX0325
Morin ALXX2817
Morine ALXX0976
Moriq ALXX2818
Motaj ALXX3466
Mrac ALXX3467
Mreg ALXX3468
Mrijaj ALXX3469
Mshalle ALXX0326
Muc ALXX0327
Mucaj ALXX3815
Mucaj ALXX2819
Mucaj ALXX1795
Mucan ALXX1325
Mucej ALXX3470
Mucias ALXX1796
Muhader ALXX2820
Muharremaj ALXX0977
Mujaj ALXX2821
Mujalli ALXX1797
Mukaj ALXX1326
Mukje ALXX0978
Mulaj ALXX2822
Mulitaj ALXX0328
Mullahaj ALXX2160
Mullaj ALXX1798
Mullet ALXX3816
Mullias ALXX0719
Mullini i Danit ALXX0979
Mumajes ALXX3817
Munaz ALXX3049
Munege ALXX3050
Muneke ALXX2823
Munushtir ALXX0329
Murat Bejas ALXX1327
Murataj ALXX0720
Muriq ALXX3471
Muriqan ALXX1328
Muriqan ALXX3472
Murisht ALXX2161
Murqine ALXX0980
Murras ALXX1329
Murre ALXX0721
Murris ALXX4088
Murriz ALXX3818
Murriz ALXX1330
Murriz-Kozare ALXX0330
Mursi ALXX4089
Murtajas ALXX1799
Murtez ALXX1800
Murth ALXX3819
Mushan ALXX3473
Mushnik ALXX3820
Mushqeta ALXX3821
Mushte ALXX3474
Mustafa-Kocaj ALXX3822
Mustafaj ALXX0722
Mustafaj ALXX2824
Mustaj ALXX1801
Musukar ALXX2162
Muzhake ALXX0331
Muzhencke ALXX0332
Muzine ALXX4090
Myc ALXX2825
Myc-Has ALXX2826
Myselim ALXX3475
Mzille ALXX0981
Nacaj ALXX3476
Nange ALXX2827
Narac ALXX3477
Nareaj ALXX3478
Narel ALXX3479
Narte ALXX4091
Narte ALXX1331
Navarice ALXX4092
Nderan ALXX2164
Nderfane ALXX3051
Nderfushas ALXX0723
Nderfushaz ALXX3052
Nderlisaj ALXX3480
Nderlymnat ALXX3481
Nderlysaj ALXX3482
Ndermolles ALXX3483
Ndernenas ALXX1802
Ndershegas ALXX3053
Ndershene ALXX0724
Ndershene ALXX3054
Ndreaj ALXX3055
Ndreaj ALXX0725
Ndregjinaj ALXX3484
Ndrejaj ALXX3485
Ndreq ALXX3486
Ndroq ALXX3823
Negovani ALXX3487
Negrov ALXX1332
Nelegam ALXX3488
Nemas ALXX3489
Nenmavriq ALXX3490
Nenshat ALXX3491
Nenshenjt ALXX3056
Neohor ALXX4093
Nepravishte ALXX2165
Neshte ALXX1333
Nevicisht ALXX2514
Nezhaj ALXX0726
Nezhan ALXX1334
Ngjeqar ALXX0333
Ngjilisht ALXX2515
Ngracan ALXX1803
Ngrancije ALXX1804
Ngropuk ALXX3492
Ngurreza e Madhe ALXX1805
Ngurreza e Vogel ALXX1806
Ngurreze e Re ALXX1807
Nicaj ALXX0334
Nicaj-Shale ALXX3493
Nicaj-Shosh ALXX3494
Nice ALXX2516
Nikaj-Mertur ALXX2828
Nikas ALXX1808
Nikc ALXX3495
Nikel ALXX0982
Nikolice ALXX2517
Nikoliq ALXX2829
Nikollare ALXX2518
Nikollare ALXX0335
Nimce ALXX2830
Ninat ALXX4094
Ninesh ALXX2166
Nishice ALXX0336
Nishove ALXX0337
Nivan ALXX2167
Nivice ALXX4095
Nivice ALXX2168
Nizhavec ALXX2519
Nje Maj ALXX4096
Nje Maj ALXX2520
Nje Maj ALXX1809
Nogaj ALXX3057
Noje ALXX0983
Nokove ALXX2169
Nome ALXX2831
Norgut ALXX2832
Novaj ALXX0338
Nove ALXX0339
Novosele ALXX2833
Novosele ALXX2521
Novosele ALXX2170
Novosele ALXX0071
Nuraj ALXX1810
Nushaj ALXX3496
Oblika e Madhe ALXX3497
Oblika e Siperme ALXX3498
Obot ALXX3499
Odrican ALXX2171
Odrie ALXX2172
Oenala ALXX2173
Ogdunan ALXX2174
Ogren ALXX2175
Ojmice ALXX2522
Okol ALXX3500
Okshatine ALXX0727
Okshtun ALXX3824
Okshtuni i Madh ALXX0728
Okshtuni i Vogel ALXX0729
Omare ALXX3501
Opar ALXX2523
Orcikel ALXX2834
Orenje ALXX1335
Oreshke ALXX2835
Orgjost ALXX2836
Orgocke ALXX2524
Orikum ALXX0025
Orizaj ALXX0340
Orman-Pojan ALXX2525
Orosh ALXX3058
Orosh ALXX3502
Orpen ALXX1336
Orzhanove ALXX0730
Osmanaj ALXX2837
Osmenzeze ALXX0341
Osnat ALXX2526
Osoje ALXX2527
Osoje ALXX0342
Ostenth ALXX1337
Ostreni i Math ALXX0731
Ostreni i Vogel ALXX0732
Otllak ALXX0343
Pacomit ALXX2176
Pacram ALXX3503
Padesh ALXX2838
Paftal ALXX0344
Pagri ALXX2177
Pajalle ALXX1338
Pajame ALXX4097
Pajenge ALXX1339
Pajollar ALXX1340
Pajove ALXX1341
Pajun ALXX1342
Pakisht ALXX2839
Pal ALXX4098
Palaj ALXX3504
Palaj-Gushte ALXX3505
Palaman ALXX0733
Palaq ALXX0984
Palase ALXX4099
Palavli ALXX4100
Palc ALXX2840
Palec ALXX0345
Palermo ALXX4101
Palikesht ALXX0346
Palokaj ALXX3059
Palokaster ALXX2178
Palucaj ALXX3506
Palush ALXX2841
Panahor ALXX1811
Panaja ALXX4102
Panarit ALXX0347
Panarit ALXX2528
Panarit ALXX2179
Panc ALXX1343
Pandelejmon ALXX4103
Panec ALXX3825
Panjet ALXX3826
Pap ALXX3507
Papaj ALXX3508
Paper ALXX1344
Paper-Sallak ALXX1345
Paqe ALXX2842
Paraspuar ALXX0348
Paraspun ALXX1346
Partizan ALXX4104
Partizani ALXX0349
Pashalli ALXX0350
Pashkashesh ALXX3827
Pashtraj ALXX0351
Pashtresh ALXX1347
Pasinke ALXX0734
Paskuqan ALXX3828
Pasnovisht ALXX1348
Patalej ALXX3060
Patin ALXX0735
Patk ALXX3829
Patog ALXX3061
Patos ALXX1812
Patos Fshat ALXX1813
Paulesh ALXX1349
Pavar ALXX2180
Pecaj ALXX3509
Pece ALXX4105
Pejke ALXX0736
Pekisht ALXX1350
Peladhi ALXX0737
Pellumbar ALXX2181
Pellumbas ALXX3830
Pellumbas ALXX0352
Pendavinj ALXX2529
Pengile ALXX0985
Penkove ALXX4106
Pentar ALXX3510
Pep-Prenat ALXX2843
Pepaj ALXX1351
Pepaj ALXX3511
Pepel ALXX2182
Pepellash ALXX2530
Pepsumaj ALXX3512
Peqin ALXX0073
Peqinaj ALXX3831
Peraj ALXX2844
Perat ALXX2183
Perbreg ALXX2845
Percall ALXX0738
Percellesh ALXX3832
Perdhikar ALXX4107
Pergjen ALXX3513
Perik ALXX0353
Perike ALXX1352
Perisnake ALXX0354
Perlat ALXX0986
Perlat-Qender ALXX3062
Perlati i Eperm ALXX3063
Perlikaj ALXX3064
Permet ALXX2184
Perollaj ALXX2846
Perondi ALXX0355
Perparim ALXX1353
Perparim ALXX2185
Perparimaj ALXX2531
Perpunje ALXX3833
Perrenjas ALXX1354
Perrenjas-Fshat ALXX1355
Peshk ALXX0739
Peshkepi ALXX2532
Peshkepi ALXX4108
Peshkopi ALXX0074
Peshqesh ALXX3065
Peshtan ALXX2533
Peshtan ALXX2188
Peshtan ALXX0356
Peshtan-Bregas ALXX1814
Peshtani i Madh ALXX1815
Peshtani i Vogel ALXX1816
Pesjake ALXX0740
Pete ALXX4109
Petkaj ALXX2847
Petoc ALXX3066
Petove ALXX1817
Petove e Re ALXX1818
Petralbe ALXX0741
Petran ALXX2189
Petrele ALXX3834
Petresh ALXX1356
Pevelan ALXX2534
Peza e Madhe ALXX3835
Peza e Vogel ALXX3836
Peze Helmes ALXX3837
Pezull ALXX4110
Piadhage ALXX4111
Picalle ALXX3838
Picar ALXX2190
Picar ALXX3839
Picar ALXX4112
Pickat ALXX4113
Picrrage ALXX0987
Pilaf ALXX0742
Pilaj ALXX0357
Pilur ALXX4114
Pilur ALXX2535
Pinar ALXX0988
Pinet ALXX3840
Piqeras ALXX0075
Pirac ALXX3514
Piraj ALXX3067
Piranjak ALXX1819
Pirg ALXX4115
Pirg ALXX2536
Pirre ALXX1820
Pishaj ALXX1357
Pishe ALXX1821
Pishe-Poro ALXX1822
Pishkash ALXX1358
Piskal ALXX2537
Piskove ALXX2191
Piskupat ALXX2538
Piste ALXX2848
Pistull ALXX3515
Pjaver ALXX3516
Pjece ALXX0743
Pjetroshan ALXX3517
Pjezge ALXX0989
Plakez ALXX3068
Plan ALXX3069
Plan ALXX3518
Planete ALXX3070
Plangarice ALXX1359
Plani i Bardhe ALXX0744
Plase ALXX2539
Plashniku-Dy ALXX0358
Plashniku-Nje ALXX0359
Plemere ALXX1823
Plencke ALXX0360
Plepa ALXX0745
Plepan ALXX3519
Plesat ALXX2192
Pleshe ALXX0746
Pleshisht ALXX2540
Plet ALXX3520
Plezhe ALXX3521
Plireze ALXX0361
Plisht ALXX3522
Plishtes ALXX1360
Pllake ALXX4116
Pllane ALXX3071
Ploce ALXX4117
Ploshtan ALXX0747
Plovisht-Bos ALXX2541
Plug ALXX1824
Plyk ALXX1825
Pobicke ALXX2542
Pobrat ALXX0362
Pobrat ALXX1361
Pocem ALXX1826
Pocest ALXX0748
Poceste ALXX2543
Poceste ALXX0363
Pode ALXX2544
Podgora ALXX3523
Podgorce ALXX0749
Podgorie ALXX2545
Pog ALXX3524
Pogaj ALXX2851
Pogon ALXX2193
Pogradec ALXX2546
Pojan ALXX3841
Pojan ALXX2547
Pojan ALXX1827
Polene ALXX0364
Polene ALXX2548
Polican ALXX2194
Polican ALXX0365
Polis Vale ALXX1362
Polis-Gostime ALXX1363
Polis-Vale ALXX1364
Polisi i Vogel ALXX1365
Polizhan ALXX0366
Polje ALXX2549
Pollozhan ALXX0750
Poloske ALXX2550
Poncare ALXX2551
Popinare ALXX0751
Popovine ALXX2552
Porave ALXX3525
Poro ALXX4118
Porocan ALXX1366
Porodine ALXX2553
Porrepth ALXX1367
Portat ALXX3526
Portez ALXX1828
Porto-Romano ALXX0990
Portocan ALXX0367
Poshnje ALXX0368
Postenan ALXX2554
Postene ALXX0369
Potgoran ALXX2195
Potgoran-Fushe ALXX2196
Potkozhan ALXX2555
Potom ALXX0370
Povelce ALXX1829
Pozhak ALXX1368
Pragu i Prosekut ALXX3072
Prahlisht ALXX2852
Prangull ALXX3527
Prapanike ALXX1369
Prat ALXX0752
Preca e Poshtme ALXX1370
Preca e Siperme ALXX1371
Pregj-Lure ALXX0753
Prekal ALXX3528
Prell ALXX0754
Premal ALXX3529
Prencaj ALXX3530
Preng-Nikollaj ALXX3531
Prenisht ALXX2556
Preseke ALXX0371
Pretushe ALXX2557
Prevall ALXX1372
Preven ALXX4119
Preze ALXX0991
Prishte ALXX0372
Priska e Madhe ALXX3842
Priska e Vogel ALXX3843
Prodan ALXX2558
Prodan ALXX0755
Progem ALXX1373
Proger ALXX2559
Progonat ALXX2197
Prokop ALXX0373
Prongji ALXX2198
Pronovik ALXX0374
Proptisht ALXX2560
Prosek ALXX3073
Protoduar ALXX0375
Protopape ALXX2561
Prozhm ALXX3532
Prrenjas ALXX0376
Prrez ALXX3533
Prroi ALXX1374
Prull ALXX3074
Prush ALXX2853
Prush ALXX3844
Psar ALXX2562
Psar ALXX2199
Psari i Zi ALXX2563
Puke ALXX3534
Pulahe ALXX2564
Pulaj ALXX3535
Punemire ALXX2565
Pusi i Thate ALXX2854
Putkaj ALXX0377
Qaf Suke ALXX2200
Qaf-Dardhe ALXX0756
Qafe ALXX0378
Qafe ALXX1375
Qafe Grade ALXX3536
Qafe-Dardhe ALXX0379
Qafe-Draj ALXX2855
Qafe-Grade ALXX3537
Qafe-Murre ALXX0757
Qafemal ALXX3538
Qafemolle ALXX3845
Qaferrap ALXX2201
Qafeshkalle ALXX1376
Qafezez ALXX2566
Qane ALXX0758
Qarr ALXX1830
Qarr ALXX2856
Qarrishte ALXX1377
Qatrom ALXX2567
Qazim Pali ALXX4120
Qehe-Shytaj ALXX3846
Qelez ALXX3539
Qencke ALXX2568
Qeparo ALXX4121
Qeparoi i Siperm ALXX4122
Qerec-Mulaj ALXX2857
Qerek ALXX0992
Qereshnik ALXX0380
Qerret ALXX1378
Qerret ALXX3540
Qerret ALXX0993
Qerreti i Ri ALXX1831
Qerreti i Vjeter ALXX1832
Qerreti i Vogel ALXX3541
Qershis e Palajt ALXX3542
Qershize ALXX2569
Qesarake ALXX2570
Qesarat ALXX2202
Qesarat ALXX4123
Qeshibes ALXX2203
Qestorat ALXX2204
Qete ALXX2571
Qibik ALXX3543
Qilarisht ALXX2205
Qilikok ALXX3544
Qinam ALXX0994
Qinam ALXX2572
Qinam-Radovicke ALXX2573
Qinamake ALXX2858
Qorraj ALXX0381
Qose ALXX1379
Qoshk ALXX0382
Qukes-Shkumbin ALXX1380
Qukes-Skenderbe ALXX1381
Qyper ALXX2207
Qyqesh ALXX3545
Qyrkan ALXX1382
Qyrkani i Siperm ALXX1383
Qyteze ALXX2574
Raban ALXX2208
Rabdisht ALXX0759
Rabije ALXX2209
Rabjake ALXX0383
Rad ALXX4124
Radanj ALXX2575
Radat ALXX2210
Radat ALXX2576
Rade ALXX0995
Radesh ALXX0384
Radhesh ALXX0996
Radhime ALXX4125
Radimisht ALXX2577
Radomire ALXX0760
Radostime ALXX1833
Radostine ALXX1834
Radove ALXX2578
Radovesh ALXX0761
Radovicke ALXX2579
Rafija ALXX1384
Rahovic ALXX3546
Rahulle ALXX4126
Rajan ALXX2580
Rajce ALXX1385
Rajze ALXX2859
Rakicke ALXX2581
Rakove ALXX0385
Ralnik ALXX2582
Rama ALXX0762
Ramaj ALXX1835
Ramaj ALXX2211
Ramanjat ALXX0386
Ramhas-Kukes ALXX2860
Ramice ALXX4127
Ranxe ALXX3547
Rapcke ALXX2212
Rapshe ALXX3548
Rasboks ALXX3549
Rasfik ALXX3075
Rashnapoje ALXX0763
Rashtan ALXX1386
Ratke ALXX0764
Ravonik ALXX2583
Rec ALXX3550
Recan ALXX1387
Reci i Ri ALXX3551
Rehove ALXX2584
Rekal ALXX3552
Remanaj ALXX1388
Remanice ALXX0388
Remas ALXX1836
Rembec ALXX2585
Remenj ALXX2586
Renc ALXX3553
Renz ALXX0765
Repisht ALXX3554
Reps ALXX3076
Reres-Kumarak ALXX0389
Rerez ALXX2213
Resk ALXX2861
Resulaj ALXX4128
Revaj ALXX2214
Revisht ALXX2215
Rexhaj ALXX0390
Rexhaj ALXX2862
Rexhepaj ALXX4129
Rexhin ALXX2216
Reza e Veshtit ALXX3555
Riban ALXX2217
Rihen ALXX3556
Rile ALXX3077
Rinas ALXX0997
Rinas ALXX1389
Ripeze ALXX0391
Risili ALXX4130
Rizan ALXX1837
Rmath ALXX1390
Rodenj ALXX2218
Rog ALXX0392
Rokat ALXX1391
Romes ALXX4131
Romes ALXX1838
Rosh ALXX3557
Roshanj ALXX2589
Roshnik ALXX0393
Roskovec ALXX1839
Rostej ALXX3847
Rosten ALXX3848
Rosuje ALXX2863
Rotacit ALXX3558
Rov ALXX2590
Rovice ALXX0394
Rozavere ALXX3849
Rraboshte ALXX3078
Rragam ALXX3559
Rrakull ALXX3850
Rranxe ALXX0998
Rrapaj ALXX2219
Rrape ALXX3560
Rrapez-Fshat ALXX1840
Rrapshe-Stare ALXX3561
Rras ALXX3562
Rrasa e Poshtme ALXX1392
Rrasa e Siperme ALXX1393
Rrash i Vorfes ALXX3563
Rrash-Kullaj ALXX3564
Rrashbull ALXX0999
Rrasi i Bute ALXX3079
Rreja e Veles ALXX3080
Rreja e Zeze ALXX3081
Rremull ALXX0766
Rrenas ALXX1394
Rrene ALXX0767
Rrepes ALXX0395
Rreres ALXX1841
Rreshen ALXX3082
Rreth ALXX1000
Rreth i Brashtes ALXX3565
Rreth Kale ALXX0768
Rreth-Baz ALXX0769
Rreth-Greth ALXX3851
Rreth-Libofshe ALXX1842
Rreth-Numanbej ALXX1843
Rreth-Tapi ALXX0396
Rrethas ALXX3083
Rrethi i Eperm ALXX3084
Rreza e Kanalit ALXX4132
Rreza e Malit ALXX3085
Rreza-Borshe ALXX4133
Rreze-Mali ALXX2865
Rriban ALXX1844
Rrikaj ALXX3852
Rrile ALXX1395
Rripe ALXX0770
Rrogam ALXX2866
Rrogozhine ALXX3853
Rromanat ALXX3854
Rromanat ALXX1001
Rromas ALXX0397
Rrotull ALXX1002
Rrumbullak ALXX1396
Rrupaj ALXX1845
Rruplaj ALXX3566
Rrushkull ALXX3086
Rrushkull ALXX3567
Rrushkull ALXX1003
Rubik ALXX3087
Rubjeke ALXX1004
Ruc ALXX3855
Rucaj ALXX0771
Rukaj ALXX0772
Rumanxe ALXX4134
Runga ALXX1846
Rungaje ALXX1847
Rusaman ALXX1848
Rusan ALXX4135
Rusea ALXX1849
Rushte ALXX2867
Rusinje ALXX1850
Rustemaj ALXX1851
Ruzhdie ALXX1852
Sades ALXX1397
Sadovice ALXX0398
Safetaj ALXX1005
Sailard ALXX0399
Sakaj ALXX1853
Sakanjan ALXX2869
Sakes ALXX3088
Salaj ALXX0773
Salaj ALXX1854
Salari ALXX2220
Salce ALXX2870
Salce-Kozare ALXX0400
Saliaj ALXX1855
Saliaj ALXX2221
Saliasi ALXX1856
Sallbegaj ALXX1398
Sallmonaj ALXX1006
Sallxhias ALXX2591
Samatice ALXX0401
Samrisht ALXX3569
Samrisht i Ri ALXX3570
San Sula ALXX2871
Sang ALXX3089
Sanjollas ALXX2592
Sanxhak ALXX3090
Sapac ALXX3571
Sarac ALXX1399
Saragi ALXX2593
Sarande ALXX4136
Saraqinishte ALXX2222
Sarasel ALXX0402
Sasaj ALXX4137
Sasdan ALXX0404
Satlaket ALXX1400
Sauk ALXX3856
Sauqet ALXX3857
Saver ALXX1857
Sbuc ALXX3572
Sebisht ALXX0774
Seferaj ALXX1007
Seferan ALXX1401
Sefollj ALXX2872
Sejmenas ALXX1858
Selamaj ALXX0405
Selan ALXX0406
Selane ALXX0775
Selbe ALXX3858
Selca e Poshtme ALXX2594
Selca e Siperme ALXX2595
Selce ALXX3573
Selce ALXX2596
Selcka e Madhe ALXX2223
Selcka e Vogel ALXX0407
Selcke ALXX2224
Seleni i Poshtem ALXX0408
Selenice ALXX0409
Selenice ALXX2598
Selenice ALXX2225
Selenice ALXX0026
Selimaj ALXX1859
Selimaj ALXX1403
Selimaj ALXX2873
Selishte ALXX0776
Selita e Malit ALXX3859
Selita e Vogel ALXX0027
Selite ALXX3860
Selite ALXX1404
Selite ALXX1860
Selite ALXX0777
Selite ALXX1008
Selo ALXX2226
Selte ALXX1405
Selvias ALXX1406
Seman ALXX1861
Seman i Ri ALXX1862
Semer ALXX1863
Sen ALXX4138
Senese ALXX1864
Senican ALXX2227
Senice ALXX4139
Senisht ALXX2599
Senishte ALXX2600
Seran-Perat ALXX2228
Seresht ALXX3091
Sergjove ALXX0410
Serice ALXX1407
Serme ALXX3574
Sevaster ALXX4140
Sevrani i Madh ALXX0411
Sevrani i Vogel ALXX0412
Shaban ALXX1408
Shabanaj ALXX0413
Shahinaj ALXX1009
Shakote ALXX3575
Shakuj ALXX1865
Shale ALXX4141
Shales ALXX4142
Shales ALXX1409
Shales ALXX2601
Shalqin ALXX2874
Shalqize ALXX3861
Shamoll ALXX2602
Shanaj ALXX2230
Sharaj ALXX4143
Share ALXX1410
Sharge ALXX3862
Shark ALXX1411
Sharove ALXX0414
Sharre ALXX3863
Sharredushk ALXX3864
Sheaj ALXX1866
Shebe ALXX3092
Shegas ALXX1867
Sheh ALXX1412
Shehe ALXX2875
Shejf ALXX4144
Shejleret ALXX0028
Shelcan ALXX1413
Sheldi ALXX3576
Shelivec ALXX4145
Shelk ALXX3865
Shelli ALXX0778
Shellinze ALXX3093
Shelq ALXX2231
Shelqet ALXX3577
Shemat ALXX1414
Shemhill ALXX1415
Shemri ALXX1010
Shemrize ALXX1416
Shen Ded Gjoni ALXX3094
Shen Kolle ALXX0779
Shen Lli ALXX3095
Shenavlash ALXX1417
Shendre ALXX4146
Shenepremte ALXX1868
Shengjergj ALXX3096
Shengjergj ALXX3866
Shengjergj ALXX1869
Shengjin ALXX1418
Shengjin ALXX4147
Shengjin ALXX3097
Shengjini i Madh ALXX3867
Shengjun ALXX0780
Shenkoll ALXX3098
Shenkoll ALXX3869
Shenkoll ALXX1419
Shenkollas ALXX1870
Shenlleshen ALXX0781
Shenmeri ALXX3870
Shenmeri ALXX2877
Shenmeri ALXX1011
Shenmiter ALXX1420
Shenvasi ALXX4148
Sheper ALXX2232
Sheq ALXX1871
Sheq ALXX0416
Sheq-Marinas ALXX1872
Sheqeras ALXX2603
Sheqez ALXX0417
Sheqi i Madh ALXX1873
Sheqi i Vogel ALXX1874
Sheqishte ALXX1875
Sherilaj ALXX3099
Sherishte ALXX4149
Shermine ALXX3871
Shesh ALXX3872
Shesh ALXX1421
Shesh ALXX2233
Sheshaj ALXX4150
Sheshaj ALXX3100
Sheshi i Gurres ALXX0782
Sheshi i Zi ALXX1422
Shetaj ALXX1012
Shetel ALXX1013
Sheze ALXX1423
Shijak ALXX0029
Shijan ALXX2234
Shijeze ALXX1014
Shijon ALXX1424
Shikaj ALXX2878
Shilbater ALXX1425
Shimcan ALXX0783
Shinavlash ALXX1015
Shipske ALXX2606
Shiraga ALXX1876
Shirgjan ALXX1426
Shiroke ALXX3578
Shirq ALXX3579
Shishtavec ALXX2879
Shkalle ALXX0784
Shkalle ALXX1016
Shkalle ALXX3873
Shkalle ALXX4151
Shkalle Mavrove ALXX4152
Shkallnur ALXX1017
Shkelzen ALXX2880
Shkemb ALXX0418
Shkemb ALXX1427
Shkember ALXX1877
Shkinak ALXX2881
Shkjeze ALXX3580
Shkoder ALXX0001
Shkopet ALXX0785
Shkozanj ALXX2607
Shkoze ALXX4153
Shkoze ALXX1428
Shkoze ALXX3581
Shkoze ALXX2608
Shkozet ALXX3875
Shkrete ALXX1018
Shlline ALXX3582
Shmil ALXX1429
Shopel ALXX3583
Shoshaj ALXX0786
Shoshit ALXX3584
Shpat ALXX2882
Shpat ALXX1430
Shpat-Vesqi ALXX3876
Shpataj ALXX1878
Shpataj ALXX0419
Shpatanj ALXX0420
Shpati i Siperm ALXX1431
Shpatmal ALXX2609
Shpelle ALXX2610
Shperdhet ALXX3101
Shperdheze ALXX3102
Shpijat Ali Roma ALXX1019
Shpijat Kosoves ALXX1020
Shpijat Piroll ALXX3103
Shpor ALXX3585
Shqath ALXX0787
Shqefen ALXX0788
Shqeri ALXX2235
Shqiponje ALXX1432
Shqitas ALXX2611
Shtalth ALXX3104
Shtanas ALXX1879
Shtane ALXX2883
Shtemaj ALXX1433
Shtepaje ALXX1434
Shtepez ALXX2236
Shtermen ALXX1435
Shterpas ALXX1880
Shtike ALXX2612
Shtike ALXX2237
Shtiqen ALXX2884
Shtish-Tufine ALXX3877
Shtith ALXX1436
Shtodher ALXX3878
Shtoji i Ri ALXX3586
Shtoji i Vjeter ALXX3587
Shtoji i Vogel ALXX3588
Shtraze ALXX1022
Shtraze ALXX1437
Shtrez ALXX0789
Shtreze ALXX2885
Shtrungaj ALXX3105
Shtuf ALXX3590
Shtuf ALXX3106
Shtyllas ALXX1881
Shtylle ALXX2613
Shuec ALXX2614
Shugyrk ALXX3879
Shulbater ALXX0790
Shulenj ALXX1882
Shullan ALXX2886
Shullan ALXX3591
Shullan ALXX0791
Shullaz ALXX3107
Shumbat ALXX0792
Shumeplaku ALXX1438
Shupenze ALXX0793
Shushejt ALXX1883
Shushica e Vogel ALXX1439
Shushice ALXX1440
Shytaj ALXX0794
Siman ALXX0421
Simon ALXX3108
Sina e Eperme ALXX0795
Sina e Poshtme ALXX0796
Sinaballaj ALXX1441
Sinaj ALXX0422
Sinametaj ALXX1442
Sinanaj ALXX1443
Sinanaj ALXX1884
Sinanbejlli ALXX1885
Sinani ALXX1444
Sinec ALXX0423
Sinice ALXX2615
Sinje ALXX0424
Sinomataj ALXX2239
Sinovak ALXX4154
Siqece ALXX1886
Sirakat ALXX4155
Sirake ALXX0425
Sitice ALXX0426
Skacaj ALXX2887
Skataj ALXX3109
Skavice ALXX2888
Skenderaj ALXX0797
Skenderbe ALXX1445
Skenderbegas ALXX1446
Skendere ALXX2240
Skilaj ALXX1887
Skore ALXX2241
Skorovot ALXX2616
Skrapar ALXX0427
Skrep ALXX3880
Skrevan ALXX0428
Skrofotine ALXX4156
Skroske ALXX1447
Skuraj ALXX0798
Skuterre ALXX3881
Slabinje ALXX2617
Slanice ALXX0429
Slatine ALXX2618
Slatinje ALXX0430
Sllatine ALXX0799
Sllove ALXX0800
Slym ALXX3592
Smollik ALXX0801
Snosem ALXX1448
Sofracan ALXX0802
Sofratike ALXX2242
Sohodoll ALXX0803
Sojnik ALXX1449
Solias ALXX0431
Solloman ALXX3110
Somotine ALXX2619
Somse ALXX2620
Sop ALXX1888
Sopez ALXX1889
Sopi i Lleshit ALXX1450
Sopik ALXX4157
Sopik ALXX2243
Sopot ALXX4158
Sopot ALXX0804
Sopot ALXX1451
Sopot ALXX2889
Sorave ALXX1890
Sorice ALXX0805
Soropull ALXX2244
Sotire ALXX1452
Sovjan ALXX0081
Spac ALXX3111
Spanesh ALXX3882
Spas ALXX2890
Spathar ALXX1453
Spathare ALXX0432
Spathare ALXX3593
Spather ALXX0433
Spile ALXX4159
Spille ALXX3883
Spitalle ALXX1023
Spiten ALXX3112
Spleh ALXX0806
Spolate ALXX1891
Sqepur ALXX0434
Srriqe ALXX3113
Stafe ALXX1454
Stajke ALXX3594
Stalin ALXX0082
Stan ALXX0435
Stan ALXX1892
Stan i Fongjes ALXX2891
Stan i Gjegjenit ALXX2892
Stan i Ri ALXX1024
Stan i Shpanit ALXX1455
Stan-Karbunare ALXX1893
Stan-Manastir ALXX1894
Stane ALXX1895
Staravec ALXX0807
Staravecke ALXX0436
Stare ALXX3595
Starje ALXX2621
Starove ALXX0437
Stavec ALXX0808
Stavronat ALXX4160
Stebleve ALXX0809
Stegopul ALXX2246
Stembec ALXX2247
Sterbeg ALXX3884
Sterbeq ALXX3596
Sterkanj ALXX2622
Stermas ALXX3885
Sterstan ALXX1456
Stjar ALXX4161
Stoberte ALXX2893
Stojan ALXX0810
Stojk ALXX1896
Stojka ALXX0811
Store ALXX0438
Straficke ALXX0439
Stranik ALXX1457
Stravaj ALXX2623
Stredok ALXX0812
Strelce ALXX2624
Strenec ALXX0440
Strikcan ALXX0813
Stropan ALXX2625
Stropcke ALXX2626
Stror ALXX1458
Strore ALXX0441
Strum ALXX0442
Stushaj ALXX0814
Suc ALXX0815
Suhe ALXX2248
Suk-Dajc ALXX3597
Sukaj ALXX0443
Sukaxhi ALXX3114
Suke ALXX2894
Sukth ALXX1025
Sukth-Vendas ALXX3115
Sukthi i Ri ALXX1026
Suku i Poshtem ALXX1897
Suku i Siperm ALXX1898
Sul ALXX2627
Sulaj ALXX1899
Sulajt ALXX0444
Sulejmanas ALXX0445
Sulet ALXX3886
Sult ALXX1459
Sulzotaj ALXX1900
Sumaj ALXX2895
Sumaj ALXX0816
Sume-Mabe ALXX3116
Sums ALXX3598
Sung ALXX3117
Surrel ALXX3887
Surroj ALXX2896
Sutan ALXX1460
Svute ALXX3599
Sylet ALXX0446
Symiz ALXX2628
Synej ALXX1027
Synej ALXX3888
Syzes ALXX0447
Tabak ALXX1461
Tabak ALXX0448
Tabak Ajasme ALXX3600
Tabakaj ALXX0449
Taci i Poshtem ALXX2629
Taci i Siperm ALXX2630
Tafanaj ALXX1462
Tafani ALXX1901
Tahaj ALXX0450
Talaj ALXX1463
Tale ALXX3118
Tamare ALXX3601
Tapi ALXX0030
Tapize ALXX1028
Taragjin ALXX1464
Taraj ALXX1465
Tarazh ALXX3119
Taronine ALXX2250
Tartaj ALXX0817
Tatoshaj ALXX1902
Tatzat ALXX4162
Tejas ALXX0818
Tejdrine ALXX2897
Tejlumaj ALXX0819
Tejmolle ALXX2898
Tejse ALXX0820
Telume ALXX3602
Telume-Kllogjen ALXX3603
Teman ALXX0451
Tene ALXX3120
Tepe ALXX3604
Tepelene ALXX2251
Teplan ALXX2900
Terbac ALXX0821
Terbac ALXX1466
Terbuf ALXX1903
Terbuq ALXX2252
Terihat ALXX2253
Ternova e Madhe ALXX0822
Ternova e Vogel ALXX0823
Terove ALXX2631
Terpan ALXX0452
Terrove ALXX0453
Tershene ALXX2901
Tervoll ALXX1467
Tetaj ALXX2902
Thanasaj ALXX1904
Thane ALXX1905
Thane ALXX1468
Tharr ALXX3121
Thartor ALXX3889
Thelloje ALXX3605
Thepe ALXX3606
Therepel ALXX0454
Theth ALXX3607
Thirre ALXX3122
Thumane ALXX3123
Tilaj ALXX1029
Tirana ALXX0002
Tobel ALXX2903
Toc ALXX2254
Tocile ALXX1469
Tolar ALXX2255
Tomin ALXX0824
Tomor ALXX0455
Tomori i Vogel ALXX0456
Toplane ALXX3608
Topojan ALXX1470
Topojan ALXX0825
Topojan ALXX2256
Topojan ALXX2904
Topoje ALXX1906
Topoje-Qerim ALXX1907
Topoje-Stefan ALXX1908
Topove ALXX2257
Torovec ALXX2632
Torovice ALXX3609
Toshkes ALXX2258
Toshkez ALXX1909
Toskaj ALXX1910
Toskaj ALXX0457
Toskallar ALXX1911
Toske ALXX0458
Toske-Martalloz ALXX2259
Toskollare ALXX0459
Tozhar ALXX0460
Tragjas ALXX4164
Tranoshishte ALXX2260
Trash ALXX1471
Trashan ALXX3610
Trashovice ALXX1472
Trebel ALXX0461
Trebicke ALXX2633
Trebinje ALXX2635
Trebisht-Bala ALXX0826
Trebisht-Celebi ALXX0827
Trebisht-Mucine ALXX0828
Treblove ALXX4165
Trebozisht ALXX2261
Treg ALXX3890
Tregan ALXX1473
Tregtan ALXX2905
Tremisht ALXX2262
Tremul ALXX4166
Tren ALXX2636
Trene ALXX0829
Trepce ALXX0830
Trepsenisht ALXX1474
Tresh ALXX3124
Treske ALXX2637
Tresove ALXX2638
Trestenik ALXX2639
Trevellazer ALXX4167
Trocaj ALXX1912
Trojak ALXX0831
Trojas ALXX1475
Troje ALXX3125
Trojes ALXX3126
Trokaj ALXX1476
Troshan ALXX3127
Trove ALXX0462
Troven ALXX3611
Truen ALXX2906
Trush ALXX3612
Trushi i Poshtem ALXX3613
Tuc ALXX3614
Tucep ALXX0832
Tudan ALXX1477
Tudas ALXX2640
Tufaj ALXX2907
Tujan ALXX3891
Tulaj ALXX0463
Tume ALXX0833
Tunja e Re ALXX1478
Tunje ALXX1479
Turaj ALXX2908
Turan ALXX2263
Turan ALXX2641
Turan i Siperme ALXX2642
Turanet ALXX0464
Turbehove ALXX0465
Turbull ALXX1480
Turhan ALXX0466
Turrec ALXX3128
Tushemisht ALXX2643
Udenisht ALXX2644
Uj-Shtreza ALXX3129
Ujanik ALXX0467
Uje ALXX0834
Ujebardhe ALXX2645
Ujemire ALXX0835
Ujete e Ftohte ALXX4168
Ujmisht ALXX2909
Ukaj ALXX3615
Ukbibaj ALXX3616
Ukth ALXX3617
Ulem ALXX1481
Ulez ALXX0836
Uljat ALXX1482
Ullinjas ALXX0468
Ullishte ALXX1913
Ulove ALXX0469
Ungrej ALXX3130
Unjate ALXX0837
Ura e Shtrejte ALXX3618
Ura Vajgurore ALXX0032
Urake ALXX0838
Urake ALXX1483
Ure ALXX3892
Urucaj ALXX1484
Urxalle ALXX0839
Ushtelence ALXX0840
Usoje ALXX1914
Usti ALXX0470
Uznove ALXX0471
Vadardhe ALXX1030
Vadhize ALXX1915
Vagalat ALXX4169
Vagalat ALXX2264
Vajkal-Bulqize ALXX0841
Vajkan ALXX1916
Vajmedhej ALXX0842
Vajush ALXX3619
Vajze ALXX4170
Vakumone ALXX3894
Val ALXX0843
Valare ALXX2265
Valas ALXX1485
Valas-Cerrik ALXX1486
Valbone ALXX2910
Vale ALXX3131
Valesh ALXX1487
Valias ALXX3895
Valikardhe ALXX0844
Vallas ALXX3620
Vanaj ALXX1917
Vane ALXX4171
Vanister ALXX2266
Vaqarr ALXX3896
Varibob ALXX2267
Varibop ALXX1918
Varosh ALXX3897
Varosh ALXX3132
Varr i Papes ALXX3621
Varros ALXX3898
Vas-Spas ALXX2911
Vashaj ALXX1488
Vashtemi ALXX2646
Vasiaj ALXX3622
Vasije ALXX2912
Vasjan ALXX1489
Vasjar ALXX2268
Vat-Dodaj ALXX0845
Vataj ALXX2913
Vau i Dejes ALXX3623
Vau i Madh ALXX3133
Vau i Shkjezes ALXX0846
Vehcan ALXX1490
Velabisht ALXX0473
Velagosht ALXX0474
Velahove ALXX4172
Velaj ALXX0475
Velak ALXX1491
Velan ALXX3624
Velcan ALXX2647
Velcan ALXX0476
Velce ALXX4173
Vele-Vend ALXX3134
Veleshnjaret ALXX2269
Veleshnje ALXX0477
Veliaj ALXX0478
Veliaj ALXX4174
Velinaj ALXX3625
Velipoje ALXX3626
Veliqot ALXX2270
Velishte ALXX2914
Veliterne ALXX2648
Velmisht ALXX0479
Venisht ALXX0847
Verbas ALXX4175
Verbas ALXX1919
Vercisht ALXX2272
Verdove ALXX2649
Vergo ALXX4176
Vermik ALXX4177
Vermosh ALXX3627
Vernice ALXX0848
Vernik ALXX2650
Verri ALXX1492
Verri ALXX1920
Verri ALXX2651
Verri ALXX2915
Verri ALXX3899
Vertop ALXX0482
Verve ALXX4178
Verzhezaj ALXX0483
Verzhezhe ALXX0484
Veseshte ALXX0485
Vesqi ALXX3900
Veterrik ALXX0486
Vezhdanisht ALXX4179
Vicisht ALXX0849
Vidhan ALXX0487
Vidhas ALXX1493
Vidhas-Hasgjel ALXX1494
Vidhgar ALXX3628
Vidhishte ALXX1921
Vidohove ALXX2652
Vig ALXX3629
Vig ALXX0850
Vigje ALXX3630
Vilan ALXX1495
Vile ALXX3631
Vile ALXX2653
Vile ALXX3135
Vile ALXX2916
Vile-Ballaj ALXX3901
Vilez ALXX3136
Vilez ALXX1496
Ville ALXX2654
Vilze ALXX3632
Vilze ALXX1497
Vincan ALXX2655
Vine ALXX1498
Vinjah ALXX2274
Vinjoll ALXX0851
Vinjoll ALXX1031
Vinokash ALXX2275
Vinokash-Fushe ALXX2276
Virjon ALXX1032
Virove ALXX1922
Vishaj ALXX3903
Vishanj ALXX0488
Vishocice ALXX2656
Visoce ALXX2917
Visocke ALXX0489
Visoke ALXX1923
Vite ALXX0490
Vithkuq ALXX2277
Vithkuq ALXX0086
Vitisht ALXX2657
Vizhar ALXX0491
Vjerdhe ALXX3633
Vjose ALXX1924
Vladas ALXX0492
Vlahen ALXX2918
Vlashaj ALXX0852
Vlashe ALXX3634
Vlashuk ALXX0493
Vleshe ALXX0853
Vllahat ALXX4180
Vllahine ALXX4181
Vllahogoranxi ALXX2279
Vlocisht ALXX2658
Vlore ALXX0009
Vlosh ALXX1925
Vlushe ALXX0494
Vodez ALXX0495
Vodeza e Siperme ALXX0496
Vodhine ALXX2280
Vodice ALXX2659
Vodice ALXX0497
Vodice ALXX4182
Vojak ALXX0498
Vojevode ALXX0499
Vojnik ALXX0500
Vojnike ALXX0854
Vokopole ALXX0501
Vore ALXX0034
Vorfe ALXX3635
Vorfe e Siperm ALXX3636
Vorrozen ALXX3904
Voskop ALXX2660
Voskopoje ALXX0089
Voz ALXX3637
Vozjan ALXX1499
Vrana ALXX2919
Vranisht ALXX2661
Vranisht ALXX2920
Vranisht ALXX4183
Vrap ALXX1500
Vrekaj ALXX0502
Vrenjt ALXX0855
Vrepcke ALXX2662
Vresht ALXX0503
Vreshtas ALXX1501
Vreshtas ALXX1926
Vreshtas ALXX2663
Vrinas ALXX1034
Vrine ALXX4184
Vrion ALXX4185
Vrisera ALXX2281
Vrist ALXX4186
Vrith ALXX3638
Vrri ALXX1502
Vrrin ALXX2921
Vrrith ALXX3137
Vuc-Kurtaj ALXX3639
Vukel ALXX3640
Vukjakaj-Gegaj ALXX3641
Vukpalaj-Bajze ALXX3642
Vuksanaj ALXX3643
Vulcan ALXX1503
Vuno ALXX4187
Vurg ALXX4188
Vurgjith ALXX4189
Vurgu i Ri ALXX4190
Vushnice ALXX2922
Xanollar ALXX0504
Xarre ALXX4191
Xath ALXX3644
Xeng ALXX1927
Xerje-Denas ALXX2664
Xhafaj ALXX2282
Xhaferraj ALXX2923
Xhaferrapaj ALXX1928
Xhafzotaj ALXX1035
Xhah ALXX2924
Xhams ALXX1504
Xhan ALXX3646
Xhanaj ALXX2283
Xhapaj ALXX1505
Xhavur ALXX1506
Xhaxhaj ALXX2284
Xhenove ALXX2285
Xhepe ALXX1929
Xherije ALXX1507
Xhoxhaj ALXX0505
Xhuhanoj ALXX2286
Xhuxhaj ALXX2925
Xhuxhe ALXX3138
Xhyherine ALXX4192
Xhyre ALXX3905
Xhyre ALXX1508
Xiber-Hane ALXX0856
Xiber-Murrize ALXX0857
Xibrake ALXX1509
Xibrake ALXX1930
Xibresh ALXX1510
Ymeraj ALXX1931
Yrshek ALXX3906
Yzberish ALXX0035
Yzeiraj ALXX1932
Zaberzan ALXX0506
Zabzun ALXX0858
Zadenje ALXX3647
Zagore ALXX3648
Zagore-Isufaj ALXX3649
Zagore-Ndreaj ALXX3650
Zagrad ALXX0859
Zagradishte ALXX2665
Zahrisht ALXX2926
Zaim ALXX1511
Zaimaj ALXX1933
Zajs ALXX3139
Zall ALXX2927
Zall ALXX3140
Zall ALXX1512
Zall-Bastar ALXX3907
Zall-Dajt ALXX3908
Zall-Dardhe ALXX0860
Zall-Gjocaj ALXX0861
Zall-Herr ALXX3909
Zall-Kalis ALXX0862
Zall-Lac ALXX0863
Zall-Liras ALXX1513
Zall-Mener ALXX3910
Zall-Rec ALXX0864
Zall-Tore ALXX1514
Zall-Xhuxhe ALXX3141
Zallaj ALXX1036
Zallhotaj ALXX3142
Zaloshnje ALXX0507
Zambishe ALXX3911
Zamshe ALXX1515
Zapod ALXX2928
Zaroshke ALXX2666
Zarove ALXX1516
Zashtik ALXX3912
Zavalan ALXX2287
Zavaline ALXX1517
Zbarqe ALXX3913
Zboq ALXX2667
Zdojan ALXX0865
Zdrajsh-Verri ALXX1518
Zejmen ALXX3143
Zekth ALXX1519
Zelevizhde ALXX0508
Zelishte ALXX4193
Zemblak ALXX2668
Zenel Hoxhe ALXX3914
Zenel Leci ALXX3651
Zenelas ALXX1520
Zenisht ALXX0866
Zerec ALXX2669
Zerqan ALXX0867
Zervat ALXX2288
Zeze ALXX1037
Zgallo ALXX2670
Zgerbonje ALXX0509
Zgerdhesh ALXX1038
Zgjane ALXX1934
Zgjec ALXX2929
Zgjupe ALXX1521
Zgjupe-Koder ALXX1522
Zgosht ALXX1523
Zhabine ALXX1524
Zhabjak ALXX3915
Zhabokike-Dy ALXX2289
Zhabokike-Nje ALXX2290
Zhame ALXX1935
Zhapokike ALXX0510
Zhargut ALXX0511
Zharkanj ALXX2671
Zharnec ALXX1936
Zharrez ALXX1937
Zhej ALXX2291
Zheje ALXX3144
Zhelizhan ALXX1938
Zhemalbaz ALXX1039
Zhepe ALXX0512
Zhepe ALXX2292
Zhepove ALXX2293
Zhitomi i Madh ALXX0513
Zhitomi i Vogel ALXX0514
Zhulaj ALXX2294
Zhulat ALXX2295
Zhupaj ALXX4195
Zhupan ALXX1939
Zhupanar ALXX1940
Zhupe ALXX3652
Zhure ALXX0515
Zhurje ALXX3916
Zhym ALXX1941
Ziaj ALXX2296
Zicisht ALXX2672
Zikollara ALXX2673
Zikularaj ALXX3917
Zikxhafaj ALXX3918
Zimaj ALXX3145
Zimur ALXX0868
Zleushe ALXX2297
Zmac ALXX0869
Zminec ALXX4196
Zogaj ALXX2930
Zogaj ALXX3653
Zogas ALXX0516
Zogjaj ALXX0870
Zojz ALXX3654
Zues ALXX3655
Zvarisht ALXX2674
Zvemec ALXX4197
Zvezde ALXX2675
Zvirine ALXX2676